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Selecting a Seat before the Open House

For many Dodger season ticket holders, today is a day that they look forward to all winter long. We had hundreds of people here picking out their seat locations and having their first Dodger Dog of the winter.

The event continues tomorrow for existing season seat holders and then this Saturday, from 10-3, there’s an open house for those who are new to the season ticket family come down and get to pick their seats. Everyone who shows up gets a Dodger gift item and the only way to guarantee Opening Day seats is by purchasing a ticket package (or season seats).

So did any of you make it down here? How did it go? And did you change seats or are you back in the same spot? Anyone coming down tomorrow?

Feeling Super…

You can’t help but be awed by what’s going on down on the field this week, as the Stadium is transformed into a dirt track for the Monster Energy Supercross event here tomorrow. In fact, just as I was typing this blog, about a dozen riders started practicing jumps outside my office, so we just watched them do it. Incredible stuff. I now know why Jeff Kent always found this stuff so interesting!

I have been trying to upload photos to this blog but am having issues, so instead I just tweeted one @dodgers and you can check out this great link from Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News, who was here yesterday taking photos and writing about the event.

You can’t say enough about the hard work put in by Eric Hansen, our head groundskeeper and his staff, as well as all the Stadium Operations people here at the Dodgers. They have worked their tails off to make this a great event.

Tickets are still available for tomorrow night, but they’ll have tens of thousands of fans in the house.

UPDATE: Check out this cool video from DMN, with a helmet cam and all.

Dodger Stadium filled with fans and players…

It’s been a busy day around the stadium…it started out with workouts for the prospects and Don Mattingly was here, as was Matt Kemp. Afterwards, all our prospects headed up to the Stadium Club for a luncheon with the fans who lead various groups in outings to Dodger Stadium and each table had a prospect sitting with them.

Don and Ned took questions from the fans in the Stadium Club and then spent time signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone.

Tomorrow, the media is invited out to watch the workouts and talk with the prospects and Donnie, so you’ll likely see lots of stories in the various outlets that cover us regularly.

Meanwhile, many of you may remember the LA Sports Awards, which is the annual awards ceremony hosted by the LA Sports Council and televised by Fox Sports West each February. Well, voting has started at www.lasports.org and you can see that various Dodger moments are there for the voting, so check it out.

And on a much more serious note, thank you all for your continued thoughts for the Green family. For those who posted comments in our last post, we’ll make sure they’re included in the tribute book but feel free to also send them to greenfamily@dodgers.com, as we’ll be compiling all of them in a memorial book for the family.

Those looking for other ways to help, please see here.  

Filming at Dodger Stadium

Ever wonder what happens at the stadium when the team is on the road?

Well, in addition to planning for the upcoming homestand and dealing with any number of business issues that come up on a daily basis (the same as any company, really), Dodger Stadium has been a favorite spot for filming movies over the years.

Last week and this week, Moneyball was being taped here and it’s just the latest in a long line of movies filmed at the stadium. The woman who handles the coordination of all these tapings sent a list of all the movies and shoots that have taken place at the stadium, which I found interesting and thought you might all enjoy it, too. The list is below.

By the way, one of our longtime Dodger scouts and a truly tremendous person, Artie Harris, actually plays a scout in the upcoming Moneyball film. He has a few scenes with Brad Pitt and said he was really great to work with. And as you might know, Jonah Hill plays the Paul DePodesta character, though not of the same name. Yahoo’s Tim Brown had an interesting article about that, in case you missed it.

And northstateblues – thanks for your honest feedback. All I can tell you is that I truly don’t consider us a PR machine. The best we can do is try to explain the decisions we make and hope that fans understand them, while knowing that not all fans will agree with every decision. But the next time you’re at the park, please do let me know, as I’d love to fly by the seats to say hello.

Anyway, here’s the list of those movies and TV shows dating back to mid 80s…and it doesn’t even include the dozens of shows that have used the stadium as base camp but not actually filmed on site.

Better Off Dead – 1984

Mask – 1985

Fletch – 1985

52 Pick-Up – 1986

Naked Gun – Police Squad – 1988

Talent for the Game – 1990

Sandlot – 1992

“Hart to Hart” – 1993 (TV episode)

The Scout – 1993 (trailer scenes)

Strange Days – 1994

The Fan – 1995

Kate Spade – 1996

“In the Zone” – Children’s Baseball Show – 1996

Molly – 1998

Life – 1998

“Arli$$” – 1998 (TV show)

A Tribe Called Quest – 1998 (music video)

Bounce – 1999

For Love of the Game – 1999

The Core – 2002

Matchstick Men – 2002

American Idol – 2002 (TV show)

“Fastlane” – 2002 (TV episode)

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” – 2003 (TV episode)

“Fear Factor” – 2004 (TV show)

Be Cool – 2004

“Superman” – 2005

“Numb3rs” – 2005 (TV episode)

Rocky VI – 2005

Fast & Furious – 2006

Star Trek – 2007

“Stunt Junkies” – 2007 (TV episode)

“Light it Up” – 2008

“The Bachelorette” – 2008

“Chef Jeff Project” – 2008

“Modern Family” – 2009

“The Lamas Family” – 2009

“NCIS LA” – 2010

Joel Osteen – 2010

“Edgar Floats” – 2010

“Reinvent the Wheel” – 2010

Moneyball – 2010


Putting a tough loss into perspective

Tonight’s game was a very tough loss to the Padres, but it’s hard to think of much else other than Don Hawkins, the gentleman who passed away this evening after collapsing on the field at Dodger Stadium. Mr. Hawkins was the group leader of Mormon Community Night and more than 4,000 fans from the group were in attendance, with a contingent set to take part in pregame ceremonies.

Shortly before they began, Mr. Hawkins collapsed on the field and we learned part way though the game that unfortunately he passed away. The family’s wishes were for us to continue with the pregame ceremonies and ask the fans to keep him in their thoughts and prayers, which we did and they certainly remain there with his passing.



Bloggers invade Dodger Stadium

Our annual blog night is tonight and we had a great turnout from about 15 different sites…

Among those who stopped by to say hello were Ned Colletti (for an hour), Ron Cey, Sweet Lou Johnson, Kim Ng, Dennis Mannion and the Miller delivery guy from the commercials.

Now, let’s hope the Dodgers can pull out a victory in the bottom of the ninth and make it a perfect night.

Out in Cincy…

Joe Torre just passed along the word that Chad Billingsley will go on the DL (though not officially until tomorrow, I think). Vicente Padilla will be back in the rotation this weekend at Fenway Park and as a lifelong baseball fan, I have to say I’m pretty excited to see Fenway Park for the first time.

It’s hard to believe that the only parks older than Dodger Stadium are Fenway and Wrigley. Yet our home feels like a baby compared to those.

That’s about all for now…need to start a little streak here as we hit the road.


D-Day remembered…

Is there a better history teacher than Vin Scully? He just finished giving viewers a recap of D-Day, June 6, 1944 and those who heard his words will surely remember them. But on his behalf, we ask you all to please take a moment to think about all that happened that day and how grateful we all are and should be for the sacrifice made by so many.

Another person we remember today is Jose Lima, whose son Jose Jr. threw out the first pitch just about half an hour ago. The anthem was a video of his dad from May 13, 2004 and it was a really special moment that I’m sure the family will remember for many years to come. Several players lingered out on the dugout steps after it finished in silent prayer and the legacy of Lima Time will live on in his children and all who knew him.

On a much lighter note, the Dodgers wish to congratulate Bobby Cox on an incredible career. We’ll be saluting him in-game today, his final regular season game at Dodger Stadium but here’s hoping that he’s back here for the postseason. A lot has to happen for that to come to pass, but if the season were to end today, these two teams could face off in the playoffs (there would be a number of play-in games).

But, there are still almost four months to go, so enjoy them. This will likely be the last blog post for a few days but we’ll be back soon…keep your eye on dodgers.com for all the latest news.

A salute to our troops…

Here’s hoping that some of our troops overseas reads Inside the Dodgers or will get this message via Facebook. On behalf of the entire Dodger organization, thank you for all that you do for those of us here in the States and we hope to see you home soon.

To all those who have served in the past, we thank you, too, and hope that you’re one of the many veterans who will be at Dodger Stadium tonight. We’ve given about 1,000 tickets out to branches of the military and three of the team’s most high profile veterans will take part in the first pitch ceremony.

Former Dodgers and proud U.S. veterans Don Newcombe, Rick Monday and Roy Gleason will be accompanied by veterans from various branches of the military. In honor of Memorial Day, the team will also wear white hats with stars and stripes for the LA logo.

We’ll also have a moment of silence for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our nation.

On a much lighter note, Andre Ethier is back in the lineup…and the team has a chance to finish the month of May with a 20-8 record! Last year, the Dodgers were 20-9 in May.

The Empire Strikes Dodger Stadium

No, not the Padres…though as the first place team at the moment, they are kind of like the evil empire right now.

We’re talking about tomorrow night’s promotion which I’m sure you’ve all heard about, but there’s a really funny Jib Jab video that utilizes a few of our players. The My Town section is completely sold out, there are still tickets left for other areas of the stadium, where fans will get the poster that you see at the same link.

It’s actually pretty cool that what started as a simple request to use Yoda on our billboards has turned into a great relationship with the Lucas Films people (and the Yoda billboard actually won an advertising award). There are a lot of Dodger fans who like Star Wars and vice versa, so hopefully some of you fall into that category. It’s also sparked other similar relationships with the people at SpongeBob and Phineas and Ferb and for any of you with kids, you know how big those characters are with your little ones.

Otherwise, just another busy day at the stadium. We actually had a news conference here for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, where this guy performed a song. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll be amazed at his voice. He’s up to almost 7 million hits on youtube and he was extolling the virtues of visiting Taiwan, as were James Loney, Jamey Carroll, Xavier Paul and Hong-Chih Kuo. By the way, if you missed all the videos from our trip to Taiwan back in March, you can check them out here (keyword Taiwan).

OK, that’s three video links in one blog post, which I think is probably a record for Inside the Dodgers. So, we’ll end the post now.