Eric Karros joins KCAL team

In case you missed it, Eric Karros has joined KCAL as part of the Dodgers’ pregame show. This is great news for Dodger fans, who will get to hear Eric’s insights throughout the season. For those of you who have heard him on ESPN, you know that he’s very good at analyzing the game and he’s a true professional.

As a player, you could always tell that Eric would be a good broadcaster someday and it didn’t take long for him to wind up back with the team he knows best. We’re glad he’s back in the family and that he’ll be around quite a bit this season.


E.K has a bright future behind the mic.

I had hoped he would be the third man in the booth/ Way to go, EK!

It is certainly great to have Eric Karros back with the Dodgers! I agree that he will have a great new career in broadcasting, and I look forward to the contributions he will make to our 2006 team! Go EK!

Way to go E.K., It is great to have you back where you belong. I just wish we could
bring back another sorely missed member of our Dodger family, Ross Porter. Ross’ voice was almost as synonomous

with the Dodgers as that of the great Mr. Scully. What I wouldn’t give to hear “would you like to take a shot at

Dodger trivia?”, and the never forgetable “Mmmm Hmmm!”

I have been trying to get this info. out for a long time, Eric Karros is the icon picture for MLB, just like Jerry West is the icon for NBA basketball. It,s easy to find out ,just go back to the baseball arcives on channel 5 or 11 or 13 whichever station was sponsoring the dodger games then. It was when he just starting playing for the DODGERS. Somebody please look this up, I think it a tribute to Eric and the DODGERS if this is prpven (and this info I’m giving is correct I’ve been behind this for all this time.

That’s wonderful! I have always admired Eric and I think he will do a fine job!

page in rotoworld information

Sell the team!

You could start here. I was practicing stuff here the other day.

Thanks, Dodgereric….much better 😉

Surprise, surprise…McCourts can’t reach settlement in their divorce case. Another f*cking day wasted!

Here are the results of the ESPN fan poll about owners that I posted a while back. I think you can guess the outcome!!
Sell the team McBroke!!! Take your sleazy wife, inept GM, and crummy training staff, and get the hell out.

Well said Mr. Jhall!!!!

Thanks Nelly!! Hope your having a wonderful day!!

It’s Friday with one more Friday to go, and a holiday in between…. four more wake ups 🙂
I hope you are doing well too Jhall!!!

Good for you Nelly!!! Doing alright out here!!!

I agree…SELL THE TEAM!!!!!

Hi’Ya Trumom!! Hope you are also having a great day!!

You’re back on attendance watch tonight Trumom!!! I hope the fans make a statement and stay away.

I’m thinking they will make Dodgereric very proud 😉

Good to see you too, Jhall. I almost thought nobody was visitng ITD anymore…lol I also think Josh has abandoned us.

LOL!! I think everyone needed a couple of days away from the shit pile to clear their heads!!!

ITD should be known as “Inside The Dungheap” until McBroke is gone. LOL!!!

LOL…right. Inside the Dungheap, it shall be!
If Mattingly keeps Dre out again tonight in favor of Gibbons, I will be very pissed off! Fans come to see Andre, not Jay!!!!


You guys are as hard to find as a clean restroom at Dodger Stadium!

LOL!! Or Josh Rawitch!!!

Josh has not abandoned us, he is just out of the office.
Well I am off to my happy place in a few. No matter what, I back the boys are back in town.

red mark: I am glad All the boys are back in town. The boys include Vin Scully 🙂

You have that right. Vinny may be the only reason to tune into a game these days.

Tonights lineup: Furcal; Blake; Dre; Matt; Gibbons; Loney; Barajas; Carroll and Garland.

Thanks Trumom!!!

Think about it; you swap out Uribe for Carroll and you pretty much have the lineup the Dodgers would have started the season with had Gibbons been available.

I was hoping Jerry would be playing tonight but, it’s okay. I’m beginning to think Jay is to Donnie what Juanpy was to JoJo.

LOL!! Yep, DonDo has a clown crush on Gibbons!!

Maybe Dodgereric needs to update his version of “I Got You Babe” for Gibbons. It was a Joe/Juanpy love song. Now it can be a Donnie/Jay love song 🙂

We all love Josh (maybe except Bear) and just hope he still has a job.

Yes, we do!

I agree 🙂

I have a happy place too 🙂

LMAO!!! I’ll bet your happy place doesn’t put money in McBrokes pocket.

It sure doesn’t! 😕

Keep those SEATS EMPTY, fans!
Stick it to the McCourts!

Where is that thread the last time I posted here? It was STT talking about the offense that scored around 20+ runs that night in RC I think that was the farm system and I was talking about how baseball reference listed all the draft picks and all the stats those draft picks accomplish in the major.

RIP Margo Dydek(yeah only 37 yrs old) and Jeff Conaway.

lol 7-6 scored in Texas but the only problem those aren’t our offense and they playing in a hitter park.

Oh yeah and they only played 2 innings so far

Very, very empty….those that ar there saying, “Where are all the people?” 🙂


So bad, she says: “If you hear yelling, it’s me!”

Wow!! Dad will be pleased!!

Gagland pitching makes me queasy.


The two rusty nails leading off for us makes me queasy too 😉

No kidding!!

Might be in need of Pepto tonight…lol


I wonder if Beav is in his Happy Place? LOL!!!

I’ll bet he is 🙂 I love my happy place!

I know for sure he in NOT at the Ravine!


How lucky can the Giants get? Since Bochy get ejected they scored 5 runs and that rookie Crawford hit a GS.

He’s a hottie! Would look much better in Dodger Blue, however 🙂

He can join me at my happy place!

No clue about my posted from 5:32? I need to see if anyone reply to it.

Shad, most of the threads we’ve been using are from Feb, 06. The last one was Frank Chats or something like that.

Yeah I know but couldn’t remember which month it was.

Nice play Andre!!

Gibbons couldn’t do it!

No, that’s a double for sure if Gibbons is in right field!!

Wow wasn’t the Astros down 6-0 at one time.

That terrible 1 pitch from Adams and a GW HR’s from Moose after the Padres just tied it up in the top of that 9th.

Good evening all.
Well, it’s all set for the NHL finals Bruins vs. Canucks.
The garden is rockin in beantown.
Hope the Mavs take the Heat in the NBA finals.

HOLY SHIT…J-A-M-E-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTG Loney! It’s been a loooong drought!


Holy Shit!! Loweeney finally nailed one!!

lol no fucking way did that just happen?


Party On VL!!!

Party…where’s the party?!

At your Happy Place!!! LOL!!!

Nice shutdown inning everytime we scored the opponent do the same.

LOL…my amusement park! Reminds me of Seinfeld 🙂


Wow no censor there at least. WTG Loney his 2nd of the year. The world must be ended soon.

Loney 1st HR’s since Apr 6 ad yeah that was the 6th games of the season.

Just trying to replenish some bodily fluids lost today Wally. Consuming mass quantities. It was 107 here today. Supposed to be even hotter tomorrow!

Sounds like a good plan my friend!!

Where you at?

I’m in Ohio. 70’s here today.

The left armpit of west Texas (Permian Basin).
Also known as Odessa at this point in time. . .

I spent a summer in San Antonio at Ft Sam Houston many years ago. Awfully damn hot!!!

I remember that Wally. I just didn’t know where vl4 live at? How close is that to Houston?

Aaay – oooh – waay to go O-hi-yo!

But my city there was gone!! Love the Pretenders!!

San Antone is a GREAT party town! Ranks up there with Austin. OK to visit, but I couldn’t stand the humidity for too long. At least it’s dry here with humidity less than 10% most of the time.

It wasn’t too bad for me since I’m used to high humidity here in the summer also. Always cool on the River Walk!!!

Houston’s over 500 miles to the south-southeast.
Draw a straight line from El Paso to DFW. It’s just about half way.

D-backs on a helluva roll coming back from 6 runs down to win over the Stro’s.

Kirk Gibsons’ got those boys believin’!!! I wish he was our manager!!

Me too! Donnie is a Jo-Jo clone!

I know I’m an inning late but damn Ross got thrown out by Fielder. Where is the Giants defense where they known for giving up gift runs?

lol the Giants stole that win.

Actually that Fielders got thrown out by Ross.

Fielder got thrown out by Ross.

Josh how about installing an edit feature to?

I’m so glad Fuckal is back!

Sigh!!! Our savior!!

Surely you jest! LOL

Is this seat taken?

Hi’Ya Beav!!

Trumom wants to visit your Happy Place!!!

Hell, I’d like to visit my happy place too, but the wife’s got a headache.

Finger Puppet time!! LOL!!

🙂 🙂

Finally! Where the hell have you been?!


Looks like the crowd is better than we had hoped for…however, it is the first game of the series and, the guys have been gone for a while. Still, not what you’d expect for a Friday night.

Actually, the crowd looks piss-poor!

I see we’re mashing again tonight – 2 hits already…
…and against a guy with an ERA over 6.00.
Ain’t no stoppin’ us now.

Vasquez have better career numbers vs us than his numbers this season not a big surprise to see us having 2 hits.

Can’t say as I’ve ever stopped in Odessa VL, or Midland either for that matter, though I did stop in Pecos to see the buffalo. Been in Big Springs and Abileen too. So what did I miss by not stopping in Odessa?

Nothing but high winds, and wild fires as of late.

Which one smells like a refinery – Odessa or Midland?

I’m a bit windy myself 🙂 And, yes, I’m on fire!

Wally, I’ll let you take this one…

Pffffffffffffft!!! TRUMOM!!!

Sorry about that….just trying to amuse myself..this game isn’t much fun right now!


Are you missing Cruces at all?

Actually, I do miss it. Never thought I would, but I do.

Boy! Hanley’s numbers have dropped ALOT!

Uh, oh….here we go again.

Garland is just a right handed version of Lily!

How come you’ve never heard of half these Marlins and yet they’re putting up numbers our guys could only dream of?

Not to mention they also do it on a fraction of the Dodger payroll.

Proving you don’t have to have a huge Yankees type payroll if you have somebody at the helm that knows talent and believes in young guns vs. old hasbeens.

Can’t pin this one on Garland so far!! The offense needs to get the bats out of their asses!!!

I give you permission…go take them out!

I’ll watch 🙂

That’s Pentlines’ job!!

lol of course you can and lead off walk kill.

Thanks Andre!

Wah-Hoo Andre!!

A-N-D-R-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU DONNIE!!!!

You may not like it with Donnies demeanor.
He’d probably just lay there. . .

L M ( . ) ( . ) O

Gosh you should visit the Giants mlb board they always say F this F that to there players and coach.

Yeah Ethier I guess the extra rest help lol.

Oh boy, here we go!! Good job Garland!!!


Sweet!! I hope we get to see Rubby tonight!!

Rubby Dub-Dub 🙂

You’re not naming your finger puppets now are you?

Yes I am! lol

Yeah Elbert another dp.

This suck Elbert was drafted at a SP and we’re using him as a reliever and since his called up he’s been very impressive than the prior 30 games combined going back to 2008. He was a good hitting pitcher in college that would’ve also made him a waste in the bullpen.

Oh, no…why Fidel?

What a waste!!

At least we get Fuckal out of the game!

I thought he’d be gone with Blake back off the DL.

I wonder who is gone?

Maybe Mitchell?

I would hope they would put Gwynn in in left!!

Yeah, it was Mitchell!!

Gwynn is in left…then, why didn’t he hit instead of Castro?

Ever think of how much better off this franchise would have been had Ned not signed anyone named Juan?

Big 50 getting ready.

Why in the hell is Castro still on this team??????

Wait a second Donny PH Gibbons for Castro? I’d rather see Gibbons striking out.

Boggles the mind doesn’t it?

I love playing Boggle.

Come on Rubby Baby! You can do this!

As much as we don’t want Gibbons on this team I would’ve had done that even though Choate is LH.

You can still put Gwynn in LF and dang come on Rubby.



Cool rundown!!

Dobbs suck with Phillies last year.

Rubby drub drub laid a little turd in the tub.


And, Raffy is the big shit!

Too small of one to sink the little Ty-D-bowl man in his little boat. . . just a ripple!

That dp was so late to bad we could’ve gotten that when Ramirez got that lead off walk.

Jeez, this team would be better off with Castro batting leadoff.

Don’t make Rubby a reliever is really a waste that he should probably be a SP for us in 2013.

Its Ned’s job to fuck up the young guys by trying to make them something they’re not – McDonald, Elbert, Lindblom, Rubby…

Let’s get Rubby a walk off win.

Could actually have a pretty good starting staff in 2013-14 if Rubby and Lee make it.

Rubby seems better without runners on base. He’s learning.

Vinny….waiting for yout o give me the attendance. Are they too embarrassed to let us know?!

Way to go Casey and Andre!!!

I love Tolleson and Armes numbers so far. We have some good pitching talent just hope they are not going to be bust. You can easy fill the 3rd-5th spots and Broxton/Kuo spot in the bullpen.

Oh yeah and probably late bloomer Guerra from that 2004 draft class. I don’t understand why some of the expert said our minor leaguer suck when we have good talent down there and how do they ranked the system. Is that the entire minor league system or the double A and triple A combined? I could understand we ranked low bases on the higher minor league system and not those rookie one.

OOOH NOOOO! Not Navarro!!!

Yep, and the blind squirrel just found his nut!

Woo-Hoo, win streak!!!

Wow…way to go Navarro!

Damn where Sands?

OMG The blind squirrel got a nut!
A walk off!

lol I knew Navarro wouldn’t screw that up.

You still bite Navarro we want Ellis.

Game was never in doubt once Navarro was up there. 🙂

This game is always full of surprises. WAY TO GO NAVARRO!!!

You ever notice that it still takes the other team screwing up for us to get a win now and then?

lol I won’t complaint if I was you.

Attndance: 34,407

Thanks Trum( . )m!!!!

Yeah right!

*attendance…’s been reported that even though a certain amount of tickets are sold, there are loads of no-shows. That, by itself, takes tons of money out of Frank’s pocket.

Do they still some sort of counter when you get in. That probably the numbers they get while selling those tickets.

Sands better still be on this team and it did look like Mitchell was send down.

They should let the 9th play all out so we kill our risp numbers and bases loaded number.

Confirmed: Frank McCourt meets Dodgers’ May 31 payroll
Damn shame. Now we’re stuck for another 19 days.

lol did you guys really think he wasn’t going to make it.

I’d like to make him a finger puppet!

Wow tru did he waited until the game was done to give us the attendance?

He never did…had to go to game wrap 😉

Not that he would care a tinker’s damn, and not that his chances to hang on have improved much, but if he manages to stick, I will switch to the Angels.
Game 25’s attendance (2010): 35,355
Today’s attendance courtesy of : 34,407
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 20
9th straight game of negative attendance
2010 attendance (26 games) – 1,122,590 (43,177 average)
2011 attendance (26 games) – 943,417 (36,285 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 179,173 total
Average drop of 6891
Extrapolated for 81 games – 558,193
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,939,107
2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (27) attendance in 2010 – 35,333

This news should galvanize the fan boycott a little more.
I guess now we’re living 2 weeks at a time until something happens one way or the other. Manny has a $6 million payment due in June. Whether it’s the first or second payment, I don’t know. What with the June 22 court date looming, this is all going to make mid-late June very interesting.

E – I’ve read Manny’s is due the SECOND (of course) payday in June.

Tonight’s attendance will no doubt include the dogs allowed in the RF pavillion. I see they will charge the dogs the regular ticket price. Will they get a doggy bone too?
Other than dogs, let’s keep the SEATS EMPTY.

When considering the attendance, the season ticket holders don’t really count for much, other than money they spend at the stadium once they’re there. Their ticket money has already been spent or borrowed against way back when they paid for their tickets. The cash flow is getting low any way you look at it.
It doesn’t surprise me that Frank could make one payroll, maybe even a few more. With all the outstanding loans he has, he has to be paying millions in loan charges every month. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s falling behind on some of those in order to make the payroll, because none of those lenders can take over the team right away. My suggestion would be that he don’t pay Manny – f*** the idiot for trusting Frank on a deferred payment contract to begin with. Of course, I never liked Manny any better than I did Frank.

NEW YORK – Musician Gil Scott-Heron, who helped lay the groundwork for rap by fusing minimalistic percussion, political expression and spoken-word poetry on songs such as “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” died Friday at age 62.

I remember when Eric used to give us the IR/IS numbers last year and it was around 41% but what the heck happen 28% this season? Of course those 9th innings numbers are ugly. Of course Troncoso and Hawksworth mess those numbers up a little bit.

Oh yeah last year were guys like Sherrill 41%, Miller 50%, Troncoso 59%, Schlicting 41%, Ramon Ortiz 36%, Broxton 50%, Dotel 83% those numbers were bad. The bright spot that Belisario was at 23%, Weaver 21%, Kuo 29% and Taschner 20%.

Jansen was at 50% and Monsterious and Elbert 100% on 2/2. Link was 1/0 which was 100% and McDonald 2/1 which was 50%.

We had the best bullpen in 2009 that average was around 29% and McDonald was the only one that had a 50% ratio.

Good Day ITD. I’m very happy today. Why? I don’t know…just a good feeling. Enjoy your Saturday and perhaps we will meet at game time. GO, DODGERS, GO!!!!

Here is another thread with an appropriate title that we can start using as this one is getting a bit long in the tooth.

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