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All-Star voting is underway – jump for joy

In case you’ve missed it, fans are now able to vote for the All-Star Game here and the Dodgers certainly have some worthy vote recipients. I believe the first batch of results will be coming back soon and I’d imagine that Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp will be among the top outfield vote getters, but it’s up to you guys to vote for your favorite Dodgers over the next few weeks.

As a kid, my brother and I would wander around the Dodger Stadium and get as  many ballots as we could from the ushers and fill them all out for every Dodger. I’m pretty sure that somewhere at my parents’ house, I have an All-Star ballot from every year of the 80s and 90s and somewhere in my own home, I’ve got all of them since I started working at the Dodgers inthe mid 90s.

But now that the All-Star teams are primarly decided by the online vote, we can’t rely wholly on our fans in-stadium to stuff the ballot boxes! Remember, you can vote up to 25 times so show your support for your team.

Anyone have some fun stories of All-Star balloting over the years? Share them here and we hope you’ll take part in a longtime tradition throughout baseball.

Childhood Memories of Dodger Stadium

If you follow the @Dodgers on Twitter, you know that on Tuesday we have contests where fans can win various prizes. Well, with #childhoodmemories trending we figured we’d ask for people’s best memories from Dodger Stadium and the response was overwhelming.

Hundreds of great tweets in just half an hour and there would be no way to really re-tweet them all, so we figured we’d post some of them here and then tweet a link to this blog. And keep in mind, this is only from those who happened to be on Twitter at 5 p.m. PT.

If this is your first time to the Inside the Dodgers community, welcome. Lots of Dodger fans talking here each day so join in if you’d like.

If nothing else, today’s tweets remind us just how special Dodger Stadium truly is to so many people, including:

@Michelle_M16 First time meeting Shawn Green. I took the field in ’04. So sweet!
@reisNEEZY kissing the grass of the outfield on a day where they let fans on the field… my parents still have teh picture
@ryantfischer Games with my grandpa
@BleedDGRBlu  going with my father, who recently passed
@JesRey7 Sitting in the outfield seats talking to the pitchers in the bullpen
@DodgerManny58 Walking into the reserve level and seeing the Stadium from above
@Scarface909 My #Childhoodmemories of spending time with my dad going to Dodger games and enjoying classic Dodger Dogs!
@ArtG44 steve finley grandslam homerun to win the division
@RCShibley Sitting in the outfield during batting practice trying to catch homeruns.
@garbs hearing the game announced by vin scully by people with portable radios in the stands
@dogfacedandhurt Favorite #childhoodmemories are walking into stadium for first time and hearing Nancy play the sweet, sweet organ.
@nikkilicous best memory is seeing the Pope at Dodger Stadium !!
@hockeycutie13 never got to go to a dodger game as a child…but i am making up for lost time as an adult!
@fighton1985 eating dodger dogs and keeping score in the bleachers with my father

@jrzdevils30 every year going to a dodger game on my birthday June 19th it was my annual bday gift
@levi_v24 i remember going to the stadium and loved Sheffield batting stance & tried to mimic it #Dodgers
@pmartist_g The 88 WS !!
@dianavincente whenever my abuelo and abuela from Puerto Rico came to visit we would ALWAYS go to #Dodger games, favorite memories
@dodgerfanathome 1988 championship series against mets. Dad buying me a foam finger that stayed up in my room for ten years!
@boomitzel Taking a tour of the stadium.
@ava_252 dodger dogs non stop all day long wearing a hat that’s way to big
@blondielv Going w/my dear Dad who is now deceased. He gave me my love of the Dodgers.
@bongomo being on the field & able to take pictures with the players!!! still have my pics with Karros & Wallach #childhoodmemories
@bigsaldogg kirk gibson hr, fernando’s no hitter, 88ws,81ws, and nomo no hitter
@1chefdiva got to shake hands with Sandy Koufax. Didn’t wash my hand for a week!
@sylentmike being a little kid and my parents took me to watch the Olympic baseball games at dodger stadium!
@roseknows Being at the park when Dodgers clinched 1983 division title. Fernando was pitching & paper was flying everywhere.
@culverfan I remember Fernando losing 1-0 in 1985 on a 9th inning homer by tony Gwynn
@djbradster My wife remembers playing with Wes Parker in the parking lot after games as he would hit balls to the kids
@csimnick my fav. thing about going to the games when I was little was having a Dodger dog & a cool-a-coo
@itskloquewerk July 6th 1988, Franklin Stubbs grand slam against the Cards. Cards fans were giving us all high 5’s. Electric
@jase_sun going to dodger games and seeing my favorite dodgers, piazza, mondesi and nomo!
@toolOC having my mom represent long beach school district in centerfield on teacher appreciation day @Dodgers stadium
@minamonster my mom making me fake being sick so she could call out to take me to games.
@oomyjosh catching a foul ball at Dodger Stadium against the pirates in 1st grade.
@DavidTich Sitting behind the home dugout with my grandma Alice. She had the biggest crush on Tommy!

An underrated park and team?

For those who have been to PNC Park, you know that it’s one of the most impressive settings in all of baseball. A great stadium, right on the river with a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline. If you’re one of those fans who likes road tripping, I’d definitely recommend a trip.

On top of their nice park, they also have a team that’s starting to show signs of turning around their misfortunes on the field. They’re at 17-17, their best start since 2002 and according to @dejan_kovacevic, the Pirates beat writer, if they beat the Dodgers tonight, it would be the first time that they will have a winning record this late in the season since 2004.

Here’s hoping they don’t accomplish that feat and that the Dodgers can get on a roll here in Pittsburgh before returning home this weekend against the D-backs, Brewers and Giants.

Dodger Bobbleheads in history

Recently, a Dodger fan on Twitter asked for a list of all the bobbleheads the Dodgers have given out over the years.

With Clayton Kershaw on the mound today and his bobblehead night coming up on May 17 (click here for tickets), we figured today is as good a day as any to research the question and provide an answer for @JoeChacon. 

Name Date
Tommy Lasorda 4/4/2001
Kirk Gibson 6/9/2001
Fernando Valenzuela 7/29/2001
Paul Lo Duca 5/31/2002
Shawn Green 7/18/2002
Hideo Nomo 8/24/2002
Eric Gagne  5/2/2003
Brian Jordan 7/1/2003
Fred McGriff 9/12/2003
Eric Gagne (Cy Young) 4/30/2004
Don Newcombe 7/23/2004
Don Drysdale 8/20/2004
Cesar Izturis 6/1/2005
Jeff Kent 9/29/2005
Ron Cey 6/2/2006
Fernando Valenzuela 6/23/2006
Steve Garvey 7/28/2006
Nomar Garciaparra 4/26/2007
Rafael Furcal 7/6/2007
Russell Martin 8/2/2007
Tommy Lasorda (HOF) 9/14/2007
Joe Torre 4/25/2008
Takashi Saito 6/5/2008
Brad Penny 7/25/2008
Joe Bimel 8/12/2008
Casey Blake 5/20/2009
Manny Ramirez 7/22/2009
Matt Kemp 8/19/2009
Manny Ramirez (Grand Slam) 9/16/2009
Andre Ethier 5/18/2010
Jonathan Broxton 6/8/2010
James Loney 7/20/2010
Matt Kemp 8/17/2010
Clayton Kershaw 5/17/2011
Don Mattingly 6/1/2011
Hong-Chih Kuo 6/14/2011
Andre Ethier Throwback 7/7/2011
Fernandomania 7/26/2011
Duke Snider 8/9/2011

Throwback to Brooklyn

With the news of the last 48 hours, you can imagine that a win like today’s is much welcome. What an awesome day today was at the Stadium.

Admittedly, I’m biased, but those uniforms were really cool and judging by the feedback we’re seeing online, the overwhelming majority of fans agree. What do you guys think?

The half-price food and soft drinks seemed to be very well received, as more than 4,000 fans walked up today, which is the largest walk-up crowd for a midweek day game that our VP of Ticketing, Billy Hunter can remember…and he’s been here for 41 seasons.

And of course, with Kershaw dealing and nearly throwing a complete-game, the fans were treated to a few extra innings and in the end, yet another Matt Kemp walk off sent the Dodgers to Chicago back at the .500 mark after taking three of four from the Braves.  

Here’s to maintaining the momentum of today’s game during this six-game trip and a big return home against the Pads on April 29.

Come Together

Today at Dodger Stadium, fans from around the city came together and donated more than $61,000 to help the Bryan Stow Fund.

For those who couldn’t make it out, you can still donate at sfpcu.org. Our most sincere thanks go out to AMR for helping put on this event and having countless volunteers show up to take part. And our media partners at KCAL/CBS, Prime Ticket, KABC 790, and Univision, as well as the L.A. Times, spent much of the weekend encouraging fans to take part in today’s fundraiser and we are all grateful for their efforts, too.

Tonight, at the game against the Giants both teams will take part in ceremonies to encourage civility within this great rivalry, AMR will be out collecting donations from fans, and then the two teams will go out on the field and play hard for nine innings. In the meantime, please keep Bryan in your thoughts and prayers as all of us are at the Dodger organization.

Anyone else excited for today?

Few days in baseball are like Opening Day. Things have been buzzing at the stadium since long before sunrise. Grounds crew members, stadium chefs and many others have been preparing to have 56,000 fans in house in just about few hours. Our department has been here for live shots on just about every TV station in town…

For those coming out to the stadium, please plan to come early and carpool if you can, or take public transit and use the shuttle from Union Station. Your patience is appreciated, as we always have more cars on Opening Day than any other day of the season.

Among the highlights to look out for…

– Pregame ceremonies including a 1981 Opening Day first pitch, a Salute to the Military and the national anthem performed by Placido Domingo

– New food options, including the Doyer Dog (available at Camacho’s) and other new healthier options throughout the stadium, plus the new Dodgertown Deli on the field level

– Remodeled merchandise stands on the left field and right lines of the Loge Level (one is a Nike store and the other is Adidas). Plus the Top of the Park store with lots of new items and the Left Field merchandise tent with all your favorites

– Patches on the uniforms of the players in memory of Duke Snider

– Bill Russell signing autographs beyond center field from 2:30 to 4 p.m. in autograph alley

– For those on the United Club Suites level, an incredible historical exhibit is there for your perusing (for those who aren’t on that level, it will be part of the Dodger Stadium tours

– The Phantom of the Opera, Davis Gaines, will be singing God Bless America

– Oh, and two of the game’s best young pitchers squaring off in one of the game’s greatest rivalries. There’s a special Opening Day edition of Dodgers Magazine with Kershaw and Lincecum on the cover, available today only in stadium!

If we don’t see you today, hopefully you’ll be here for Fireworks tomorrow, the day game on Saturday or Sunday’s 5 p.m. start with sleeved fleece blankets for the first 50,000 fans.

Busy days at Spring Training…

These few days between the full squad reporting date and the first games are easily the busiest for those of us in the front office.

Today alone, we had more than 2,500 items signed by Dodger players for various charitable and civic purposes…

We had a number of guys do their green screen shoots for DodgerVision…

KCAL and Prime Ticket were on site for various interviews and features…

Juan Uribe shot a TV commercial that you’ll see during preseason…

And the regular media corps was on hand for the daily news that comes from Camelback…

To top it all of, the Dodgers are facing the White Sox tonight in softball on the “replica” field here, with the Camelback employees taking part.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be at Cracker Barrel for our annual PR department breakfast before photo day at 7 a.m…

But the best part of it all is that there’s still just a very good vibe here. It’s really hard to explain, but I keep hearing all the media that comes through here talking about it and you can just feel it. The players are loose but focused on getting ready for the season and games start on Saturday (as does DodgerTalk on KABC 790).

Donnie nailed it…

Many of you have read in recent news reports that Don Mattingly has given a lot of thought over the winter about his first address to the team…well, in my clearly biased opinion, he nailed it this morning. There’s a lot of buzz around camp today about just how smoothly things are running and there’s definitely a tone that Donnie has set that has everyone feeling optimistic about 2011.

mattingly speech.jpg

Choose your own adventure

As a kid, I always enjoyed the Choose Your Own Adventure books but never really knew why. Looking back on it, perhaps had something to do with the fact that in most books you read, someone else decided the outcome for you and in these rare cases, you got to be a part of the story. In fact, you even got to see how all your options turned out if you wanted to go back and do it again.

It was a concept that was well ahead of its time and it’s probably also the reason why I was such an avid fan of Clue, the movie.

Well, maybe it’s the same reason why I’m so excited about the opportunity for fans to vote this week on which uniform the team will wear for six games this year. You’re not supposed to get to choose what uniform your favorite team gets to wear, but you can.


Check out dodgers.com/throwback if you haven’t already and weigh in on the subject. And then come out for those games – all of which are midweek day games and feature half-price food and drinks at Dodger Stadium.