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Filming at Dodger Stadium

Ever wonder what happens at the stadium when the team is on the road?

Well, in addition to planning for the upcoming homestand and dealing with any number of business issues that come up on a daily basis (the same as any company, really), Dodger Stadium has been a favorite spot for filming movies over the years.

Last week and this week, Moneyball was being taped here and it’s just the latest in a long line of movies filmed at the stadium. The woman who handles the coordination of all these tapings sent a list of all the movies and shoots that have taken place at the stadium, which I found interesting and thought you might all enjoy it, too. The list is below.

By the way, one of our longtime Dodger scouts and a truly tremendous person, Artie Harris, actually plays a scout in the upcoming Moneyball film. He has a few scenes with Brad Pitt and said he was really great to work with. And as you might know, Jonah Hill plays the Paul DePodesta character, though not of the same name. Yahoo’s Tim Brown had an interesting article about that, in case you missed it.

And northstateblues – thanks for your honest feedback. All I can tell you is that I truly don’t consider us a PR machine. The best we can do is try to explain the decisions we make and hope that fans understand them, while knowing that not all fans will agree with every decision. But the next time you’re at the park, please do let me know, as I’d love to fly by the seats to say hello.

Anyway, here’s the list of those movies and TV shows dating back to mid 80s…and it doesn’t even include the dozens of shows that have used the stadium as base camp but not actually filmed on site.

Better Off Dead – 1984

Mask – 1985

Fletch – 1985

52 Pick-Up – 1986

Naked Gun – Police Squad – 1988

Talent for the Game – 1990

Sandlot – 1992

“Hart to Hart” – 1993 (TV episode)

The Scout – 1993 (trailer scenes)

Strange Days – 1994

The Fan – 1995

Kate Spade – 1996

“In the Zone” – Children’s Baseball Show – 1996

Molly – 1998

Life – 1998

“Arli$$” – 1998 (TV show)

A Tribe Called Quest – 1998 (music video)

Bounce – 1999

For Love of the Game – 1999

The Core – 2002

Matchstick Men – 2002

American Idol – 2002 (TV show)

“Fastlane” – 2002 (TV episode)

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” – 2003 (TV episode)

“Fear Factor” – 2004 (TV show)

Be Cool – 2004

“Superman” – 2005

“Numb3rs” – 2005 (TV episode)

Rocky VI – 2005

Fast & Furious – 2006

Star Trek – 2007

“Stunt Junkies” – 2007 (TV episode)

“Light it Up” – 2008

“The Bachelorette” – 2008

“Chef Jeff Project” – 2008

“Modern Family” – 2009

“The Lamas Family” – 2009

“NCIS LA” – 2010

Joel Osteen – 2010

“Edgar Floats” – 2010

“Reinvent the Wheel” – 2010

Moneyball – 2010