Back at Dodger Stadium

Tonight’s lineup for the Freeway Series:

Jason Repko, CF; Dioner Navarro, C; J.D. Drew, RF; Jeff Kent, 2B; Nomar Garciaparra; Bill Mueller, 3B; Ricky Ledee, LF; Ramon Martinez, SS; Odalis Perez, P.

It almost feels like Opening Day…


Checkout that line-up up top. Bet it could easily take the current one head on.

LMAO…..damn, I thought we finally had a new thread πŸ™‚

I long for the days of Ricky Ledee. Or I long for a beday. Or its been too long of a day. Something like that.

I’m really beginning to wonder if Josh is still around. We are at home now and, you’d think he would have given us soomething new. Then again, maybe he’s just pissed off at all the negativity.

Let’s get a lot of runs tonight for Kersh! GO DODGERS, GO!!!

Uh, oh….Padilla has discomfort in his forearm.

Yes that why he didn’t close last night. I just can’t believe that Donny let Guerrier close consideing that he was trying to get a 2nd innings out of him the night before.


Wow didn’t think are batting average was that low at home but not shock and are hitting on the road is ok.

Gosh all of this because of the freaking pitcher got the 2 out hits urgh.

Not looking good for us! This is BS! Tired of going through this crap every night!

I’ve come to the conclusion, we’re better hitters than the Giants. We hit it right to their man and it’s much easier to throw us out, whereas the giants just hit it out of reach for our fielders and makes the game more difficult.

LOL!!! Interesting perspective!!!

This game is just about out of reach. A couple more runs and time for some shut-eye.

I know how you feel, Boblee.


The last month has been a yawner πŸ˜•

Yep!!! It’s past the point of screaming and giving a shit!!!!

As you say: “It’s beyond PATHETIC!”


Kersh is having a Lilly moment!!!

LOL…I thought you said a Lilly monument πŸ™‚

I’m just pi$$ed I’m out $120.00 bucks for Could have went to a couple of movies, provided no soda or popcorn.

I know what you mean Bob. I only bought the audio this year for 20 bucks!!!

Don’t feel bad….I signed up for mlb Extra Innings πŸ™‚

To be honest I don’t even know why you even bother with it the past coupe of years.


I love watching baseball. Even if it’s not the Dodgers.

I’m with you Trumom™. I like watching good baseball. I’m lucky that I can watch the Reds and Indians everyday.

I know tru.

12 in a row set down by Cain…..way to go Dodgers….keep up the good work and give him his no-hitter!

Alright Matt!! At least the G’nats won’t get a no-hitter or shutout.

Was thinking I’d have to record the season finale of Criminal Minds tonight so I could watch this game….now, I won’t have to!

God I hope this is true!!! Go Jamie!! At least Jamie seems to be thinking clearly. Get out now while the price is still high and don’t burn all the equity up in legal fees fighting a battle you can’t ultimately win.,0,7066377.story

Finallly….a freaking run! Thank-you, Matt!

Good evening all.
WTG MATT!!! There goes the no-no!
Finally some signs of life!! Hopefully that will wake the offense up!

Hi, vl……we need you here!

Whoever told Gibbons he could play ball????

Mattingly πŸ˜•

Pinch hitting for Kersh in the 5th with no BP….hmmm!


F*ck!! Barajass sucks!!!

They all suck!!!!!!!

Yep…they sure do!!!

The old suck-o-meter is pegged all the way in the red at the moment. . .

I have to disagree here using Castro.
Kershaw has been one of the better hitting pitchers in the league.
Poof! There it is! A freaking pop up!

We already 3/31 now 3/33 now could be 3/34.


Unbelievable…we say that almost every night!

Unfreaking believable. Bases loaded, no outs and no freaking runs. This team totally sucks. It may be a cold day in hell before I watch again. Time for a little nap.

I’m glad Ethier hitting streak is gone because I would’ve been mad if a guy who Ethier owned snap it tonight.

Now THAT is adding insult to injury with ALL the Giants having at least one base hit when not one of their lineup is batting over .300!!!

There are two bright sides to sucking this bad.
1. By July and August, actual attendance should be down to 10-15000 a game.
2. They’ll be so far out of it even Ned won’t trade what’s left of the farm at the deadline.
I for one hope the Gnats and Rox catch fire and leave this pathetic mess in the dust. BTW, how can an entire team be hitting .088 with the bases loaded?

Answer to your question Beav. Ned Colletti!!!

And, frank mccrook!

And tell me Mattingly didn’t really PH Castro with one out and the bases loaded. That alone should get him fired.

Yep, he did and YES HE SHOULD!!!!

lol we wasn’t going to score anyway so does it matter.

Yep Beav!! Donny BaseBoob!!! And I just saw the highlights on ESPN and Kersh was freaking pissed!!!

Of course they will blame it on injuries and Furcal and Blake will save the team when they come back. Geez!!!

That’s what Monday and Steiner are saying, Jhall. Yea, sure! And, I’m a size 4….lol


Have they already blame those 2 yet?

I should have said and I’m a size 38 DD πŸ™‚

LM ( . ) ( . ) O!!!!!

Jeez Barajass!! Why couldn’t you do that the last AB with runners on base?
Damn! Gibbons is pretty fast for a caucasian!
Novarro’s gotta go!

A little bit to late Barajas. That would’ve been nice in the 5th inning.

Yeah, Furcal will be the savior for about two weeks until he hurts himself again. Blake. Well the best you can say for Blake is that he’s better than anything else they’ve got, but that’s a pretty low threshold to have to overcome.

BTW, given all that’s transpired, clearly Jamie was the brains of that family.

This team needs a fire lit under their asses!
What I would give to see Lasorda in the club house doing the deed. That would bring back some memories!
McDoo-doo couldn’t keep his shit in one bag tonight. Adios!

I have a question – What’s Frank’s game?
(A) He still hasn’t contested the judge’s decision on their postnup.
(B) He hasn’t filed bankruptcy.

I think he is contesting the postnup decision, but the last I heard, he hasn’t been able to come up with any supporting documents he needs to overturn the decision.

That doesn’t surprise me that he can’t come up with any supporting documents. Breaking the franchise up into 26 different companies is nothing but a shell game, I doubt anything he does is factual.

Yep, he’s a con man. I think Jamie may have out conned him. Ha-ha!!!!

Even if he files bankruptcy, that would force a sale of the team and assets to settle the debt.

30,421 paid attendance.

Actually there….421 πŸ˜•

Thanks Trumom™!! How many do you think are actually there?

Maybe half of what they say is paid. Lots and lots of empty seats. I think even the paid attendance is enlarged to make mccrook look good.

Wouldn’t surprise me!!

Dad will be pleased!!!

Yes, he will πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Jamie, Jamie, rah rah rah!
Jamie, Jamie, rah rah rah!
Jamie, Jamie, rah rah rah!
Jamie, Jamie, rah rah rah!
Jamie, Jamie, rah rah rah!
Jamie, Jamie, rah rah rah!
Jamie, Jamie, rah rah rah!
Jamie, Jamie, rah rah rah!

Clap, clap, clap !!!!!!

Be careful what you wish for. I can’t see Jamie doing anything without an ulterior motive.

Ooooooh, I’m feeling dirty!!!!

I’m sure she’s seeing alot of of dollar $igns.

Again πŸ™‚ or should I say, still? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The worst thing about playing against the Giants is their network blacks out my Prime Ticket….so, since I can’t stand Krud & Krap, I watch with the mute on….then, I have to listen to sucky Steiner & Monday instead of Vinny.

Let’s him walk you Uribe.

lol or try to walk you.

Cripes is this game over yet?
I’d like to know how you can find 30000 (or even 15000) that would want to go and this dung heap of a team.

Well, its up to Loweeney!!!

Signs of life here?

Love it when Wilson gets lit up!

Yep! Makes me wonder if all those little critters in his beard are getting jiggy with it! LMFAO!!!

Love it when Cain won’t be 4-8 vs us in his career.

Way to go Loweeney!!!! Woo-Hoo!

It’s about time!

Holy Shit, Loney comes thru!!! Way to go James!!!

I kinda think Jamie’s ulterior motive would be to get the most money possible for the franchise. She loves money, and if forced to sell, the McCourts would (ironically) shut out any low-ball offers.

Selig would still have to approve, but Selig screwed us twice since the O’Malleys left, so what’s a third time to him?

While Selig would control the final hammer, the McCourts would choose who Selig could choose from. And they’d chose the ones with the most money.

The two would be going through offers like contestants on Press Your Luck. “C’mon! Big money, big money! no whammies, no whammies annnnnnnnnnd….”

Agreed North. I think she sees that its better to sell now while the price is probably as high as its going to be and not let Frank continue to hurt the value by selling off players, lawsuits, and more loans against the franchise!!!

Wow Uribe come on Loney.

Dang stupid slow dial up I type that 2 min ago yeah Loney.

Of course maybe Jamie’s smart enough to see that Selig won’t allow either McCourt to even have a stake in the team. Still…

Maybe she will woo Selig with her charms πŸ˜•


Or her skills. . .

Lance sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Ned “find.”

Thanks again, Neddie!

Donnie’s piss poor use of the bullpen once again!!


F*cking Cormier!!! Damn you Ned!!!

I think Cormier is another one of Enchanted’s Shit-Kabobs!

This is a guy that refused a minor league assignment because he thought he was too good for that so they ended up keeping him.
DFA fodder if ever there was any.

Yep, he should be on a bus out of town tonight!!!

lol are you sure it was this guy? I remember Sherrill did it last year.

Bring back Weaver.

Hey look at the bright side. At least they got Kersh off the hook.

And, Dodgereric & Bear will love the drop in attendance for the next home stand.

I guess when you put it that way it sucks a little less!!!

Look at the bright side we finally broke out with 5 runs and we still going to lose. Why can’t we used these 5 runs when we had good starting pitchers.

Cormier is on on this roster because of who? If Belisario didn’t have all that trouble Cormier would’ve been gone.

If Ned wasn’t an imbecile, we would have had better options than Cormier.

You’re probably right shad, but I think little Neddy just didn’t want to lose him, just like he doesn’t want to lose all his other little PVLs he puts on the DL in order to keep. Yet he’ll let Paul go. The man’s a moron plain and simple.

I can’t believe Troncoso blew his change damn it Torre. Schlichting time to bring him up or give Monasterios another chance.

Schlichting began 2010 with Albuquerque. He was called up to the Dodgers on May 31 and picked up his first career win by pitching four scoreless innings in the Dodgers 1-0 14 inning victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks on June 2. He appeared in 14 games for the Dodgers with a 3.57 ERA in 2010.

Schlichting pitch 4 innings last year in one game for christ sake. I don’t mind losing Paul because we can’t keep everyone but Paul should’ve been released. We do have so many OF’s prospect in the minor and if some of these OF’s plan out than it probably no lose.

Hey Beav, someone on facebook asked this question.
Do you think it would be ironic/funny to have a Kuo bobblehead night?

I think it would be both ironic AND funny!!

I laughed my ass off. It sounded like something you would come up with!!!!


Somebody also put: Wanted….pitchers who can throw strikes and get people out….7 P.T. positions available…please reply ASAP.

Our bullpen finds a new way to implode every night

We had a nice streak of innings with no ER’s for our relievers but they surely didn’t last.

The old suck-o-meter broke due to being pegged too hard against the red line with this game.
Cormier has to go!!!

Well, Donnie Baseball should have his head examined also. The one and only time all year they’ve comeback after the 7th, and he picks that time to bring in Cormier?
You know, its like a perfect storm with this franchise. Poor ownership you could maybe ride out with a truely good GM who knew how to get the most out of a roster. Poor GM you could ride out with ownership that was willing to spend on premier FAs and a manager that got the most out of his ballplayers. Poor manager you could ride out with a better roster. But you put all three together, then throw in some just pisspoor players, and you get what we have now.

Well said Beav!! Great ANALogy for all those assholes!!!

If these guys can’t pitch 1 inning than why are they on the roster in the 1st place? Someone said Miles range cost us the game and the inning over dp.

If Jansen wasn’t available why not have him hit over Navarro? I can’t wait to see our lineup against the White Sox in Chicago going to be.

Look like Schlichting not pitching well in triple A but who care anything is better than Cormier.

Cormier look like he didn’t pitch that bad the past 2 season in TB but his numbers were way better in 2009.

While we at it why did we let Wade go?

Well y’all…
Tara. Home. I’ll go home… After all, tomorrow is another day!

Yep, and hopefully tomorrow, Jamie will drop the hammer on Frank!!

I hope Bills can give us 8th innings.

Good Morning. The only good thing about last nights game was the final out! I was glad to be put out of my misery.

Yoo-Hoo, Dodgereric, where are you? I waited though the BP implosion last night to get you your attendance. I had to listen to the Steiner, Monday beat Andre to death chants all night long. It was either them or Krud & Krap….some choice!

Look at the bright side. Last night’s loss puts us one step closer to:
1. The release of Lance Cormier (it should have happened before opening day!)
2. Fewer and fewer fans at Dodger Stadium
3. The removal of Frank McCourt
4. The removal of Ned Coletti
5. The removal of Don Mattingly
6. The removal of Stan Conte
7. The removal of Honeycut

That would be awesome, STT. The sooner, the better!

I guess the next key date is May 31st, when Frank McCourt fails to be able to pay the players. From the looks of things on ITD, he’s already not paying Josh.

If Frank can’t pay the players, do the players not play? πŸ˜•

If Frank can’t pay the players, then the players can become free agents immediately. Since MLB doesn’t want the Dodgers to implode [many of us think that’s already happened], the MLB will step in and pay the players out of the pockets of the other 29 owners. When that happens, MLB will force Frank to sell.
Of course, Frank being the litigious SOB that he is, all of this will end up in court for two to four years. All the while, the other 29 owners will be paying the Dodger players and Jamie’s share of the equity will be quickly dwindling.

Aha. Jamie’s other shoe drops:
If Gordon does not order the team sold, Jamie McCourt asks that the judge remove Frank McCourt as the spouse in control of the Dodgers and install her in that position.
Nothing’s ever as it first appears.

What was the Dodgers record while Jamie was President, and what is the record after Jamie was fired? Seems like they have dropped off considerably. Coincidence?

Well, here’s an interesting proposal.

Well, if judge Gordon doesn’t agree to Jamie’s first request of forcing a sale of the Dodgers, I hope he’ll at least agree to her alternative request to remove Frank and put her in charge. I don’t believe that would be any long term answer, but I think she would at least FIRE Ned and probably Soboroff. That would be a start.

That would be a good start!! Take the axe to Conte, Pentline, and Honeycutt also.

Hola ITD!
Since you asked where Josh is, I saw him Tuesday night during batting practice. He was chatting with Dave Stewart. Dave was very nice and came over to talk to us. Roberto asked him when Matt Kemp was going to sign up. Dave answered “When the Dodgers get a new owner”. Ouch! Dave signed baseball cards, posed for pictures and chatted a little bit with us.

Wow!!! Well, its no mystery, if we don’t get a new owner soon, both Kemp and Ethiers’ days in Dodger Blue are numbered. Can’t blame either one for wanting out from under this dysfunctional, greedy, and self absorbed owner.

Yep, Ned knows talent. First Ross, then Werth!!! I can’t believe we gave up on Ross for the likes of Ricky Ledee, Jose Cruz Jr, and Kenny Lofton. Geez!!! Here is the excert from Tony Jackson.

There was no shortage of reasons for second-guessing after this one, culminating in the fact it was Ross — a guy the Dodgers dumped in 2006 because they didn’t have room for him in an outfield of J.D. Drew in right, Kenny Lofton in center and a platoon of Ricky Ledee and Jose Cruz Jr. in left, a guy who was the Most Valuable Player of last year’s National League Championship Series — who delivered the big blow.

Another one bites the dust. Padilla to DL…Troncoso called up. That gives me a lot of confidence. πŸ˜•

Damn!! It just goes from bad to worse.

I had a feeling Troncoso was going to get calls back up no shock there. I want Schlichting in our bullpen over Cormier.

Here are the DodgerEric attendance figures thru game 24:
They took a big hit last night. Keep it up Dodger Fandom,
The end is in sight for Frank and Furter.
Game 24β€²s attendance (2010): 45,325
Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 30,421
Greater than last year = 5 / Less than last year = 18
2010 attendance (23 games) – 1,050,702 (43,779 average)
2011 attendance (23 games) – 874,768 (36,449 average) #9 in MLB
Drop of 175,934 total
Average drop of 7,330
Extrapolated for 81 games – 593,730
Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,952,369
2010β€²s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)
Next game’s (25) attendance in 2010 – 36,533

Thanks, Jhall πŸ™‚

You’re welcome Trumom™… Hope Dad is back soon!!!!

Me too! We need Dad πŸ˜‰

Carroll SS
Castro 2B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Uribe 3B
Barajas C
Sands LF
Mitchell 1B
Billingsley P
At least with Castro batting 2nd, he can’t come in to pinch hit with the bases loaded again.
Vicente Padilla is headed to the DL with Ramon Troncoso being recalled. He allowed at least one run in 6 of his last 10 appearances in Albuquerque. So, basically another Cormier.
At least no Loney or Navarro. I would much rather see Miles than Castro. Geez, that’s sad!!!

This is what Ned has given us to choose from, Jhall. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

You start the “new thread” and we will follow you πŸ™‚

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