Statement from Owner Frank McCourt on behalf of the Dodgers

Dodger owner Frank McCourt made the following statement today regarding the arrest of a suspect in the attack on Bryan Stow.

“First and foremost, our thoughts today are with Bryan Stow and his family and we hope that this announcement brings them a small measure of relief in what has been an extremely difficult time in their lives.

On behalf of the Dodger organization and our fans, I want to extend our most sincere appreciation and ‘thank you’ to Chief Charlie Beck and the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department.  From the outset, the Chief made an unwavering commitment to do everything possible to find and apprehend the suspects in the brutal and cowardly attack that took place against Mr. Stow on Opening Day. 

From that point forward, I gave my word to Chief Beck that he would have the full support of everyone at the Dodgers and we have worked in close partnership with the LAPD on this matter. We pledge our continued cooperation with law enforcement authorities during the prosecution phase that will ensue. 

The Dodgers are committed to providing our fans the safest sports venue in the United States – this is a commitment that we take very seriously.

Chief Beck, thank you for using every available LAPD resource to find and arrest this suspect, who will now be brought to justice.”

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck speaks as Dodger owner Frank McCourt looks on during a Dodger Stadium security news conference at Los Angeles Police Department headquarters on April 8, 2011


  1. Doug Harris

    Fine, now let’s address the fact that it might have never happened had you committed to financial resources necessary to make ensure the proper security level. Just part and parcel to the larger issue of taking on a task that was much too big for you to handle. You don’t have the financial resources nor the corporate expertise to run the LA Dodgers. Time to, “as the steward of this franchise”, do the right thing Frank. Put the Dodgers up for sale and turn the stewardship over to someone more qualified.

  2. Pete

    Amen Doug. Mr. McCourt, you have turned the Dodgers into a laughing stock, both on and off the field. Its time to give the keys to someone else. I’m tired of watching a team that has no hope this season and no foreseeable future winning seasons ahead. The Dodgers and their fans don’t deserve to have a hopeless owner.

  3. Nellyjune

    Very well said Doug and Pete!
    I am so glad they found a suspect in this horrendous act. However, maybe, just maybe it would have never happened if they actually read/listened to what some of the fans, especially Collie, have been saying for a long time now.
    Frank – just sell the team so the Dodgers can have somebody who can fix/rebuild this very broken team. We, the fans, the players and the employees, deserve this.

  4. matt

    Glad they made an arrest, hopefully they get the bastards and throw the book at them.

    Well, MLB has designated someone to run the business of the team so the hope is that will save the ship from a deliberate sinking.

    But I don’t think the team is necessarily a laughing stock. They have many starters out with injuries and a shaky bullpen, but decent starters and a good core lineup. They just need to get healthy and get the bullpen back in order! GO Dodgers!

  5. enchantedTheBeav

    Well said Doug.
    As it has been most of the time with Frank’s tenure, its too little, too late.

  6. lbirken

    I was pleasantly surprised to hear the news that an arrest has been made in the Stow beating case. Because so much time has passed since the incident without an arrest or solid i.d. of the suspects, I lost confidence the perpetrators would ever be found. Let’s hope that the authorities make a good case and not only get a conviction of the suspect in custody but also the others involved. And by the way, I don’t much care what Frank McCourt has to say about anything until he announces he is selling the team.

  7. messagebear

    SELL THE TEAM, Frank!
    If it sounds like an echo, just imagine it multiplied a few hundred of thousand times, maybe millions – that’s what the Dodger fans want.

  8. JhallWally

    Very glad to hear that LAPD has a suspect in custody. Hopefully they will get the other thug and the woman driving the car as well. Fry the bastards.
    On another note, it looks like Ethier will be heading to the DL. He’s already nursing a sore left elbow, and now has a bruised right elbow, toe, and back. He’s been slumping badly since the streak ended perhaps due to the elbow. He needs a couple of weeks off to heal and get his head straight. They brought him back too soon last year and he never was quite right. As for Barajas, there really isn’t much difference between him and Navarro, except I think Barajas offers better defense. Perhaps we will get to see what Ellis can do.
    One more thing;

  9. Nellyjune

    According to the LA Times, Andre said he plans on playing tomorrow. However, with this medical staff, who the hell knows.

    • trublu4ever

      That’s what I read too, Nellyjune. And, you are right…who the hell knows!
      I find it odd and kind of amusing that on the heading for this thread, ol’ Frank is referred to as the owner. This is a blog about the Dodgers and, I’m sure ALL of us know mccrook is the owner. They could have just said Frank McCourt, etc, etc. Perhaps he just wants to be called the owner one last time!

    • JhallWally

      Well, even if he doesn’t go on the 15 DL, he should take the day off tomorrow at least. Its not worth risking aggrevating the minor injuries to play for a quickly downward spiraling team against the worst team in the league.

  10. Mike

    Not this one…
    I don’t think you can blame this one on anyone except the Criminals who did this. This guy was on Perole which means he has been to Prison… I would not be surprised his partner is also an ex-Con ???
    No amount of security scares these kind of people…
    Most likely Gang Bangers High on Meth…
    It’s always important to be careful for ourselves first…
    I’m not saying Bryan wasn’t but you can never be too careful. I wish I had the answers…
    My Prayers and Hopes are with Brian Stow and his Family.
    These guys will get less punsihment than they inflicted on Brian Stow even if they get the Maximum The Law allows ?
    a No Win Situation but make no mistake this is not about Baseball… This is about Crime in this country and how it is everywhere

    • Nellyjune

      So, I am guessing it’s possible these felons may not have had tickets. They were strictly there to hurt someone. Mr. Stow was just a victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  11. enchantedTheBeav

    I would agree that Frank’s not directly responsible for Mr. Stow’s beating, but I would say he’s complicit. He hadn’t had a chief of security for months when the beating took place, and during his tenure he’s allowed things to deteriorate to where they are attracting a high volume of criminal element as their “fan” base.

    • JhallWally

      I believe Frank was negligent in his security responsibilties. I think the insurance company is going to make a point of it in their claim revue!!

      • enchantedTheBeav

        Assuming Frank kept up his premiums. The guy didn’t even pay his hair stylist. 🙂

      • trublu4ever

        I think so too. As I recall, Mr. Stow had called someone on his cell saying he felt threatened inside the stadium. I’d like to know if security was informed of his fears before it escalated in the parking lot? To me, all security does inside the stadium is make sure you are in the right seating area.

  12. kpookiemon

    Everything about this season is a complete wreck. Frank, you’re like a jilted lover who won’t go away. Speaking of, from 1968, take it Dan:

  13. Cat

    I have been going to the Dodger games alone for a few years now and have never felt threatened. As with anywhere we go, there will be the criminal element. I don’t blame Dodger Stadiium for what happened. I blame the people responsible for the beating. Put the blame where it belongs.

    • enchantedTheBeav

      Hey Cat, I’m glad that you’re experiences have been positive ones, but I assume that you don’t wear the other teams colors.
      I agree, the beating rests squarely on the two that did it. It was a barbaric act thought of and carried out by two subhumans, and they should get punished to the full extent of whatever the law allows.
      BUT, Frank didn’t have proper security measures in place to begin with, and from what I’ve read, its almost non-existant after the games. Plus, he’s allowed things inside the stadium to deteriorate to the point that no one wearing the other teams colors is free from one form of abuse or another. Collie can attest first hand to what he’s seen and experienced. That’s not the Dodger Stadium I knew. That’s the Dodger Stadium ATM of Frank. As long as he has everyone’s money, anything goes.

  14. nedsajerk

    With Sands getting 4 hits yesterday he now have a stats lines as .320/.433/.600/1.033 on the road but at home is another story .210/.286/.306/.592 and all of his hits are double that would put his overall stats lines as .241/.330/.391/.721. To put in comparison with Loney overall stats lines that read .240/.283/.292/.575.

  15. JhallWally

    Well, if we lose Ethier and Barajas to the DL, it will just give the INJURY BUG supporters more fodder for their cannons. And thus, make it easier to overlook the real problem. This team as constructed by Ned Colletti under the McCourt ownership is just NOT A GOOD TEAM. And, when you bring in a bunch of older, over the hill has beens and never weres, what can you realistically expect but injuries. Therefore, alot of the injury bug can be linked to Neds acquisitions. Frank has already stated that this is the type of players we can expect even if money wasn’t an issue. Yeah, so he can keep siphoning of funds to fuel his and Jamies overly extravagant lifestyle. Leopards don’t change their spots. I am hopeful Bud will seize our team and force a sale to a legitimate owner and Ned will be gone in the process. Only then can the Dodgers begin a resurgance and return to prominance instead of a being a cruel Frank and Ned joke.

  16. messagebear

    Yeah, Jhall – Hear, Hear!
    And we don’t want to hear any garbage out of Frank or his publicists on diversionary issues. Frank had about as much to do with catching the beating suspect as the man in the moon. SELL THE TEAM!

  17. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ITDland. I don’t wannt to waste any more of my time talking about F & N. I’d rather spend my time worrying about the health of Andre and the rest of the team. Even though this past month has been dreadful, I can’t help it…..I’m still a Dodger fanatic and want to see them play well. They have to be feeling the same frustration we all do and, just like the rest of us, hope this mess with F & N is over soon.
    So, have a good game today with the Astros….GO DODGERS!!!

  18. selltheteam

    Anybody want to guess what type of bull crap lineup Donnie will send up today to try to lose to the stinking Astros? Here’s my guess, which assumes that both Barajas and Ethier sit this one out (hope I’m wrong, especially about Ethier):
    Furcal ss – will he remember how to hit?
    Carroll 2b
    Gibbons rf – looks ugly here, but Donnie learned from Torre
    Kemp cf
    Loney 1b
    Sands lf
    Navarro c
    Mitchell 3b
    Kershaw p

    • enchantedTheBeav

      I don’t think that line-up would have to try to lose, though if Kersh is on they may be able to hold them to a draw. 🙂

    • nedsajerk

      With Kemp protecting him should be no problem but this is Gibbons from this year and not last year so it’s going to be a problem. I wish Sands could move up in Loney spot or let’s Sands bat 3rd.

      • nedsajerk

        It really doesn’t matter we need a shake up in the lineup I wouldn’t mind seeing Loney bat 3rd and Sands bat 5th.

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