Out in Cincy…

Joe Torre just passed along the word that Chad Billingsley will go on the DL (though not officially until tomorrow, I think). Vicente Padilla will be back in the rotation this weekend at Fenway Park and as a lifelong baseball fan, I have to say I’m pretty excited to see Fenway Park for the first time.

It’s hard to believe that the only parks older than Dodger Stadium are Fenway and Wrigley. Yet our home feels like a baby compared to those.

That’s about all for now…need to start a little streak here as we hit the road.



Just wonderful….what’s going to happen next?

Good afternoon everyone! Been a few days away from here, but glad to be back, especially watching that first inning. Let’s hope we can get back on track, and hold down the fort while Billz is out.

TB4 ~ I just turned the game on and Eric Collins said Bills injured his groin. He felt it today during a bullpen session. I don’t know how serious it is. This is the first time in his career he is on the DL. If I remember correctly I think he had a groin injury last year but didn’t go on the DL.

Oh brother! Just read about Billz.
I am surprised that this is your first trip to Fenway. I guess you did not get to go the last time the Dodgers played the Red Sox. I think it was about 5 years ago.
this will be my second time to Fenway but the first seeing the Blue there. I am excited and excited that alot of Dodger fans are making the trip and that we are are making plans to meet there.
In the meatime go Kuroda-san! Go Dodgers! Slump no more! Start a wining streak!

Did our offense just collapse in that inning? Lead-off single and two wild pitches, and no run.

Jhall!!!! Are you there in Cincy? Crazy weather happening!!

The first 3 innings by Kuroda have been very encouraging. We’re going to need a starter to step up and pick the slack while Bills is out.

Emma ~ Which game are you going to? Oldbrooklyn & I are going to Boston also. We are going to Saturday’s game.

Urgh gosh I hate rain delay when we’re leading.

Hi Everybody
I’m a little late tonight I had to take care of something.
Well I see we’re off to a 3 run early lead.
And to each game a little rain may fall, except not in L.A.
Tomorrow night I plan to go to Yankee Stadium to meet up with Truebluewill and some fans from the TBLA forum, Fans since 53 & 85 and King & Queen Baltazar, from L.A. and the Dodger Stadium LFP who are over here on vacation. Then Saturday TBW and I will meet up with them in Boston at Fenway.

Hate to see Kuroda cool down while he was dealing. If they get going again, I imagine they will have a reliever come in.

Truebluewill~ Padilla will replace Bills and someone will be brought up for the bullpen.
Monasterios is back in the starting rotation.

Hope they don’t call this game off now, it’s still unofficial.

Another run OK MANNY



Keep piling on the runs CASEY.

Thanks Stubbs for that one hope we can get the last out glad to see Kuroda still out there.

Well this game’s official.

Yeah 4 hits for Furcal.

Game over, Lakers win!

Nice display of infield work for Raffy annnnd Loney.

I don’t like crappy 4th regardless of the scored and hate that we won anmd shot 41.8% most of that FG% was kill in the 4th.




Is about damn time.

It sure is, Shad!

I miss the automatic prefect Dewitt with the bases loaded from 2 yrs ago. Come on Troncoso get a hit. I like this move.


Wow even with a 8-0 lead no bunt from Torre. Wow Owings you let Troncoso get a bases loaded walk.


1st career rbi’s for Troncoso yeah

That’s ok Troncoso

I think Furcal did that on purpose.

Furcal probably thought it was 2 out.

Okay ITD readers and writers, where in the world were all these runs this past weekend? Now, I am really curious to know if jhall may have made it to this game.

Troncoso was like 0/6 with 5 k’s and all of them k’s was last year.

He probably didn’t want Troncoso to run the bases.

Wow you’re early Nelly?

lol I don’t know but the Angels are getting kill again. Did anyone seen Hunter try to catch that last night? I don’t know how you can give someone homerun when it look like it wasn’t going out of the park.

We just need a dp that’s ok Ethier.

Troncoso is really showing off the Dodgers’ defense.

Hello gang!!! No Nelly, didn’t make it down to Cincy for this one. Nice to see Ferk and Manny show some signs of their former selves. Now we need Martin to get it going. I’m at a loss as to his offensive woes since 2007-2008. Angel series was disappointing for sure. Maybe we can pay them back in Anaheim. So far, we’re hanging tough with this June schedule. It really is a ball buster!!! Sure hope the Billz thing is not too serious!!!

I think I like seeing Troncoso pitch 2 innings instead him pitching in every game it seem.

lol there someone that has a smaller strke zone than that pesky Eckstein? Is it too early to say resigned Johnson?

Troncoso last 6 games in 5 of those games no run scored.

I’d get Sherrill some work if I was JoJo!!!

Jhall – I guess that answered my question then, didn’t it? LOL!!! Charlie and Rick are having fun with the maybe 1,000 fans that are left.

The gnats are actually losing for the moment to the Orioles 4-1, but the Padres are winning.

I think he s*cks and now is a good time to see what he can do. I wouldn’t let him near a close game.

Jhall – I agree 100%…………. this would be a perfect time to get George some work.

Happy Early 26th Bday Broxton since it still early here.

Great to see you Nelly!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful evening Bon Mon Amie!!!!!

I don’t even think Sherrill could mess up the shutout but who’s am I’m kidding?

Jhall wants this game to get close, doesn’t he?! lol Well, here’s Georgie!!!! Let’s see what he’s got!!!

Yeah Loney and Furcal made history and no the Dodgers give up 1 run not alot of runs lol.

LMAO Trumom!!! Great to see you also my friend!!!!

Oh oh

I knew it.

At least he got 2 outs before givving up a hit, Jhall πŸ™‚

Pulled him Torre.

I’m still using Preparation Miller High Life to get the burning and itching out of my butt from that Angel series!!!


I think the team read all of our comments about the Angel series on their flight and got ticked off and said, “We will show them”!


Jhall – it was a pretty good day! ……and you? I am guessing you are dealing with these thunderstorms too. When I lived in Memphis, I had the experiences of living through many of those…………..crazy!!


lol at the announces said Furcal is in trouble the Dodgers need to bat around hahaha.

Come on you ex Giants reject.

Way to go boys!!!!!! Let’s do it again tomorrow!!!!!

NICE beating an east coast team and .500 on the road.
see ya’s all on Thursday.

Good Night Oldbrooklynfan!! Have a great time tomorrow with Truebluewill!!

How come the Giants have to played the O’s and not the Angels when was the last time we played them?

In fact when was the last time the Giants played the angels?

They played the Angels last year at AT&T Park. I was there for one of them. I believe the Giants lost that game.

I don’t have a problem with the Giants playing the Orioles, but why are they not playing the Yankees? To make it even, our entire division should be playing the entire AL East.

Oh ok dang and I normal known this thing but couldn’t remember and I don’t want to look it up lol.

Ok I found it look like June 15-17 2009.

The Angels swept last year.

Shad – the Giants played the Angels June 16,17 and 18th of last season and the Giants were swept. Unlike the Giants, we have to play them again. The Giants only had one shot at them. If I were the Giants I rather take my chances with the A’s too.

baseballreference.com is a very good thing, isn’t it? LOL!!!

sorry – it was 15th-17th.

Hey Junie, guess what I done?

Yeah I bet you it when all the time warp and wow another celebrate goes wrong for UCLA and now that person is out for the year.

I know what you done!!! LOL!! That is so awesome!! Which one did you get?

I know what you done!!! LOL!! That is so awesome!! Which one did you get?

I was in submission error and then came out with a double post.


…………and shouldn’t it be…………Guess what “we” done? As I remember it, it was Chris who brought up the idea in the first place.

I shoulda guessed. You probably knew it before I did.

I got the one we were looking at on Saturday. The Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Nomad. We decided to keep the truck for the time being and take our time looking for just the right truck for Matt. In the meantime, if we still don’t have Matt’s truck, he can just use the one we have now.

I meant out for the tournament

That is sooo cool!! That was a pretty awesome bike!!

Yeah, a little scary right now. It’s been almost 29 years between rides after all. I gotta grow those eyes back that used to be in the back of my head.

I just realized about an hour ago that I’ve reverted to my early twenties, when I had a ’68 Chevelle and a 550 Honda. Does that spell “mid-life crisis”?

You do know that’s what our kids are saying – LOL!!!! It’s okay Ward Dear…………..Mariya thinks my Ethieraholicism is a midlife crisis too, and she has added Denny Hamlin to the list. So, you are not alone our teenagers thinking – LOL!!!

…………………and I am pretty sure I found out after the fact πŸ™‚ They aren’t that quick – LOL!!! As a matter of fact, Mariya was insistent you got a Harley, and I told her Eric would never do that. I am glad I didn’t have to admit defeat on that issue.

red pen – I missed the word “in” and an apostrophe in the phrase “in our teenagers’ thinking”

You really need to take pictures and show it off. You can put the pictures on your dodgerlyrics. The Chevelle is on there already. You might as well add the bike too. That way your midlife crisis will be fully documented – lol!!!

Harleys are cool and all, if you’ve got the money. I don’t. I would have liked to have bought American but facts are facts.

Is the Chevelle still on DodgerLyrics? Well, maybe I’ll have to do that.

Nice outcomes today in LA sports. Except in college baseball. Did you see what happened in UCLA’s game? Lord, I’m guessing the polite handshake will be making a comeback.

I am watching mlbtv, and I didn’t realize Conner Jackson was traded to the A’s!! Also, they just mentioned this as well……………Did you know the PITA people are trying to block the plans for the Marlins to put live Salt Water fish tanks in their new stadium (one on each side of the dugout) because the loud noises will affect the fish?

Well, I can’t say for certain the Chevelle is still there, and yes, I heard about the UCLA game.

Watching more mlbtv………………..the Padres really have the so-called mojo right now. They are just doing everything right. Yea, they lose a game here and there, but we keep waiting for them to disappear and they haven’t yet. I mean, the Dodgers are holding their own too, but we certainly didn’t think the Padres would be in the picture at this point.

I didn’t know there were enough people watching the Marlins to make that much noise.

I think I’ll put some photos on photobucket instead of DodgerLyrics. Seems more appropriate.

‘Scuse me, Maddie just came home and discovered the bike.

Why are the Padres still in 1st? They’re 14th out of 16 in team BA, 13th in runs scored and 14th in HRs. But they’re 1st in ERA and strikeouts and tied for 1st in fielding %. What do we always say around here?

It’s getting late, I gotta hit the rack. Goodnight, Junie and God Bless you and yours!

LOL! That was funny comment about the Marlins. Good Night Dodgereric!! I am glad you spoiled yourselves a bit with your new ride. A good choice if I say so myself. Take care and God Bless to you and yours as well!!!

Yes Eric I mention that hours before but glad you got the link up. Maybe it was my fault I didn’t mention Conor Jackson but didn’t think the A’s and Dback are going anywhere.

Giants vs Yankees and Boston? That’s another thing I was thinking about.


Shad – The Giants are playing Boston. They are playing Boston the weekend before they play us at AT&T Park, but the Giants are playing their game at home. And let’s face it, that match up doesn’t really have the same drama that the Dodgers/Red Sox matchup will have.


Happy Birthday Broxton! I still remember the time I sang to him (twice) at the stadium. One on the day I thought it was your birthday and then I just had to go back and do it on the very day since I made the mistake and he corrected me.
True and OBF,
I twill be there for all three games. I am part of the group from the Dodgerlife event.
I know a couple of fans that sit in the pavilion that were going to Yankee Stadium first and then taking a bus to Boston. Too bad you two will miss the get together on Friday at 4: P.M. for the group picture. But maybe we can see each other on Saturday.
Glad to see the bats come alive!
My Honduras lost this morning 1 to 0 to Chile :-(. It was a bad luck goal as it hit the defense’s butt and it went in but Chile did dominated that game.

Why not get us a real pitcher?

The new ESPN Commercial featuring our very own Andre is just fabulous!!!

I am reading all these rumors that are asking why we aren’t going after Lee, Oswalt, etc., and most of them are asking is it because Frank can’t or won’t? With Billz out for an undetermined amount of time at this point, pitching just became even more of an issue than it already was.

OK so the rookie Monasterios goes Friday. Why not give the start to Weaver?

Just for your information. I normally don’t pay attention to anything Giants in terms of tickets, but today my hubby was saying they are doing the same thing with Boston that we are doing with the Yankees. They are making their fans buy some sort of package before being able to buy tickets to see a Red Sox/Giants game. I, to a point, understand the draw for a Dodger/Yankee game, but I am not sure what the draw is to spend extra money to see a Giants/Red Sox game? It’s not like Boston is tearing it up right now, and if it’s about seeing Boston, you can go across the bay and watch them play the A’s at the Coliseum for alot cheaper than paying the price to see the same team at AT&T. I am not interested in seeing either team play, but I still think this is so unfair to hold some fans to a package deal when all they want to do is see this one game/series for whatever reason.

Tough break for the UCLA baseball player. I was watching that game Sunday night and at the end when all the players were piling on one another and we could clearly hear someone say,”get the f word off of him” as the players were jumping on the pile. Honestly, who out there has not screamed, “don’t hurt him” after Andre has delivered a game winning hit, especially a home run and all the players are waiting at the plate to jump all over him.

I think that all the time when they do that to Andre πŸ™‚

Way to go Andre….2 for 2 !!!!



NOW THAT is our Andre!!!!!!!!!

Come on, Kersh, don’t blow this!!!!!

Woo-Hoo, win streak and 1st place!!!!!!! Nice job Kersch, Andre, and team..

1st Place for us!!!!!!

I liked the lineup shift moving an obviously struggling/pressing Kemp down in the order and moving Martin into the 2 hole where he seems to do well.

Haegar stinking it up at AAA. Hopefully the Dodgers will give up on that pipe dream. Not sure what’s going on with Billz, but hopefully, Padilla can come back with some semblance of a decent pitcher while he is out. Very big IF, I know!!! We don’t need ace stuff as long as the offense keeps it rolling!!! Just keep us in the game thru 5 or 6 innings. Hell’, a quality start is 6 innings and 3 runs. I’ll gladly take that from our 4 and 5 starters!!!

It’s real simple, don’t walk batters and don’t make errors!!! Get those two right and you usually win. Solo homers don’t kill you.

Hey Jhall!! How are you doing this evening? Great Dodger win today, both in pitching, defense and offense.

Like you say Jhall, it is not rocket science.

Hi’Ya DNelson!!! LOL!!! Doing well, how about you? Nice win today for sure. I wasn’t thrilled with the 2 errors but, they didn’t hurt us today. We got lucky as they usually bite you in the rear end. Today the breaks went our way!!! Seems funny, but, when the breaks don’t go your way and you play fundamentally sound baseball, you still manage to win. As you well know, somedays, the breaks go your way, and somedays, they don’t!!! It’s part of the game!!!!

Just heard we signed Enchanted’s favorite….Claudio Vargas πŸ™‚ Doesn’t that give us all hope in the pitching department?!

We made some errors, but didn’t walk alot of people today. Hence we faired well. Put those two together, and, it is baseball suicide!!!

LOL Trumom!!! Yep, that ought to make Beav real happy!!!!

Can’t wait for him to hear the news!

Wow am I’m eyes seeing thing did Manny get another assists tonight. Is Belisario hurt or not?

Submission errors :(((

I am doing pretty good Jhall. You know my son’s highschool is having a baseball tournament Thursday and Friday, and the tournament is named after my father-in-law………The Nellie Nelson Tournament. My son and I have the same nickname, but for two totally different reasons (and spelled differently). Well, on ITD, I have a lot of nicknames……….all of which have a unique meaning to them. Yep, those two errors were not too good, especially considering the timing of the game. And yes, we certainly were on the giving end of the gifts in the umpiring department tonight. Did anyone ever find out why Torre was arguing with the umpire in the middle of the game between innings ( the specific inning is escaping me at the moment).

We signed Huggy Bear? Oh, enchanted will be so delighted to hear/read that.

Mike Brito I miss this guy with that hat, white suit and the radar gun and tracking pitches.

Michael’s knee okay, Nellyjune?
I’ve been having submission errors too!

The knee is good………..just Advil is needed if needed. He is pitching tomorrow………..not sure if he is pitching first or second game though. I am hoping the 7pm game since I have a second day of jury duty tomorrow. The first game is at 1.

As for the Dodgers signing Claudio Vargas, I can only think of Nancy Kerrigan’s immortal words after getting whacked in the knee: “Why….why…??”

That’s great news…..where is the game being played?

Kahli ~ you’re right….”Why us”….”why us”?! lol

Manny did get an assist Shad. It was a play at home, and it was one of those gift calls that should have went the other way. The runner was safe by all the angles we were able to see.

At Merced High. Hubby is saying that Michael wants to pitch the first game since it is named after Nellie. However, that is up to the coach, and that is not always a cut and dry issue as we all know.

Maybe we can trade Vargas back to the Brewers for Braun of cost is a joke lol. I see we call up Schlichting and I like Emma idea why not start Weaver?

But than again you put Monsterious back in the bullpen. On the sport news recap it look like Manny threw him out by a lot of course is was Hernandez but I must be missing something so that mean Martin must had miss the tag and the ump call him safe.

opps I mean out.

Goooooood Morning ITD.
IT is a busy sports day. Early Dodger game for Breakfast. Mexico vs France for Lunch and some Lakers for Dinner! Hope everyone is having a great day.

Articles like this make me appreciate Andre being a Dodger even more. He deserves to be an All-Star not only for the talent he thinks he doesn’t have, but certainly for the character he definitely does have.


So sorry to hear Furcal was placed on bereavement list.

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