A nice night in the desert…

The roof is open at Chase Field and it’s nice to be in Arizona when the thermometer is still in double digits. And the Dodgers have won seven of their last 10, so hopefully they’re getting into a groove.

Meanwhile, how about this nugget we dug up today? The last time a Dodger flirted with batting .400 this far into a season was Willie Davis in 1971. After May 10 that year, he was hitting .375 and went 4-for-4 to put himself at a .395 clip. With Andre Ethier striking out in the first inning, I believe he falls down to .392 but it’s still pretty impressive what he’s done for the first five-plus weeks of the season.

And for those who have been waiting for individual tickets to go on sale for the Yankees series in June, we officially announced today that a mini plan is the only way to get tickets for that series. Based on the overwhelming demand we’ve had from our season ticket holders, who have always had first crack at buying extra tickets for games like Opening Day or the playoffs, it has become clear that there simply won’t be any tickets to put on sale to the general public.

Of course, that also means we’ll hopefully have a lot of Dodger fans in the house for one of the most anticipated series we’ve had in quite some time at Dodger Stadium.

Anyway, back to the game…John Ely just got out of the first inning and there’s no score. At this point, it’s probably too late to post the lineup. If you’re reading this, you probably already know our starting nine…


LOL, Bear!!!!

Dang Nats let the Mets come back I know but the Nats have a better record than us which is scary.

Karros trash the Mariners and say that a bad organization because 2 of Griffey teammate told what was going on and Mike Sweeney challenged someone to come clean so he can fight them. I guess it wasn’t Ichiro and it surely wasn’t Bradley lol.

By sellthetm on May 11, 2010 7:50 PM
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Since I was threaded. I surely hope someone read that bs rumor by Kemp.

lol 8 runs in 2 innings and stil won.

Hey all, so far a good pitcher’s duel, but it’s still early. I’m thrilled because I got tickets for my wife and I to next Tuesday’s game, Dre’s Bobblehead Night! Woo hoo! 🙂

Way to go James and Casey!

BLAKE the man.


Belliard could’ve had a triple.

Beliard comes through, that’s splended.

WTG Mike.

I’m going too, Mike 🙂

WTG Dodgers. So much for Haren and his strikeouts.

Ok I’ve seen enough time to release Oritz now

Haren got the same delivery as Beimel how is that Haren is good and Beimel lucky to finish 1 inning?

Nice tru! I can’t wait to go to my first game of the season, and also get two bobbleheads! Gonna work at home that day, and I get off at 4:30, and will head straight to the stadium!

Dang now Martin going CS% going to go down now because of that Ely and Vinny just had to bring up the Cabrera stealing home..

I think I need to repeat this twice release Oritz now lol.

Wow Blake that bunt was nice but don’t like power hitter bunt.

Mike ~ Nellyjune and I are driving to game (6 hours each way) and coming home right after…..see what we do for Andre!!!!
Shad ~ I heard Ortiz might start Friday. Not good!

That’s why Belliard is starting over Dewitt.

Good to see BELLIARD at it again.

I hate bunting with a power hitter and wow small ball already lol

Dang you know what when Padilla went on the DL I was surely he would have been move in the rotation and maybe he’ll get bombed and get released. Dang Torre should’ve done that with 2 outs because you give him a 10 k’s.

oops I mean 2 strikes

Ely has been very impressive so far. He’s mowing them down.

I guess I already posted that before my internet d/c.

About time Kemp and you didn’t oversliding.

Way to go Matt and Dre!

You might took the bat out of Manny hand but it might be ok.

Nice hit ANDRE.

Glad tru and nelly are coming to LA!

Josh – How about a meet and greet with Dre for the Ethieraholics, especially tru and nelly who come down from No. Cal.? hey, last suggestion I made ended up with the tour 😉

Well I guess not they are pitching to Manny

lol 19,000+ in Arizona

Manny hasn’t k’s in over a month while sitting on the DL to.

Ely has been very impressive so far. He’s mowing them down.

So far so good here in the 7th, Huh?

Ely has been very impressive so far. He’s mowing them down.

Dang Loney should had taken a pitch first.

That was simple TREMENDOUS.
What a wonderful outing.

Let’s go Weaver

Ely has been very impressive so far. He’s mowing them down.


Dang and was like 1/7.

Nice game by Ely. That Kemp trade rumor Shad would be really lame if that was all we got. I wouldn’t trade Kemp for Lee straight up unless Lee agreed to signing and extension before.
He is an article in the LA Times regarding Anderson that looks as if the writer is one of us…

I love when Weaver side arm like that not get the dp Ryal you owe us from last year for taking out Kuroda.

Wow thanks Ryal for chasing that.

A link on that article goes to another that talks about how some on here have talked about the McCourts using the Dodgers as their bank.
I read where the judge in the divorce proceedings felt the same way.
This article refers to it.
Very good read…

Ely has been very impressive so far. He’s mowing them down.

Urgh no I want the dp hold your breath now Sherrill is in.

Go going WEAVER.

red pen at 9:54 post… He should be here…

Damn Johnson is terrible vs right hold you breath now.

Damn, Sherrill sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh oh game is going to be tied

Sherrill s*cks!!!! Way to go JoJo. That’s why you’re a clown.

George couldn’t do it.

Of all pitcher to get the last out it have to be Ortiz.

Ned’s a** clowns!!!

Put Sherrill on the phatom DL called the other part of Pierre traded back up and that Link.

Come on offense, offense.

I still believe Sherrill can do it. I think he needs to not be used in pressure situations right now. They still have the lead and seeing as Ortiz was just used maybe that will mean that he won’t start on Friday night!!

I’d rather have Kuo in than Sherrill.

Ely has been very impressive so far. He’s mowing them down.

You know the funny part his ERA won’t go down or up it would be the same.

Just great, Garrett Sweeney to pinch hit (I should say strrike out)!

Kuo went last night Shad and they aren’t using him back to back due to his glass arm.

OMG, a hit!!!!

I really thought Sherrill was turning the corner with all those scoreless inning but it seem he’s getting worst now. Stop the pressie Anderson got a hit.

Sorry Collie, but when you are playing sub .500 ball and trying to climb back into the mix, every at bat and inning is pressure. Sherrill s*cks!!! It’s not the time to have to baby these overpaid f*ckers!!!!!

lol 21,030 I think Vinny said that but to bad that game isn’t in LA. lol let’s go Dodgers chant wow.

Well seriously they need to if Sherrill going to keep this crap up.

Wow Martin nice.


Russ!!!! I’m liking his play, and hitting, this season!

Outstanding Marty!!!!

Y E S___ R U S S E L L

Dang Vinny I thought that was gone.

Ely has been very impressive so far. He’s mowing them down.

They just show the dback Bullpen with an era of 7+, Pirates are 2nd and Cubs are 3rd so I don’t felt back.

Can we always play against the DBacks bullpen? 🙂

Andre’ more hitting……..LOL

Why does that old post of mine keep on posting every time I refresh?

Hey tru does it felt good to eat crow lol that was unpredictable. I was going to write let just guess what out Anderson going to make an out.

I had a feeling when Ortiz got out of it Anderson was going to get a hit.

LOL, Shad!

Sweet Russ!! Woo hoo!!! He actually has been doing pretty well lately.
I hear you Jhall. I just mean that we shouldn’t quit on the guy. I mean he should just be used at this point with the bases empty or with large leads. He had been coming around in those spots, but the last couple of times out he hasn’t cut it. He could be a player, that if he can turn it around to what he has been for most of his career would be a huge lift for the bully. We’ll see.


Dre & the boys just keep hitting. If we just had an ace!

lol Kuo only thrown 12 pitches geez you tell me he couldn’t get 1 out? Btw should had let Weaver finished it off.

Wow Vinny just bashing the dback relievers with those ugly ERA

They better go with Montearious.

So how is everyone tonight? I see Martin actually did a good thing with his wussybat.

Since Sherrill was arbitration eligible can we assume he may also have options left? Perhaps a couple week vacation to beautiful Albuquerque would be in order. If not, I’m sure he could stub his toe or something to have to go on the DL and get some rehab pitching in.

Above all though, it just goes to show that Bunnynutts can’t even help out a fellow southpaw.



Did I say offense?

Nice to see a bullpen blow-up that isn’t ours.

I guess he won’t be upset I spell that name wrong Monasterios. Have to love to get 2 hits by the same person and funny Anderson get to bat twice in the sme inning. Any prediction on how he’s going to make this out?

Maybe their pitching coach is Bunnynutts Jr, BPB1 🙂

Dang Anderson had to grounded out before I posted this. I don’t think anyone could help Sherrill problem

Collie, I’m with you. This guy was supposed to have the right stuff. You are right, he needs to be brought in a couple of times when there’s not much on the line. But, right now, there just aren’t that many opportunities. We’re in a freaking dogfight!!!!

Imagine Anderson got to bat twice tonight….In one inning too.

I like Anderson’s veteran approach to making outs.

Nice a shut down inning.

Is the dback defense worst to lol?

That’s a dogfight for last Wally!!
Really though I’m not thinking this team will do to much this year. If we had that ace that would be a different story. But we need not to get too high over beating the D-Backs. The Rockies was a nice series win but they are injured right now as well. If we can take a couple from the Fathers then I might get a little more excited.
Make sure you guys read those articles I put the links to up above. They are telling especially the one that the judge stated the McCourts were using the Dodgers to pay for their lifestyle.

Dback #1 in bullpen losses and bs.

Its pretty telling about what the McCourts are really about isn’t it Collie?

I think we will make it interesting Collie!!! Got some gut checks coming but I was very impressed with the way they made adjustments against Haren tonight. He blew them away thru the first 3-4 innings and we adjusted and took him out. Very impressive in my opinion. And, I really like this Ely kid. Just think, we got him for Juan Pierre. Makes it even sweeter!!! LOL!!!!

Who said road Loney can’t hit? I’m so glad I started Loney and he was slumping to. I hate benching Gonzalez.

The Dodger fans should file a class-action lawsuit against the McCourts for misappropriation of funds.

I have to dispute that Shad. I think Ned is #1 in BS.

They should give Broxton some work.

And, Franks is the #2 BSer!


Shirley Ned didn’t come up with Ely for Pierre on his own?

LOL Beav!!! Ned is out of his league and he is just fortunate that he is employed by a clueless and dysfunctional ownership. Anywhere else, and he would have been toast!!!!!

Awesome pitching Ely……good hitting boys = A DODGER WIN!!!!

Nice win Gang!! Way to go Dodgers!! Catch you all later!!! Let’s get the sweep tomorrow and get back to .500!!! Excelsior True Blue Believers!!!!!

That it is BPB1. When a judge is making those assessments it really makes you go “ouch”. That article is brutal on them. I thought he was actually you or Bear!

Later my friend!!!

LOL!! Boy that judge must be brutal to rate those comparisons!!!

Well all the eyes are seeing the same thing!

Make sure this Monasterios dude stay up here all season long. He could be are new Wade but probably better.



Ain’t no puttin’ a happy face on that one eh Collie?!!!
Unfortunately it isn’t something that we didn’t already know. It isn’t like he bought the two Holmby Hills and two Malibu mansions off the L.A. Marathon proceeds.
What really chafes my willie though is the fact they didn’t pay any income tax on $108 mil.

Does anyone out there think that this whole Yankee series thing has gotten a little more than ridiculous? While it doesn’t impact my ability to go to games because I am a season ticket holder, it is completely insane that other fans can’t get tickets to these games unless they also fork out money for some other games that they may or may not want to see. Since when did the Dodgers start marketing their competition as the reason to come to Dodger Stadium? That’s a Clippers move for goodness sakes! These games would sell out regardless of who was “able” to buy the tickets, so why pull this stunt? I am personally very disappointed with this move.

We need to get Link back up here and get his ERA down so we can treally think the White Sox GM.

We need to get Link back up here and get his ERA down so we can really think the White Sox GM.

108 mill and no taxes… Then raise the prices for tix… & not getting an ace…
Let’s go git um!!!!!!

Wow. This Ely kid is the real deal. I just have a hard time accepting the fact that it was Ned who got Ely and Link in exchange for Pierre.

oops think=thank didn’t know I made a mistake.

Cy – let me sum up your queery in one word – MONEY. Sure the Yankee series would sell out anyway, but I’m sure the games that are part of the miniplan wouldn’t even come close hence, let’s make you pay 5X more just to see the game you want.

In the real world I’d call it extortion. In laymans terms I’d call it a shakedown. Whatever terminology you choose to assign it, its just another greedy way to separate you from your money. I’m not even sure its legal. At the very least its morally reprehensible.

It is however what we’ve come to expect from this ownership…

On a lighter note, Wussy, I mean Russy had him a nice game. And I have to agree with my esteemed collegue jhall in that the whole team made an adjustment the second time through against Haren. They’ve now beaten Jimenez and Haren within a few days, so that is encouraging.

Very nice game from Ely. Why he was sent down in the first place and Haeger kept is beyond me. Why we DL’d Haeger and not just release him is beyond me also.

I’ll also be impressed if Loney can keep his game up all season. Maybe this will be his breakthrough year. I thought Dre pretty much reached his ceiling last year, but he’s proving me wrong. Now if Kemp can get Ned out of his head (thank’s Ned) and get clicking, even if the pitching doesn’t come around the offense will be really fun to watch.

collie, read the article you posted last night about the McCourts. Made me want to puke. I’ve been doing my part, but it’s really not a conscious decision…more a subconscious one. When I was a senior in high school I went to HALF the home games. After college my buddy owned a box three rows from the field and I’d buy about 20 games a year. Since the McCourts took over, my pal said “adios” as prices skyrocketed, the third row became buried behind “luxury” boxes, loud music replaced organ music, advertising polluted every corner of the stadium, and food prices………………….. Anyway, last season I went to the ITD tour game and that was it. As I say, it’s not a conscious decision. It’s just that Blue Heaven is more like a strip mall now.

SELL THE TEAM………pretty please…with sugar on it?

Kahlifornia- You speak truth. No need to add to statement.
On the flip of that owners of a baseball team treat it like a business, to make profit, that is not so incredible. How wealthy do people need to be, only Frank and Jaime can answer for themselves. I just disagree with the approach, put a quality product on the field, rather than the field be marketing for a product.
and if Ned is so dissatisfied with Matt, to think he would be brought in discussion for a trade, even for an Ace, then wait till that ace is gone and Matt is awarded MVP while on another team. Do NOT TRADE our maturing core.

I see we get our old friend Edwin tonight.
I was whining for a pitcher and maybe we have him in Ely. You can hope he’ll be consistent enough to keep us in games. I think that is all you can realistically ask. Still need a #1.
Looks like the team is generally doing better and has decided to play some ball. We’ll have better idea after the series this weekend.

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