Classic Baseball – Josh Rawitch

For those who haven’t been following the World Baseball Classic news, the Dodgers have eight players expected to participate in the 16-team tournament and this really has a chance to be a great baseball showcase.

Saenz_ledeeMost recently, Olmedo Saenz (in the photo with Ricky Ledee) announced he was going to play, even though he had originally decided not to. The decision was based on the fact that his home country had given him such support during the recent loss of his mother and he wanted to be able to give something back.

For all of us Dodger fans, baseball is never far from our minds, but once the last out of the World Series has been recorded, the idea of games being played doesn’t come back to our thoughts until early March. For so many Latin players, they return home to their native countries, where they get the chance to play with and in front of so many of their childhood friends. If you’ve never had the chance to witness baseball in Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, you should definitely plan a trip. The passion is almost unparalleled.

This year, we’re expecting that Odalis Perez (Dominican Republic), Saenz (Panama), Jose Cruz Jr. and Ricky Ledee (Puerto Rico), Hee-Seop Choi and Jae Seo (Korea), Hong-Chih Kuo (Taiwan) and Oscar Robles (Mexico) will all represent their countries. In fact, Seo and Choi leave tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m. for a flight to Fukuoka, Japan, where they’ll start practicing with the rest of the Korean team. Tommy Lasorda is currently in Puerto Rico as the Ambassador to the WBC and we might even have some broadcasters getting involved (be on the lookout for news on that front in the next couple days).

This truly has the chance to expand the game of baseball in ways never imagined years ago. In fact, this Inside the Dodgers blog could very well be read in all of the different countries where baseball is played, so feel free to share your thoughts on the WBC here and with all your friends around the globe.


I’m very excited about the World Baseball Cup, but as a fan of the Dodgers and Major League Baseball, I’m concerned about the fact that it is taking place during Spring Training (at least this time). It seems that some players could hurt their chances making MLB teams if they are in the WBC instead of Florida or Arizona.

Hopefully a player’s decision to appear in the WBC won’t hurt their chances of making an MLB club if they’re on the bubble, as representing your country in sport is an awesome oppurtunity, as I’m sure Tommy Lasorda would say having represented the USA to Baseball Gold in 2000.

Aside from that concern, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the start of the WBC and the Dodgers’ season. Thanks for all the hard work with the blog.

What a waste of time. Who cares? This is spring training. These players belong working with their team to get ready for the championship season. I wouldn’t buy a ticket to attend any of these games.

It may be interesting,but what happens if someone gets injured? It will hurt his Major league ball club.I’m sure the major league clubs aren’t thrilled about it, but have no choice and have to give in to Bud Selig. At the very least this WBC should be played after the season is over.

Well, that was quite a win last night with an unlikely pair of heroes. Loney and Navarro. Go figure. Hope they can keep it up.

Here are the lastest DodgerEric attendance figures:
Not that he would care a tinker’s damn, and not that his chances to hang on have improved much, but if he manages to stick, I will switch to the Angels.
Game 25′s attendance (2010): 35,355
Today’s attendance courtesy of : 34,407
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 20
9th straight game of negative attendance
2010 attendance (26 games) – 1,122,590 (43,177 average)
2011 attendance (26 games) – 943,417 (36,285 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 179,173 total
Average drop of 6891
Extrapolated for 81 games – 558,193
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,939,107
2010′s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (27) attendance in 2010 – 35,333
By dodgereric on May 27, 2011 11:53 pm – Reply

Thanks Dad/Eric!! Keep those seats empty Dodger fans!!

Olmedo Saenz and Ricky Ledee – boy those were good times.
Compared to now anyways.

LOL!! Seems to be a common thread running thru Neds’ tenure as our GM!!!

Ha! I found you! You may run but, you can’t hide 🙂

Hi’Ya Trumom!!

And another injustice that was brought up a few days ago:

Pathetic! What in the world has Vince done to anybody?

I did that. I took the tablecloth from my little dinette set. Looks like the wind’s almost blown it off. Why do it? “VinScullythis, VicScullythat. VinVinVin.” That’s all I ever hear. “Vin is all that’s left to the Dodger legacy.” “I love Vin, but I hate that miserable skinflint bastard McCourt!” “I’ll never go to another game while that asshole owns the Dodgers, but at least I can still listen to Vin!”
What’s so great about that guy anyway? He’d never be able to piss off millions of fans. He wouldn’t have the guts to drive a team down into the gutter right in front of everyone’s eyes. He’d never be able to sink attendance the way I have. He’d never spend $2500 on a haircut.
All he’s ever done is talk.
And be loved.
By everyone.
I hate him.
Ned, get me some comfort food.
And another shitty outfielder.

And these are the players Frank says he is happy with and calls a very, very good team. Even if money was not an issue, this is what we can expect. Notice, we only have 6 players with a VORP(value over replacement player).

And Loweeney is still below the Phew Line:
Loney; 239/286/304/590
Pierre; 275/338/319/657
Phew is still outslugging him. These stats reflect last nights game. Loney still has a long way to go. I hope he can get it together and perform at some semblance of his 2007/08 years.

After 52 games(one third of the season), Loney projects to hit 6 HRs and have 45 RBIs. Not acceptable or tolerable from a major league first baseman.

And, don’t get me wrong. Loney is not the only piece of dung on this heap. He’s just been the most glaring so far. Maybe he is starting to turn it around. I’m pulling for the guy, although, I don’t want him back next year. It would be nice if he gets it going somewhat, so he has some trade value.

Furcals’ is getting a little leeway as he just came off the DL. But, his time is running out. He is becoming an even bigger deficit to the club than Loney.

Watching Randy Wolf’s Brewers play the giants and, into 7th inning, he has given them no runs…..I forgot, why did we get rid of him? Not exctly a hurler, but gives solid innings.

Letting Wolf go was another Ned boner. Probably based on McBrokes financial situation. They non tendered him because they were afraid he would accept and make too much money in arbitration. Therefore we didn’t even get any draft picks when he left.

I’m still piss we didn’t get no draft pick for Hudson and if we didn’t want to do that resigned him.

I’ll still stand by by statement Tru – Randy Wolf is not a winner.
That said, our “braintrust” should’ve offered him arbitration (knowing someone like the Brewers would come along and sign him) and at least got a damn draft pick for him that we couldn’t sign.


I’d still take Wolf over Lilly!!! And Wolf costs less. Wolf signed for 3 years at 29.75M and Lilly, 3 years at 33M.

You’re probably right. But, 8 pretty good innings. Something we don’t see with our staff. I don’t think Lilly or Garland are any better. I’m thinking, perhaps, they thought Padilla was going to be a starter again this year. Then, again, I’ve given up trying to figure what the hell Ned is thinking.

Even better why did we trade for Lilly in the first place?

No, I don’t see a lot of winner in Lilly or Garland either, but for 4th and 5th starters, they’re adequate, perhaps even beyond adequate if this team could actually score more than 1 to 3 runs a game.
Provided Frank & Furter don’t screw it up, I’m looking forward to a rotation of Kersh, Rubby, Lee and Billz in a couple-three years.

A damn good staff. Don’t you wonder who they will get to play around them? Youngsters or washed up has-beens?

Gosh damn Brewers.

Urgh tied game and did McGehee miss turning the dp?

I bet Saenz can outhomered Loney.

Yay….Giants lose in bottom of 9th on a smooth squeeze play!

lol a walk off squeeze giants lost. I knew Mota was a true Dodgers hahaha.

That’s not good. Somebody’s got to run away with this division – Gnats, Rox, Snakes – or Ned’ll do something stupid again thinking this team has a chance.

He does stupid things whether they’re in contention or not.

And that’s it in a nutshell Sparky!!!!

Stupid is as stupid does 🙂

🙂 🙂

I think tonight is Bark in the Park….do the dogs count for attendance 😉

In fact they do – in order to get the dog in, the owner has to buy it a ticket. Now if that isn’t padding the attendance, I don’t know WHAT is.

Then the smell of the McCourt legacy shall be in full effect at Dodger Stadium.

Kind of cool you’ve got the first post on this thread North. When you were DrinkinMercury. I always loved that moniker. LOL!!


You are so right about that, North!

Maybe Ned is the official pooper-scooper 🙂

Ned’s been shoveling shit ever since he got here.

No shit! lol

Not sure why anyone would pay $30 to take a dog to a baseball game but obviously some people do.

A bleacher seat to boot!

Furcal SS
Blake 3B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Loney 1B
Sands LF
Barajas C
Miles 2B
Kuroda P

Thanks, sir 😉

Your more than welcome Trumom!!!

Frank’ll do anything to give the appearance all is well, even if he has to count a dog as part of the crowd. Hope one humps his free leg.
Ned’s already on the other.

LOL….I’m wondering how they are going to beef up security….you know dogs can be real mean bitches! And, they fight like crazy.

Only the 1st inning and I’m in need of some Alka-Seltzer!

Just dandy! Give us a big fu*king hole to climb out of, Kuroda!

Nice double Andre!

Fabulous double Andre!!! Too bad you had nobody on base to bring home.

Nice double play!

Thank you, Matt!

Yes, indeed!

I’m getting tired of Kuroda having two balls on every batter. Then, bam…right down the freaking middle!

If this game continues as is, it’ll be “Barf in the Park” not “Bark in the Park”.

LOL…sure will!


Thank-you, Andre for saving Miles’ ass!

We look the the Bad News Bears tonight! Kuroda looks like crap. As Jhall would say: “UNACCEPTABLE”!!!!

You tell’em Trumom!!

🙂 I’m glad you are here! Sparkleplenty and I are all alone tonight!

Thanks Trumom!!

Wow…lots of smoke at the Ravine…maybe Frank set the place of fire! Damn, it’s just a fire in warehouse on reserve level.

Gotta light a fire under this offense some way!! LOL!!!

Isn’t that where Emma sits!!!

I hope so! Oops, I’m being a bad girl 😕

Frank’s probably trying to collect insurance money now.

He might as well add insurance fraud to his resume.

Just you and the dogs.

Hi, Birk! Kuroda looks mighty sharp tonight, doesn’t he?!

He did not look sharp from the first pitch.

He’s been like that almost all year.

Good evening all. Better late than never I guess.
It’s getting more difficult to find what thread everyone’s on.
Kuroda’s not doing too well I see. 😦
Sounds like there’s a fire in the nose bleed seats somewhere.

McDooDoo is going to save us 🙂

AMF Kuroda!

Poof! Thar she blows!

Shit! Go ahead, McDooDoo, make my day! Kuroda started it and you can finish us off!

Well, McDooDoo failed. The shit pile is really steaming again.

It sure is!

We need Beav to get the bats out of their asses too!

Not to mention deep. Damn near up to their necks in it now.


Oooooooooh, oooh, that smell,
Can’t ya smell that smell!!!

The smell of shit around you.

Boy! Brings back alot of hazy memories. I used to destroy ALOT of brain cells listening to Skynyrd!

When was the last time we won two in a row?

May 10, 11 against the Pirates!!!

That was a long time ago!

You know, Sands was starting to swing the bat better when Donnie goes and pulls a Joe and sat him.

And, now he’s out of the game. No chance for any heroics from him later. Too bad. I like the kid.

Hope he’ll like playing in Pittsburgh.

If that happens, I will personally take out Ned!

They sure seem to squeeze the strike zone on Kenley all the time.

Jansen appears to be going in a downward spiral. Again he’s struggling to find the strike zone.

All of our pitchers are struggling. Pitching behind in the count never has good results.

I would like to see Sands play every day but he will have to step up his game offensively to have a chance for that.

You would think when his competition is Gwybbons, how he plays wouldn’t even be an issue.

Exactly! And, he’s got some power!

Compared to Gibbons and Gwynn, Sands should be playing. He is already more productive. He has a higher Value Over Replacement Player and his RBI% is the highest on our team.

I love your VORP 😉

We’ve only got 6 position players on our entire team with a 0 or positive VORP!!!

Here is an interesting read about RBI Opportunities: What is good and what isn’t.

Thanks Wally. That’s why RBIs are a misleading stat. OBI% is a much better gauge of how a particular hitter is really doing.

I totally agree Beav!!! Loney was actually pretty good in 07 and 08. Somewhere in the 16 to 18 range if I recall correctly.

He was actually very good in from 06 thru 10.
06 18.2%
07 20.2%
08 15.7%
09 16.5%
10 16.9%
Presently stinking at 9.9%. Sands leads the team at 20%.

Dodgereric ~ tonights paid attendance: 29,971.
5,000 had to be dogs 🙂

Wah-Hoo!! Attendance loss streak!! Thanks Trumom!! How many people does it look like there are actually there?

Perhaps 10,000 or 12,000. It’s really empty! Cat says from where she sits it looks full….but, she doesn’t see the upper levels.

Hope they all lifted their leg on Frank & Furter.

The dogs too.

LOL…me too! I think they are all in Dre’s section….just what he needs……a bunch of bitches in heat!



Not to worry. My guess is this game put the dogs to sleep.

TrueblueLA reported that’s the lowest Saturday paid attendance since September 26th 1992.

Dodgereric will LOVE that!

Wow Nelly, the fans are making a stand. Thanks!!

Yep, it probably did, Birk!

Actually, they should just euthanize this team. It would be the kind thing to do.

LMTO!!! It would be the humane thing to do!

Hell yeah!
I put this team down everyday!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ll bet the Ravine wasn’t a happy place tonight.

One more out and, I’m put out of my misery…….thank goodness….it’s over!

All together now…
What do Dodger fans say?

Sell the team!
G’night all!

Goodnight VL!!

Have a good one VL!!


Shit Ooboo, Shit!!


Good dog.



You get what you fuc*ing pay for!

Yep, and I think the fans are fed up with Franks shit pile.

Anyone consider that maybe their little fire tonight was someone lighting a bag of dog shit, knocking on Frank’s office door, and running like hell?

LMFAO!!! Outstanding!!!

Apparently fire was paper products in a storage room…I’m assuming, toilet paper 🙂

That fire was more exciting than the game.

Greetings all! I’ve just added more shit to the attendance stats. See if you’ve been paying attention:
Game 27’s attendance (2010): 35,333
Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom : 29,971
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 21
10th straight game of negative attendance
5th game of less than 30,000
Games less than 30,000 in 2010 – none
Games less than 30,000 in 2009 – zero
Games less than 30,000 in 2008 – nada
Games less than 30,000 in 2007 – cero
Games less than 30,000 in 2006 – ноль (zero in Russian)
Games less than 30,000 in 2005 – reido (Japanese)
Last game was 9/14/2004 – 29,704
2010 attendance (27 games) – 1,157,923 (42,886 average)
2011 attendance (27 games) – 973,388 (36,051 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 184,535 total
Average drop of 6835
Extrapolated for 81 games – 553,605
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,920,164
2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (28) attendance in 2010 – 42,459

Thanks Dad!!!

I can guarantee you, there won’t be 42,000 there tomorrow.

Great stuff Ward Dear!!!!

That’s great news dad!
So that we have something to look forward to, I propose we start the Ian Snell countdown to joining the team.
Put me down for June 24th.

I’d guess a week or two….I’ll take June 10th.

Look on the bright side; with lagging attendance, it will be easier to get out of the stadium for those of us who do attend a game. Here’s another thought; will Frank cut down on clean up expenses since there are fewer people at the games.

Not if he keeps having Bark In The Park Night if you know what I mean! 🙂

Hell, e! I always have something to look forward to:
We’re working on a 10-game losing streak
We’re sneaking up on passing 200,000 drop in attendance
We’re edging slowly towards diving under 2.9 million for the season
Baseball fans always look forward to milestones 🙂

As I have always said, baseball is a game for optomists!

We need something to cheer about with this steaming pile of dung Frank and Furter call a baseball team. Let’s set some records fans. Keep those seats empty!!!

Beav, I had to post your burning paper bag of dog shit outside Franks door on Facebook!!! Too damn funny!!

I like to be of help any way I can.

Nothing like getting dumped on all the time 🙂

“What is wrong with you three?!!!” Funny that movie quote from “The Hangover 2” works for you three too – LMAO!!!! You guys crack me up!!!

Gee Mom, we miss you!! Hope you get more time to blog when school is out!!

Thanks Wally!!! It’s not so much school as it’s been high school baseball. Now, next week, it’s all about work being the last week of school, with Michael’s graduation on top of that.

Breaking News….Dodger Stadium on fire….no word on Frank’s pants!

That really was a hell of a run. I wonder if any other clubs have had that kind of consistency in game attendance? 503 straight games over 30,000. You’d think a rainy spring day with a crappy team would have hit that number sooner than that. That speaks volumes of how the fans are staying away.
More to look forward to: games 34-36 were all over 52,000 (the Angels). Games 37-39 were 56,000 each (Yanks). Boy, those numbers are really going to be hurting after that.
You know, I just looked over the entire 2004 attendance figures. There were 13 games with under 30,000 fans that season, but the total was still over 3.488 million.

More cause for celebration. They are gonna take some serious hits!!

I think we should all show up and have a “Barf In The Park” day.

Beav has a massive supply of brown paper bags 😉

Good idea Dad!! Everyone wear a paper bag over their heads, and during the 7th inning stretch, get up, sing, then barf!!!

Great mental picture there, Wally!

I like to be of help any way I can.

I’d like to know the REAL attendance though, not tickets sold. It’s gotta be at least a 25%-30% difference don’t you think?

You know they’ve got that info and aren’t about to let it out!!!

I would too….I’ll bet the real attendance is less than half of what they say.

Of course they have it; they scan the tickets as fans enter. It was not all that long ago that the Dodgers used to have a guess the attendance thing at the stadium late in the game but now they don’t even post it. We noticed a lot of empty seats last season but it is more obvious this season.

Anyone who has been watching for any length of time can tell that this year, the typical announced 35,000 game looks like 27,000 in the seats. If that. That’s close to 25% isn’t it?

22.85714%, but who’s counting?

They don’t have turnstiles there anymore, jhall. But they scan the tickets. You’re right. They know, and they’ll never tell. Hey, maybe that’s something else Jamie’s lawyer can spill the beans on!

I don’t ever remember seeing so many empty seats. And, when the bleachers are empty, you know it’s bad!

Does it mean that EVERYONE will get a gift on fan appreciation day?

I’m sure they have lots of scented towel left from the spring….

Hell then, let’s make our estimate 26,000. That’s approximately 25.714285%.


I think I’m going to hit it, pals. Good night to ya’ll!

Goodnight Dad!!!

Nite Dad.
Actually sounds like a good idea. Damned if it isn’t raining up here and I had to turn the furnace back on…
Nite all.

That’s enought for me as well. Let’s hope the boys can come up with a better game tomorrow in front of all those empty seats.

Nite all 🙂

Small fire burns in Dodger Stadium storage area
6 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES (AP)—Authorities say crews quickly knocked down a small fire broke that broke out in a storage area at Dodger Stadium.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott says the blaze was reported Saturday night while the Dodgers were playing the Florida Marlins.

Scott says paper products caught fire in a cinder block storage room near a top deck stairwell, sending smoke billowing above the stadium. It was extinguished in about 20 minutes.

No injuries were reported and no evacuations were ordered.

LOS ANGELES (AP)—Authorities say LAFD crews were called in for a fire that broke out when Mike MacDougal was brought in to bail Hiroki Kuroda out of a jam. Fire crews remained on scene as MacDougal was followed by Kenley Jansen and Ramon Troncoso.
Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott says many blazes have been reported since early spring training ranging from one to four alarm. Additional crews have been put on stand-by for today’s game with the Marlins.
Ironically Scott says it was the lack of heaters that caused things to spiral out of control into the outfield, sending runners in a whirlwind around the bases. It was extinguished 3 innings later.
No injuries were reported other than a few bruised egos and inflated ERAs.

Here’s todays lineup if anybody cares 😉
Furcal 6
Blake 5
Andre 9
Matty 8
Jerry 3
Gibbons 7
Navarro 2
Carroll 4
Kersh 1

I wonder if flopping Furcal with Carroll is an option despite those 2 hits Furcal got last night?

Furcal is a flop 🙂

Does it really even matter?

Furcal batting 1st hurt these numbers big time and we always in the top 5 in getting produce numbers from the #1 spot.

Here are the combined numbers of guys who played SS for us.

Did anyone see Bourjos robbed Thome of career numbers 594th?

No. I have a hard enough time caring about our game.


I’d recognize those flies and that pile of shit anywhere – how ya doing today Wally?

LOL!! Doing well my brother!! How about you?

Little chilly. Other than that I am doing well my friend.

Oh man Manuel going to chew Rollins on that played. They were down 5 runs and he just got a singled and was thrown out at 2nd bases.

Jansen on DL…Lindblom called up. Schlicting DFA’d.

That’s a crock of Schlict!!

WTF? Get Schlicting up here now.

I think that’s what Vinny said. I know Jansen as put on DL….he will repeat it again and will let you know for sure.

Yep. I was right. TBLA says the same.

I didn’t expect Lindblom to be called up since he wasn’t on the 40 man roster. I surely was hoping Schlicting or Vazquez.

lol how do you DFA a guy who was on the active roster but the 40 man roster?

lol I think I wrote that wrong.

I assume Schlicting got DFA’s to open up a spot on the 40-man for Lindblom. Then Jansen was put on the DL and Lindblom called up.

That’s our Casey. Good enough to foul several back, not good enough to hit any.

All right, Dre!

Double Dre 😉

Sigh to bad Dre didn’t have no one on base.

Dang Donny read those link I provide to bad he doesn’t read these board those numbers from the #1 spot suck ball.

Come on Brewers gosh the Giants have 2 guys on bases with no out.

YAY….gnats lose 6 – 0……DID YOU HEAR THAT DODGERS?!!!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS S-C-O-R-E!!!!!! How hard is it to get a few runs, dammit!!!

Hey guys…..time to find us a new thread 😉

Here’s one Trumom!! I’ll follow you guys over.

Tru, that’s a question for the ages!

( 🙂 )

What is up with the pitchers hitting HR’s? Last night it was Duke hitting one against the Astros and now Happ hitting one vs the Dback lol payback.


No freaking way Furcal.

Looks like something’s happening here . . . and for once, it’s good.

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