Looking to take the series

Another big one today in Cincy…if we can take each series, I’m feeling good about our chances. Looks like a day off for Manny, though I’m not in Cincinnati so we’ll have to wait for official word from Joe T.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, LF

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Kershaw, P


  1. Dodger4life

    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!
    Enjoy the game everyone……

  2. nellyjune

    I am not even a Manny fan, and I understand why he should be in the lineup. Yes, I understand JP had a good day yesterday, but he can’t hit a homerun, plain and simple. Everytime Dre, Matt and Manny are up to bat, we can at least predict that will happen. With JP, there is no prediction other than which way his ball will bounce in (or sometimes through) the infield. Basehits are great, but we want to see the bombs.

  3. enchantedbeaver

    This is exactly why Joe is an idiot Tru. A guy appears to be getting his stroke back (and it applies to just about everyone else at one time or another these last two seasons) and JoJo takes him out so he can’t build on it and keep it going. Its insane.

  4. nellyjune

    Sorry jpd – I must be in the morning time warp. I was responding off you comment.

    BTW – GO DODGERS!!!!!

  5. nellyjune

    tru – that was criminal what they put Zito through last night. You pitch 8 and 1/3’s inning and you get pulled because of a solo homerun by Hawpe when you are up 5-1. If the next batter hits one, then worry and perhaps pull him. Other than that, let the guy finish the frickin’ game. At least he would’ve been the one to screw it up and not given it up to the bullpen.

  6. trublu4ever

    You are right, JPD. Joe is and Idiot……actually I think most managers are…..Bochy almost blew the game for the Giants last night by overthinking every situation. Until the last out of that game, Zito must have been plenty ticked off!

  7. trublu4ever

    Oh, crap, here go Rick and Charlie with the Lovefest for JP! According to them, he is being rewarded for hi great game yesterday. But, it was Manny who hit the bomb to put us in front! It was Matty, who hit another bomb with men on base and it was Andre (pinch hitting) who led off with a double.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    Nells – its not even that JP is playing over Manny. Its the fact that, here’s a guy who has struggled lately and finally gets a couple good swings and the very next day, he’s riding the pine. How can you string some good ABs together when you’re not playing? JoJo’s done that with Dre. He’s done it with Martin. He’s done it with Kemp. He’s done it with just about everyone and it makes no sense whatsoever. Then he’ll keep playing a guy who’s totally struggling and not got any clue at all of what he’s doing. I swear Joe’s senile.

  9. shad80

    I don’t think no one read my comment early this morning but did Jeff Kent really get cheer in SF? I guess it was the uniform that did it lol.

  10. truebluewill

    Here we go again. 11 runs yesterday, zero so far today. Could it be all Arroyo? Is he that good? I just don’t understand.

  11. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody,
    I might not be around for the entire game as I have to leave around 3:00PM ET.
    If we’re nearing the end I might hang around, for a spell.
    Just hoping we can get these two runs back as soon as possible.

  12. truebluewill

    oldbrooklynfan ~ You brought us good luck on those two runs. I thought Janish should have had Kershaw’s ground ball. We got a break with that bad hope.

  13. truebluewill

    They’ll probably pinch hit for Kershaw here. Another good outting for him. Hopefully they’ll get some runs and he’ll get the win.

  14. oldbrooklynfan

    I’ll be leaving now.
    I hope it don’t change the luck.
    This might be the inning.
    See ya tomorrow night.

  15. shad80

    Orlando Hudson 33 7 1 0 0 3 2 6 .212 .250 .242 .492
    Juan Pierre 30 11 1 1 0 0 1 2 .367 .387 .467 .854
    Mark Loretta 26 13 2 0 0 4 1 2 .500 .519 .577 1.095
    Rafael Furcal 25 7 0 0 0 0 0 2 .280 .280 .280 .560
    Brad Ausmus 23 6 2 1 0 1 1 8 .261 .292 .435 .726
    Russell Martin 17 4 0 0 0 2 1 5 .235 .278 .235 .513
    Andre Ethier 16 6 2 0 1 3 2 3 .375 .444 .688 1.132
    James Loney 14 8 2 1 1 5 1 2 .571 .600 1.071 1.671
    Doug Mientkiewicz 11 7 1 0 1 3 1 1 .636 .667 1.000 1.667
    Casey Blake 8 2 1 0 0 0 1 3 .250 .333 .375 .708
    Matt Kemp 8 4 0 0 0 1 1 0 .500 .556 .500 1.056
    Blake DeWitt 6 2 1 0 0 1 0 1 .333 .333 .500 .833
    Chin-lung Hu 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 .000 .333 .000 .333
    Totals 219 77 13 3 3 23 13 36 .352 .386 .479 .866

    Ouch which we had Mientkiewicz to PH.

  16. shad80

    Gosh who was that announce that said Manny Furcal and Pierre coming up? Does this person know Pierre came out of the game?

  17. nellyjune

    WHEW!!!!! Jonathan – you scare us sometimes, but thank you for getting it done. Have a great flight home boys. Get your rest. The Dbacks are on a roll too. So, it’s not like they are going to be a walk in the park either.

  18. truebluewill

    Whew!! We win!!! I’m going to start calling Broxton, THRILL RIDE! I feel worn out after that inning. Well, we did get fantastic pitching this game, even though Broxton put us through the ringer.

  19. shad80

    By Ken Gurnick / MLB.com

    08/30/09 12:58 PM ET

    LOS ANGELES — Partly because of injuries, but mainly because they are adept at manipulating a roster, the Dodgers have moved 44 players onto and off of the 25-man active list this season.

    When the roster expands to a maximum of 40 on Tuesday, the Dodgers will begin a series of promotions from the Minor Leagues. But unlike many clubs that bring up unknowns, the Dodgers will be plucking from a large group of players they’ve already used in the Major Leagues.

    Among the players the big club could add in the next week are pitchers Scott Elbert, Eric Stults, Cory Wade and Brent Leach; catcher A.J. Ellis; infielders Tony Abreu, Blake DeWitt, Chin-lung Hu; and outfielder Jamie Hoffmann. All but Hu played with the Dodgers this year, and he played with them last year.

    There also are injured players the Dodgers hope can help. Utility man Doug Mientkiewicz, left-handed reliever Will Ohman and outfielder Xavier Paul also can be activated Tuesday. Mientkiewicz’s left-handed bat off the bench, in particular, could fill a huge need. Ohman lost his spot to the acquisition of George Sherrill. Paul isn’t yet ready.

    Each of the three, however, is on the 60-day disabled list and do not count against the 40-man roster. So when they are activated, a corresponding player must be moved off the 40-man roster at the risk of losing that player to another club, making each decision difficult.

    And then there is the chance that general manager Ned Colletti adds a bat off the bench, as he’s been trying to do, which could preempt one of the callups as well as cost somebody a 40-man roster spot.

    Of all the callups, Ellis is the most likely because manager Joe Torre has said he wants a third catcher to provide more flexibility. There are some in the organization who believe that Ellis could make a run at starter Russell Martin’s job next spring.

    Another interesting callup will be DeWitt, in part because this would be the sixth time he’s made the team this year.

    However, most recently, management has reached for Abreu when it needs an infielder and not DeWitt, because Abreu is now healthy and his bat has been much more potent this season than DeWitt’s. One player who has pretty much fallen off the radar is outfielder Jason Repko, who has three years of Major League service but no big league time this year.

    Torre said he’d prefer fewer callups than more.

    “You need some players,” he said. “Some teams that aren’t in the race, you could probably bring up more players to take a look at. I think in our case or any team in a pennant race, you don’t want to call up too many so that they sort of get in the way, unless you are going to use them. You don’t want to get that clubhouse cluttered up where you really get lost in what you’re trying to accomplish.”

  20. nellyjune

    The Dodgers acquired INF Ronnie Belliard from the Nationals in exchange for Minor League RHP Luis Garcia and a player to be named.

  21. nellyjune

    I am guessing that acquisistion is a good thing, yes? I am assuming they will bring up Mitch Jones as well when the roster expands.

  22. shad80

    Urgh no way what is the purpose of that trade? Called up Hector Luna geez. I think the Dodgers hitters should take notes on the Angels game. They scored all their runs with 2 outs.

  23. shad80

    Nats Trade Belliard To Dodgers
    The Nationals traded second baseman Ronnie Belliard to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday afternoon for minor league pitcher Luis Garcia and a player to be named later. Garcia, at the time of the deal, was pitching for Class A Great Lakes of the Midwest League. I’ll have more information on this within the hour. Just heading down to the clubhouse now, after the Nats’ 2-1 loss to St. Louis.

  24. shad80

    Nats press release:

    The Washington Nationals today traded infielder Ronnie Belliard to the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for right-handed pitcher Luis Garcia and a player to be named. Nationals Senior Vice President and General Manager Mike Rizzo made the announcement.

    Garcia, 22, is currently 5-3 with five saves and a 2.92 ERA (23 ER/71.0 IP) in 34 appearances with Great Lakes of the Single-A Midwest League. He shows plus command, as he has walked just 15 in 71.0 innings (1.9 per 9.0 innings) en route to a 3.7/1 strikeout-to-walk and 1.8/1 ground out-to-air out ratios. In 16 appearances since the All-Star break, Garcia has registered a .220 batting average against (26-for-118).

    In five-plus professional seasons, the 6-foot-2 Garcia is 14-7 with 14 saves and a 3.38 ERA (73 ER/194.2 IP) in 97 games. His career batting average against is .230 (168-for-732).

    The 34 year-old Belliard hit .246 (46-for-187) with five home runs and 22 RBI in 86 games for the Nationals in 2009.

  25. shad80

    Ouch even though he’s a minor league pitcher but have great number but I’d rather have Gonzo back. Is Nomar still in the league again?

  26. shad80

    The Dback was averaging over 10+ runs in the last 3 to 4 game and they now have the change to sweep the Astros we better be ready for them tomorrow night.

  27. nellyjune

    tru – that was criminal what they put Zito through last night. You pitch 8 and 1/3’s inning and you get pulled because of a solo homerun by Hawpe when you are up 5-1. If the next batter hits one, then worry and perhaps pull him. Other than that, let the guy finish the frickin’ game. At least he would’ve been the one to screw it up and not given it up to the bullpen.

  28. nellyjune

    Where in the hell did that come from. I posted that this morning, and it now shows up again 7 hours later. We really need this fixed.

  29. trublu4ever

    There probably isn’t anybody around right now but, I have to ask, “Why the heck do we need another infielder?” That is the one thing we have in abundance. A power bat off the bench, I could see. Another outfielder, to give JP a rest, I can see………..an infielder, I don’t get it!!!

  30. kpookiemon

    The Ronnie Belliard trade tells as much about Mark Loretta as anything. The Dodgers are obviously looking for ANYTHING from the right hand side of the plate, pinch-hitting wise.

  31. shad80

    Wow I wish we had a guy like Grienke retired 22 in a row and pitch a 1 hit cg/shutout. I think the Pirates are a little bit happy since we wear the Reds bullpen down and they have to play a double headed tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind to see our bullpen rest tomorrow and they need it bad.

  32. kpookiemon

    “Of all the call-ups, Ellis is the most likely because manager Joe Torre has said he wants a third catcher to provide more flexibility. There are some in the organization who believe that Ellis could make a run at starter Russell Martin’s job next spring.”

  33. shad80

    Keep on forgetting that farm system belong to the Blue Jays now. 51s Franchise Reaches 300,000 Plateau In Home Attendance For 27th Straight Season! 51s Franchise Reaches 300,000 Plateau In Home Attendance For 27th Straight Season (1983-2009)

  34. enchantedbeaver

    I think you hit the nail on the head Kahli. In fact, if they bring Monkeywhiskers back in Sept. and he shows any stick at all, I wouldn’t be surprised if Loretta came down with one of Ned and Stan’s “mystery” ailments if they need the roster spot for the playoffs. (yes, I’m now saying they’ll make the playoffs.)

    They may not need it though as I presume they’ll only carry 11 pitchers. So who then are the two extra extras? Belliard’s one. DeWitt? Ellis? Monkey?

    And speaking of Ellis, what did you guys think of the article that said some people in the organization think he can compete with Martin for starting catcher next year? Don’t know if you’ve looked that far ahead, but there’s an absolute dirge of FA catchers after this season. We’re either going to have to use Martin again, try Ellis or trade for one.

  35. thinkingblue

    Well JustPlainDisgusted….I think that anyone that comes up (like Ellis) from the minors they will compete for the starter position. Who knows if they will give it to him right of away. But I’m sure he is going to have to proof himself in the Majors. Hopefully this will be a big eye opener for Martin….and he will have to step it up (like the previous years). Martin got to comfortable. But may the best man win!

  36. messagebear@msn.com

    I hope Tim Wallach is a future Dodgers’ manager rather than that A-hole Mattingly who only knows how to suck up Torre’s ***.

  37. shad80

    Someone would have to take Ellis places on the Isotopes roster since they’re in the playoff and Andoin and some guy name Arp is on the 7 days DL. Isn’t J.D. Closser a catcher?

  38. trublu4ever

    JPD ~ my, my, if they let Loretta go to the DL, who will Joe put in at first when he thinks James is struggling? Maybe, it would be a good thing so Joe can put all of the regulars out there everyday. Aren’t we supposed to be pushing for the stretch…..trying to win the whole damn thing?! So, please, Joe, no days off the the usual guys!

  39. enchantedbeaver

    I agree bear, no more Yankees when JoJo’s gone (if he ever goes.) I wouldn’t mind seeing Yeager manager, Wallach be his righthand man, and Hough be the pitching coach.

    Then again, what do I know. The local Hooters was having a bikini carwash and I drove right on by.

  40. messagebear@msn.com

    IMO Abreu deserves a full opportunity to fill in at either 2nd or 3rd base, and I question why Belliard was necessary. Not to dismiss DeWitt, but he’s had a reasonable chance to show what he can do at the big league level, and he’s really not seized the opportunity. The time that Abreu spent in the majors, I believe he batted in the .260’s with some power potential as well. He seems to have come back from his medical problems that extended over two seasons, partly because our medical staff didn’t recognize the problem, and his operation for a hernia type condition had to be done a second time. He was going to be one of our prime prospects, and he’s now done it very well at the minor league level this season. Torre just doesn’t know him; therefore, he’s being dismissed in favor of anybody else.

  41. kpookiemon

    Belliard is a former All-Star, won a World Series with the Cards in 2006 Cards, and is hitting over .300 since the All-Star break. Don’t think Abreu, DeWitt or Loretta can measure up to those numbers…at least not today. I still have a ton of confidence in DeWitt, less in Abreu, and none in Loretta. Belliard, for what he is, is a good pick-up. As for J. Martin vs. Ellis, don’t really have much of a measure on Ellis, but ANYONE pushing the “anointed one” is a good thing. Wallace over Mattingly any day as future (or present) manager.

  42. messagebear@msn.com

    I hope you’re right about Belliard, kahli, and if he is here to replace Loretta that would have to be all to the good.

  43. dodgereric

    “In the 10th and 12th innings, Rafael Furcal went to the plate with Ramirez on first. He didn’t try to bunt Ramirez to second base either time. The reason? Torre said he thinks most leadoff hitters have trouble bunting for anything other than a hit. Torre believes that most leadoff hitters are more used to bunting with their feet on the move instead of in place and said he didn’t want Furcal to do anything that felt unnatural.”


    Such an idiot…………

  44. kpookiemon

    So have him bunt with his feet on the move. There. Done. Next question. Besides, getting a base hit seems pretty “unnatural” for Furcal these days, anyway.

  45. crzblue2

    NOTE: There will be a Blood Drive at Dodger Stadium September 11. The Dodgers will be in San Francisco. The booster club will be at the stadium recruiting volunteers. I will be at the Top Deck Tuesday September 2nd recruiting! Stop by and sign up anytime this week at different levels! And yes, I will also volunteer to give out blood even with my fear of needles.

  46. enchantedbeaver

    Is it me or is a bunt a bunt no matter how you get it down?

    Hey, what are the odds that Ned gets canned after this season? Unfortunately right now I’d have to say 65/35 in his favor.

  47. kpookiemon

    I read where Ned is a free agent and will be in BIG demand, with McCourt fighting to keep him. The world is a mysterious place. The article alluded to McCourt forging a “small market”-type team. Translation: cheap.

  48. trublu4ever

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time…..to me a leadoff hitter is supposed to be able to lay down a bunt. He is also supposed to take more than one pitch per at bat.

  49. trublu4ever

    Kahli ~ When will Frank finally realize that Dodger fans are smart and won’t put up with all of this crap?! I guess MC CHEAP REALLY FITS!

  50. nellyjune

    LMAO!!! What kind of lame excuse is that? A bunt is a bunt is a bunt is a bunt…………………oh for crying out loud!!

  51. messagebear@msn.com

    I’m thinking that the only way we get rid of Ned is in the unlikely event that somebody else wants him bad enough to offer him a bunch of big money. McCheap is probably holding the line against spending money whether it be players or a GM. Overall I think that Ned has done Schidt and probably worse than that, but if he wants to stay, I’d say that it’s 90% sure that he will.

  52. koufax1963

    JT has to learn to play small ball and get the RISP, especially for the play offs, if not starting tonight. Funny Furcal did bunt in saturdays game with Dre on 2nd, so JTs conjecture is out the window, perhaps it is Manny’s running legs was the real concern, which relates to his ability to track ball in the outfield too. Manny might have been thrown out at 2nd on a bunt. Furcal really isnt the issue
    I wasn’t happy about Ned being GM at first, and with schmidt and Jones to follow, even less fond of him, but yes seeing that he took the Dodgers past their first playoff series in 20 years, he is probably regarded as a coveted GM.

  53. trublu4ever

    When I listen to the Giants radio/tv simulcast in the mornings, they DO want Ned! They LOVE Ned! And, they want Sabean GONE!!!!

  54. kpookiemon

    What a perfect scenario. Ned goes back to San Francisco and the Dodgers promote Logan White. Ned can then trade for Juan Pierre, and maybe even revisit Andruw for the Gnats. The poor Dodgers will be left with a new GM that knows the organizational skill level of his players–especially the minor leagues–inside and out.

  55. enchantedbeaver

    You know what will happen don’t you? The Gints will get Ned and we’ll end up with Sabean.

    Correct me if I’m wrong regarding Manny, but didn’t he play a full year last year and all down the stretch for us? His legs didn’t need a rest then. The guy’s had 50 friggin games off and has played the equivalent of 2 STs since his vacation – shouldn’t his legs be the freshest?

    Hearing Joe’s doublespeak is like listening to a politician. What he’s saying about both Furcal and Manny belie the facts. McCheap needs to McFire Joe’s McAss and hire someone cheap like Yeager who actually understands and can manage baseball in the NL.

  56. kpookiemon

    I remember when the Dodgers played the Cards that LaRussa demanded EVERYONE be able to bunt…and they did, successfully. Joe, on the other hand, “excuses” his players, not wanting to take then out of their “comfort zone.” Can you say “coddle?” Wonder if Bowa ever slugs Joe in the face every now and then?

  57. dodgereric

    “Hearing Joe’s doublespeak is like listening to a politician.”
    By justplaindisgusted on August 31, 2009 2:01 PM

    Perfect. Exactly. That’s what he does.

    Another scenario from yesterday. Kemp led off the 11th with a walk. I figured he’d at least attempt to steal second to get into scoring position with no outs. No. Blake swung at the first pitch. And the second. I understand that having Blake sacrifice is unnatural. I get that now. But what is unnatural about having your best basestealer steal? Criminy, I was actually hearing Lyons halfway criticize Torre yesterday. Not by name of course, but he was wondering why you don’t use the speed of the only guy in the every day lineup.

    I think it was the first time this season I agreed with that guy.

    Torre is an idiot.

  58. dodgereric

    I know I’m sounding like your fan club jpd, but I agree with you on the subject of Ramirez’ legs. I also like kahli’s dream scenario, but I don’t have much faith in it actually happening. We’re stuck with Torre for next year and we better get used to the idea of Mattingly replacing him. All we can do is hope that he isn’t a carbon copy.

    Oh, and I also wonder if anyone has given Ramirez an eye exam lately. Seriously. I went from having perfect vision to needing glasses in one day. And I was just about the same age as Ramirez is now.

  59. crzblue2

    my thoughts and prayers to the two firefighters who lost their lives yesterday.
    From the L.A. Times:

    “Two firefighters were killed when they drove off the side of a treacherous road in the Mt. Gleason area, south of Acton, around 2:30 p.m. Sunday, said Los Angeles County Deputy Fire Chief Mike Bryant. They were later identified as Arnaldo Quinones, 35, of Palmdale and Tedmund Hall, 47, of San Bernardino County.
    “This accident is tragic,” Bryant said, choking up as he spoke Sunday evening. “This is a very difficult time for L.A. County Fire Department and the men and women that serve day in, day out.””
    to all the men and women that serve the fire department and to the ones that have come to help A BIG Thank you!! God Bless you!

  60. dodgereric

    As do most of us here in SoCal, I have several friends in the city and county fire departments and I echo Emma’s thoughts and prayers.

  61. crzblue2

    I started wearing glasses since forever! sometimes I fall asleep with them on. My brother Bill says is because I want to be able to see my dreams.
    Randy Wolf goes for career win #100! Good luck Randy!
    Is Military week at the stadium this week!

  62. lbirken@aol.com

    I was going to post something sooner but I couldn’t find my glasses.

    Seriously, I usually don’t comment much on Joe but I also found his remarks about why he did not have Furcal bunt with Manny on first a little odd. He must have a bad batch of Bigalow Green tea that day. My daughter says that my grandson’s first words will either be “Go Dodgers” or “Bigalow Green Tea”.

  63. perumike

    I’m here in Tujunga (not Big Tujunga Canyon), and just about 5 blocks over there are evacuations, so it’s obviously very smoky and ashy around here. I haven’t opened a window in 4 days now! It’s nuts!

  64. perumike

    Thanks sparkle! In one direction I am about 6 or 7 blocks from the mountains (where homes end), in another direction I’m about 4 blocks away, so chances are I won’t have to evacuate. Let’s hope not! 🙂

  65. enchantedbeaver

    Hang in there Peru. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley (not up in the foothills though) and I remember many a fire up at Mt. Wilson, LaCanada, Tujunga… try not to breathe too much of that crap in.

  66. sparkleplenty_1

    I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and remember many fire-filled summers. One year the inversion layer was so bad that the sky was actually red and it looked like twilight in the middle of the day.
    Piano Man, praying you won’t have to evacuate and that all will be well for you and yours. Also praying protection for all the firefighters and that they’ll get the handle on these things very soon.

  67. enchantedbeaver

    All the so-called veterans we have swing at the first pitch Eric. Hudson did it too. 2 on, one out. pitcher starting to struggle. So Hudson swings at the first pitch and grounds into a DP.

  68. perumike

    Thanks jpd and tru!!! So far so good! It’s pretty much jog from the house to the car, and repeat when I get home. Mainly we have stayed home. This Friday we are thinking of going to the beach, hopefully to get at least a few hours away from the stuff. My brother is a police officer working 12 hour shifts to control who comes in and out, evacuate people, etc. I don’t envy him!!

  69. lbirken@aol.com

    JPD, the first pitch swing interests me a lot. If a player swings on the first pitch and gets a hit, drives in a run or hits a home run, no one thinks much about which pitch he hit. But hit that first pitch for an out (or outs, especially if that at bat ends the inning with runners on base) and end the inning) the second guessing is fast and furious. I agree there are times to take a pitch such as when a pitcher has had problems throwing strikes to the previous hitter. But there may be other times when a hitter thinks the best pitch he has seen is that first pitch of that particular at bat. Other than causing a pitcher to throw some extra pitches, is there much difference between a 10 pitch at bat that ends in an out (or outs) or a one pitch at bat that ends the same way?

  70. enchantedbeaver

    Anyone find it amusing that Giant fans were giving the Dodgers a bad time for picking up Padilla, then they go out and get Penny? Talk about a loser.

  71. enchantedbeaver

    Guess it depends on the situation birk. In Hudson’s case it was late in the game (9th or 10th I think) and the reliever was starting to struggle. Hudson hadn’t seen him yet to even know what he had and he’s up there first pitch hacking. I’d expect that out of a rookie or JP, but I expect more out of Hudson. Besides that, Manny was behind him, and I suspect he’d see more than one good pitch to hit. He should’ve too.

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