Furcal and predictions – Josh Rawitch

Another good win today, as Jae Seo looked awesome on the mound. Rafael Furcal’s back tightened up, though, so he left the game early and is listed as day-to-day. We’re all hoping it’s nothing serious and right now, we have no reason to believe it’s bad, but you never like to see one of your top players go down to an injury in the final days of spring.

Meanwhile, ESPN has put out its predictions for 2006. It’s pretty cool to see that nine of 15 people picked the Dodgers to win the West and Rob Neyer picked us to beat the Twins in the Fall Classic. While these are only predictions, is does make you feel good about the way people view the team heading into the season.

One more game left in Vero before we head to Vegas. Even though we spend a lot of time time here and people like to joke about "being ready to go home," we’ll certainly miss this place. Craig Callan and his staff take incredible care of us in our second home and we’re extremely grateful for all their hard work.


Sorry to go off topic here… but could someone perhaps put my two cents worth in for adding a last series of Stadium Renovation Photos before the season starts? I live in Idaho, and being a former Angelino, I’d really enjoy a view of the finished product online. I can’t wait for ESPN’s opening day coverage and especially with the possibility of an HD Telecast! It should be a perfect opening day capped with a Dodgers victory over the Braves! Thanks!

I get the feeling I should be preparing something for a Ned desperation move… And I know just the artist. Now which song??? πŸ™‚

The fact that you have options in what to use for your next musical masterpiece is genius in itself.

The frightening part is, you should see how many I’ve got started that haven’t come together yet.
Can’t force them though – the quality suffers!!! LOL

Sounds like Ned. LOL!!

Only he doesn’t wait and the quality is non existant!!!

I fully expect Ned to do something completely stupid – he’s due.

He can’t help himself.

Yep, he’s due!! Sad!! Well, at least any deal has to be approved by MLB before he can pull the string.

Crap Wally? I like it.
If Ned ain’t steppin’ in it, Frank’s spreading it around.

Thanks Beav!! I thought you might. Don’t forget SoJerkOff rubbing the fans’ nose in it!! LOL!!


And it doubles as a group photo of Frank, Ned, and SoJerkOff!!!

Yeah, together they’re one big steamy pile.

Did you notice Donny, Conte, and Honeycutt flying around the shit pile!!! LOL!!!

Yeah, and you know eventually they’re going to land in it!!!

Ha-ha!! Face first!! I hope all three are gone when we get new owners!!

Wonder come the 31st what Frank’s desperation move is going to be. Think there’s an off chance anyone will personally loan him a few mil so he can cover it? Of course then he has the next one on June 15th.

Doesn’t seem likely as he doesn’t have any assets that aren’t tied up by Jamie. I look for him to file bankruptcy any day now. It won’t help him, but, it will delay the process.

I read that a lot of people thing Seligs quietly maneuvering his executives in place to take over the club.
Wonder how long that whole process will take?.
It ain’t over until the fat Uribe sings.

Thing is think in Canadian.

LOL!! Yep, I’m sure Buds’ got his ducks in a row. From the other owners to the lawyers, to interested owner prospects. If he takes over the team there will be plenty of bidders and it shouldn’t take long. Just like in Texas last year.

Yeah, you’d have to be a fool to hitch your wagon to Frank, even if you’re a lawyer. From what I’ve seen. lawyers like to get paid. And anyone that’s already spent the money from 2 years into the future, doesn’t have any.

Yep, I can’t see anyone left to go out on a limb for Frank. Jamies gonna do everything she can to see that he doesn’t burn up what equity is left in legal fees. Plus, shes’ gotta be worried about where the money is going to come from to keep paying her 225K/month in support and 400K+/month in mortgages and interest on the company debts. I think shes’ getting as desperate as he is about now. The noose is tightening.

Hey Wa-a-a-ally, I don’t think mom and dad know we’re still up.

Quick, where’d ya hide Dads old magazines?

National Geographic or the funny ones he gets that come in the brown wrapper?

Gee, the good ones in the brown wrappers are swell!!! Remember how sore mom was when she found’em..

Shoulda told her they were Eddie’s, you know like you did that jelly stuff you put on your hand and told me that you were just trying to soften up your baseball mitt from the inside out.

Oh yeah, that lotiony stuff I found in your dresser!!!!

Makes me feel funny, but in kinda a good way.

I know what you mean. Makes ya feel kinda goofy inside!!!

I think we’re I’m gonna get it but good from mom and dad in the morning.

Hope TruMom doesn’t see what we’ve been doing Wally. It’ll give her the vapors.

LOL!!! Yeah, she gets to acting all funny and stuff!!! Especially with those finger puppets!!

I see the boys are at it again πŸ™‚

H-h-h-h-hi Mom. We wuz jist goofing around.

Quick Beav, hide the magazines!!!

Gee mom, uh, we was just studying!!!

Yeah. We wuz jist goofing around studying.

Think we’d better scout for another thread in the morning!!

Good idea!!! Don’t tell Lumpy and Eddie. They’re creeps!!!

You’ll be alright though, I heard her tell Dad that he was being way to hard on the Beaver the other night.

Whew! I’ll sleep a whole lot better knowing that!!!

Yeah, me too!!!

BTW, did you smell burning rubber the other night?


Those magazines sure have been around.

Uh, gee mom, Lumpy must have forgot and left those here.

Guess I’d better hit it my friend. Wife’s starting to look at me like I’m crazy (hell she ought to know that by now!)
Don’t know if I’ll catch the game, but will check to see if there is any postgame activity.
Thanks for the laughs!!

Good idea!! You too. Catch ya later my brother.

Goodnight Theodore!!!

Hi’Ya Nelly!! Hope you had a good day. Anyway, I’m gonna rack it myself. Hope to catch you for the game tomorrow!!!

Goodnight to you too Wally!!!

That scorched policy of Ned’s is way too scary. Is the MLB monitor supposed to keep Ned from giving away all of the Dodgers good players? Who’s going to stop him?

I finally decide to go to sleep early last night because nobody was here to play and, good grief, the kids went crazy! TruMom will have to find a better hiding place for her stash of magazines πŸ˜• See you in a little while….I have to go play with my ever growing supply of finger puppets.

LOL Trumom. We missed you last night.

Looks like Uribe will be going on the DL with abdominal strain. Hurling will do that to you πŸ™‚

I hope they can keep him away from the buffet while he’s on the DL.

LMAO! Question: When Caey Blake comes back and they say he may play LF…what happens to Gwynn, Gibbons and Sands? Do you think Thames is coming back? Or, is he on a permanent DL?

*Casey Blake

Well, I hope they play Blake alot at 1B and bench or trade Loney. At least a platoon at 1B. And they need to leave Sands alone. The Gwynn, Gibbons, Thames idea is stupid and was ill concieved from the start. Should have kept XPaul, given him a real shot, and saved their collective 2.3M.

Sounds good. Or, they could play Jerry at first when Blake is in LF. Knowing the way we do things, Jerry will probably be sent down 😦 and we will be stuck with Gibbons and the rest of the pitiful crew.

Most likely Trumom. Why should we expect anything to change with Ned and Donny!! They both suck!!!

Todays lineup:
1. Furcal, SS
2. Carroll, 2B
3. Ethier, RF
4. Kemp, CF
5. Loney, 1B
6. Barajas, C
7. Gibbons, DH
8. Sands, LF
9. Mitchell, 3B

Well, here’s a good read. Go away Ned!!!


Wow…just what we’ve been saying all along! See how smart we are, indeed!

LOL!! We’ve been saying it four over 5 years!!!

Just read that they have a suspect in custody in the Stow beating. God, I hope they catch these slimeballs and fry their asses!!!!


Now, they are saying they have two in custody and are looking for a woman. Apparently she was wearing an Ethier shirt. Imagine that, she plus about another 20,000 fans πŸ˜•

And, an interesting tid bit on why Garland imploded!!!


Good grief! What crock of shit!

Yep!! Sounds like Garland throwing his catcher under the bus. Asshole!!!

Steve Lyons is such a joke! He’s saying that the Astos stink and we should go in there and sweep them…lmao! I’d worry about winning one game.

The Astros do stink, however, so do we!!! Good matchup of teams going nowhere but down this season. We do have Kersh and Billz going, so I would hope to win the series from them.

Lyons forgot to mention the fact that we stink too πŸ˜‰

There’re only 3 teams in baseball with worse records than our Dodgers. Minnesota, Houston, and San Diego!!!

Yep. We have the same record as the White Sox and we are 6 games out while they are already out by 8….so, our division really sucks as a whole.

Yep Trumom, that’s the bad part. We need a team to run away with our division. The clowns we have running the show (Frank, Ned, and Donny) think we’re still in it and make stupid moves at the trade deadline. Although most of Neds deals have been bad whether at the deadline or not. Technically, we are still in it because of our weak division, but, physically, mentally, and talent wise, this team is toast.

Hiroki…do your thing! GO DODGERS!!!

Once again, no-hitter gone with first batter!


Every freaking game…it’s come-from-behind or a damn blow up from our BP!

LMAO….this is pathetic already!

Pathetically Funny!!!! Might as well enjoy the fireworks. The fallout will be the ashes of Frank and Furter. And with them Donny, Honeycutt, and Conte!!!

That’s what my Hubby just said! lol And, he said get rid of all the players and bring up the AAA team! I said, that’s what we have right now!

You’d expect that with Kersh, Billz and Kuroda, we should be able to win those 3 games…so, three out of five woud be okay. But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, it ain’t gonna happen!

Yeah, but somewhere along the line you have to score some runs.

Runs…what are those?!

Oh, well, at least it was only the first inning. No problem making up three runs πŸ˜•

That’s right Trumom. Furcal the saviour is back!!!

Too bad he can’t pitch too!

This is going from bad to worse! Yep, Jhall….PATHETICALLY FUNNY!!!!

In a punchbowl full of turds, Loney still can’t hide how worthless he is!!!

But, Lyons pointed out, he has an 8 game hitting streak πŸ˜‰

Alright Bonehead Loney!!! What a waste!!!

Hey Wally!
Seeing your avatar brings back memories of George Carlin talking about shopping for the fake dogshit in the novelty store. . .
Could I see something in a St. Bernard please?

LOL!!! The pile is growing as we speak VL!!

Good afternoon all.
Already in a hole, and Loney caught sleeping on the base path.
Great start!

Isn’t this fun, vl?! Got your drinks ready?

Just chilling some brewski’s. πŸ˜‰

Hi’Ya VL!! It has finally gotten so ludicrous that it is funny to watch this bumbling bunch of dung!!!

I’m sorry but no offense, struggling or not, should have to make up runs like this on a daily basis. They should be able to score 1 or 2 runs and win a game on occasion. This will just make the offense press harder, which we know never works.

Yep…they have to all be saying WTF?!

LOL Trumom. What the f*ck or Waiting for Free-Agency!!!

Hi’Ya Nelly!!!

Jeeez! The hole keeps geting deeper. They’re teeing off on Kuroda today.

I’m sitting here watching the telecast on WGN. Still trying to decide whether to listen to Charlie & Rick, or Steve Stone, and his nimrod sidekick. .

They are all awful! Just pick your poison πŸ™‚

Good Afternoon Jhall!! ……or maybe it should just be “afternoon Jhall!” because the Dodgers are playing so “good” right now. However, ITD is always good πŸ™‚
Dodgereric – I hope you are having a wonderful day with your son on his birthday. You are one amazing dad!!

Its all good Nelly!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!
You just can’t help laughing at this Frank and Furter dung heap!! I can laugh because it will be their undoing!!!!

Y’all sound like you could use some cheering up. How about a little BJ Thomas, Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song:

Its cold out here tonight
And the season’s just not right for a polka-dot love thong
Bum buddies done bummed buddy’s dong thong
Hey, are you gay?, you donned a
Bum buddies done bummed buddy’s dong thong
And had to walk on home
Looking like a lady
Looking like a lady
So partake with me, eccen-tricities
Where dad had to make everybody lie-i-i-i-i
A polka-dot thong, and a hot pink sarong
And all those late night calls on the phone
Hey, are you gay?, you donned a
Bum buddies done bummed buddy’s dong thong
And had to walk on home
Looking like a lady
Looking like a lady
So par-tay with me, this strange malady
The one all those said that you shouldn’t try-y-y-y-y
A polka-dot thong, and a hot pink sarong
And a bustier with points like a cone
Hey, are you gay? , you donned a
Bum buddies done bummed buddy’s dong thong
And had to walk on home
Looking like a lady
Looking like a lady
Hey, are you gay? (are you gay?), you donned a
Bum buddies done bummed buddy’s dong thong
And had to walk on home
Looking like a lady
Looking like a lady
Hey, are you gay? (are you gay?), you donned a
Bum buddies done bummed buddy’s dong thong
And had to walk on home
Looking like a lady
Looking like a lady
Β©NedCo Broken Records 2011

What are YOU drinking today? Absynthe? LOL

( πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ )


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

You, in your dong-thong & me in my cone-pointed bustier….woo-hoo!

We’re a sight Tru!!

Where are the CHAPS?

We must NOT forget the chaps πŸ˜•

LMAO!!!!! Oh enchanted!!! The ITD Koolaid is flowing today!!! LOL!!!!

Hey, got your mind off the train wreck for 3:27. ‘Bout all you can do anymore to make it through a game.

Sheee-it! Loney should have had that!

As if it weren’t bad enough, Dre hurt himself 😦

Not good. He normally makes that catch.

Glad they finally nabbed SOMEONE in the Bryan Stow incident.

It’s a wonder what happens when they double the reward.

The informant will be receiving Frank’s addition to the reward as well: 8 vouchers to any Dodgers Monday-Thursday home game, sans blackout dates.

Don’t scoff. Last week, it was only 4 vouchers.


It was surely the vouchers that turned the tide πŸ™‚

Hapless bunch aren’t they?

There’s a perfect emoticon for games like these:


Tripping up ‘Dre, slamming into Barajas, Juanpy is a killer today (and we’re still paying him for it).

Reminds me of when Shawn Green went to New York, and decided he wasn’t afraid to get grass stains on his pants anymore.

Once the defense lets Kuroda down, it all goes south. . .

Damn! If Loney had a brain, he’d have a triple!

Barajas out. This team is jinxed!

This team is Nedded.

Hell, nobody probably wants to play any more!

I’ll say this for Kruk and Kuip: They’ve never exclaimed “YES!” after the Giants get a 1B putout.

My gf’s brother is a Sox fan, and never watches the games on TV because of the announcers. I say they reinstate Shoeless Joe, and ban these two twerps from baseball in his stead.

I had to listen to them yesterday and they are much worse te Krud & Krap! Probably the worse in baseball.

Maybe that dinger Sands got yesterday kick started his offense.

Well, its about time for some Cormier fireworks!!!

About the same effect of throwing gasoline on the fire.

Furcal SUCKS.
He and Kuroda both should be traded before the deadline.
We might even get a couple of decent prospects for each, if Ned wasn’t in charge.

I though Furcal ws our savior πŸ™‚

I agree Bear!!! Furcal will probably be back on the DL before July however.

Our players go from the DL to the DL. The Dung List to the Disabled List!!

πŸ˜• ) )

Cue up ‘Sad but True’ from Metallica.

Furcal’s entire career with the Dodgers is worth exactly TWO FINGERS – the middle finger on each hand.

< < Like this?! lol

Barajas – wrist injury. Andre – toe & back injury.

I sure hope Barajas isn’t hurt bad. Navarro STINKS from behind, and BOTH sides of the plate!

LMAO…..I thought you said his behind stinks! I was wondering how did you know?!

No brainer with his defensive abilities. Passed ball. Need I say more?

Yep, Navarro is a total waste. Another jewel in Neds crown of shame.

Navarro STINKS from behind…
Must be how Ned found him – he was drawn to the scent.


At least the Cubs are loveable. These guys are just losers.

You know we are really bad when Juanpy has 3 hits!

Can’t wait to get back to LA and see all the EMPTY SEATS.

When it comes to Navarro, here I thought Ned had made one of his better moves in trading him several years ago, no matter who we got in return, but then he has to go and get Navarro back on the team. How do we get rid of him now?

Just goes to show what a mental midget Ned is.

Somebody posted on Facebook: You know the old saying, you get what you pay for….well, thanks a lot McCrackhead! lmao!!!!

What happens when we actually play a good team?

Probably 12 – 1 πŸ™‚

The wrong end of shutouts!

Phillies have signed Pathednik

Bases loaded. Nobody out.
Inning over.

Well looks like the ‘replacements’ got the bases loaded with no outs. I sure hope Furcal drives some in. . .

NOPE! Wish in one hand & shit in the other. .


Bases loaded…0 outs…how many runs?

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Without a hit, too!

I think when we play American League rules they should refer to our guy as the “designated batter.” We don’t have any ‘hitters” on our team.

DB it shall be!

Vizquel is such a freak. He could still be playing at 50.

Don’t tempt Ned.


I’ve decided that Ned doesn’t need a pair of chaps, but rather just the one side because everything he does is half-assed.

I thought the chaps were for you?! lol

Wearing the thong, you need protection. πŸ˜•


Donnie mught want to go get Guerra and save both his psyche and his arm.

Mught is Irish for might.

This bullpen’s gonna be in great shape in Houston.

Houston…we have a problem.

Probably so. I just hope Dodger pitchers can keep the ball in the yard. Minute Maid park is a launching pad as long as you don’t get it airborne to straight away CF.

Alright Trontoasto!!!!

Shhhh….don’t tell Nellyjune that Juanpy was the cause of Andre’s injury. She won’t like that one bit!

One bright spot today…..JERRY……4 – 4 πŸ™‚

Jer-ry!!! Jer-ry!! Good to see him have good success today. Makes the game worth watching – the only thing worth watching, when I think about it.

Wow! This breakout day for Sands is about the only bright spot for this team today. ;(

Jeez, Sands bare got second base warm and there’s three outs already.

Nice game Jerry!!! Other than that, just more dung for the heap!!!

Bare is Norwegian for barely.

It’s good to be multi-lingual, Beav.

It does come in handy when commenting on this team sparks!!

Ned’s probably trying to figure out what pitcher he can package with Sands to get Dotel back.

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