Class, personified

The Hall of Fame released a statement this morning regarding one of their own, Harmon Killebrew. I can’t imagine what it must be like to pen something like this, but it certainly shows a level of class and dignity rarely seen in the world. In fact, few people ever get the opportunity to share a thought like this with so many and therefore, it was worth sharing with you all.

“It is with profound sadness that I share with you that my continued battle with esophageal cancer is coming to an end.  With the continued love and support of my wife, Nita, I have exhausted all options with respect to controlling this awful disease. My illness has progressed beyond my doctors’ expectation of cure.

I have spent the past decade of my life promoting hospice care and educating people on its benefits. I am very comfortable taking this next step and experiencing the compassionate care that hospice provides.

I am comforted by the fact that I am surrounded by my family and friends. I thank you for the outpouring of concern, prayers and encouragement that you have shown me. I look forward to spending my final days in comfort and peace with Nita by my side.”

Anyone who has grown up as a baseball fan has heard about Harmon Killebrew and anyone I’ve ever spoken to who knows him says he was the ultimate gentleman. The way he has handled the most difficult situation in his life certainly confirms that for anyone who has never met him.

All of us at the Dodgers wish him and his family the strength they’ll need in the coming days and weeks to deal with this very sad news.

Photo credit: AP


  1. kpookiemon

    Always sad to read about mortality. When I was a kid, life seemed endless. But then one day you look around and Elizabeth Taylor is gone, Johnny Carson, John Lennon, George Harrison, Don Drysdale…I mean, these people have been the scenery of my life. Cherish your loved ones.

  2. Jim Clancy

    Thank you for the awesome memories of my youth seeing you play baseball and teaching me along the way. I wish that the grace god hold and comfort you in your final days and know that you have made a difference in this life and will never be forgotten. I also wish that your family may also find comfort in your courage. God Bless you Mr. Killebrew.

  3. messagebear

    I’ll take the opportunity to repeat my post from the last thread.
    And yes, I don’t know why IRS with their financial talent don’t address this issue with real scrutiny. In other words, Let’s burn Frank’s ass good!
    “I don’t know why Schieffer seems so perplexed by the Dodgers’ financial complexity. Frank is the ultimate shill artist. It used to be that the carnival shills practiced the pea and shell game and had you guess which one had the pea, but they only used three shells – Frank has brought up the shill standards to no less than 26 separate entities involved with the Dodgers. However, his sleight of hand is so superior that there isn’t a pea (nor dollars) among any of them. This has just been a subterfuge to create the maximum borrowing opportunities, all excercised to the limit, until there’s nothing left to pay the bills. All of you lenders have been HAD.”
    It is sad to hear about the coming end of one of the real credits to the game Harmon Killebrew. My best wishes to the family and friends of a real standup guy. Many blessings to you!

  4. selltheteam

    When Harmon Killebrew retired from baseball in 1975, he was fifth on the all-time career HR list with 573. Today, he has sunk to eleventh. Or has he? Who are the six players that have jumped ahead of him on that list?
    Barry Bonds, ***PEDS***
    Ken Griffey, Jr – not sure about PEDS, but why did he have the pervasive injury problems midway through his career?
    AROD, ***PEDS***
    Sammy So-so ***PEDS***
    Jim Thome – not sure
    Mark McGwire ***PEDS***
    So, when you subtract out the for-sure PEDS players, Killebrew is still at least number seven on the all-time career HR list, if not higher.
    Josh, you are correct, Harmon Killebrew is indeed a class act. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

    • northstateblues

      I’ve always thought (or hoped, really) that Junior’s injury-riddled second half of his career was due to the fact that he DIDN’T use PEDs.

      What Barry did to Willie was absolutely despicable. The way Barry jumped him was the way a 5 year old “beats” his dad at basketball because his uncle is holding him on his shoulders so he can just toss the ball in.

      Junior, I’ve always thought, was above this. And if he wasn’t, it wouldn’t be Barry with that record, I guarantee it 🙂

  5. sparkleplenty_1

    Mr. Killebrew is a very brave soul to be facing the end this way. Hospice care is incredible, and I salute those who practice it.
    Prayers and good wishes to Mr. Killebrew and his family. God bless you all!

  6. dodgereric

    Thanks for re-posting, bear. Dead-on, as usual. For exhibit “A” of “Why The IRS Should Be Investigating The Dodger’s Owner”, I would submit the $14 million the Dodgers have to pay Dodger Stadium in rent. If that doesn’t smack of money laundering, I don’t know what does.
    Regarding Harmon Killebrew, I just read a list of The 50 Most Beloved Superstars in MLB History. He’s on it.

    • northstateblues

      $14 million is a jaw dropping number. I heard that the average rent teams pay for their stadiums is around $2 million, and I don’t think ANYBODY paid over $4 million.

  7. dodgereric

    Interesting reading:
    “Hitters throughout baseball are hitting .249/.319/.382. Even comparing that only to April performance over the last 17 years, the numbers are way, way down.
    From 1994 through 2010, hitters in April batted .264 — so that’s down 15 points.
    Their on-base percentage was .345 — so that’s down 26 points.
    Their slugging percentage was .421 — so that’s down almost 40 points.
    But it’s more than just the averages. There has not been a single year since 1994 in which batters hit this sparsely. The lowest batting average since 1994 was last year’s .256, so that’s down. The lowest on-base percentage was .330 in 2007, so that’s way down, too. And in no season since 1994 have hitters slugged less than .400 in April.
    So even just comparing April to April, early season to early season, the numbers are quite stark. That’s if you go back to 1994. But, as you probably already know, if you go back to the decade or so BEFORE 1994, well, suddenly the numbers look perfectly in line.
    To remind you, this year’s core numbers: .249/.319/.382
    From 1981 through 1993: .252/.322/.378
    Yep, that’s just about the same.
    So, the narrative is clear and clean: What we have here is a return to normalcy, right? The clean narrative is that baseball has rid itself of the plague that was steroid abuse and now offense is back to normal … and that’s the whole story.”
    He goes on and it’s very interesting reading.

    • selltheteam

      Eric: The following part of that story caught my eye:
      “With this sort of heat surrounding the game, it seems to me that to take the chance of getting caught using steroids in baseball these days you’d have to be: (1) desperate; (2) arrogant beyond reason; (3) detached from reality.*
      *MannyBManny, from what I can gather, was all three.”
      Seems to me that right now, those three things also succinctly describe Frank McCourt.

      • JhallWally

        Yep STT, that describes Frank to a tee!!! The sooner the steroid chapter of baseball is closed, the better. And the same goes for the McCourt ownership chapter. Way to go fans, the boycott is working!!!

  8. JhallWally

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr Killebrew and his family. May God comfort and keep you and your family in this sad time.

  9. Dodger4life

    Josh, Thanks for the very thoughtful and well wriiten tribute to Mr Killebrew. As most of you are aware, I reside in Mr. Killebrew’s home state of Idaho. He is by all means the most prominent sports figure to come from this great and wonderful place. You would think that in a community as small as ours, you would see his image and likeness portrayed more in the media. I am just guessing that he is so well respected, much like our very own Vin Scully, that his privacy is honored.
    This being said ” I wonder that if Mr. Killebrew would have donned our beloved blue. Would we would be so eager to make negative comments on such an otherwise positive post?
    Surely the trials and tribulations of Frank McCourt could have been forgotten or moved to another thread for a brief moment.
    I say this with the best of intentions here, not in any other aspect.
    My apologies to anyone whom might be offended by my thought’s today. It is simply how I feel, and how I would wish someone to feel on my untimely behalf.
    Best wishes to all the Killebrews, and God Bless.

  10. Dave Wright

    This Minnesotan salutes you for a thoughtful, kind gesture. Shame on the other commenters who went off subject. This was one time you could have held your tongue. Mr. Killebrew certainly would have.

    • JhallWally

      The only person that should be ashamed is Frank McCourt for what he has done to our once proud and great franchise!!!!

  11. dodgereric

    We go off-subject here all the time, Dave. No disrespect to Mr Killebrew was intended, nor will it ever be so.
    The derisive comments only reflect the seriousness of many Dodger fans in our contempt for the owner. There are new issues with him every day and we like to discuss them.
    If you look at the dates the threads appear on this site, it could be a week until we get a new one.

  12. enchantedTheBeav

    Killebrew was one of the last born into the greatest generation, one that exudes class, generosity, and determination. My hat’s off to you sir.

  13. selltheteam

    Juan Castro is coming to town, and Ivan DeJesus, Jr. is leaving town. Third times the charm for Castro as a Dodger? I figure he starts tonight ahead of Miles?

    • sparkleplenty_1

      And the beat goes on . . . and on . . . and on. When does DeJesus get a chance? When we lose him to another team through mishandling of his options? This just stinks!!

      • JhallWally

        Yes, it stinks for now. But, it will be better for DeJesus to go to AAA and work on his game everyday rather than rot on bench here. I don’t think he is quite ready yet and this will benefit him more than a couple of ABs a week. Miles, Castro, and their ilk will be gone soon enough and DeJesus will hopefully get a real shot at making the big club. Unlike XPaul and to many others to name. Better to let players like Miles and Castro ride this roller coaster to nowhere than DeJesus when he can be getting valuable playing time.

      • selltheteam

        DeJesus was moving up quickly in the organization and had a great year in AA at Jacksonville in 2008. But then he broke his leg in 2009, and that injury slowed down his progress.

      • enchantedTheBeav

        DeJesus I’m sure will be another in a long line that Ned either trades away for crap, or let’s go for nothing. For me its hard to say if DeJesus was ready or not, considering he never got an opportunity to play everyday. A sporadic game or AB here and there certainly isn’t condusive to showing ones ability. But then, who was the last prospect to actually play himself off the team – DeWitt? And surely he’d be better than anything named Miles or Castro. I don’t thing the great Sands Experiment will go on much longer either until he goes the way of LaRoche, Abreu, DeWitt, Paul, et al. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if they even have Gordon and Robinson after the trade deadline in Ned’s neverending search for the worthless PVL that’ll put us “over the top.”

      • nedsajerk

        No it don’t stink and he should be playng everyday in triple A. I can’t believe it even took this freaking long.

      • sparkleplenty_1

        Wally, I agree that DeJesus needs to play every day. I just hate that PVLs get the opportunities before our young prospects are even given a proper chance. It was funny that Steve Lyons said that Colletti wants to give younger players an opportunity to “play above their heads” in the Bigs and see how they handle it. Colletti said that it aids in their maturation process. If that is so, then why block their playing time with these darned PVLs in the first place??!! So frustrating.

      • JhallWally

        More of Ned talking out of Franks ass!!! I also can’t stand his PVL mindset.

  14. messagebear

    I must admit to a moment of hesitation when trying to post to a somber subject such as the Killebrew story in this thread, because you don’t want to offend his memory or seem insensitive where life and death issues are at stake. From what I can see, everyone has been respectful of Mr. Killebrew and everyone close to him. Nothing but best wishes and prayers for anyone in that situation from our dedicated Dodger fans.
    On the other hand, this is our ITD, which I feel is designed for us to revel in our real Dodger players, sometimes to the exclusion of those one-year PVL’s thrust upon us by Ned and company, and to allow our passionate expression against the shame that our owners have brought to our franchise. Sometimes I have the feeling that those who initiate the thread take the opportunity to bring us subject matter that would divert us from discussing what we’re feeling about the ownership and the GM mismanagement. I for one want to make sure that the intended diversion will not work, but I don’t blame Josh for trying. So, I hope that people who come here occasionally won’t become offended by what may seem like off story remarks when we get back to ranting and raving about our Frank and Ned. We’ll probably keep on doing that until the day they’re GONE.

  15. selltheteam

    Lineup from TBLA
    Carroll SS
    Miles 2B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Uribe 3B
    Loney 1B
    Barajas C
    Sands LF
    Kershaw P

  16. messagebear

    No disrespect to the lineup either – at least half of it is worth watching at the major league level, but let’s keep those SEATS EMPTY to drive home the message to you know who.

    • selltheteam

      It’s still hard to believe that Frank McCourt did not have a head of security on Opening Day, when the Giants were coming to town.

      • nedsajerk

        Maybe he didn’t know this was going to happen and probably had enough security.

      • enchantedTheBeav

        I hope the Stow family sues Frank for whatever he’s worth, though frankly in my book, that’s not even a pile of shat.

      • JhallWally

        Beav, you know they will (and should) and will get a huge settlement. More Dodger Debt for Franky!!!! Of course, these things take a while and I’m hoping Frank is long gone by then. It’ll be interesting to see if the insurance company claims Frank was negligent and refuses his claim.

  17. trublu4ever

    It was nice seeing one of Ned’s rejects have a good game against the gnats today….Reed Johnson hd a beautiiful bases clearing triple. Way to go Reed!

  18. enchantedTheBeav

    Jeez, should I post you’re guys song again? Glad someone’s holding down the fort (or is it fart?)

  19. nedsajerk

    Rangers forward Boogaard dead at 28

    14 minutes ago



    NEW YORK (AP)—New York Rangers enforcer Derek Boogaard(notes) has died. He was 28.

    The team announced Boogaard’s death on Friday night, but gave no details.

    Boogaard began his NHL career with Minnesota and appeared in 255 games with the Wild from 2005-10.

    He joined the New York Rangers in July and appeared in 22 games with them last season. He had a goal and an assist to go with 45 penalty minutes.

    I love hockey and I used to watch him played for the Wilds.

  20. enchantedTheBeav

    You know on Gameday they show a batter’s hot and cold zones… one of Loney’s cold zones is right down the middle of the plate.

  21. Nellyjune

    ****Bragging Alert****I got some good news about pitching!!! Today my son was named MVP for their entire league, which is voted on by the coaches in the league. Their school hasn’t had an MVP since 2000, not to mention they don’t usually give MVPs to pitchers. They had their centerfielder make first-team and many others on the team got honorable mention. Okay – back to the game…..
    WAY TO GO ROD!!!!
    There’s alot of empty yellow seats.

  22. trublu4ever

    Looking around the group in the stands after a foul ball and, lots of Ethier shirts….then, there is one loser boasting Schmidt! lmao…..why would anybody buy that shirt? even back when he played, there were 24 better guys on the team!

    • vl4eccjr

      No doubt about that.
      I think he could have pitched the 8th as strong as he looked. Guerrier makes me nervous!

      • nedsajerk

        lol geez even with Broxton on the DL you still nervous. If he do the same thing he did last game than it ok.

  23. GM Ned Colletti

    What’s wrong with Castro, I love that guy. Not only can’t he hit, but he’s very cheap as well. On a serious note, Killebrew was a great ballplayer and from what I hear a nice person as well. Very sad, and I wish him and his family well.

  24. enchantedTheBeav

    You know, Kersh has a nice smooth 7th. Very few pitches. Pitch count isn’t that high. Why take him out in favor of the arson squad?

  25. enchantedTheBeav

    Anyone get the feeling that Aaron Miles is next year’s 2Bman? A month of decent hitting has Ned 2-year contract written all over it.

  26. nedsajerk

    Longest Streak, Times On Base, By A Dodger 1919-2011




    Duke Snider



    Shawn Green



    Ron Cey



    Len Koenecke



    Zack Wheat



    Augie Galan



    Eric Karros



    Babe Herman



    Steve Sax



    Billy Grabarkewitz



    Duke Snider



    Jim Gilliam



    Jeff Kent



    Jackie Robinson



    Rube Bressler



    Andre Ethier



    Mark Grudzielanek



    Gil Hodges



  27. enchantedTheBeav

    Carroll’s too old. Therefore, I’m sure Ned will sign him for another couple of years.

    • nedsajerk

      Dang I wanted to see our bullpen give up nothing and another shutout. I don’t need a Padilla saves and I’m already winning this categories 5-2 with 2 saves tonight from my other 2 closers.

  28. sparkleplenty_1

    With the bullpen in, I’m trying to decide whether to head for the bomb shelter or not.

  29. enchantedTheBeav

    Another fine performance from Loney.
    My Loney has a first name
    The S-H-I-T-S
    My Loney has a second name
    Its N-O-H-I-T…

  30. nedsajerk

    26 Minnesota 34 2 5 4.82 8 0 0 102.2 0 55 66 54 71 .280
    27 Baltimore 36 5 4 4.92 7 0 0 122.2 0 67 68 57 103 .258
    28 LA Dodgers 37 4 6 5.12 10 0 0 102.0 0 58 65 53 89 .269
    29 Houston 37 7 7 5.22 5 0 0 101.2 0 59 68 44 76 .300
    30 Detroit 36 4 6 5.45 8 0 0 99.0 0 60 65 51 88 .277

    According to ERA the Dodgers are ahead of the Astros and Tigers. The Tigers bullpen got a little beat up this week.

  31. vl4eccjr

    Four shots down allready!!
    The rate I’m going, I’ll need several cases of whiskey to get me through the season. . .

  32. enchantedTheBeav

    Another difference between the other 29 clubs and ours is that they don’t give up when they’re down in the 7th, 8th and 9th.

  33. nedsajerk

    Bullpen giving up 3 runs in 2 innings lol 13.50 ERA in this game for the bullpen gosh at least we’re still ahead of the Astros and Tigers.

  34. vl4eccjr

    Well, I was looking forward to watching tomorrows game on Fox, but the local commies here are showing the Red Sox – Yankees game instead. 😦

  35. swood

    I really hope Jansen can get back to last years form he could really rescue our bullpen as a steady closer

  36. nedsajerk

    I know it sound silly but since Garland game was rainout maybe he could’ve had close it with no problem.

  37. dodgereric

    I’ve added a new line to our attendance figures. Third one down is a tally of how many games our attendance was larger for that particular game this year vs last year / and how many times the attendance was lower. Right now the score is that the attendance was higher than last year 5 times and lower than last year’s 13 times. Ah, the other stat junkies among you might say, “AH-HA! That adds up to 18 games and we’ve played 19! You’re WRONG, dodgereric!” To which I would say, “Opening day last year was 56,000 and opening day this year was also 56,000.” So it’s 5 larger, 13 smaller and a tie.
    Game 19’s attendance (2010): 40,138
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 35,506
    Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 13
    2010 attendance (19 games) – 831,069 (43,740 average)
    2011 attendance (19 games) – 695,607 (36,611 average)
    Drop of 135,462 total
    Average drop of 7130
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 577,496
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,965,482
    2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)

  38. messagebear

    WOW, nice drop in attendance, even when the numbers are fudged by management. Can we possibly thrive for getting it under 2.5 million? That would be an astounding message for Frank and MLB.
    Keep those EMPTY SEATS coming; that’s what this season is all about.

  39. JhallWally

    This evenings lineup:

    SS Carroll
    2B Miles
    RF Ethier
    CF Kemp
    3B Uribe
    1B Loney
    C Barajas
    LF Sands
    P Billingsley

    • JhallWally

      Pretty amazing that the Dodgers are doing as well as they are considering the incredible void in the 5 and 6 spots in the lineup thus far. I guess we’ll have to wait for Furcal and Blake to return before Donny faces the music and benches Loweeney!!!!

  40. trublu4ever

    Just waiting to see what game Fox is going to how in my area….just kidding, I know it’s not going to be the Dodgers, so I will get wither the Giants/Cubs or Red sox/Yankees. Sometimes I really hate living in Gnat country!

  41. northstateblues

    According to Frank McCourt, the financial problems have no effect on the roster. The roster would be the same if he was flush with money.

    If nothing else, this is the final straw on the debate of Frank McCourt’s baseball competence. I’m tired of him screwing up a franchise beloved by millions. If he had a Rays, no one would give a s—, but Selig giftwrapped the DODGERS for him.

    And Selig might still do nothing about McCourt, and if McCourt DOES file for bankruptcy…

    It’s all a mess, and if this is the kind of ball Bud Selig wants to play, I might give up on MLB altogether. Judging from the fact that anytime Roger Goodell has gas, the story trumps even the Yankee’s developments on ESPN’s pecking order, I definitely wouldn’t be the first.

    Bud Selig: The Commissioner of Destroyed Dodgers, Steroids, and Empty Seats. What a legacy.

    I’m serious, too. This isn’t just McCourt’s doing, it’s a cluster—k of Selig, FOX and McCourt, fueled by greed and negligence of their fanbase. Here’s a clue, Big (Limburger) Cheeses: We’d LOVE to give you our money, if you give us a top-tier product.

    I honestly think Selig disgusts me more than McCourt. It’s like “Hey look, I’m doing something, now shut up”

  42. nedsajerk

    Wow 8 innings for Kershaw to bad Donny didn’t let Kershaw pitch until the 8th innings when he retired like 16 I think.

  43. nedsajerk

    I still can’t believe the dback bullpen is ranked in the top 7 in terms of ERA. If it wasn’t for Loney 1 of the 2 hits that we have than we wouldn’t be losing lol. Dang why did Bills have to make that error?

  44. perumike

    Wow, Sands who is hitting doubles like crazy, or two lefties who are both just off the DL, and had very little playing time! Sorry Donnie, but that didn’t seem too smart, and now Sands and Loney are out of the game.

  45. messagebear

    Navarro hitting for Sands? I thought Joe wasn’t managing this year. The “veteran” mindset is still with us, however.
    Actually I’m glad it backfired.

  46. dodgereric

    Game 20’s attendance (2010): 38,856
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 30,602
    Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 14
    2010 attendance (20 games) – 869,925 (43,534 average)
    2011 attendance (20 games) – 726,209 (36,310 average)
    Drop of 143,716 total
    Average drop of 7186
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 582,050
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,941,146
    2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)

  47. enchantedTheBeav

    I like that Frank brings up that he’s got $110 mil invested in payroll. Too bad he didn’t mention that $10-$15 mil of that is for guys who are not even with the team.
    Once a con man, always a con man.

  48. nedsajerk

    Look like Tejada made 2 more errors but the good thing is Tejada is hitting worst then Uribe and maybe they would take Uribe back and to bad the Giants won 3-0 in a 7th innings rain delay game.

  49. nedsajerk

    Dodger offense on Saturday.

    The last time the Dodgers lost a game in which they allowed just one hit was on July 17, 1914, back when bunting was still a sound baseball strategy. Chad Billingsley was brilliant on Saturday, save for one pickoff throw, and lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 1-0, the first loss in five True Blue LA nights. It appears, though not yet official, relief pitcher Javy Guerra will be called up tomorrow.

    Billingsley allowed just one hit and two walks in eight innings, striking out eight. The one hit allowed by Billingsley was by his nemesis Stephen Drew, who doubled to leadoff the second inning. Then, on a pickoff attempt, Billingsley whirled and threw to second base, only there wasn’t a fielder at second base. While Aaron Miles and Jamey Carroll tried to figure out who was supposed to cover the bag, Drew made it to third base, though a strong throw by Matt Kemp made the play remarkably close. He scored on a sacrifice fly by Melvin Mora, and Billingsley ended the inning with two strikeouts.

    Billingsley himself doubled at the plate, his second of the season which tied him with James Loney in extra-base hits this season. Loney decided that was embarrassing so he led off the eighth inning with a double of his own down the right field line, his first extra-base hit in 133 plate appearances. Loney was pinch hit for by Tony Gwynn, then Don Mattingly made a series of perplexing decisions:
    •He had Rod Barajas sacrifice Gwynn to third base, which was successful
    •Dioner Navarro pinch hit for Jerry Sands, which was not successful

    Mattingly said he preferred the matchup with the left-handed Navarro facing the right-handed David Hernandez. Navarro struck out, then Jay Gibbons, pinch hitting for Billingsley, flew out to end the inning. The Dodgers put two runners on base with one out for Matt Kemp in the ninth inning, though Kemp hit into a game-ending 6-4-3 double play.

    The bottom line, again, is that the Dodgers did not score against a guy making his first major league start. Josh Collmenter was on a pitch limit of 75-80 pitches, and he managed to last six innings against the Dodgers, allowing just two baserunners.

    Reliever Javy Guerra announced on his Facebook page that he was on his way to the Dodgers, likely to replace Blake Hawksworth, who experienced discomfort in his groin when throwing a bullpen session this morning. The Dodgers after the game said no move was yet official. Hawksworth hasn’t pitched since Tuesday.

  50. dodgereric

    In our continuing war against the oppressive owner, our side continues to acquire strength in numbers. The story that enchanted posted way up there a bit, there are 33 comments. Here are very small excerpts from each of the 33:
    1 – …. removing the team from McCourt’s control should be an obvious objective.
    2 – Frank McCourt is woefully deficient in character, judgment, sense and understanding. A despicable fool.
    3 – I anxisouly await the day he is kicked out of LA
    4 – The stadium is empty and there is no buzz, the owner has no clue. Everyone I know if boycotting.
    5 – McBroke needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    6 – Bye bye Mr. McCourt…..The nerve you have, knowing the people of LA want you out of here and you still continue to fight to stay.
    7 – Fellow Dodger fans, DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS; keep up the pressure until this miserable excuse for a human being is gone and we have NEW OWNERSHIP.
    8 – Yeah, I think we have a very, very good team,” said McCourt.”
    …and that is way we need to run this bum out of town.
    9 – I’m completely disgusted with him.
    11 – It hurts so much not to attend games but I cant attend games until he is completely gone.
    12 – This guy is scum and unfortunately if your a true Dodgers fan you’ll boycott the games until this guy is out.
    13 – McBroke has the nerve to tell us this is the product he will put on the field with or without the financial trouble he himself created. One more (like we need any more) BIG reason to boycott his ownership.
    14 – C’mon Steve Soboroff, say something stupid to accelerate McBroke’s exit from LA.
    15 – I’M SO HAPPY WITH THE DODGER’S FANS SUPPORT IN BOYCOTTING GAMES. KEEP IT UP. I think we’re sending a message to Frank and MLB. I honestly believe it’s part of the reason that Selig has intervened with the team.
    16 – I haven’t been to Dodger Stadium, because of McScum, since the ’09 playoffs.
    17 – I’ve been to one game since the ’09 playoffs and didn’t pay for the tickets and parked outside the stadium.
    18 – Watching the Cubs-Giants game and the owner of the Cubbies, Joe Ricketts, is out in a pouring rain wiping off seats for fans. Anyone ever imagine McCourt doing something like that?
    19 – haha…no way! If he were, though, I would advise fans keep a close eye on their wallets.
    20 – I think we need to hire a bunch of butt-kicking Shamans from Topanga Canyon to do a thorough sage cleansing of Dodger Stadium once Frankie’s stinky hindquarters has finally left the building.
    21 – another reason to continue to boycott this clown. what a delusional moron.
    22 – I’m part of the boycott and I make sure I let those around me know not to support the team.
    23 – McScum thinks this is a “very, very good team”??? What the eff has he been looking at? He’s either delusional or blind. (Can you be both?)
    24 – 95 million is more like it. Which is pathetic for the second biggest market in the country.
    25 – BS filter on:
    Dylan H.: Are you satisfied with the quality of the team?
    McDouche: the teem…what? Oh, the money maker! Well, morons continue to come to Dodger Stadium…so who cares? They obviously don’t.
    26 – Tell Fox Sports that if they continue to support McCourt, then we will boycott all broadcasting on all Fox channels. Here is the mailing address for Fox Sports West:
    1100 S Flower Street # 2200
    Los Angeles, CA 90015-2125
    27 – why don’t you pack your bags and go!! make it easy for all of us.
    28 – if this is the kind of team that he thinks will contend then GOD help the Dodger fans.
    29 – This is the first thing Frank has said that I believe. This man will only spend so much on the team, regardless of how much money he makes. This just shows that we have even more reason to stop going to Dodger games until he sells the team.
    30 – Bud PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do whatever it takes to get us a real owner!
    31 – What a joke. Give us all a big freaking break Frank. Just leave!
    32 – Hey Frank I too believe the boycott is working, and attendance will continue to go down as this boycott begins to get stronger and stronger. What are you going to do when Kershaw, Kemp and Eithier are free agents. I know what you’re going to, you’ll sit there watching them pack their bags, I wouldn’t want to play for you, I would want to play for a team comitted to winning, can you imagine what your starting line up will look like without Kemp & Eithier.
    33 – Another day.. another asinine comment from Frank McClown.
    34 – How stupid does he think the Dodgers fans are? Selig, get rid of this bum. Just saying what he said should be enough to show Selig how he is going to spend all the money from the new TV contract. Sure not on the Dodgers.
    35 – What’s he going to say??: “yeah, it’s a below average team and I haven’t spent nearly enough money it.” He’s been b-s-ing from the beginning….why would he stop now??
    36 – The only people I feel bad for are the players. Certainly they are all making plenty of money, but it’s a shame they don’t have the fan support they deserve for a team playing in Los Angeles.
    37 – “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one” – and – “Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble. ”
    Frank, take to heart that sage advise Father of our country (Archie Bunker too managed capture the gist of dudger fandom’s desire, via his entreaty to Edith – “stifle yourself!”
    38 – Do a drug test on McBroke. See what he’s been smoking. Ban him from MLB for life.
    39 – Look at that overflow crowd out the window. Look at the 30 years of age added to that face. Time has come today.
    40 – McCourt would be spending exactly as much as he was before he got into debt: on land, on mansions, on luxuries, on his sons — and nothing more on the team.

  51. dodgereric

    That’s right, before I finished cutting-and-pasting, 7 more comments were made and I forgot to update my initial remarks.
    I think we could have more people outside the stadium protesting than there are “fans” inside watching the game.

  52. dodgereric

    Oh, one more observation. Forty comments, all anti-owner. Either we’re winning everyone over to our side or the ones siding with the owner are too embarrassed to write in his behalf.

  53. dodgereric

    After I wrote my comment @ 11:18, I tried to think of what a supporter of the owner might come up with. The only valid thing I could think of is what we keep hearing, “We’ve been in the playoffs 4 times in 7 years!”
    Hard to deny the facts. We usually come back with, “But no World Series wins.” Hell, no WS losses either, right? Not many will believe me, but I’m not overly proud of ’66, ’74, ’77 or ’78 when we lost the Series. So just making the playoffs (for me) is never enough. But it is for a lot of folks, right? So, I got to thinking about how to counter this claim that the owner has done the franchise proud.
    The answer (of course) is: The only reason we’ve been in the playoffs as often as we have is because we’re in a crummy division. Problem: How to prove it.
    Well, I’ve done the math and here it is:
    Since 2004, when the owner bought the Dodgers:
    NL West – 2793 wins, 2878 losses, .493
    NL Central – 3332 wins, 3463 losses, .490
    NL East – 2850 wins, 2818 losses, .503
    There you are, the NL West is under .500 for those 7 seasons. The Central is worse, but they have the Pirates who haven’t been over .500 for what, 18 years now? So the Bucs are dragging the Central down a little further. The East has the Nationals to screw up their dominance. They were exactly .500 in one season (2005). Otherwise they were also under the other 6. They also had the Reds, who only had 1. The West didn’t have a consistently horrid team. Even the D-backs had 2 – plus .500 seasons over that time. Colorado had 3, the Dodgers 5, the Puds 5 and the gnats 3.
    Best of a bad lot, that’s what I say. Nothing great enough to hang your hat on, I say.
    BTW, I didn’t count this season’s numbers. And, if you’re wondering why these numbers add up to a winning % of only .495, I’m guessing the NL isn’t doing too well in the inter-league games.
    The idea of the owner losing support from more and more fans every day reminds me of a great scene from a great movie. Towards the end of Twelve Angry Men, once all but one of the jurors has swung to the “not guilty” side, Henry Fonda looks at Lee J. Cobb and says, “Well, you’re all alone now.” At that point, Cobb’s character breaks down and reveals the real reason he stubbornly stuck to his desire to deliver a guilty verdict.
    I’m looking forward to breaking the owner.

  54. dodgereric

    If you’ve managed to wade through all that stuff, you might have noticed that I lumped the Reds into the East Division, when we all know they’re in the Central.
    Sorry. I join those who wish we could edit after posting.
    Good night all.

  55. GM Ned Colletti

    See this is a very good team. Boss and I both think it. When boss gets his money from Fox, he’ll then be able to buy more houses for himself, at least I won’t have to worry about how to waste more of his money because he won’t give me anymore to waste. Hope to see you all at the game today. Lets show our support for boss.

  56. messagebear

    Sorry, Eric – I was taking the night off from the blog, so I missed adding to your collection of anti-Frank, anti-Ned poll and comments. You could have used so many of my quotes over the past several years. But, for the count:
    I’m sure that Frank figures the silent majority is solidly behind him. In this case, if there is such a thing, I think they’re lined up behind him only to KICK HIS ASS.

  57. trublu4ever

    McScum & McDouch are perfect names for him. I suggest we use one of them when we have to refer to the ass-hole. NO MORE FRANK OR MC COURT…..he doesn’t deserve it!

  58. Nellyjune

    Good Morning ITDers!!!!! Fabulous stuff last night Ward Dear!! You were up late last night keeping us all in the loop with your wisdom.

  59. enchantedTheBeav

    Just some future advise for Frank – Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
    True to his dying day I’m sure, Frank still believes he can put anything out on the field and still draw 3.5+ million to the stadium. He’s removed all doubt too where the $3 billion (or $1.7, Frank’s even inflated that number to make it sound as if the world is crazy for not approving the FOX deal) would go.

  60. dodgereric

    LMAO! Bear, one of these nights when I find myself with nothing to do, I just might prowl around the ITD dungeon and repost some of your best! Especially now that I can replace all your asterisks!
    Trumom, I’m way ahead of you. I’ve stopped calling the owner by his name a couple of weeks ago.
    As long as we still have the Killebrew title on this thread, here’s a nice article by (of all people) TJ Simers:,0,4601220,full.column

  61. messagebear

    Quick, I think we need a new thread justifying Frank’s recent remarks about how he wouldn’t spend any differently even if he wasn’t in a bind. I suggest we carry this under the banner
    ASS, PERSONIFIED” to keep in context with the current thread.

  62. JhallWally


    Carroll SS
    Miles 2B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Loney 1B
    Navarro C
    Castro 3B
    Gwynn LF
    Lilly P

    Well, here’s the latest edition of what we can expect for years to come if McDildo gets the Fox deal thru and keeps the team.

  63. enchantedTheBeav

    And who didn’t know when Ned signed Castro again this off season that at some point he’d be on the roster and making starts?
    Navarro, Miles, Castro & Gwynn might be Ned’s and Frank’s wet dream line-up, but its not mine.

  64. enchantedTheBeav

    After yesterday’s article I’m about this far from going on a tirade that would make even Bear blush.

  65. enchantedTheBeav

    In the old west we had the Wild Bunch. These guys are the Mild Bunch.

  66. vl4eccjr

    WTF?! Back to back?!
    Lilly throwing bp cookies right down the middle again to the opposition.
    Get the hook Donnie!

  67. enchantedTheBeav

    Don’t forget, we got Lilly for THREE years.
    Honestly, I would hope that this team loses at least 70% of its games from now until the trade dealine and be so far out that even Ned won’t be a buyer.

  68. vl4eccjr

    Well, the wheels have come flying off the wagon early here. Might be time to pay more attention on the Thunder-Grizzlies NBA game 7.. . .
    I have lost ALL faith in Lilly.
    Is it just me, or does it always seem like he gets lit up like this during day games?

      • vl4eccjr

        I’m soooo jealous!
        Wish I could have made a Liquor run today, but living in the ‘Bible Belt’, you can’t buy it on sundays here, and the liquor stores close at 9 or10 pm other nights. 😦
        Guess I’ll have to get the whiskey. I don’t want to get too trashed, or I’ll sleep & miss the other playoff games later!

    • vl4eccjr

      You going frozen, or on the rocks?
      Brain freezes would just suck adding to the pain of this game!!
      LM( l )O!!

  69. kpookiemon

    LA fans have been talking about blowing up the roster. Which team, exactly, are we talking about, again????

  70. lbirken

    I too extend my thoughts and prayers to Harmon Killebrew and his family. It is strange seeing players who ruled the game when some of us were just youngsters and who seemed bigger than life get older.

    As for now, Lilly might be a bit off his game today but the Dodger offense certainly has not been of much help. The Dodgers had a chance early in this game and came up with nothing, just as they had a chance to make something happen last night to save Bills from a loss. The opposition seems to get a lot out of the hits they get while the Dodgers get little or nothing.

    And the comments I read in the paper where Frank McCourt says the makeup of the team would not be any different if there were no financial issues facing the team is of little comfort and downright depressing.

  71. vl4eccjr

    Congrats to the OKC Thunder for advancing to the west finals!
    Didn’t think the Grizzlies would take them to seven games.
    Should be an interesting matchup against the Mavs.

  72. enchantedTheBeav

    I think some fans may beg to differ with Frank that this is a “very good” team. Honestly, if you were trying to lose you couldn’t amass any better team than this. Its downright embarrassing.
    Screw you Frank and the whore horse you rode in on.

  73. Bob Lee

    After very careful consideration, I’ve come to this conclusion. We need a new owner, a new hitting coach, a new General Manager, A new pitching coach and about 25 new players, who want to win.

  74. enchantedTheBeav

    The line-up Mattingly threw out there today wasn’t even befitting a 1A ballclub. Half these guys ought to be shoveling shit over at Santa Anita.
    I hope the people that actually went to the game today got free tickets because at least they will have gotten what they paid for.

    • trublu4ever

      Even Vinny said that! He said looking at todays lineup, you knew it would be difficult to score runs. Pitch around Dre and Matt and you’ve got Loney, Navarro etc.!

  75. JhallWally

    Hey Trumom™, what is the attendance? Waiting for your attendance post has become the most exciting part of the home games with this pathetic team…

    • JhallWally

      Hell Beav, I hate to say it, but, all McDildo has to do is buy up cheap t-shirts from sweat shops in China and India, pop a popular players name and number on it, and he’ll suck in a ton of saps. Christ, put Drysdale, Koufax, Robinson, or Snider on it and you’ll have them coming in droves!!!! Alot of dumbasses out there!!!

  76. kpookiemon

    Not sure if someone else posted it, but Vinny said the TEAM batting average for the year with runners in scoring position–EXCLUDING Ethier and Kemp (whose combined average is something like .360)–was .161, but I’m sure it’s lower now.

  77. Bob Lee

    The thing that really Pi$$es me off is I paid $120.00 to to watch this pathetic bunch of losers. Never again. I’d rather watch my grass grow.

  78. enchantedTheBeav

    I’d like to remind everybody that we just passed through the EASY part of the schedule. Cubs, Puds, Mets, Bucs and Snakes, which this “very good” ball club lost most of the series to.

    • nedsajerk

      How did Guerra look and another one of those 2004 draft picked with Elbert? Good to see Elbert back and strikeout the side but I want to see more of him.

  79. vl4eccjr

    Pleasant surprise the bullpen showed up & did well today. Hats off to Elbert & Guerra!
    Too bad the offense didn’t do the same. Miles & Carrol were the only ones to show up. . .

  80. messagebear

    When are they going to have the Navarro batting practice shirt give-away? Better do it soon before he’s gone. Of course, he never should have been here in the first place. Thanks again, Ned.
    Hope there were many EMPTY SEATS for this unforgettable game.

  81. JhallWally

    Well, Loney and Navarro stunk today. 1 for 8 with 4 strike outs and 8 left on base. Not surprising and you could see that coming. However, Ethier and Kemp also added their share to the stench that is the Dodger offense. 0 for 7 with 3 strike outs and 6 left on base. So far in May, Ethier and Kemp are rapidly coming back to the pack.

    • enchantedTheBeav

      And that was forseeable. Ty Cobb and Ted Williams they ain’t. Unfortunately, they ARE the offense, so when they inevitably come back to career norms, there’s nothing left.
      But its still a “very good” team.
      Frank says so.

      • JhallWally

        Very, very good team Beav. If the fans continue to come out for cheap freebies and support this asshole, well, then they deserve what they will end up with.

  82. messagebear

    I was wondering what was going to happen when Andre and Matt came down to normal and stopped carrying the team. Carroll and Miles have been trying, but somehow they just don’t have the same pop. Now we see, and don’t let Frank and Ned tell you to just wait till Raffy and Blake come back. I am surprised that we’re holding third place in the standings. I was figuring fourth place this year, but then there’s still a lot of season left to get there.
    Which makes me wonder, where the hell is there a hitting coach for this team. Pentland, isn’t it? We couldn’t be worse off if Pentland and Honeycutt were FIRED. Let’s get tough here, Frank and Ned and quit your mealy mouthed bullshit. Let’s see some heads roll.

  83. enchantedTheBeav

    I’ve finally figured out why we don’t get new threads very often… It takes days for them to conjure up something they can put a happy face on.

  84. kpookiemon

    Someone, something, anything…please end the madness. Why must we suffer this arrogant fool one moment longer? There’s still time to save summer. Not the season…just summer. Give baseball back to LA. Allow us to enjoy a boring, mediocre team knowing that Chavez Ravine is rid of this pox upon our house.

  85. dodgereric

    Notable for today, we’ve dropped from 8th to 9th in MLB attendance (in average per game), falling below the Texas Rangers.
    Game 21’s attendance (2010): 44,282
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 40,654
    Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 15
    2010 attendance (21 games) – 914,207 (43,534 average)
    2011 attendance (21 games) – 766,863 (36,517 average) #9 in MLB
    Drop of 147,344 total
    Average drop of 7016
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 568,327
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,957,900
    2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)

  86. kpookiemon

    The most disturbing thing I’ve read is that both agents for Kemp and Ethier say their clients will file for free agency (when their time comes) IF there are no significant changes. Mr. Selig, please make a significant change NOW!
    eric, in all your years, have you EVER seen the state of the Dodgers in such disgusting disarray and your anger at such a boiling point? Me neither!
    Safe to say we have BOTH the worst owner and the worst GM in all of baseball, if not all of sports. And that’s a mouthful, considering some of the trash heaps littering the sports world.

  87. kpookiemon

    Great insight into Loney and his failed at-bat in the 1st inning:
    “I don’t mind him swinging at the first pitch,” said Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, the guy who was the primary hitting coach for this team for the past 2 1/2 seasons. “I just get frustrated if a guy gets fooled on the first pitch. He popped up a changeup. We’re in the driver’s seat there, and they are in trouble. That guy has to throw a strike. If you’re sitting on a changeup and you just miss it, that’s one thing. But if you’re looking heater and you pop up a changeup, you hate to see that in that count.
    Pentland basically agreed with Mattingly’s critique of Loney’s approach, adding that Loney wasn’t being overly aggressive but in fact might not have been aggressive enough.
    “These guys have been told all their lives that if you get an offspeed pitch up, you’re supposed to be on the attack,” Pentland said. “It looked like he was just trying to put the ball in play and score the run. That is part of what we’re talking about. I think his approach was just trying to get the run in instead of squaring the ball up. If you’re more aggressive, you might still miss it, but it’s a 300-foot miss [and, presumably, a sacrifice fly] instead of what he did there.”

  88. enchantedTheBeav

    I’m an equal opportunity maligner. The Chordettes, Mr. Sandman:

    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
    Mr. Sandsman, you ain’t no dream (bum bum bum bum)
    Go back to ‘Querque where you can’t be seen (bum bum bum bum)
    Been here a month and nothing’s gone over (bum bum bum bum)
    Your average smells a lot, but that’s not clover
    Sandsman’s slugging is low (bum bum bum bum)
    Don’t look too ready to be in the show (bum bum bum bum)
    Makes me long for ol’ Sid Bream
    Mr. Sandsman, you ain’t no dream
    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
    Mr. Sandsman’s on the wrong team
    Its banjo hitting that makes me scream
    His outfield play’s like that of a rover
    And then he never moves the runners over
    Sandsman, let’s make it so
    Time to go back to New Mexico
    Can’t get wood between the seams
    Mr. Sandsman, you ain’t no dream
    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
    Mr. Sandsman (Yooooo) you ain’t no dream
    And for this song, I know I’ll get reamed
    Ashley and Brock is what you remind me
    Forgive me if my words aren’t very kindly
    Mr. Sandsman, I’m just not sold (I’m just not sold)
    You’re more like lead and nothing like gold
    For me you’re star no longer gleams
    Mr. Sandsman you ain’t, no, no no
    Mr Sandsman you ain’t no dream
    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
    ©NedCo Broken Records 2011. We make all the bad decisions so you won’t have to™.

  89. Nellyjune

    Enchanted – Your mind is like the Energiser Bunny. It just keeps going and going and going. Just fabulous!!!

    • enchantedTheBeav

      Ha! This is what happens when I promised my wife I wouldn’t work this weekend.
      Got another one partially rattling around in there too. Got the first stanza, but the rest hasn’t gelled yet.
      Anyway, goodnight and have a terrific week!!
      BTW, it snowed up here this morning.

  90. Nellyjune

    Wow!!! Snow!!! It was definitely unusually cold today so I can certainly see that happening. Can’t wait to see what, or who, your next victim is. Good Night!!!!

  91. Dodger4life

    Good Evening ITD, Dodger Faithful, and our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…
    Whether or not, this club has the make-up of a contender, is merely irrelevant at this time. We have what we have, and from where I sit, which is far and far away from Dodger Stadium, this club is in danger of repeating the mistakes they made last season. Giving up before they actually have a chance to begin. I say this because it is my belief that Frank McCourt will lose control of this organization. It is also my belief, that if we can stay afloat until this time, we will have the opportunity to get healthy, whether through the rehabilitation of everyday starters or by way of acquisitions in one way, shape or form. It is also my belief that upon Frank McCourt’s eagerly awaited removal, there will be a rejuvenating euphoria that will set in, amongst not only the fans but the players on our beloved ball-club as well. Until these events take place however, every member of this team needs to, not put his head down and grind his way through it…but lift his head up and persevere. If today isn’t your day so be it. Nobody has a good day all the time, but your spirit and attitude, towards trying to help your teammates succeed, through what ever means needed at the present time, had better be 110%. We don’t need guys that when they are struggling, let this get themselves or their teammates out of good character. So what if you hit a bump in the road. Your job should immediately be to prop the guy behind you up, by assuring him that this thing is doable. Whatever the thing is at the time, and visa verse. This will reassure that each and every member of this squad no matter whom it is, will always remain focused and always have the best possible mindset to get the job done. This shouldn’t just start when you step onto the field, this should be a team effort from the time you rise in the morning until you until the time you close your tired and weary eyes at night. I am sure that if forced to do this for your immediate family and loved ones, through whatever hardship has been inflicted, your efforts would be endless and tireless, regardless of the resources available. We need to hear some positive chatter…We need you to be held accountable, not just for your immediate inadequacies, but for the positive advancements of those whom you share a common thread of Dodger Blue and White fabric. It ain’t over until it’s over unless you give in, or are named one Frank McCourt. Frank it has become clearly evident in everyone’s eyes and minds, that the longer you stay within this organization the more damage you will inflict on everyone involved. You say your a changed man, now is as good a time as any to live up to your word and move along. Speaking of changed man, I have spent an enormous amount of time blogging and so forth the last few years, that I have been negligent in my duties elsewhere, through no fault but my own. I have recently vowed to make a change in my daily grind, to better help me, help others and myself. So I will probably be a little more scarce in the coming days. I will leave you with an estimated amount of RALLY TIME x 30 . An estimated amount of LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO x 30 and estimated volume of SOULSHINE x 100! and an estimated amount of DODGER PRIDE x infinity See Y’all when I get back on track!! It starts tomorrow it ends when it ends. IT AIN”T OVER TILL IT’S OVER!!

  92. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ITDland. Awesome song, as usual, Enchanted! I agree with Nellyjune….you are the Energizer Bunny for sure 😉 Looking forward with much anticipation for your next installment.
    Dodger4life ~ please come back soon. We need you here for your support when the team stinks. Take care of what needs to be done and, when you are ready, we will all be here for you.

  93. selltheteam

    In the spirit of “Class, Personified”, I give you one Vin Scully. As TruMom mentioned, I heard Vin say that Sunday’s lineup was not likely to generate many runs. That’s what all baseball fans love about Vin, he tells it like it is. Not just Dodger fans, but all baseball fans.
    Such a huge contrast between Vin Scully and Prank McCheap. McCheap wants us to believe that the team on the field is very, very good.
    The truth about the team is as follows. The starting pitching is good. Kershaw, Billingsley, and Kuroda offer up a very strong numbers 1-3 in the rotation. Lilly and Garland are average fillers at numbers 4 & 5. The bullpen is a vast wasteland. The starting lineup just plain sucks. The defense is okay, but nothing stellar. The bench is nothing to write home about. The rest of the 40-man roster is terrible and really scary when we think about the odds of being able to field a decent team over the next five years.
    Prank’s excuses about injuries to Furcal and Blake are laughable. True, Furcal’s broken thumb was a bit of a freak thing. But when he comes back this week, I would think it’s only a matter of a couple weeks before his next injury. That’s been his nature over the past few years. Same thing for Casey Blake, especially given his age.
    So we’re stuck with the likes of Loney, Miles, Uribe, Gibbons, Gwynn, etc. to fill out the lineup around Ethier and Kemp. Just a whole lot of mediocrity.
    The saddest part about this whole sad team is that the great Vin Scully will likely spend his last year or years announcing for a team with a losing record and little chance of making the playoffs anytime soon.

    • nedsajerk

      I think Garland should be in the 1st group Lilly on the other hand should be all alone lol. It surely a good thing we do have 6 SP’s with Padilla but what if one of those SP goes down I don’t wish on anyone but something need to be done to Lilly. I hate when overpaid and trade for these guy and than the next season they pitch like crap.

  94. GM Ned Colletti

    What’s wrong with you people here? This team is good. They actually managed to score a run yesterday, which is an improvement on the day before. Have faith and come out to the park to watch Navarro, Gibbons and Gwynn, they’re all stars, they just don’t know it. After all boss says they are!

  95. Frank McCourt

    Isn’t this great? More than 40,000 paid to see that game yesterday. Even after I held a press conference and told them right to their faces that this is as good a team as they’ll get even after I get my millions from those Fox idiots!
    I’m telling you, Ned, that this is better than owning a McDonald’s franchise. You can’t keep people out of that place either, no matter how many experts tell you it’s garbage.
    Ooh, now I’m hungry. Run down to FatBurger and get me something greasy. Stop by the ticket booth and pick up some cash…..

  96. selltheteam

    Today’s Losing Lineup
    Carroll SS
    Miles 2B
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Uribe 3B
    Loney 1B
    Gibbons LF
    Barajas C
    Garland P

      • selltheteam

        Tru – 5-8 can score one run once every five games – when Barajas hits a HR. Otherwise, just goose eggs!

      • nedsajerk

        Let Barajas get a chance to bat 5th. Barajas probably not your typical 5th places hitter but anything is better than Uribe and Loney.

      • selltheteam

        In April, Uribe was providing decent protection for Kemp, but now he’s providing no protection at all with his slump. So, I agree, at least with Barajas in #5, the opposition would have to think about his potential to hit one out.

      • selltheteam

        Crash has gone away right now. Crash won’t be back until after McCheap sells the team. None of us will be at Dodger Stadium until McCheap sells the team.

  97. enchantedTheBeav

    I see Little Joe has Uribe and Loney 5 & 6. Guess when he has a plan to bat people in the same spot, he sticks to it whether it works or not. Been great so far for a month and a half. And how bout that Gibbons? Donnie still doesn’t think he’s seeing correctly, but why let that stop you from playing him?
    Not that any of it really matters.

  98. selltheteam

    Game 22 attendance: 45,117
    Factors driving down attendance tonight:
    1. Mondays usually draw lower attendance
    2. Weather is cool – game time should be 58 degrees
    3. Anemic lineup; one run scored over the weekend won’t draw many fans
    4. The McCheap boycott
    Prediction: 27,500 paid attendance, but fewer than 10,000 actually show up. This will really push down the projected annual attendance 🙂

  99. lbirken

    Beav, it might be different if Donnie had some alternatives but so far no one playing left field can hit a lick and Loney is still better than anyone else they have. Unless I am missing something, there isn’t even anyone promising you can complain is being blocked by a PVL.

    • trublu4ever

      How about putting Casey Blake in LF when he comes back? Uribe may not be hitting but, his glove is okay, at 3rd….Furcal at short and Carroll at 2nd?

      • nedsajerk

        Boy I hate that alternate with Blake being at 37 yrs old and with an left elbow infection to in LF. Blake has only played 3 games in LF but does have a lot of experience playing RF with over 200+ games.

      • nedsajerk

        Bring back that career minor leaguer Mitch Jones. I just hate when these career minor leaguer never really have a chance to prove themself in the big. I think Jones is in the Braves organization.

      • nedsajerk

        I surely hope Ellis is playing everyday in triple A. I hate to see who are catcher is next season.

      • nedsajerk

        Nope not at all and we could always put Gwynn in LF and move Ethier back to RF in the late inning.

    • enchantedTheBeav

      Just saying Uribe and Loney could be switched around somehow. Its like one black hole orbiting another with those two back-to-back.
      Gibbons on the otherhand shouldn’t even be on the roster, let alone playing. First Donnie has doubts about his eyesight, next thing you know he’s PHing in critical situations and starting. That’s just assinine if that’s what you really think.
      Of course, Paul should actually be playing LF, but that’s not possible due to another idiot of even greater magnitude.

      • JhallWally

        Loweeney and Gibbons should not be starting at all. I hope when Blake comes back he will start at first base. At least against lefties. I’d rather see Sands at 1st. He is actually hitting better than Loweeney. Not by alot, but he has more XBHs. What a freaking mess Frank and Furter have created.

  100. nedsajerk

    I’m watching TMZ and McCourt really wanted to buy the Angels urgh I didn’t want to here that.

    • sparkleplenty_1

      I have a suggestion for you, Tru. Log into the thread as usual and then push the “end” key. You can use the page up key or the slide bar on the right to find what you’re looking for. It works very well for me.

  101. nedsajerk

    What are the A’s doing? Mazzaro gave up 10 runs in the 4th innings and the A’s try to get a 3rd innings from him.

  102. messagebear

    We could really use a new thread after about 300 or so posts.
    You don’t really need to say anything, because we’re unlikely to follow your story line anyway. We’ll understand how it is until the ASSHOLE’S GONE.

  103. GM Ned Colletti

    Hey Josh, it’s time to put up a new thread with bosses new promo. You know the 100 one dollar seats in honor of the 100 runs this team will score this season. Of course parking will go up to $50 per person whether you drive and park or not so boss can pay to have his pool cleaned. After all nobody should have to swim in a dirty pool.

  104. kpookiemon

    Can’t do past threads…maybe it’s OCD or something. BUT THIS JUST IN!!!! Mattingley says there’s no production coming from left field! Wait ’til Ned hears that. He had such high hopes for GwynnThamesGibbonsSandsPaul(oops). I mean, this is a very, very good team. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    Is Frank gone yet?

  105. messagebear

    The guy normally handling this blog is probably out looking for a new job, and who can blame him. In the meantime, can we get somebody from Schieffer’s staff appointed to update this blog once in a while. After all, we need something to do, and we don’t want to go to Dodger Stadium to do it.

  106. GM Ned Colletti

    There’s nothing wrong with left field, the grass is very green there. I’ve given Donnie all of the best talent that money couldn’t buy, now it’s his job to get them to produce! Most teams only have 1 or 2 left fielders, I’ve provided 4, so there.

  107. kpookiemon

    I blame myself. I never should have asked, “Is Frank gone yet?” He’s everywhere…all knowing, all seeing…wrecking every atomic crumb of our Dodger being. 42 years I’ve been in love with the Dodgers and now this miscreant (morally bankrupt evildoer) wrecks it all. The HORROR!!! The HUMANITY!!!

  108. GM Ned Colletti

    Mrs boss is too busy keeping up her house that she uses for it’s closets to be bothered with something small like the Dodgers.

  109. Nellyjune

    I was in our copy room this morning, and one of my colleagues who has a son who is a Dodger fan got to go to a game with his dad for his birthday. He went on the James Loney Jersey day. Anyhow, Casey Blake was throwing the ball into the stands after playing catch, and was intending on throwing the ball right at her son when this adult try to get the ball for himself. Casey asked the adult to give the ball to back to him since it was originally thrown for him to have in the first place. WAY TO GO CASEY!!!

  110. kpookiemon

    Thanks for the Jamie update, Ned. By the way…have you updated your resume? Just asking, because, well, IF the Dodgers get new ownership–and heaven knows we don’t want that to happen–but should it occur, new ownership might not fully appreciate all the wit, wisdom and savvy you’ve brought to the organization.

  111. GM Ned Colletti

    I’m hoping that doesn’t happen, otherwise I might have to go back into the newspaper biz.

  112. 32and53fan

    Ditto what NSB said.
    Killebrew was always the most feared hitter on the Twins and right at the top few of the entire American League. Dodger fans in 1965 dreaded when he came to bat during the World Series.

  113. perumike

    Hey all! My condolences to the Killibrews! We lost a great player and man! I’m headed out to the Ravinen and paying the MM – McCourt Minimum. He gets no concessions, no gear, no parking! Tickets only!

  114. OldBrooklynFan

    Hi Everybody
    How sad it is for someone to say goodbye just before he leaves this life and sadder that he didn’t have a chance to stay at the hospice.
    My condolence to the Killebrew family and love ones.

  115. lbirken

    The Dodgers had a moment of silence last night for Harmon Killebrew. The announced attendence (according to the box score) was around 42,000 but there were a lot of empty seats, especially for a give a way night. My guess is around 34,000 were actually there to get their Kershaw bobblehead. The game itself seemed to drag as both starting pitchers worked slow and deliberate. I did not think Kuroda would last as long as he did as he did not have great stuff early. However, he ended up pitching a pretty good game and while Jansen gave us a bit of a scare, the Dodgers came away with a victory with some defensive (ond offensive) help from Matt Kemp.

    And Josh, please try to provide a new thread. You are starting to get Bear upset and believe me, you don’t want that.

  116. swood

    This offense has gotten so inept I can’t even watch the games anymore it’s too depressing. I hope your proud of yourselves McCourt and Ned

  117. lbirken

    Folks, are some of you so yearning for a new thread that you have taken to posting on an old one?

  118. GM Ned Colletti

    You fans are never satisfied. Stop complaining, we won with an offensive barrage of 3 runs. This is the best team that money can’t buy. Just wait until the trading deadline, I’m going to see how many more old guys I can bring in for free for a couple of worthless prospects. After all boss has to pay his gardeners and get his beautiful hair cut. On another note, I haven’t seen Josh around, I wonder if his check bounced?

  119. kpookiemon

    When I see an inning like that I’m reminded how much I despise you, Ned. Barajas…Castro…Carroll…reads like a bad pack of baseball cards that no one wants.

  120. messagebear

    GO, JAMIE, GO!!!
    Force the sale of the Dodgers!
    Fire every non-player above the rank of an usher or floor sweeper, especially the asshole who’s supposed to run this blog, but doesn’t.

  121. kpookiemon

    Agree, YOU GO GIRL! Frank is costing you money every second you delay…less money for pool chlorine, hair gel, bling. Speaking of bling, Frank could learn a thing or two from Newt about extravagant spending for baubles at Tiffany’s. I’m sure you’re jealous, Jamie, that’s why you need to act NOW!!!!! If it’s up to us fans, you’ll lose millions. Cubic zirconia might be in your future. Worse, your kids might have to get a real job.

  122. GM Ned Colletti

    Josh, I haven’t seen you around the office lately, are you out there looking for a new job or is trying to make boss look good taking all of your time? On another note, look how good this team played last night, they actually managed to score 5 times. Keep coming to the games, boss needs to pay his lawyers now.

  123. kpookiemon

    A bit of math: the last five blog threads, here, have attracted 1564 entries over the past 15 days…for an average of 104 entries per day. That’s probably better attendance than Frank is actually getting at the Stadium. THAT”S WHY WE NEEDS A NEW THREAD, JOSH. It’s the LAST and FINAL place Dodger faithful can congregate. Oh yeah, Frank….SELL THE TEAM–Q U I C K ! ! !

  124. ThinkingBlue

    Hello all, its been awhile. I just been to busy with family & work. But when I watch the news a hear about Andre flipping the bird at some photographer or something like that, I had to come here. I’m at work and should be working but I have to say what’s on my mind…
    First the news gives us a tease about A Dodger that did something that made a lot of fans mad and images of Ethier are being shown….I was thinking….WTF! What did Ethier do? My first reaction was to start praying that he did not start talking crap about playing for the Dodgers, hopefully he did not pull a Juan Pierre on us…. Thank God that wasn’t it. But when I heard that I was that Andre had flipped a photographer off…all I did was laugh. I am a fan and was not mad. Yeah he should NOT loose his Temper (like he does a lot). He really needs to work on that. It was not during a live broadcast…I hate how some media blow small things out of proportion. That photographer just wanted his 5 minutes of fame. Well if you ask me, Ethier looks good in that picture…LOL all we need is to add a caption on the bottom “FRANK F-U”.

  125. Pingback: MR. SANDSMAN « DodgerLyrics

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