Feeling Super…

You can’t help but be awed by what’s going on down on the field this week, as the Stadium is transformed into a dirt track for the Monster Energy Supercross event here tomorrow. In fact, just as I was typing this blog, about a dozen riders started practicing jumps outside my office, so we just watched them do it. Incredible stuff. I now know why Jeff Kent always found this stuff so interesting!

I have been trying to upload photos to this blog but am having issues, so instead I just tweeted one @dodgers and you can check out this great link from Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News, who was here yesterday taking photos and writing about the event.

You can’t say enough about the hard work put in by Eric Hansen, our head groundskeeper and his staff, as well as all the Stadium Operations people here at the Dodgers. They have worked their tails off to make this a great event.

Tickets are still available for tomorrow night, but they’ll have tens of thousands of fans in the house.

UPDATE: Check out this cool video from DMN, with a helmet cam and all.


  1. messagebearhatesfrank@yahoo.com

    I’m absolutely delighted to hear how Dodger Stadium is being used to fill some voids in Frank’s pocketbook. Next we’ll no doubt get the circus on Dodger off-days or while they’re out of town. No mention however of doing a contract with Andre in order to keep him in LA. This whole ownership and front office is so f’ed up, no wonder a winning team is nowhere up there in their priorities.

  2. enchantedbeaver

    Could also be why we have more LH OFers and RH RPs than clowns piling out of that little car.
    Glad to see/read you back on here bear!!!

  3. messagebearhatesfrank@yahoo.com

    Your’re right, my friend. It may be why we seem to have so many mental midgets around.

  4. enchantedbeaver

    I’m curious what everyone expects from the boys this year:
    (A) 100+ wins
    (B) 90-99 wins
    (C) 80-89 wins
    (D) 70-79 wins
    (E) 69- wins
    2nd part of my query – why?

  5. lbirken@aol.com

    Josh, I am not so much in awe of the transformation of the field into a supercross course as I am a bit disappointed to see it happen at all. I have nothing against this sort of event or the monster truck event to follow next month but I do find it a bit unsettling to see this on the field at Dodger Stadium. However, if our head grounds keeper is o.k. with it, I suppose I can live with it as well. I am sure it is no cooincidence that part of the deal to stage these events at Dodger Stadium is that Frank gets someone else to pay for re-sodding the field.

  6. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ I’ll take “C”….because we are as good as anyone else in our division. And, we may split games with the other divisions.

  7. Dodger4life

    I’ll take A)

    Going into any season, expectations are always high.

    We have 5 good starters and Kershaw is reaching that potential we all talk about. Bills should be a solid #2 and Kuroda, Lilly and Garland have plenty of stuff in the tank to handle #’s 3, 4, and 5 spots efficiently. Last season our starting 5, produced roughly 59 wins with Ely, Monasterios and Padilla contributing 13 of them and Heager 0. We should Improve!!
    On offense we had a down year in 2010. So, I look to improve here as well, gone are Belliard, Anderson and Podsednic. Blake should get some rest and he’s steady when healthy. Furcal is in his contract year and after returning from the tragic loss of his father, he flat out played. Look to see him get plenty of PA and that in itself, is an improvement. Andre is Andre but these little injuries every year, may hold him back more than lefty’s, he in my opinion will be solid the year through in 2011. Gone also is Manny and his .311 batting average ( as well as his don’t worry attitude. ) Thames, Gibson and Uribe wont hit .300 but should provide power to the line ? up ( with a fresh look in the clubhouse.) Lopes will have us sharper on the bases, guaranteed!! Loney stood his ground better than most in 2010, tapering off when the momentum did, he’ll be back and swinging better than ever. Barajas likes his job here in L.A so I’m guessing, he will have a tremendous work ethic. All in all, these guys have all shown the ability to get a big hit, in crucial situations and that should bring better balance.

    The bullpen should benefit from the stronger front line. Brox, Kuo, Jenson as closers should be enough to get it done. Belisario was reported to be throwing good this winter and ahead of the game with his visa so, there’s improvement already. Padilla is good enough to crack the starting 5 but instead, will bring experience and his (coming at ya with a…..laughable soap bubble ) into the game when called upon.
    The attitude we bring to the field, will be a factor in keeping the wheels turning, keeping that momentum and taking series consistently. We will speed up the game on the bases as Lopes will have them schooled and alive.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

  8. dodger 32

    I pick (D) This is the same team as last year with a rookie never having managed anywhere manager, that was built not to be good but to be cheap! If they won 82 games last year, basically because they were always getting shut out or kept to only a couple of runs, why will it be any different this year, because they have Uribe and Gibbons and Thames? Also the players see what’s going on with the lack of support from management. All of that plus the low life’s divorce will keep this team in 3RD or 4Th place. I hope I’m wrong.

  9. dodgereric

    I pick on the low side of “C”.

    Why? I expect them to be essentially the same as last year. There are several players in contract years and it’s traditional to expect them to overachieve. The actual reality is that they usually hold true to form.

    Ned’s signings will again be typical – 90% of them will bomb but he’ll get credit for having one of his blind pigs stumble upon an acorn. There is sufficient talent on the team to keep them from dropping under .500 by more than a game or two, but not enough to win the division.

    I would like to start a new category: How do you WANT them to finish?

    I’ve lived and died with this team since ’59. Never once in the previous springs did I wish anything but a World Series victory for my boys. I think it speaks volumes that I can truthfully say that I would welcome a 63-win season. Why 63? Because I don’t want them to have a 100-loss season. They haven’t done that since they were called the Superbas.

    And what is worse is that a winning season will virtually guarantee that we keep a mccourt as owner of the Dodgers for the rest of my natural life.

    What does it take for someone who calls himself “Dodgereric” to wish a horrid season for his favorite team in sports? Simple. An owner who has turned the team from a cornerstone franchise who most every player desired to play for into a laughingstock. An owner who has brought shame to a team that has a tradition surpassed by only one other baseball club.

    An owner who has torn the hope and heart from one of the truest fans.

    I wish for the Dodgers to do so poorly that even the most blind of sheep can see that the removal of the owner is the only way to save the franchise, and that the only way to make that happen is to stop lining his pockets.

    I’ve read and re-read and re-read again every paragraph in this post for the last hour now, wondering if I should hit “submit”. But the only thing now stopping me is that I don’t want to offend my friends who cannot stop going to the games. I don’t blame them. I don’t blame them one bit. If I lived closer, I would have the same feelings.

    But I have sunk this far. Woe is me.

    I wish that we lose until it forces the owner to sell the team.

  10. messagebearhatesfrank@yahoo.com

    I sympathize with you, Eric and applaud your courage for posting as you have. With this ownership I have to admit to those same feelings a lot of the time.

    As far as this season’s results, I’ll pick C. The only reason we’ll probably be in contention most of the year is because our division won’t be much better overall than last year.

  11. dodger 32

    It’s a shame to say, but I agree totally with you Dodger Eric. The best thing that could happen for this team is for it to tank, maybe then people will stop coming out to games and the low life McCourts will be forced out and the Dodgers can once again be the Dodgers, the crown jewel of the National league instead of a bad joke or punchline.

  12. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I think C, but hope for B. Looks like that is the level of talent we have right now. There will be plenty of twists and turns, injuries, career years, etc. We all know that. It’ll be just a matter of who has these things happen to their team.
    And I agree: the real problem are those robber barons, the McCourts. I think the team does need a fresh approach. I have not been to LA for 5-6 yrs, but I’d probably come over when the fans break out the torches and pitch forks.

  13. messagebearhatesfrank@yahoo.com

    It’s too bad we can’t bury the McCourts in those mounds of dirt piled up for the dirt bike event, or some concrete parking lot foundation for a more permanent solution. I believe that would bring out a sellout crowd beyond belief. Even I’d be willing to buy a ticket, even though I’m over a thousand miles away.

    SELL THE TEAM while you can, Frank. You won’t get as good a price once the lenders close in.

  14. jhallwally

    Hello Gang!!! I’ll go with C mainly for the reason that we’re in the NL West and I don’t think any of the teams in our division got any better and our starting pitching did. I don’t think it will be pretty but we will be a .500ish lackluster, uninspiring team. I am not very optimistic about our chances of making the playoffs and even less so about our future with the McCourt ownership going forward!! Excelsior True Blue Fans!!!!! I can’t say “Believers” anymore as I don’t believe we are on the right track and headed in the right direction!!!

  15. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Dad/Eric!!! I’m feeling your pain my friend and I too could deal with a totally abyssmal season if it speeds up the process of ousting the McCourts and Ned!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD Readers and Writers!!!

    I was reading the new thread most of the day, and when I got home late last night, I was all ready to comment on enchanted’s question. But then, I saw Dodgereric’s post, and I thought I just had to let it stand on its own for a while.

    Josh – I really appreciate all you do to keep this blog going. With all the other things out there (Facebook, Twitter, etc), the information comes to us much quicker now, but this is the one forum that I still tend to read to see what everyone here is thinking because we really are a cross section of all fan perspectives.

    messagebear – glad you are back again!!!

    lbirken – I had the exact same thinking when I saw the photos of Dodger Stadium all torn up like that. A baseball field is a baseball field, and all the wonderful sights, smells and sounds that come with it. It should really stay that way IMO. I am pretty sure they redo the field anyway, but those particular photos were kind of hard to look at because the field became something else.

    enchanted – I am picking C as well because I think our division is pretty much the same across the board as it was last year. I don’t see the dbacks doing much better than they did last year, the Padres let Adrian go but their pitching just may keep them around again this year, and then there is us, the Rockies and that other team, which have had some give and take. However, there is nothing major that will make them any different then they were last year, but then as much as we hate that team in the Bay Area, they did win the WS with a mediocre team. So, I am picking C, but we can win the division with that record as well and go on to the post season again, which leads me to Dodgereric’s post……

    Two years ago almost to the day (19th/20th), I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dodgereric and his wonderful wife, Chris, for the first time thru a challenge he presented to my class. His love of the Dodgers is what changed that first grade class (now third graders) into baseball fans (not necessarily Dodger fans, but baseball fans) Yes, my Ethieraholicism did play a role in their fandom as it is with the classes since then. However, to this day, those kids still come in and ask, “How is Dodgereric?” It is an experience that they haven’t forgotten and that they probably won’t forget.

    Over these last two years, our roles have changed from our ITD monikers, Dodgereric and Nellyjune, to real-life roles as Matt’s dad and Mariya’s mom, (with Chris, Bill, and the rest of the Monson/Nelson families just as equally involved at times). With that said, we are all avid Dodger fans, or we certainly wouldn’t be taking the time to write on or read ITD.

    However, when Dodgereric made the comment that he sat there for an hour reading his post over and over and over again, he wasn’t kidding. Aside from his family, which he cherishes more than you can possibly imagine, he loves his sports (the Dodgers, the Lakers, the Kings, the Chargers and, of course, 5-time NASCAR Champ, Jimmie Johnson). But then, I visualize the binders. Dodgereric’s binders upon binders of perfectly calculated stats of Dodgers teams of years past (he was baseballreference.com many years ago) leads me to believe the Dodgers are/were just a tad higher than the rest on the sports ladder of his life.

    I say are/were because SOMEBODY needs to start listening to what the fans want because even the “true” fans that can’t resist the temptation not to go to the games, still want a new owner. They do know it is ultimately what is best for the Dodgers. The Dodgers can’t afford to lose such a loyal fan as Dodgereric because there are many more fans out there thinking just like him. We can find other ways to support the players.

    I see it as the perfect catch 22 because I want to support the players because they (and Vin, of course) are the reason I go in the first place, but I am with the majority around here, and facebook and twitter too, who don’t want to give Frank anymore of my hard earned money, which in my profession is only getting harder and harder as we are facing more budget cuts with no let up on expectations. I am only two hours away from supporting the players at AT&T Park, and having gnat fans in my family, that is easy and cheaper to do anyway. Also, I just enjoy baseball so aside from watching my son play his senior year of highschool ball, I foresee us seeing alot of A’s games this summer seeing how they seem to have a good team this year and Brian Fuentes (fellow Mercedian) being added to their already good pitching staff adds to the intrigue.

    One more thought on this long post, but do you realize that if the Dodgers don’t resign Andre, Matt or James for 2012, the entire young core will be gone? Even if we are just left with Matt or just Andre or just James or even a combination of any two, look at how much we have lost because of just plain brainlessness and greed in not doing what was right for the Dodgers in the first place. All this left field crap had me thinking about this. Why not give Xavier Paul a legitimate shot? He can’t be any worse than those we have now, and if he is, then do something about it later.

    Also, if they do not lock up Andre before the season is over, he will be gone for 2012 season, if not sooner. He can have just an average year and still be picked up by a contending team because he can’t lose. The Dodgers, as a team, are being written off as being a contender because of our ownership so I am expecting the players to get some of that rub off. I guess my test will by Russell Martin. If he does do a good job will it be because he is actually with an organization that cares about winning? We all know the players care about winning. They wouldn’t be playing if they didn’t, but we also know our owner is okay with enchanted’s outcome C because the bottom line to him is attendance and money.

    Sorry for the long post, but I haven’t posted in a few days. I am upset that there is even the thought of Dodgereric not being a Dodger fan anymore, and you are talking one more year, and we just may be looking at a team without Andre, Matt and James and nobody really to replace them. Something has to happen, and the first thing is SOMEBODY needs to listen to the fans and get this good for nothing owner of out Los Angeles.

    I started this post at 8 this morning 🙂

  17. nellyjune

    One major clarification. What I meant by support the players at AT&T Park, I meant Dodger players, not the ones that actually play there. I know the long-time readers and writers would know that about me, but if you are reading for the first time I just needed to clarify the one point. Nope, I never will be a Gnats fans. However, the A’s I do like as an AL team, and they really aren’t a threat to the Dodgers unless we meet in the World Series. If that were ever to happen, then it’s still Dodgers all the way.

  18. Dodger4life

    It is possible that neither Frank nor Jamie can purchase the others interest? Although, I have read that Jamie has better prospects? When I first started commenting on ITD many of you were adamant about the fact, that Frank was broke. Since then we have learned that Frank and Jamie have squandered away any equity they would have managed to gain, all while deferring their taxes. They were highly leveraged before the divorce, and the lawyer bills, along with Jamie’s support payments just keep on coming. The lending market has appeared to have dried up, and the other owners seem to be unwilling to assist in this matter. 2012 is Buds last acting year as commissioner, and if his alliance with the McCourts ( okay just Frank ) isn’t broken now, I image it will be by then?

    A lot has transpired since the Take My Juanpy and Play Dre, days ( someone took Juan and Dre plays. )

    Frank say’s he will continue to fight things in court, but won’t his eventual and unfruitful loss, just further sour the fans favor! It is said that, the team is worth an estimated 1 billion at the present time and buyers are stacking deep ( gotta think this looks pretty attractive to a real estate minded fellow with no funding and soon to be ex wife. ) Especially one who has been exposed as untruthful in his visions, concerns and basic functions as a trustee of the land.
    Eric, I think we all struggle with your sentiments.
    Less wins will lead to a lack of attendance, which would probably drive Frank to the brink sooner. However more wins doesn’t necessarily guarantee he’ll prosper. My guess is that when Frank and Jamie finish turning each others dreams into nightmares, they will agree on a settlement, and move on with whatever venture they can envision for their future, albeit longing for the days in L.A.!!
    100 wins is still possible, its the goal in 2011!!

    Vinny’s back, The Boy’s are back, I’m still breathing…..and every breath will be spent, longing to hear Vinny’s timely moments of silence, followed by more cherished history told in a way that can only be appreciated through the eyes of Vinny!!

    Vinny will tell the story, let’s all enjoy it!!

  19. jhallwally

    Hi’ya Nelly and Trumom!!! Nice post Nells”!!! I think Dad/Eric is still a fan but he realizes its time for some tough love. All long time Dodger fans are suffering and longing for the days when we were a revered baseball club and the Acme of the NL and baseball. Our decline started with the Fox aquisition and has gotten worse with the McCourts. Now they are in bed together with Jamie enjoying the Limo ride. It will only get worse if McCourt is not force out. I detest Fox, Selig and baseball for enabling this incredible farce to continue and make a mockery of our beloved Dodgers!!! Geez!!! It’s not only UNACCEPTABLE, it’s UNBEARABLE for long time true blue fans!!!!!

  20. nellyjune

    jhall – always great to read you my friend!!!

    knouffbrock – I, along with many here on ITD, will join you with those pitchforks.

    Dodger4life – I agree, Vin is back for another year, and THAT and watching Matt, Andre, and James play like they have never played before will keep us all going I think for at least this season.

    tru – thanks 🙂

  21. jhallwally

    Yep Nelly, it is a shame!!! I must admit that my Dodger intensity is ebbing as I no longer feel the magic that was once a part of the Dodgers!!!! It looks like Dad/Eric will get a new football team in LA before the Dodgers are relevent again.

  22. jhallwally

    Yep D4, it is what it is. However, what it is has the suck-o-meter pegged. Oh wait, maybe that is Jamie in the LIMO!!!!!

  23. Dodger4life

    I’m laughing @ the suck-o-meter, trying to envision how Frank lost money with one of those lying around? Oh yeah his equity shrunk up, so she went a lookin for some dough.

  24. nellyjune

    Jhall – I know he will still be a fan (for the time being), but his intensity as a fan will suffer some damage if ownership doesn’t change in a fairly reasonable amount of time. Plus, he has said that if Fox becomes any part of this ownership permanently, that will inflict long-lasting damage, and he may have to step aside for a while, as he has done with the Rams.

  25. Dodger4life

    Ethieraholic Eye Test.
    Under the 3 photos to the left, ( click ) on older….and repeat ( click on it once more. ) You should see Mattingly and Kemp next to Josh, whom is checking on the load capacity of the dug out rail.
    Back in the distance do you see………
    1) Andre
    2) Andre’s Clone, ?D’Andre?
    3) Andre look alike to replace Manny’s guy
    4) Just some guy with a pass

    I used my zoom x 400 and was still undecided, so I choose 2)

  26. northstateblues

    “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference” – Elie Wiesel.

    No, I’m not indifferent to the Dodgers. I love them to death. So much so that I can’t ever root against them, even for a better chance at a higher draft pick.

    But after years of seeing our owner placate longtime Dodger fans (of which I do not consider Mr. McCourt a member) with talk of tradition and winning, only to be followed with the mantra that Competition, not Championships, matter most, coupled with the destruction of any remaining vestiges of true-blue, ever-since-Brooklyn Dodger tradtion in trade for a neophytic, overcommercialized-just-like-everyone-else deficient vision of Dodger tradition under the McCourt Brand, I’ve come to a conclusion.

    After reading article after article about source after source showing a foolhardy approach to Baseball ownership in which the owner is so far in debt, with no money coming in save a $400 million advancement from an opportunistic FOX looking to capitalize on the only owner foolhardy enough to buy a baseball team without the broadcasting rights in the first place, there is nothing McCourt could do that could shock me anymore.

    Towards the ownership, I’ve become indifferent. Any venom I could produce would be (and should be) much better spent conquering the tasks I face in everyday life, and not towards a poor soul leveraged farther than I’d wish upon my worst enemies. And frankly, I’m tired of the embarassment that follows whenever I read my words here and realize I’ve called the owner of my favorite franchise things that A.) I wouldn’t have the gall to say in person, B.) I might not say had I taken time to consider my statements and C.) glorify McCourt through giving him the power to help allow my emotions to get the best of me.

    After all, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”, and anyone who’s done anything of any worth has the badge of honor of having a line of haters twice as long as their line of sycophants.

    I’ll be happy when the season comes. I’ll root for my team. I’ll hope for the best for Don Mattingly, Davey Lopes and the new staff, whom I feel will gel a lot better with the team than under the stewardship of the previous 3 years.

    And we’ll have as good a chance as anyone, if we could get over the Philly hump the same way Frisco always has (heheh, I said… nevermind). I mean, who in the hell were the San Francisco Giants last season (before September)?! One more win from San Diego, and it would’ve been boohoo business as usual up here in NorCal. They didn’t have any big players, save for a stellar pitching staff that we’re not so far away from, with neither of our two teams spending what Philly does on their rotation that is a tear, strain or break away from being a multimillion dollar disappointment.

    The ’10 SF Giants were an aesthetically flattering impression of the ’88 Dodgers, if you think about it. (Who wants to, though?)

    BUT as far as the ownership, I don’t care anymore. Bigger fish to fry. Bigger problems in the world. He’s not worth it.

    Besides, I think he loves the attention. I mean, come on. The “THIS IS MY TOWN” advertising campaign sounds like a child fighting over the last toy in the toybox, especially when juxtaposed against the divorce proceedings.

    Carry on playing in your sandbox, Mr. McCourt. (sad that the previous sentence is now literal thanks to the Motocross rally) Nothing is forever.

  27. trublu4ever

    Kpookiemon ~ where the heck have you been? It’s been ages since you visited! Great to hear from you again!!!

  28. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Personally, my intensity began to drop off beginning last year. It just felt different. As “our” divorce unfolded and the way money was being spent came to light, a bit of a blah feeling crept in there. Didn’t go away, either. Not that I no longer care, they’ll always be my team, but my unconditional optimism took a major hit. Ownership has made it plain: they are interested in buying houses, not building a champion.

  29. kpookiemon

    Actually trublu, I’ve been here all along, but kahliforni wasn’t getting the Dodgers any wins so I’m back to the interim moniker I picked up when the blog went viral a few seasons ago and starting banning certain screen names for no apparent reason. Just another pristine moment in the long, exasperating parade of mlb blog glitches. Speaking of, my clock shows 11:53. What will the blog show?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

  30. jhallwally

    Hello Gang!! Presented for your approvall is a little ode to what I think of Frank. Sung to: “Jesus Is Just Alright With Me”, by the Doobie Brother.

    It’s Called, “Frank Is Not Alright With Me”.

    OK, hit it,

    Frank is not alright with me, Ned is just a bite, oh yeah,
    Jamie’s just a ****, oh yeah, Giveaways just suck, oh yeah,

    I don’t care what they giveaway, I don’t care for the trades they do.
    I don’t care what they giveaway, I don’t care for the deals Ned makes.

    Frank is not alright with me,
    Frank is not that bright, oh yeah.

    I don’t care what they giveaway.
    Cheap a** blankets bound to fray.
    Bobble-Heads with heads that sway.
    All you can eat, oh yeah.

    Selig, He’s Frank’s friend.
    Selig, He’s Frank’s friene.
    He took him by the hand, led him to Dodgerland.
    Selig’s, not our friend.

    Frank is not alright with me, Ned is just not right, oh yeah.
    Frank is not alright with me, Ned is just not right, oh yeah.

    I don’t care what they giveaway,
    All you can eat just won’t do.
    I don’t need a blanket that frays,
    Free Nachos and Coke don’t make it OK!!!

    Frank is not alright with me,
    Ned is just not that bright,
    Frank is not alright with me,
    Ned is just not that bright,
    repeat and fade

  31. lbirken@aol.com

    Sad to see so many passionate Dodger fans hoping for losses just to punish ownership and hopefully force changes. I understand why some of you feel this way. However, I hope the team wins a bunch of games, challenges for a title and makes it to the playoffs. I hope Andre, Matt, James have great years and someone else surprises everyone with a successful and productive season. I hope Donnie does a terrific job and wins manager of the year. And I hope if any of this happens everyone will jump on the bandwagon and support the Dodgers while still coming down hard on ownership to resolve this silly divorce. I hope something happens to force ownership to either sell or make the necessary changes needed to stop this madness before it loses more loyal Dodger fans.

  32. nellyjune

    lbirken – nobody has said they are leaving yet. I just think some of us are a little more cynical these days than we were a year or two ago.

    For Andre, Matt and James, I hope the team does well because I want to see what Frank does in terms of their contracts. There is already talk about James being traded, but what if he has a phenomenal year, then what? What if Rihanna was the reason behind Matt’s “so-called” not so great year, and he explodes this year instead, then what? What if Andre doesn’t injure his pinkie and has even close to the year he had in 09′, then what? It is a lot of “what ifs”, but they are all very possible, and there is no way, in Frank’s current financial situation, he could afford them next year.

    So, I hope the Dodgers do well enough, and our core young players play their assses off as to only force Frank to show maybe some shred of loyalty to this core we have wanted to see flourish for three years now. I think the coaching staff is much better so just maybe that will be spark some new spirit in winning this season.

    You are most welcome Jhall!!!!

  33. crzblue2

    Good morning ITD!.
    No, I did not like seeing the pictures of our beloved Dodger Stadium torn up for that dirt track event.
    No offense taken. I was actually surprised to read that you were wondering if you should hit “submit”
    Renewing does not mean that we are happy with the state of the Dodgers. It does not mean that we see the situation thru colored glasses. I am hoping that Mattingly has a good year but I still look to the south and wish that we had the Angel’s manager and their owner.
    On rare occasions, I’ll read what Josh publish thru facebook but I much prefer to come here and read fewer posts but more substantial posts than on FB.
    A friend from Dodger Stadium was telling me that he used to use a Peterson scorebook. Does anyone remember this?
    Why don’t they sell individual scorecards at Dodger Stadium anymore? I used to buy them there before. I asked someone from the Top Deck gift shop one time and he asked me to take him one so that he could see it. I know many of us buy ours at Big 5, but sometimes if you forget, I’ld like to buy one instead of buying the whole program that I already have at home or having one of my friends tear one of their pages from their book. They do sell individual ones at Wrigley Field and some of the other stadiums I’ve been to.
    Have a great day everyone! Is a beautiful day here in the LA County area.

  34. nellyjune

    As much as we hate them, I could pretty much say the gnats shocked the world by winning the WS. So, anything is possible and nothing is impossible when it comes to any team in this league.

    24 days until pitchers and catchers report 🙂

  35. crzblue2

    Oh Josh,
    Maybe you are having trouble with the size of the pictures. Pick 500 or less pixels when uploading the images.
    I like reading Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News. I hope he goes to the upcoming SABR event and I get to meet him in person.

  36. enchantedbeaver

    Dodgereric and I were discussing this a week or so ago, and I can certainly understand his sentiment. Other than the Dodger moniker and a few of the players, there?s not much to like about this organization right now, and it makes for hard decisions on showing some tough love.
    As far as my feelings on this season, my first thoughts are high D, low C on my poll up above. First, we finished last season with a very strong starting staff, and other than Brox?s meltdown, the bully was functional when using Kuo and Jansen. Still, given the low OBP and dismal production, that strong staff translated to 12 games under .500 after the all-star break.
    Now, the staff on paper looks to be slightly better than the one that finished last season. HOWEVER, basically all they?ve done with the everyday is swap Gwynn for Theriot and Uribe for Manny, both downgrades in hitting and OBP. Forget Thames and Gibbons, one month of their abysmal defense and we?ll be crying for JP. I doubt either hits over .240-.250 as well. Given the pitching and the probable lack of production, you HAVE to have a strong defensive alignment, and that only leaves Ethier in left, Gwynn in center, and Kemp in right. Gwynn potentially gives us the #2 hitter we lack, but counting on Gwynn for anything is already a step in the wrong direction.
    Loney I think is better than what we saw last year, but he?s still lower echelon as a first baseman against league average. Uribe will be playing out of position from last year and is probably league average at 2B. He?ll have some pop, but his OBP negates it. Furcal when he?s healthy is great but as usual, I just don?t see him playing a full year ? never does. Blake as an everyday 3Bman is through, so between him and Furcal, you?re having to shuffle 2B, SS and 3B all the time, and while Carroll?s a nice complimentary ballplayer, if he?s an everyday in one capacity or another this team?s in trouble.
    Gibbons/Thames are a fine lefty/righty combination coming off the bench, but as a platoon? well like I said, we?ll see Gwynn most of the time after the first month, especially since we all know Paul won?t get a chance period. What Ned will try and do there is sneak Paul though waivers right at the start of the season when everyone?s roster is full. The best thing would be for him to have a great spring and get traded, because there?s no way he?ll make the 25 man. Barajas/Navarro? its really debatable if we?re better off without Martin or not, and I don?t like Martin. Ellis might as well get a bus ticket to Albuquerque from Glendale.
    Way too many things need to go right for this club for it to have a shot at the playoffs. As I told dodgereric, it could wildly exceed my expectations, or it could be even more disappointing than I think it?ll be. I?m seeing this team as sub-.500. I?m just hoping that Ned finally sees that selling junkers at the trade deadline is better than buying the same, and that attendance is so far down that Frank?s creditors call their loans due.

  37. lbirken@aol.com

    Eric, I went back and re-read your post above and came away with a different feeling then when I first read it. I admit it bothered me as I thought you had joined many who long ago admitted they wanted the Dodgers to lose games in hopes of getting rid of current ownership and/or management. On second reading I know you really don’t want the team to fail; you will continue to cheer the players and root for victories. With that being said, I do understand why some would hope for failure because it is the only hope they have that something happens soon to get this franchise back to the level we expect.

  38. dodger 32

    I don’t think anybody really wants the Dodgers to fail, in fact I always hope they go to, and win the World Series, but being a realist I don’t think this team is any good and I expect it to tank. That said, if it does maybe some good can come out of it. Hopefully if that happens attendance will also be way down, and that Low life Frank will be forced to sell to someone that can actually afford to run this team properly and not use it as his personal ATM.

  39. selltheteam

    With a strong pitching staff and an inept offense, I am looking for a lot of low-scoring games this year. Perhaps if we lose repeatedly by scores of 2-0 and 3-0, the home fans will get bored and stop coming to games.

  40. kpookiemon

    If the young core isn’t good enough to win a championship, then it just isn’t good enough. No free agent is going to make a difference if KempEthierLoneyKershawBillingsleyBroxton can’t cut the mustard. It’s their time now.

  41. jhallwally

    Agreed Kahli/KPookie!!! This is the time for the young core we have been screaming for management to keep together to get it done. The only free agent that might make a difference is a true ace starting pitcher and they are way to expensive. Its just time for the not so young except for Kershaw guys to step it up.

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