If we can make it there…

The Dodgers are currently en route to the big apple and Don Mattingly’s first game as a manager in the town where he first became known to the world of baseball.

Once again, I’ll be back in LA for this trip but it’s going to be quite the media circus for Donnie tomorrow. He’s done an incredible job to date at balancing all the needs and requests that come with being a big league manager and that’s not an easy task in a town like Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, we’re still awaiting any medical updates on Broxton and/or Ethier but with the team en route right now, I’m not expecting much in the next few hours. The Dodgers certainly have been bit by the injury bug to date but that’s part of the game and the team will keep clawing through it.

And Andre’s going for 30 straight, assuming he can play in tomorrow’s game (that’s my assumption, not a medical one). First pitch is at 4:10 p.m. PT on PRIME Ticket, KABC 790 and 1020 KTNQ (in Spanish).


  1. scottinarcadia

    Hey Josh, Can you let us know whose signature is on your June 1 paycheck? Say hi to Soboroff!

    • enchantedTheBeav

      Awesome – thanks for the link!!
      I think the IRS ought to be sitting in while Schiffer (sp?) digs into Frank’s shell game.

  2. selltheteam

    “The three determined to press ahead with MLB’s probe of the Dodgers’ finances dating back to Frank McCourt’s purchase of the club in 2004, the person said, speaking on condition of anonymity because no public statements were authorized.”
    Why stop there? Why not go back a few days more and investigate the idiot who approved McCourt’s purchase of the Dodgers? Oh, yeah, that idiot was Selig.

  3. messagebear

    Let’s ring the curtain down on Frank the worthless son of a bitch. Ride him out of town. Press that investigation, and by all means let’s share it with the IRS. I want the bastard behind bars, and I don’t mean just the ordinary white collar country club lockup. If he decides to sue and stretch things out, let’s just declare an open season on him – shoot on sight.

  4. JhallWally

    Well, on a more upbeat note, the G’nats, Yankees, and Red Sox all lost today and we didn’t. I love it when those teams lose. Plus the Indians and Reds won!!! Interesting how two of the lower budget teams can remain competitive and put out a product on the field that is at least fun to watch, and we can’t!!!!

  5. trublu4ever

    I would like to wish everybody a happy, joyous, Sinko de Franko (courtesy of Dodger4life).

    • northstateblues

      The idea of tearing Dodger Stadium down for a football stadium is sickening to me, but that’s because of my personal connection.

      Tearing down Dodger Stadium would be the perfect ending to NFL’s usurping of baseball as the National Pasttime.

      I’d much prefer the NFL stadium next to the Stadium instead of replacing it.

      But the idea of a new stadium, shorter fences for more homeruns, or power alleys…. it’s a little sexy from far away, but the closer I look, it’s like a Monet.

      But my favorite part of the Cole article was where the NFL people laughed at McCourt when he talked about owning the franchise as a condition for a Chavez Ravine NFL Stadium.

      A lotta people laughing at Frank these days.

      Not me. I just shake my head.

  6. kpookiemon

    If they tear down Dodger Stadium there will riots in the wealthy suburbs. My friend’s dad used to take us out to Chavez Ravine when they were building the place, just huge mounds of dirt and an equally huge gouge right into the hill. Perfection. Summer nights in Dodger Stadium.

    • Nellyjune

      That was all over Twitterworld last night. How pathetic was that!? They certainly aren’t making things better for themselves, which is a good thing in some ways.

  7. messagebear

    SoJerkOff, or SuckerOff as I like to call him is of course ultimately a would be politician, and a LOSER, so why would anybody expect an “accurate” statement from him.
    Actually I just like the way the front office organization keeps shooting itself in the foot. I think they all need to FIRED above the level of a janitor, and maybe that outcome is now sooner rather than later.
    Come payroll time, where’s the cash?
    Wonder if Jamie is getting hers – cash I mean.

  8. enchantedTheBeav

    Jamie must be laughing her ass off at all this. I think she’s at least smart enough to realize that any consortium she’s a part of has a snowball’s chance in hell of acquiring the team since Bud wants no part of the McCourts anymore, so its in her best interests for Frank to be forced to sell while the franchise still has some value. Otherwise she’d constantly be trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. Any doubts that Frank would default on alimony payments?
    Going to be interesting though if the IRS gets involved. Afterall, if she’s part owner, then she’s up to her turkey neck (did I say that?) in it with Frank as well. If she begs off, that would make Frank sole owner and she’s out several million.
    Oh what tangled webs we weave…

  9. selltheteam

    Frank thinks he should pay his players using money from a TV deal that doesn’t start for another 2 1/2 years. Frank, you should go back to Georgetown University where you earned a degree in economics, because you didn’t learn a damned thing.

  10. northstateblues

    Loving the DodgersGM twitter account (that you, Ned?).

    My two faves:

    “If #MLB won’t approve Fox deal, McCourt has deal to receive money from Nigerian prince. Must make a series of deposits first”

    “Frank McCourt asked me to run errand for him. I have no idea what he needs with $4,999 worth of paper shredders”

    The site’s http://twitter.com/#!/DodgersGM

    • JhallWally

      I thought this one was very astute North:

      “Though Andre Ethier is scratched from today’s lineup, keep an eye on James Loney’s streak of 25 games without an extra-base hit.”

  11. selltheteam

    Tonight’s lineup
    Carroll SS
    Sands LF
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Uribe 3B
    Loney 1B
    Barajas C
    Miles 2B
    Kuroda P

  12. Emma

    We can hope “We can make it there” Josh.
    Hello everybody. I’ve been sick after the throwback day game. My stomach muscles still hurt from throwing back everything I ate that day. I don’t think I over did it…well, maybe a little. It could have been that blue cadillac margarita but it sure made the loss more bearable. I am back at work today catching up on work and a little here.

  13. Dodger4life

    Good Afternoon All…
    Met the Mets, Greet the Mets, step right up and beat the Mets!!
    Have a wonderful Friday, and enjoy the game everyone…

  14. northstateblues

    As Frank McCourt fights his war on 4 fronts (the Wife, the Commish, the IRS and Time itself), I’m reminded by that situation many players of the board game Risk know all too well.

    You’ve taken out most of your enemies. Just one other guy left, and he’s holed up on the 4 part Australian continent. You fortify all your troops to Siam, ready to face his buildup of troops in Indonesia. So close to Total World Domination, nothing can stop you now…

    except the dice.

    Those snake eyes, twos and threes come at the worst time, watching your army plink away as luck becomes a cruel mistress. “Just a few troops gone,” you optimistically think, “after I finally DO get Indonesia, it won’t take much…”

    Except, somehow, you didn’t get Indonesia, your blinded bloodlust leaving you with one guy on Siam, and his two. He gets his reinforcements, and takes Siam. Then all those territories you left behind guarded with only one army. Suddenly, you’re not getting your Asian reinforcements, and he just took Western Europe, meaning you don’t get the European reinforcements, and then African Morrocco is only one territory away, then you’re two or three territories away from Brazil, and his tiny holdings rob you of massive reinforcements.

    You might still win, as you still have a lot of territories waiting for you on your next turn. But if the other guy is a smarter player than you, you’ll find your army scattered, your old territory hollowed out, and before long, you’re the one holed up, hoping luck is kinder this time…

  15. selltheteam

    This weekend’s series between the hapless Dodgers and the hapless Mets conjures up memories of the following 1983 college football game between the Oregon Ducks (4-6) and the Oregon State Beavers (2-8):
    “Played during a rainstorm and pitting two mediocre squads against each other, the game ended in a scoreless tie and is commonly known as the “Toilet Bowl” because of the poor quality of play exhibited in the game. It was not a steadfast defensive struggle: there were eleven fumbles, five interceptions, and four missed field goals. It was the last NCAA Division I football game to end in a scoreless tie, and with the introduction of overtime into NCAA football (which eliminated ties), it is unlikely to ever happen in the future, unless a subsequent rule change allows tie games to once again occur.”

  16. nedsajerk

    Closer Jonathan Broxton put on DL by Dodgers
    2 hours, 33 minutes ago

    NEW YORK (AP)โ€”All-Star closer Jonathan Broxton has been placed on the 15-day disabled list by the Los Angeles Dodgers because of elbow pain.

    Broxton is 1-2 with a 5.68 ERA and seven saves in 14 games, and his velocity dropped from 96 mph last weekend to 90 mph on Tuesday night, when he threw a pair of consecutive four-pitch walks in a loss to the Chicago Cubs. The DL move was retroactive to Wednesday.

    May 3, 1:05 am EDT MLB Gallery Los Angeles recalled right-hander Kenley Jansen from Double-A Chattanooga before Friday nightโ€™s game at the New York Mets.

  17. nedsajerk

    I can’t seem to never figure out why Ethier can’t hit vs the Mets and in Citi Fields?

    Career vs. NYM 31 102 6 15 5 0 0 7 9 30 0 0 .147 .221 .196 .417

  18. selltheteam

    Larry Bowa shows once again what he is made of, as he speaks up about Ethier:
    “An inflamed elbow — if that’s what it is — I’m one of those guys that you’ve got to play through that, especially if you play in the outfield,” said Bowa. “If you were an infielder, you’d have to throw with that arm, that’s another thing. But how many plays does an outfielder get? To me, unless it was really, really bad, I’m going to play him. The team’s not playing very good, they’re under .500, they’re not producing offensively except for Ethier and [Matt] Kemp. You take that big bat out of the lineup you really limit yourself to just Kemp in the lineup and you can pitch around him or make pitches. Again, I guess I am from the old school. Unless it’s really bad I think you’ve got to go out there and play.

    “I was shocked. I was shocked. Now if he doesn’t play Friday night or Saturday in New York, then it is serious. But if he plays tomorrow night in New York, I tell you what, that would really annoy me. I’m not annoyed [because of] the streak. I’m annoyed because he’s your best hitter in the lineup and you’re struggling as a team right now. Your team’s better than two games under .500, you’re not scoring runs. And again, if it’s to the point where he couldn’t throw at all, I mean not even throw the ball to second base, that’s another story. But if he’s in the lineup tomorrow night then it couldn’t have been that serious.”

  19. Emma

    lol Enchanted. I had to hold my side to laugh a little.
    I just kept seeing the word “throw” in Bowa’s comment.

  20. Nellyjune

    Wow!!! Andre wasted no time in getting that hit out of the way!! Now the team can focus on winning the game. WAY TO GO ANDRE!!!!! #30

  21. selltheteam

    Loney Phoney Baloney. Should be Gone-y.
    Why isn’t Sands playing 1B and Russ Mitchell playing LF?

  22. Nellyjune

    Andre’s streak has gone national. ESPN has had it at the top of their news reel since he got his hit.

  23. enchantedTheBeav

    Why is it when these guys can manage to score a couple runs, the starter isn’t worth a shit?

  24. nedsajerk

    Philadelphia Phillies
    Pitchers IP H R ER BB SO HR PC-ST ERA
    C Lee 7.0 9 3 3 1 16 0 117-87 3.69
    Totals 7.0 9 3 3 1 16 0 117-87

    Holy smoke Lee 16 k’s but the Braves are winning 3-0 is that possible?

  25. enchantedTheBeav

    Have I ever mentioned that this team sucks?
    I had to laugh at people over on the Times blog a couple days ago actually debating who should be closer. Like these duds will ever have a lead that needs closing.
    I’m starting to think that 100 loses is much more possible than I imagined.

    • enchantedTheBeav

      Against these pathetic losers he could’ve thrown 41 innings yesterday and it wouldn’t have mattered.

  26. enchantedTheBeav

    You know what I really hope though? I hope Ned gets a GM spot with another club. Because as long as he’s tied together with Frank, it’ll always be, “Well Frank didn’t have the money for him to field a decent team.” I want Ned to go somewhere else so he can show just what a dismal failure he is on his own.

      • nedsajerk

        lol I don’t think the 2012 team would be worst if Blake is a FA and Furcal has an option?

      • enchantedTheBeav

        C’mon shad, you can’t possibly want those two back. Blake’s done and Furcal’s turned into Nomore. Blake’s option has got to be worth at least $6mil and Furcal’s $10 minimum. Might as well just open up the window and throw the money out.

      • nedsajerk

        Nah that why I said would we really be worst in 2012? I really don’t think so.

      • JhallWally

        Have to agree with Beav here Shad!! I don’t want those two back, they’re used up!!!

      • nedsajerk

        So all those players that we still paying how many of them are we still paying or do we still have a couple of more years to pay them off.

      • enchantedTheBeav

        You know Frank and his love of deferred salaries shad – hell he’s probably still paying on the Philco he bought a few decades back.

      • nedsajerk

        To be honest I was agree with him without those 2 I think are teams would improve but who going to fill those 2 spots consider one of them is Uribe and is Carroll contract up this year?

    • nedsajerk

      I have a good feeling Furcal and Blake would be traded but which team is going to bite for those 2? I think Broxton and Loney would be next for season reason I don’t see these 2 back.

      • nedsajerk

        Urgh sigh let’s me try that again. I think Broxton and Loney would be the next 2 to be traded and are we still under contract or is they FA after this year?

      • JhallWally

        Yep, they need to unload Loney and Broxton for whatever they can get. Both are big time non tender candidates this off season. And Carrolls’ contract is up after this year. I think we could possibly resign him at a reasonable salary.

  27. boblee

    Hey nellyjne, how are you.
    I was in the Walmart store in waterloo, Illinois today with my Dodger cap on and they were taking pictures with Fredbird, the Cardinals mascot and he came up to me and shook my hand and then took off my cap and gave a thumbs down amd then gave me the raspberries. They took our pictures together, but wouldn’t take a picture of us with mu camera ohone. Was funny.

    • Nellyjune

      I am doing great Boblee!!! I am trying my best to hope this Dodger team can do something despite their awful owner and GM (awful is probably too mild), but it’s looking more like that isn’t the case. The only exciting thing is if Andre keeps up even close to what he is doing now, he will get paid handsomely (whether with the Dodgers or not) in his future contract.

  28. nedsajerk

    I see the Nucks won last night to bad Luongo gave up that soft goal and a goal in OT that series would’ve been over.

  29. enchantedTheBeav

    I’d like to shit in Frank’s hat. Or at least on Ned’s rug.
    Anyone know why DeJesus isn’t playing full tims at 2B? Might as well find out once and for all if he’s got what it takes. We already know Miles doesn’t. Its typical of NedCo though. Give a guy sporadic playing time and ABs, then pronounce he needs to go back and learn to be a major leaguer.
    Someone call Pittsburgh and thell them we’ll have another one for them soon.

    • nedsajerk

      Why isn’t DeJesus playing? Did Donny said he was here to play and I surely take him over Miles

  30. enchantedTheBeav

    Here’s the projected line-up for 2012:
    SS – Gordon
    LF – Robinson
    RF – Andre
    CF – Kemp
    1B – Sands
    3B – Uribe
    C – Ellis
    2B – DeJesus
    Livin’ the dream aren’t we? Come to think of it, maybe it is better.

  31. enchantedTheBeav

    Wally and TruMom made me teary eyed up above about being here to the bitter end, so this ones for them. Helen Reddy, You And Me Against The World.

    Tell it again Wally
    Tru and me against ol Frank
    Thatโ€™s all thatโ€™s left is Tru and me against ol Frank
    When all the others flipped the bird and walked away
    Weโ€™ll be here until weโ€™re gra-a-a-a-a-a-y
    Remember when Nedโ€™s circus came to town
    And you were pissed of by McClown
    But yet we still came back around, someone that bleeds blue
    Someone who was woebegone and still remembers
    Phew and me against ol Frank
    Thatโ€™s all thatโ€™s left is Tru and me against ol Frank
    And for all the times Frank lied, we knew we still had
    Vinny by our side
    And when others have all gone
    And weโ€™re the ones whoโ€™re left to carry on
    Then remembering our fat Andruw
    Or Jason Schidt and roided Manny too
    Think back to the days of Princess Drew
    Tru and me against ol Frank
    And when others have all gone
    And weโ€™re the ones whoโ€™re left to carry on
    Then remembering our fat Andruw
    Or Jason Schidt and roided Manny too
    Think back to the days of Princess Drew
    Tru and me against ol Frank
    [spoken by TruMom]
    I hate you Franky
    [spoken by Wally]
    I hate you too Frank
    ยฉ NedCo Broken Records 2011

    • Nellyjune

      I remember that song like it was written yesterday!!! Oh good Gawd no!!!! Bad memories of JP and Joe love days with that song.

  32. GM Ned Colletti

    See people, I really am a great GM, we don’t have to worry about having a closer, I made sure of that. On another topic Boss is trying to get financing to improve the club, or his lifestyle. As we speak he’s filling out his Publishers Clearing house sweepstakes entry.

  33. JhallWally

    As I was reading the MLB rumors, this little snippet made me laugh:

    Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has a new Full Count video up, so let’s dive in…
    โ€ขNed Colletti is under contract as Dodgers GM through 2012, but he has an out-clause after that. MLB is unlikely to stand in the way if another team asks to interview him before then though.

  34. Dodger4life

    Good Day Everyone…
    It’s time to get back on track Boy’s!
    I’m headed to the pub to watch the game tonight, seems a fitting place. Enjoy your Saturday, the game tonight and a have a great Mothers Day tomorrow!

    • JhallWally

      Nope, but someone on facebook said that Loney was batting second, so it must be out there somewhere.

  35. nedsajerk

    Ethier vs Career vs C. Young 29 12 2 0 6 10 5 4 0 2 .414 .500 1.103 1.603

    Yeah I think that’s 6 HR’s and 10 rbi’s vs him.

  36. Nellyjune

    Chris Young is not pitching tonight. Dylan Gee is pitching instead. Young can’t get loose and warmed up – hmmm!

    • JhallWally

      Yep Swood, he hit some HR’s 3 or 4 years ago so Ned thinks he’s the answer. Unfortunately they kept him and let XPaul go. Ned is a moron!!!

  37. JhallWally

    I guess we shouldn’t expect much from an early spring training split squad lineup taking the field!!! And these bums don’t even have to worry about making the team.

  38. swood

    This teams going to stink for the next 5 years. Other than kemp either kersh billz the rest of the team is scrubs. There are just so many holes to be filled I mean where to start? LF, the entire bullpen, the entire infield, the back of the rotation

  39. enchantedTheBeav

    I doubt this line-up could beat a good high school team. Dillon Gee?
    It begs the question – do these guys even get a hit VS. Halladay, Lee and Oswalt? I am SO looking forward to the Phils games.

  40. enchantedTheBeav

    That was Juan $21 mil, 3-year Uribe ladies and gentlemen. How ’bout a nice round of applause? Johnny, tell him what his parting gifts will be for being a contestant.

    • JhallWally

      Alright Ned, here’s your new luggage for that well deserved trip to the land of the Galactically Stupid!!

  41. enchantedTheBeav

    Think Ned will be a buyer at the trade deadline? Don’t think we’ll be any more than 15-16 games out by then.

    • JhallWally

      Hell Yeah!!! Why would anyone pay those prices to see a spring training split squad team!!!

    • trublu4ever

      Here, they have a guy, GeeWhiz pitching and, we should have had at lest 6 runs!
      I know we are supposed to be positive here but, it is becoming very difficult watching the same crap day after day!

    • JhallWally

      Could be worse!! Could be a Met fan watching your team try to scratch out a win against a bad spring training lineup!!!

  42. nedsajerk

    Can we clone Carroll? To bad Garland couldn’t had bunt with runner on 2nd and 3rd with no out.

  43. enchantedTheBeav

    Say what you will about Frank, but Ned’s blown more money on crap than Frank’s even dreamt of.

    • JhallWally

      If you take just the Schidt, Phew, and Jones contracts it is as much as the 100M+ that Franky embezzled. At least Franky and Jamie have some nice houses to show for it!!!

      • JhallWally

        And we are still paying them more than the interest on the mortgages for said houses!!!!

      • nedsajerk

        How much these 3 guys are playing and 2 of them are still playing we still love to take about them.

  44. nedsajerk

    Did anyone watch the Rays/Orioles games? You want to see clutch hit you should’ve seen this game and all the Rays runs were scored with 2 outs.

    • nedsajerk

      Let’s me try that again. How much that we are paying these 3 guys and 2 of them are still playing we still love to take about them.

  45. enchantedTheBeav

    You know, I looked at the standings today and somehow we’re still not in last. We’re just going to have to put less effort into it if we’re going to catch the Pads.

  46. enchantedTheBeav

    I was going to say, nice way to move the runner over Gibbons, but I quickly realized it wouldn’t matter anyway.

    • enchantedTheBeav

      That’s a trick question Wally. How many games in a row can we actually get 6 men on base in front of him?

    • JhallWally

      Probably better!!! IMO!! That’s kind of easy as this team couldn’t get much worse right now!!!

    • northstateblues

      E, this is like choosing between Madea and Big Momma.

      The only reason I think it might have been better w/DePo is that he looked for numbers, and numbers might be cheaper than washed-up veterans overpaid while Colletti pimps out their past glories.

      • northstateblues

        What that can of ALPOยฎ turns into, after the dog gets to it, could build a better team.

        Maybe if we took that poop, put it in a paper bag, put it in a strategic place and lit it, we could get Frank to actually WANT to leave Dodger Stadium ๐Ÿ˜ˆ …

        It’d only be temporary, though. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  47. Nellyjune

    Andre – You did an awesome job, both on and off the field, dealing with this streak. Your hitting streak of 30 consecutive games is 2nd in Dodger Franchise History. WOW!! What an amazing accomplishment, and this Ethieraholic (the Original)is very proud of you. Now that it is over, just start a new one tomorrow. (jk) WAY TO GO ANDRE!!! YOUR FANS LOVE YOU!!!!

  48. JhallWally

    It was really only a matter of time before Andre got sucked down the drain with this turd team. Thank you Andre for the hit streak. It was admirable and fun while it lasted. Now it is time to focus on how bad this team really is!!!

  49. enchantedTheBeav

    This team would have a tough time winning in a beer league. When does Ned get canned?

      • enchantedTheBeav

        Unfortunately Tru that would be copyright infringement. Wouldn’t want Frank to sue me and then become the laughing stock of being the only suit he won.
        BTW, story in the Times reports since the stadium and parking lots are separate entities, Frank could still theoretically own both and control the parking AND become the Dodgers landlord.

      • JhallWally

        Well that just sucks!!! Good reason to tear it down and go downtown!!! Fuck You Frank!!!

      • enchantedTheBeav

        Dang it Wally. You know the doc told you not to hold back or it would raise your blood pressure. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • JhallWally

        To be honest I donโ€™t know even why Lopez wanted to coach 1st bases for us instead of staying in Phillies with a good team. Did they talk to him to stay or did Lopez make that decision to leave them?

    • nedsajerk

      To be honest I don’t know even why Lopez wanted to coach 1st bases for us instead of staying in Phillies with a good team. Did they talk to him to stay or did Lopez make that decision to leave them?

    • JhallWally

      And that just runs interference for Neds’ ill conceived Uribum signing!!!! Wake up Dodger Nation!!!

    • JhallWally

      Yep Nelly, I can’t believe that MLB will let him get away with it. He is basically gone from mismanaging the Dodgers to raping them!!!

      • Nellyjune

        So technically, if this is true, the only way to get rid of Frank is to have a new owner move the team, yes?

      • JhallWally

        Well, if Frank has stripped the franchise of the stadium and/or the land, I’m not sure what is left for them to do. I still can’t believe that MLB will let him get away with it. A very big part of the value of the franchise and the Dodgers is the Chavez Ravine property and the stadium. It severely devalues the Dodger franchise for a possible buyer. I think Jamie will have something to say about it as she is going to go for whatever gives her the maximum payoff. It just sucks all the way around.

  50. enchantedTheBeav

    You think Frank’s despised now, wait if he tries that tactic.
    Not that he cares though.

    • JhallWally

      No, it is pretty obvious that he doesn’t give a crap about anything but himself. It has been for a long time here. I’m just wondering how long it will take before the people at large will finally realize it. He’s an adept con man, and LA, you’ve been had!!!!!

      • Nellyjune

        Who really cares about winning games and hitting streaks when you have an owner who is certainly not doing what is right for our team? This just sucks to no end!!!!

    • JhallWally

      Yep Nelly, we are hostages of Franks greed and his manipulation of the courts and American Justice System.

      • Nellyjune

        Just sucks Jhall!!! Out Toystore is just in shambles right now, and it’s because of a greedy, manipulative owner who keeps all the good toys to himself and leaves the crappy, broken ones for the rest of us. He entices us with a few of the fun toys in the window(Andre, Matt, Kersh, and Carroll), but it’s just a fasade of what is really inside – a whole bunch of crappy toys nobody else wants to play with. So very unfair!!

  51. Nellyjune

    I can’t post any specific articles, but from all the articles I read about Andre’s streak ending were all positive. I didn’t pay too much attention to the crowd, but I guess the Mets fans were standing during Andre’s at-bats, hoping to see history too. Good for them!!! After the game, Andre seemed to have fun with the media asking them “why all the silence? It’s awkward!” and told them all not to be strangers after tonight. You done good Andre!!!

  52. GM Ned Colletti

    Doesn’t anyone believe that boss is really sorry ? After all he promised the little bosses not to speak about the divorce. Can’t you people see how that has affected this team? He’s truly sorry , and all he wants is your mon, err, your forgiveness. Now can we take up a collection so I can get us a left fielder?

  53. messagebear

    I believe that the “boss” is one Sorry Ass who needs to be ridden out of town as soon as possible. May Ned and a few other Frank’s flunkies go right with him sniffing under his tail just like they’ve been accustomed to doing. The list is too long to be naming names.

  54. Nellyjune

    Enchanted – have you seen Oldbrooklynfan on the LA Times Blog? He usually goes to the games during this series with his daughter because she is a Mets fan, and I was wondering if he has mentioned it on there.

  55. sparkleplenty_1

    I’ve really missed Andre’s power during the hitting streak. Glad to see he is starting to mash again.

    • Nellyjune

      I agree!!!! I understood the significance of the streak, but the singles are boring. I would rather see power-hitting Andre any day!! I think he rather see it himself too!!!

  56. nedsajerk

    Did I just say mention that I hate 3-2 pitches when it was 2-2 at first and that 3-2 pitches wasn’t even close to being a strike.

  57. Nellyjune

    Here’s one for you Shad….. On TrueblueLA, they said the Laker’s defense is so bad, the Dodgers offense can score on it. I thought that was the best quote of the day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • nedsajerk

      Another things I don’t get when the beat the Mavs in LA to clinch that tiebreaker and the #2 seed those were the same players playing and I don’t know what happen today and the past 3 games?

  58. enchantedTheBeav

    If I’m understaning correctly Nells. its like the Dodgers beating Pete Rose’s Phils virtually every game during the season (was sometime in the 80’s, though I remember not which year), then while fielding the same team, getting beat for the pennant by that same Phils team in 4-5 games.
    Does that help?

  59. enchantedTheBeav

    Or in simpler terms, they beat the same team all year with the same players, then lost in the playoffs. A case of, how could you dominate them all year, then lose to them when it counted when nothing changed.

  60. enchantedTheBeav

    Perhaps this will help you in the future:
    To extrapolate a translation, one has to insert punctuation where there be none, [metaphorically speaking] like in Moby Dick (that’s a vague reference to Gabriel’s warning to Ishmael of seeing land where there be none, but I digress…). Once that had been achieved, then begin an examination of the newly punctuated segments, rendering all possible interpretations of those fragments. Once that has been done then you can begin to puzzle the different fragment interpretations back together as a whole in various sequences, disregarding compilations that have no meaning (giberish in layman’s terms) until arriving at a combination that conveys the intended meaning of what what quite probably an excited utterance.

  61. JhallWally

    LOL!! Like 1988 when he were 1-10 against the Mets in the regular season and then beat them in the playoffs.

  62. kpookiemon

    That this club is only 3 1/2 games out of first place is a testament to the ineptness of the NL West.

  63. messagebear

    How hard is it to start a new thread on this MLB blog?
    It gets real tiresome waiting for all the posts to load when you get beyond a couple of hundred of them. I realize that Josh has a very important job keeping up the appearances for Frank, Soboroff and company, but can’t you just delegate that task to someone else? I really don’t want to hear, nor do I believe, anything that you have to say on the thread to begin with – just give us an opportunity to talk among ourselves; that’s what the blog is for. We already know what we think about the Dodger front office. IT SUCKS
    SELL THE TEAM while you’re at it.

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