An underrated park and team?

For those who have been to PNC Park, you know that it’s one of the most impressive settings in all of baseball. A great stadium, right on the river with a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline. If you’re one of those fans who likes road tripping, I’d definitely recommend a trip.

On top of their nice park, they also have a team that’s starting to show signs of turning around their misfortunes on the field. They’re at 17-17, their best start since 2002 and according to @dejan_kovacevic, the Pirates beat writer, if they beat the Dodgers tonight, it would be the first time that they will have a winning record this late in the season since 2004.

Here’s hoping they don’t accomplish that feat and that the Dodgers can get on a roll here in Pittsburgh before returning home this weekend against the D-backs, Brewers and Giants.


Those are some great tidbits, but what kind of owner do the Pirates have? Does he siphon funds off for himself by charging the team rent for playing in their own stadium? Curious minds want to know!

This thread isn’t even showing up. If it weren’t for Scott posting on it, nobody would have known.

anytime! ๐Ÿ™‚

Way to go Scott!!!

Interesting!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

Damn, you guys are bouncing around more than Morganna with a jackhammer.


Titilating, ain’t it Beav?!!!

Yes! And thanks for the mammaries!!

Nummy, num, num!!!!

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Quick…1st & 3rd, one out…how many runs?

Make that 2 outs! No runs!

OMG…Uribe…rbi !

Is there any way of finding out how many runners have been on base when Loney’s been up?

I’ll bet Shad knows ๐Ÿ˜•

According to Baseball Reference, there have been 73 men on base when Loney came to the plate. He’s gotten 12 RBI. His batting avg w/ RISP is .162 – those are the numbers through yesterday’s game.

I wish I had an answer to that one. I assume they are but here are his risp numbers lol.;_ylt=AhAocbY47KrrxqyfUy7IkR.FCLcF

Thanks Shad!!!

His career batting average with RISP is .316, so he has definitely deteriorated this year.

Yep, his first 2-3 years he was getting those runs in and it didn’t matter if he hit homers. Last couple of years he has dropped off considerably!!!


When’s the last time the Dodgers were lower in the Won/ Lost record than the Pirates this late into the season?
Says something about the job Ned is doing.
SELL THE TEAM, you asshole owner!
Go JUMP OFF THE PIER someplace, Vice-Chairman!

lol you guys miss me.

I haven’t gotten over that bs in game 4 and this was the first time Jackson team has been swept and it was a blowout game for Phil last game.

I wish Ethier streak didn’t get snap.

He just took on a new streak. He has reached safely in 33 consecutive games. I believe Joey Votto was at 32 or 33 as well, but his was broke yesterday. So, Andre is either tied with Joey or has passed him up. It’s not as big of a deal the the hit streak, but it’s a streak nonetheless ๐Ÿ™‚

Frank is on a streak of his own. He couldn’t make payroll in April without borrowing money. He certainly won’t be able to make payroll this month without borrowing money. He’s getting divorced, losing his team, etc.
I’ve never seen such a big loser in all my life. Put a capital “L” on his forehead!

You’re right, STT….Frank is a LOSER!!!!

Plus, he now leads the league in hits with 50 ๐Ÿ™‚

That Jones do is such a Dodgers killer. I hate 2 outs hit against us.


Must be his hair!!!

๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now what I’m going to do with no more good LA team playing lol.

Mariners cut OF Milton Bradley and Ryan Langerhans

Wow that didn’t take long at all.

Well Beav, in answer to your earlier question. So far in May, Loney has left 10 runners on and has no rbi’s. That doesn’t count the 2 lob today and no rbi. So, for May he is O rbi and 12 lob.

To bad espn or yahoo doesn’t have the lob numbers in there game log.

lol what the heck was Miles doing couple of innings ago?

Wow, this team could shut up a MagPie!!! LOL!!!


One freaking run! WTF!!! I’m bored as hell!!!!!

Lyons spent half an inning talking about how pigeon-toed the Pirates 3rd baseman is.

Good grief!!

I love pitching duo but not to the Pirates lol.

No wonder our conversations turn to tits and ass!!!!

LOL…we have to do something to keep awake!

( . ) ( . )……( | )

No kidding. Maybe we could all start writing our memoirs.
I was born a poor black child…

Hey, look, I’m learning how to do graphics !


Next stop for TruMom – Etch-A-Sketch LOL!!

It all started in a small 5,000 watt radio station in Williamson, WV…….

L M ( | ) 0 !!!!!!

Tru-ly gifted!!! Not just another pretty face that one!!!! Bet she’s a virtuoso with a Slinky®!!!!

That terrible Chad ba/obp/slg% are way better than Loney lol.

New name for our line-up – The Kaopectate Krew. Stops the runs once and for all.


I’m laughing so hard my sides are hurting!!!!!

I see you all have been drinking the ITD Koolaid again.

Nummy, num!!!

Too bad with Frank and Ned we are always sucking the hind tit!!!!!

Hey Frank – new idea for a sponsor – Dependsยฎ. Everyone knows the front office is full of shit.

Depends and Kaopectate ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hey Beav, here are some numbers on Loney not counting this game. So far this season, Loney has:
12 rbi
72 lob


Thanks Wally!! I’m surprised its that high a percentage. Of course one of the RBI’s was due to Dre’s slide.

Actually, I think you deduct and RBI for a homer since you’re driving yourself in, so now were down to 15.28%.


And, back to the game……we really got screwed on that phantom catch!

lol at that. I guess we won’t be catching any break.

Alright Donny!!! Let’em have it!!!!

Juan & Don thrown out!

Time for Billz to come unhinged.

Run, X-Man, run!!!!

Atta boy X-Man!! Rub Ned’s nose in it!!!

Poetic Justice!!

Poetic Waxing is a bitch, however!!!!

C’mon Beav, why would we keep a young guy with wheels when we can have Thames and Gibbons and all those HR’s 3 to 5 years ago?

I know. What was I thinking?

Kuo really hung one out there!

Well, game over. I was really hoping Kuo would rehabilitate his stats so they might be able to trade him, but I guess not.

…..and who made the decision that Kuo was ready to come back? Geez!!! Billz pitched a great game!

Yep Nelly, Billz did his job!! Bullpen lets us down again!!! Sigh!!!

We didn’t exactly hit the ball tonight either, but that trapped fly ball out was the momentum changer.

I miss the old Kuo.

Hope you’re proud Ned. Fine, fine team you’ve built. Maybe next year you can lure Anderson and Sweeney out of retirement.

Milton Bradley is available now ๐Ÿ™‚

Ned – pick up the phone and make that call – you know you want to.

Hopefully Frank hasn’t paid his phone bill ๐Ÿ˜‰

Poor Andre…you can see his shoulder is hurt when he has to throw the ball.

Yep Trumom, he’s probably going to end up on the DL!! And Kemp is rapidly coming back to earth. He hasn’t done squat in over a week.

He says it doesn’t hurt when he swings the bat. Just hope he just has to catch the ball but not throw it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stupid miss calls and all the momentum when to the Pirate gosh I hate those.


Well one thing, you know attendance isn’t going to go up when they get back.

Heh, heh, heh… No doubt!!

Look like another Dodgers product is closing for the Pirates.


Another exciting game…

Time to watch the Angels and see Pierre cost them runs lol

Well, that’s looking on the bright side Shad!!! LOL!!!!

Well, 1 for 11 with RISP and 10 LOB!!!! At least it was a team effort!!! Kemp is really struggling and if he and Andre don’t have monster games, we’re hosed!!!!

lol time to clone a lot of Carroll.

Garbage in…garbage out.
The postmortem on the Lakers highlighted a lack of athleticism. So……………………….just who are the “athletes” on the Dodgers…you know, speed, agility, quickness? I think I can come up with four, maybe five, so here goes:
Am I missing anybody? See any infielders in there? Hell of a GM, there, piecing this crew together.

XPaul. Oops, we let him get away for nothing!!

I surely hope the Canucks win and that series would’ve been over.

Wow that was dumb Callaspo.

L.A. Times article about the possibility that by Frank filing bankruptcy he could retain the franchise:
Oh what tangled webs we weave, but all the BS don’t fool The Beav.

Unbelievable that he thinks any of us want him to have any part of this storied franchise anymore. What an arrogant asshole!!!

Wow!! Sounds like it is goint to get very ugly!!!!

I still don’t see or think it is right that he can rely on revenue from 2014 and beyond(Fox deal). I would hope it would be judged on what it is right now.

Anyway, I got some numbers thru tonights game for you Beav!!!

Loney 12 rbi/72 lob 16.6%
Ethier 19 rbi/48 lob 39.5%
Kemp 21 rbi/73 lob 28.7%
Uribe 16 rbi/61 lob 26.2%
Barajas 13 rbi/53 lob 24.5%

I thought I should check to see what the other guys were doing before I threw Loney under the bus. No surprise however, Loney has stunk!!! Ethier is kicking ass!!!

……and Andre has a nice ass too :). You guys got your T&A comments in already today – lol!!!


I will probably run some numbers on the rbi leaders to see what their numbers are like when I get time. I imagine that a week ago, Kemps number was closer to Andres’ as he hasn’t don squat for the last week and a half!!!

D4 is currently on the DL, with an oblique injury!

Sorry to here that D4!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! I hear SoulShine is good for that!!! LOL!!!

Sorry to read that Dodger4life!!!

Thanks, it’s day to day!

Thanks Wally!!
Honestly, I thought Uribe would be about the same.
Sorry to hear you’re on the DL D4. Sounds like you need some JD!!
Hey Nells, saw Old Brooklyn on the Times blog while I was over there ripping Ned a new a**hole.
Think I’ve won a convert or two over there that used to blame it all on Frank. You know, we’re 12th in payroll, yet 22nd in the standings. The fact we’re 12th in payroll is Frank. The fact that we’re another 10 spots below that is Ned. How can that man still have a job? I don’t think I’d even have him selling peanuts.

No problem Beav!!! Good point on Frank and Furter!! All of Franks problems are actually benefitting Neddy. The fact that he is an inept sychophant piece of shit is flying under the Frank cloud cover.
Thought I’d give you some numbers the Mathterbate with!!!

Thanks Wally. I like to practice safe sets (of numbers) until I get in that good algorithm. Then you might not see me for hours.


Thanks for the update on Oldbrooklynfan!!!

Which thread are you on over there Beav?

The last three I left a post. The last one though on tonight’s game is where I was ripping on Ned.

Might not be up there yet though – sometimes they take awhile – everything’s moderated.

Label Dude, eh!!! Could have used a period and a couple of spaces after MoneyBall Stuff however. I guess you were excited. LOL!!! Just busting your balls my brother.

Ha – made me think of Miss Ballbreaker from Porky’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

LOL Enshadted!!!

OW!! That one smarts!!

Thanks E!! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Just saw the replay of the bad call. He trapped it. It is obvious on the replay. I can’t believe the fucking ump wouldn’t ask for another opinion.

Especially after he told Mattingly he wasn’t 100% sure.

Think this pretty much sums up Ned’s team building:

LMAO!!! Well, if it looks like a turd, and smells like a turd…. Its probably a Neddy deal!!

Think I’d better hit if for the night my brother.
Goodnight all.

Goodnight Beav!!!

Good Night enchanted!!!!

Sweeny and Anderson, hmm, I wonder? Josh, are you as worried as I am about getting paid this month? Mrs Colletti will be mighty upset at me if I don’t get paid. Then again, as long as the bosses have side by side mansions in Holmby hills, I guess it’s acceptable, We could always change our name to the Pirates of Los Angeles. I don’t know why the fans are upset, we scored a run last night?

Ned – you really need to get your head out of Frank’s as… ummmm the sand.

( | ) is more approriate, Nellyjune ๐Ÿ˜‰

Someone posted this on the Dodgers board.

Don’t know if this team will see a .500 record again but they do have a good shot at stranding 500+ runners on base before the all-star break. Already lead all of MLB with 272 stranded in 36 games

Wally how did you find those number?

Hey Shad. I had to go back thru the box scores and tally it up by hand. I could not find a statistics website that had that info.

With apologies to the Monkees
Oh, I could lie, cheat and sting
a proud franchise that once was king.
Fabled Dodger Blue was my play thing.
But the fans, now they rise,
as does Selig, to my surprise.
The writing’s on the wall, but I still cling

Jig’s up, creepy Jamie,
oh what could have been.
Wish we’d had the brains and savvy
to loot LA clean.

Good job Kahli!!! LOL!!!!


Love it, Kpookie!

Here is a site I found with a more complete breakdown of RBI Opportunities.

That’s freakin’ awesome Wally – thanks!!
And people wonder why this team sucks. All they have to do is take a look at that last column. Sad think is, I would’ve figured that Kemp and Dre would have been significantly higher than Loney. What’s really sad is Carroll.

No problem Beav!! A couple of percentage points are very significant in this stat. I was also surprised at Carrolls output, but, he is not considered an rbi producer. If you look around at the other teams and rbi leaders in MLB, Andre and Matt stack up very well.

This is Beavs comment at the LA Times:

That this team is awful shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Mr. Ned I don’t believe in Sabermetrics and that Moneyball Stuff. Colletti assembled a team of stiffs, spent $51 million on Lilly and Uribe – LILLY & URIBE, another $12 on a middle reliever, a mil on Navarro, a mil on Thames, $3 on Barajas and ZERO on an impact bat to give any chance to an already incredibly weak hitting line-up. Then to not forsee the inevitable breakdown of Furcal and Blake, either physically or in skill level was naive or stupid (I choose the latter) and the rest, well, there’s no explaining that. Now whether Frank pays these guys in cash, IOUs or wampum, the fact is Ned spent $100 million on this mess. They’re 12th in payroll and 22nd in record (and fading.) Frank’s responsible for the 12th in payroll, but Ned’s the one reponsible for slipping the other 10 places. Never in my life have I seen a GM in any sport as inept.


EXCELLENT! Thanks for reposting it Jhall.

losing lineup
Carroll SS
Miles 2B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Uribe 3B
Loney 1B
Barajas C
Sands LF
Lilly P

Thanks STT!!!!

Wow that took a lot of work.

Oh man Sands batting 8th and why not used him batting 2nd like Loney did that one game? Looking at those ugly Loney lob’s numbers maybe is the reason he should bat 2nd?

In my opinion, Loney should be on the bench, if not all the time, at least against lefties. I liked the idea of batting him second in the order.

I always wanted Blake to play 1st bases for Loney when a lefties pitch but since he’s on the DL won’t happen anytime soon.

Yep, I also like Blake at first against lefties. Also Sands!!

I find this hard to believe, but sadly being true, it does explain why no one seems to know how to play baseball when they get to the bigs. If you don’t know where you’ve been, you sure as hell can’t know where you’re going nor how to get there.

Agreed Beav!!

Good Afternoon All…
I’m feelin better today, send me in coach!
Time to get back on track boy’s!
It sure would be nice to put a complete game together, hits, runs, no errors, quality start, a solid showing from the pen, etc…
Have a wonderful evening everyone and enjoy the game!

I went 3 for 7 with the numbers that were given to Andre.

Hi Nelly, I got 6 out of 7. Missed the 130. Looked it up and it is Ricky Hendersons single season stolen base record.

I thought you might enjoy that!!!

Thanks for the link, I did enjoy it!!!

I gave myself some credit for at least knowing what the numbers stand for – LOL!!!!

I wonder what’s the league average in lob %?

I like Ethier batting 3rd but 39.5% is sick.

Yep Shad, it took me awhile to go back over all the box scores. But now it will be easy to keep up with it game by game. Ethier is by far our most productive hitter. Bad part is, none of them is doing very well so far in May.

I am glad to see that we’ve now achieved the place in divisonal standings warranted by Ned’s incompetence.
Hopefully it means many EMPTY SEATS in the house on our upcoming home stand.

I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about there Bear.

I’m with Beav, I think attendance is gonna tank big time until Frank is gone.

Tank you very much ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are the RBI/LOB numbers corrected for HRs:

Loney 1 rbi/72 lob 15.3%
Ethier 15 rbi/48 lob 31.25%
Kemp 15 rbi/73 lob 20.5%
Uribe 13 rbi/61 lob 21.3%
Barajas 7 rbi/53 lob 13.2%

HRs and power obviously make a big difference in a hitters production when it comes to RBIs.

Loney should read: 11 rbi/72lob 15.3%

I wish that was truth 1 rbi/72 lob’s.

LOL Shad. Yep, he would be gone for sure!!! I wish it was 21.

……and Andre is still kicking butt!!!!

I wonder what would’ve happen if we won the WS last year and could Torre managed the AS game or not since he retired?

Here are some numbers for RBI Opportunities from all players with at least 100 plate appearances. No surprise we ain’t exactly kicking any ass.

My wish for tonight would be,
to score several runs before inning three.
I clean, errorless game on the field,
and, no runs for the bullpen to yield.
Come on Matt and Dre,
please make this a very good day.

I hope your wish comes true!

๐Ÿ™‚ ) )

At least Loney didn’t leave no runners on base that inning.


lol I want to clone Carroll. Maybe Carroll should bat 5th lol.

Home 3 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 11.2 16 11 9 3 3 3 6.94 1.63 .327
Away 5 5 5 0 0 0 0 1 0 34.2 24 8 6 1 8 18 1.56 0.92 .190

lol weird split for Correia and he pitch better on the road.

lol blah at the announces on ch 9 are talking about the last time Carroll and Miles hit a HR’s.

Gosh damn where are the double steal? We got the best in Lopez and still we don’t double steal.

Our power hitters suck. Wait, the whole team does. What was I thinking!!!!!

So far…the same old crap!


You can’t spell rally with Uribe, Loney, and Barajas. Beside the fact that they can’t hit, there is only one “L” in all their names!! LOL!!!

And Yes, this team has reduced me to a babbeling and bored fan.

Loney needs to go back to the minors and practice how to hit the ball out of the infield. He’s terrible. We heed some guys that want to play and win.

Loney does have a hitting streak and hitting better than Kemp. Kemp is slumping big team in the same number of games than Loney hitting streak.


Hi’Ya BobLee. Good to see you. Wish it were under more happy circumstances. Loney really is abysmal. It’s hard to believe he is still around. Right now he is working on becoming the worst 1st baseman in the last 60 years. If he continues at his current pace, he’s a shoo in!!! Geez!!!

We lead in outfield assists now the Pirates have 3 so far.

How are you nellyjune? Nice here in St louie area. We need some wins. Tired of this team and the way they are playing.

Lilly is finally pitching a damned good game and we can’t even give him one freaking run!

If Carroll can hit homeruns and keep this up he would’ve made the AS game.

Dodgers announce $30 dollar seats for 30 hours in honor of boss needing money to keep MLB from taking his team. Also I’ve heard of a new promotion. $1 seats for one day in honor of the one run this team can score most days.

Well they’re gonna have to practically give the seats away to draw fans to watch this pathetic bunch.

Thinking it’s about time for Sands to head back to AAA for a bit of regrouping. Not sure he’s even swung at a strike in a while now. Everything he offers at is garbage. Not that the Dodgers have anything better for left field.

Holy shit…a run!

Oops…make that 4!

Holy crap 4 runs with 2 outs and risp hit lol.

๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜•

Everytime we scored we can’t seem to have a shutdown inning.

11,373 (29.6% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

Holy crap that was last night game.

Dodgereric is hoping that will be our attendance at home.

lol that would be 20.3% in our park.

NICE!!! We ain’t out of the woods with Lilly and our bullpen.

As you speak… DAMN DOUBLE WITH NO OUTS! It’s as though we don’t like to have the lead.


L ๐Ÿ˜‰ L

We better get our 5 runs doubled….Lilly out…BP in.

Sad but unfortunately True, Tru!!!

Alright, Jerry just knocked Correia out of the game. Literally!! GO DODGERS!!!

I think I remember Buehrle made a play like that last year.

Yep, I remember that. It was the defensive web gem of the year and it came on the first day of the season if I recall correctly.

Wow Bynum only gotten a 5 games suspension and fined for taking off his jersey. I’d expect more then 5 games.

The entire bullpen should be out out to pasture.

Geez freaking christ.

lol only 2 teams in the NL west have bullpen over 5+ but the crazy part we’re not in the top 5 in relievers IP.

I dind’t mean west but still wish they went back to the 2 division lol.


They finally got that ball back from Lilly 1,500 career k’s and she was a Dodgers fan.


LET’S KICK SOME ( | ) ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a little late (watching high school ball) – WAY TO GO ANDRE AND MATT!!!

We’ve missed you Nelly!!!

Thanks Jhall!!! I think Michael can out pitch Cormier. He needs to be gone.

No doubt Nelly!!! Tell Michael “Way To Go” for me Nelly!!!!

And hurry up, we need help!!!!

Thanks Jhall!!! I will!!! If he gets that far, he doesn’t want to play for the Dodgers – lol!!!! I tell ya one thing. A few more weeks, I won’t ever have to wear the colors orange and black anymore. The college he is going to is light blue and black – Thank God!!!

Well, right now, if I were a pitcher, I wouldn’t want to play for the Dodgers either.

I want more runs and more hit with risp.

How the hell this team ever score 6 runs?

Maybe because Correia suck at home.

Bases loaded, nobody out… I sense DP and K coming up.

LOL…I was just going to ask, How many runs?

And, there’s your strike-out!

LOL!!! Wild pitcher is gifting us!!!

Ain’t your night for predictions Beav. 9 times out of 10, you would have probably been correct however.


Geez, Hawksworth goes down with a groin/hammy injury. Who in the hell do we have to bring up?
Good eye Jerry!!!

Several Dodgers field personnel and front office executives feel that Rubby De La Rosa is ready for the Major Leagues if and when called.

Hell yeah D4, I’m good with that!!!

I am good with that!!!

Yeah Donny let’s get Guerrier some AB’s.

lol walking a releiver pitcher


Resop should be taken out and shot. All you gotta do is throw it over the plate and these guys get themselves out.

Shot twice.

LOL!!! No doubt!!! How pathetic is that. Well, it just ain’t the Pirates night.

What was Carroll’s RBI pct? Think it just took another dive.

Yep, big time.

Carroll’s OBI was 4.9% coming in, including 0% from 2B and a whopping 20% from 3B. Now how can a guy batting .320 have less the a 5% overall OBI? Leave it to a Dodger to find a way.

Well, Carrolls role is to get on base and score runs. He’s getting alot of hits, however, it seems its not with runners on. It is a sad state of affairs when we have to worry about Carroll driving in runs.

I wonder what Carroll lob’s numbers and Miles lol

What the hell? Cormier coming in and isn’t the 9th.

LOL!! I like it!!!

Ahhh F*ck!!!!

lol he just a waste of space. To bad we don’t have the good Troncoso or Belisario.

This is the 2nd times that happen.

Shit…here we go again!

Crumier really sucks!


That look like a nice stadium but is empty.

The guys out on the field have to be saying: “F*CK, HERE WE GO AGAIN! THANKS ALOT NED”!

What do you want to bet that if and when Brox comes off the DL, Ned sends Jansen back down and keeps Cormier?

Oh come on enchanted that’s simple another phanton DL. I think Miles or Carroll is probably next.

I ask this at 2:57 pm and see no one didn’t answer this.

I wonder what wouldโ€™ve happen if we won the WS last year and could Torre managed the AS game or not since he retired?

Sure, they’d let him manage.

Most likely he would have managed the team in my opinion Shad.

Guy gives up a run in one inning and actually lowers his ERA.

Oh so the ump can get help?


Whoops, there goes all my beer money!

Oh it’s a miracle but to bad he didn’t drive in the run.

Damn, its a HR or nothing with Barajas.

Wow Loney 7 games hitting streak.

Very empty hit streak Shad. He has no rbi and no extra base hits in the last 7 games. He’s a piece of shit!!!

Poor Dejesus couldn’t even get in the game to hit.

Way to go…a WIN! Now, please, try to do it again tomorrow!

Oh now Cormier get a 1 2 3 innings.

Woo-Hoo, win streak. Nice game!!!

Up to date rbi/lob numbers, less HRs:

Ethier 16/52 30.8%
Kemp 18/74 24.3%
Uribe 14/61 22.9%
Loney 11/72 15.3%
Barajas 7/58 12.0%

Barajas sucks!! Why not give Ellis a shot. Ellis is our best prospect for the future and now is a good time to get him some playing time. He can’t be any worse than Barajas.

I’m with you! I’d like Ellis to start and make Barajas the back-up. Navarro just plain sucks, so I’d give him the heave-ho!

Yep Trumom™, I’m not a bit optimistic about Navarro!!!

Way to go Andre!!!!

Pittsburgh’s pitching stafff ought to be ashamed giving up double digit runs to this motley crew.
You would think that just by sheer luck something of Loney’s would’ve found the gap or went down the corner for a double. No XBH since April 6th I believe. Just goes to show that there’s absolutely nothing behind his hits. There’s an awful lot of them dunkers and seeing eye I’d imagine.
Has any one of the young core ever reached his potential? I’d have to say a loud resounding NO, and for that, I blame the coaching staff(s). I think had they come up with any other team, most if not all of these guys would be stars by now, maybe premier players.

Now, stick it in a bag and light it on fire and put it on Ned’s doorstep.
Not that he needs any help stepping in it. He seems to do that with great regularity all on his own.

LOL!!! Yep, he definately doesn’t need any help stepping in Schidt. Phew!!!

Hey Beav, I posted a comment on the LA Times site about Jamie looking old and couldn’t afford her Botox or plastic surgery since Franks Dodger ATM is frozen. They didn’t allow it. What a bunch of goobers!!!

Ahh..but, they allow it here……we’re special ๐Ÿ˜•

Yeah, I’ve had a thing or two censored as well. One was about taking responsibility for ones own actions (re the two thugs that beat up the Giants fan) because some candyass that posted was trying to blame their upbringing and society, and saying that government should do something. But being a hugely liberal paper, they didn’t post mine in rebuttal.
Another was something about Donnie’s beard ticking Ned’s ass, but for some reason they didn’t print that one either.

Not ticking. Tickling. Jeez.

LOL!!! Now that would have been funny. They can’t handle the truth over there!!!!!

I have to agree though, it was a less than flattering photo of Jamie.

Dodgers RISP: 6-16 (R Barajas 0-2, M Kemp 1-2, A Ethier 1-3, J Carroll 0-1, J Sands 1-2, A Miles 1-2, J Loney 1-1, J Uribe 1-1, J Gibbons 0-1, R Mitchell 0-1)

Dropping in…but little to say. Maybe if MLB would just pull the plug on our zombie-in-limbo owner we could get back to feeling optimistic…about anything. As Barney Fife used to say, “We have to nip it! Nip it in the bud!”

I hear ya Kahli. Don’t be a stranger though. Come shoot the Schidt with us. We’re bound to hit another topic of interest. ๐Ÿ™‚ Heck, I bet we’ll hit on another topic before Loney hits on a double.

New thread everyone!!!

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