What did you think of the half-price throwback days?

When we got our 2011 schedule, there were six midweek day games on there based on travel schedules and as an organization, we decided to try something a little unique with them.

Not only did we make them half-price food and soft drink days, but we had the fans vote on which throwback uniform they wanted to see the team wear. Tens of thousands of votes came in and the “baby blue satin” uniforms from the 1940s won the vote.

So, did you make it out for these games? If so, what did you think? Did you like the uniforms? Did you like the half price concept for midweek day games? Did you hate both? Any other cool ideas for a group of day games that fall during the middle of the week? Let us know, as we’re starting to look into 2012 promotions and we are always mindful of the feedback.

We should be releasing the 2012 schedule within the next couple weeks.



  1. trublu4ever

    Those are ugly uniforms….the players look uncomfortable in them (they must stick like glue)…..so, please, get rid of the throw-up unis!

  2. kpookiemon

    I thought the uniforms and the promotions were fine. But I haven’t attended a game in over a year; I used to attend between 20 and 40 games per year. Get rid of the owner, not the promotions, and I’ll be back!

  3. grizzy

    Cannot see them from Utah, but the pictures are ugly.
    If McCourt doesn’t take the offer he’s a fool and an ***-hole. But that is hardly news.

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    HI everybody
    Although I didn’t have the opportunity to attend any of the “Throw Back” games, I really appreciated the Dodgers wearing “Brooklyn” on a uniform, which they’ve done previously. I’m really thrill that even if they could take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, they can’t take Brooklyn out of the Dodgers as the saying goes(and it’s good to know that, that it is true).
    Fantastic 8 inning gem by Dana Eveland. I know he’s been around put that was something that I didn’t expect. Tough series ahead, maybe we’ll know where they really stand when it’s over.

  5. cpompe1

    I didn’t get a chance to go to any of the day games this year, but I liked the idea of Brooklyn uniforms. It’s just nice to give a shout-out to the Dodgers’ previous home.

  6. lbirken

    Not thrilled about the uniforms. While I understand the need for a weekday day game once in a while, it is difficult for many to attend these games. From the attendance figures and all the empty seats, one could argue the promos did not work very well. Of course, the hot weather and club issues might have something to do with it.

  7. grizzy

    Sorry to see the season end this way for Blake. More than likely he is through as a Dodger, but he did some good things for us and that is what I’ll remember.

  8. Frank McCourt

    Those powder-blue unis would look horrible at a softball game, let alone an MLB game. I have no problem whatsoever in honoring Brooklyn by wearing throwbacks, but use the 1911 uniform instead. Those honor baseball’s tradition as well as Brooklyn.
    Get a new owner and I will gladly return to Dodger Stadium, regardless of the uniforms, prices, won-loss record.

    • trublu4ever

      I still find it hard to believe the fans selected those nasty-assed unis…..I think Frankrupt picked those to stick it to us once again!

  9. northstateblues

    I LOVED the fact that the team wore Brooklyn throwbacks. But those powder blues just don’t work, and there’s many other Brooklyn jerseys to choose from that would make sense.

    It was a road jersey designed for night games in the ’40s that were worn for home day games. Satin jerseys that were not made of satin. And the throwback element doesn’t work when the team doesn’t go high-cuffed (stirrups or no stirrups), it makes them look like they’re taking a romp in their (as mentioned above) pajamas.

    A good idea for an instant “throwback” jersey is to wear cream colored jerseys at home. Without the name on back, and with big numbers (one thing the Brooklyn throwbacks got right vs. the 2005-06 nameless jerseys). Either the Brooklyn hat or the L.A. hat would work with this.

    Mainly, I was sad we didn’t get to see the 1911 jerseys, would’ve been perfect this year.

  10. yunghitters89

    How about instead of Half Price food, you lower the price of parking to $5 for regular cars, $10 for trucks and any other car, food $1 each and tickets $5 each throughout.Most people are at work during that time, or at school, so to get people to come in, you need to be reasonable with prices. A good team would help, a new owner would to. No one Soborof crap, and a view on other games or NBA games on the scoreboard would help. HD screen as well, and what about having bobbleheads of all the retired players who’s number has been retired with chance to take pic with persons plaque. Put Vin’s voice throughout the stadium. Nancy Bee playing music and access to players before games. On top of that, how about getting rid of all the crap security and workers who think so high of themselves just because they work for the Dodgers. The security guards need to actually have some sort of training, and the head of security needs to be changed. If its a weekday game, well, make it any game throughout the season, have wireless internet be available. Bus that takes people from Union Station to stadium needs to drop people off at Top of park and at CF. Concerts with good people and free entrance to military and elderly.

    Tailgating section would help, and place to play catch behind old useless gas station in LF CF. No more Living on A Prayer, Don’t Stop Believing, etc. Metal Detectors would help and for goodness sakes, STOP PLASTERING THE WALLS OF EVERYTHING, INCLUDING BATHROOM, ELEVATOR, ETC. WITH ADDS. When did the Dodgers turn into a walking talking Yellow Pages. Get someone to sponsor a new scoreboard, and get something that shows that the Dodgers have scored, other than the lights blinking. I mean, like In Milwakee, they got the guy sliding down the tunnel, in Ny, they got the apple, in Houston, they got the Train, and in Anaheim, i think they have the Water, or maybe that’s in Coors.

    Besides that, a new owner, a new GM, and a new trainer (Conte) would be good.

    Oh Yeah, btw, pass this along to Ned Colleti please. If he is still the GM going into and throughout next season, make him very clear of the point that crap players are not tolerated. Furthermore, he NEEDS to go after Yu Darvish. He needs to make Uribe lose weight and change his stance. I don’t care about what players union says, if you employ him, you decide what he does. NED, DO YOUR JOB, OR GO TO THE CUBS..Simply put, the one good thing you did was bring Ethier to this club, and the worst was sign Schidmt, Jones, and Uribe.

    Besides that we’ll come back. If nothing changes, good luck selling add space for 80% off, and having 10,000 season ticket holders leave, and counting regular attendance at 23,000, including people and cars in attendance.

    • northstateblues

      Walter O’Malley originally planned for a water fountain between the pavillions that would go off for homeruns (you can see it in this model here: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqiaowCZNq1qlel45o1_500.jpg ). It was a set of fountains that had a statue of baseball bats holding up a baseball in the middle.

      Unfortunately, the construction of Dodger Stadium had a hurried feel to it, with the workers still hammering in the last nails as Opening Day began. And as we all know, Dodger Stadium was initially built without water fountains, so maybe the cost of five giant ones behind the outfield didn’t pan out.

      Great streak, by the way. Glad we won the short game against the Braves today, I was sure we were due for another epic Dodgers-Braves 15+ innings matchup.

  11. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    Since last we’ve met the Dodgers won an exciting game last night and lost a heartbreaker this afternoon. I didn’t see today’s game because Truebluewill, my daughter Claudine and I met up with LFP’s Ron FanSince53 at Yankee Stadium. We did follow the game with Ron’s Androit player. Ron will stay in town and him an his daughter FanSince 85 will meet at Citi Field on Friday.
    Big game tomorrow in DC.

  12. oldbrooklynfan

    Correction, they’ll meet TBW & Me.
    We also plan to visit the Brooklyn Dodger exhibit at the Brooklyn Historical Society, which TBW & I have already visited. Last time I wore my Brooklyn cap but noting how they didn’t seem to recognize the present team, I’ve decided to wear my LA cap in spite.

  13. kpookiemon

    Come on bear, we get a new thread here every, oh, week to 10 days or so. Josh is totally on top of things???!?!?!?!? I never thought I’d see a boycott of the ITD blog, but geez, how the mighty have fallen. How are things over in Outside the Dodgers? Just can’t seem to play that game……….

    • trublu4ever

      We are having a lot of fun there, kpookie. I wish you’d come and visit. A lot of us do both ITD & OTD…multi-tasking is fun 😉

  14. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi everybody
    Didn’t have that trouble, I was anticipating and watched that fantastic 5 innings that Strasburg pitched against us and really enjoyed the Dodgers coming back to beat the Nats.

  15. crzblue

    Hi Josh & the Dodgers,
    Yes, I did make the Throwback days! I love them! I voted for the 1911 unis and it seemed to me that everyone I talked to voted for the same. But our boys in Blue looked cute in their baby Blue. they looked like little boys in their pajamas.
    I loved Nancy Bea playing old music during the throwback days. Bet Vin Scully loved that! Loved the 1/2 price food and the specials outside the stadium on merchandise. I bought me a Brooklyn jersey just prior to one of the Throwback days.
    No more jerseys for me for the year as I ended up buying four this year. The Brooklyn white one, a Matt Kemp power blue, Javy Guerra’s practice jersey that he signed when he was at Viva Los Dodgers! And I also purchased the signed Trayvon Robinson Green St Patrick jersey. I never did see the size when I put my name down for the auction so it fits me like a dress but that is fine. BTW, I noticed St Patrick’s day is on a Saturday next year. Never been to a Spring Training game during St Patrick’s day but I am planning on going next year.
    p.s. Can you see if my posts are going to Spam? It seems that when I put my blog’s name, my posts do not show.

    • GiveUsBackOurTeam

      Josh is not here. He is over at Twitter where he has gathered 70,000 followers. Why create new threads for this blog, which only has a couple of dozen regulars, when you can quickly pop out a 140 character message that is going to be read by 140,000 eyeballs?

  16. Lee Fink

    The half-price thing is definitely nice, though I did not get a chance to attend. And comments about other things that would attract folks to the game are well-taken.

    But I really dislike the “throwback” uniforms. Why would you have the Dodgers wear a “throwback” uniform. The Dodgers already wear a throwback uniform. It is a throwback to the 1970’s, and 1960’s, and 1950’s. Except for the “LA” replacing the “B” on the cap, the Dodger home uniform is the same design that the team has had since 1938, and should remain that way. The Dodger uniform is classic—Dodger Blue on Whiter than White.

    I do not know when Clayton Kershaw will throw a perfect game, or when Matt Kemp will hit for the cycle, or when Andre Ethier will start a 45-game hitting streak. But each of those games will become iconic Dodger moments. I did not know when Ramon Martinez would strike out 18 hitters (a game I was at), or when Eric Karros would hit his 229th home run to become the all-time Dodger leader (also a game I was at—and we were chanting “229” before he came up), or when Kirk Gibson will hit a 3-2 backdoor slider into the seats off of Eckersely, but those all became iconic Dodger moments. And when you have that iconic moment, you want to know that Kershaw and Kemp, Gibson and Martinez were wearing the same Dodger Blue and Whiter than White uniform that Sandy Koufax wore when he threw his perfect game, that Maury Wills wore when he stole his 104th base, that Jackie Robinson broke into the major leagues in. And even with all that great Dodger history, you never know what game is going to be a relatively routine Jerry Reuss win early in the 1982 season wear a 6-year old kid goes to his first Dodger game—or any other day that might be the first time a kid comes to Dodger Stadium and becomes a life-long fan. And you want him or her to remember the same Dodger Blue and Whiter than White uniform that they will know forever.

    Every day is throwback uniform day at Dodger stadium—so don’t spoilt it with powder blue uniforms or other gimmicks.

    • trublu4ever

      Absolutely brilliant, Lee! The best post I’ve seen a long, long time. I just hope Josh reads it to the powers-that-be and they ditch the powder blues ASAP!

    • Nellyjune

      LeeFink!!!! When I see that name in the “recent comments” section, I know I am in for some great reading!! You certainly did not disappoint. Fabulous post sir!!!! I hope all is well with you. It’s always wondeful to read what you are thinking.

  17. northstateblues

    I actually enjoy Throwback unis, but the “Los Angeles” Dodgers don’t have many of them, true “throwbacks” would be minute changes, like creating a 70’s-mid 80’s road jersey by putting a blue and white elastic stripe around the sleeves. Or creating 50’s-early 70’s throwbacks by making the home unis cream colored instead of white. Or changing the wordmark to the one with the little-bit-smaller “o” in the Dodgers wordmark (like the one on the Elevator buidling by top-of-the-park above the Top Deck.

    Also, the Dodgers road jerseys changed from the “Dodgers” wordmark to the “Los Angeles” roadmark in 1959, which, although it seems iconic to see the Los Angeles script on there, it was only there for 10 years, the Dodgers’ road jerseys going back to “Dodgers” on the front in 1970.

    Then there’s the piping (the blue lines on the sleeves and sometimes around the neck and down the chest). The Dodgers got rid of it on their road jerseys in 1963 after having the piping down the front of their chest since at least the ’20s.

    Then there’s that white fabric that used to be under the wordmarks and numbers that McCourt got rid of to give them a more old-school look (or to save money on fabric). Also, the road jerseys, for a bit around the turn of last century, had blue buttons instead of gray.

    There’s lots of little ways the Dodgers could go throwback… but it’s all little changes. Like Lee said, the jersey itself is iconic. I think it’s good to throwback to Brooklyn, though. Just wish they hadn’t chosen such a gimmicky jersey that was never meant to be used during the day (or without satin). It was all very silly, which goes with the way the rest of the season has gone, I guess.

    Cream colored home jerseys would be awesome. Instant class.

  18. dodgerdawg32

    The only thing the Dodgers should throw back are the McCourts and Ned. After Frankrupt is gone, then the fans will return, and no amount of stupid promotions will change that!

  19. ThinkingBlue

    NOT MY ANDRE! Sad, sad day for us Ethieraholics. My prayers and thoughts are with him and I wish for a fast recovery. I wish he does return to finish the season with the Dodgers. And I just wish that he returns to the Dodgers for the next season and not get screwed like Russell Martin (yeah I know Martin is better off with the Damn Yankees).

  20. kpookiemon

    Josh, please shit-can this blog if you’re going to let it die on the vine. This entire Dodger front office has its head up its a**. I haven’t been this angry in a long while. So typical of this regime.

    • GiveUsBackOurTeam

      kpookiemon – If you want to reach Josh, retweet this to @dodgers and be sure to include the hashtag #socialsept

      Josh is head over heals in love with the marketing possibilities of social media, specifically Twitter, to the point where he took the time to make a personal trip to Twitter headquarters in the Bay Area and went all gaga over the “Home Tweet Home” pillow in the lobby.

      Join us at http://outsidethedodgers.wordpress.com/ where at least there is a new thread every day and more up to the minute Dodger information than this blog.

  21. northstateblues

    Take that, Giants!

    as for Selig… I think he’s on his way out after next season anyway, at least he had the good decency to clean up the mess he made with allowing the McCourts to tarnish our franchise. But if the Commish had to chose one dung pile out of the fecal minefield that has been his stewardship to clean up, I’m glad it’s the one that’s firmly on our turf.

  22. messagebear

    I know that MLB really doesn’t have the guts to do anything about Frank, now that they have the excuse that everything is tied up in the bankruptcy court. So much for Bud’s bullshit! At least they could take this blog away from Rawitch and the Dodgers’ front office and give it to somebody who will follow the MLB principle of providing some team information and a decent forum for fan expressions. One shouldn’t have to go to Twitter to accomplish something that MLB initially set up as a blog for each team’s fans. So, do it, MLB! Or are you a bunch of timid assholes that don’t even have the guts to do that much for the fans?
    I don’t have the inclination to go to Twitter, but if you only understand tweets, Rawitch, here’s one for you:

  23. lbirken

    While I would not be quite as direct as messagebear, I used to look forward to coming to ITD to see some interesting tidbits about the Dodgers and to communicate with other fans. Other than what I see on the Dodgers page, I am not inclined to follow anyone on Twitter.

  24. Collie

    Well I actually was ok with the throwbacks. I thought they were fun and only done for a few days so I liked it.
    Unfortunately due to the owner and violence in the stands from a few years ago that wasn’t ever dealt with (even though it was known about — Frank wouldn’t want me as a witness for the Stowe family in court) I haven’t been to Dodger Stadium.
    As far as twitter and ITD — I’m not into the twitter thing. I just don’t have that many fans.
    I’m bummed about what has happened to ITD. A few years ago it was so much fun to come on here and watch the game while conversing with other Dodger fans. Sometimes we didn’t always agree but it was fun to talk ball and be around other passionate fans and enjoy baseball with them. I miss those days and many of those people. Then the time warp thing started and Frank & Jamie had their “announcement” and all the reports started coming out about what they had done with our team.
    Now there is so much hatred and anger it just bums me out. Once Frank is gone hopefully we’ll all be back. Here on ITD, at the stadium, and the Dodgers as a franchise.
    So Frank, please……………. give us back our team!!!

  25. kpookiemon

    Amen to what everyone has said in the last day about Twitter and this blog. Give me a break…Twitter??!?!?!?!?! I miss ITD, as well. Frank, we despise you on so many levels we’ve lost count.

  26. grizzy

    Twitter? I can barely answer my cell phone. I’m required to carry one at work, and they furnish it. Don’t know how to text, either. There are things that go along with these gadgets I’m just not going to do.

  27. Nellyjune

    I have to admit, I do have a twitter account, but for me it’s more for my love of NASCAR. All the drivers, driver teams, media and fans use it to talk about what is happening during the races. It’s great for when I can’t be home to watch because there is always somebody representing all the major teams updating the race, including what is being said on the radios. I do follow some baseball players too, but I use it more for informational purposes than to communicate back and forth like we do/did on ITD. Twitter really isn’t designed for that IMO. I miss the way ITD used to be.

  28. trublu4ever

    I don’t Tweet either. I don’t need anotjer distraction in my life. It’s too bad you gave up on us here on ITD, Josh. We supported you and the team through the good and bad times.

  29. sparkleplenty1

    There was a true opportunity for Josh to do something great for 9/11 and I see it didn’t happen . . . . I loved ITD, but now because of the apparent apathy, I just don’t know what to think. Thankfully there are other places to hang out and talk with other fans. It’s a shame to see what’s happened here.

  30. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi ITD.
    It’s sad for me, that Josh is leaving since he arranged my entire trip to LA, which I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. I still hope to return someday on my own.
    Well I guess that’s the way things go in this business. I wish him luck and continued success.
    Good Bye Josh.

  31. Nellyjune

    Josh – if this is true, I wish you very best!!! Thanks for putting up with the craziness….. the songs, the tireless days of 1000 comments on topics that had nothing to do with the Dodgers, the debates, the arguments, the Martinistas and Ethieraholics, the Cleaver Family, the Cult, the paperbag initiative, the name changes (both intentional and unintentional), the time warping and submission-error hell, and all the stories upon stories of both good and bad. You allowed us to have a family-like atmosphere around here, and because of you, we got to meet as a group. Like Oldbrooklynfan said, that will never be forgotten, ever. Once again, I wish you the best….and thanks for providing this forum.

  32. yunghitters89

    Wish you lots of luck in all your future endeavors Josh. Sad to see what this blog became, and how dependent on twitter the front office staff became. Hopefully, oovoo or something else comes along and makes blogging better suited..

    I for one, will look to the day when we can finally reclaim this blog as a fan run blog, free from gimmicks and lack of daily updating.

    Congrats Josh, you will be missed.

    ps- Cant wait for the tell all book.
    Now tell it like it is Josh and tell Ned what we have all been saying. The Truth.

  33. cpompe1

    I just noticed that little note that you’re leaving us. I will be very sorry to see you go. But I do understand. I just hope that the next person to run ITD will be like you. I do appreciate everything you have done for us. I can’t speak for any others, but even though we only met personally a couple of times, I do feel like you’re a friend. To this day, I still remember and will NEVER forget in April 2010 when you said you were trying to visit me on Opening Day, but I couldn’t because I was starting work with the Census. I will NEVER forget that! I will miss you Josh. Good luck with the D-Backs next year.

  34. JhallWally

    Good luck Josh!! We had alot of good times here before the McCourt fiasco and dysfunction killed off most of the joy of being a Dodger fan.

  35. dodgerdawg32

    I don’t blame you for bailing. After all working anywhere else has to be better than working for a scumbag like Frankrupt.. Good luck in Zona.

  36. Emma

    So sad to hear you are leaving the Dodgers. Thank you for putting up with my emails. Now who else am I going to bug? No more running into you at Dodger Stadium and on the road games 😦 Hope to see you when I go to AZ. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us fans here in the ITD. I wish you the best! I went from being happy aboutt the aritlce written about me in the Dodger magazine to being sad about you leaving. Good Luck! -Emma

  37. messagebear

    As you might know, I’m not one who’s cut Josh any slack, but I’m glad that he’s showing some good common sense and seizing that new opportunity. I only wish that he could step out of the spin zone and call Frank and Ned what they are – real ratfucking bastards. Seeing as he’s got to stay within the MLB fraternity, I’ll understand that he can’t do that. Good luck to you, Josh. I’ll still pretend like I know what you’re really thinking.

  38. dodgereric

    Hi Josh! If you’re still actually reading this thing, I too would like to thank you. Thanks for all your work here in the past few years, especially for The Tour and MOST especially for taking the Joe Pierre “ball” and running with it all the way. I walked away from that convinced that you are a good guy.
    It must be very hard to work for someone as morally bankrupt as is the owner of our team. Times are hard and all jobs are hard to come by. Good jobs even more so. I’ve always appreciated that your master here would shitcan you in a heartbeat if you were to join us in our vitriol towards him. Ordinarily, burning bridges is never a good idea, but I would love it if you would come back here with a thinly-disguised moniker (perhaps “notJosh” would be too thin) and make comments from time to time. If not here, you’ll be welcomed at OTD.
    Good luck to you with the Diamondbacks and whatever awaits you in your future.

  39. 32and53fan

    Josh, thanks for your efforts to bring Dodgers news and opportunities to the fans. While I wish it would have not been necessary, thanks for giving me the excuse to start the OTD blog. I have always played with the latest online technology but never had a reason to really use it on a daily basis. OTD gave me the opportunity to stretch my communications skills a bit.
    Thanks for not censoring this blog. There have been some nasty comments about you lately and the rest of the management team, especially Ned and Frank, for quite a while. I’m sure those were not fun to read. But you got the pulse of what some of the fan base were thinking and upheld the spirit of the first amendment.
    I wish you continued success in your outstanding career. Derrick Hall has done a good job making the Diamondbacks a first class operation using some of what he learned while working for the O’Malleys. Being able to transfer your enthusiasm for social media to the D’backs marcom efforts will be a win-win for you and your new team.

  40. ThinkingBlue

    Josh it is SAD NEWS to read that you are leaving us. Thanks for all you have done for us the fans here at ITD…thanks for the tour which me and my family will always remember. And oh yeah thanks for the Russell Martin autograph ball I won for just being a Martinista during the tour. It’s probably worth more $$$ now that he is with the Damn Yankees. Wish you the best in Arizona! You will be missed. ITD will not be the same without you here. THANKS!

  41. John

    Josh, sorry to hear about your departure. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog over the past several years and yours will be big shoes to fill. As a former Dodger blogger myself (Words From The Park), I can appreciate the work that goes into it. Good luck in your new position.


  42. kpookiemon

    Well Josh, I can’t say I’ll miss you because you’ve been absent for so long. But I DO thank you for the two ITD tours. Glad you could get out with your skin. You must have been pursuing this for a while, which leads me to believe that things are REALLY going downhill fast in the Chavez Ravine offices. On an optimistic note, I hope this portends an ownership change and that you were simply looking out for yourself in the face of inevitable restructuring. If you left simply because you can’t stomach the place anymore, I understand that, too. Either way, you’ve joined the majority of fast-fleeing fans in saying ‘no thanks” to Frank McCourt. Is there no end to this wastrel?

  43. lbirken

    Josh, best of luck in Arizona. We all understand you have a difficult job even in good times. I am sure even with all the nonesense going on with the Dodgers leaving can’t be easy after all the time you have spent with the Dodger organization. Thanks for this blog and good luck down the road.

  44. Collie

    Josh – I also wanted to wish you luck in your new gig. A heartfelt congrats on the job. Thanks for dealing with us for all these years. You opened up a forum for all of us and as a fan in Norcal that for years has had to just talk to myself about the Dodgers in allowed me to meet many other fans and become friends with many of them. So thanks for that! You also went above and beyond for us with the ITD tour & bringing OBF to town. I wish I could of been there. You will be missed. I for one have missed the old ITD days where you were touching base with us daily. I know some of us got testy and some pretty harsh things were said but I think that was in the frustration that is had in having your bosses be who they are and doing what they have done and are doing. I think most of that was intended for Frank. I for one know you were doing your job — as tough as that might of been. I think you are a classy dude who stayed true to your job and bosses. So thanks for starting this thing, putting up with us, and staying positive. Take care and make sure you bring some sunscreen!!!!! Oh & GO BLUE!!!!!!

  45. Nellyjune

    I wouldn’t be an Ethieraholic if I didn’t wish Andre luck with his surgery today. Praying that the medical staff does it’s job and fixes his knee so he is ready get back to his off-season workouts fairly quickly. I remain an optimist in regards to Andre that this was just one of those quirky off seasons he had (not that I think it was all that bad), and that he will be back in 2012, with that chip-on-his-shoulder attitude that is so endearing to us Ethieraholics. He will come back ready to prove all the skeptics wrong once again. I think he lives for those challenges, and he will not disappoint in conquering it.

  46. grizzy

    Well Josh, time to go. I hope you can forgive some of the rough treatment you have received on here. I had hoped you would survive McCourt, but this is no doubt necessary for you. Good luck in AZ. Hate to say it, but right now the D-backs are a far better organization. And who would have ever thought that.

  47. dodgereric

    I would like to put my resume into the mix to replace you, Josh. You have my email address. I can’t promise to hold onto the job very long, but I promise a new thread that the owner will not soon forget.

  48. kpookiemon

    How about this headline for your first thread, Eric: “Dodgers still chasing .500 after 147 games; Colletti says Dodgers ‘almost there,’ promising no major overhaul.”

  49. dodgereric

    HAHA! That would be a good one, kahli! But not for the first one. I’m thinking more along the lines of, “What Did You Think Of The Stupid-MotherFucking-Shithead-Bastard-Owner-All-Of-Us-Have-Had-To-Suffer-With-All-Of-The-Last-7-Years days?”
    The only thing better than that would be if the asshole had the balls to fire me face-to-face.

  50. grizzy

    From the looks of this thing, maybe Josh is already in AZ. Just cleaned out his desk and got on the bus with the rest of the D-backs.

  51. lbirken

    Wow, Sept. 15 and still the same post from Sept. 1. Kind of like excusing oneself to go use the restroom and never coming back to the party.

  52. perumike

    Hey all, long time no talk. Lots been going on, mostly not too good, but I’m alive and here to watch Kersh go for 20! We need lots of change in the offseason, some on the field, much upstairs. Saw crzblue walking into the stadium, but didn’t get a chance to say hi. Hopefully run into her tonight! I am at TD, sec 4, row H, seat 19! Best of luck to you all, and best to Josh in his new job!!

  53. northstateblues

    Thanks for a great run, Josh.

    Literally brought the Dodgers into the 21st century, making good on the promise of of the launch of Dodgers.com in the mid ’90s. Anyone and everyone, by posting here, has a say, and it’s read by those in the Dodgers front office. Kind of amazing, when you think about it.

    It was great having you run this site, especially since you also grew up a Dodgers fan with Steve Sax as your favorite player. If nothing else, you got a unique view into the inner workings of the team during one of the most… eventful eras in the 53 years of Los Angeles Dodgers history. And you gave many of us a unique view of the inner workings of Dodger Stadium, moreso than the regular tour, and that was awesome to see.

    Good luck and congratulations on the new job (and hope you can keep Joe Garagiola on the ARI broadcasting team, it’s always fun to sneak a listen when the Dodgers are in Phoenix).

    Thanks again!

  54. redfox

    I see that Carlos Santana hit a walkoff HR today – his 27th HR of the year. Thanks a lot, Ned. How you could trade that kind of talent for a couple months of rent-a-player is beyond me. That’s got to be one of the most asinine blunders of all. Of course, it’s not your only one!

  55. northstateblues

    Kahli, isn’t it sad? Really… looking at that picture of Selig and McCourt on ESPNLA made my stomach turn, my two least favorite suits in baseball.

    Just sickening, and Selig’s even threatening to suspend the Dodgers’ participation in MLB as a last resort should McCourt be allowed to auction the TV rights. blech.

    For me, watching what’s going on between those two in this trial is a lot like watching the US Government. Two sides that sicken me with their catty back-and-forth making it impossible to get anything done, one way or the other. Except, unlike DC, I don’t imagine McCourt and Selig going out for drinks at the same bars, like Pro Wrestlers after the match, calling up the same escorts and sharing cigars. Maybe their lawyers do, though.

    I don’t expect Selig to be able to get anything done. He’s had decades to grow into the Big Boy Pants since flying the Pilots to Milwaukee, and has failed to do so, on every front.

    Under him, Baseball’s fallen off the international radar, yet Basketball is becoming as beloved worldwide as soccer.

    Under him, Baseball’s fallen off the national radar, taking a backseat to the NFL, even during the lockout.

    Under him, steroids flourished as fans refilled the seats emptied by the ’94 strike. Then, he turns around in a Barney Fife-ian effort to play bad-cop that only took… I don’t know… how long has it been since the Bash Brothers of Oakland shot each-other up?

    • northstateblues

      FOX wanted a quiet nobody dumb enough to buy the team without the TV rights and found one in McCourt.

      Selig wanted a quiet nobody to occupy the L.A. Owners’ seat that would be the anti-O’Malley, a non-factor in the Owners’ meetings, and thought he found one in McCourt.

      Well, surprise, surprise, the dummy isn’t so quiet, is he?

      They made this bed, and now they have to lie in it. at least that small facet is satisfying.

      I’ve been saying it for sometime now, and had been laughed at for even bringing up the notion, but if the dominoes fall right, McCourt could pull up the stakes from a city that hates him, and take the team elsewhere. If Selig loses this case, in a court that could care less if he was the Commissioner of Baseball, the Mayor of Munchkinland or Mayor McCheese, he’ll have all the legal virility of a wet noodle.

      If McCourt retains ownership, the city might not forgive him. But if he moves the team back to Brooklyn, he’s a Saint, no matter what.

      And if Brooklyn doesn’t want him, they’d be a NY team, so there would be no feet shuffling there (unless you’re buddy-buddy with Mayor Munchk… I mean the Commish, like Wilpon is).

      It’s more likely that the move doesn’t happen, but I’ll tell you what, the surrounding circumstances of the Dodgers move from Brooklyn (aside from the stadium drama w/ Robert Moses, though with the NFL looking lustily at spacious Chavez Ravine while trying to fit a stadium into a Downtown shoebox, that could change soon) look awfully familiar when reading today’s articles and comments on the Dodgers and their situation.

      I’m probably wrong, but damned if that picture doesn’t become clearer and clearer every day since I’ve said it.

  56. Les Birken

    It seems like McCourt is always one step ahead of MLB. His high priced legal team can keep this situation locked up in court for years.

  57. Paul

    1. No more Brooklyn. Come on, we’re in Los Angeles and has been for 50+ years. It’s not necessary to wear Brooklyn jerseys and Brooklyn hats for like 10 games. Honor the Dodgers history in Brooklyn like once every 5 years or so, not ~TEN games a season.

    I mean, this is the LOS ANGELES DODGERS. We have not played in Brooklyn, New York on the East Coast for 50+ years.

    2. No alternate uniforms for the Dodgers

  58. Pingback: What did you think of the half-price throwback days? | Los Angeles Dodgers - News And Merchandise
  59. Shoshana

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally,
    it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You definitely know what youre talking about, why waste your
    intelligence on just posting videos to your
    site when you could be giving us something informative
    to read?

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