Outfielders aplenty

We’ve just announced two more signings today, with Marcus Thames coming in on a one-year deal and Gabe Kapler joining the team on a minor league contract with an invite to Spring Training.

For those who haven’t followed Thames career, he’s a power-hitting corner outfielder who has averaged a homer every 15 at-bats or so over the last five seasons, which is the fourth-best mark in the AL during that span. He will presumably be in the mix along with Jay Gibbons, Tony Gwynn, Xavier Paul and others this spring for playing time in 2011 alongside Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.

Meanwhile, joining that group is another local boy, Kapler. This one is pretty cool for me, personally, because I went to school with Gabe growing up and have always hoped that he’d find a way to play for his hometown Dodgers.

He joins other local products Jon Garland (Kennedy High in Granada Hills), Trayvon Robinson (Crenshaw High in Los Angeles), Gibbons (Mayfair High in Lakewood) and Rod Barajas (Santa Fe Spring High) in Dodger camp which is the most local boys I can remember in quite some time heading into Spring Training.

Welcome to the Dodger family, Marcus and Gabe…


  1. lbirken@aol.com

    Let’s hope Paul is given as much or more of an opportunity to win the job. I have no favorites among this bunch.

  2. tc47

    Oh goooody. I can hardly wait until October when these retreads, wanabees, and I are having a beer someplace watching the Phillies in the NLCS again. Paul won’t get a fair shot until he’s traded to another team for another washed up player. Then his psyche will be messed up and a couple years later, the Dodgers will get him back for $5 million a year and he’ll go on to hit .220. We do know that’s what will happen if Colletti has anything to do with it people . . . don’t we?

  3. tc47

    And if by some absolute miracle, the Dodgers face the Phillies in post-season again – are they ready to get punked? I already hear the sounds of brooms warming up. The Phils probably have the best pitching staff in the last, oh, I don’t know, maybe 15-20 years, while the Dodgers staff continues to present more questions than answers. If this edition of Dodgers can’t do better than 80-82 in 2011, fans need to stay away or at least boo, loud, long and clear while choking down their D-dogs. The more I think about the tentative and likely inconsistent character of this team, over the long haul, the more nauseous I get. And how do we spell relief? Not with what?s in this bullpen. Broxton ? no sir, a head case. And the rest of them? Who are they? At least Colletti got rid of the number one worst acquisition in a long time: George Sherrill. So long George, we hardly needed you.

  4. tc47

    The sweathogs could win at least 40 games and maybe cost McCrook a grand total of a mil. So, please don’t post anymore proposals like that, they’re just too attractive to him and his lackey Colletti.

  5. enchantedbeaver

    I for one am glad they signed Gabe Kaplan. Sure he’s a little older now, but he was pretty funny 30 some years ago like that one-man show he did portraying Groucho Marx… And who could forget Welcome Back Kotter? Why I’m hoping they’re able to get Julie, Mr. Woodman, Vinnie, Epstein, Horshack and the rest of the Sweathogs.

    …Oh wait, they have.


  6. kpookiemon

    J. Martin claims his dwindling production has been caused by “distractions” of a personal nature. Not to be vicious and horrible, but drug tests can be a mighty distraction, alright. Manny agrees.

  7. enchantedbeaver

    Disturbing thought #1017:
    If Mattingly wasn’t allowed to pick his coaching staff, does that mean Ned, ye of all these wonderful signings, gets to decide on who’s on the 25-man roster?

    Anyone catch the Frank interview on the homepage where he touted signing 11 FAs and the couple “nice trades” Ned had made? Let’s see Frank, 5 of those FAs were on the team last year, and the other 6 are so illustrious as to be virtual unknowns. And besides Hu, Hu did Ned trade? Help me because I can’t think of anyone.
    Frank really has no clue does he?

  8. oldbrooklynfan

    Hello Everybody.
    Other than the fact that Gabe Kapler went to school with Josh, I really don’t understand the reason for this deal.

  9. dodger 32

    McCourt is a low life phony that will spend half of his time thinking he’s fooling the fans, and the other half of his time in his namesake COURT. The Dodgers deserve better than this mess. Right Malibu.

  10. messagebearhatesfrank@yahoo.com

    I’ve been MIA because of this abominable MLB blog. It has timed out on me time and again trying to sign in and again when I try to log in. Finally had to get me a new signin name, etc.

    My initial reaction to the news that Fox was advancing money to Frank was “why would Fox advance a penny to a Pinhead like Frank”, but then again Fox may be on the way to striking an advantageous deal for Fox as a result of Frank’s growing problems. The only problem with giving Fox any advantage or Frank any relief is that it is bound to be a disadvantage to the Dodgers.

    As far as our signing of Thames, considering what was left out there in outfielder FA’s, he is probably a reasonable choice. As far as Kapler goes, we might as well have signed Josh to take the field.

    With Frank continuing in ownership and Ned at the helm, we’ll be lucky to place third in the division. Too bad, because I can see all the young good guys leaving as soon as possible, and I’ll wish them all well somewhere else.

    I hope there are many empty seats in DS, and further hope that all the prospective lenders tell Frank to go F himself.

  11. nellyjune

    Ken Levine is leaving the Dodgers to do play by play for Seattle. He will be missed since he (and Josh S.) did his best during those post game shows to be fair to the team/players, but certainly didn’t sugarcoat the issues either.

    It sure seems there are quite a few key people jumping ship before it sinks IMO.

  12. nellyjune

    I am glad Ken is doing play by play. He will do a great job for Seattle as they are already welcoming him to their team. Too bad he couldn’t take Charlie Steiner’s spot. Now Charlie, I would not mind losing to another team πŸ™‚

  13. lbirken@aol.com

    E, that video brought back memories of Steve Garvey playing third base. The fans behind home plate would start to scatter whenever a ball was hit to Garvey. Fortunately, Garv was given a chance at first and that worked out o.k. He had trouble gripping the ball and even while playing first he avoided throws to second or home if he could.

  14. enchantedbeaver

    I guess if I want to look at the bright side Birk, that video points to Thames having a better arm in LF than JP. πŸ™‚

  15. thinkingblue

    I have not been here in a while….but I hope everyone is doing great….I can’t wait to see some Dodger Baseball! I so miss it!

    JOSH Thanks for the updates and I’m glad your friend found his way to the Dodgers!

    Andruw Jones to the Yankees….poor Martin…hope he finds his way back to the Dodgers!

    Chavez training with the Dodgers….me like it and hopefully it works out for him!


  16. thinkingblue

    Just to clarify and for those that don’t know that I was a Martinista….I hope MARTIN finds his way back to the Dodgers….NOT ANDRUW :0)

  17. trublu4ever

    I loved Shawn! I am also looking forward to reading his book, lbirken. I liked his attitude…he kept his cool, which to me is good for kids to see.

  18. lbirken@aol.com

    Shawn Green is one “PVL” I would have like to see back in Dodger Blue. I don’t understand why fans booed him when he came back as a D’Back. I look forward to reading his book. I did find his comment interesting about being criticized for what some thought was lack of passion and excitement in his game. I am sure fans often misread a perceived lack of emotion as lack of effort or disinterest in what is happening. Most of the critcism came when he did not dive for balls in the outfield but I thought he was a good outfielder with a good arm. Glad to see him involved with the Dodgers.

  19. nellyjune

    An Ethieraholic Alert – Andre is going to be one of the featured storytellers in a new Travel Channel series with host Adam Richman (Man vs. Food). The show is called “The Traveler’s Guide to Life”, and it premiere’s Wednesday, January 26th (time will depend on what system you have). From my understanding, Andre is supposed to be featured on the first three of a 10-episode series.

  20. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Green was another of my favorites that got traded too early. That list is much too long. I had the great pleasure of watching him hit a homer that landed right in front of me while Green was with the D-backs. Then I got to listen to the heckling of my in-laws. Jeff Kent eventually out slugged AZ and won the game, though. And that took some doing.

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