Come Together

Today at Dodger Stadium, fans from around the city came together and donated more than $61,000 to help the Bryan Stow Fund.

For those who couldn’t make it out, you can still donate at Our most sincere thanks go out to AMR for helping put on this event and having countless volunteers show up to take part. And our media partners at KCAL/CBS, Prime Ticket, KABC 790, and Univision, as well as the L.A. Times, spent much of the weekend encouraging fans to take part in today’s fundraiser and we are all grateful for their efforts, too.

Tonight, at the game against the Giants both teams will take part in ceremonies to encourage civility within this great rivalry, AMR will be out collecting donations from fans, and then the two teams will go out on the field and play hard for nine innings. In the meantime, please keep Bryan in your thoughts and prayers as all of us are at the Dodger organization.


Thanks, Josh. Bryan will be in my thooughts.


I think you should post this link on Facebook too, Jhall.

I’m not sure when the results will be shown. I found the survey on the ESPN MLB Site. I hope all Dodger Fans fill out the survey as I’m sure it will show how bad Frank and Ned are doing. Not that Frank gives a sh*t or will do anything about it. He only cares about himself and his lifestyle and the only reason he is doing anything about the security issues is, because MLB, the county, and the city are forcing him!!!!

It’s in the Hot Links section!!

Hoping they send the results to Frank!

I’m just curious as to how much Frank put in the Stow Fund, and was it in deferred payments?

Frank’s being sued by the Boston law firm that represented him and Jamie (Bingham-McCutchen):

In it, it alleges that Frank threatened to sue them, proving once again that there’s no honor among theives.

What a wonderful thing that is happening at AT&T Park right now. Heartstrings are being pulled for sure.

It sure was Nellyjune :)….But, right after, they still had to chant Beat L.A.!

Can’t help but hear that chant – lol!!!

What a bunch of idiots!

At least there’s some merit to it when they’re actually playing L.A., but when they chant it when they’re not just shows the depth of their inferiority complex and how out of touch they are with reality.
But then the latter we knew already.

7 for 7 for Kemp in stolen bases!

Its good to see something redeemable come out of this.

Juan Uribe makes me long for the days of Andruw Jones.

Loney makes me long for the days of Hee Sop Choy!!! LOL!!!!

Or Wor Soo Gai, that’s always a hit!!!!

I don’t long for the days of Juanpy, as I just saw him drop a fly ball against the A’s and blow the White Sox pitcher’s save. The A’s won the game too.

Now I’m hungry for Chinese food 🙂

O why you notta lika my leetle Juanpy Nelly?

LOL Nelly!!

🙂 Hey Jhall!!!

Alright Rod!!!!


Geez, Lopes needs to work more with the pitchers on base running. Ely yesterday and Kersh today.


Yeah Andre!!!!

Because our fearless clueless GM doesn’t believe in OBP, Barajas will have about 16 RBI to go with those 16HR.

13 out of 15 in stolen bases this year.

Woo-Hoo, it must be the Wor Soo Gai!!!

I think your moo-goo-guy-fanned.

Uribe got a hit? The blind squirrel finally found a nut!

There’s a Ned joke in there somewhere if anyone would like to fish it out.

THAT’S what an ace does after a big inning – go out and shut ’em down.
For a look as what an asss does, Ned’s office is three doors down on the right.

LMAO!!!! 🙂
You’ve been drinking your Kool-Aid tonight again 🙂

Is this thing on?
Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon, Manny Mota (mota mota).

LOL Beav!!!

Thank you!! I’ll be here all week with two shows on Sunday. There’s a two drink minimum and don’t forget to tip your waitress.
And there’s a car out in the parking lot with Illinois plates GST 453 you left your lights on.

Try the veal!!

Kersh for cy young Kemp for MVP!

Well, at least Uribe is flashing some leather!!! Couple of nice plays!!

I saw flashing and was getting excited 🙂

Ah… nah. 🙂

Wow. Hoffman actually got an AB. Savor it son. Don’t swing at the first pitch.

Way to go! Let’s do it again tomorrow!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70
7172 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80
81 82 83 84 85 86 87 8889 90
91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
Soulshine Time!!!

Woo-Hoo, win streak!! Nice game tonight. I didn’t have to gnaw on my fingernails!!


Good to get the W! Great outing as usual Kersh! Way to get on base 3 times yet again Kemp loving that new patient approach at the plate. Lets do it again tomorrow

I expect Kersh to win everytime out nowadays. I think that’s a sign that he’s arrived.

Question: Who would make you more nervous in a save situation – MacDougal or Brox?

Geez, both will leave you shaking like a dog crapping bones!!!

Kershaw gave up quite a few hits and bled a couple walks. But he seemed in control of the game and the ER of 0 is the only stat that really matters tonight.

No doubt LADodger2011!! He scattered it around well and always seemed like he was in control!!

Beav I actually feel better having McDougal in there then Brox personally

Well, now we need to get Billz 6 runs!!!

Well there goes Furcal with a broken thumb!!! That’s probably 6 weeks!!! Don’t have to worry about that option vesting now. Geez!!!

Not surprising. When has Furcal ever played a full season? You look at time played vs. salary and he’s really making about $18 mil/year. Only thing is, I wish he could last long enough to get traded at the deadline.

This stinks about Furcal especially since the rest of our infield has really been tearing it up…

If there’s a weaker infield in Major League baseball with or without Furcal, I don’t know where that would be. No big loss, and I hope Ned foregoes the big temptation to re-sign him AGAIN no matter what kind of spurt Furcal puts on for a ten day period after he returns.

Furcal hurt, Beatles a great rock band, ice floats on water.


Another article………,0,3159424,full.column
Another letter……..
“In his article on the Dodger’s first appearance in San Francisco since the Bryan Stow attack, TJ Simers says, “The Dodgers have been slow to react from the outset”. He is correct. McCourt was obviously hoping this horrid incident would just blow over, just like all the other thug-related matters have in Dodger Stadium over the past few years.
Exactly how many times does this man have to embarrass the Dodgers, their fans, the city of Los Angeles, Major League Baseball and human beings in general before Bud Selig uses his powers as Commissioner of Baseball to force McCourt out or just flat-out remove him as owner in the best interests of Baseball? Marge Schott was banned from the everyday operations of the Reds for a few slanderous words (OK, a lot of them) and eventually sold her interest in the team.
I’m continuing the growing swell of fans who are 1) calling for Selig to remove McCourt and 2) pleading with all Dodger fans to please stop attending games at Dodger Stadium. The second phase of this movement is needed to increase his financial hardship and is imperative to removing this blight on the storied history of the Dodgers.”
Too long for The Times to print, I’m sure. But we gotta keep up the pressure.


Fabulous!! 🙂

Outstanding Dad/Eric!!!!

Another great post, Eric! It seems like the media (at least the LA Times) are uniformly against Frank, and that is very helpful. Now if only the fans would follow your plea and abandon this excuse for an owner, I’m sure the economics would take care of the rest. Down with Frank; string up Ned, and let’s make sure we NEVER see the day when Frank’s sons even show up at Dodger Stadium.

Amen, brother!

Mccourt reminds me of the kid who always made sure we played with his ball so he would have a say in how things go. He needs to be shown the door!

That is a perfect analogy.

Who gave him the ball? Some banker that approved his loan with a minimum down payment. Oh, and stupid Bud Selig also approved the deal!

Fox allowed the deal by loaning him the majority of the money, but Selig is the one who gave him the ball. Unquestioned.

Marge Schott was nothing like Frank McCourt.
One of Marge Scott’s teams won a World Series.
Great letter, Eric!
With everything that’s going on right now, it’s scary to think that the Dodgers could be tied up in this mess for 20 years.
Still would be nice to see the team on the field win. Ownership change doesn’t always detriment a franchise. Just ask the 2010 Rangers and (one-game-away) Padres about that. For that matter, ask the only-two-years-from-McGowan-stepping-down Giants about that as well.
Sad to see how, in under a decade, the McCourt management of the Dodgers has gone from quirky promise and playoff contention to the root of the fan’s, and their own, embarrassment in the eyes of all in Major League Baseball and the sports world at large.

Yep, Marge may have been an eccentric old lady, but, she did care about the fans. She kept parking, ticket, and concession prices down and steadfastly refused increases over the years. And, at the same time won a WS and provided an exciting and competitive team to watch. Yet, she was run out of ownership for much less than what McCourt is guilty of. It is time for Selig and the other owners to make a stand and force Frank to sell the team.


We want a new owner who:
1. Cares about baseball
2. Bleeds Dodger Blue, not green and red
3. Cares about the fans, not their parking money

I was listening to the bay area radio station at lunch time while doing errands, and they were talking a great deal about the ceremony on the field last night with the Dodgers and Giants. Anyhow one of the talk show hosts was making the comment on how we as fans of our favorite team pick on the players enough as it is (and our case our owner and GM too), and there is no need for rival team doing it. The host is a White Sox fan and, of course, had to pick on JP, and the fact he missed that fly ball last night. It was like ITD old times hearing him complain about his fielding and his bat.

Now we have a new Juan to complain about. If only he would regularly go Juan-for-four, we would be much happier.

…….and remember JP was Juanpy and JU is Yawn Uribe – 🙂

Says here that Furcal is contemplating retirement. Are you ready to say “welcome back” to another Juan? Castro?

No!!! Bring back DeJesus and get him a bunch of playing time. We’re going to need him next year, anyway, so let’s get him some experience hitting against ML pitching.

Or, for comic relief, I think Angel Berroa is available (jk).

Castro won’t surprise me, but if we have to bring up Castro, does that not show just how bankrupt our farm system has become under Frank and Ned? I’m sure that Castro is a great guy and a wonderful teammate, but those are his ONLY credentials for being on a major league team at this time.

Dang, shoulda done that this way:
Says here that Furcal is contemplating retirement. Are you ready to say “welcome back” to another Juan?

There have been 2 times in his ML career that he’s had an OBP of over .300. Twice. It’s .268 for his career, and he’ll be 39 in a couple of months. Don’t we already have enough guys on this team with BAs hovering around the Mendoza line and OBPs south of .300?
But I’ll guarantee that his name is at least being seriously considered by Ned. His mistrust of young players boarders on the criminally insane.

DeJesus is being recalled, per TBLA:

I’m starting to like Donnie Baseball, at least in terms of being better than JoJo the Clown.

I’m also liking Davey Lopes baseball as opposed to Larry Bowa baseball.
Now if we could just do something about Ned & Frank baseball…

Tonight’s lineup, per Dodger Thoughts: Gwynn, Carroll, Ethier, Kemp, Loney, Uribe, Barajas, Miles, Billz

We’ll be lucky to score 3 runs tonight against Lincecum with that lineup… And i am really liking Davey Lopes so far and his impact on Kemp

5-9 in the lineup are almost automatic outs

Why should tonight be any different?
Personally, I’m looking for shutout #3.

Glad to see DeJesus is being recalled and not Castro… Hopefully DeJesus will play every day and Miles will be on the bench where he belongs

How much longer before Barajas moves above Uribe in the lineup?

I was thinking the exact same thing. I was thinking above Loney too against LHers.

Hopefully the only reason DeJesus is not starting tonight is due to the travel time from Albequerque to SF.

I’m thinking its his 11Ks in 24ABs (LA + AAA) that wouldn’t fare too well against Timmy Pothead.

Ha 🙂 Ha ….very apt name!

Haha nice name Beav and to be clear I’m not expecting much out of DeJesus I’m just thinking it will be a minor upgrade over worthless Miles…

BTW can someone tell me how I can change my picture from this orange square?

Swood ~ click on your square, it will say open…from there you can change your picture.

swood – Jhall seemed to get his picture changed really easy. What I know is you can click on the picture and you need to create a gravatar that is connected to your e-mail account. After you do that, you should be able to link it to here. That is where most of us had trouble, but it eventually worked. So, play around with it, and if it still isn’t working when jhall gets around, he can help.

It does take a few minutes for your picture to show up…could be 5 minutes.

Here’s how to change the square (thanks, NSB). Go to Gravatar’s site. You’ll have to register your e-mail with them, it’d have to be the same one you use to log in here. Then you can upload a photo (or photos) to use as your avatar.

I guess they don’t want to start the clock yet on Dee Gordon.
Well that and the fact he can’t hit or field, but that would only seem to make him a Ned man. He is missing two other Ned qualifications though – he’s not an ex-Gnat yet and he’s not over 35.
Gee, whoda thunk with an infield of Blake, Furcal and Uribe that you’d have any signiificant time spent on the DL? Oh yeah, Ned. The way things are going we’re going to see the 2012 infield by June: Loney-DeJesus-Gordon-Uribe.
Try not to laugh (or cry.)

I’d love to see Dee get a chance.

DeJesus hasn’t shown much either.

I think Dee could use another year or two in the minors

Hmm Im still struggling a bit with this gravatar

Sometimes it takes awhile for your avatar to show up after you upload your photo.

You arrived just at the right time, Jhall. 🙂 Imagine me trying to tell somebody how to use a computer…lol

Hi’Ya Trumom!!! LOL!!! You got your avatar up pretty quick if I recall!!! Let’s get some runs for Billz tonight!!!

Thanks to your help :)….Dre and Matt are going to have a big night tonight!!!!

My pleasure Trumom!!! I hope your right. We’re really gonna need Gwynn to produce with Ferk out.

I think Gwynn will do a good job of getting on base.

Swood ~ Yay…it’s there!

ahhh great. Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it

You’re welcome 🙂

Good job Swood!! I like the avatar!! GO DODGERS!!!

Boy, what a start our old friend Wison “.194” Betemit is off to he’s up above .400 right now for the Royals

Billz looking sharp so far

Hello All…ONE more OUT Billzzzz! C’mon boyzzz

Well, we aren’t out of the woods yet. Loney got another gift from the G’nat defense and Barajas just plain failed with the runner at 3rd and 1 out.

Don’t you just love Billingsley’s mental toughness? He didn’t waste any time letting Lincecum back into the game…


Typical Billz. They give him a lead. He gives it right back.

Billz must be related to Broxton…C’mon Billz don’t chicken out and get your head straight!



Donny needs to get him out of there!!!

He sure does!

Finally out of that dreadful inning! Let’s get the bats going and get Timmy out of there!!!!

Billz with 2 very shaky starts to this season

“Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course…the space between your ears.” –Bobby Jones

Read it, Chad, but substitute baseball for golf and apply it to the guy in the mirror.


Not over yet folks!

I have faith!

That’s bull…Timmy hit way too many of our batters!!!!!

Bases Loaded 1 out COME ON BARAJAS!!!!!

Yep, this is HUGE!!!

Fat butt b*stard failed again with man at 3rd and 1 out!!!

Did you see Tim’s eyes after he hit Uribe? He looked sad.

How is Miles on a big league roster..?

Just plain pathetic!!!!

We need one of your trademark…unacceptables 🙂

LOL!!! We’re beyond unacceptable Trumom!! We are way into pathetic and embarrassing!!!


…….Ladies and gentlemen, meet the second half of your batting order. It’s a miracle we’ve scored 3 runs.

Yep, and we wouldn’t have 3 without help from the G’nat defense!!! This sh*t isn’t going to cut it!!!

And that’s not including Billingsley’s .000!

Those pitching we were facing our good pitchers.

That’s tough to look at Eric.

Barajas is still wearing his Mets gear. Look at all that orange around the outside of his chest protector.

You don’t think mccheap would spring for new gear when Russell took everything with him to the Yanks, do you north?

mccheap won’t spring for anything to better our team!

By God, another miracle!

Way to go Marcus!!!!

Still Breathing!


Of course with the pressure on now, Gwynn will revert to his normal self!!!

100 baby…C’mon….E





🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Come home from an awesome high school game just in time to watch an implosion – not good!!!

Hi’Ya Nelly!! You missed another Billz implosion!!! Congrats to Michael and his team tonight!!

Thanks Jhall!!!! We played our cross-town rival tonight so it was the high school version of the Dodgers/Giants game. Michael did an amazing job pitching tonight.

CRAP!!! Probably ought to get used to it with this lineup!!

Good Night….I’m out of here ….. see you guys tomorrow.

Goodnight Trumom!!

Billz cost us this one tonight

Billz and Barajas!!!

I am guessing by your comments, Billz didn’t do so well.

Five innings pitched, 4 earned runs!! They staked him to a 3-0 lead and he imploded again!!!

It seems a shame that in what may be Vin’s final season he has to stomach this poisonous, self-serving ownership and the crummy reality that he’ll miss a final shot at post-season poetry. It’s not the players fault. They are what they are…filler parts masquerading as a starting line-up.

And Miles is just a total waste!!! Loney, Barajas, and Miles; 14 LOB!!!

I would give then a month first but Miles have no reason to be here.

Agreed JHall Miles has got to be one of the worst players to wear a Dodger uniform in some time. And I know Barajas has some pop but his situational hitting is just atrocious. If there is a positive from this game though to me it’s Kemp. If he continues to be this disciplined at the plate and continues to be smart and aggressive on the bases I think he can have an MVP season this year. Even with absolutely no protection behind him in the lineup…

Look who’s in the top 2?

How the hell do you get chicken pop at the age of 31? Blake was out because of it and man Bynum always having tough luck.

I had chickenpox when I was 26.

Well, there you go Shad.
enchanted – I am glad you had Chicken Pox and not Chicken Pop (whatever that is – lol!!).

Shad – what is chicken pop?

lol don’t know but you know I mean chickenpox.

Now I do!!!! Usually when adults have Chicken Pox, it is named Shingles. However, maybe he never had them as a kid. Then again, kids get immunized for Chicken Pox now so it makes you wonder how he came in contact with it. Hmmm!

I really thought it was mandatory to get shots before going to elementary school.

How the hell can Wilson seem to own us and his other 2 games he got rocked by the Padres and Cardinal?

Speaking of a blake being out.. whens casey going to return?


Hey Raffy!!…..I’m retired, ballin till , I die though!!

We’ll hold down the fort !! Come back banging Baby!\


Just a slight adjustment…….That we can handle

Rock Us Baby!!

Game On!! ~~ Let’s Rock Dodgerland, like no other, has Rocked us before!!

I really thought Billz had turned a corner last year, but he’s back to the same old crap. Figures this is the guy they sign into his FA years. When he pulls his head out he’s good, but that’s non too often.

And I agree with everyone else on the planet – this line-up’s atrocious. When they start playing teams that can actually hit, get ready for some LONG losing streaks.

Most of our bats have chicken pop and we’re stuck with them because our owner and GM are chicken sh*t!!!!

🙂 :), Jhall!

Blake will help a little when he gets back. Uribe and Barajas are lost causes, although at least Barajas has a little pop in his bat. If Loney doesn’t get back on track, we are in for a world of hurt.

Here’s the scenario for Sands, because its just like every other prospect under Ned’s regime:
Called up. Plays a couple games. Goes 1 for 8 with 3Ks. Gets sent back out to learn how to be a major leaguer. Gets called up again. Hits about .222 for a month. Get’s labeled by Ned and the press that he didn’t produce when he had his “big chance”, then either gets traded for some worthless PVL or yoyos back and forth for a year or two before being branded a bust by everyone and is taken off the 40 man roster.

This raises the following questions:
(1) Will he actually go to jail?
(2) Will he be allowed into the HOF?
(3) Will Manny be allowed into the HOF?
(4) When will Bud Selig be replaced?

(1) Probably not. Article says home arrest most likely
(2) I hope not
(3) See answer #2
(4) As soon as he replaces mccourt I hope

I’m glad they at least got Barry on one count – actually somewhat surprising, because much of the evidence wasn’t allowed. Now if the Feds want to really get after something worthwhile they’d indict and prosecute McCourt for tax evasion, in which case they ought to throw away the key.

No half price beer for you!
Dodgers announced they have taken off the half price on alcohol for the six weekday games. Half price only on food and regular drinks.

Works out great for boss, now he looks like he cares and can still charge full price. Can another new house for him be far behind? I just wish that he’d care about the team so I could field something other than a AAA line up. Aron Miles, pul leees.

HOODLUM BEER is a great deal even at full price.
Have two or three, and by all means get an extra one just to throw around.

Casey is playing first tonight….James has night off 🙂

Lilly is making me queasy already!

Does anyone else who has MLB.TV having trouble watching the games? I can’t tell if its everyone or just my computer

Boo yah Barajas!

Now, we need Lilly to settle down.

Replace your divits… I think I felt that here in Marin!

For those of you that don’t have to hear the Giants play by play just thank God.

:)….I don’t have to listen them tonight. However, because of the gnats, the game here is blacked out. So, I’m listening to our announcers…well worth it!

Hey Everyone!
Wonder how security and crowd temperment has been at AT&T Park? Check out this Not Safe For Work/under 18’s post from Vin Scully is my Homeboy.
They’re so drunk they can’t spell.

North ~ I always knew the bay area fans were demented!

Easy come….easy go!

0 for the year and he doubles and hits one out…

ATTN: NorCal Dodgers Fans:
Please put your televisions on SAP while watching the NBC broadcast.
You’ll thank me soon enough.

Well, that was a bonehead move by Gwynn!!

C’mon Dodgers – let’s get ’em in the 9th!!

I would love to come back and win this tonight!

Not tonight…

It would have been nice, but . . . . . .


LOL!! Layed another egg!!! Might as well get used to it!!!

Well, that game was great…….. for my hubby and son 😦

After seeing the Gnats seven out of the first twelve games, I’m not sure who’s worse. The whole Western Division looks weak. In all honesty, this 2011 roster is a bland and crummy hand to deal Mattingley his first shot out of the box. After 42 years as a Dodger fan, I’ve never been so uninspired and resigned to mediocrity as I am with this team. I’ll wager Lasorda, O’Malley, even Lopes, are ready to tar and feather this abysmal excuse for an owner. I don’t even recognize the Los Angeles Dodgers anymore. It borders on criminal.

Yep, they s*ck!!! But they don’t even s*ck hard!!!

Another fine Ned multi-year sign in Lilly. Goes right along with Uribe. I’m with Kahli, I’m so bored with these guys I’d rather watch TV than keep track of the game. Now they play some games against a team that can actually hit. I think I’ll be starting my losses chart after this series. 87 right? Only 81 more to go.
I also get a kick out of people that think if the big TV deal with Fox goes through that Frank will somehow magically acquire better players. C’mon people, the guy’s $400+ million in debt – do the math. Not to mention the fact that Ned couldn’t acquire anything that remotely resembled a prime ballplayer. Hell, he’s the guy that own’s half to two thirds of Frank’s $400 mil debt with all the bad signs over the years.
This franchise is a case of the blind leading the stupid.

Right now Beav, your prediction of 75 wins and 87 losses is probably the odds on favorite to win our poll. Bear predicted 79 wins. I’d say one of you two will be the closest!!!

I don’t expect much from this dodgers team, so having taken 4 of 7 from the rival WS champs, Im somewhat surprised. Both losses in this series were hard fought games and close. The beard did his thing which is the most surprising thing, I thought for sure we would hand him two blown saves. Depsite what some say Bils pitched well, it was exceptional hitting by the giants that won that game. Wednesday game, Ah, not thrilled about Lilly being on contract for 3 years, yes the excited tony gywnn may be the focus, but do you remember the failure of lilly to get the bunt down, should of been 1 out runner on second before the hit, and perhaps a run, and this game magnified how the giants approach batting as compared to the whiffs I saw with runners in scoring position. Good Job Dodgers
of course we missed broxton trying to lose the game this time around, boy will he be raw when he goes out there tonight.

To bad Kobe fined couldn’t help to catch those thug or help McCheap out.

Can we trade Lilly back to the Cubs and get Dewitt back?

Wow did Miles really go 3/4?

Remember my planning, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Keep coming fans so boss can buy more houses.

Kemp and Ethier last night: 1 for 8 with 4 strikeouts, no RBI’s, no runs scored, and 5 LOB. Let’s face it, if Andre and Matt don’t have a great game, we lose!! And, they’re not going to have a great night every night. Like Beav has stated, pitch around these two and you’ve got the Dodgers whipped!!!

I agree….. it’s great to build a team around Matt and Andre, but when the team is built by Ned, it is pretty much down to Matt and Andre being flawless, (which is impossible) and that is just too much for any player. The headlines will never read “This is the Team that Ned Built” Instead they will read, “Kemp and Ethier Not Living Up to Expectations of GM.” anytime they have less than a flawless night.

Put me on the list….I agree too!

Must be nice duty for the LAPD staffing Dodger Stadium’s security requirements, presumably at the taxpayers’ expense. How does that certain scumbag get away with it? Of course, he’s learned that he doesn’t need to pay his fair share at the federal level either, so why not pass the stadium security on to the city.

Well said Nelly and Bear!!!

City probably knows what kind of cheap scum Frank is and if LAPD did not step in, the Situation will just get worst. Thanks to LAPD! But now the other free loader (Major of L.A) will most likely be attending several Dodger games at taxpayers’ expense.

Lilly is just a left handed Ely!! Another ill conceived contract that we will regret. The only hope is that we can unload Lilly to some other sucker in July or August. Believe me, by July of 2012(if not sooner), that is what we will be crying for!!!

Why is it hard to get a great pitcher? OH YEAH you need to pay them some $$$$!

The biggest problem for our Dodgers is not the $$$ we spend. It’s who’s spending them!!! Freaking Ned is a baffoon and has wasted more than enough money to have acquired a top notch pitcher and hitter!!!

And yet, the fools will pack the stadium, making ned & frank think they are special.

Yep Trumom!!! Like PT Barnum said, “Theres a sucker born every minute. Trouble is we’ve got almost 4M a year attending Dodger games!!! Until the fan base basically says, “enough already”, and stops attending games, Franks con game will continue!!!! Sad, but true!!!

Like Kahli pointed out much earlier in this thread, its really not the players fault at this point. When you rely on over the hill PVL’s and journeyman slugs, what do you expect!! They are what they are. Washed up or never were!!! There is no reason to believe that is going to miraculously change. We all know the problems with this team will not go away until Frank and Ned do!!!!

Why is Lilly positioned as the #3 starter? Certainly Kuroda is much better than Lilly. Did Mattingly set them up that way just to alternate righties and lefties? Does it really matter that RHP and LHP as starters be alternated?

Well here is an updated list of your predictions for wins this season.

D4 100
Rosie 94
PMike 94
Trumom 91
Nelly 90
North 89
Wally 86
Collie 83
Bear 79
Beav 75
DEric 42

Right now Beav and Bear have my side bet to be the closest. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said 86!!!

I’m still sticking to 94!

Well, Eric’s 42 isn’t looking unrealistic either at this point. I think we will know alot more about this team after we leave our division and play the central and east divisions.

Yep Nelly, starting tonight!!! Should be interesting!!!

Good points of last nights game. The bullpen got the job done with 4 scoreless innings, Barajas homered, and we didn’t have to watch Loney flop like a dying chicken!!!

Cluck-Cluck-Cluck Cluck-Cluck-Cluck – James Loney

Scrambled eggs all over the place!!!!

JHall so what does the winner get? Honorary ITD Member? King or Queen ITD? A song written by Enchanted (scary but fun…LOL)??

All of the above!!! LOL!!! And in your case, with 94 wins, an NL West crown most likely!!!

I’d give the winner a McCheap burger (a bun, lettuce, tomato but, no meat) and fries 🙂

Yep Trumom!! And keeping with Franks MO, the bun will be stale, the lettuce wilted, the tomato soggy, and the fries cold!!!


Sounds like our team!!! Frank and Neds act is stale(to say the least), PVL’s wilted, pitching soggy, and bats cold!!!!

That’s why I picked 94….I don’t know if I want to win a McCheap Burger!

LOL!!! I don’t blame you!!!

If it’s not too late, I’d like to register a 71 – a repeat of the dismal last year of Jim Tracy. But Kershaw will come up with 20 wins.

Gotcha on the list at 71 STT!!!

Well I hope Ethier gets his 100 HR tonight!
I hope the NY Mets Win tonight!
I hope the DBacks win 2 but loose 1 this next series!


That would be great!!!

In honor of the McCheap burger, I found it necessary to change my gravatar 🙂

Love it!

Outstanding!!! LMAO!!!

Excellent stuff, Jhall. We wonder about the same things.

Best question was about Brandon Belt/Jerry Sands. But then, Ned doesn’t know his A from a hole in the ground, hates youngsters, and probably has his eye on a PVL that he could get for him.

Yep Beav, Neds got his head embedded way up the old ___!!! He needs to just blow this team up and start over. Blake and Furcal should both be gone next year. Basically its time to rebuild starting with a decent core of Kershaw, Kemp, and Ethier. We’ve got Billz and Lilly for the next 3 years. Although, I would unload Lilly at the trade deadline if the opportunity exists. I fear we are stuck with Uribe although if we could ship him out at the deadline, I would go for it. If/when we are out of it in July, I would even unload Kuroda, Brox, Garland, Blake, Guerrier, etc… for good young talent. Unfortunately, Ned is not the guy you want working the deals!!!

Awwhhhh, who am I kidding!!! In a nutshell, nothing productive is going to transpire until Frank and Furter are gone.

Also, add Loney to the list. Although, I doubt if there would be any takers for him at this point.

Have to agree with you there Wally. No way should this team be a buyer at the deadline… but they will be. They’ll never “rebuild” either as long as Frank owns the team because that would mean they aren’t competitive which would cost him at the gate. Though to be honest, it probably wouldn’t suffer that much if (A) He’d make DS a family friendly environment like it used to be, and (B) He sells everyone on the idea of the “new generation” of young talent (if they had any, which they could have if they’d unload vets to contending teams.) A rebuilding team would also be Frank’s wet dream in that it would be the ultimate in cheap payroll.
But that all takes common sense, and we know Frank (and Furter too) have zero.

Flawlessly logical Beav!!!

1-3 for this series. Billz vs. Carpenter? PU-LEASE.

Rather than reduce beer sales by canceling the half price promotion, they ought to restrict beer sales to only those innings after the Dodgers have scored runs – it would have the same effect and might be more fun.

Love it, Bear!!!!

A man could get mighty thirsty waiting for those Dodger runs.

I think Frank should donate half the money from beer sales on those 6 days to the Bryan Stow Fund!!!!

Yeah, sure, Jhall!

Why not Trumom!! If you figure 40K fans at the game, probably at least half will be drinking. That’s 20K drinkers. At 2 beers each times an average of $8 a beer. That comes to 320K. Half would be 160K for the fund!!!

Only problem…we are talking about mccheap 🙂

Tou-Che Trumom!!! LOL!!!

That would make to much sense and be too magnanimous a offer for Frank. THINK OF HIS HAIR MAN!!! YOU WOULDN’T WANT IT TO SUFFER WOULD YOU??

Heck Beav, its house money. He wasn’t going to see that money anyway if he sold it at 1/2 price!!!!

A fine idea Bear!

Tonight’s lineup

Carroll SS
Blake 3B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Uribe 2B
Loney 1B
Hoffmann LF
Ellis C
Kuroda P

How many LFers does this team have?

Just think of it as a mighty fine bench, Enchanted 🙂

Looks more like age before beauty Tru!!!

I didn’t even realize Hoffmann was with the team.

How long must we suffer with Uribe in the 5-spot?

How long must we suffer with Ned in the G…

Until he’s off the team 🙂

Maybe we’ll get a new thread for the Cardinal series!!!

That would be nice.

Wow, did Donny get dealt a bad hand or what?!!!

Well, Rocks won both games today. Man, they are hot!!!

Its OK Wally. We’re what you call competitive.

LOL!!! Undoubtedly!!!!

At least that keeps the ice cream away. Ice cream doesn’t go well with beer, anyway.

By the time this season is over, the office staff will have forgotten what cookies and ice cream taste like!!! At least while the fans are ingesting sh*t, they won’t be feasting on ice cream and cookies!!!!

I hope Kemp remains patient at the plate. He’s not going to see much with Uribe and company watching his backside. He needs to realize that he can’t do it all. Take the walks Matt!!!

Don’t you think it would be better for Donny to bat Matt third and Dre fourth?

Then we can say…..MaDre! 🙂

Yes definately!!!

Heck, right now I would be batting Loney in the 2 hole(good for his psyche and might see some better pitches with Kemp or Ethier coming up behind him) and Blake in the 5 spot. Uribe 6th!!! JMO!!!

Great idea, Jhall….send this lineup to Donny….asap.

My lineup for tonight(not that anyone gives a sh*t, but it helps me cope with Id-Nediocy) would be:


Agreed Wally, Kemp being patient getting on base and being aggressive on the basepaths is this teams best weapon. And you know he’s not going to see ANYTHING to hit with Uribe and Loney protecting him. If it’s not too late for me, I would also like to get on the list with 84 wins.

Gotcha Swood!! 84 it is!!! Good luck!!!

Yes tru, if I was setting the lineup I would have Kemp third Dre 4th

I am kind of wondering/questioning starting Hoffman over Thames. Geez!! They’re both right handed hitters so thats a wash against the lefty. Thames had a good game last night and is playing pretty good defense. Let the guy settle into a groove.

Well, I see Rawitch is a no-show again!!! Geez!!!

C’mon, what does it take? 5 or 10 minutes to type a couple of paragraphs. Geez, just post the line-up and say; our thoughts are with Bryan Stow and his family and Sands continues to light it up in AAA!!!

C’mon Josh, I’ll out source for you my friend. Relatively cheap I might add!!!


Here’s my first shot at a new thread.


All of us here are looking forward to coming home to the shelter of our newly guarded Dodger Stadium. Thanks go out to all who have contributed and those that will, to the Bryan Stow Fund. Bryan will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Tonights lineup is:

Carroll SS
Blake 3B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Uribe 2B
Loney 1B
Hoffmann LF
Ellis C
Kuroda P

Enjoy the Game!!!

Hi Everybody
Maybe I can change the luck by coming over here. One good thing the Dodgers are at home and that usually helps.

More Chicken Pop from Loney!! Geez!!!

So, that is what chicken pop is? LOL!!!

Only 1 run that inning is pathetic. Our situation hitting is terrible and Loney just plain stinks


It sure is, swood. We should have scored at least two or three.

Well I see James has already left another three. If Mattingly is waiting for him to start to hit, I’m sure there are a lot of fans waiting for Frank to lower ticket prices too…

Love it 🙂

Free Parking!!! LOL!!!

Loney should be in a powder blue throwback uniform patrolling the parking lot after the game!!!

With Uribe in the side-car 🙂

LMFAO!!! You never cease to amaze me Trumom!!!

You, Beav & dodgereric taught me well 🙂

Greetings from the game. Lots if cops here on their bike in the parking lot when I came in for bp. Also cops on horses. lots of pitches for Garcia. We left 5 already. Can’t score even with a pocket full of bills.


For James Loney. Ray Charles, Busted:

Yeah, I’ve lost all my swagger and a step off my gait, my bat’s rusted
I start swingin’ now I’ll still be too late, my bat’s rusted
Well I swing at ‘em high and I swing at ‘em low
And when I make contact they rarely pass Go
And why I’m still starting I really don’t know, my bat’s rusted
Well my footwork’s a mess and my hitting’s a crime, my bat’s rusted
I think that I’ve come to the end of the line, my bat’s rusted
The sacks are all juiced and I need a big poke
A sequoia won’t help me – its really no joke
And all I can do is go up there and choke, my bat’s rusted
What’s I to do?, there’s a hole in my stick, my bat’s rusted
Pentland he tries, but I’m just him sick, my bat’s rusted
Well I really don’t know if its karma or fate
A one-fifty av’rage is quite second-rate
Won’t be surprised if Frank asks a rebate, my bat’s rusted
Its broke. Like lead. I mean like nothing. Forget it. Hell its over.
© NedCo Broken Records 2011

Appropriate, but sad Beav.


Lost a word in there. The line should be:
Pentland he tries, but I just make him sick, my bat’s rusted.
What I get for editing on the fly.

Way Cool Beav!!!

Oh my God….Uribe, an RBI !

Yep, Hoffman, a little dribbler with a man at 3rd and one out. Was it good for you?

The sad thing is, I’m getting old, but Hoffman’s too young a man to be little dribbler. I guess he could see a doctor, but…
Wait – are we talking baseball?

What a joke!! Donny starts Hoffman instead of Thames!!! Why!!! Thames was supposed to be the right hand part of the LF platoon. He was getting the job done. Why mess with it?

In Little League, doesn’t everybody get to play? 🙂

Tru – I’ve thought the same thing too. Donnie’s been managing that way since spring training.

So far, I’m not impressed with Mattingly!!!

Once again, why is he even here? Don’t we have enough outfielders?

Ouch! That error came back to hurt.

Nice job Blake!!!

I agree Wally Thames has been swinging a good bat lately Hoffman starting over him has hurt us so far

It’s a no brainer Swood!! Geez!!!

He must’ve learned that from Joe. Look how many times a guy would be starting to hit or have a big game, then Joe would immediately sit him. He did that a lot to Martin when it looked like he was coming around.

Yep, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!! I’m not impressed with Donny thus far.

Nice throw by Andre!

It sure was….Next at bat Dre will hit #100 for you 🙂

One good thing, Carroll is doing a good job. I don’t even miss Furcal.

I was skeptical about Carroll for the longest time but I have come around. That run was all him

Man that Jamey Carroll. Eh?

It would be nice to see Kuroda do a 1-2-3 inning. Are the pitchers having a contest to see who can throw the most pitches in 6 innings?!

Pretty much what I expected against a team that can actually hit.

You called it my brother!!! Our only hope now is, Kershaw, rain, rain, rain, rain, Kershaw!!!

Pray for rain…lmao!

Pretty sure I’d find some bitter people here. I’m channel surfing between the boring Dodgers and the Kings NHL playoff opener. Frank, I NEVER thought I’d say this, but the hockey game is a better watch.

I’m telling ya pookie – if I’d have wanted this much disappointment tonight I’d have just gone to bed with my wife.


No, her name’s Erin.
Dammit, where’s Birk with my rimshots?

Ta Dah Dum!!!

Thank you Wally!

Dodgers S*ck!!! Where’s Rawitch!!!

In the parking lot with James and Juan 🙂

Ouch!! You’re good Trumom!!! That is where they belong!!!

Rally Time Boy’s!!

Which team?

Aaaaand it goes from bad to worse………..

You know what they said about the habitual criminal hotdog when he got convicted again? – looks like another term for the wurst!!
I just made that up – can you tell??

That’s the wurst I’ve ever heard 🙂

Flashbacks of Groucho.

Its going to hell in a hand basket gang, might as well enjoy the ride!!! I don’t think this should come as a big surprise!!!

Well, say good-bye to .500!! I don’t think we will be seeing it again anytime soon. At least not while Frank and Ned are here!!!

But we’ve got Garland going tomorrow…

Sharks – Kings going to OT in San Jose.

Actually, the best thing for this team is to totally tank(Already happening). Highley likely given the current roster. As you’ve noticed, Frank and Ned are not very astute baseball people. Unless it is painfully(stop going to the ballpark imbeciles) obvious, they will think they are a contender.

Reminds me of the best description of ‘Lipstick Mick’ I ever heard. A long time ago Richard Belzer said Mick on stage was like watching a Rooster on acid!

Cool!!! Alot like Loneys’ at bats these days!!!

It’s just a shot away!!!!

Kiss your loved ones, hug your friends, and, be happy!!


Tonight’s gate: 34,288 (per ESPN)
2010 attendance (5 games) – 234,371
2011 attendance (5 games) – 226,827 🙂

I’m lovin’ it Dad!!!

It did look pretty empty on all the levels tonight.

I’ll bet the turnstiles (if they still had turnstiles) would have counted about 27,000.

Note to MLB flunkies: just because the extra cops are paid for their work, doesn’t mean that mccourt can count them as part of the paid attendance.

And so as the bubbles slowly rise, the Dodgers sink beneath the .500 sea, the glug-glug echoing in Ned’s ear and Frank’s empty bank account.

Say, I might’ve missed something, but who is paying for the extra LAPD guys?

Good question

McCourt is supposedly paying for the extra 50.
Another ugly game. Bad situational hitting – bad D – bad pitching.
Going to be a tough year folks. We just need to enjoy the victories when they happen and enjoy Vin when they don’t.
I’m just wondering what else they are doing besides extra police which probably won’t happen all season. They need to document they losers that cause problems and don’t let them back in.
Hopefully in a year or 2 we’ll have new owners who want to win and know it’ll take a commitment to win, a new GM, trainer, and some better players. Having 1 or 2 Carroll’s or Mile’s but a whole team of them won’t get it done.
I wish James would fix his swing — it looks like chicken pop!

I agree with those who say we need a complete overhaul of this roster. We should keep Andre Kemp Kersh but trade almost the rest of our roster for young players the way the Marlins did. Of course it would take a few years before we were really good again and I don’t see it happening with this owner and GM…

I think Rawitch has too big a job covering Frank’s asss. The team ought to assign somebody who has a primary interest in and for the fans to handle timely updates of the ITD blog and maybe FB too. I’ll gladly volunteer if they’ll feed me the necessary information and team access.

I know that there is a lot going on with management…FRANK’S DIVORCE, SECURITY, BRYAN STOW…ETC….But the GAME MUST GO ON and I want to know WHAT IS MANAGEMENT PLANNING TO DO WITH OUR PITCHING?

Wow he live a long live. World’s oldest man dies in Montana at 114

I was checking those risp/risp with less than 2 outs and so on they are ugly.

Oldest mad dies in Montana? How come nobody told me he was available? We could have used a vet left fielder, I would have made him an offer. I’m sure we’ll win at least 60 or 70 games. Don’t blame me, blame boss.

Last nights games was horrible. How can a good pitcher screw up a game like that. Billz, Kuroda, Broxton, Lilly and many more….I’m starting to think that we need better PITCHING COACHES and a facility that will allow our pitchers to improve…NOT the other way around….I WANT A GREAT PITCHING COACH! How long before Kershaw starts to suck…. THOSE LAPD HAVE A PITCHER TOO?

When we do get good pitching we don’t get much offense going.

The other thing is Donnie may not be good, but he was willing to work cheap and he really was so happy to manage anywhere, he could care less about the talent, or should I say lack of talent Frank and I give him.

Happy Jackie Robinson Day! Hope we can win this game in his memory.

Tru – I fear winning is just a memory.

Enchanted ~ If Ddgereric’s prediction is close, today may just be one of our 42 wins 🙂

I hope so too… I’m sure we will have fans in the stands. It would be WONDERFUL if Ethier can hit his 100 HR on this special day!

Now Cashman is saying he had to protect relievers from Torre, because Joe would overuse them. Oh what a surprise!

I’m with Wally – enjoy the freefall. Nothing we can do about it, and we all knew this team was/is going to stink. Best thing we can do is treat it like the joke that it is and laugh at it.
Oh, and stay away from the ballpark.

Good Morning All…..
So these guys are a little off, my predicted pace of 100 games. What this team needs is UNITY It’s too early to give prop’s to anyone, although, I believe it is too early to abandon them as achievers, this early as well.
Today is Jackie Robinson Day, and what better time to come together as a group than right now.
Enjoy your Friday, and Go Dodgers!!

Mattingley keeps saying the effort is there…and I agree. It’s his code for saying the roster is weak and so maximum effort gets you a 6-7 record. Also agree with messagebear and his conclusion that Josh has too big a job covering Frank’s a** to tend to the blog. I do feel for Josh. I mean, I envy him working for the Dodgers, but every time I read or hear one of his press releases concerning Frank or stadium security, it’s perfect “nonspeak.” Anyone in here ever have a boss that was scum but had to toe the company line in order to feed the family? Luckily, I haven’t, but I can only imagine Josh’s private conversations with close friends.

Oh, one more thing. Anyone agree with a two-week vacation for Loney in Albuquerque to rattle his complacent cage a little bit? Maybe even learn to pull the ball.

Not if it will delay Loney’s, RBI resurgence, 14 day’s…

Maybe we can have the whole team play in Albuquerque for 2 weeks….

Loney need to get hot soon because Sands is just killing the ball again. Screw the easy league this guy is for real.

I’ll bet Belisario could get a passport to Japan right about now. How much did we get for Stult’s?
Padilla is missed as well…

Where are you JOSH! I did not see you yesterday. Did not see you in San Diego, we don’t have a new thread here. Hope you are OK.
Love my Dodgers Laker hat that we got yesterday! It was great seeing Bill Sharman and Karem throw out the first pitch!
Let’s get a W on Jackie’s Day!

Check again…there is a new thread!

I like how Barajas was trying to throw the skyhook with the baseball back to Kareem.

lol wow the Mariners had Adam Kennedy cleaning up last night. I remember one time Scioscia promiss Friggin that he would’ve batting him in the cleanup spot for just that one game.

red mark: Kareem. Ugh. it be nice if we could edit comments.

Dodger fans need to raise money for the McCourts. They are the ones who need the money. Enough with the SF dude, he is dead sooner or later any way.

His name is “Bryan Stow”, not “SF Dude”.
And judging from the fact he’s in the hospital, I’m sure he needs the money a lot more than a Major League Baseball owner who is arguably, by proxy, responsible for his condition due to lightening up security payroll while raising ticket and concession prices.

hi to all

mahsa jon man omadam tashrif nadashtid

What a shame that Freddy Freeman’s family and friends went to see him play against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium and were harassed the entire evening. Even after explaining that they were rooting for a family member and not against the Dodgers they had a terrible experience. Freddy is a local OC boy and his dad and friends did not deserve this.

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