Anyone else excited for today?

Few days in baseball are like Opening Day. Things have been buzzing at the stadium since long before sunrise. Grounds crew members, stadium chefs and many others have been preparing to have 56,000 fans in house in just about few hours. Our department has been here for live shots on just about every TV station in town…

For those coming out to the stadium, please plan to come early and carpool if you can, or take public transit and use the shuttle from Union Station. Your patience is appreciated, as we always have more cars on Opening Day than any other day of the season.

Among the highlights to look out for…

– Pregame ceremonies including a 1981 Opening Day first pitch, a Salute to the Military and the national anthem performed by Placido Domingo

– New food options, including the Doyer Dog (available at Camacho’s) and other new healthier options throughout the stadium, plus the new Dodgertown Deli on the field level

– Remodeled merchandise stands on the left field and right lines of the Loge Level (one is a Nike store and the other is Adidas). Plus the Top of the Park store with lots of new items and the Left Field merchandise tent with all your favorites

– Patches on the uniforms of the players in memory of Duke Snider

– Bill Russell signing autographs beyond center field from 2:30 to 4 p.m. in autograph alley

– For those on the United Club Suites level, an incredible historical exhibit is there for your perusing (for those who aren’t on that level, it will be part of the Dodger Stadium tours

– The Phantom of the Opera, Davis Gaines, will be singing God Bless America

– Oh, and two of the game’s best young pitchers squaring off in one of the game’s greatest rivalries. There’s a special Opening Day edition of Dodgers Magazine with Kershaw and Lincecum on the cover, available today only in stadium!

If we don’t see you today, hopefully you’ll be here for Fireworks tomorrow, the day game on Saturday or Sunday’s 5 p.m. start with sleeved fleece blankets for the first 50,000 fans.


I’m so excited! Will miss the game, due to kids games, school open house and award ceremonies. I just wished the schools, & softball league work around the Dodgers Schedule!


Thanks Josh!!!


This could be the only SOLD OUT series of the whole season – one can only hope.
Look for the new add placed on the LF wall requesting fans to text on their mobile phones for a $10.00 donation to Frank’s Defense Fund. We should have a text message to register a SELL THE TEAM vote.

Good Lord, bear. I hope you’re kidding about that link to support mccourt, but I can actually believe it. Of all the gall!

Finally! It’s time for Dodger baseball!!!!

So how can I change my Avatar picture?
NELLY love your Avatar pic!*
MESSAGEBEAR your pic is perfect for you!

I’d be more excited if I could actually have something post.

Go Dodgers! and Go Frank…back to Boston!

MLB Wins. I give up.

Davis Gaines used to send chills up my spine when he’d do our National Anthem and the Canadian Anthem for the Kings in the NHL. It’s a little while ago now, but if he still has the pipes everyone will hear Our National Anthem the way it’s supposed to be sung.

It worked enchanted – yeah!!!!!

Good morning all! I am watching the Yankee-Tiger game, and as much as Russell fell off the last few years, I hate seeing him in pinstripes! Uggghhh!!! I am excited for today! I will miss the start of the game, and will then have to mute ESPN and turn on the radio, but I am hoping we start the Giants’ season off 0-4, or will even settle for 1-3. πŸ™‚ Have a great opening day everyone!

So happy it’s oppening day….GO, DODGERS!!!!!

Thanks Rosie!!! ETHIERAHOLIC I AM!!

this is the first Dodger Openigng day I’ve missed in 25 years. Sold my tickets. I’m still a big dodger fan but the McCourts have ruined it for me.

We are listening to the Braves/Nationals game, and Lowe pitched 5 and 2/3rds innings and did a great job. Braves are winning 2-0.

Martin 1/1 with 1 run scored and a 1 SB so far.

Whoaaaaaaaaa the time look like it fixed now.

I also hate seeing Russell in pinstripes. If there’s a miraculous recovery by him, can we call it Werth-esque?
I’ll be at work tonight during the game, but will probably see if I can change the TV, an easy request being in NorCal amidst the sea of brand-new SF apparel to match their shiny new bandwagon (and the hoards of 2010 World Champions shirts in the cheap shelves at the local drugstore).
Hope the Dodgers help make it an easy night for me πŸ™‚

Gee fellas, sorry I’m late to the party.

Enchanted ~ Doger4life still can’t get on here. It won’t post any of his comments. Any suggesions?

I think he’s going to just have to wait it out – or give up. I did and that’s when it finally posted πŸ™‚

New discovery on a tag:
The (acronym title=””) tag is used for providing context for acronyms that you can read while hovering your pointer over an acronym. For example, you can explain what PVL‘s are without ever having to type out the explanation (except for having to go through the trouble of typing the long complicated tag in the first place). Just hover over “PVL” above.
[the code used was (acronym title=”Proven Veteran Losers”)PVL(/acronym), with the pointed brackets instead of the parenthesis used in this explanation.

Dammit North, I’m a blogger not a rocket scientist.

(vague Star Trek reference.)

Alright Beav!!!!

Gee W-W-Wally, betcha never thought you’d see a beaver shot on ITD.

Gosh Beav, what took you so long? LOL!!! I’m glad MLBlogs isn’t sore at you or anything!!!

Gee Wally I was starting to wonder if they could still be mad at a fella from 3-4 years ago.

Well Wally, Theordore does do things a little differently then most, doesn’t he?

Yeah, he’s pretty swell for a goofy kid!!!

Yes, he sure is Wally.

I don’t want to see Russell Martin in pin stripes…I know he will do great, he is going to give it his all to impress all those damn Yankees’ fans.

Sorry for cluttering up the opening day thread, just fascinated with all the new toys.
No word on the location of the nukleeur wessels, Kepp’n.

They already started a thread about him.

Time for our bold predictions!!!

How many games will our 2011 Dodgers win? We can revisit this thread in October and see who came the closest.

I’ll be optimistic and say 89, though for the Dodgers, maybe that isn’t such an optimistic number.

Hey North. Yep, 1989 was very disappointing coming off our 88 WS winning team. Sure hope the G’nats do likewise!!!!


Gee Beav, well at least you are not setting yourself up for disappointment. LOL!!

Yeah Wally. Its all good from there!!

I’m afraid Ned set us all up for disappointment though.

Yep!! I do think we are better going into this year than last year however.

92 games for me!

Hey PMike!!! I love the Gravatar!!! Hope it finds Frank and Furter!!! LOL!!! Well, I hope your prediction is correct.

Love the piano Peru!! – it made me laugh out loud when I saw it.

E impressed.

How come my message is always awaiting moderation?

It’s PianoMan – Right On!!

I am going to go with an even 90 πŸ™‚

I take it you and PMike think we will win the division?!!

I think our competition will be the gnats. On paper, they seem to be the strongest team. However, like every season, you can never count out the Rockies. I think we will have a hard time against the other divsions due to their pitching, but I am hoping the gnats suffer the same fate. Only time will tell.

I think we need pianos now more than ever! We took care of some PVL, but now need pianos for the top. May the pianos find their goal! πŸ™‚

I’ve waited a whole year for this…GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Hi Everybody
Well it starts to count again today. I had such a busy winter that it seems like the ’10 season ended yesterday. Boy how time flies.
I hope to some day place my picture in an LA cap up as soon as I find out how.

(b) G’Day Everyone (b/), this is pretty neat. I just wanted to wish everyone a great evening tonight and say ” (b) Go Dodgers (b?)(!)

Need to work on that…anyhoo, Enjoy the game, Ya’ll

Glad to see you finally got in Dodger4life!!! Now you need to work on an avatar.

oldbrooklynfan – today we start from scratch πŸ™‚

Thanks Nelly, always good to see you. I can’t figure the Avatar thing out either…

Hi’Ya D4!! Right click on the emblem and then click on open link. Then you can make and edit a profile.

Hey, there it is.

It’s Santa!!! ….in Dodger Blue!! πŸ™‚

Nelly, I haven’t shaved my chin, since the Gnats won the World Series….My plan is to shave when the Dodgers win the World Series.

Well it look like the Brewers mess up big time not getting that one out on that ground ball hit by Rolen and it cost them 4 with a walkoff homerun by Hernandez.

Figured that part out….Hi Wally, Thanks for the help πŸ˜†

Good to see you my friend. I’m taking predictions on how many games the Dodgers will win this year and where we will place in the division. So Far:
PMike 92
Nelly 90
North 89
Beav 75

Yes folks. Behind this angellic face lurks evil.

Glad to see you PianoMan and Dodger4life! I’m glad the rest of you are having fun with these new toys πŸ™‚

100 8)

Glad you made it to the show D4!!

Gotch D4!!! Hope you are correct!!!

91 games. for me! I am thinking poitive πŸ™‚

*sorry…91 games for me. I am thinking poitive πŸ™‚

Oops…omce again….positive! lmao

I swear, you’d think I have been drinking…no such luck, just can’t type worth &*^&!

LOL!! Those keys can be slippery little muthas!!!

Blurry Too 😯

Thanks Beav….I wish I could stick around tonight, but I am heading out to a friends to watch the game, he has plaent of spirits to fill the ” Victory Flask!” Enjoy the game Ya’ll, and GO DODGERS!!


Have one for me D4!!! Be safe out there!!!

Thanks Wally, it’s an all nighter πŸ™‚

I’m going to go with 86 wins this year!!! I think we’re better than last year, but not enough to get over the top and make the playoffs!!!!

So far it looks like we’re a pretty optimistic bunch. Maybe its the Opening Day excitement.

“No matter how good you are, you’re going to lose one-third of your games. No matter how bad you are, you’re going to win one-third of your games. It’s the other third that makes the difference.” – Tommy Lasorda
So it boils down to You win 60, you lose 60, it’s the other 42 that matter. I might be going in over my head here with this list, but I want to look at the Dodgers the past few years (at least since the seasons went to 162), and see, by year, whether they won 60 or lost 60 first, and see what they did with those other 42 games.
I only have time to do the 21st century for now:
2010 : W60= 8/14, L60= 8/18, O42= 20-22, R= 4th

2009 : W60= 7/21, L60= 9/18, O42= 35-7, R= L NLCS

2008 : W60= 8/12, L60= 8/16, O42= 24-18, R= L NLCS

2007 : W60= 8/10, L60= 8/18, O42= 22-20, R= 4th

2006 : W60= 8/11, L60= 8/22, O42= 28-14, R= L NLDS

2005 : W60= 8/29, L60= 8/4, O42= 11-31, R= 4th

2004 : W60= 7/30, L60= 9/13, O42= 33-9, R= L NLDS

2003 : W60= 8/9, L60= 8/19, O42= 25-17, R= 2nd

2002 : W60= 7/31, L60= 9/8, O42= 32-10, R= 3rd

2001 : W60= 7/27, L60= 8/28, O42= 26-16, R= 3rd

2000 : W60= 8/13, L60= 8/20, O42= 26-16, R= 2nd
Hover the cursor over the dates and results to see the Dodgers’ record when they won their 60th, lost their 60th, and their final record for the season.
Took entirely too much time, gotta run to be on time for work… Happy Opening Day Night, everyone!

Credit for stats goes to Baseball Reference for the stats.

Outstanding North!!! Thanks!!!

I think want the Dodgers to finish with 42 wins.
Eighteen games w/SF
Eighteen games w/SD
Six games w/Anaheim

Hi’Ya Dad!!! I think we’re all with you on that!!!

My pick is 79 Wins.
On the plus side I think Frank will start experiencing serious trouble with his finances. I’m also thinking optimistically that Bud may be inclined at this point not to approve any big loans no matter the source, and that would really hurt Frank – may even become the convincing factor to have him SELL THE TEAM.

Gotcha Bear, 79 it is!!! The only good part of the Dodgers stinking it up big time this season is that attendance may go way down and force Franks hand. I have a bad feeling that Frank is the type of guy who would rather wreck the team totally in desperation to try and keep them before he will sell.

Welcome to the dark side of .500 Bear!!

Well, so far:

D4 100
PMike 92
Trumom 91
Nelly 90
North 89
Wally 86
Bear 79
Beav 75

I’m not sure how Frank can survive. He’s swimming in Red Ink. By my calculations, he bought the team for over 400M(highly leveraged), is in debt for over 400M(extavagant lifestyle), and the team is worth 800M. He’s got to be struggling just to pay the interest on his debt, much less the enormous legal fees, home mortgages, support for Jamie, and team expenses!!! Somethings gotta give!!!

To be honest, I think Wally’s 86 wins is probably a good guess. I hope, however, my prediction is right πŸ™‚

I also hope you are correct Trumom!!! I would/will be pleasantly surprised!!!

I’m watching the Cards and Puds game!! Tied at 3, bottom of the 10th. Hope the Cards whip them. Just an aside, but, what does everyone think will happen with Pujols. Will he remain with the Cards or move on. Don’t get me wrong, I want no part of him at the price and length of contract he is seeking. Thankfully, the Dodgers won’t be in a position to entertain any ideas of signing him to some ludicrous contract.

lol wow 3 dp?

Oh well, Puds win in 11!!! I can’t be too unhappy however, I like seeing the Cards lose. Pujols; 0 for 5 and grounded into 3 double plays!!! LOL!!!!

I can’t stand the Cards either! Pujols is pouting already, not getting the big bucks he wanted πŸ™‚

LOL Trumom!!! Yep, isn’t it grand!!!!

Its even better Trumom. Theriot made the error that cost the Cards the game!!! LOL!!!

GO DODGERS!!! Its time to get down to work!! This ones for real and I’m anxious to see how our guys respond!!!

LOL, I did see that! Should make Beav happy!

Ned is a real winner. Last year when we should have been selling, Ned goes out a gets Theriot, Pathednick, and Dotel!!! How does this guy still have a job?!!!! Geez!!!!

Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!
Down the Hatch!!

LOL!! I’m with you my friend!!!

Hornitos and that was one was for you Wally!! I found my Verizon plug ( that I went over on my usage last season on watching the Dodger games, to the tune of $800.00, almost forgot about this thing πŸ™‚


Frank’s the only one around that knows less about baseball than Ned. Next to Frank, Ned’s a baseball Einstein.

I was on the SF blog on yahoo and I just read the last part even the blog manager was shocked how bad Broxton was.

Pitcher to watch

Tim Lincecum. Because he’s good.

If you’re looking for a Dodgers pitcher to watch, try Jonathan Broxton. Hopefully the Giants don’t have to see him — and I mean that both in a competitive and aesthetic way — but if they do, he’s a big question mark. A big, big question mark. He was ridiculously dominant in the first half of last season, only to fall apart completely in the second half. Falling apart is too generous of a description. He melted into a puddle of goo. Without that puddle of goo, the Giants might not have won the division or the World Series. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for that puddle of goo for that very reason. But the Dodgers are still going with Broxton as the closer for now. I don’t see how he can be as bad as he was at the end of last year, but then I still can’t believe how bad he was.

Hitter to watch

Brandon Belt! Shiny new toy!

If you’re looking for a Dodgers hitter to watch, go with Juan Uribe. Give him a big ol’ smooch. Pretend to make up with him and then invite to Lake Tahoe for a friendly fishing trip. And, for the love of Bonds, do not throw him anything in the strike zone.

Jhall ~ Today on Dodgers Live, Frank said he a Ned work so well together and are a great team πŸ™‚


I pronounce them Husband and we’ll Neddy!!

Not surprising as neither one of them has a clue!!!

Sounds like Broke McCourt Mountain!!!!


On my way to sweat at boot camp, will see you guys later this evening!

Kid K

Down the hatch, Dodger4life!

That’s the Spirit TruMom!!

Way to bounce back Kershaw from Furcal error.


I fully expect for Kersh to have a breakout year. I just wish they’d put a better team behind him.

Gotta get Ned out of Franks behind first Beav!!!!

GOOOOO DODGERS!! ethier kemp barajas kershaw

Gosh I hate infield single especially when they was Belt 1st major league hit off of a good pitcher.

Coming to ballparks near you!! From the dynamic duo of BeavBear Enterprises.

Starring Frank McCourt and Ned Colletti.

Produced by Ned Selig.

Directed by Jamie McCourt.

Broke McCourt Mountain

Bud Selig. LOL!!! Probably not that far off however!!!

Cowboy boots, a cheesy mustache, and lots of bewildered grins while Frank parks it!!!!


What the hell did Uribe try to stretch his single to a double?

Cute pictures.

How about scoring some runs?

Is this the only banner they got anyone watch the game since this banner?

Is this the only banner they got or do they have more?

I wish you can edit and delete post lol I notice that tru made a lot of typo.

Of course Uribe had that double I guess he enroll in the Kemp bad baserunning class.

Rats!! Well Loney is off to a blistering start. Maybe they should think about a lefty/righty platoon there also!!! Geez!!!!

When you look at the runners Loney’s had on base and the percentage he’s driven in, its pretty poor. That’s why the “he gets 89-90 RBI a year” argument for Loney doesn’t hold water. The runners he sees on base he should easily have 105-115 a season. Time to cut your loses here and deal him if you can.

Yep Beav, I read about that too. When it comes to percentage of runs driven in/rbi opportunities, Loney rates very low!!!!

Loney is killing me!!!

Ned said ” He was looking for RBI men ” We’ll…

D4 goes over to the Dark Side!!!

jhall, any idea why in the world tony gwinn jr is starting in left??


I just realize Uribe never hit a HR’s and he played over 35+ games at DS before he had some key HR’s and yeah like 3 to 4 I miscounted last year. I also seen that Uribe in his career vs the Giants batting under .200.

Ned said it…..

Come on Panda ground into a dp.

Urgh damn it go figure he get a hit.

Way to go Kersh!!! Let’s get some freaking runs!!!!

Come On Dodgers!!

Victory Flask Time!!

Hey that’s pretty cool D4. You’ll have to teach me how you did that so I can have musical accompanyment to my songs.

Just added the link, Wally.

Picking right up where they left off last year. Can’t say as it wasn’t unexpected. I’m thinking they score 2 maybe 3 runs this series if they’re lucky.

There we go and caught a break.

Woooo Hoooo!!!

There’s your run Sandy.


I hate 2nd and 3rd with 1 out and we’re still only get 1 freaking run and are we going to be the worst team to hit with risp.

I can tell already, this is going to be a very amusing season πŸ™‚ ITD will never make it dull. And, I thank you for that!

Someone turned the lights out, yet the band continue’s to play…

I love shutdown inning after we score.

Please no Broxton tonight.

Enchanted – What are you doing in that dark room?


When I first came on, your box was just a black square – LOL!!! Now, I see you are back – LOL!!! Too bad you can’t delete a post – LOL!!!

I’m usually left in the dark Nells.

Especially last week, literally πŸ™‚

Dang not a good way to start Kuo and gosh Kershaw could’ve finish one more inning.

Now, I can exhale! That was a very scary half inning!

For a second there I thought it was going to be Hong-Chih Sherrill.

WTG Kuo you’re still the man.

Wow, that inning got my pucker factor up to 8 on the meter.

Uh, oh….Brox is warming for the 9th!

I hope my sphincter survives Brox!!!!

Nice start and I didn’t expect Kemp to walk 3 times. Let’s get some insurance runs maybe 6 to 7 runs so we don’t have to bring in Broxton.

Alright Loney!!!

πŸ™‚ At least James gave us an extra run! A few more would be wonderful!

Yeah!!!!!!!! I am at school (working on tomorrow’s festivities) so I am screaming to the top of my lungs :))) While at home……………they are sitting there going..”crap” – LMAO!!!!!

Dang enchanted you just had to mention that Sherrill guy.

I love this Kemp guy a SB and a double about damn time Loney.

I’m hoping they will be yelling “Crap” when the game is over, Nellyjune! GO DODGERS!!!!!

Are we going to leave another risp with no out?

It’s nailbiting time – sigh

Pucker up baby, because Heeeerrrrree’s Johnny.


Johnny says: Whhooops. That one’s not coming back.

Come on Brox…one more out!


100 games that’s the call, 100 games that’s the call, take one down, The Boy’s burned it down!! 99 games left to go till fall!!

Whew!! Way to go Dodgers!!!!

What does Johnny say boys and girls???


What does Johnny say?…
You can rest your sphincter now Wally!!!


Now, tomorrow will definitely be fun for me!!!!! YEAH!!! WAY TO GO DODGERS!!!! THANK YOU!!!


Give’em h*ll when you get home Nelly!!!! Actually all you have to do is walk in with a smug grin!!! I didn’t see any banners, by the way!!!

My freaking gosh used Kuo/Jensen in the 9th. I hate freaking drama why am I’m not shock that Broxton would give up a run? I want the shutout so bad.

I had to reboot at the wrong time and miss Burrell HR.

Back to your normally scheduled breathing – whew!

Just think, this was only the first game, guys! I hope they aren’t all this close.

What the over and under on games being so closed and Broxton giving the lead back I think it would be over? I hope Mattingley has a short leash on him.

I’d also like to extend a thank you to our 10th man tonight – Buster Posey.

Jhall – I won’t have to say a word at home. Tomorrow with all the gnat fans here at school. That’s another story – LOL!!!!

Enjoy it Nelly!!! I’m happy for you!!!!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Well, when you have great pitching, it comes down to the defense. Kudo’s to Kersh and our guys in the field!!!! The G’nats came unglued!!!

Well, that was easy…………………………..

Good Night and God Bless, Dodger Faithful

Great first win tonight! many more to come

Good Night Dodger4Life!!!

Good Night, Team Mom

Haven’t heard that name in a while πŸ™‚

The gnat’s sign was so bad. I mean it just looked bad. All the words were scrunched together so you could barely read what the sign even said. The gnat fans paid $8000 for a sign nobody could read – idiots!!!

WOOOOO HOOOOO GREAT GAME! Should of been a shut out, but hey DODGERS WON! Great job Kershaw!

94 wins for the 2011 Dodger Season

Just got home from work, loooong day, but at least I was put on the register closest to the 40-something inch HDTV showing ESPN. For a waaaaaaaaay busy night, it sure was quiet at work, heheheh.
I’m home now, and am going to rewatch the game on my ($99) projector in my room (this is why I asked for the thing for Christmas). No Vin tonight, there was a mix-up with my Gameday Audio renewal, but Orel and Bobby V. will more than make up for it.
I won’t try to find the clip on youtube, but after seeing Brox close it, this line from the owner on “Major League” came to mind: “That oughta shut ’em up.”

And for a peek from the other side of the state, SF’s 680AM was broadcasting a post-game call-in show where they lavished so much praise on that Belt guy, they did everything short of calling Aubrey Huff the next Wally Pipp.
Sure is quiet up here. Nice and quiet.

It sure is Northstateblues!!! It is very nice indeed!!!

I can’t believe that I’m the one who gets to break this, but according to the LA Times, FRANK’S SELLING THE TEAM!!! Dylan Hernandez’s article is here . Glad to be putting this sideshow in the rearview mirror in the coming months (or, dare we think, weeks?), and maybe the core will stay, providing that the new owners are a bit more loose with their money than the old ones.
Between the Opening Day win and this, the past 24 hours have felt like a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. Hopefully we end up with some good buyers, and not just whoever’s buddy-buddy with Selig at the moment.
How will I sleep tonight?

Well now, that was a great win. Thank you, Kersh.
Now, only 78 more to go for the season.

Good Morning All!
GAME 2……Let’s Go Dodgers!

I tried to change my avatar. Then I realized Trublu is using the one I had picked (b)LUCKY(/b), so I picked another one but I can’t get it to show up!

Good morning. Kersh was wonderful last night. Hope Chad does the same tonight. Even though Brox gave up a run, he didn’t implode. Perhaps a good sign for him. I was pleased to see Donny leave Kersh in the game, which too me, is a big difference in his thinking compared to that of Jo-Jo. Let’s go for anoother win tonight, boys…..GO DODGERS, SPANK THOSE GIANTS!!!!

I didn’t believe it for one second Northstateblues!! – lol!!! If it had really happened, I would have heard Dodgereric all the way from Temecula screaming to the top of his lungs “It’s about frickin’ time!!!” Did I click “here” just to make sure? Me and my gullable self sure did πŸ™‚

Didn’t think anyone would actually believe it, but I was up late, and it was April 1st, so had to do something

Rosie, sometimes it takes a few minutes to appear. Keep trying, you will get it πŸ™‚

See, Rosie, it worked! πŸ™‚

YAY it worked! OK got my avatar, now still working on my tags and now I have to figure out how to add those happy faces so for now I will go oldschool :0)
TRUBLUE you have great taste!

Go back the other way I hate this lol

This is why it suck to stay until the last freaking out. Some moron always want to start crap with the Giants fan.

Good morning ITD!
Great win yesterday and great day! We started our chant “Let’s go Dodgers!” from Barragans restaurant where we enjoyed lunch. Quite a few Dodger fans there. Placido Domingo and David Grines were great! Kershaw was outstading! It was great enjoying the win with friends!
I’ll go with 88 games.
Can’t change my avatar. Probably has to do with security here at work.
Sorry I missed you! Do let me know next time you are back at Our Home!
I tried the Doyer dog on Wednesday. It was good but messy. I shared it between three of us and 1/3 was enough for my dinner. It had chill beans, nacho cheese, chopped tomatoes and jalapenos.

b Good Morning Ya’ll b/
b Fantastic b/ game last night Boy’s!!
Let’s Go Dodgers, Lets Go!!

LOL!! Try, try, again……


I thought I was the only one who couldn’t figure it out, Dodger4life…lol

My class did such a fabulous job on their MLB Opening Day program. Any baseball fan would have been proud!! They read the poems perfectly, they pulled off their baseball jokes, the read “our created” ABC Baseball Book wonderfully, and they sang their hearts out during “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” (the entire version, of course)

First Gnat fan that approached me this morning complained about the three errors, but other than that, it has been fairly quiet around here with all the gnat fans. I guess the bandwagon fans just found out they have to play another 161 games and the glory doesn’t last forever.

There are four certain things in life Nells:
1. Death
2. Taxes
3. The Dodgers can’t hit with RISP
4. 90% of Gnat fans are bandwagoners that’ll jump on and of ship depending on the tide.

…and some of them are just plain IDIOTS…. family sometimes excluded πŸ™‚

A little groggy this morning, I’ll get it!!

Think of the < like you would a parenthesis. for right side which closes the parenthasis. Everything after that will be bold until you shut it off by close

Boy, it didn’t like my explaination (by example) using the arrows now did it? Lets try that again. Left arrow is like a left parenthesis. The b is for bold. Right arrow closes the command like you’d close a parenthesis. Now everything is bold until you give it the command to stop which is left arrow, backslash, b again for bold and right arrow to close the command and return to normal.


Thanks E and North πŸ™‚

Kershaw had NINE outs last night… :-))

That was clever Rosie!!
I’m going to be keeping my eye on you!! πŸ™‚


It’s all downhill from here.

Enchanted Just enjoying the new toys Josh/MLB have provided us! I can’t wait to see who will be your next inspiration (other than Ned & Frank) for your Dodger Lyrics, well now that Martin is gone (still 😦 about that!)
Rosie (AKA ThinkingBlue)

What’s better than a Dodgers Opening Day victory? My Spring Break from teenagers, which starts in 120 minutes….

Jealous – I have two more weeks 😦

I had one in February so I really can’t complain too much even though I am πŸ™‚

Geez…that is inhuman…I haven’t really had a break since January 3…

What about italic or italic ? Did either work?

Another experiment…


Pretty much epic fail…as my son would say.

One last time, for boredom’s sake…


Double epic fail…I can’t change color to the font.

lol you had 8 years old Giants fans complainting about those 3 errors.

Infinite sadness.
That’ll get the fans to the stadium in droves.
And commenters around the sports blogosphere have been saying that the problem is that tickets at Dodger Stadium are too cheap. Wonder what kind of spin that’ll give for the next ticket increase upon a weary fandom.
The problem isn’t ticket prices. It’s deeper than that, it’s societal. The public today is a lot angrier than it has been. Not to get tooo much deeper on the subject in a sports blog, but it’s a reflection of the rapid change we’ve gone through in the last 9 years and 5 months.
Some people use sports as their escape. And out of those, some people are prone to unleash their frustrations on what, to them, is a faceless public. To those who go to Dodger Stadium to get drunk and get in fights, they don’t see anything except for color (in this case, black and orange), and people who don’t see anything but color are very hateful,because they dehumanize a person to the point that they’re just something to be used.
As someone who grew up taking in games in the cheapseats at the stadium, I’m ashamed when I read stuff like this. It makes me think twice about wearing my Dodger gear up here, which I’ve been thinking twice about since before last years’ world series, because unfortunately in NorCal, brown + blue = something a little worse than just a baseball rivalry. And this stuff doesn’t help.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s always been bad apples. But apples rot over time if you don’t take control of the situation.

Hi everybody
That was a fine performance by Kersh yesterday to open the season and put the Dodgers over .500 to start the season and make Donnie Baseball 1-0 for his managerial career. We even got a save from Big Jon.

:think blue:



Let’s go for two in a row!

Hi’Ya Trumom!!!

Great game yesterday evening, unfortunately marred by many stupid incidents both inside and outside the stadium. Overall though, besides the heat, the fans were passionate on National TV and everyone stayed for the most part till final pitch. Get em tonight Bills.

Go Dodgers Go!!


Hi, Jhall. So glad you guys are having fun with the new features here on ITD. i’m going to go over to Nellyjune’s and have her show me how to do all this stuff. I read your instructions but, I’m such a dope, I have to be shown πŸ™‚

That sounds fun Trumom!!

I’m wondering how long it will take Josh to change the blogs Gravatar.

Still trying to figure out the color thing.

I think we are limited to the HTML tags listed below however and font color is not among them.

I think North had a how-to reference guide on the previous thread….and, I believe the color change was there. You could check it out.

Thanks Trumom, I’ll do that!!

Good luck. I hope to see you in living color πŸ™‚

LET’S GO DODGERS! Hopefully it works!

It did not! 😦


LOL!!!! Now you know how I feel πŸ™‚



Way to go, Jhall!

Way to Go! So what’s the secret? does it only take RED?

Hey Trumom. It won’t support any colors. Just the tags listed below. It is in red meaning you can click on it to go to another site, picture, etc…

Pretty soon, instead of Wally, you will be the Lady in Red πŸ™‚

– Uribe is out of the line up due to an arm injury. Here we go with the injuries already.

So if we went the Crud & Crap way of thinking (Nicknames for the Giants announcers) someone should be drilled for Uribe being hit.

Definately!! I just love your Gravatar Collie!!! McCourt Go Home!!!!!

Opening Shots

Clayton Kershaw had nine strikeouts against the Giants, tied for the third-most by a Dodgers pitcher on Opening Day since 1900.

Year Pitcher K’s

1960 D. Drysdale 14
1906 H. McIntire 10
2011 C. Kershaw 9
1986 F. Valenzuela 9
1965 D. Drysdale 9
1937 V. Mungo 9


Wow, that didn’t work!!! Stadium

Nope, that really wasn’t what I was going after. Oh well!!!

What the heck were you trying, Jhall?! lol

Trying to get a photo to show up like D4 did last night.

Dodgers have a job opening for a social media coordinator. Social media experience is necessary.

I’m drawing a blank!! LOL!!!

Too funny! I couldn’t say LMAO because it was a duplicate comment! πŸ™‚

LOL!! Let’s make it two in a row over the G’nats tonight!!!

Darn, I feel like the Dodger offense. Just keep coming up empty… LOL!!!

I can’t even do one πŸ™‚ (duplicate comment)….so, I will have to do πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :), perhaps.

This ones for you D4!!!!!

Thanks Wally, Great Song 8)

Glad you like it my friend!!!

I know it’s not the 3rd inning yet, but Dodger Stadium is looking kind of empty in parts it usually isn’t at the beginning of the game.

Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!!!

Way to go Andre for the productive out!!
Way to go Matt for the RBI!!!

Alright Matt!!!

Sure is a bummer on GameDay audio when they go from Vin to Steiner after the 3rd inning. I’m not sure if they suck or how much they suck because following Vin, everyone sucks!!!!

Jhall – it doesn’t even sound like Charlie likes our team. You are right!! Nothing even comes close to Vin.

Why wasn’t I informed there was a game tonight?
I feel like Andre.

I see we already got Don his run for the night.

Uh oh!!! That was not good!! What is worse, I had to hear crud and crap say “outta here!” 😦


Me too, Nellyjune! It sucks!!!!!

I can’t stand Charlie either! Monday isn’t too bad, but, Charlie never lets him talk!

Me Thinks πŸ’‘ Charlie needs to hook up to an IV bag, when he goes to sleep on Saturday Nights!! Sunday’s can be Rough.



I don’t think that if you started out with that as your goal, that you could put together as poor as hitting an run producing team as Ned’s put together. Not only is it painful to watch, its unwatchable period.

Wow I get home, turn the TV on and we a loosing 3 to 1! What the F….k?

Well, Billz got us a quality start!!! Somewhere along the way, the offense needs to get it done!!!

I just recieved a gift in the mail. It was a bottle of Soulshine. It’s actually a 5th of homeade bourban, with a Caution label saying Extremley Potent

Let’s get some runs Boy’s….

This kind of crap makes me sick:

Way to go James and Matt!!!!



My earlier comment is still not posted, it’s “under review for moderation”…
I just wanted to say, LOPES HAS UNLEASHED THE BISON.
Look out everyone else

Collie brings this up every year about security issues and the gang influence there seems to be at Dodgers Stadium. This happened last year on Opening Day, but it being a gnat fan makes it seem worse.

I do have to say the bay area radio people I was listening to on the way home today were alot nicer about than I thought they would be. They were talking about how real Dodgers/Gnat fans are rivals but not violent. That the people that do this stuff are not fans and are just looking for trouble.

Let’s get some runs boys!!!!

wooooohoooo! DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT!

Defense will make you or break you!!

I am so enjoying the aggressive baserunning. Let’s go Ferk!!

Me too, sparkle! Davey, Tim and, of course, last but not least Maury, have lit a fire under this team. Can you imagine what Kemp’s gonna be like later in the season? He almost steamrolled that second baseman!!!!

Eric, that’s what my “under review” comment pertained to. Don’t see why it’s under review, unless it’s “too long”. Basically, I said that, though some say the problem’s that the tickets aren’t expensive enough to keep the “riff-raff” out, I think the problem’s societal, involving people who only see color, whether it’d be the color of one’s skin, or the color of one’s baseball cap.
But enough of that, WTG FURCAL! Thanks Guillermo!

I’d like to thank the Giants defense. This team needs all the help it can get to score some runs.

How that possible? Well everytime I post I can see mine but it always saying waiting for moderator. I don’t want to see that no more.

Oh god I hate bunt single especially to guy name Tejada.

I also like the way we are being aggresive on the bases. I do like Gimenez a lot…..he even hustled on a weakly hit ball. Now, let’s get some more runs!!!!!

Gimenez wants some of that Blue Soulshine!!
Shine on Brother!!

If a Huskie and a Bulldog got into a fight, who will win? I know an out of the BLUE question!

French, English or American bulldog?

I’d take the Fresnan.

I’ll take a Grey Wolf!! The Ultimate Road Warrior!!


In that case, I take the American. Husky’s no contest for a pitbull.

My Heart Bleeds Red</del Blue</ins!

Wow!!! That was intense!!!

OUCH! Poor DodgerFan, but YEY!

Yeah, the Giants broadcast only showed him for 5 seconds, but it didn’t look pretty 😦

Yeah Hawksworth we need that one.

The was one big out! I hope that fan is okay πŸ™‚

Someone tell their Flower Child catcher he’s supposed to hold on to the bat!
Kids these days… sigh.

Where is Shad with our Dodger Stadium attendance update?

Who’s gonna close this one?

Brox is getting ready, Jhall.


Pucker up big boy!!! LMAO

OS is right!!!

Don’t let them have our Soulshine Boy’s

I know, Jhall πŸ™‚ I can’t even watch!

Hey gang, pass your cursor over the OS!!!

I’m really liking these HTML tags, heheh

Oh man I can’t watch Broxton…I just can’t!

Come on 1 2 3 Broxton please stop touching us.

Great play Andre!!!

Fu-Q G’nats!!!!

Johnny says Fu-Q Y’all!!!
Y’all can rest your sphincters now.


All right!! Two in a row to open the new season!! Is it too early to pass the victory flask?

Yeah!!!!!!!!! Way to go Brox!!!! The worst we can donus split the series now!

I’m write here Nelly watching the Lakers game and it was 56,000 last night no surprise there.

I am having typing issues tonight 😦

Hey jhall, you’re getting pretty tricky!! LMAO!!!

North, I made a comment on the Times site that never made it I guess. I also made a social link to the problem….. somewhere along the line we stopped teaching our kids about class and started the trash-talking. I also mentioned that mccourt wouldn’t dare throw these idiots off the premises – they may not buy any more tickets.

Hi’Ya Dad!!!

Yeah, I hear that. That’s one thing I really liked about Chico State. EVERYONE held the door open for people. Might be a bit overboard to some, but it’s a small courtesy that doesn’t take much to do, and is a nicer habit than going around slamming doors.
But then some felt entitled by it, like everyone HAD to hold the door open. One kid (wearing a Giants hat, to boot) yelled at me when I let the door close as I was trying to get to class on time a minute too late, “Hey %$#%$#, we’re not holding doors open anymore?!!” I almost asked him if he still had his mother hold i….
But the lesson is, sometimes, it’s just not worth the fight.

2 down, 40 to go.

For me 2 down, 89 to go πŸ™‚

So far, I’m liking Donny Ball!!!!

That makes 2 of us!


100 games! Thats the call! 100 games! That’s the call! Take one down, the Boy’s burned it down! 98 games left to go, until Fall!
It’s Soulshine Time Boy’s!

Look like I mean right not write damn where is the edit button?

I have no idea how long I’ll be able to keep this up, but…..

2010 attendance after 2 home games: 100,621
2011 attendance after 2 home games: 100,834


Interesting – hmmm

Reeeeeeeally hoping to see a dropoff soon.

Blue Soulshine

Keep On Truckin…Eric!

Impress by Broxton for the first time!
Now I can have a good night sleep!

Here in NorCal, the air is filled with quiet.
And CSN Bay Area is reliving their entire loss in detail. I guess the Giants announcers can be enjoyable to watch.

That’s cause they went to bed long long time ago! Too many errors from the Gnats!

LOL!!!! Hubby changed the channel πŸ™‚

Nelly ask Bill, ” If they have changed the flag pole @ the Phone Booth yet, or if they are going to delay that event a few more Blue day’s! “

Bill says he doesn’t know (laughing) but at least Dodger fans aren’t being hospitalized for attending a game there.

Who knew, Brox may have balls!!!

That was 56,000 last night.

Good things:

1) Broxton looks like he may be back so far
2) Kershaw looked dominate with only 1 BB
3) 2-0 against the gnats

Bad things:

1) Scored 3 earned runs in 2 games
2) RISP is 3 for 18 (.167)
3) Gnats w/5 errors have given us both games

Yup that’s true…but it feels GOOD to beat the GIANTS!

44,834 (80.1% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

They may not be purdy, but that’s two the Gnats ain’t getting back!!

lol look like are fans didn’t get the memo.

Good Night ITD!

Good Night, Rose πŸ™‚

Nice! I was at the gym watching the Bay Area broadcast and listening on my MLB 11 App to the Dodger Broadcast. It was nice to have them get the 2nd W tonight. I still had Giants fans popping off to me today. I figured out the term for them… they have this sense of “entitlement” to talk smack — even before they won in 2010. They always are yapping. Even in their losses they still spout off. I can’t relate to that.
That being said I really feel for the fan in that incident outside Dodger stadium.
When will they do something about this type of idiot fan coming to these games. They HAVE to start to take names and boot these people out and not let them back.
Maybe after this guy & his family sue McCourt for not taking the proper measures for his safety McCourt will do something to clean this junk up. Really a horrible incident and it just shows that there are still issues there.
I know some say “well it’s just one incident from a couple of punks” — but isn’t one incident enough?
Clean it up Frank — there are things you can do.

So I just read another article about this incident and I’m just sickened about it. The guy is 41 in an induced coma and possibly going to have one of his frontal lobes removed. He is a paramedic in the Bay Area.
Josh this is a real tragedy. I know it’s not the Dodgers fault but I really think and as Nelly mentioned have brought it up for years. There needs to be a strict conduct code that shows these people they aren’t welcome at Dodger Stadium. There is a way to do this — it won’t happen over night but with a strong commitment and starting somewhere and really cracking down on these punks in a year or two the acceptance of this stuff will stop.
When will the Dodgers say NO MORE?!


Lopes and Mattingley have created a monster in Kemp.

Lopes is like the Grey Wolf ….Chasing the Bison where no animal, has gone before…. Run, Bison, Run!!

Blue Soulshine under the moonlight

Let Em Hear Ya’ Howl Baby!!


About the tragedy last night, yes, it’s a tragedy! A life was lost! Not a Giant Life or a Dodger Life for that matter but a Human Life!
Being a fan4life doesn’t entitle you to mayhem @ any cost. It simply entitles you, to undivided attention and spirit tor-ward’s your beloved team.
What happened last night to come to end!!
The Battle is on the Field….That’s where the enjoyment comes from!!
The Dodger Way and Our Dodger Pride is ours to be Cherished not Tarnished!!
Please Let’s Make Our Soul’s Shine!!
Good Night and God Bless Us All…

Good Morning, Dodger Faithful

They say keepin’ up with the Giants boy
You can’t back off one inch
Give us some front porch kickin’ tonight, enjoying some of that Blue… Soulshine!!

Ready or Not here We Come

Click on Larry McRay to see another rendition of Blue….. Soulshine
Don’t Stop Believing meets Soulshine

Man, I wish we could change font colors… also HTML tags such as this would be 8), :think Blue: where a logo pops up. That would lead to endless possibities, :16: :04: etc… However this is, so far… a Maior improvemnet…. Kudo’s Wonderful πŸ’‘

Let’s make it 3 for 3 today……..GO, DODGERS….BEAT THE GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Evryone
Isn’t it nice to see our bums 2 games over .500?

Todays Lineup:

Aaron Miles, 3B
Ivan De Jesus Jr., 2B
Andre Ethier, RF
Matt Kemp, CF
James Loney, 1B
Hector Gimenez, C
Xavier Paul, LF
Jamey Carroll, SS
Ted Lilly, P

Go Dodgers!!!

Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!!

Hey lbirken!!! How do you like this new ITD setup?

Where did lbirken’s comment go? Strange!

Just thinking about Dodgereric’s attendance number he gave us last night. And, I think the Dodgers front office bloated those numbers….opening day was a sell-out but, last night and today look mighty bare to me.

I don’t see lbirken here, Nellyjune…One of your posts is missing too. I wonder where they go? πŸ™‚

Lilly is bringing it today (so far). Let’s get some runs for him today boys!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

lbirken’s was right after jhall’s lineup – hmmm! I was wondering about the attendance numbers too because with 56,000 the first day, they would have had 44,834 last night. Perhaps, but it didn’t look like it. However, the rivalry alone will bring more fans, not to mention it’s opening weekend, so we shall see what happens when we play teams outside of our division.



Spoke too soon about Lilly!!! Come on Ted!!! You can do it!!!

I wonder if I’m on ignore?

The “attendance” is the number of tickets sold, not the number of people in the stadium. So I guess it doesn’t matter how it looks, it’s how much $’s have been spent but not utilized.

Thank for that catch Andre!!! Whew!! Now go out and get you some runs boys!!!!

About time they got rid of that waiting approved for my comment. I wonder all those times I’ve been waiting and I can see my post did anyone else seen my message?

Hey Shad!!! How are you?
Sparkleplenty – I know, but it boggles my mind how people spend money on tickets and don’t go.

Shad – I think we all went through that “waiting” thing. Some more than others too. You are the only one who sees those comments until you are cleared thru that waiting process.

Geez Tigers is Penny really your #2 starter.

B Penny 2.0 5 6 6 3 2 1 54-27 27.00

Hi’ya Everyone!! Yep Shad, Penny is getting lit up!!! LOL!!! We need some runs darn it!!!

Nelly, this new format has got me all confused. Am I missing a link to ITD from the home page?

I’m fine hopefully we can get the swept but I’ll be happy if we win 3 of 4 games. Yep and has been like that since the 1st game of the season. I also want to say why Don didn’t have Paul leading off over Miles and it look like an easy choice for him and I hate when we leave guy on 3rd bases with 1 out and that flyball by Paul came 1 batter to late

lbirken – the link is under the “fan” tab, and the click on “Connect with the Dodgers” , and you will see blogs with ITD A’s one of them.
Yeah Andre!!!

I mean swept=sweep dang I hate making stupid typo

Thanks. Now I have to figure out the new Gameday!

Sweet play Jamey Carroll!!!

Hi Sparkleplenty, lbirken and Shad. I’m with Nellyjune on buying a ticket and then not going to the game. In that case, I think attendance should be the number of people who go through the gate.

Well, that was short-lived 😦
Still having typing issues 😦

Damn that was too nice but that was a bark.

Looking like we’re gonna need the G’nat defense to implode again to get some runs!! Geez!!!!

The wheel just come off like that.

All these dumb 2 out hits and where the old Giants at from last year hahaha

The Dodgers used to announce actual attendance through the turnstiles (remember those; they don’t even use them anymore) while other teams announced tickets sold. My guess is MLB wanted every team doing things the same and tickets sold will always be a greater number than actual attendance. Not sure who decided to add the stadium capacity to the box score. Still, buying a ticket but not showing up still derives the team a lot of revenue because most fans purchase food and other stuff at the game (I don’t). But honestly, why waste your money on a ticket if you have no intention of going?

Here another one damn

Oh great fox just show those 2 HR’s than Posey hit off of Lilly.

Crap!!! Lilly sucks!!!

Gosh damn it fox why did you show us Lilly face?

Watching the game on Fox. Not much to cheer about from a Dodger perspective, but I am enjoying all the EMPTY SEATS. I’m picturing a Screw You, Frank sign on each and every one of them. I hope they keep growing and growing as the season goes along.

We never play well during these Fox games. Not that I am using this as an excuse, but still……

I hate 2 outs 2 strike hit.

messagebear – and it’s past the third inning too so the late shows are already there πŸ™‚

I bet with all of those empty seats it be somewhere over 40,000+

lbirken is right….no people in the stands means no food, beverage and souveniers! So that’s got to hurt Frank’s wallet πŸ™‚

Yep and I was waited for Nelly to make that comment.


I still can’t believe there is a game on fox this early of the season. I can’t believe Cain would be 3-8 after going 0-8 vs us if this score hold up. Cain need those 2 wins and I think Sanchez had won his last 2 games last year before we beat him and he was like 0 for something. Those 4 wins were huge for them.

Bear, you are right, the Dodgers did not do well on Fox broadcasts last year. Not sure how they did on ESPN games. Also, remember Dodger Stadium has a capacity of 56,000 which is a lot more than most of the newer stadiums. 40 K fans in San Diego or San Francisco is a full stadium with few empty seats. 38-40 K at Dodger stadium still means some empty seats. The big difference is those games in New York or Boston late at night and everyone is still there. At Dodger Stadium the seats behind home plate (full camera view) are pretty thin towards the end of most Dodger games regardless of game time.

lbirken – is that where people get the impression that being a fan of a west coast team is more of a social event? I bet half those fans sitting in those seats behind home plate don’t care who wins. It’s just more important that they are there and are seen IMO. At other ballparks, it is always packed behind home plate all game long, from the throw of the first pitch to the throw of the last pitch.

Nelly, I suppose so. I am sure fans leave early at every ball park, especially late in the game with the home team losing. Still, I see people leave Dodger games after the 7th inning regardless of the score. The West Coast does have a repuatation for being more “laid back” than the East Coast. I don’t attend Laker games but I have heard a similar knock on Laker fans who arrive late. Perhaps to some it is a social event, a place to be seen. I maintain half the people attending any given Dodger game did not pay for the ticket themselves; someone (or some company) paid for the ticket. Some of those people don’t even know who is playing. I pay for my tickets and I want to be in my seat before the game starts and I don’t leave until the game is over. Of course, I am glad I am not at the game today but if I were, I would stay until the bitter end.

I hate count 1-2 and the last 3 pitches wasn’t even close.

Nelly, sorry it was you who mentioned the Dodgers don’t do well on Fox. Sorry about that.

It’s okay πŸ™‚

Gosh where the Jansen from last season this one look awful I know this is his 1st game but still.

One word – Honeycutt

Walking pitcher with an 0-2 count are unacceptable.


Meanwhile at the Yankee game. Russel just hit a 3-run bomb!

Gosh damn it

OK, who’s the long mop up relief guy!!! Don’t wreck the bullpen Donnie. Someone needs to take one for the team!!!!!

I think it go back farther than Honeycutt lol

New thread gang!!!

I know Donny didn’t want to take him out but the last 2 k’s was prefect.

Oh come on I was happy he made the team and work his butt off in ST but maybe he need more time. Dejesus should had drop that on purpose to get the dp.

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the one hour pregame show of Opening Day? I was only able to see the game itself on ESPN. Thanks!

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