Selecting a Seat before the Open House

For many Dodger season ticket holders, today is a day that they look forward to all winter long. We had hundreds of people here picking out their seat locations and having their first Dodger Dog of the winter.

The event continues tomorrow for existing season seat holders and then this Saturday, from 10-3, there’s an open house for those who are new to the season ticket family come down and get to pick their seats. Everyone who shows up gets a Dodger gift item and the only way to guarantee Opening Day seats is by purchasing a ticket package (or season seats).

So did any of you make it down here? How did it go? And did you change seats or are you back in the same spot? Anyone coming down tomorrow?


  1. jhallwally

    Hello Gang!! Spring is just around the corner. Go Dodgers!!!! I’m anxious to see how Frank and Ned’s latest product performs!!!

  2. enchantedbeaver

    After Hall & Oates, this one?s for kpookiemon. Grateful Dead ? Truckin
    Suckin? Ned?s got drips signed on. Keep suckin?, cuz that Frank?s duh man
    Together, more mess of the same, just keep suckin? on
    Harrowing billboards proclaiming the people of My Town
    Navarro, ?Ribe, Garland and a bunch other more clowns.
    A typical Neddy offseason of bringin? in drag queens (not that there?s anything wrong with that)
    Heads hang cuz we know what tomorrow brings
    Gwynn, he?s got no OBP, Gibbons, just have to wait and see
    Thames? just a DH it seems, parkin?s a fifteen fee
    Most of the Gnats fans are braggin? cuz they are champ-yuns
    While all Frank can do is hit up Fox for a loan
    One of these days young guns are gonna be goin?
    But for now Neddy throws Grandpa Joe an old bone
    Suckin?. Oh yeah Frank?s ?Da Man.? Ask Jamie, he overplayed his hand
    Sometimes marriage ain?t worth a damn, when chauffers come around
    Our starting staff clubs view with envy
    Line-ups a mess that all can see
    No power nor OBP. What a wrong, Gnat tool Ned?s been.
    What in the world ever happened to Johnny?
    He lost his heater and now his pitching is tame.
    Loney and Kemp, Ethier, A. and Raffy
    We gotta hope that they don?t shoulder the blame.
    Suckin?, up in old Frisco. They?re stinkin down in San Diego
    Next time, tell ol? Frank where to go, things just keep suckin? on
    Swimmin? and wearin her clothes of high fashion
    Her lawyers kickin? at Frankie?s naddies again
    One of these days with the bang of a gavel
    The community property rule is gonna come in
    Disgusted, that?s what I am. Fed up, with their lavish sins
    Tell ya, their act is wearin thin. Why don?t they hear our pleas?
    Needed a leader so young guns wouldn?t unravel
    Couldn?t get Girardi so went and got JoJo The Clown
    I hope that Donnie B don?t leave us cryin?
    Hope that he?s clover and not always stepping in brown
    Sometime?s the blight?s all that I can see
    Other times hope is the key
    Lately this just disturbs me. What a long bad trip its been
    Suckin, Frank go to Bos-tone. Take Jamie, back where she belongs
    Stay there, if you?ve got the stones, and get back to suckin on

    ฉ NedCo Broken Records 2011

  3. nellyjune

    Grady is still recovering from knee surgery, and should be ready for Opening Day. I would love to take a chance on him!! However, in all fairness, keep Matt in center field and give Xavier Paul a legitimate shot is what I really want to see happen.

  4. nellyjune

    Andre alert!!! Andre appeared in the first and second episode of “The Traveler’s Guide to Life” on the Travel Channel. He mentioned his days playing in the minor leagues in Midland, Texas. The man just loves playing baseball. The Ethieraholic in me is thinking he is looking pretty good too. Can’t wait to see him in Dodger Blue again.

    22 Days until pitchers and catchers report ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. crzblue2

    Great job E! Wow! Jerry looks good there! I am sending this to a friend of mine ’cause Jerry looks so much like him. He just needs a poncho like that.
    I am going tomorrow! I took a day off from work, not only to go there and have my first Dodger Dog, see friends and but I got a few personal things to take care afterwards. I’ll end the day by going to the Central library in Downtown to see author Carlos Fuentes.

  6. crzblue2

    Oh, I cannot go on Saturday because I am already committed to go to the SABR Day from 10 to 3. If anyone wants to go take a look at the link in my blog. There are some great locations East, West, MidWest, South and outside the US. The one in New Mexico is at the Isotopes Park.

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