From the Grapefruit League to the Bush League

Borders_and_bushDodgertown got a visit today from Prescott Bush, the uncle of current President George W. Bush and the brother of former president George H.W. Bush. Following a tour of Dodgertown, Bush got a chance to meet some of the Dodger players, including non-roster catcher Pat Borders (pictured), who has enjoyed daily political discussions with the Dodger beat writers (no joke).

As most of you probably know, the current president has baseball ties, having owned the Texas Rangers before becoming Governor of Texas.

The Dodgers have their own long history of presidential ties, as former Commanders In Chief like Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan have thrown out the first pitch at Dodger games in the past.

Prescott Bush picked a gorgeous day to visit Dodgertown, as the skies cleared up for workouts. In fact, it’s so nice that the front office staff is heading out to Holman Stadium for a softball game this afternoon – the L.A. Dodgers vs. the Vero Beach Dodgers.

Tomorrow, the real fun starts. We’ll be boarding a 7 a.m. bus to Jacksonville for an intrasquad game. It will be the first chance to watch players like Nomar Garciaparra and Bill Mueller compete in a Dodger uniform and they’ll be up against top Dodger prospects like Chad Billingsley, Andy LaRoche and the rest of the players that helped the Suns win the Double-A Southern League championship last season. We’ll post some results on this blog tomorrow as soon as they’re available.


After looking at the rosters, the Suns look like they ahve a better team than the Dodgers. I think the Suns are more talented at every single positions. I’m glad I live in Jacksonville and can witness this game first hand.

Talent, maybe, I am excited about that too. But a better team? Let’s get realistic. There is no substitute for major league experience. Jacksonville might win this one, I hope that they do, but I would guess that you are being facetious about them being a better team overall.

Carroll SS
Castro 2B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Uribe 3B
Barajas C
Sands LF
Mitchell 1B
Billingsley P
At least with Castro batting 2nd, he can’t come in to pinch hit with the bases loaded again.
Vicente Padilla is headed to the DL with Ramon Troncoso being recalled. He allowed at least one run in 6 of his last 10 appearances in Albuquerque. So, basically another Cormier.
At least no Loney or Navarro. I would much rather see Miles than Castro. Geez, that’s sad!!!

Oh come on calling him Cormier is just wrong lol. We can only hope that Troncoso go back to the 2009 Troncoso just don’t overused him like Torre did last year.

We can hope Shad. That’s all we’ve got left at this point.

One thing that Donny is doing right is letting his starters go deep into game this season than what Torre did last year. I think we’re average around 6 1/3 innings from our starters and if it wasn’t for Lilly that number probably go up.

Here are the DodgerEric attendance figures thru game 24:
They took a big hit last night. Keep it up Dodger Fandom,
The end is in sight for Frank and Furter.
Game 24′s attendance (2010): 45,325
Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 30,421
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 18
2010 attendance (23 games) – 1,050,702 (43,779 average)
2011 attendance (23 games) – 874,768 (36,449 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 175,934 total
Average drop of 7,330
Extrapolated for 81 games – 593,730
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,952,369
2010′s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (25) attendance in 2010 – 36,533

Yep, Ned knows talent. First Ross, then Werth!!! I can’t believe we gave up on Ross for the likes of Ricky Ledee, Jose Cruz Jr, and Kenny Lofton. Geez!!! Here is the excert from Tony Jackson.

There was no shortage of reasons for second-guessing after this one, culminating in the fact it was Ross — a guy the Dodgers dumped in 2006 because they didn’t have room for him in an outfield of J.D. Drew in right, Kenny Lofton in center and a platoon of Ricky Ledee and Jose Cruz Jr. in left, a guy who was the Most Valuable Player of last year’s National League Championship Series — who delivered the big blow.

Well, here’s an interesting proposal.


LOL!!! Mmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, good!!!!

It’s sad how hard up we are having to go back to 2006 for a thread. Then again, we are surviving! Being a Dodger fan, we know survival, don’t we? 🙂

LOL!! Yep!! If we build it, they will come. Better than waiting for those new threads to load!!!

I’ve got to ask the question – why is Castro starting instead of Miles?

I would think Aaron miles above Castro.

Good question! Ask Mattingly!

Because Donny BaseBall has turned into Donny BaseBoob!!!

Why does Ned still have a job?

lol Donny think we have the 2009 Castro and probably would get 2 to 3 hits like Loney did when he batted 2nd. I still want to see what Sands or even Mitchell could do batting 2nd.

If Jansen could get his ERA down from 11.42 than Troncoso can to. Jansen haven’t given up any runs since the 10-1 games vs the Braves in Apr. 19 but that was also the last game that Troncoso pitch in the major.

The real knock is not against Troncoso, it’s against Ned. Because of him, Troncoso and Cormier are the best we can do!!! These guys don’t belong on a major league roster and thanks to Ned, its the best we can do at this point.

How much are we paying Cormier? We could’ve had pay Cory Wade the same amount and I bet he would’ve had a better season over Cormier. I wonder what Wade numbers look like in TB organization/

Here are Cory Wades’ stats at AAA Durham. He is currently not on the 40 man roster for Tampa Bay. He’s certainly doing better thank the pieces of shit we’ve currently got.
DUR INT 1 0 0.74 13 0 0 0 0 24.1 19 2 2 2 4 24 .218

Damn it thanks Ned. Wow 13 games in 24 1/3 innings?

The difference is, Jansen can pitch, Troncoso can’t. I suspect next year Jansen won’t be able to either.

Not really he did have some decent numbers in the minor.

Troncoso is done, or at least he is with this coaching staff. Maybe if he went to another organization he could revive his career, but not with these guys.

Yep, Trontoasto!!!

Or, Toastcoso!!!

Either way, he is toast!

Speaking of Miles maybe he would’ve been an option to pitch over Cormier. Miles did pitch from the Cardinals last year I think it was that 20+ innings game vs the Mets.

I could pitch better than Cormier. And, I’m an old broad!


hahahahaha I bet you can pitch better than half of those guys who throw as hard as Lilly, Zito, Davis and so on.

I’m looking for Bumgarner to get his first win tonight…
What a line-up.

Make that 3/19 from Rivera and 13/113 for the season.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Hoffmann up again since we got him back. Do the Twins need a catcher? Mauer replacement expanding 3 catchers are a combined 11/109. Butera 8/77, his backup Rivera 1/15 and Holm 2/17 before he was sent back to the minor.

Hoffman numbers in triple A and he still mashing there. He has a stats line as .278/.355/.546/.901 with 7 HR’s 19 rbi’s but of course he playing in a hitter league.

In 2009 when he was promoted to triple A he hit 8 HR’s in 257 AB’s, in 2009 he also 8 HR’s in 545 and now this season he has already hit 7 HR’s in only 108 AB’s.

Wow this is the 1st game for the Cubs to played in Boston since 1919?;_ylt=Amy9O8NwxPMcQNnBn2nnki7urZJ4?gid=310520102

I don’t think I ever seen the preview for tomorrow games up and the Cubs and Red Sox games is still going on.

Dodgers’ Ethier snapped giving obscene gesture
19 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES (AP)—Andre Ethier was photographed making obscene gestures earlier this week and Dodgers manager Don Mattingly has talked with the star outfielder about it.

During batting practice before a game against the Brewers, Ethier was snapped flipping his middle fingers at a photographer. He says he found the photographer distracting.

Either says he used bad judgment and will accept any punishment that baseball decides to hand out.

Mattingly says the Dodgers will handle the problem internally.

I think the gesture was aimed at Frank 😉

Wow!! Well, Andre is in a pretty bad slump right now, and I’m sure he is not only frustrated by that, but also the continued ineptness he is surrounded by on the field and in the ownership and management. Hell, I would be flipping off people too!!!

May 19 RHP Matt Guerrier, a native of Birmingham, Ala., donated $25,000 to the Salvation Army’s tornado relief efforts, along with $10,000 to the Dodgers Dream Foundation. Guerrier earned his first save for the Dodgers on Tuesday night, working a clean ninth in a 3-0 win. It was Guerrier’s sixth career save and first one since June 8, 2010.

I wish more players would donate like Guerrier did and Cormier need to give back all of his salary.

Oh well, here we go!!! Maybe we can find a way to win this game. Go Billz and Go Dodgers!!!

Here we go team, here we go!

Clap, clap……..

I see you’ve got the clap Wally!

/: Yep, the old drip. LOL!!!

LM ( | ) O

lol no way Castro gotten a walk.

Way!!! Party on Shad!!!

It seems as though we keep watching the same game over and over….like Groundhog Day.

Think your right TruMom.

LOL!! Great movie. We’re not getting any better each day however.

See, f*cking same shit!

Yep, except it just stinks more each time around.

Rats!! Well, that could be the ballgame!!!

Andre’s gesture gave me a marketing idea…instead of selling the #1 foam finger, they should make it with the middle finger up……they’d sell a ton of them. A good supply of brown-paper bags might sell well too.


Yep, some foam middle fingers with F*ck You Frank on them would sell well along with the paper bags!! LOL!!!

Tru, earlier in the season there was a foam finger giveaway with peace sign. Saw someone remove one finger to leave the middle one

Tejada is such a prick…..can’t stand him!

I’m still of the opinion that every loss is a good thing until we get a new owner. Not that there’s much in the minors worth anything, but I don’t want Nerd trading Robinson or Lee for another worthless PVL who’s going to “save our season.” The further out we are the better.

It looks like you and Dodgereric will get your wish. We really look pathetic.

Unfortunately logical my brother!!!

Not too many teams can boast a 1Bman batting .000

I’d just as soon see what he can do as to have Loweeney in the lineup.

Yes, Mitchell brings that “X” factor wild card variable into the equation.
Unfortunately, X still equals 0.

Frank’s asked the divorce judge to make a ruling on the Fox deal. Pardon my ignorance, but what jurisdiction would a divorce judge have over that?

Just goes to show how desperate he is.

Hey sparks, how are ya?

Good to see ya Sparky!!!

Thanks, I’m good 🙂

All he can do is rule on whether or not Jamie has a say so on its approval. Selig has the final say!!!!

Probably better because Bud really doesn’t have to move on it while it is tied up in Divorce Court.

Unless something happens quickly though, Frank’s not going to make payroll and Selig will have to sieze the team anyway and put it up for sale.

Oops. Down two. Game over.

Nope…we will come back…only to let the BP blow it!

Boss is trying to what’s right. Remember he thinks this is a good team. At least I didn’t say that, but they are cheap. Remember, It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, only if boss can pay his lawyers.

With the size of the crowds, he woon’t be able to pay for his hair cuts 😕

Looks like we got Lillyngsly tonight!!


What’s the “crowd” look like so far tonight Tru?

I’m counting them right now….I think I can get a count before Vinny gives it to me. Seriously, it is very empty. You know your in deep poop when the bleachers and the upper decks are bare.

Well, samo ol , same ol. Looks like another Giant win in the making

Oh, boy, a Mattingly bobblehead night in June…Now, that will bring a crowd 😉

Dang it, I’ve got this started to the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, but I’m stuck after the first stanza:
The legend lives on from Pacoima on south
Of the big ass we call Ned Colletti
The team it is said does its best playing dead
And the cloud from this bomb is mushroomy
Signed a ton of vet’ran whores, ninety-five million or more
But the Dodgers roster still’s empty
The rest of the blue is for us to eschew
When the break in November comes early
Need some help on this one!!

The club was the pride of baseballs National side,
Coming here from a borough in Brooklyn,
As baseball teams go, it was better than most, with lineup and skipper well seasoned,
Concluding some terms with a corrupt Boston firm,
We now knew that the glass was half empty,
And later with fright when they hired a management gang,
Could it be a G’nat reject who’d be dealing.

Way to go Beav & Wally!

Awesome Wally!!

Thanks Beav, you too!! Great song!! Which verse are you gonna work on next?

We now have the ITD songwriting duo of Beav & Wally….just how many #1 hit will they have before the season is over?!

Guess I’ll work on the third verse.

I’ll check out verse 4.

The Times and news wires sold a tattle-tale round
Bout chauffeurs Jamie was dating
And Franky he blew, cuz he’d married a shrew
T’was the bitch of Old Boston asquealin’
Divorce came fast and the team still came last
And Frank’s pocketbooks were soon emptied
When ’11 came half the team came up lame
And the rest I’m not able to mention

When dealing time came old Colletti came out a sayin’,
Fella’s your too young to play ya,
A stupid GM, for PVLs he caved in sayin’,
Fella’s ya should’ve been older,
To the waiver wire then, he had PVLs coming in,
Throwing away young players our peril,
And later that year, with PVL injuries we feared,
Came the mess that is now McCourts Dodgers.

Does anyone know where the money all goes
Frank borrowed thirty but payroll’s just twenty
The researchers say he shant make it through May
He needs sev’ral more millions to fund her.
Would they split the team up if the owner capsized?
Franky’s boat leaks and is taking on water
Now all that remains is a bunch of lost games
Let’s get rid of those scum Boston squatters

Good job Beav!! I guess I’ll work on #6.

You go Wally!! I’ll get 7 ready 🙂

Bud Selig rules, and Soberoff spins,
Jamie now lives in 6 mansions,
Old Neddy steamrolls the young players dreams,
With the old vets that just ain’t producing,
In triple A below, the players well know,
They’ll wait to see where Ned sends ’em,
And the pennant dreams go as the ITDers well know,
With the ignorant Ned deals of November.

With some rusty old clowns that Colletti lets play
In what once was considered a heaven
The death knell chimes for the [now] twenty-three times
That its been since won a world series
The legend lives on from Pacoima on south
Of the big ass we call Ned Colletti
The team it is said does its best playing dead
And the cloud from this bomb is mushroomy!

Great job Wally!!!

Thanks Beav, you too!!!

Bad call Ump!!!! Don’t you realize we need all the help we can get?!

He obviously didn’t get the memo, Tru.

Well, this is almost to painful to continue to watch.

Bumgardner is 0 – 6 and, we are making him look like their ace!

Good evening all.
Rough start for Billz. With this weak hitting lineup, he may need divine intervention to pull out a win.
At least the Mavs – Thunder game is entertaining. .

Come on Thunder!

Anticipating all the fun to be had tonight (and the last game I”ll get on TV for a while), I decided to pick one of these up from the store on the way home.

Will 12% alcohol by volume be enough? Tune in next inning…

OK I give up. What is it?

It’s Tilt malt beverage. 12% alcohol by volume. The flavor: Red. 24 ounces only $1.99.

it’s linked if you click the word “these” in my post, but the coloring doesn’t really let you see it.

That’s a new on on me. Who brews that?

Anheuser Busch. Never heard of it either until the local store started carrying it. Haven’t cracked it yet, though, will do that in a minute and let you know how “red” tastes, heheheh

Hi’Ya North. They are pretty good. I like to dilute them with ice water.

Thanks JHall, sounds like a great idea. Kinda tastes like someone put the keg hose in the punch bowl, heh

Yep!! Its way too sweet for me if I don’t dilute it some. I go about half and half.

Good place for your first home run, Sands

I really don’t see this team being abole to score two runs.

I really just get sick of looking out at the infield and seeing Castro playing anywhere. Don’t we have somebody in the minors that can hit a ball. Come on..

I’m still trying to figure out how he’s playing ahead of Miles.

lol geez let Miles have a day off and it just for one game I know I shouldn’t had reply to this one when this was posted almost 2 hrs ago.

Game, set and match. Whoops, wrong game. Same ending…

And the Thunder rolls!!!

And he knows that she knows!!!!

Mitchell power!!!

Thinking it might be a good strategy for the Giants if they played the infield in, you know, so the ball’d have a chance to get to them.


I made my point. Nuff said.

They have a game going in Facebook: Worst former Dodger players who would be a perfect fit for this team?

Too many to name just from the last 10 years!!!!

There were a lot! lol

Mike Sweeney and Garrett Anderson were two of the worst. Lance Carter and Danys Baez were also piss poor!!!

Stick a fork in Billz. He’s done. .

Yep!! 108 pitches. No use to stretch him out down 3-0 and little hope of scoring that many runs.

What happened to the player that was in the dodger minor league for so many years. Did he go to Japan? Was about 32 yeats old. We need him back

How do we allways end up with a Giant player who turns out to be a big dud? They are smarter than our GM, that’s for sure.

Yep. enough of this crap. Don’t know why I subject myself to this crap. Where is the old Brooklyn fan. Haven’t heard from him…

So far so good for Guerra. He might be a keeper.

Unless Honeycutt & Mattingly ruin him!

I sure hope not. This BP needs all the help it can get.
Oh noooooooooooo! NOT NAVARRO!!!

My bad. Gwynn came up with the same result.

Thanks, Emma.

Heard it from Jaime Jarrin. He, Pepe and Fernando guess the attendance every night. Who ever comes the closest wins. The other two pay $10 each . The money at the end of the season goes to a charity

Hey everyone!
E and jman, you guys are too much.
vl, the guy you’re wondering about is John Lindsey. He’s back in Albuquerque. And if I spelled that right, it’s a miracle. And every now and then brooklyn will appear making a comment on the LA Times Dodger stories. I think it’s all a bit too negative for him on here lately.

Me negative? Nawwwwww…

No, no, not you! I’m referring to a bunch of negatory people that come on here occasionally.


Yep Dad, I don’t think he likes the negative Frank talk since McDildo brought him out for ITD day. About the only decent thing Frank has done in 7 years…

I think it was Bob not vl.

Game 25’s attendance (2010): 36,533
Today’s attendance courtesy of emma and Jaime Jarrin: 34,242
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 19
8th straight game of negative attendance
2010 attendance (25 games) – 1,087,235 (43,489 average)
2011 attendance (25 games) – 909,010 (36,360 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 178,225 total
Average drop of 7129
Extrapolated for 81 games – 577,449
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,945,192
2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (26) attendance in 2010 – 35,355

Thanks Dad!!! Its slipping away from Franky. Keep it up Dodger Fans!!!

This offense doesn’t even have a pulse!
Anyone think they have a ‘crash cart’ in the dugout?

Well the good news is Troncoso’s got his ERA down to 18.00

Thanks for the attendance update Ward Dear 🙂

Hi Mom.

Hi’Ya Nelly!!

Hi Boys!!! How are we doing this fine evening? I have been enjoying high school baseball these days. A hopeful future of young players who are looking better than our Dodgers these days.

Doing well Nelly, thanks. I was happy to see Michael pitched a beauty!!! You’re seeing better baseball than this bunch of clowns.

Thanks Jhall!!!

Troncoso had a 1-2-3 inning. I think that now qualifies him to be the closer.

I don’t think we need a closer…we will never have a lead!

Its an honorary title!!

🙂 🙂

He does have 6 career saves.

Ok I’m back now and it look like I didn’t miss much anyway and I see Troncoso had a 1 2 3 inning to bad it was against a team that he normal dominated in his career.

Here’s an article about the son of Steve Garvey, playing for a Palm Springs HS in the playoffs. If his team wins 3 more games, he’ll get to play in Dodger Stadium. (Insert punch line here)

My son had one of his sons in Little League…he was not very good, even though Steve thought he was….I’m assuming this is a different son!

Can he played 1st bases?

Still Breathing! There goes the shutout & CG.
Sands just missing AGAIN! Seems he’s just a doubles machine.

That’s it, Dodgers. As Vin might say at a time like this, “Do not go gentle into that good night…”

Damn Sands is just a double machine and at least we’re not shutout.

Damn yahoo this picture of Wilson is scary

Can we have a walk off 3 runs HR’s from Loney or is that asking too much?

lol Wilson seem to be struggling and see Bochy I never understand why these coach bring in there closer in the middle of the 8th innngs.

Holy shit!
They actually have a chance to do this. . .

top of the ninth… bases jammed… how ’bout acting like a good team and getting a double or better?

Carroll 2nd GS would be nice tonight.



I think you way off on that enchanted I think you mean .080.

Carroll 2 for 25 with RISP!!!!!

Look like all the Giants runs was scored with 2 outs? I haven’t really check there risp with 2 outs.

Amazing. I would have loved that for Carroll, but facts are facts. He’s the worst RBI man in baseball.

Carroll can’t catch a break with RISP. That was a nice catch!!! Damn!!!

I think Carroll is just too damn lucky. Carroll just love when the pitcher is in their full windup.

It’s a good thing for the gnats that Scherholz caught that. If it gets by him, game over, Dodgers celebrate.

Carroll is just too strong. That hit was just a little harder than a blooper. They say it’s better to be lucky than to be good. The Dodgers are neither.

He misjudged it too.

lol he probably did that on purpose.

J Giambi 1B 5 3 3 7 0 2 21 .194 .306 .581

Wow kind of impressive and I don’t know who I would take Loney or Giambi? All 3 of those hits were HR’s and drove in 7 of the Rockies 10 runs

I think I’m blind like Gibbons dang it lol. Actually he had all of the Rockies 7 runs.

Carroll just couldn’t “hit it where they ain’t”.

Was exciting to the end, though. Let’s see how it goes the next time we see the Jints.

Looks like the Dodgers promoted Shawn Tolleson from Great Lakes to High A Rancho Cuc. He was lights out for the Loons with 15 IP in 14 games. Eight hits, 4 walks, 33 strikeouts. So far in Rancho, he’s been in 2 games, 3 – 2/3rds innings, 1 hit, 3 BBs and 7 Ks.

Keep it up I love to see these 30th rounds pick be light out. He was born in Dallas just like Kershaw was.

Woo-Hoo, 4th place. Just a half game out of the cellar.

Well I’m trying to stay positive and I know we can still be #1….LOL my daugter’s softball team was 4th place the whole season but with hard work and long practices they snuck past the 3rd place team and on the last game they beat the 2nd place team. Well it was a 2-way tie for 2nd but since our girls beat the other team both times we ended finishing on 2nd place. Right now we are in the tournament and we have not lost a game. Girls are getting ready to play the 1st place team tonight….LET’S GO HUSKIES!

I can’t wait to see who’s going to DL tomorrow?

I meant DH.

I might actually be right with Furcal coming back today but still I mean the other one.

I can’t believe how onesided Barajas numbers are with the bases empty? Wally you should check this out and it look like yahoo did some updated on the pitchers side with situation hittiing and tbf.;_ylt=ApMK7d_rBHZtgP4BRTECXmWFCLcF

Barajas have a stats lines as .353/.389/.618/1.007 and no that’s not a misprint that what he doing with the bases empty.

lol I still wish yahoo would add the lob’s numbers after each games other than checking the boxscore and do it manually. It also would be nice if yahoo would added QS for the SP’s because it look silly with a SP’s getting any holds and saves on there profile page.

Well not only that they have TBF’s they also have SB, CS, GIDP’s, OBPA, SLGA, and OBSA. They should have for the catchers, Catcher’s ERA that I love on espn and also SB, CS, CS%, PB and I think they all I can name.

Thanks for the link Shad. Our situational hitting is really bad. Not just Barajas, but the whole team.

When will Barajas start to hit against RHP since he’s batting under .200? This year Barajas is killing LHP but the past 3 years he has hit RHP way better than LHP until this year.

Actually, fans, we’re in beautiful shape. The two half owners are battling each other in court, so no ownership resolving settlement is in sight. The MLB will probably get another leg up by having to make payroll from now on. The judge isn’t likely to favor Frank’s plan for future revenue with Fox – if that were to happen, it seems to me that he’d require Frank and Jamie to work that out and agree to between themselves. The performance on the playing field is no surprise to me with the lineups we have, and the EMPTY SEATS are very encouraging.
All this means that perhaps sooner rather than later we’ll be rid of Frank and Jamie too, and consequentially of Ned and a whole caboodle of functionaries.

Hello all, its been awhile. I just been to busy with family & work. But when I watch the news a hear about Andre flipping the bird at some photographer or something like that, I had to come here. I’m at work and should be working but I have to say what’s on my mind…
First the news gives us a tease about A Dodger that did something that made a lot of fans mad and images of Ethier are being shown….I was thinking….WTF! What did Ethier do? My first reaction was to start praying that he did not start talking crap about playing for the Dodgers, hopefully he did not pull a Juan Pierre on us…. Thank God that wasn’t it. But when I heard that I was that Andre had flipped a photographer off…all I did was laugh. I am a fan and was not mad. Yeah he should NOT loose his Temper (like he does a lot). He really needs to work on that. It was not during a live broadcast…I hate how some media blow small things out of proportion. That photographer just wanted his 5 minutes of fame. Well if you ask me, Ethier looks good in that picture…LOL all we need is to add a caption on the bottom “FRANK F-U”.

Agree with you, Thinking. It’s not like he flipped off a fan. Some media types just like to make a big deal and get into a player’s face, sometimes at the wrong time. If the truth be known, Andre would probably agree with your intended caption.

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