Blame the ghosts…

If you’re frustrated that we’ve lost the first two games of the series, perhaps you can blame the ghosts at our hotel. OK, I guess you can’t really blame them, but there are many who think that the Pfister, where the team stays, is haunted. A quick google search of “haunted” and “pfister” brings up all sorts of funny stories.

In fact, Rick Monday told one on the air the other night that Kenley Jansen isn’t staying at the team hotel because last year, his teammates pulled a trick on him and tied fishing wire to the curtains of the hotel so that they could make them appear that they’re moving when he got back to the room late at night. Years ago, Adrian Beltre also used to believe that the hotel was haunted and could never sleep when we were in town.

Of course, since 2001 the Dodgers are 19-12 in Milwaukee, so it’s hard to blame the first two losses on the ghosts.

Meanwhile, I’ve stayed there several times and never encountered any ghosts but then, perhaps they don’t mind front office folks. It’s actually a unique hotel that’s pretty cool looking so if you’re ever in town, check it out.


  1. dodgersrule

    How scary…and funny I would of not slept either. Well hopefully they are friendly ghosts if not just call the Ghostbusters! Now let’s concentrate on busting some Brewers butt!

  2. dodger fan in NC

    The Pfister is a great hotel. Seemingly every team that comes to Milwaukee stays there because its the nicest place in town.

  3. Tina Marland

    Frank, sell the Dodgers to somene who can afford to buy players and give them back the dignity they so deserve as well as their fans. You’re a disgrace and so is your ex-wife!

  4. OldBrooklynFan

    Hi ITD
    Well I hope the Dodger offense can continue the phenomena of being much more successful when Kershaw’s on the mound or he comes up with at least a complete game shutout, so we can at least salvage a game here.

  5. lbirken

    kpook, I am impressed that Vinny just keeps plugging along pushing all the promo’s and inviting fans to come out and watch the Dodgers. He does it the same way no matter what. He never sounds discouraged, seldom sounds bored (as do Charlie and Rick on the radio once in a while).

  6. dodgereric

    Joe, great to see you around!
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  7. Nellyjune

    To celebrate his 600th home run, Jim Thome is giving $20K in charity money to the Twins, and 10K each to the Indians, Phillies, White Sox and Dodgers for their affiliated charities as well. What a class act!!!

  8. messagebear

    Class act, indeed. Unfortunately in the Dodgers case it will probably buy Frank a couple of haircuts. Charitable giving is so commendable, unless it goes for the wrong cause.

    • dodgereric

      Let’s see, what’s more depressing? A black hole of oppressing doom, where all hope is lost and money disappears into who-knows-where, …………..or the stock market?

  9. kpookiemon

    Josh, if you REALLY would rather play with Twitter and Facebook, fine. But this blog is just about ready to have dirt thrown over it and a tombstone erected. If you can’t keep it going, please find someone with the time, energy, and passion. Do you want EVERYBODY to abandon?

  10. northstateblues

    Heck of a game.

    I wish I had more to say, but I don’t feel that I really do. Just hope that one day soon, the owner will come to the realization that not only is he dragging the Dodger’s name through the mud, but his children’s name, and his father’s memory.

    What a selfish jerk. Willing to throw everyone who’s ever cared about him under the bus, and for what? He’s even ruined the dead author Frank McCourt’s name. But that’s nowhere near as bad as ruining his father’s name, and his kids will have to deal with snickering whenever they have to say their last name. Maybe they can become the “Ochocincos” or the “World Peaces” so they can leave Frank to sink on his own ship, once the U.S.S. Internal Revenue Service does to him what Queen Elizabeth’s fleet did to the Spanish Armada.

    I hear he’s really nice when you meet him, though.

    • lbirken

      NSB, I too have wondered how Frank and Jamie could seemingly have so little regard for their children by making their affairs so public and by their apparent disregard for their reputation as people. It is shameful.

  11. OldBrooklynFan

    WOW, Wasn’t that an undodgerlike game tonight? I hope they have some runs left for the rest of the week. Like I always say, the offense perks up when Kershaw’s on the mound. But tonight they hit like it was the ’70s. I’m glad they didn’t blow that 13 run lead in the 9th. I got scared when Kuo came in. BUT like old times he set them down. Isn’t it great to win a series off the Cardinals? I’m wondering if Dem Bums will bring their brooms tomorrow.

  12. OldBrooklynFan

    No we can’t but imagine the Dodgers have suddenly came out of this offensive funk they’ve been in for over a year. I think we have the pitching to compete, if this team can hit the way they have lately, no telling what could happen. I just hope I don’t get my hopes up too high.(Ha,Ha)

  13. northstateblues

    I wouldn’t mind a pleasant surprise, heh. If the team was able to find their way to the playoffs, they’d have earned it, and would belong there as much as anyone else.

    and they’d have one of the greatest months of any ballclub in history, maybe even better than the ’27 Yankees over their best 30 days.

    That would be the stuff dreams are made of, after all we’ve been through (“we” being the fans, the team, the concession/souvenir workers/ushers).

    The reality is pretty depressing, but reality’s highly overrated anyway. Reality has no place in baseball fandom, otherwise the Yankees would be the only team with any fans.

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