Weaverwood opens tonight, Mannywood tomorrow

Jeff Weaver will be activated for tonight’s game from the DL, with a corresponding move to follow soon.

As for Andre Ethier, what more can you really say? The guy has been arguably the best offensive player in baseball for five weeks. Hopefully it’ll begin to rub off on those around him…

Joe Torre also said that Manny would be back tomorrow night, so that means we’ll likely start seeing fans returning quickly to Mannywood. Let’s hope he starts out as hot as he was when he got hurt.

For tonight, X Paul is in his place…here’s the lineup:

Paul, LF

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Martin, C

DeWitt, 2B

Carroll, SS

Kuroda, P



“Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon said in a 55-page ruling that Jamie McCourt would receive $225,000 a month in spousal support and Frank McCourt will pay $412,159 a month for the couple?s six homes and a condominium.”

There was no ruling, however, on whether the Dodgers, a team based in Los Angeles, California, USA, and currently owned by some bizarre combination of the two, would receive any pitching settlement.

Josh, Weaverwood? Give me a break! Seriously, Weaver has had some good moments on the mound for the Dodgers and the pitching staff can use all the help it can get.

DRE’LAND would be better 🙂 He sure has earned it!

Good Evening All………..
Andre is AMAZING!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the game everyone!!

Hi Everybody.
Talk about a “man crush”, oh well at my age, who cares?
You know if Broxton didn’t blow the save, Mr. Walkoff ‘Dre would’ve never got to perform what has become his famous act.
And I give all the credit to our beloved Scully who practically called the save and jinxed Broxton or for that matter Ely, who pitched a sensation game.
Truebluewill and I were hoping Ely would do it at Citi field, like Eric Stults did one day when we were at Shea.
At the time we didn’t know each other though but we were both at Stults’ game..

I knew bpb3 was crash I wonder who’s bpb2?

Weaverwood — Really?


lol Weaverwood wooooooooooohoooooooooooo

CARROLL with his 2nd rare RBI.

Good AB by Russ to get the runner over.
DeWitt not so good.
But Carroll bailed him out for a change!!

Thank you Mr. Ely. And as a reward, first we’re going to blow your win, and second, here’s your plane (or is it bus now?) ticket back to Albuquerque.

This dumb bunch of ******** can’t even part with Ortiz or Haeger. Any wonder why we’re in last?

cough cough bear I can’t believe you did that and wow the Giants lost.

1 down and 2 more to go Giants

I think Kempland is better lol

Mannywood should be banned I like Paulwood better lol.

Kuroda is strugling.


ok who mess up and allowed Fowler to go to 2nd bases lol

Hey that’s the same guy.

The beardless one.


Kuroda looks like he needs help.

Can George do it?

Welcome back Weaver.

Geez blow save by Sherrill I hate when they credited this stats when it was Kuroda problem and his error.

Other words Moyer is the older pitcher to throw a CG/SHO.

Carroll where are these hits when you have someone on base and not empty?

I can’t believe Torre sacrificing with a position player.

So battle of the bullpens, who you think wins that?
What an incredible 6th inning. Go Dodgers! We need this win.



Good job Matty! Dre you shall do it later! now this game is ours to win.

Good job Matty! Dre you shall do it later! now this game is ours to win.

Sorry about my double post, way to go troncoso,

Luckily the Dodgers remembered to bring their magnets with them.

Other news Pierre goes 0/6 and not missing a beat but the his teammate goes 2/5 and just keep on hitting and not slowing down one bit.

I wish this blog had an edit feature because I hate making a dumb mistake when I type so fast and don’t proofread my comment.

Nice job, Troncoso!

Herrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!!

Here we go again can we get a 1.2.3 innings are is that too much to ask?

Brox has to be like last night NEVER HAPPENED.

BIG J-knoxthem

There goes Scully again.


Way to go Russell!!!

What does Johnny say?
Fu Qy’all!!!!!!!!!!

Latest announcement on the screen at Dodger Stadium: “field level fans are invited to go toi Dodger Talk in the baseline restaurant. Before anyone could go..
Go Jonathan! Doodgers win! Most important!

Way to go Brox…….Nice win Dodgers!!!!!


woohoo! fantastic! Thanks Matty, Thanks Big Jon Thanks Dodgers!

He also probaly saying last night game was a fluke. See that and Giambi is more of a threat than Stairs of all people . Yeah Weaverwood with his 100th career wins lol MLB need to change that rule and if wasn’t for Kuroda error they would had still had the lead and Sherrill would still had a hold.

Now Sherrill would get an undeserved BS which he didn’t and I only like blown save when the relievers give up the tying run not when they on bases for them to strand.

Can we get Beimel back and trade them Sherrill and Ortiz?

Look like both Weaver brother won tonight.

Paul need to played everyday and he would get that chance but seriously why waste him on the bench and considing he was out for the season last year? I doubt he have any option now since he been in are organization for 7 years now.

“I don’t fit here right now, that’s it,” Paul said after being consoled by teammates Casey Blake and Matt Kemp. “Right now, I just don’t cut it here.”

Paul said he was told by general manager Ned Colletti to work on his mental approach to the game “and being a big leaguer.”

“To me, he’s the boss, his opinion matters,” said Paul. “As a player, I have to respect that. It’s his team. At the end of the day, my thought is to keep working hard and keep playing like every day is my last. I know the situation with Manny coming back tomorrow. It is what it is. It’s a decision they have to make.”

Translation: “I’ll respect Ned Colletti when the sun rises in the west.”

I guess, in Ned Colletti’s universe, anyway, “being a big leaguer” means throwing your players under the bus in the media. Sick. Send Paul back to AAA if you’d rather keep Anderson or Johnson instead, or because Paul has options left, but don’t cloak it in all this BS rhetoric.

Geez time warp my post should’ve had falling under dodge.


Afterall, why keep Paul when you have the fantastic .116 hitting GA on your team?!

Why would you leave a kid that appears to have a big league future thinking that he “doesn’t cut it”? Exactly what Kahli said – be honest and tell him its a numbers game and right now he has options left. Or tell him you want him playing everyday at AAA rather than sitting on the bench in L.A. Why in hell would you ever leave him feeling that he doesn’t cut it?

I used to think that Ned was just a dimwitted dufuss. Now I’m thinking he’s just a miserable mean-spirited a-hole.

Way to build up your personnel Ned.

I’ve got to say its getting harder and harder by the day to not root against this franchise under its current leadership. I won’t root against the players, but in the end I really don’t care anymore if this team loses 100 games.

Neds a certified idiot… when weaver came up ortiz should have been given his walking papers, when manny comes up it should be GA getting his walking papers… no wonder this team sucks… I wonder if ned is gonna realize to win you have to have your best players…

Ned’s true colors ar showing and, yes, BPB1, he is an A-hole!!!!

Let’s be honest something tell me Weaver would be in the starting rotation if Haeger fair one more time and of course that probably Ned reason why to keep Ortiz. If you really think GA was going to be released you guy aren’t learning. Paul need to played everyday something GA doesn’t need to do. GA=Sweeney with more pop if Sweeney wasn’t released neither is GA. This team sucks because they losing on purpose hoping the attendance would drop so Frank could sell the team and Ned be fired.

What is really sad is the fact that Paul has shown he does belong.

Shad ~ Paul would get enough playing time because Joe will rest Manny a lot. I’d much rather have Xavier at bat with the game on the line than GA.

oops fair=fail

He and Reed could take turns and, they both can hit when called upon, don’t you think?

Gosh damn it how does these Giants keep on coming back.

Joe and Ned are PVL guys. It’s the history of their shared regime. We’ll have to bear with it as long as Joe is the manager. Ned? He likes to “build” his team in late July, when even more PVLs become available. He’s a reflection of Joe. Ned had neither the expertise nor the vision to create his own blueprint. But I agree with enchanted. He’s becoming more and more a Blue Meanie…a real Nowhere Man…more and more isloated, one of the bitter Lonely People…a cowardly under cutter of players’ psyche, a real Yellow Submarine.

Yep he does but this is Torre we talking about I just don’t believe him lol. I think the plan here was to give him around 450+ ab’s since he have no future in are top 3 OF’s and poor Kerry Wood just got off the DL and already given up 2 runs in 2 2/3.

If Frank would come out of his cave long enough to take an interest in what’s going on with the team, perhaps he might want to take a look at how his GM is alienating his players. What I’m seeing is a GM imploding and going off the deep end.

Perhaps what we should be doing though is praying that our favorite players DO get traded so that they have some sort of chance to fulfill their promise and play for a franchise that not only values them, but values winning as well.

This one does neither.

lol Red Sox fan hate Beltre. I think Boston pitching is worst than are.

I don’t think you can really compare Repko and Paul but I always seem if I guy get drafted in 2003 or early than that and finally had a chance last year to prove himself before the staple infection that cost him a whole year and have to be sent down because they won’t dfa GA. He has no future for us but you know I love to keep him but do Torre have a say on this that he rather keep Paul over Anderson are not?

I have a feeling Ned would put up a big package to bad losing Josh Bell and Carlos Santana hurt until we see when they get a chance in the major. I really didn’t want Casey Blake I known there was another 3rd basemen in the minor they was killing the ball or maybe we should’ve had struck with Dewitt.

Nice to see Mota give up the dinger to lose the game for the Giants!

I was just going to post that one.

In the near future I still want an OF of Lambo (but I don’t know and he need to clean his act up a little bit), Kemp and Ethier. Last year people was criticize Loney for the lack of power just maybe Paul, Kemp and Ethier with Lambo playing 1st in the near future.

Wow Tot Holmes were right when we drafted Lambo. I surely hope Logan White didn’t make a big mistake on this one.

Anyone watching fox? One of the announce didn’t know Ethier was up there in the triple crowd but Pedoria and Ethier are friend from there days in Arizona.


2010 Dodger Offense
w/Manny 15 98 6.53 634 18 .311/.382/.485 .867 .346
w/o Manny 14 55 3.93 529 10 .241/.307/.378 .685 .290
Those numbers w/o are ugly.

However, despite Manny missing 14 games, no outfield trio has as many home runs (19) or runs batted in (65) as the Dodgers. Only the Tiger starting outfielders, with 63 runs, have more runs scored than the Dodgers (54).

Here is how Manny’s replacements performed over the last 15 days:

Manny’s Replacements in Left Field
Left Fielder Starts PA 2B-3B-HR R RBI BA/OBP/SLG OPS
Xavier Paul 6 27 3-1-0 7 1 .280/.333/.480 .813
Reed Johnson 5 23 2-1-0 1 2 .227/.261/.409 .670
Garret Anderson 3 12 0-0-0 0 0 .000/.000/.000 .000
Replacements 14 62 5-2-0 8 3 .203/.242/.356 .598
Manny 13 gms 52 4-0-2 7 12 .415/.500/.659 1.159

Manny started his time on the disabled list with 2,511 career hits, good for a five-hit lead over Anderson for 90th place on the all-time list. Manny will be activated today, 15 days later, and has a four-hit lead over Anderson

I felt bad for Paul.

Sorry Bear, but even with my latest rant about inviting only field level fans to Dodgertalk, I am still heading to the stadium soon. I would have missed the great performanc by Ely, the two walkoffs by Andre. Nope, I will continue to use my season tickets. I am going by myself again today as my brother hurt his knee a few days ago but that is OK.
If you want to read about my latest rant about Dodgertalk, is on my facebook and on my blog. I was going to call Dodgertalk last night but I did not want to drive and talk on the phone after the game and I did not want to sit in the car or outside and wait for them to get to my call.

LMAO Bear!! I agree!!

Don’t forget Garrett Sweeney….our power off the bench!

Ramirez has been sidelined since April 23 with a strained right calf muscle. Paul was called up to replace him and hit .276 with one RBI, eight runs scored, five extra-base hits in 29 at-bats, three steals and seven strikeouts.
The Dodgers were 5-1 in games Paul started and 4-0 when he led off. (As opposed to 8-15 and 9-16 when he didn’t)

I’m soooo glad that loser will be back in Albuquerque where he can’t do anymore damage. I’m also looking forward to Garrett Sweeney playing left when Manny doesn’t feel like playing tomorrow too.

K. Medlen 4.1 9 1 1 0 3 0 1.27 2.45
E. O’Flaherty (W, 2-1) 0.2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.89 2.19
C. Kimbrel 0.1 0 0 0 2 0 0 2.25 0.00
P. Moylan 1.1 0 0 0 2 0 0 1.66 2.13
J. Venters 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1.36 1.64
T. Saito 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1.00 3.00
B. Wagner (S, 4) 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0.82 1.64

I missed when are bullpen had some of those good ERA and it look like a freaking mess now.

blah even those I hate both team put the originial NY/Boston game back on fox. They would had 1 more hrs of playing with no rain but blah had to have the Braves and Phillies and now some other show is on.

The attendance last night was pretty high than the prior 2 games with the Brewers.

Amen Beav and Bear!!! Thank you for expressing my thoughts so succintly!!! That’s the bottom line!!! Sending Paul down is a farce!!!!

I find Ned offensive!

Hey Wally nice to see you again

Hey Shad, you too!!! Keep the stats coming my friend!!!

lol NP I like the Braves bullpen more than our.

They just said SD had 3 earthquake.

I don’t like beer. Anyway, time to get ready.

As bad as it has been thus far, we’re still in it. Gotta’lot of games at home the next month, we aren’t dead yet. We do seem to play well against our NL West opponents!!!! Hey, we’ve got the best player in the NL and maybe baseball, Andre!!!!!!

Hi’Ya CZ!!! How about a nice California Merlot?!!

I’m at a loss as to why Martin has struggled so badly the last year and a half. He’s headed for a .250/8HR/35RBI season so far. Not exactly what we envisioned in 2007!! Geez, I’d be happy with .270/14/70 right now from the catcher!!!!

Hey Jhall!!! How are you?!!!!


So shall we start a pool to tap when and who the next player will be that Ned offends?


*ARE…..now I’m with you!.
I find Ned offensive!

:))) Doing well Nelly, thanks, how about you? Beav, Ned is just plain offensive!!!! LOL Trumom!! Welcome to real time. Enjoy it while it lasts!!!

I wish Ned would say something offensive about Joe…then, maybe, they would FIRE HIS ASSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank the numbskull/numbnut (evidently) and Jamie the wh*re are much more offensive!!!!!

Well said Bear!!!

I am doing good jhall……………….just busy, with work mostly. May is always, always a busy month at school…………testing, end of the year paperwork (for this year and next) and Open House and such, but nothing to complain about really.

Messagebear – you have got all kinds of fun things to say today.

I think the “next offense” is a tough choice between Martin and Billz, but Ned already was a little snide with Martin regarding his offseason workouts, so I’m going to say Billz right after his next implosion on the mound, which will probably be his next start.

BTW, this blog software is Hovno.

BPB1 ~ You need to do a song…..”Under The Bus” 🙂 I’m thinking of the Coasters …lol

Gosh sloppy 1st quarter step it up Lakers.

I was thinking more Queen Tru – Another Un-der the bus.

Hey! Ned’ll get you too
Another under the bus…

Blah terrible 2nd so far given up 12 pts with 9:21 to go in the 2nd.

Tonight’s lineup…….Martin, Kemp, Ethier, Manny, Loney, Blake, DeWitt, Carroll, Haeger.

Hi Everybody & MANNY.
Last night was another one of those games where you feel like you took a trip to last year. The bullpen bailed out Kuroda.
Well tonight it’s Haeaeaeaeaeger and his butterfly. I hope the Knuckleballer can get it over the plate, like he did Tuesday night.
Nice to see that Maaanny Back.
I’m going back to Citi Field with my daughter tomorrow to see the Mets take on the Giants, Then we’ll visit the Met’s Hall of fame.
COM’ON YA BUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rats!!! I think Haeger is headed for AAA tomorrow with Ely coming back up!!! At least I hope so!!!

LOL Bear!!! Don’t let the bus door hit you Haeger, on your way out of town.

Take this Ortiz piece of crap with you Charlie!!! Geez!!!


Agreed Bear!!! F-ing Ned sells Stults to Japan and keeps Haeger!!! Wow, what an eye for talent!! Way to go Ned!!! Frank and Ned let Garland and Wolf go to save money. F’em both!!!

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