All You Can Ethier…

Got some grief yesterday for jokingly touting Jeff’s return to Weaverwood so trying a new one today…just trying to keep it fresh. I’m sure the Andre Ethier fans can’t get enough of the guy.

Prior to today’s game, Manny Ramirez was officially activated and he’s in the lineup tonight. Meanwhile, had the chance to catch up with Jim Tracy before the game and he’s one of the classiest guys in baseball. You can’t help but root for a guy like that…unless, of course, he’s playing against us. So, here’s to sweeping the Rockies but seeing them do well when they’re not facing the Dodgers.

For those still looking for Mother’s Day plans, we’ve got a game tomorrow and tickets are still available. No better way than to spend the day with your mom at Dodger Stadium. After the game, fans are allowed down on the field to walk around the warning track with their family, which is always a fun memory. And the players will be using pink bats to help raise awareness for breast cancer in support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

That’s about all…first pitch just a few minutes away. Here’s the lineup:

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Carroll, SS

Haeger, P


What’s great about this line-up is that, if it’s a close game, and the line-up turns over for just one extra at-bat, Russell Martin will be the one to get that last precious honor. Joe? Joe? Weep…………………

Have I told you today I don’t like knuckleball pitchers? Did the Dodgers send down the wrong pitcher?

Not Haeaeaeaeger’s night. (AGAIN)

Yes they did lbirken, yes they did. Ely deserved to stay up here. He is at least our #3 pitcher, if not our #2, depending on how Kersh does game in and game out.

This has got to be the quickest Joe has removed a starting pitcher. 5 hitters? Got to go. Keep the faith.

But hey at least he can help tomorrow by coming out of the pen!

Thanks Frank. Thanks Jamie. Thanks Ned.

I blame this on Kemp. He took a poor route to the ball when backing up on the triple.

O.K. Dodgers it’s a 6 run Spot.

Josh – love the play on words with your title :)))


Ok so the Kemp comment was tongue in cheek towards Ned’s public comments. I guess as I was typing Kemp made an error. Now that IMO is classic!
Oh & Josh – I love you and you do a great job but when I saw the comment about sweeping the Rockies I cringed. I’m supersticious and never talk sweep until there is only 1 win needed to do so. It’s straight up bad luck!
So here we are again. Down 0-7 @ it’s the 2nd inning. What more is there to be said that hasn’t been. Time to drop some of these loser pitchers and bring up some young ones and get them some experience. Then start trading the dead weight for some young good pitching. Cause we ain’t going anywhere this season.

Chacin looked like the exact opposite of Haeaeaeaeger, in that inning.

In spite of tonight’s disappointment, I do feel sorry for Haeger. He’s out of options, has a record of 0-4 with an ERA of 8.48, and certainly doesn’t look like he belongs. The pitching decisions from the winter through the spring have been abominable…and to compound the misery, Garland is 4-2 with an ERA of 1.71. And I’m not just whistling hindsight…the moment the Dodgers traded Abreu for Garland, I assumed they were committed to re-sign him. Unless your name is Ned. Maybe it’s time we break out last year’s ITD list of positions. I think eric was manager and enchanted GM. I was and still am aesthetic coordinator. My first act will be to remove the word Dodgers from the front of the uniform. The Dodgers I know, the team I’ve followed for 41 years, used to place a premium on pitching. I will replace the word Dodgers with SELLTHETEAM, but will keep the beautiful blue script typeface.

Haeger. Knuckleballer. 0-4. 8.48 ERA.

I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you to find out that gambling’s been going on here.

Only Ned and Joe could take a look at Ely. Take a look at Haeger. Take a look at Ortiz. And then decide that Ely has to go.

5 innings and Chacin still going strong, he probably likes pitching with a lead.

Deep thought #675:
If Paul had to be sent back down to Albuquerque to learn to be a big leaguer, where can we send Ned to learn how to be a big league GM?


Alright!!! Denny Hamlin wins at Darlington!!!…………I figure I might as well rejoice in that win.


I think we’ll score this inning.

Other good news,………………….Andre is 3 for 3 so far tonight (a 9 game hitting streak), and he is currently batting .394.

Gee, Garrett Sweeney has raised his average to .133 🙂

GA’s BA………………………………………….. .133

correction…………………… it’s .130

Surprise, surprise, another strikeout!

LOL….it is now!!!!!!

Did Martin really catch Haeger geez? Please call Ely back up damn,

Oh, Now I know why they need Anderson, Scully said he’s a joy in the club house.

I guess Ortiz pitch good 2 runs in 5th innings is always good and that’s an ERA of 3.6.


I expected the scored so one sided but didn’t think it was going to be this one sided,

lol it’s Sweeney the same way?

Gosh where is my periods at ?

After a tough night like this, I’m sure Manny and a couple other starters will need the day off tomorrow.

Note to Ned: Its never too early to start trading off PVLs and rebuild your farm system. Furcal, Manny, Blake, Kuroda… and I’m sure they’d be happy being off the Titanic too. (Or is it the Lusitania? Both Frank and Ned have shot a couple torpedos into her.)

BTW, in Haeger’s first start when he K’d 12, wasn’t Ellis his catcher?

And great… now Shad’s pregnant!!!




And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse…

But, BPB1, Joe needed his Russy to lead off tonight. So, no AJ for Haeger.

Isn’t it fun to laugh with all of this misery 🙂

hahahaha yep but what happen since than? He gave up a 3 runs homeruns than I think Weaver blown that game and took a lost and it look like Haeger hasn’t been the same pitch since than.

I think Frank, Ned aand Joe all have a severe case of PMS!!!!

brb time to go to and bring the attendance figure again.

I guess it’s Loney’s turn to slump.

Geez, the ‘Topes won 14 – 2 and Tim Corcoran pitched 5 shutout innings……Not good enough for the “A” team?!

He probably needs to learn how to be a big leaguer yet Tru. Then maybe someday he can be just like Haeger and Ortiz.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that management is TRYING to devalue the team for the divorce proceedings. Otherwise, nothing makes any sense.

Next will be the fire sale of players.

Too bad is wasn’t the fire sale of management!

Rockies are wrapping up a 9-game road trip vs the California contingent of the NL West. Through the first seven games of the trip, they are hitting .229/.322/.301

by Eric Stephen on May 8, 2010 6:56 PM PDT reply actions

Dang glad I didn’t see this before the game started but watching a game that does matter lol.

I think this pretty much sums up tonight’s game and the Dodgers’ season:

I guess Crash have to used bpb3 again for another day lol.

Stadium Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Attendance 42,289 (75.5% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
Game Time 2:52

lol where is all the 35,000+ dang these fans still filling out the stadium?

They always want 90% full….so, it’s not that great for a Saturday night game and against a rival.

Was just on TBLA.

Haeger becomes the 11th LA Dodger starter to not record an out (5 batters faced).

by Eric Stephen on May 8, 2010 7:23 PM PDT reply actions

Who was the last to do it?
by Joey Joe on May 8, 2010 7:24 PM PDT up reply actions

Shawn Hillegas
Title Year!

by Eric Stephen on May 8, 2010 7:25 PM PDT up reply actions

Got off work a bit ago to see the lovely score. Might I suggest switching Jeff Weaver for Charlie Weaver, X-Paul for Paul Lynde and Joe Torre for Joey Bishop, and enjoying an episode of Hollywood Squares on Hulu: [ ] .

Watch those episodes sparingly, might need them often the way things are going.

Look like that record is broken so what’s the next record we need to break?

LA Dodger Starters Who Didn’t Record An Out
Name Date Opp BF H R ER BB
Charlie Haeger tonight Col 5 2 5 5 3
Shawn Hillegas 8/8/88 Hou 4 2 4 4 2
Dennis Powell 4/22/86 SF 5 4 5 5 1
Jerry Reuss 5/31/81 Cin 1 1 1 1 0
Claude Osteen 8/28/71 NY 6 5 6 6 1
Joe Moeller 8/10/64 Cin 4 4 4 4 0
Nick Willhite 7/16/63 Phi 4 4 3 3 0
Sandy Koufax 4/22/60 StL 5 4 5 5 1
Don Drysdale 8/12/59 ChC 5 4 5 5 0
Stan Williams 9/15/58 Mil 2 0 0 0 2
Sandy Koufax 7/23/58 Pit 2 1 2 2 1
So by this logic we should win this year just like 1988 and 1981 lol. Wow seeing Koufax on that list twice, Drysdale and Osteen is a shock.

Now do we get a pitcher? And I do not mean Danys Baez.
Didn’t want to keep Wolf or Garland. Watched Takashi Saito smoke the Phillies in the 8th yesterday. Didn’t want those guys. By the time I was able to check the game last night, it was over. In the 2nd inning. I mostly got on line this morning to see if Haeger was still on team. I saw in the Times Manny took a little heat for lack of production, BUT YOU CANNOT HIT ENOUGH TO MAKE UP FOR ERRORS AND CRAPPY PITCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree Knouff and Bear! I also think if Joe continues his trend of resting starters on Sunday games, you may get your wish, Bear.


Ethier was amazing last night. Poor Haeger though, man. I feel bad for the guy. Wish he would mix up his pitches more… eh?

What do you mean, BPB1? Afterall Anderson is batting a ******** .130! Oldbrooklynfan pointed out last night that he was a joy in the clubhouse….BIG DEAL, so was Sweeney. As far as the FrankNedJoe sham, believe me, the fans are catching on to their lack of skills. They keep putting a crock of s*** out there for us to believe. But, we know better. This is truly a sad, sad state of affairs for us Dodger fans.

IMO heads need to start rolling rocket. Haeger and Ortiz need to be let go. This team isn’t going anywhere, so might as well let a few prospects come up and down to gain some experience and evaluate where they are in the grand scheme of things. Just don’t let Honeycutt, Joe and Ned do the evaluating BECAUSE

When you’re the pitching coach of probably the worst staff in Dodger history, no ones developing and just about everyone is regressing under your tutelage, its time for you to go period.

Joe never has been the right fit for this club. He’s totally responsible for single handedly killing the bully the last 2+ years. He’ll go through 5 relievers in 3 innings regardless of how they’re throwing. His line-ups are inane and his blind loyalty to PVLs is embarrassing. He was brought in for one purpose only – PR. If Ned doesn’t have the balls to fire him, than for Godssakes don’t extend his contract beyond this year.

Which brings me to Ned. If his last 4 year’s acquisitions haven’t been enough to convince Frank to can him, then his current finger pointing and player interactions should. The man has never been able to evaluate talent, and has never had the skillset to make a significant trade to help the ballclub (Ethier was dumb luck and Manny fell into his lap.)

And that’s just a start. While we’re at it, why’s Anderson still on the team? Nick Green? Paul proved he belongs at least on the bench, and if Hu has no future, then cut him loose. Why keep screwing around with the 40-man roster to accommodate more PVLs that can’t contribute and won’t even be around next year?

And all this leads directly back to Frank and his lack of baseball acumen, but that’s a whole nother post…

Happry Mother’s Day Tru!!! And to Nells too when you see her!!

You know, I got to thing about Ned’s comments, and it goes back to ST.

1. He said something snide about Martin’s offseason workouts/weight gain.
2. He called Monkeywhiskers “unprofessional” for leaving the team when he was let go because he was supposed to stick around in case Anderson got hurt.
3. He singles out Kemp for the team’s woes when its as plain as day its the pitching staff he put together.
4. He says that there are ways of dealing with anyone who doesn’t want to be in L.A.
5. He tells Paul he needs to “learn how to be a big leaguer.”

Who’s next?? The one that shouldn’t be in L.A. is Ned.

BPB1 ~ Thanks. I will see her soon.
I agree Ned should be ridden out of town. the sooner, the better for me. He is the one who is being unprofessional.

Morning Bear!!

Sure am glad Frank saw fit to raise ticket prices again this season. This team sure is worth every penny.

Happry = Happy
And I haven’t even started drinking yet. I save that for the games – its the only way to get through the first innings.

Happy Mother’s day to all the she-fans here!
Heading to the stadium soon and taking my aunt with me.

“After the game, Torre was talking about how Haeger didn’t seem right and implied something might be physically wrong.”
Translation – Ned, unwilling to just DFA a crappy pitcher, will put him on the DL with some “mystery” ailment, promptly diagnosed by Conte and gastrostuckitis (a fart crossways), so he can keep Haeger around without fearing anyone will claim him, and then “legally” recall Ely before his 10 days are up in Albuquerque. Ely then becomes this year’s yoyo.
Posted 11:17 PDT 5/9/10.

A follow-up to that little bit of chicanery, when Haeger was asked if there was anything wring, he replied, “No.” So, we’ll see what shakes in the land of non-accountability. In Ned’s world, I think Haeger needs to think like “a big leaguer.”

Fire Joe.
Fire the guy who hired Joe.
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe.
Fire the guy who approved the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe.

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