Tsunami/quake relief – how you can help

At today’s game at Camelback, we had a moment of silence for the victims of the natural disasters in Japan and you could feel the sadness and concern from Dodger fans for the people of Japan.

Many have asked what they can do to help…well, on Tuesday, Dodger Stadium will be holding a fund drive where fans can stop by from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. and drop off checks or donations to help the victims through the Red Cross.

All the details you need are here.


Thanks for the info Josh!!!

I am trying my best to think “this is just spring training.” I am gearing up for my 5th annual MLB Opening Day 2011 in my classroom on April 1st. This year I am doing a program in the morning, with poems, a story, basic facts and the most famous baseball song, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” (the complete version). Plus, I doing my version of 30 Clubs in 30 Days geography unit. So, between that and my son playing his senior year of high school ball, I am ready to get this major league season underway to see where the Dodgers really stack up.


Why are they trolling here? Look like we have a Giants fan here trolling the Kershaw or Lincecum topic.

R7ZtSV I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

Good morning everyone. Nice win yesterday!! At least we avoided the sweep and it was nice to see some power from Andre. I’m posting on this thread as it is empty and loads much quicker. Hope you all have a great day and lets beat the Pirates tonight.

I guess when you start reading about the front office news in the New York papers, your organization has made it big time. However, in this case, this is just another nail in Frank’s coffin (hopefully).
By Nellyjune on May 9, 2011 8:56 am – Reply

Let’s hope so Nelly!! Thanks for the link!!

Thanks for moving it over here Jhall!!! 🙂

I see the natives were restless last night!! LOL!!

Hi Wally! Don’t tell Ned, but Milton Bradley is available. The Mariners just DFA’d him.

Hi’Ya STT!! Oh shit!!!! LOL!!!

What a huge waste of talent because he’s got shit for brains!!!!

Nice win yesterday to avoid the sweep!! Way to go Dodgers!! Nice to see some power from Andre!! As bad as we’ve been, we’re still only 3 1/2 games out of first. No one is running away with this division. Furcal should be back soon and hopefully Blake soon after so if we can hold on with our back up guys, we may be able to make a run. I’m liking the bullpen better now that an injured Broxton is no longer and option. Anyway, LET’S GO DODGERS!!!

Hi, Jhall. Good to see you today. We needed you last night 😉

LOL!! Thanks, I think!! Sounded like you were all doing just fine.

Ol’ Beav was getting very unruly…lol

Gee mom, he’s been acting goofing since he found Dad’s magazines!!! LOL!!!!

Well, then, I had better take them away from him! 🙂

That’s true, Nellyjune. He did say it was all Jhall’s fault!

Funny – Beav said the same thing about you last night. Then again, everytime he falls off that ladder, he seems to lose a few marbles.

LOL!! Well, you know that those Hot Rod and Super Chevy magazines will mess with your brain!!!!

Lineup for today
Carroll SS
Miles 2B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Uribe 3B
Loney 1B
Sands LF
Barajas C
Billingsley P

Thanks STT!!! Gee, the same lineup two days in a row!!! Sure hope Uribes’ bat wakes up soon!!!!

It would be nice to see Juan actually make contact with a ball 😕

lineup at PIT: Carroll 6, Miles 4, Ethier 9, Kemp 8, Uribe 5, Loney 3, Sands 7, Barajas 2, Billingsley 1

Sorry selltheteam – I didn’t see your lineup until my post went through.
BTW – Did anybody here know the meaning of this comment…… Looks like we have a substitute overseer, but I am not sure why.
from Twitter…
In Schieffer’s absence, MLB has installed former Padres pres Dick Freeman. Said 1 team official: “It’s like we have a substitute teacher.”

red pen – “Does anybody here know the meaning of this comment?”

Haven’t heard about that one Nelly!!!

I guess he is headed to an owners meeting in NY, where he will address the executive council regarding the Dodgers.

…and from the Wall Street Journal……..
The Los Angeles Dodgers have not been terribly good this season. Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier, on the other hand, has been notably great. The Mets snapped Ethier’s 30-game hitting streak Saturday, although he got a measure of revenge on Sunday by hitting a home run that wound up being the difference in a 4-2 win that helped his team avoid a sweep. In Sports Illustrated, Joe Lemire offers an appreciation of Ethier’s brilliance during his hitting streak, and his team-first graciousness after it ended.
“Cue up a new ‘Always Epic’ spot for Major League Baseball’s ad campaign because Ethier, as a bright, personable All-Star in the country’s second-biggest media market ought to be even more visible than he is now,” Lemire writes. “He accomplished three nearly unthinkable tasks this week: he reached 30 games with his hitting streak; he helped cloud the Dodgers’ losing streak; and his play steered the topic of conversation away from the shenanigans of Frank McCourt.”
The article is mostly about the Lakers, but Andre just happened to be a story in NY as well.

That’s odd; Andre’s streak never stopped US from conversing about Frank’s shenanigans, nor about Ned’s incompetence.

LOL STT!! Yep, but can you imagine how bad it would have gotten without Andres’ streak as somewhat of a distraction.

We would have ALL sounded like Bear! lol

Speaking of Bear, here is his last post. I imported it from the current thread that is intolerable now because it takes so long to load:

How hard is it to start a new thread on this MLB blog?
It gets real tiresome waiting for all the posts to load when you get beyond a couple of hundred of them. I realize that Josh has a very important job keeping up the appearances for Frank, Soboroff and company, but can’t you just delegate that task to someone else? I really don’t want to hear, nor do I believe, anything that you have to say on the thread to begin with – just give us an opportunity to talk among ourselves; that’s what the blog is for. We already know what we think about the Dodger front office. IT SUCKS
SELL THE TEAM while you’re at it.
By messagebear on May 9, 2011 1:30 pm – Reply


And, he is actually sugar coating it!!!! LOL!!!

I’ll bet he is! Our own little Sugarbear 🙂

And here is Kahlis’ response!!

bear, McCourt can’t afford a new thread.
By kpookiemon on May 9, 2011 2:25 pm – Reply

I’m laughing so hard, my dogs think I’m nuts!

Between ITD and Facebook…I’m lsoing it. And, it’s only 2:30….can you imagine what I’ll be like later tonight?!

Yep, hopefully drunk and enjoying a Dodger win!!! LOL!!!

I can’t even spell losing right! What the hell is lsoing?!

Don’t worry – we’ve got the CB to translate if your spelling gets too bad.


Hey, great to be with you all.
Inquiring Minds will always find a way.
I bet the other 29 owners are really anxious to find out what’s on Frank’s mind. Can’t he just settle for selling the franchise, stadium and all for a mere $800 million or so?

Sounds so simple Messagebear, but we are dealing with one stubborn SOB, aren’t we?

Yep, Frank is one greedy sub-human piece of shit!!!!

Hi’Ya Bear!! Frank won’t sell because most likely if the team and assetts are sold and half goes to Jamie, debts on all the property is paid up, legal fees and taxes are paid, there may not be much left!! He’s counting on the deep pockets of Fox to maintain his fraudulent lifestyle!!!! Thank god MLB is not going to let him get away with it!!!

Paying your expenses using income you won’t earn until 2014 is a little bit of a problem. Speaking of problems, I wonder how Frank’s relations with the IRS are going?

F*cking Fradulent Frank he is!

Feel like I had to hack my way through the jungle to find you guys…
I’m hoping Paul rips Uncle Neddy a new one this series.

Nothing like playing a little Hide-and-go-seek, is there?! lol

Hi’Ya Beav!!! I’m all for XPaul having a good series as long as we win!!!

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