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Out in Cincy…

Joe Torre just passed along the word that Chad Billingsley will go on the DL (though not officially until tomorrow, I think). Vicente Padilla will be back in the rotation this weekend at Fenway Park and as a lifelong baseball fan, I have to say I’m pretty excited to see Fenway Park for the first time.

It’s hard to believe that the only parks older than Dodger Stadium are Fenway and Wrigley. Yet our home feels like a baby compared to those.

That’s about all for now…need to start a little streak here as we hit the road.


Padilla in Pittsburgh, Kershaw at the home opener…

Word is out now, but in case you check here before anywhere else, Vicente Padilla will start us off in Pittsburgh on April 5 and Clayton Kershaw will be the starter at the home opener on April 13 against the D’backs.

Joe Torre’s reasoning: “We just decided to line them up that way.”

That means the second game will be Kershaw in Pittsburgh, then Billingsley and then Kuroda.

More from Joe: “We have 4 guys you could put their names in a hat. I had no problem with Clayton starting the Home Opener.”

Meanwhile, if you didn’t see the Dodgers Media Network piece on Clayton and his boyhood friend, Matthew Stafford, check it out here.