Wishing you and the Dodgers the best

With one game left in the season, this will be my final post on Inside the Dodgers. By now, most of you know that I have accepted a great new position with the Arizona Diamondbacks, but it has been a true pleasure interacting with fans on this blog over the last six seasons. 

In years past, I have been far better at posting regularly and going forward, you’ll be hearing from various members of the front office as this blog takes on new administrators, but I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you all for your obvious passion for the Dodgers and support through thick and thin.

It has been a tremendous run at the Dodgers and I leave here having never taken for granted what a special organization this is. I know that good things are in the future here for many years to come.

Thanks again for everything!



All the best to you Josh. Thanks for everything. Drop by and post a comment now and then when you get a chance. Either here or at the Outside the Dodgers site. I’d enjoy hearing/reading your baseball thoughts. Take care and enjoy the playoffs.

Good Luck Josh, I wish i could go to another team too. I just cant, being a Dodger fan all my life I find it difficult to get behind another team. Unless of course they were paying me!
As you leave us Dodger fans behind I’m sure we will all wish you the best as we hang on in a state of limbo and baseballess until the team is sold. Its like feeling like a man without a country…as long as McCourt is in the picture I shall remain a man without a team.
Good Luck Josh!

Josh, let me join the others in saying,
Thank You…!
Best Wishes – Go Dodgers!!

Thank you so much for all your efforts here. We ITD’ers will always remember your helping to get OldBrooklynFan (Joe Pierre) out here for the first tour. Lots of good luck with your new team, but remember, once a Dodger, always a Dodger!

Josh, best of luck and thanks for all your efforts. Must be hard leaving what I am sure was once your dream job. The organization has changed a lot during your time with the Dodgers. I do hope someone picks up the ball and keeps ITD relevent. OTD is great but we are missing a lot of good fans who posted here on a regular basis. Good luck in Arizona.

Josh, please take Frank and Jamie with you. And thanks for the ITD tours. Wonderful times I won’t forget. Oh, and if you can’t take Frank with you to the desert, tell him on your exit interview that 2011 was the first season since 1969 that I did NOT attend a single game……………..though I watched just about every one on the tube!

Good things are in the future here as soon as McCourt is history.

Thanks, Josh. Good luck!

Josh – I wish you the best!!! Thanks for providing this forum that has created so many wonderful Dodger and nonDodger memories!! Take Care!!!

All the best. Hope you can forgive some of the rougher treatment directed at you on here. I still wish you had stayed and survived McCourt, but all the luck to you.

Thank you Josh…and hey something tells me that you are really going to miss us here at ITD & OTD….Don’t forget to visit us everynow and then!

So long Josh,
I’ll never forget you and what you did for me in 2009.
I don’t know if we’ll ever pass by each other again but I’d just like to say, Thanks again.
Go luck to you.

You’ll be missed in these parts Josh, & continued success to you….

This blog is as dead as anything McCourt touches.

We are still going strong at http://outsidethedodgers.wordpress.com/
Come join us there.

Let’s try this again without putting my blog link…
I am late here but I have already told personally that I will miss you and that hopefully I will see you when I am in Arizona during Spring Training and regular games. Good luck to you and your family. Thanks for everythying that you have done for us fans.

Thought I’d keep the dream alive. Dead quiet around here. Frank hiding in the dark somewhere.

I hear you Kpook, but it seems this forum has been forgotten. There still is some lively discussion over at OTD; please give it a try. But I agree it is sad we have had to go elsewhere to talk Dodger baseball unless you are a Twitter or Facebook fan.

Hey Everyone…
I hope all is good on you’re end…
Who wants to have a “Down the Hatch” party in the near future?
GO DODGERS!!! ( Please don’t mistake this to mean, in court! )

Until then, a game of HANGMAN would sure be fun…

Hopefully, next Monday, Halloween, the bankruptcy judge will throw Frank McCourt out of LA on his ear…and we’ll all smile, eat candy, imbibe, and jump for joy in celebration.

That would be an ideal way to celebrate Halloween.

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I would like to say that u as a American baseball team are a disgrace!!!!!!! Due to the fact u added a community support person to your financial woes and just bad leadership,In your management team you deserve to loose it all and hope and pray that is exactly what happens to your team !!!!! Bryan Stowe deserves to be compensated for your bad decisions and lack of care towards fan safety, In my opinion your choice of where to make financial cutbacks, Directly are responsible for what happened to him at your ballpark!!!!! Hope u loose It all and disappear forever! Ps I’m not a friend or acquaintance of Bryans I’m just sickend by your total lack of compassion for baseball fans!!!

Thanks For Nothing, Rick

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The light at the end of that long, dark, endless tunnel is finally shining through…

Northstates, let’s hope our bretheren and sisteren (???) come back here, to ITD. It’s been a very lonely and forgotten place. Ding-dong the wretch is dead!!!!

People will come, Kpookiemon. People will most definitely come.

Now, the Dating Game begins…

It’s Soulshine Time!!
Down the Hatch!!

I hope you guys end up with Cuban. He would be great for LA baseball, but the suits in MLB don’t like him and could make it difficult.
Good luck.

I would not mind coming back here if the Dodgers would find someone to breath some life back into this forum.

We will all breathe life into this dead forum until someone on the other end finds the dusty keyboard in Dodgerland and starts typing away!!!!!!

We are still here!! I can multi-task very well, and write on all my favorite forums. It’s just been so long since anyone has been on here. It’s great to have a couple days of good news with the players and their awards and our dream of new ownership finally coming into some light (even though it’s a ways off still from actually happening).
Hey Phan!! I hope all is well with you!! I am sure there was alot to be said about how the Phillies’ season ended. I was sitting on the fence with that series mostly because I am still mad at you guys for not beating the gnats last year – lol(jk)A full year of suffering with my family of gnat fans and colleagues was not exactly a fun time. Take care and thanks. We need the good luck. I am not sure about Cuban at this point as there are so many names being tossed around now, but you are right. The suits don’t like him much.
Kind of wondering how Boblee is doing as he is probably now suffering Dodger fan living in World Series Champs Cardinals country. And his Cowboys aren’t exactly getting it done either. I am thinking about you Boblee, and I know exactly how you feel.

In the old days, to break the horror, we would lay a few Carnac groaners on everyone.
A: Peter Pan.
Q: What do you use to fry a peter?
A: Until he gets caught.
Q: How long does a United States Congressman serve?
CARNAC: May a crazed weightlifter clean and jerk your sister
phan52, nice of you to drop in. Gotta admit, I trolled your board from the start of the playoffs. Phans spanking Tomahawk fans for the meltdown…them spanking right back as Dream Team wet their pants. But I kept quiet…I bit my tongue. Dodger fans had no room to say squat. But the Dodgers will recover their swagger as the Filly door creaks ever so slowly closed. Halladay and Lee ain’t getting any younger, Oswalt gone and broken, and the big lad at 1st hobbled with an Achilles that just won’t ever really heal on a guy that big. If the Dodgers ink Kershaw and Kemp for the long haul, they field two young stellar MVPs for the next decade.

The thing with the Braves fans started in the 2010 season when a few of them started trolling the Phillies board when they had a 7 game lead in the standings. They were easy pickings after what happened that season and this year’s meltdown was even worse, so payback is a bitch. Howard will be fine. He was battling that leg thing all season and still had a pretty good year. They probably should have sat him at some point but he insisted on playing through it and it finally blew out. The surgery should get him back able to put some weight back on the left side where all his power comes from. He’s a hard worker and if you have seen the overall changes in his body over the years, you would know that. I thought he would end up a fatso, but he’s gotten leaner every year.
BTW, I’ve been hearing that the Braves will try to offer the Dodgers some of their prized young pitching for either Ethier or Kemp. They need an OF bat badly and they have a lot of high-end kid pitchers who are MLB ready.

According to the suits on mlb.tv, they are figuring they will offer contracts to get everyone through to next year, and then once the new ownership is in place, they will probably look into locking up Matt and Kersh. Not sure how that is going to fly with Matt’s agent, but it does make sense. However, like everything else, it’s all speculation at this point.

I would be surprised if the Dodgers entertained an offer to trade Kemp but I would think they might listen to offers for Ethier. I am not saying I am in favor of moving Ethier because of the replacement issue; I have seen Loney play in the outfield once and it wasn’t pretty.

The question for Lame Duck owner will be, come sale time, whether the franchise will be worth MORE money in his pocket in a sale with Kershaw and Kemp locked up for mega bucks…or with them dangling unsigned in the face of potential free agency. On the surface it would seem, “keep contracts down.” But he’s more likely to get his billion with these guys locked up. Do you buy a car knowing you have to upgrade the tires and stereo system as soon as you drive it off the lot…or would you just as soon pay through the nose once and only once? I can’t imagine ANY buyer NOT wanting Kershaw and Kemp on the roster long term. But then, I’m not the one buying or selling, so what the hell do I know. As each humbly admit, I’m just some blogger.

I would think if you don’t lock up Matt and Kersh now, you might end up in a bidding war over them next year (Matt anyway), regardless of who owns the team. However, I am guessing as soon as the new ownership takes over, they can just extend Matt’s contract at that time before he actual hits free agency, yes?

They can offer……………………………………….but he’s a free bird come next October.

From what we heard yesterday from Matt, he says he will take his agent’s advice and not discuss a new contract once the season starts. Does not want to lose focus and all that. You would think that a new buyer would factor in contracts when valuing the team but hopefully a new buyer will have the financial resources to not make this much of an issue.

More extended quiet in here…things looks good for long-term Kemp…

Kemp for 8 more years. Very nice. Great way to start the off-season. Maybe he can take Rihanna out for a steak and lobster. Anybody out there besides, lbirken, nelly and northstates?

I’m still around, but don’t have anything much to say 🙂

I hear you, sparkle…

Still checking in here from time to time hoping someone in the organization will pick up the slack on this blog. Hope it is not too late.

Good Day All…
I am still reading, both Inside and Outside!
Although, I am having computer issues, so commenting is difficult.
I am glad to see, Matt Kemp is going to be around a little longer…
Frank, I will forgive you…just as soon as you earn it!
Have a great afternoon, y’all…

Just checking in to see who’s still around on this blog site. Being an official MLB sponsored site, it’s unbelievable that MLB doesn’t insist on somebody actually updating this. But then again it is MLB with Bud in charge. As for Frank’s dealings, I’ll believe it’s over when it’s over. When it comes to Frank that’s bound to be well after the fat lady sings. In fact, the fat lady may be dead long before Frank is finally gone. I still say that Frank should be hit by a bus, or hung up by his balls (before they’re cut off).

bear, even if no one EVER updates this blog, we keep it going with our banter. I mean, really, did Josh ever offer any juicy tidbits? It was Sgt. Schultz PR…”I know nothing.” or at least, say nothing. Josh knew it. What choice did he have?
Tell the Outside folk to check in…let’s get some air in this place.

Why don’t you just come Outside kpookiemon? The air in here is stale! And YOU will have the ability to update the thread if you so choose.

Congrats to Kershaw for winning the Cy Young. Well deserved and let’s hope it is the first of many for him.

Second the motion on congrats to Clayton!!!

Good job Clayton! I am thrilled. Not only that, but I am just waiting with baited breath for Matty to make this long-term deal offiicial! Oh, and I know many of you thought I’ve abandoned ITD, but I really haven’t. I still read from time to time, but I would gladly come back now that the fuel for much of the problem I had with ITD will eventually go away. I just never cared too much for all of the non-Dodger talk (talk about something other than the team). Oh, and just my 2 cents worth; I think it’s a shrewd move to make the team worth a whole lot more if they make some REAL progress in making the team better and thus, worth a lot more. Locking up Matty is a great first step!

32and 53, there is a classic Star Trek episode where alien plant spores affect ecstasy upon the entire Enterprise crew, and all have abandoned the ship to the planet’s surface…except Kirk. I commend you and OTD for what you have created and I mean that sincerely. But I’ll keep the light on in here. As the 2011 season progressed, ITD became a forum for fewer and fewer people…for any number of reasons we needn’t rehash…and OTD became a welcome refuge. Call me stubborn, call me an idealist, but ITD has the potential to reach hundreds of baseball fans, some who stumble in here for the first time. I look forward to those days again…with EVERYBODY.

It would be nice if the Dodgers communications department would assign someone to take over the responsibilities of keeping this site going. It does not have to be a VP like Josh or even a senior member. Even an intern could create new threads here. And it would be extra nice if what they posted had more to do with the players, on and off the field, and the behind the scenes Dodger Stadium news instead of just an endless stream of marketing promotional material. Josh indicated before he left that the emphasis is now on Facebook and Twitter where they have tens of thousands of followers, not dozens like on here or OTD. They could at least put their Twitter feed in the Widget area to the right like I did on OTD so ITD readers could stay here but get the latest news.
I agree that more people could stumble in here than to OTD. There are many other blogs around with good posts with a huge number of comments daily and I have been reading them for years. The ITD and OTD blogs are different in that they are more like a chat room for a small group of regulars, especially during the games.
I hope that the Dodgers will bring this blog back to life some day.

I agree. Every off season I would suggest to Josh that it would be interesting to hear from various departments within the organization and about the players, nothing too personal or evasive but just interesting stuff. Nothing against Twitter and Facebook but this forum was and still could be relevant.

I had turned most of my attention to football, but then my Sooners decided to not show up for the Tech game and soured the season for me. I’ve been keeping track, but with nothing to add. Til now.
I wonder who the five meats were who didn’t vote for Kershaw?

Kemp wuz robbed…..

Let’s hope Kemp means what he says about using the motivation from coming in second in the MVP race to be even better next season. No doubt voters gave Braun the edge because his team made the playoffs. Matt may not have won the MVP from the writers but he clearly knows he is the MVP to the fans.

4 hours, 23 minutes until December…just checking in, keeping the dream alive.

Still checking, kpook.

Hey All…
I feel like I’m in, The DODGERS Parking Lot!!
Certainly, there must be a security guard, around somewhere? Who can update this blog!!
Congrat’s to both Kersh and Kemp!!
Have a Great Day !!

Hello, Dodgers, Dodgers, Dodgers, Dodgers, Dodgers, (insert echo….)???? For $1.98/ week I’ll update the blog. Let me know.

Kpook, there might have been a time not long ago that Frank might have taken you up on that offer. Now he is too busy trying to figure out how to mess with the sale by retaining the parking lots.

On the surface, the group with Magic Johnson sure seems like an ideal fit. Of course, everyone thought Fox (with their supposedly deep pockets) would be the savior. Ouch. Heard Larry King on the radio a few days ago, excited about his group’s potential of owning the Dodgers. When he said he like Ned Colletti, my brain froze…

Kpook, I admit I thought the McCourts were the real deal when they became owners. They said all the right things, they were not some conglomerate and they were visable. What did I know?

Colletti’s not so bad. We could have Depodesta back. I refused to see Moneyball because his character was in it.

You missed a good movie. It was much better than I expected.

At least it wasn’t the Dodgers that made questionable long-term deals. When I heard the news, all I said is good luck with that 10 year contract to a 31 year old. CJ Wilson is a great pitcher, but a 6 year deal for a SP is dicey. And if the Angels feel that Trumbo is that expendable, trade him to my Dodgers for closer Javy Guerra. They’d be getting a good young closer and won’t be trading within the division like I heard the Angels were interested in Baily in Oakland…

I’m more concerned with the whole Loney debacle. I’m with you, the Angels paid outrageously. Can’t buy championships…it’s been proven again and again and again. And Wilson was flat out bad in the WS. Dodger fans need to sit tight, wait for new ownership (Magic and Co.?}, and then get excited. Ned’s off-season moves, while somewhat nice, are more of the same. Pitchers past their prime, utility parts, and no big bat.

I agree the Angels are taking a huge gamble but if they do win a couple of championships in the first 5 years of this deal, will anyone care about the last five?

I’d heard from friends it was good, saw buzz for Brad Pitt and an oscar, but still had no desire to see it. I thought letting Tracey go was a bad move. If Colletti goes, so be it, but I was ecstatic when Depodesta was fired.

Wow, Kemp should be MVP. “Little Manny” in Milwaukee…and a forever contract, as well.

Didn’t the Red Sox prove last year that big contracts don’t necessarily guarantee post season play?
As for James, I think (and hope) there was a medical reason for his incident. Sounds like low blood sugar to me, and having a husband (and his brother) who is a Type 1 Diabetic, it sure sounds like James’ blood sugar was super low. My hubby has had that happen, and they can easily pass out if they don’t get their sugar level back up quickly.
And as for Ryan Braun….. I am still in shock over this one. I thought Matt deserved the MVP, but I was okay with it being Ryan because he seemed to be a good, clean ballplayer. It just makes me realize nobody is above suspicion anymore.

Hey, Nelly…say hello to all the Outside folks. And tell ’em to check in every now and then. Someday this thing will be up and running again.

I sure will Kahli!!! I hope your school year is going well. Looking forward to some time off next week.

Me and you both?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

this blog is all but dead

Kahli, I am still trying to hang in with you…

lbirk…keep hangin’…a new day will dawn………………………..


Blog of the Living Dead.

Merry Christmas, Everyone…
Not having a computer these day’s means…I have no clue, as to what is going on! It makes me qualified to manage this blog, however!
Peace, Y’all….

Merry Christmas, indeed, Dodger4.

Merry Christmas Kahli !!

If you ever get lonely over here, say “hi” over on OTD. Looks like its going to be a long time before they ever get anybody to takeover and maintain this blog.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, ITD.

Well wishes to the Dodgers family during these turbulent times.

And may McCourt be visited by three ghosts, and his heart grow three sizes.

Belated best wishes for a happy holiday season to anyone and everyone. Hard to believe it has been almost 3 months since Josh made his last post here.

Great to hear from a few old friends. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

Good Day Y’all…
I trust, everyone enjoyed a Very Merry Christmas
I managed to get back online…and I’m looking forward to some baseball!
Dodger Style…
As kpookiemon said
Let Us All Have a Bright and Prosperous New Year…
Think Blue Happiness!!
Go Dodgers!!
Have a Fantastic Day Everyone 🙂

Random Thoughts
Someone over on Facebook, wondered what they were having for supper?
Which made me wonder, what Vin was having for supper?
Thanks for coming back, we love ya
Then I was wondering what, Tommy was having for supper?
Hey Tommy, really what’s for supper!
While were waiting for Tommy’s response…
Anyone care to guess, what Uribe is having for supper?

Happy New Year ITD!!! Hoping for a better 2012 for our Dodgers, starting with reviving this blog 🙂

Thought I’d come by here to see if anything was going on . . . . oh well!

Tommy, If me and you were in the back half of the dugout…There wouldn’t be any need for dinner discussions….
Sparkle…Welcome to the party, Nice to see you show up on time!
IT’s Time For Dodger Baseball….Never Ending Dodger Baseball!!!
P.S. Hope all is well, Josh….any chance you can change the password to this account to think blue~ think blue? I’m sure one of us BELIEVERS can muster some MAGIC!!!

Happy New Year to all. Let’s get a new owner…SOON!

Hi Kahli,
Happy New Year to you too. It’s been a long time, I know. But I look here from time to time, ITD is deader than a doornail. Waiting for someone to revive it! I know they say that a new owner should be in place by the end of April, but the natives are getting restless (myself included) and I don’t want to wait until then

A belated Happy New Year to all. So what will happen first: a new thread here or a new owner takes over?

Happy New Year to you, too. I’m putting my money on a new owner taking over first.

Happy New Years All…

Hey Y’all…I just had a thought…I wanted to share with the world…
You cant kick….”#42″ out of baseball!!!

Good-bye Kuroda-san . . . . .

Whats shakin everybody? I hope everyone is well and having a wonderful new years and had a great Christmas! I’ve been busy with family and work so I’ve been a stranger around here but looking forward to the season and hopefully getting back onto here and chatting with everybody! Take care…

Welcome back James and Andre. Looking forward to both of them doing well this coming season. Now let’s lock up Kersh for the long term!

When I italiinly commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Cheers!

Rejoice, Ethierholics

We sure are!!! 🙂

Just hope he comes into the season healthy and with that chip on his shoulder.

I’m counting on the chip lbirken. It’s what makes him want to prove to himself and others that he deserves to be wearing Dodger Blue.

Still checking most days. Hope all of you are well.

The lighter side of Andre……. playing a practical joke on his best friend, Dustin Pedroia. I hope you all are doing well. Can’t wait for the season to get started.

So the Dodgers almost had Fielder? James Loney, prove ’em wrong.

Whether you could afford him or not, Fielder at $200 million is a ridiculous proposition. He’s a fat slob, much like a few that we’ve already experienced, and unlikely to be worth anything like that after two or three years from now.

Probably not a coincidence that both Pujols and Fielder ended up in the AL where they can become DH’s as each team hopes to get as big a bang for the bloated salaries. I am not too upset the Dodgers could not land Fielder.

bear and lbirk, couldn’t agree more. I’ll always remember Fieder for trying to get into the Dodger clubhouse to punch Guillermo Mota. Clown…and overweight, too.

I remember that!! That was crazy……and so uncalled for.

If Derek Hall comes back, maybe he’ll bring Josh along to revive this thing. Doesn’t look as though the Dodgers have an employee that can handle it now

Can you imagine what it must be like working for the Dodgers right now knowing a new owner should be in place within the next few months and not knowing if your job will be secure? Josh left to work for a stable organization. Hopefully the Dodgers will once again become a more stable organization.

Messing around on Twitter I somehow saw Josh’s name. I told him ITD had been abandoned since his goodbye blog. We shall see. Speaking of bye-byes, I’ll miss Hong Chih…

I see Josh all the time on twitter. He got out just in time and seems really happy with the D-Backs.

If I were in his position, I’d be beside myself with joy just to be away from the McCourt-laced garbage. Of course, the D-Backs are a great organization as well – just sayin’ . . . . .

Josh might be on his next job by the time the Dodgers update this forum.

Welcome Back Boy’s!!!

Welcome to spring everyone…
It’s been a fun 1st day, starting with Kershaw being named the Opening Day starter
Gordon named lead-off man…Yup, he’s the Man!
Kemp will bat third, so, for those of you who liked him in the eigth spot… please keep it down! Unless you have enough money to purchase the Dodgers…
Hawksworth will start on the DL, so there is healthy competetion amonst the troops
Mrs. Ted Lilly, gave birth to a little girl today. Congrat’s to the entire Lilly gang 🙂
The closer will be Javy Guerra, although Kenley say’s “he can pitch anywhere needed”. Both claiming they just want to do, they’re part to win games.
Ned claims………………. he want’s to sign, Andre to a long term contract. He is pretty mutch… clutch, and not a PVL.
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pay dre……..pay dre
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pay dre…….pay dre…….pay dre
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Welcome back Mr. Yeager…
Now if we could just figure out how to…

We would really be Rocking!!!

Way to get the ball rolling Dodger4life, makes me fel like baseball renewal is at hand!

Keep the faith.

To absent Frank:

“Drying up in conversation,
you’ll be the one who cannot talk
All your insides fall to pieces,
you just sit there wishing you could still make love
They’re the ones who’ll hate you
when you think you’ve got the world all sussed out
They’re the ones who’ll spit on you,
you’ll be the one screaming out

Don’t leave me high, don’t leave me dry
Don’t leave me high, don’t leave me dry…”

– Radiohead, “High and Dry”

“Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot”
Frank, time to give us back our paradises…including the parking lots.

The longer this saga continues…the more, I start to believe…it was scripted after Pretty Woman…although without Julia Roberts as the co star…

Spring training – at last!!

Alright…Y’all can take this anyway you want! I don’t care …..whether, Tommy has the Go-Nads to address this blog or not…I say that because like him…I’m a fighter!!!
The only opinions in 2012 that matter, (cleaned that one up for ya Tommy)….Are the opinions of the 25, or so… guys, on the Winning World Series Roster!!!

True Blue begins with YOU……………………. Boy’s!!

Dodger4…when will this blog ever come back strong????????????????? Glad you’re still here. GO BLUE!

We really need a new thread!! LOL!!
The Dodgers are looking pretty good in spring training. All we need now is a new owner, GM and trainer, and we are all set!

I was kinda hoping that with the team being sold today that there’d be a new post. Another hope dashed!!!

I was hoping too 😦

Kind of nice to see Andre stealing bases. He said he worked on that aspect of his game a great deal, and having Davey Lopes around I am sure helps out.

I also keep checking in here once in a while on the hopes that something has changed but obviously not.

We are orphans . . . . 😦


Magic…..SAVE US!

I don’t know why everybody is spitting into the wind and hoping for a new post. This blog was mostly for the Dodgers to market stuff to the readers. If you want to see their continuing ads with a few tidbits of actual news, just read the official Dodgers Twitter feed on the sidebar of Outside the Dodgers.
If you want a real Inside the Dodgers experience with no sales spin, check out the excellent blog by Jon SooHoo at http://dodgersphotog.mlblogs.com/author/mlblogsdodgersphotog1/

Good Day All…
Let’s Go Dodgers, Lets Go!!

Happy 50th Anniversary Dodger Stadium. And Happy Birthday Andre 🙂

This was more than just an ad generator for the McCourt Dodgers.

It was an unprecedented window into the inner workings of the organization. For the half decade this site was breathing, we saw glimpses that the news organizations might ignore or just wouldn’t have the opportunity to get. And what we said here would be looked at by the organization we’ve all latched onto in our hearts from the time we fell in love with the game.

Commenting isn’t the same anymore, knowing that this site has been ignored through Spring Training up to Opening Day, showing whose baby this site really was. Thanks to Josh for what he did, and what he had to put up with during what I’m sure was a labor of love, working for the organization he too grew up watching, in what will go down as one of the most interesting and important eras in Dodger Baseball.

Our future comments direct to the ballclub will be limited to the 150 character bite-sized chunks favored by twitter and facebook, but here, you could write whatever you thought, whatever you felt, without worrying about running out of space, even if we sometimes had to worry about being warped through time.

It’s sad to see this last post gathering dust, even though considering the circumstances of the organization since then, it’s understandable. With the specter of new ownership poised to cure what ails the ballclub, I can’t help but wonder what the next fifty years of the story will bring…

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Now that we know someone is paying attention. How’s about turning the page!
You can even use this headline if needed….Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Nice to see our “Boys in Blue” off to a noteworthy start!!

I, too, keep wondering when someone will realize this blog has cobwebs and do something about it. The horror………………………..

Still checking. It’ll be interesting to see how we come off against the better teams. Overall the pitching seems OK, but the infielders are going to have to start to produce some offense.

The Boys are hotter than a jalapeno, datin’ a cayenne pepper right now!!

The New Blue Boss

As president of the Braves, Kasten, delegated all of the baseball decisions to Atlanta GM John Schuerholz who put together strong, talented teams that consistently competed for a world championship
Will the names be changed to protect the innocent ( Maybe Frank was holding Ned back), or will the guilty parties be charged…( Scrutiny is about to take on a different meaning, and Ned is standing front and center!)
Does Kasten hand the controls completly to Colletti, in the real near future??

There’s an abundance to happy about at the moment, plenty of potential still left on the table however…

Rolling through Brew Town…That’s the plan!!!
It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.
– Hit it.
Think Blue
Let’s Get It!!

Enjoy the game y’all…

Wow, it’s April 18 and still no new thread. When will there be another “Josh Rawitch” in the Dodgers’ office to pay attention to ITD? Will there ever be one?

Apparantly not.
Tough break last night. I guess they do even out over the course of the season. Looks like they can play with the big boys. Either the corner infieders wake up or a couple of new players and we can be there at the end of the season. I think Uribe and Loney produce by the deadline or start some serious shopping.

Still checking.

Hoping the new ownership will revitalize this blog. We can only hope 🙂

Wow, May 23rd and still no update… zzzzzz….

The new ownership SUCKS just like the old one did. Fuck the bastards all!

I will personally send out good vibrations…

Hey. Did you know Josh left?

Attention New Ownership!!!
Every day… I go to dodgers.com, click on this blog, only to find that it hasn’t been updated in 9 fucking……… months!!
I would like to think, that since all of your offices have been sufficiently remodeled, you could devote some time to fix this problem.

Oh yeah….Fire Ned!!!

I sent an email to the new owners about reactivating this blog and received a stock answer – they’re taking all the suggestions under advisement. Not a good start, but it’s only my humble opinion.

No, spark, it’s mine as well!

I sent the same suggestion about restarting this blog to the e-mail address that was given by the new owners. The answer was the same stock, so I’m not looking for any action. I don’t suppose that MLB would be any better. Maybe we need to appeal to Magic.

Someone is watching this thing…I have a post that is still being moderated…

I, too, sent an e-mail first thing during the press conference. You see the results…..

Where’s Magic?
Why haven’t you changed the home page, or, updated Inside the Dodgers.
Also teaming up with Frank was a bad move…and if your gonna put Magic in front of the public to try and justify it…He had best become the hardest working and most transparent, VIP in the business.
You should sever all ties to Frank, (including Ned) a.s.a.p. Which means a fresh new look, everywhere…
It’s is rather disturbing to me at least, that the first order of business was to remodel your offices…Not that I’m against you improving your working conditions, just that you acted in a timely fashion, in doing so…while the heart of the organization…yep us (the loyal fans), still have to bask in what is the cloud, of Frank McCourt (spread a little sunshine)…
Get your act together…and do it in an urgent fashion…Timely has since passed.
One more thing…if it is your intention, that once the team has won a championship, things will soothe over enough, that it will become acceptable to engage in a business transaction with Frank or Frank’s partners, or anyone or anything related or unrelated to the McCourt’s…Think again…
Also the ice cream idea…was a good one…although, it should be darn near free, when the Boy’s are at the top of the standings…Hook up with your local dairy council, I’m sure they’ll be glad to assist you in finding reasonable ice cream choices!
Is Ned the best GM in the business??? If he is not, and (he is not) find and hire whom is…Plain and simple!
P.S. The only thing more annoying than Frank’s non response’s of the past…would be an automated one, y’all call the future
I too sent one…

I forgot to add…
Have a Wonderful Day…
Go Dodgers!!!

Come on now…

Not sure why I am even posting anything here but I too would like to see this thing resurrected.

Ditto, lbirk

Wishing, hoping this blog would be active again . . . Maybe when pigs fly and they get rid of Uribe . . . . we can only hope 🙂

Here is an idea for a new post!!
What will Juan Uribe do… to earn his $49,383 today?

Will he make everyone lemonade…cause he won’t hit the baseball!

Will he amuse everyone with some nifty old school breakdancing moves, cause he won’t hit the baseball!!

Will he dress up and sing “Mr. Bojangles” before and after every ballgame…cause he won’t hit the baseball!!

Will he install a barbers pole and give everyone a haircut and a shave…cause he won’t hit the baseball!!!

Will he just sit in the locker room and chew bubblegum…cause he won’t hit the baseball!!!

Will he start a shoeshine service, so that everyone has a neat’o appearance, before heading home from a hard days work…cause he won’t hit the baseball!!!

What did Juan Uribe do today, to earn his $49,383…He drove in RBI # 38, 39, 40 and 41…as a Dodger. Which means he gave us $1,120,000 worth of runs batted in today…and we’ll take it!! (there is room for improvement however) Good Job Juan…I’ll make the lemonade 🙂

My bad…he drove in RBI # 42, 43, 44 and 45…all other estimates are as stated above.
Enjoy your lemonade Juan and crew!!

Nevertheless FUTILITY pays; Juan is getting his, and what’s even more obscene is Ned getting an extended contract.

Donnie returning, as well. Double ouch.

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It’s been WAY too long. I was doing some massive ITD reminiscing and some old (really old) posts. I was even remembering when we were all calling on Joe to stop putting in JP and Druw in place of Andre. I really do miss ITD. I really would like to see ITD make a comeback. Hey is Stan and Magic looking at this? C’mon guys. New ownership, new blog. PLEASE!

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I always emailed this weblog post page to all my associates, as if like to read it after that my friends will too.

What’s scary is that the Dodgers could make a run at two aces because they certainly have the prospects and money to do so, especially if Greinke plans to opt out after the season.

Here’s a new blog that ex-ITD commenters can go to comment.


Here’s a new blog that ex-ITD commenters can go to comment. All those who used to comment on ITD, or OTD, or Dem Bums at ‘De Blue Toy Box are welcome to comment on the following blog:

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