Andre Ethier’s big photo moment

Earlier this week, we had a meeting to talk about what we might be able to do to generate awareness of the $1 Dodger Dog Day at the Stadium on May 30. Shameless plug, I know. But as we discussed who might be the right people to get involved, Andre Ethier came to mind because of his love of food and his endorsement deal with Farmer John.

So, yesterday when Andre got to the park, we broke out a giant BBQ in the player’s parking lot, slapped a Father’s Day apron on Andre (another shamless plug for the 6/19 game) and let him grill up the baseball world’s most famous hot dog.

Little did we know that at the same time we were taking photos of this fun moment that Andre was making headlines for another photo that made the rounds on in the Internet but this one’s better anyway, so take a look. It’s Matt Guerrier eating his first Dodger Dog (Javy Guerra was also one who got his rookie initiation to the Dodger delicacy) and the photos are even better because it’s a getaway day, so the guys were all in their suits as they grubbed.

There should be a TV spot coming out of this event and for those interested, you can buy tickets to the $1 Dodger dog day you can buy tickets here and for those interested in Father’s Day (which includes catch on the field with your dad after the game), visit here.


Thanks for the new thread, Josh. I really don’t care to hear about Andre’s gesture….I don’t blame him and mlb shoud continue their investigation into McCourt and not waste their time on a trivial matter. Everybody has done what he did at one time or another and right now, with all the problems with the team and it’s owner…I feel like giving the finger to Frank!

By the way, Dre can grill a dog for me anytime….yummy 🙂

JOSH….This is just funny….flipping hot dogs….flipping photographers off. I still love Andre! He looks good on both pictures…LOL This picture…Frank Hot Dogs and I just wished the “OTHER” picture was directed towards FRANK McCourt…LET’S GO DODGERS!

Gee, I wonder what’s with all the ticket and concession promotions lately? What a nice owner. I think I’ve changed my mind and I’m going to support McCourt after all, I mean $1 Dodger Dogs should do it right? June 1 is coming fast McBroke.


Hurry up MLB & IRS!!

I think Andre did what I often wish I could do to people that are rude…… Andre showed that guy the same respect that he showed him. Now he has to apologize…. but not the guy taking his picture over and over again.

Mr Ethier my wife loves u she says ur her boyfriend I say yeah baby his a good player just keep up the good work

Dodger fans are disgusted by this constant effort to take the emphasis off of winning baseball games. It is a cancer that wasn’t here 20-30 years ago, and it must be destroyed by the fans themselves. The ownership and management must be purged.

Here are the latest DodgerErics’ attendance stats:

Game 25′s attendance (2010): 36,533
Today’s attendance courtesy of emma and Jaime Jarrin: 34,242
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 19
8th straight game of negative attendance
2010 attendance (25 games) – 1,087,235 (43,489 average)
2011 attendance (25 games) – 909,010 (36,360 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 178,225 total
Average drop of 7129
Extrapolated for 81 games – 577,449
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,945,192
2010′s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (26) attendance in 2010 – 35,355
By dodgereric on May 19, 2011 9:43 pm – Reply

Looks like I’ve been fired 😕

You were ambushed Trumom!!!

Yep…I was blind sided for sure. Oh, well, a least Dodgereric get his stats nightly.

My guess is she won’t be back for awhile. She’s not around enough to know that announcing attendance is your gig!! LOL!!!

Hey Josh, maybe we can spin this into a new slogan for Andre to get people to come to the park:
Andre – Finger Flickin’ Good™

Or maybe, Your In Good Hands, But Sometimes You Just Get The Finger, With Andre.©

🙂 🙂 ))

How about:
Andre – The Quicker Flipper-offer®
Andre – Betcha Can’t Eat This One©
Andre – Raise Your Finger if You’re Sure™
Andre – A Little Finger Will Do Ya©
Andre – Have it MY Way®
Just some thoughts to go with $1 Dog Days.

Or: “Where’s the finger!!!” from the old Wendy’s commercials.

Josh obviously needs to hire us to help out with marketing and public relations! 🙂

Here, its even better with the music to sing along with:

Hey Beav, thought I’d get the collaberative song together,

Dang it, I’ve got this started to the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, but I’m stuck after the first stanza:
The legend lives on from Pacoima on south
Of the big ass we call Ned Colletti
The team it is said does its best playing dead
And the cloud from this bomb is mushroomy
Signed a ton of vet’ran whores, ninety-five million or more
But the Dodgers roster still’s empty
The rest of the blue is for us to eschew
When the break in November comes early

The club was the pride of baseballs National side,
Coming here from a borough in Brooklyn,
As baseball teams go, it was better than most, with lineup and skipper well seasoned,
Concluding some terms with a corrupt Boston firm,
We now knew the glass was half empty,
And later with fright when they hired a management gang,
Could it be a G’nat reject who’d be dealing.

The Times and news wires sold a tattle-tale round
Bout chauffeurs Jamie was dating
And Franky he blew, cuz he’d married a shrew
T’was the bitch of Old Boston asquealin’
Divorce came fast and the team still came last
And Frank’s pocketbooks were soon emptied
When ’11 came half the team came up lame
And the rest I’m not able to mention

When dealing time came old Colletti came out a sayin’,
Fella’s your too young to play ya,
A stupid GM, for PVLs he caved in sayin’,
Fella’s ya should’ve been older,
To the waiver wire then, he had PVLs coming in,
Throws away young players our peril,
And later that year, with PVL injuries we feared,
Came the mess that is now McCourts Dodgers.

Does anyone know where the money all goes
Frank borrowed thirty but payroll’s just twenty
The researchers say he shant make it through May
He needs sev’ral more millions to fund her.
Would they split the team up if the owner capsized?
Franky’s boat leaks and is taking on water
Now all that remains is a bunch of lost games
Let’s get rid of those scum Boston squatters

Bud Selig rules, and Soberoff spins,
Jamie now lives in 6 mansions,
Old Neddy steamrolls all the young players dreams,
With the old vets that just ain’t producing,
In triple A below, all the players well know,
They’ll wait to see where Neddy sends ‘em,
And the pennant dreams go as ITDers well know,
With the ignorant Ned deals of November.

With some rusty old clowns that Colletti lets play
In what once was considered a heaven
The death knell chimes for the [now] twenty-three times
That its been since won a world series
The legend lives on from Pacoima on south
Of the big ass we call Ned Colletti
The team it is said does its best playing dead
And the cloud from this bomb is mushroomy!

Good thing we didn’t try to do American Pie!!
Once again, great job my brother!!

LOL…American Pie would have needed at least four new threads to make it fit 😉 Would, however, be worth the read!

Thanks Beav, you too. We would probably need extra innings for American Pie, but, it is great suggestion. Spread it out over a couple of games.

You boys are amazing….Trumom is very proud!




Your dad is going to love that song 🙂

Instant classic!
Great job!!!

One dollar Dodger dogs, is this about the hot dogs the food or the players that I’ve signed? Anyway keep up the good work boss, we’ll figure out a way for you to make payroll. I’ve got it, how about 6 dollar seats in honor of the 6 wasted spots in the lineup every night?

enchanted – you are too funny sir!!!!
As my take on the Andre gesture, I wasn’t even aware of it until much later in the day, and even then, I was just reading headlines. The fact that it happened during batting practice makes no sense why this is even an issue. Yea fine! He flipped somebody off for taking his picture for 15 minutes straight. I am with Andre – 15 minutes straight of taking his picture by one person is a little excessive IMO (during batting practice even) and this is coming from an Ethieraholic who has taken and printed out many pictures of Andre, but I honestly don’t know the reasoning behind taking so many pictures at one time (at batting practice no less). He’s human, and let’s face it, doesn’t the team seem just a little irritated in general about everything? I really think our owner issue is really starting to take it’s toll on the team………….which is a good and bad thing.

LOL I went paparazzi on him when I had him infront of me…LOL Well it was field picture day! And if he would of given me the finger I would of been “OMG he looked at me” with a big smile!
I’m sure the photographer must of said something to provoke him!

Andre, just say you saw Frank and leave it at that. Everyone will applaud you.

He gave FRANK 2 thumbs fingers up!

He would have gotten a standing ovation for that!!!

Holy Shit: Just when you think it can’t get much worse!!!

1. Gwynn, CF
2. Carroll, SS
3. Ethier, RF
4. Kemp, DH
5. Uribe, 2B
6. Loney, 1B
7. Navarro, C
8. Gibbons, LF
9. Mitchell, 3B


Maybe Donny is giving Frank & Ned the finger too 😕

Donnie realizes this IS the majors and not the minors right?
Too bad Ned doesn’t.

I don’t know what Donnie is thinking. I just don’t understand why he has a man-crush on Gibbons? Gibbons is to him like Juanpy was to Joe. As for Ned, well, we all know his history and I wish more than anything he were HISTORY!

That was a one time. Sorry I intruded. I always listen to the game at the stadium. Listen to Vin for the first three innings since that is all he does and then I switch to the game in Spanish. I am usually keeping score and tweeting every once in a while but tweeting got too slow so I switched to the ITD blog. I always log in the attendance in my scorebook and who won from the three boys of Jaime Jarrin, Pepe Yniguez and Fernando Valenzuela.
Thank you Josh for the new thread. Now that the Dodgers won’t allow the season tix holders from the pavilion come in to watch bp from the field level, I will miss playing games with little Deuce and talking with his family and friends. I wonder what triggered the change.

I was teasing, Emma. 🙂

JOSH….For the $1 Hot Dog day you guys can turn them into a Combo Meal for $5…a hot dog, soda, fries and include a toy for the kids (Andre Ethier’s finger puppet)!

The finger puppet line made me laugh.
I was going to say the finger puppet made me laugh, but that sounds kinda kinky.

Kinky isn’t good? 😉

LMFAO!!! The connotations are too funny!!!


Like a thong isn’t kinky enough…

LMAO!! Ahhh, I miss the days of thongs and high heels 🙂

One word my brother………………………….CHAPS!!!!!


CHAPS…..LM ( . ) ( . ) O

Rosie – the finger puppet needs to be for the adults too so can give Frank the finger too 🙂

Looking forward to my little buddy Juanpy having a big series. 🙂

That would really make Nellyjune a tad miffed! 🙂

With Juanpy and Gwynn as lead off men, I’d say it’s a draw.

Yep Beav, we get head to head competition on the Phew Line.
Phew: .247/.304/.282/.586
Loney: .233/.275/.270/.545

Did you see that speedy Juan is 6 for 14 in SB?

Gwynn is right at the Phew Line.

New thought for Selig.
When Frank can’t make payroll, don’t have MLB ante up unless Frank signs an agreement to put the Dodgers up for sale. Jamie sounds like she would be on board with that requirement.
Just what happens if Frank then can’t pay the players?
I guess they all get free agency, and who does he put on the field then? So, it sounds to me like Frank is really between a rock and a hard place. How many $1.00 Dodger Dog events can he put together as a diversion?
Frank is sinking fast, and Ned is holding onto his ankles.
I don’t know what Rawitch is holding onto.
Give them all another finger, Andre!

I think we can all give them the finger, and maybe a Blue moon too!!

They can put Moon-Pies in the goody box with the Dre finger puppett. I love Moon Pies.

Here are the stats for all the 1B in baseball with at least 100 PAs. You guessed it, Loweeney is dead last and it isn’t even close.

Pretty sad numbers.

Wow, a Gordon Lightfoot tune. Can a Joan Baez tune be far behind?

I have not seen the “finger” photo of Andre and don’t care if I ever see it. I am sure a lot worse stuff happens when the general public is not around. I don’t know what Andre was thinking when he did it but I will say this. Andre is struggling right now and you can see the frustration. One would think a ballplayer learns to ignore the distractions on the field as he prepares for a game and my guess is Andre is as good at this as any other player, most of the time. I am not making excuses for him; he knows what he did and he will accept the responsibility for it. I hope Andre can put this incident behind him and get back to hitting the baseball with authority and drive in some runs.

Andre, you have to maintain your composure under pressure.

Frank, great advice from someone who obviously knows exactly what it is like to face a 95 mph fastball with the game on the line. Oh wait, I am sorry, I forgot all you know is the pressure of deciding which designer suit to wear to court.

My friend (and you are my friend), have you ever had to sit still for 2 hours while getting a $1000 haircut? Man, that’s pressure.

One time, I remember I had to figure out the tip for a $5250 dinner tab. The service was just ok, so I thought the usual 1/2 percent was too much. Jamie was sitting there, her boney little hands drumming on the table…….. THAT was pressure.

lbirken – THAT was funny!!!

No, with the amount of hair I have all it takes is about 10 minutes! But I did sit through a 3 hour plus game at your stadium the other night. Does that count for anything?

Did you pay for your ticket? Did you bring the family? Did you eat dinner there? Did you buy a pennant, a cap, a shirt-thingy, you know, the top of the uniform that has “Dodgers” written on it and the players number A JERSEY! THAT’S IT!. Boy, those are real money-makers. They only cost us $27.75 to have one made and we get $250 for ’em! HAHA!!! Oops, was that out loud?

I did pay for my ticket and parking but you can stop salivating because I did not buy anything else.

WOW! A new thread!
I’m not expecting much tonight. Both teams with the same win – loss records. Big difference is Chi-town is on the way up, while the Dodgers are in a downward spiral.
Face it. They have always stunk in interleague play. :{

Bend over Dodger Fans!!! Franky’s taking care of everything!!

LMAO….Love your new photo 😉

LOL!! Thanks Trumom™. Let’s stick it to Frank and Neddy!!

I’m afraid to see what Beav will do 🙂

LOL!! No doubt Trumom!! Hey, I figure McCrook has been sticking it to us for 7 years, now, its his turn!!!

LOL, true. Wish I would have thought of it!

Which one’s Frank?

So wrong, yet so appropriate. . .

Wow…2 runs in the first inning! Way to go Matty!!

Thanks Matt!

Way to go Jamey and Matt!!

Betting now that he has two runs, Lilly’s going to have one of his off nights.

Hi everybody.
Well we got a nice start tonight on Matt’s 10th HR and 31st RBI
I’d like to see some more of this tonight.

Hey Brooklyn – good to see you!!

It sure is good to see you, Oldbrooklynfan!

Nice to have you back!
It’s been a while.

OBF, must be nice to follow a game in your own time zone for a change.


Enchanted ~ the one bending over is Ned. Frank has been sticking it to everybody for all these years, as Jhall says!

LOL – I thought the one in back might be Selig.

LOL!! Go Bud!!!!

Selig doesn’t like to get involved unless it’s abolutley necessary 🙂

This Bud’s for you! lol

Ned would be on his knees in front of Frank, Trumom!!! LOL!!!

LMAO!!!!!! True!!!!

Just leave the money on the nightstand when you’re done Bud!!

Jhall!!! Your avatar makes me think of the movie “The Birdcage” where the future in-laws are looking at the bowls saying “Are those two men? It looks like they are playing ‘Leap Frog'” – LOL!!!

LOL!! You’re right!! It’s a tribute to McBrokeBack Frank!!!

Nice going Lily. You turd!

Crap….Lilly lost it already!

You were right Beav!!! Lillys’ here!!!

Shit, even Juanpy hits Lilly!

Lilly has more damage done to him with two outs than any other pitcher!

Lilly stinks. Why else would Ned have signed him for 3 years and $30 million?

I sure would love to see us unload him in June or July!!! What a waste!!!

That long?!

I was thinking tomorrow 😕

LOL!! Yep, its too long for my taste also Trumom. But, that’s when the contenders get desperate enough to trade for a piece of shit like Lilly!!!

I don’t think you can trade somone you signed as an FA in the offseason through June the first year of the contract. The question then is, who wants Lilly for 2.5 years at $25 million? Answer – no one unless you throw in Sands, Gordon or Lee.

Finally….Andre is back! Nice hit!

Andre, I hope that’s the end of your slide.
Nice piece of hitting!

Darn!! Kemp just missed!!!


Has there ever been a more boring team to watch than these losers? Once they score in any given inning, that’s it.

Crap!!! No outs, tying run at third and Andre freaking strikes out. Unacceptable!!!

Totally unwatchable.

Why in the hell don’t you bring Miles in instead of Castro!! Donny is a boob!!!

Must like all of Castro’s experience.

What INEPTITUDE you’ve brought us, Ned!
SELL THE TEAM and Ned with it.

You can send Donny BaseBoob along with them!!!

BTW, that’s .081 now with the bases loaded.

This bullshit is unacceptable!!!

Nice Avatar Beav!!!

We can’t blame this game on Lilly. They sid Casto came in for Uribe as a defensive replacement and that’s why he was batting. I guess I wasn’t paying attention….this is sooo boring!

Last night, they were saying Miles is tired. Well, I’m tired of this crap!

I’m tired of DoDo!!! He’s just as bad or worse than JoJo!! Both are freaking clowns!!!

We’re what? 2 months into the season, Miles has been starting for maybe 3 weeks and he’s tired?
In all my days following these guys, including the year they lost 99, I’ve never seen a worse team than this one.
I haven’t read it yet, but now there’s a story on the homepage that Ned’s “hesitant” to make a trade. Good God, why bother? You haven’t got anything to trade and even if you upgrade one position, you still have 5 more that aren’t worth a shit.

Hell, Uribe would’ve just grounded into a DP anyway.

Your new gravatar is perfect!

You’re right Trumom!! Lilly did alright. Damn shame you’ve got to pitch a shutout to have any chance of winning with this sad bunch.

I couldn’t agree more 32/53!!!

I did not even have to play that video because I knew exactly what it said, but I played it anyway – lol!!!

Maybe the players have decided to help our cause because as long as they are playing like this, Eric will get his dropped attendance, which will hopefully lead to Frank being gone for good.

Uribe has a hip flexor! I, on the other hand, have an upset stomach!

Must be the medical term for a fat ass.

Yep! That’s what happens when you swing for the fences every time….your fat ass can’t take that much strain 😕


Or in Frank’s case, more cushion for the pushin’.


Holy shit! Mitchell, a home run! lmao


Holy Shit!!!

Time for Cormier now.

Surprise surprise!
WTG Mitchell!!!

Gibbons makes every routine play look difficult.

Stand back everybody, its Juan Castro!

Wow…I don’t believe it!


I’ll drink to that!

Sergio Santos will be released after tonight’s game.
Or taken out and shot.

Ned will sign him!

To be honest he’s a good closer to bad we had to destory him. I wouldn’t careif Ned sign him and he way better than Broxton but that can be every closer except Franklin.

Looks like the blind squirrel finally found a nut.

Might want to make that plural with two duds getting hits. .


Are the sleeping bats awakening now?

Did hell just freeze over?

Charlie & Rick might have summed it up right.
Maybe they hit better with little sleep. . .

If not, its snowing!!! Way to go Castro and Loney!!!


Gibbons, too!



I remember when I used to weigh 105…I think I was in junior high.

Maybe it’s being away from Dodger Stadium.

Come on…save this!

Damn! I’ll bet Dre is giving someone else the finger!

Come on GrrrRear!
Get your shit in one bag!!

Then we’ll stick it on Ned’s porch, light it and ring the bell.

Frank should get his share also! 😉

Isn’t the world supposed to end tomorrow!!!? God, please at least let us suffering Dodger fans go out a winner!!!

Hadn’t heard that one Wally.
C’mon everyone, we’re gonna get laid!!!!

You boys have been very naughty today. I might have to spank you!

I think Wally might be more into that than I am 🙂

Make me write bad checks! LMAO

Oh please!!!!! You’re such a tease Trumom!!!

Beavs’ not into that Trumom, he likes enemas!!! LOL!!!

LM ( . ) ( . ) O !!!!!!!!!!!!

Enchanted – you have been hiding out in them woods again, haven’t you? The rumor is the world is supposed to end tomorrow. Ward Dear won’t let that happen seeing how he will want to see Matthew turn 19 on Sunday 🙂

Apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it came to bullpen management did it?

Whew! A win! Way to go guys!

A come from behind win!!!

Woo-Hoo, win streak!!!

Nice Win Boy’s!


Wow! We finally found a team we could beat.

Thank you Russ Mitchell.

WTF is going on with my gravatar?

It will show up soon!

Dang I knew a new thread was coming with all my messages that I wrote on that other one. I hope at least Wally seen those and I hate wasting message on that other thread when a new thread is posted.

I saw them Shad!!! Thanks!! Some good stats on that link you put up!!!

I guess the new strategy is to stay away and we get a win but gosh it look like Uribe got hurt dang we just can’t stay healthy. lol what do I see Castro and Loney driving in runs? Dang Ozzie I have the White Sox closer ouch that’s going to hurt.

Uribe did get hurt.
My theory is until Dodger Stadium rids itself of Frank McCourt, it will not be a happy place for the players, and I am thinking they will have an easier time on the road than at home.

I tend to agree with you on that Nelly!!!

Probably more Dodger fans on the road than at home, too.

It could be a happier place with finger puppets!!! LOL!!! And $5 value meals!!!

With all that is happening there, and add the sad attendance (a good thing I know) has got to make it a very hard thing to watch happen. If Frank continues this delusional state that makes him think the fans want him to be the Dodgers owner, then hopefully the players are going to find their fans attending visiting ballparks to support them as players.

The finger puppets would help Jhall!!!

I was hoping Ethier would’ve been the DH and Kemp in RF.

Andre will be the DH tomorrow.

Steve Lyons discussing Uribe’s injury: “As you know, Juan is a little bit of a heavier guy so (the injury) could linger on for a while.”

Of course it will 😉

Losing Uribe won’t really hurt this team!! Same with Loney!!

lol but his defense will. I guess that would be my guess to take the DL spot and Furcal activate.

Wow Loney is -7.5. What’s VORP? To bad you can click these but it doesn’t show you what is stand for?

oops -7.3.

Yep, Loweeney is bad!! Here is a list of all players in baseball with 110 PAs or more. Loweeney is dead last!!!!
You can click on the headings and it will tell you what they are.

Value Over Replacement Player

Kind of like your value meal 😕 A bun with no beef, a watered down soda and a finger puppet.

Thanks Wally and yeah I seen the glossary and was on that page.

Again with the finger puppets Tru? I told you, it was only a vicious rumor. A vicious kinky rumor.
You don’t know where that finger’s been!!

Jhall & Nellyjune started the rumor about the finger puppets again! I just like saying it…lol

Gee Beav, did you get caught with your finger puppet in your happy place again? LOL!!!

Gee Wally, everyplace is a happy place when you have a finger puppet!!!

I like how that Pirates reject is #1 and an obp of .509? That’s sad Carroll is #45.

LOL!! Hard to believe this little thread started with VORP(Value Over Replacement Player). Way to go Trumom!! Maybe VORP should stand for Value Over Replacement Puppet!!

I like the woods Nells!!

So, you are playing with finger puppets in the woods? LMAO!!! All this finger puppet talk is hilarious!!!

Tru evidently likes finger puppets.
Who knew?

Hmmm, wondering what would be a good design for our puppet? Maybe a screw…for screw you Frank? I know, just an ass…perhaps with a thong?

I like to keep my fingers busy 🙂

A…. nah, better not go there.

I’m surprised you didn’t!

I guess stats don’t lie and we are a better hitting team on the road.

Do you ever wonder if the guys read this blog? Especially when they are on the road? If so, they are probably laughing their asses off too 🙂 Well, maybe not! I just hope if you guys are reading this….we do love our boys in blue but, sometimes you frustrate the hell out of us.

And then we wonder why we have to post on 5 year old threads…

Yep…I think we are making Josh a little bit angry.

LOL!! Bear really lets Josh have it!!!

Bear does let it fly 🙂

Josh is a P.C. homer on company time (as would be expected) but I wonder what he really thinks and tells his wife when he gets home?


Your never alone with a finger puppet!!! Maybe we need Chucky finger puppets!!!

Give me a few minutes Tru, I’m working on something for ya. 🙂

Uh, oh….now I’m really worried!

Sat, May 21 – 2:10 pm EDT
J. Garland(ex White Sox) vs. M. Buehrle

Sun, May 22 – 2:10 pm EDT
H. Kuroda vs. E. Jackson(ex Dodgers)

I like these matchup.

We might have lots of rain tomorrow and that will screw everything up big time!

Yep, we need to get the game in tomorrow while we’re on a good roll. And I like the pitching matchups!!!

Rockies lost to Brewers 7 – 6 in 14 innings. Giants and A’s are 1 – 1 going to bottom of 8th. The only good thing about watching the Giants game is I don’t have to listen to Krud & Krap….A’s announcers are much better and easier on the ears.

The first person to decode my gravatar and post it here wins a pair of tickets to the 2011 World Series at Dodger Stadium.
(which means all you really get is an attaboy or attagirl)

I can’t see it clearly. Let me get my magnifying glass…lol

Hint: click on it to see a bigger version.

It looks like a giant maze. What the hell is it supposed to be?!

It is a QR Code and can be read with a smartphone with the proper app or by finding a decoder on a web site. Since I can’t afford a data plan, I used the web site method.

This thread was posted at 10:29 this morning and we already have 245 posts on it 😉

Uh oh!!! Enchanted’s mind is in overdrive again.

Frightening, isn’t it? 🙂

Uh-Oh is right!!! Now I gotta stay up!!! LOL!! I think I have an idea where he’s going!!!

It’s taking quite a while too! I’m hoping for a finger puppet 🙂

You got your wish Tru. Don’t even have to change the lyrics much. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, Finger Poppin’ Time:

Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
It’s finger pup-puppet time
Finger puppet puppet time
It feels so good
Whew! The things you pantomime
Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
Hey Wally, come o’er here and see
Hey, hey, hey Nelly
Come o’er here with me
We’re gonna shake it until it breaks
Don’t let Tru see
Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
It’s finger pup-puppet time
Finger puppet puppet time
It feels so good
The things you pantomime
Here comes Nelly, here comes Tru
Here come Wally and Beaver too
It’s finger pup-puppet time
It feels so good
The things you pantomime
[Instrumental Interlude]
(Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now)
Here comes Nelly, here comes Tru
Here come Wally and Beaver too
It’s finger pup puppet time
It feels so good
The things you pantomime
Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
It’s finger pup-puppet time
Finger puppet puppet time
It feels so good
The things you pantomime
©NedCo Broken Records 2011

Can I pull some obscure shit up or what?

It’s so LMAO funny…..makes me feel so dirty and I love it!!!! As they say, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”!


Enchanted – Nothing you do on here surprises me anymore. Well done sir!! LOL!!!

Holy Cow!! Out Freaking Standing!!!

Is it where you thought I was going? 🙂

I really didn’t know where you were going….was it going to be naughty or nice. It’s fantastic!

I want to know if where I think Tru was going with her reply is where she was going!

Ha-Ha, GUOTB! Everybody is beginning to know me to well.

Beav definately was being nice. You could make that song very naughty if you wanted to.

Oops, should be GUOTB…sorry

Yep, I figured it was a song, but, not that one. Good job!!!

Ha! Can you tell I used to listen to hours upon hours of oldies radio growing up? Hell, even after growing up!! LMAO

No doubt. That is a very obscure song. I’d never heard it before and I love 50s and 60s oldies.

Excellent Enchanted… that is definitely number one with a bullet!

Hey GUBOT, can you decode my Gravatar. LOL!!!

I know what a 2D code is, but I haven’t got a scanner/reader to know what it says!
On the otherhand, Wally and I use the much easier to read visual code. Doesn’t convey as much information, but it says all that needs to be said!

Damn, it’s giveusbackourteam! I’m awake way past my bed-time!

Hey Trumom, thats what my Gravatar says too. In a funny sort of way. Thats Bud sticking it to Frank to get our team back!!!

Well, think its time this little finger puppet went to bed. Good night all.

Goodnight Beav!! Let’s wreak havoc again tomorrow!!!

“Fuck McCourt, sell the team”

Hi’Ya Dad!!! We missed you tonight. Trumom and Beav were out of control. LOL!!! Nice win, eh. Wouldn’t it be nice to just win on the road. Keep the fans away from Dodger Stadium until McBroke is gone and we get to cheer some wins along the way.

Props to dodgereric! Attaboy!
-GUOTB (aka 32and53fan)

Yeah jhall! I been readin’! Ya’ll were steppin’ out big time! LOL!! A win every now and then is fun, but even wins on the road will send some over to the box office! STAY AWAY UNTIL THE OWNER IS GONZO!!!!
Thanks GUBOT! Just me and my RedLaser app! Nice new tag, by the way!

Darn it Tru, now you got me doing it.
s/b GUBOT (although it really started out GUOTB)

LOL!! It used to be!! Now, the shoe is on the other foot. The fans are bending McBroke over.

Sell the team, 32!

That’s funny 32and53 fan!!!

My contribution to McBrokeback Records is almost done…

Tru has inspired me to write this one…

Frank wonders who else he can ream
Tru-mommy says when you gonna sell the team?
Tru-mommy dear we’re not the fortunate ones
And we just want the deal done
Oh we just want the deal done
Frank’s phone rings in the middle of the night
Bud yells “What you’ve done with this team ain’t right.”
Bud Selig dear you know you’re still number one
But we just want the deal done
Oh we just want the deal…-
That’s all we really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
We just want the deal done
Oh we just want the deal done
Frank took our team and gave it fatigue
And hid it away from the rest of the league
We want to come watch this team in the sun
Oh we just want the deal done
Oh we just want the deal done
That’s all we really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
We just want the deal done
Oh we just want the deal done,
We want to have fun,
We want McCourt gone!

Fantastic GUOTB!!!! You are helping keep Dodgerlyrics in business. WAY TO GO!!!!

Fantabulous, GUBOT!!!!!

…sung to the tune of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper

Loney is now -15.6 geez he was at -7.3 last night.

Oh look who just got released for Owings. This guy is #26 with 62 AB’s and he’s -1.1.;_ylt=AqzMh3Jc5hy_Eo380c3C1yiFCLcF

It would be good to have some power at 1st bases here you guy.

Kemp moved from 3rd to 2nd. Carroll was like 45th and now he went all the way up to 8th. How in the hell do they figure our this stats?


There are some very well-written letters here in the Times today. I wish I had written one of them, particularly the one by Jessica Kari.,0,5750112,full.story
Well done all!

Still can’t get these done right the first time. Grr.
There are some very well-written letters here in the Times today. I wish I had written one of them, particularly the one by Jessica Kari.

It keeps saying the page has expired.

I just read the letters in the Times. Hers was especially poignant.

I’m just counting the days until Frank Ned and even donny dumbo are gone. I can hardly watch this team with hor-ribe miles and loney in the lineup every day

So sad Miles got his average to a respectable numbers and still you don’t want him in the lineup.

My thought fo today: Look out for #1 but, avoid stepping in #2 😕


Payroll day is approaching. Can’t imagine where Frank is going to raise the money. I’m assuming that most of his reported attendance stems from seasons tickets, and we all know that all of that income has long been spent and borrowed against. I don’t think Frank can clear enough dollars from the game day ticket purchases to make payroll at any time. How’s Jamie getting hers? (it’s money I’m talking about here, guys)
The world may not end today, but Payroll Day is coming, Frank.

Here is todays lineup: Carroll; Castro; Dre (DH); Matt; Barajas; Sands; Loney; Gibbons; Mitchell.

I got my wish with Barajas but to bad Donny want stick Loney batting 9th.


BTW why isn’t Miles playing when he’s hitting .429 vs lhp?

May 16 60 3 19 1 0 0 5 0 6 1 0 .317 .317 .333 .650

He’s hurting with an injury. Evidently not bad enough to go on the DL.

I knew it was something lol.

Good Day All…

Good grief…the White Sox announcers are worse than Krud & Krap!

How come we always seem to give up 2 outs hit and we rarely can’t hit with 2 outs in risp?

Wow great dp Loney.

Garland stinking it up today. . .

Look at that the White Sox had 2 hits with 2 outs with the bases loaded and that plating 4 runs alone.

Congrats to Jerry!
It’s been a long time coming.

WTG Sands about damn time.

R Troncoso 2.1 2 0 0 1 1 0 31-22 9.00

Troncoso ERA is now around 9.

Cormier is such a BUM!!
Why is he still here?

Just him?! lmao

hahahaha so far and Broxton.

lol because of Belisario screw up.

Bring back Schlichting or Monasterios or Weaver. You suck Cormier go back to TB and give us our Wade back.

I can’t believe even when Cormier giving up 2 runs his ERA still goes down.

Gary Carter diagnosed with brain tumors
1 hr 3 mins ago

NEW YORK – Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter says doctors discovered four “very small” brain tumors after he had an MRI on Friday in Florida. Carter says in a release issued by the New York Mets and baseball’s Hall of Fame that he will be examined again on Thursday at Duke Medical Center. He also asked for privacy Saturday as his family learns more about his medical condition.

The 11-time All-Star hit .262 with 324 homers and 1,225 RBIs in 19 seasons in the majors. He played his last game with the Montreal Expos in 1992 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003.

Just another steaming pile today!!! Congrats Jerry Sands!! The only Dodger highlight of the day!!!

The only highlight, is right!

Ha-ha….holy shit! 😕

LOL!! Our once glorious Dodgers have been reduced to a steaming pile of shit by Frank, Fox, and Ned!!! Hurry up and flush this toilet Bud!!!!

LOL….I’m supposed to have a new gravatar but, it hasn’t arrived yet…maybe they don’t like it. It’s just a very fine photo of Andre.

It’ll show up in awhile Trumom!!

Maybe Josh has it blocked! It is Dre’s newest photo.

No, it’ll show up. If he didn’t block mine from yesterday, I think your safe. LOL!!!!

Damn…I put it in the wrong place…ha, ha, holy shit! Too bad you can’t put halo around it 😕

It’s okay..if it does, it does 🙂 If not, I’ll go searching for something even better!

Oh, well….my point is made!

Yep!!! LOL!!!

YAY….enough said!

Alright Trumom!!! I thought about using it myself yesterday, but I was afraid Nelly would get mad at me. I think it would be funny as hell if everyone on here used it.

I bet Nelly would use it too!

It would show our support for Dre & the team….while giving it to Frank & Ned!

Cool!!! We should do it!! Beav will be on board!!!

Gotta get some mileage out of the shit pile first!!!! LOL!!!

This looks pretty cool….Dre in the middle of a pile of shit! lmao!

Just like on the field!! LOL!!!

LMAO!!!!! So, true!

Damn nice tru.

Shad, you need a Gravatar!!

I agree with Jhall, Shad. Get yourself a gravatar!

Wally did you see that big gap that Loney had and VORP and Kemp is now #2 but Carroll is #8. The Rays released Branyan and his VORP is better than Loney and basically Branyan did it in some 70+ AB’s. Do you know how they figure out that stats?

Last I check he was -7.3 and it he went to -15.6 last night.

I saw that Shad. I’m not sure how they come up with those figures. But they seem to accurately reflect a players performance. They’ve got Loweeney pegged. Dead last. The worst hitter in baseball.

Oops Branyan had 62 AB’s.

He is currently at -7.8.

This was on trueblueLA’s twitter……
All speculation at this point, as nothing is yet official, but Rubby De La Rosa was pulled after 2 innings and was not hurt
TweetDeck • 5/21/11 4:06 PM
I am thinking the mystery DL is going to show up once again.

I saw that Nelly. I sure hope they don’t screw this kid up trying to save this lost season.

Ned is on the phone for Bautista and his 2 more HR’s given him a totally of 18. Bautista for De La Rosa+Tolleson+Sands. At least the minor league DL is ok.

You’re scaring me Shad!!!! Bautista is playing way over his head right now, much like Ethier in April. He will cool off and settle back to his career numbers. Much better than what we are currently getting from the dung heap guys Ned has in left. But not worth giving up what it will take to get him in my opinion..

Besides, I am happy with the way Sands continues to develop as our left fielder. We need a major league 1B more than another outfielder right now.

lol sorry but you know the way Ned operate and trade guys like Santana for Blake, Lambo/McDonald for Dotel and Dewitt + Wallach/Smit(2 pitching prospects) for Lilly/Theriot how can you not hope he won’t do this again? Dewitt should still be our 2nd basemen now and we wouldn’t have deal with Castro/Miles much longer.

I said the same thing last year but how long can he keep this up and I was hoping he would not keep this pace up next season but I’m wrong.

Just one player won’t make us better. We need at least five or six which won’t happen. So, we will have to suffer with what Neddy has given us. Perhaps if things continue the way they are right now, Dodgereric & Bear will get their wish……a severe drop in attendance. By then, hopefully, Frank & his entire regime will be gone and we can rebuild our franchise to what it once was.

I agree Trumom. Besides, Bautista is set to make 14M per year in 2012-2015. I can’t see MLB allowing Frank to add much more payroll when they are going to be on the hook for it when he can’t come up with payroll anyway.

lol go get Branyan than have him platoon with Loney.

Jhall ~ your pile of shit is beginning to look like chocolate ice-cream to me…must be getting hungry 🙂

LOL!! Even with the flies? I guess you are hungry!!

The flies look like chocolate sprinkles…lmao!

Looks like we had a rough day at the office.
Terrific song GUBOT!!

Hey Beav. Yep, rough day at the old ballyard. It’s because of the injuries you know. Has nothing to do with the fact that the team actually sucks thanks to Frank and Furter.

Damn…first ice-cream, now franks & beans 😕

No need to worry, Ned will manage to trade away every other young ballplayer that we have that’s worth a crap for some worthless PVLs before he and Frank are gone.

It’ll be Frank’s parting shot – a scorched earth policy.

I was watching the Cubs and Red Sox and Zambrano caught a popup but of course you rarely seen them make the play.

lol Lowrie (pulled a Hunter) dropped an easy popup.

lol @ the Red Sox defense look like the Giants there and the Cubs got a gift 2 runs.

As for today’s game specifically, the Dodgers were up against Mark Buerle, who is one of the elite pitchers in the league. So even if we had a team that could normally hit the ball, this would be one game I would expect there to be somewhat of a pitcher’s dual. We shouldn’t have to win every game by scoring 8 or more runs. I understand we haven’t been hitting the ball, (and I’m not giving them an excuse), but at some point our pitching staff needs to start shoving it (as my son calls it) and get their job done.

You’re right, Nellyjune. The Giants have scored 3 runs or less many times (including today) and still win the games.

Not to worry ladies. If you’ve listened to Dodger Talk, Blow and Hummer are quite sure this team is not that bad and when Blake and Furcal get back we’ll do alot better. And hey, Frank isn’t worried. He says this is a very, very good team and playoff contender and these are the type of players he would have even if money was not an issue. Gee, I feel better already!!!
Excuse me, I need to Vomit!!!!

Oh Please!!!! With the exception of Matt, Andre, Kersh, Billz, Sands, Carroll, and a few good games from our other SPs, we wouldn’t have even won the games we did win without them. As for the others, they haven’t done anything consistently enough to warrant the recognition of being good unless you consider being on the DL a good play. Furcal and Blake may add some fresh air to the stale play, but unless they can pitch, they will only help one side of the equation.

Looks like this thread’s taking too long to load again. Might I suggest:

VERY happy to see an arrest in the Brian Stow beating.

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