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What did you think of the half-price throwback days?

When we got our 2011 schedule, there were six midweek day games on there based on travel schedules and as an organization, we decided to try something a little unique with them.

Not only did we make them half-price food and soft drink days, but we had the fans vote on which throwback uniform they wanted to see the team wear. Tens of thousands of votes came in and the “baby blue satin” uniforms from the 1940s won the vote.

So, did you make it out for these games? If so, what did you think? Did you like the uniforms? Did you like the half price concept for midweek day games? Did you hate both? Any other cool ideas for a group of day games that fall during the middle of the week? Let us know, as we’re starting to look into 2012 promotions and we are always mindful of the feedback.

We should be releasing the 2012 schedule within the next couple weeks.


Throwback to Brooklyn

With the news of the last 48 hours, you can imagine that a win like today’s is much welcome. What an awesome day today was at the Stadium.

Admittedly, I’m biased, but those uniforms were really cool and judging by the feedback we’re seeing online, the overwhelming majority of fans agree. What do you guys think?

The half-price food and soft drinks seemed to be very well received, as more than 4,000 fans walked up today, which is the largest walk-up crowd for a midweek day game that our VP of Ticketing, Billy Hunter can remember…and he’s been here for 41 seasons.

And of course, with Kershaw dealing and nearly throwing a complete-game, the fans were treated to a few extra innings and in the end, yet another Matt Kemp walk off sent the Dodgers to Chicago back at the .500 mark after taking three of four from the Braves.  

Here’s to maintaining the momentum of today’s game during this six-game trip and a big return home against the Pads on April 29.

You asked for it, you got it

We announced this morning the winning uniform for the six half-price food and beverage throwback days in 2011. The 1940s blue uniform won by just a few percentage points among nearly 50,000 votes and it really is cool to say that you were the ones to decide which uniform the Dodgers will wear.

We had a few players wear the jerseys today and it really should be a unique environment at Dodger Stadium for those six midweek day games. We even created a special ticket package where the tickets for those six games are half price, too. Hopefully you’ll find a way to skip work, school, or just find your way to the stadium on these games.

Individual tickets for these games, Opening Day and all the other cool promotional nights (and all 81 games) are available starting tomorrow at 10 a.m.

jersey back.jpg

Choose your own adventure

As a kid, I always enjoyed the Choose Your Own Adventure books but never really knew why. Looking back on it, perhaps had something to do with the fact that in most books you read, someone else decided the outcome for you and in these rare cases, you got to be a part of the story. In fact, you even got to see how all your options turned out if you wanted to go back and do it again.

It was a concept that was well ahead of its time and it’s probably also the reason why I was such an avid fan of Clue, the movie.

Well, maybe it’s the same reason why I’m so excited about the opportunity for fans to vote this week on which uniform the team will wear for six games this year. You’re not supposed to get to choose what uniform your favorite team gets to wear, but you can.


Check out dodgers.com/throwback if you haven’t already and weigh in on the subject. And then come out for those games – all of which are midweek day games and feature half-price food and drinks at Dodger Stadium.