A salute to our troops…

Here’s hoping that some of our troops overseas reads Inside the Dodgers or will get this message via Facebook. On behalf of the entire Dodger organization, thank you for all that you do for those of us here in the States and we hope to see you home soon.

To all those who have served in the past, we thank you, too, and hope that you’re one of the many veterans who will be at Dodger Stadium tonight. We’ve given about 1,000 tickets out to branches of the military and three of the team’s most high profile veterans will take part in the first pitch ceremony.

Former Dodgers and proud U.S. veterans Don Newcombe, Rick Monday and Roy Gleason will be accompanied by veterans from various branches of the military. In honor of Memorial Day, the team will also wear white hats with stars and stripes for the LA logo.

We’ll also have a moment of silence for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our nation.

On a much lighter note, Andre Ethier is back in the lineup…and the team has a chance to finish the month of May with a 20-8 record! Last year, the Dodgers were 20-9 in May.


A greatful “thank you” to my father, uncle and cousin who all served in the military, and to all the fathers, daughters, uncles, sons and wives who have served and who are serving wherever they may now be, be it heaven or earth. God bless and godspeed.

oldbrooklynfan ~ What do I always say? I hate when we face a team on a long losing streak, because they have the law of averages on their side. They have to win sooner or later.

A absolutely fabulous new thread Josh!!!!

Enchanted- just wonderful as well.


Hi Everybody.
I hope everyone is enjoying a fine Memorial Day.
It’s good to have the Dodgers back at Dodger Stadium, where they’re at their best.
It will help them keep pace and possibly pass the Padres, as quickly as possible.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind of bad start but not too unusual lately, eh?

Nice to see everybody tonight. I’m watching the game on MLB network and they are carrying the feed with Vin. Boy is he a poet. He just really has a way with words.
I also would like to thank all that have served, are serving, as well as their families & friends for their sacrifices so I can have the life I’ve had and do what I’m doing this very second. And for those that have family or friends that have served and paid the ultimate price thank you. My thoughts & prayers are with you.

The one to Upton wasn’t bad. But the one to Young was a bad pitch. Russ was putting his glove down and that was up, up, and away!!!

Ok that one to Snyder was the same. Russ was putting his glove face down & low and it was also up, up and away.
Strange that’s it’s feast or famine. 5 K’s, 3 HR’s & a double in 1 & 2/3rd of an inning.

Talk about feast or famine.

Hello Gang and Happy Memorial Day!!! Way to go Manny!!! Let’s get this comeback started.


The ball is jumping tonight. Hopefully we can get a couple more of those on our side! Maybe Matt will swing at a strike instead of looking at them down the middle.

Two fans ran across the outfield and were apprehended by security personnel at different points in the game. The first fan came out of the right-field stands in the seventh and climbed over the center-field wall. The next fan ran across the outfield from the opposite side of the field in the eighth.

Wow not 1 but 2 fans never see that happen before.

Get into the dback bullpen as fast as you can. 1-0 Blackhawks

Wow 2-0

Holy crap the Cubs are 1-7 vs the Pirates.

oldbrooklynfan ~ What do I always say? I hate when we face a team on a long losing streak, because they have the law of averages on their side. They have to win sooner or later.

Thanks Colliethac
For letting me know we’re on MLB Network.
No wonder Bilz gave up 3 HRs.

not making excuses for us losing cause those jacks were legit but according to pitch track on gameday this ump has a terrible stike zone… is it just gameday or is it really bad?

lol that’s rare of those 3 homeruns by guys that hit there 8 and no Johnson or Reynolds hit one.

is it just me or is the umpires strike zone kinda crazy tonight… its been called fairly both ways… but some calls have been brutal…

TBW The game isn’t over yet.

No problem OBF! We are also on MLB Network this Wednesday at 12:00 here (West coast), 3:00 in the great city of NY!

TBW — hopefully in this case it will be later!

Yes Collie, I saw it come up on the screen.

8 HR on May 31 for Manny

LA Dodgers have had 51 no-walk, 10-strikeout games including two by Billingsley.


Dodgers are 45-6 in those games. Last time they lost was July 31, 1999, when Ismael Valdes lost to Arizona.

The Dodgers look great in those white hats, of course they got the worlds best uniform to go with them.

Time to light this freaking candle!!! Let’s go Dodgers!!!

On the off chance he won’t get to add to this tonight, Jonathan Broxton has already set the Dodger record for most saves in a month, with 12.

Dang no k’s that inning for Bills.

Come on Dre time to tied for the led in homeruns


Can Bilz make it through the sixth?

oldbrooklynfan ~ The stinking Mets gave up a grandslam in the bottom of the first. 4-1 Padres. Did I mention I HATE THE METS!!!

Was that ever a gift wrapped win or what. A double error to tie the game and a balk to win it. The way this game started out I’d never thought we comeback to win it . I thought the law of averages were against us, but I’m glad to say I was wrong. Thanks for the gift D-Backs.

Was that ever a gift wrapped win or what. A double error to tie the game and a balk to win it. The way this game started out I’d never thought we comeback to win it . I thought the law of averages were against us, but I’m glad to say I was wrong. Thanks for the gift D-Backs.

I know all about it TBW, We just got to win this one.

Sure making this Lopez look good. Sad!! Billz was serving up the spaghetti, tangling them up and striking them out. However, I didn’t order the 3 meatballs!!!!!!

Bill is into the 8th if we had the lead it would be Kuo time.

Not real happy with the Egg-Plant Al-Lopez by our offense either. Geez!!!

Well since we owned him this year and the dback was on a losing streak there were due to have a good game by there starter.

C’mon offense, get this guy some runs you bums!!!!

What a tremendous gem pitched by Billingsley, except for the 3 homers.

Wow 120 pitches damn Bills.

But of course when that happens the opponent pitcher out pitches our pitcher. Usually.



Holy Cow!! Not pretty, but, I’ll take it!!!! C’mon Manny, I need some Johnny Says tonight!!!

Wow thanks for the gift

He just makes things happen when he’s in the game, pure and simple. It is just so fun to watch!

lol I must had jinx the pitcher on that Jonhson gift.

I feel bad for the kid but, I like living thru their growing pains more than living thru ours!!! Let’s win this freaking game!!!!!


Hi’Ya Nelly, Andre loves you!!!

I think Andre has gotten to a point where opposing players make mistakes around him because they know what he is capable of in these late innings.

6-4 Padres

He loves us all Jhall!!! How are you my friend?

Every Broxton vs Reynolds matchup should be a k’s no matter what.

Glad Billz is off the hook. Makes me wonder how our starters get ready for a game. We seem to have a problem in the first couple of innings!!! Maybe they should warm up with a simulated first inning and then go pitch the freaking game.

LOL!!! Yes he does!! Doing well Nelly, how about you bon mon amie?!!!

By the way, Johnny says,,,, Fu-Q!!!

Damn it Loney

Loney with a brain fart!!! Geez!!!

And Blake says Fu-Q 2!!!

Unbelievable!!!! I guess Blakes campaigning about balks paid off!!!! I’ve never seen anything like this!!!

lol at that

That one goes in the catgory of winning one you shouldn’t have.

This win feels like making out with your best friends date at the prom!!!! Probably shouldn’t have, but sure feels nice. WOW!!!

A BEARDED BALK-OFF! Dodgers comeback win tonight at Chavez Ravine!!!

BTW, Moron J-Lo owes Joe Torre a steak dinner tonight after that bonehead play on the base pads…

LOL Gibbie!!!


submission errors kill it every time – geez!!!!!!

I am doing well. Michael was in a wood bat tournament over the weekend (our very own 18 and Under VSA Eagles team), and they won the tourney. It was very cool seeing these 15-18 years olds using wood bats. The game was very dependent on good pitching and good defense because of the low scores. Michael pitched the championship game……………a complete 8-inning game (7 innings with and extra inning to win the game). Our academy has 6 baseball teams and 3 girls softball teams. It’s alot of fun seeing the business evolve into a fun place now.

Wow Dodgers!!!!! What in the world?……………….we will take it!!!

LOL gibbie and jhall!!!!!

So hmmm, Steve Lyons in the post-game show is saying it WAS NOT a balk…

…regardless, KUDOS to the ever attentive Beard-on-base and Larry Bowa for immediately pointing out dumb-dumb Vasquez pointing back at them with a baseball in hand still standing on the rubber. A 2-for-1 error and a Balk gives us the win! WE’LL TAKE IT!!!

Too cool Nelly!!! Give him my Kudo’s!!!!

Was that ever a gift wrapped win or what. A double error to tie the game and a balk to win it. The way this game started out I’d never thought we comeback to win it . I thought the law of averages were against us, but I’m glad to say I was wrong. Thanks for the gift D-Backs.

It’s all about pitching and DEFENSE!!!! Defense is sooooooo underrated my friends!!!!

I’m having page loading problems, seem to never get my last comment in.
I hope this makes it.
In all my years I never saw a Dodger win quite like this.

I can’t understand why they haven’t updated the box score yet.

This is one for the annals Brooklyn. I’ve never seen anything like it!!!

Is ok Loney I don’t need a sb’s that bad in my fantasy league lol but shouldn’t we buy Johnson lunch with that gift.

What boxscore are you looking t it take time?

I guess everyone is train in the Joe West balk when he calls 2nd on Buehrle.

They still haven’t given the winner and losing pitchers, although I know who they are.
I never saw them take this long.

The defense sure was a key this game. The mental mistakes the dbacks made and how we capitizlized on those mistakes tonight was huge. It’s part of the game too and makes you never out of a ball game for the most part.

lol 12-6 SD. This is crazy the Mets swept us in NY, Padres owning the Mets tonight and the Dodgers own the Padres.

The results are there so it doesn’t matter.

Well espn don’t mess away must be yahoo.

Broxton is the winner even though they haven’t credit it to him yet. And the loser is Vasquez even though he hasn’t been charged yet.
I didn’t hear anything about a protest.

This has got to be one of the most bizare Dodger games in recent memory and by far the strangest way to win a game. Even Vinny was caught by surprise. I am not sure it was a balk but the balk rule is probably the most difficult call to make. Some balks are obvious but it looked to me as if Vasquez’ foot was not on the rubber. Not sure why he pointed towards third base. How many times do we see a runner at third try to distract the pitcher and nothing happens? Blake and Bowa reacted so quickly to it so they must have seen something. No matter, it goes down as a win. Not sure Arizona can protest since this was a judgement call.

Check out this blog post from the LA Times: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/dodgers/2010/05/dodger-stadium-are-those-empty-seats-a-vote-against-the-mccourts.html

Talks about all the empty seats at the stadium, and what they could mean. And take a look at the comments while you’re at it. Wow.

Nothing we didn’t know already, but I sure wouldn’t mind ESPN picking up this loose thread and unravelling the whole sweater.

Top 3 in attendance.
Second largest market in the country.
12th in total player payroll.
18th in actual player payroll (i.e. players on OUR roster).

At least the team on the field doesn’t disappoint. Today’s win could’ve only happened to our Dodgers. Just waiting for the day when the Padres remember they’re the Padres.

Good Morning. I think the problems with this blog have gone on long enough and it’s now time to get it fixed! I joined the Dodger game in the 8th inning and was unable to get a post on here when the game was over due to the now famous “SUBMISSION ERROR”, which lasted over 20 minutes. I just gave up on trying to post anything.

When I was sixteen my grandmother asked me why I was so down. I told her, “The Dodgers just lost.” She responded, “No, really, what’s wrong?” It’s hard for many people to appreciate the illogical passion that “fanatics” have for their team. This ridiculous passion is one I doubt Frank McCourt has ever felt in his life. When I think of Frank and Jamie, I see profiteers. Nothing more. They might just as well have invested in off-shore drilling.

After all the death we had this might be the worst one ever. Temptations singer Ali-Ollie Woodson dies at 58. I notice most of them dying very young.


Thanks for that link, north! And reading the comments will give us, who are counting the days until McCourt leaves, hope.

We are not alone, are we?

Woof! I hadda look up “excoriated” first, but I agree with my hero!

Who says ITD isn’t educational?

RIP Ali-Ollie Woodson

I like your mantra, iwannabe
which goes hand in hand with


Submission errors are no fun iwannabelikebear!! I am with Kahli ~ Love the “We are not alone” mantra 🙂

The Juice: Dodgers’ Casey Blake prompts game-ending balk


I knew one of the sport blogger was going to write about this.

L.A. had itself, as Joe Torre later called it, a “balk-off” victory. It’s a rare thing, as some commenters on Baseball-Reference have deduced that this is only the 13th time since 1954 that a game has ended on a balk.

It’s the first time a major league game ended on a balk since September 2008, but it’s the first such victory for the Dodgers since 1989. Only the second since ’69.

I just took the 2 part that was important on that blog.

Grrrr, first submission errored, then tossed outta the time warp!

Lost in all of the hubbub of the phantom balk (it looks like I don’t know what a balk is anymore) and Loney’s adventure in humility (he shoulda just kept running, he might have made it) was the new Battling Billingsley. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Chad of last year would have folded like a cheap tent. He’s throwing inside too!

…………and it looks like I am out of the time warp once again.
time check…..
11:42 am, pst

Well, it looks like ITDFST is up to an hour and two minutes ahead of PST.

I think I’ve found someone I’d like to buy the Dodgers:

I guess Joe likes GA better the XPaul….guess who got shipped out?!

No, I don’t think Jimenez will win 30 games.

I have noticed the empty seats while watching on TV and when I have attended games at Dodger Stadium this season. Perhaps the team will draw a little better now that it is winning but I believe there has been some sort of reaction by ticket buying fans that is keeping them away. Is it the McCourts? Is it the lingering effects of a down economy? I am willing to accept that many are down on the McCourts as evidenced by letters to the Times, various blogs and ITD. Do I expect anything to change? We might have to wait for the divorce case to be resolved but I suspect nothing will change for a while. At this point I am not even sure what the McCourts can do to repair their image or even if they care. I still encourage fans to attend games if they want and keep the costs down by buying as little as possible once they get there. We have been doing that for years. I am still trying to not let the McCourts ruin my enjoyment of Dodger baseball.

To those fans still longing for the Garvey, Lopes, Russell & Cey days, get over it. The business side of the game has changed dramatically since then, not just for the Dodgers but for every organization. And remember, as good as those players were, they won one championship in four opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t measure their success as players because of that but I think it bears remembering in the grand scheme of things.

Funny, your posts show up in ITD time and mine showed up in real time, 4:34 PM.

Absolutely no surprise here, tru. Who wouldn’t want a .158/.185/.250/.435, no-field, no-throw, no-run, no-defense PVL rather than have to put up with a .281/.328/404/.731, good fielding, good-throwing, very good running, good defense kid? Torre is an idiot. So’s Ned. And I don’t care one whit about “he’s wasting on the big league bench” garbage. Are we, or are we not, trying to win the World Series? Sorry, stupid question. We, the fans, are. Management is certainly not. Seriously, look at the numbers, Joe. Paul is twice the hitter your buddy Anderson is, and he can go in to play defense and he can pinch-run. Oh, I forgot, stupid me. Anderson was a pretty good hitter several years ago, so he’ll eventually come around. Sure. Just like Sweeney.

And here’s one for Major League Baseball (I’d love to lay into McCourt for this, but it’s MLB-wide): Those softball hats everyone was wearing yesterday, nice that MLB is donating $1 to the Welcome Back Veterans Fund for each one sold.

So why are they $3 more than the regular caps?

I know, another stupid question………

Granted Paul should be playing everyday at AAA, but isn’t the object to put your best players out on the field regardless of whether they’re a regular or bench player? Anderson isn’t going to get any better anymore than Sweeney did. He’ll get every important LH PH assignment and fail just as miserably as he has already. For someone that used to DH once in awhile for the Halos, you wouldn’t think he suck so completely PHing as he does. As least Paul has a chance to do something with an AB besides flail away and go sit back down.

I guess Joe misses Juanpy 🙂 That’s the only reason I can see for keeping GA.
Dbacks signed Dontrelle Willis….whew..I thought for sure we were going to get him. LOL

The Willis deal was a trade, no less. Don’t know for who but it really don’t matter.

*doesn’t matter

With the way he sits out half the lineup on Sundays and day games, you would think you would want Paul and Johnson as options just for defensive purposes alone, but then again, I am just an irritated fan at the moment.

Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez is on pace to go 32-3 this season. The last 30-game winner came 42 years ago.
Can Jimenez win 30 games this year?

What about Jay Gibbons? He killing the ball in triple A which probably mean jack anyway but he would be an upgrade over GA since GA seem to be wash. He can played the OF and 1st base and I don’t like Belliard at 1st basemen.

Great point Nells.

For 29 other franchises, waiving a hasbeen like Anderson and keeping Paul wouldn’t even require a second thought.

It likely Jimenez won’t get it.

oops forgot another word wash up

Former major league pitcher Jeriome Robertson dead
1 hour, 10 minutes ago

Email Print VISALIA, Calif. (AP)?Former major league pitcher Jeriome Robertson, whose 15 wins led all rookies in 2003, has died. He was 33.

Robertson was killed Saturday when he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed, the California Highway Patrol said.

The left-hander went 15-9 with a 5.10 ERA for Houston in his one big year and topped the team in victories. Robertson was traded to Cleveland before the next season after the Astros signed free agents Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte.

Robertson?s last game in the majors came in July 2004?he hit Magglio Ordonez with his final pitch and was ejected. He later played in the minors for the Mets and Reds, and finished in 2007 in the Mexican and independent leagues.

Well it look like another pitcher that died young and had a good season with the Astros in his only year with them.

Hey everyone…………..
I have been busy this past month, and I feel as if i missed an entire season with everything that has transpired……
I am back…..Time to crack a Modelo, and enjoy the Boy’s in Blue!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the game tonight all…..

Welcome back Dodger4life. We missed you!

I’m Back…and ready to……Rock!!!

So whose playing these day’s….I see Ely is on the mound?

From henceforth…all D4’s messageages will be sponsered by something…..
Today my thoughts have been sponsered and inspired by Modelo especial…….
Call it my very own green girldle……..
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know the last time I’ve heard the temptation and I wish I was alive when they started but sad to here a former singer pass away and once again RIP Ali-Ollie Woodson dies at 58.

How did the 2nd bases ump call that balk and not the 3rd bases ump?

Dewitt 0/10 with 5 K’s good moved but Carroll not much better.

lol Willis they need bullpen help but do they need Willis? The dback going to finish last plac e.

That is freaking sad getting own by the Pirates. The Pirates are now 7-1 vs the Cubs.

Hi’Ya everyone!! Hope everyone is well and happy this evening. Ely just continues to impress me. By the way, new thread!!!

Thanks bear….

As I sip my Modelo, and enjoy my Beloved Blue!!!!
I like to imagine one of us Dodgerfaithful….fighting Frank for the team….

If you can find the video, the first base cam clearly shows Vasquez leaning in to start his wind-up motion, then looking at Beardy the 3rd base “Breaker Faker” then lean back while stepping off the rubber and therefore earning the rightfully called/ruled Balk. Steve Lyons who think there was no balk… is an idiot!

Hi Everybody.
We’re not going to forget last night’s game too soon.
What a finish.
The score keepers must’ve been in shock as they almost forgot to mention the winning and losing pitchers, but of course we knew who they were anyway.
Billingsley who didn’t win, except for the 3 HRs pitched in his longest outing this season an entire 8 innings.
Dan Haren stands in our way tonight, again, but one never knows what to expect.

Pretty trippy that Veteran NL umpire Bob Davidson who was one of two umpires last night to call the Vasquez Balk-Off was the very same umpire to call the last Balk-Off back in 1989!!!

I was watching the pregame show and Bowa say it was a balk. Lyons is an idiot.

It seems like MLB.TV works better when the Dodgers are on the road. I seemed to be getting the freeze frame only since last night.

I hope you didn’t see that lame bunt by Furcal.

My man, Mr. Beardy-Boogying-Balk-Off

Just like that, BEARD ON BASE! Remember, he is… The Most Interesting Man… in the World. (stay thirsty my friends)

Wow the dback are 1-25 when they scored 4 or less runs. I hate watching Ely lay down a bunt.

New thread my friends.

D’oh Casey!!! There goes Ely’s No-No!!!

To be honest, Ely isn’t exactly showing No-No stuff today. As mentioned, too many balls hit for contact…

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