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Feeling Super…

You can’t help but be awed by what’s going on down on the field this week, as the Stadium is transformed into a dirt track for the Monster Energy Supercross event here tomorrow. In fact, just as I was typing this blog, about a dozen riders started practicing jumps outside my office, so we just watched them do it. Incredible stuff. I now know why Jeff Kent always found this stuff so interesting!

I have been trying to upload photos to this blog but am having issues, so instead I just tweeted one @dodgers and you can check out this great link from Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News, who was here yesterday taking photos and writing about the event.

You can’t say enough about the hard work put in by Eric Hansen, our head groundskeeper and his staff, as well as all the Stadium Operations people here at the Dodgers. They have worked their tails off to make this a great event.

Tickets are still available for tomorrow night, but they’ll have tens of thousands of fans in the house.

UPDATE: Check out this cool video from DMN, with a helmet cam and all.

Quite an honor…

Finally getting a chance to post after quite a long day and hopefully you all got the chance to see the news conference honoring Jeff Kent. If not, there’s video, photos and all sorts of awesome coverage on the front of dodgers.com and mlb.com, but it was certainly an honor to emcee the event and be a part of his “last day” in the Major Leagues. I think a lot of people have seen a different side of Jeff over the last four years with the Dodgers but he certainly let down his guard a little today, and it was pretty cool to witness.

I actually got to spend the morning with Jeff and his family and just seeing how important they are to him seems to validate his decision to “go home” and spend more time with them. As I told him today, he’s got the best years of his life ahead of him and with his motorcycle dealership and the golf course he just purchased, he will certainly be busy.

One thing I think is for certain…we can mark our calendars five years for now for a trip to Cooperstown, where Jeff will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame as the greatest offensive second baseman of all time.