Childhood Memories of Dodger Stadium

If you follow the @Dodgers on Twitter, you know that on Tuesday we have contests where fans can win various prizes. Well, with #childhoodmemories trending we figured we’d ask for people’s best memories from Dodger Stadium and the response was overwhelming.

Hundreds of great tweets in just half an hour and there would be no way to really re-tweet them all, so we figured we’d post some of them here and then tweet a link to this blog. And keep in mind, this is only from those who happened to be on Twitter at 5 p.m. PT.

If this is your first time to the Inside the Dodgers community, welcome. Lots of Dodger fans talking here each day so join in if you’d like.

If nothing else, today’s tweets remind us just how special Dodger Stadium truly is to so many people, including:

@Michelle_M16 First time meeting Shawn Green. I took the field in ’04. So sweet!
@reisNEEZY kissing the grass of the outfield on a day where they let fans on the field… my parents still have teh picture
@ryantfischer Games with my grandpa
@BleedDGRBluΒ  going with my father, who recently passed
@JesRey7 Sitting in the outfield seats talking to the pitchers in the bullpen
@DodgerManny58 Walking into the reserve level and seeing the Stadium from above
@Scarface909 My #Childhoodmemories of spending time with my dad going to Dodger games and enjoying classic Dodger Dogs!
@ArtG44 steve finley grandslam homerun to win the division
@RCShibley Sitting in the outfield during batting practice trying to catch homeruns.
@garbs hearing the game announced by vin scully by people with portable radios in the stands
@dogfacedandhurt Favorite #childhoodmemories are walking into stadium for first time and hearing Nancy play the sweet, sweet organ.
@nikkilicous best memory is seeing the Pope at Dodger Stadium !!
@hockeycutie13 never got to go to a dodger game as a child…but i am making up for lost time as an adult!
@fighton1985 eating dodger dogs and keeping score in the bleachers with my father

@jrzdevils30 every year going to a dodger game on my birthday June 19th it was my annual bday gift
@levi_v24 i remember going to the stadium and loved Sheffield batting stance & tried to mimic it #Dodgers
@pmartist_g The 88 WS !!
@dianavincente whenever my abuelo and abuela from Puerto Rico came to visit we would ALWAYS go to #Dodger games, favorite memories
@dodgerfanathome 1988 championship series against mets. Dad buying me a foam finger that stayed up in my room for ten years!
@boomitzel Taking a tour of the stadium.
@ava_252 dodger dogs non stop all day long wearing a hat that’s way to big
@blondielv Going w/my dear Dad who is now deceased. He gave me my love of the Dodgers.
@bongomo being on the field & able to take pictures with the players!!! still have my pics with Karros & Wallach #childhoodmemories
@bigsaldogg kirk gibson hr, fernando’s no hitter, 88ws,81ws, and nomo no hitter
@1chefdiva got to shake hands with Sandy Koufax. Didn’t wash my hand for a week!
@sylentmike being a little kid and my parents took me to watch the Olympic baseball games at dodger stadium!
@roseknows Being at the park when Dodgers clinched 1983 division title. Fernando was pitching & paper was flying everywhere.
@culverfan I remember Fernando losing 1-0 in 1985 on a 9th inning homer by tony Gwynn
@djbradster My wife remembers playing with Wes Parker in the parking lot after games as he would hit balls to the kids
@csimnick my fav. thing about going to the games when I was little was having a Dodger dog & a cool-a-coo
@itskloquewerk July 6th 1988, Franklin Stubbs grand slam against the Cards. Cards fans were giving us all high 5’s. Electric
@jase_sun going to dodger games and seeing my favorite dodgers, piazza, mondesi and nomo!
@toolOC having my mom represent long beach school district in centerfield on teacher appreciation day @Dodgers stadium
@minamonster my mom making me fake being sick so she could call out to take me to games.
@oomyjosh catching a foul ball at Dodger Stadium against the pirates in 1st grade.
@DavidTich Sitting behind the home dugout with my grandma Alice. She had the biggest crush on Tommy!


Thanks for the new thread Josh!!!! Some great comments!!!
Let’s hope kids will be able to enjoy Dodger Stadium for years and years to come, and that the Frank or MLB doesn’t get in the way of that.

I’m looking forward to my favorite memory….the day Frank and Ned are gone….and, the franchise returns to the fine organization it once was!

Actually, I do have three favorites….Getting Orel & Sax’s autographs…..the very first time I saw Dodger Stadium (it was a beautiful sight and, being treated by my daughters to Under the Lights (with Andre & Russell as hosts).

Oh yea!!! That was a pretty awesome night!!!

πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

My first game at Dodger Stadium was Valenzuelas’ No-Hitter!!!!

Box seat, season passes! Getting signed gear, watching the team kick some butt! I don’t live there any more but I hear the “new” crowd are rowdy and rude! That seriously stinks! You fans need to take back the stadium and make it family friendly once again. GO DODGERS!!

Awesome post and I agree with you about taking back Dodger Stadium to what it once was.

My last game at DS was when Ethier hit a dinger off Lincecum to hand Lincecum his first loss against the Dodgers.
And I won’t be back until both Frank and Ned are gone!

In 1971 I used to “forge” field box ticket stubs, buy a cheap seat, and ride the elevator down to nirvana. Must have gone to 40 games that season, only to have the Dodgers lose to the Gnats by one game. I remember Marichal beating the Pods on the final day to clinch. Then the Dodgers changed the design of their tickets, I was off to college, and that was that with forgery!
And just to reprise a bit of boredom relief from last season, here’s a Carnac I dug up:
Answer: Catch-22.

Question: What do the Los Angeles Dodgers do with 100 pop flies.

The back to back HRs against Guidry in the series… or the guy sitting two rows down picking his nose for 9 innings – its hard to choose.

LOL….a boomer or a booger!


Well, with our present team, the nose picker is more exciting 8 or 9 times out of 10.

Loney should be so fortunate as to have that kind of percentage.

A high pop up behind home plate beaning a guy walking back to his seat with two beers in his hand, and him not spilling a drop.
Getting tickets with my dad and somehow ending up right in the middle of an entire section of Expo fans.
The third game in a row beating the Astros to tie for the division lead on the last day of the season.
Fan appreciation day making fun of my buddy for winning a Steve Garvey pop-up batter.
Autograph Sunday sitting in the last row of the second deck dissing Rick Monday’s hitting to whomever I was with only to have Rick Monday walk past behind me.
Cute usherettes in straw hats.
Ahhh the good old days.

That was a great article!!! It sounds like the other 29 owners think like us fans. Let’s just hope they stay strong in their conviction. Loved the mention of the “fan boycott.” It at least means somebody is watching how the fans are reacting to this chaos.

Gosh dang walk off single by Ross. The Giants don’t deserve a guy like him lol.

Carlos Santana was part of another walk-off celebration today too!! What could have been with him…..

Getting five bucks and going threw all the baseball cards to take a walk to Dodger stadium 4 hrs before the game with a few of the peeps …sitting in the home run sections asking players for their autographs!!

Bautista I thought this guy had a fluke season last year but this year he’s not slowing down but it probably ino big deal for us lol. If we didn’t have Uribe and actually by some miracle be in playoff contender, he probably traded for him for a top prospect in the minor.

1977 free entry with my father after 7th inning to outfield bleachers Against Atlanta then HANK ARRON blasts one right over my head just under the 76 sign left field that’s a lifetime memory TRUE BLUE

My father and I went on family day withhis work group at Lockheed when I was 10 years old. I love Dodger Stadium because its so unique and if you sit anywhere except maybe the bleacher seats in the outfield you can hear the chatter from the players. We were sitting above the third base line directly above the dugout. We were in the upper level, but I remember the sound of the bay as it hit the ball, the noise the gloves made when the infielders were warming up before the game and inbetween innings. I had a Dodger Dog and soda, peanuts of course and the best time of my then short life. I was in awe of the enormity of the field, players, and the game. Last but not least, I remember the smells of fresh cut grass, hot dogs, cotton candy, and my dad and his coworkers beer. I will always cherish that day.

Goin to dodger stadium as a kid sitting at the pavillion with my dad hundreds of games I went with him but when the dodgers swept the cubs it felt as if they won it all never have I seen my father so happy I started to have tears of joy

In spite of all the fine memories, please DON’T GO to the Stadium on Tuesday or any other day until McCourt is GONE. Then everyone can celebrate the RID OF FRANK Day, or year, or decade.

Favorites, I have a few:
1 – Bobby Welch’s strikeout of Reggie Jackson in Game 2 of the ’78 Series. Does anyone else remember him also getting Thurman Munson the batter before? He came in with only one out, the tying run on 2nd and the go-ahead on first. What a moment!
2 – Joe Ferguson’s bullet to Steve Yeager on Jackson’s fly ball to right-center to nail Sal Bando in Game 1 of the ’74 Series. It only ranks behind Welch’s strikeout because we lost that game anyway. Otherwise, it would be #1A. It kind of bums me out that my best two moments were of Series that we eventually lost, but those are the only two Series games I got to see in person.
3 – Watching one of Willie Stargell’s homers hit the RF Pavilion roof and bounce into the parking lot. I can’t remember if it was the first one he hit out or the second, but I’m sure he hit it off of Andy Messersmith. Willie Crawford didn’t move his feet in right. He just turned and watched it with the rest of us.
4 – Like a lot of people, watching games with my mom and dad, and keeping score in my Peterson Scoremaster. Sure wish I still had those things. I used to even keep score listening to the game on KFI for a few years. I had a Koufax 1-hitter in one of them. I was pretty superstitious for a while then. If a Dodger hit a homer, I wouldn’t change my position in my seat for a long time. Only pain would make me change. All my dad would do is shake his head.

All beautiful memories from all. Like the person that said it, I never went as a kid so I’be been making up for loss time.

OK, that was a positive post. Back to reality.
My favorite line in the story that kahli posted up above: “One major league owner referred to it as a “fan boycott.”

100% in agreement with bear (of course!) and tru’s comment up at the top deserves a high-five. If that day comes to pass, it will be a day like no other. I have a song all ready to go for it.

My most favorite childhood Dodger memory was attending my first game. We (my family) sat in the left field pavilion next to the bullpen. I was so shy at the time that, although the players tried talking to me, I couldn’t make myself talk back. Oh yeah, and we beat the Phillies that day, too πŸ™‚

My favorite memory was the day that boss hired me, as GM because nobody else would. My other favorite day was the day I got us a manager to work for cheap, thanks Don. But my absolute favorite memory was the day that KIm Ng left, now I don’t have to worry about someone competent questioning my moves and taking my job, bitch.

My favorite memory is when I hired you, Ned. Oh, the fun that Jamie and I had! We laughed and laughed at the Dodger fans, thinking of how humilitated they all had to be that I would have the audacity to hire a Giant for their GM! Then, to make it worse, remember when I told you to bring that incompetent trainer with you? And then when I told you to sign Schmidt? And, and, and remember when Conte told you his arm was toast? And remember what I said? “PERFECT!! Now instead of signing him for a year at $10 million, give him 3 years for $46 million? Ah, those were the days when I could spend whatever I wanted……..”
Now go get me a Krispy Kreme. One of the jelly ones. Just make sure it’s less than $5 thou…….


It’s crazy that for how bad our team has played recently and how many of us(myself included) have given up on the season that were only 3.5 games out of first with well over 100 yet to be played

It funny I look at those batting numbers for the Giants and there way worst than out but there pitching is holding up again. To bad the Padres offense is even worst then the Giants and they are in last place.

I mean *our not out.

My first memory of Dodger Stadium was back in July 1976, I went to a Dodgers-Pirates helmet game that was already sold out when we arrived.We’re from Puerto Rico,and my Dad told my uncle who lives in Fontana:”Wait here,I’ll look around for an usher”He found an usher from Fajardo,P.R.,told him he was from the island and came to watch the Dodgers game with my uncle and little brother.The usher told my Dad:”wait ’till the sixth inning,I’ll slip all of you guys through”.True to his word,we saw the rest of the game(Pirates beat the Dodgers 3-2),and both my brother and I came out of the ballpark with Dodgers helmets!

For all of you parents out there, weeping at the twitters shown by Josh and thinking about bringing your kids to Dodger Stadium for their first game:
Do you really want your child’s first baseball game to be remembered by supporting Frank McCourt, who is comparable to Jeff Skilling of Enron?

I think anyone who keeps stuffing money in my pockets is a twit all right. But I thank you anyway. πŸ™‚

No worries Frank. In fact, us fans like to think of you as a word that at least rhymes with twit.

Carroll SS
DeJesus 2B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Uribe 3B
Barajas C
Sands LF
Mitchell 1B
Kuroda P

Loney and Miles sit against the lefty.

Well, I know you want me to quit</B. But that can't be it. That I’m unfit? No, that one I’ll omit. I make you spit? No, that doesn’t fit. That I won’t commit? Maybe a little bit. I wish I had some wit. HEY NED! YOU NIT!GET ME A BANANA SPLIT. Maybe Selig will permit it.

And, you, dear Frank, are full of shit!

Pure and simple Frank, you are just a (b)shit(/)!! I believe that rhymes with twit.

My favorite childhood memories are a 1B that could hit (Garvey) and an owner that wasn’t a lowlife thieving dirtbag.


Well, that certainly doesn’t rhyme with “twit”.

Obviously you don’t know SHIT from Shinola!!! If you did, the team would not be such a mess. Sell the team, take whats left after the debt is settled and just go away. Everyone concerned will be much better off.

We have certainly had it!!!!

We just want to throw you into a deep pit that is full of spit from all the fans you have made split.

Just pay attention to what is said at the 1:44 mark

lol since when does the Padres have an offense?

This is a very sad day. Former Dodgers, Angels exec Dick Walsh dead;_ylt=AhYfDld4jr3j5bg0Dw2S6l1DWtAF?slug=ap-obit-walsh

Why did they waited 5 days to post this on yahoo? I really hate that.

Why does Shad keep getting time warped?

lol I’m not.

…or was it Frank who time-warped. I just wish he would get time warped to another planet.

Found: The source of the mysterious nature of numerous Dodgers on the disabled list.
Alarming combo: Bedbugs with ‘superbug’ germ found
Or maybe there is a simpler explanation:
1. Frank is a lowlife dirtbag who is full of shit.
2. Frank hired Ned, who doesn’t know shit.
3. Ned brought along Stan Conte, who doesn’t give a shit.
4. Ned picked up a bunch of old PVL’s, who play like shit.

Just heard rumor Kuo is going on DL….they can’t disclose why until league approval. Hmmmm.

Dylan Hernandez reports Mattingly say what’s wrog with Kuo until they get league approval.What the F*ck does that mean?

It costs $5025 to file a DL report.

LOL…that’s probably it!

That would explain the Elbert called up but that was for Hawksworth. I’d assume if Hawksworth goes on DL Troncoso would be back but gosh can we release Cormier and called up another young stud in the minor. I’m going to have to check out some stats. I won’t be surprise if Ely, Link or that Schington(sp) or however you spell that guy name but his 1st name is Travis be call up.

They’d probably call up a young stud if they had one.

It sounds like FranknNed’s fit is starting to hit the shan.

OMG, Tractor Traylor found dead at 34.

Don Nelson pulled off a great trade to get Dirk to the Mavs.

Thanks Nelly!!! I love it!! Olney doesn’t expect him to even get one other owner on his side. So Long Frank!!!

Just to pile on, here’s another article on Loney’s crappy hitting this year.
“Leading the way, we get one of the worst hitters in baseball, as Loney has been swinging more often and generating terrible results. Pitchers have come after him with a lot more first-pitch strikes and Loney, to date, has been helpless to make them pay for their aggression.”

Yep STT, Loney really sucks. What sucks more is the fact that he is still here and playing almost everyday. Donny and Ned need to wake up. At least he is not starting against lefties anymore.

I thought this link was interesting. It compares this team to the 2005 team that won 71 games STT. Just what you predicted. When I looked back at the 2005 team, I had thankfully forgotten how freaking bad they were.

Who the hell was Mike Edwards?

We are likely to be pretty freaking bad this year.
– Loney can’t hit
– Blake will be injured much of the year
– The bullpen is in total disarray.

LOL!!! That’s what I thought Beav. I don’t remember him. Wow, talk about a shitty lineup. My God, Ned ain’t got much on DePodesta.

I’m sure organizations far and wide are lining up waiting for Frank to sell just for a chance to talk to Ned.

Afterall, he is a genius πŸ˜‰

Now they are saying Kuo has an Anxiety Disorder. Elbert was called up for him…Hawksworth not on DL yet. I think we fans, are the ones with the Anxiety Disorder!

Seven years of putting up with Frank McCourt will do that to you. Just ask Jamie.

Yep, Kuo has the Yips, and Brox has the Shits!!!!

And I would bet that Uribe and Barajas have Man Tits!!!!

( . ) ( . ) πŸ™‚


πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

Well, now Podsedik is available.


Ned – just think – Pods AND Bradley. How can you say no?

Bradley> Is better than Thames/Gibbons/Pods combined that’s so sad but without Bradley we would’ve had Ethier here.

Paul would’ve been a good 4th OF’s and a cheaper option than all 3 combined.

Ned is just salivating over thoughts of an outfield of Podsednik, Bradley, and Pierre.

I know Jo-Jo would have loved that group.

They fit most all of his criteria:
1. Suck/had their best season 5-6 years ago
2. Are familiar to him
3. Played in the majors at least once in the last 10 years
4. Ex-Gnats
3 out of 4 ain’t bad. Sign ’em up.


And honestly, is Mitchell the best we have in the minors to bring up? Christ, I’d rather have Castro.

Fidel? πŸ™‚

Castro, Stalin, Lenin,… just about any of them would be preferable to McCourt!


You forgot Mao.

lol at least it wasn’t Loney. Come on the guy is only 26 years old and only had something like 46 PA’s. Is not his fault we suck ball with risp and 2 outs.

lol telling me you’re joking Wally haha. Was he’s one of Ned draft picked back in SF.

I’m speaking in general terms shad (or is it general turds?) If Mitchell is one of the cream of the minor league crop, that’s well beyond pathetic.

Well there is a career minor leaguer Corey Smith and we have seen him plenty of time in ST but is he really an option?

Anything is better than Loney!!!

Wow Kevin Frandsen suspended

Who is Kevin Frandsen?

Who cares? lol I think he is with the gnats…or, at least he used to be.

Phillies but like what tru said who cares.

lol Wally either you playing around with me and you forgot and ex Giants and last year was pickup on waiver by the Angels.

LOL!! I just flat didn’t recognize the name. Thanks!!

You don’t realize how blessed we are to have Vinny until our team goes on the road and you have to listen to crap day after day.

Speaking of which, yesterday Steiner and Monday were ragging on the Pirates – prior to this year, they just signed a bunch of PVL’s and never developed a young core. Sound familiar?

Sure does!

Which should they? We did it for them.

Yeah, I wonder why the homers don’t rag on Frank and Ned for the same shit!!!

Shouldn’t Sands have at least 2-3 homers by now?

He’s missed a couple of homers by about 3 feet.

I’m afraid Sands has GregBrockBillyAshleyitis.

Ouch!! Better than Loneyitis!!

Loney has a terminal case of Herpierres.

If Steve Lyons can see what Jerry is doing wrong in his at-bats, why the hell can’t our hitting instructor? Do we have one, by the way?

He’s next year’s manager.

It just keep getting better & better πŸ˜•

I’m putting Loney on the Phew list:

Phew .243 avg/ .318 obp/ .271 slg/ .590 ops
Loney .228 avg/ .267 obp/ .257 slg/ .524 ops

Now that is some sad shit!!!

Phewwww! That smells!

Sad that Phew is out-slugging Loney!

I’m out-slugging Loney!

lol even sad that Bills is outslugging them both.


HA! We posted about Pierre at he same time my brother (mines above.) Are you really my long lost brother of different parents?

LOL!!! Seems like it at times. Aww yes, the old Herpierres!!! The gift that just keeps not hitting!!!

Good point, Go Billz!!

J Carroll SS 3 0 0 0 0 0 .313 .375 .374
Here is some more shit.

What’s Pierre risp numbers? lol since I’m too lazy to look it up.

Me too!!!

Plus, Phews job is not to drive in runs.

Phew 13 runs/ 9 rbi
Phoney 7 runs/12 rbi

If you look at runs produced, Loney is still trailing Phew.

Loney is pegging the Phew-O-Meter!!!

The starting pitchers been good to bad the bullpen need to take notes in this game.


That suck the Texas/Oakland games was rain out and the Rangers were up 7-0.

How would you like to lose your 1st GS like that and probably won’t get a chance to hit 1 no more in your career.

Woo-hoo….two men on…..question is, will we score?!

We’ll be lucky to get one Trumom. I’m hoping for alot more however.

Bases loaded…no outs…how many runs?

The one closest will win a mccourt bobblehead!

Same old shit…freaking double play! Now, it’s up to poor Jerry to try and bring in another run. And, he did it! woo-hoo

lol Anxiety Disorder really.

Alright Jerry!!!

Damn Sands is such a double machine and he’s the Brian Roberts of the Orioles.

Urgh I didn’t know Kuroda was pitching a no hitter until I see that bust Wood broke it up.

lol wow 2 IBB’s in one inning such a rare thing.

Sands XBH and is owning Loney XBH lol.

Whew….avoided a disaster!

Whew is right!!!

Better than Phew….lol

Really!!! LOL!!!

Sorry about that…I’m bored as hell. I really miss the PED era πŸ™‚

Can’t say I’m sorry to see the PED era gone. Its ashame it screwed up the record book. Aaron 751 and Maris 61 are still the true records in my book.

I wish I was alive to see those 2 hit.

I agree with you. I was just spouting off from being in that kind of mood. Aaron is KING!

I hear ya Trumom™. This team will do it to you.

Look like the Indians home winning streak is going to be snap if they can’t comback form a 7-0 deflict. I can’t believe that team have the best record in the league maybe Lebron leaving there town help.

Can we start a relieve pitcher for the 1st inning and let the starting pitcher finishes the 2nd-8th to help with those ugly bullpen numbers lol?

To bad Kuroda can’t take 30 pitches away from his PC. I would’ve love to see him get a CG.

Yeah I hate the Heat and Celtics but glad the Celtics lost. I hope the Heat lose next round.

Paul ” The Truth” Pierce turned into a helluva lie! He stunk!! If it wasn’t for the Boston bench, it would have been a big blow out.

Gosh why can’t we hit .300+ with risp for 2 games in a rows?

Super effort by Kuroda tonight!!! Nice job!!!

Very nice job, indeed!

Was hoping for a few insurance runs. But, it looks like 2 will have to do.

Me too, Tru!!!!!!!!!

Good grief, is Loney f*cking pathetic or what?!!!

But, Lyons said he hit the ball real hard! lmao An out is an out!

lol yahoo have Loney at 2nd bases hmmmmmm

LA Dodgers
J. Carroll ss 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .311
I. De Jesus 2b 3 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 .194
M. Guerrier p 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
A. Ethier rf 4 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 1 .366
M. Kemp cf 2 0 1 0 0 2 1 1 0 .338
J. Uribe 3b 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 .210
R. Barajas c 3 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 .239
J. Sands lf 3 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 2 .212
R. Mitchell 1b 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 .000
J. Loney 1b 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .226
A. Miles 1b 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .277
H. Kuroda p 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 .050
A. Miles 2b 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .277
J. Loney 2b 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .226
Totals 32 2 5 1 0 6 4 1 13

Well nice to see you vl4.

Please, please, please, Padilla….a 1, 2, 3 9th!

This would be our 2nd team shutout of the season.

Yahoo is tripping Miles at 1st.

Do this mean Loney is 0/2 yahoo lol?

About damn time you fixed that yahoo and look like Carroll need to start a new streak.

I am loving Padilla’s relief work.

Vincente says…………….

We don’t need no stinkin’ Broxton!!!!!!!

Woo-Hoo, win streak!!!!

Plop, plop…fizz, fizz…oh what a relief it is!
Way to go Kuroda and Padilla! Let’s get another one tomorrow!

You can’t forget Guerrier kind of impressive innings he had. I wish we can have that in the 9th with less than 10 pitches.

Would you believe, as lousy as things have been, we are only 3 games out of first place?!

Doesn’t say much for the NL West!!!

Exactly! That’s what I was telling Hubby last night.

However, we are in the division with the World Series Chumps πŸ˜•

Those stupid Rockies losing a series vs the Giants.

Good win tonight.. the starting pitching was outstanding as usual and I’m liking padilla in the 9th so far. Unfortunately the offense was its usual pathetic self tonight. If ethier and kemp can keep producing at this pace and we can get one more guy to be productive the rest of the way(maybe sands?) I think we could hang in there til the end but it’s not likely

I fear the west is so pathetic that we will still be in it at the trade deadline and Ned will empty out what’s left of the farm acquiring more worthless PVLs to “get us over the hump.”
Of course we’ll still finish in 4th, but probably be without Robinson and Gordon.

Damon could probably be had for De LaRosa and Tolleson, saving Robinson and Gordon for Matsui. Throw in Lee, and the current team would probably pick up the salary for the rest of the year.

Good Morning All..
Not that I am a mind reader, but perhaps Mr. Kuo is thinking too much. Perhaps he just needs to put a little fun, back into his soul.

My suggestion is the Boy’s need hold a Karaoke Night, nothing like some good times and laughter to loosen up the mind.
Anyhoo…I am rooting for ya Mr. Kuo, and I believe in your song.

Have a fantastic Thursday everyone and enjoy the game tonight!!

Good Morning!!! Funny – whenever you put up a youtube video, it doesn’t appear on my computer here at school. Youtube is “access denied” here so I all I see is blank, making wonder what you guys are up to πŸ™‚

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