All-Star voting is underway – jump for joy

In case you’ve missed it, fans are now able to vote for the All-Star Game here and the Dodgers certainly have some worthy vote recipients. I believe the first batch of results will be coming back soon and I’d imagine that Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp will be among the top outfield vote getters, but it’s up to you guys to vote for your favorite Dodgers over the next few weeks.

As a kid, my brother and I would wander around the Dodger Stadium and get as  many ballots as we could from the ushers and fill them all out for every Dodger. I’m pretty sure that somewhere at my parents’ house, I have an All-Star ballot from every year of the 80s and 90s and somewhere in my own home, I’ve got all of them since I started working at the Dodgers inthe mid 90s.

But now that the All-Star teams are primarly decided by the online vote, we can’t rely wholly on our fans in-stadium to stuff the ballot boxes! Remember, you can vote up to 25 times so show your support for your team.

Anyone have some fun stories of All-Star balloting over the years? Share them here and we hope you’ll take part in a longtime tradition throughout baseball.


I vote for boss, remember he’s the true star here. After all, as he once said, McCourt is the brand, the Dodgers follow.

Josh, you are absolutely right about not relying on in-stadium voting, since no one is going to games right?

Can I write in a vote for Peter O’Malley?


and Bunnynuts and Conte, too!

I’ll second that!

I’ll vote for Kemp and Ethier.


Yeah Josh I started 2 weeks ago and I posted about this and said is it too early to vote.

Fortunately MLB won’t allow any ballot stuffing when it comes to the owners voting Frank OUT. 29 to 1 should be rather decisive.
Break the bastard!
Keep those EMPTY SEATS at DS.

Los mejor angeles dodgers

My funnest phony All-Star ballot memory is asking an usher for a ballot. He handed me about 40 of them. Ron Cey’s chad was already punched out of all of them.
Personally, I can’t stand the All-Star Game as it is now, especially since the winner gets home field advantage in the Series. This ballot box stuffing stinks as much as the owner’s box in Dodger Stadium.

Whatever happened to getting to the all-star game on merit?
If you want Matt and Dre to get in, why don’t you just contact the DNC and ask how they did it.
I’m disgusted.

How about voting for Uribe, Guerrier and Lilly? 3-Year multimillion dollar contracts from Ned must mean those guys are All-Stars, right?

How about Manny, Pierre, Andruw, and Schmidt? We’re still paying them 7.7 mil, 3.5 mil, 3.4 mil, and 1.5 mil

Gwynn lf
Miles 2b
Ethier rf
Kemp cf
Uribe 3b
Loney 1b
Navarro c
Carroll ss
Garland p

X-man leading off for the Pirates. X-man says “Bite me, Ned”.

The Beav says, “Bite me Ned” too.

“Whatever happened to getting to the all-star game on merit?”
By enchantedTheBeav on May 12, 2011 12:35 pm
Earning things on merit has gone the same way as taking responsibility for your actions. Out the window, not in fashion. Sad, ain’t it?


It is very sad, indeed. The only way the AS game would be played by merit is if the players voted. The fans don’t know shit (excuse me, merit)!

Does Carroll have a chance of making it with all those hits if he can keep it up?

Is getting your money through litigation the same as earning it on merit?
Is saying you’re sorry but not being specific the same as taking responsibility?
I say it is. 🙂

Frank – it would be better if you had Tammy Faye I mean Jamie by your side crying crocodile tears and running her mascara down her face. Its just not the same when its Soboroff.

Why is Jamey Carroll hitting in the 8-hole with a .308 batting average? Don’t say its the right-handed pitcher, because Jamey is hitting .330 against righties.

I don’t get it either, STT.

I don’t know why they think so much of Navarro….liked Ellis much better.

lol you know the answer to that one.

If Ellis is the catcher of the future I’d rather give up alot of AB’s instead letting him sit on the bench. I’d rather have Ellis starting and Barajas didn’t resign. It would be a no brainer if Santana was here and Ellis sitting on our bench.

Hey, Stat Man, how many double plays have we hit into so far this season?

That one makes 30, with Matty Kemp leading the way with six, Uribe next with five.

Thanks 😉 I knew it was a bunch.

Looks like 32 so far not counting the one Kemp just hit into. So 33 with Kemp leading the team with 7.

🙂 🙂 ));_ylt=Ahdlb2FJqHOubaNZkmf6ADyFCLcF?slug=ap-pirates-mccutchen

Maybe Donny should do this with Loney everytime he goes 0/4.

Shad ~ It makes me respect Hurdle a lot to bench one of his star players because of a lousy attitude.

Stop the presses – Loney got an extra base hit!!!!!!!

Loweeney popped out!!!

Stupid me – Yahoo! had it wrong. Loney should go sit on the bench.

Loney popped up

Make that flied out to center.

Jamey with the RBI from the second cleanup position!

Garland got the rbi.

Okay, now I’m benching Yahoo! – it’s all messed up this year.

Yahoo was mess up yesterday and you should’ve seen the lineup and had Loney and Miles playing 1st and 2nd bases.

Yeah Garland

I really love it when pitchers help themselves with their bats.

Rats, rain delay!!

Where is Weaver when you need him? I hope this isn’t a long rain delay because I have a bad feeling Cormier is going to be around again which would suck.

Wow Royals prospect Hosmer already have 2 HR’s since his called up and is now Sands turn to get his 1st but he’s ranked 2nd in doubles by a rookie.

I still can’t believe the Rays signed Manny and look at the turnaround. The Rays are 21-7 overall following a 1-8 start.

According to The Weather Channel, this is going to be one very long rain delay. There’s a bunch of rain cells in the immediate Pittsburgh area.


I wonder the other reason for Carroll to bat 8th is to drive in some runs with the obvisiously turning the lineup around.

RBI/LOB/Pct thru yesterdays game:

Ethier 16/53/30.2%
Sands 9/30/30.0%
Kemp 18/74/24.3%
Uribe 14/65/21.5%
Miles 8/42/19.0%
Loney 11/72/15.3%
Barajas 7/60/11.7%
Carroll 3/38/ 8.0%

This is not counting HRs.

The problem with this rain delay that even with a normal game, they were expected to arrive in LA at 2am (pst) only to have to play tomorrow night at DS. Who in the hell makes up the schedule? Why didn’t they play a day game? Idiots!!!

Exactly what I was thinking! So freaking unfair!!!!!

That to bad Garland is still going to be 0 for something for the season with no rbi’s.

Also take Navarro double away also and that would suck if Loney had one lol.

Finally….game cancelled! Now, come on home boys and get ready for the Dbacks!!!!

Oh well, better this way since the delay was so long!!!

At least we wasn’t up 7-0 like the Rangers.

Longest Streak, Times On Base, By A Dodger 1919-2011




Duke Snider



Shawn Green



Ron Cey



Len Koenecke



Zack Wheat



Augie Galan



Eric Karros



Babe Herman



Steve Sax



Billy Grabarkewitz



Duke Snider



Jim Gilliam



Jeff Kent



Jackie Robinson



Rube Bressler



Andre Ethier



Mark Grudzielanek



Gil Hodges



How is that Willie Davis not on this list?

I could make a strong argument that loney has been the worst hitter in baseball so far this season

lol why waste your time at it? He’s by far the worst hittinh 1st baseman in the league. I thought he was suppose to be a Mark Grace type or player. Dang I wanted the Sharks to choke.

There is no argument. Here is a list of all hitters with at least 100 PAs broken down by Value Over Replacement Player (VORP). Loney is dead last.

I notice Juan Uribe’s not much further up the food chain than Loney. And Little Joe has batted them 5-6 all year. Any wonder why this team can’t score?

No mystery there except for Little JoJo!!!

Also, here is the Phew(Juan Pierre) Line.


Pierre .248/.325/.276/.601
Loney .226/.265/.255/.520

Pretty damn pathetic!!!!

But Loney’s such a hard worker and gets to the ballpark early and… oh wait…

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Then he’s got plenty of time to clean up the clubhouse and do the janatorial duties. What he really should be doing!!

Great. So Ned should be selling peanuts and Loney should be sweeping them up.
Nice sign in Uribe too, but then, we told you so Ned.

And here is the VORP of all the players in baseball, including pitchers.

Again next to last out of 585 players.

And here are the numbers for just the Dodgers!!!

I notice mid to high 20% range is about as high as you get for OBI. Interesting…

Yep. Here is a list sorted by OBI% for all players with at least 80 PAs.

Some pretty surprising names on the lower end of that list. Not so surprising that the first Dodger you see is #86. And what’s Carroll – #248 out of 251? An argument could be made he should bat #2 since he can’t drive anyone in, but can get on base.
But alas, no one in the entire organization pays any attention to stats.

But alas is right!!!

Let’s face it Ned and Donny, The Loney Dog won’t hunt.

What’s Ned’s SHAFT percentage?

Make that 99.9%…we did get Dre 😉

Roll your cursor over shaft Tru.


I had a momentary lapse 😉

I don’t know why Schieffer seems so perplexed by the Dodgers’ financial complexity. Frank is the ultimate shill artist. It used to be that the carnival shills practiced the pea and shell game and had you guess which one had the pea, but they only used three shells – Frank has brought up the shill standards to no less than 26 separate entities involved with the Dodgers. However, his sleight of hand is so superior that there isn’t a pea (nor dollars) among any of them. This has just been a subterfuge to create the maximum borrowing opportunities, all excercised to the limit, until there’s nothing left to pay the bills. All of you lenders have been HAD.

Bear – Lest we forget the IRS. How can Frank McCourt be pulling out over $100 million from the Dodgers organization into his own accounts without that counting as income that accrues to Frank McCourt? The IRS should be doing some serious audits to determine why the McCourts have not paid any income taxes in years.

I wish no Dodger would make it to the all star game this year. Have you noticed that any Dodger playing in the game over recent years comes back to play far under-achieving ball during the second half of the season? The latest being JB.

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