Los Angeles Fires

As you can imagine, there’s a lot going on right now in Los Angeles with th wildfires and our hearts go out to anyone who has lost their home or has had to evacuate their homes. Of course, even more sad are the two firefighters who lost their lives protecting our homes and our deepest sympathies go out to them and their families. We will honor their memory tonight with a moment of silence, which is the least we can do here at the stadium.

From a baseball standpoint, the air quality seems to be just fine and we don’t foresee any issues for the fans or players tonight, but of course we have taken the necessary precautions in case either need assistance. Several players got the night off tonight, so here’s the lineup:

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Belliard, 2B

Loretta, 1B

Castro, SS

Wolf, P

And for those looking for a cool Kershaw story, check out Psychollingy, where Eric weighed in with an entry after the weekend. Steve Lyons will be posting one tomorrow.

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TB4 ~ Maybe Joe’s thinking is that the players have played 5 months already and wants them to be rested for the most important month of the season, October. Also they did have an almost cross country flight yesterday following an extra inning game.

All I can say is OH BOY! I just cannot for the life of me, figure Joe out.

I wonder if Martin can lay down a bunt? I jut don’t get why players need rest with only a month to go in the season,


It’s not always about giving guys a rest.. you need to give your bench players some playing time so that they are ready when you need them down the stretch. If Castro sits for the whole month and then Furcal gets hurt in the playoffs and we need him to come in and play, it’s gonna be easier if he’s had a few spot starts than if he was riding the pine for the whole time. I personaly wouldn’t give so many guys the day off at one time… but I understand getting these guys playing time.

Does anyone know what move/moves made Belliard available for the game? 40 and 25 man roster?

The one who could use a little more rest is Martin – say 5 weeks?

Spanner ~ You make a good. If Castro never plays will he be able to pinch hit a clutch double as he did yesterday.

Okay, I’ll give you the fact that they need playing time but I also agree, not all in the same game!

That should have read: You make a good point.

Thanks Spanner… Mota had a good run but he became scary in a bad way the last several times I saw him pitche.

The funny thing is for the most part during the season when Joe rested a few regulars the team seemed to do just fine that day. Hopefully today will be no different.

Roster moves: Mota placed on DL, Jesus Castillo DFA

I just spent the last four days while dropping my daughter off at her new school in your hothouse of a city. My last instruction to her was that she was not to become a Dodgers fan. Not that there is anything to worry about since her favorite team is the current World Champions, with more to come.

And BTW, whatโ€™s with all the homeless? I know they used to call the Dodgers โ€˜dem bumsโ€™, but I thought that was when they were in Brooklyn.

I had heard that Raffy lives in La Canada, and it looks like NBC Sports is confirming that as the reason he is missing the game.

Yup, just confirmed via interview with Josh. His house is fine, however wanted to give him a day off to deal with any personal stuff.

That interview was with NBC, not me. ๐Ÿ™‚

phan, don’t stay too long. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a great trip back!

Thankfully, I’m back. I was told that it wasn’t supposed to be that hot there (and I’m not talking about the fires). It was above 90 everyday I was there, even down by the ocean.


Hi Everyone
Sad to read about the fires, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours and I just hope everything’s O.K. quickly.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in the fires n So-Cal.

Perumike – thoughts and prayers for you as well ๐Ÿ™‚


Manny + line drive = don’t mix

I hope that’s Randy’s bad inning.


Welcome to the Dodgers Ronnie!!!!

This will be a tad confusing with Belisario, since he is a Ronnie too ๐Ÿ™‚

Bellie!!!! Makes Ned look like a genius.


What a great introduction, Ronnie, to the Dodger fans and to the team for that matter. That was a great start!

Maybe Russell shouldn’t’ve got that lead off double (lol)

Wow, the gentle side of the Bear!

Wussy Ramirez in the clutch.
Belliard SI – Ramirez NO!

That’s the Bear we all know and love! lol

Loney vs a lefty is a no no for Torre.

Good Evening Messagebear!! It’s good to see both of you tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

Did Vin forget how many outs there were?

I see the Giants finally got Penny oh boy that should be fun.

What is Davis using, Mirrors?




Dodger4life ~ what is that you are saying?! lol

Charlie just said there is a rumor out there that we are interested in Garland. Then he repeated, it’s just a rumor.



That was the first inning that the Dodgers didn’t leave a runner on base.

SUBMISSION ERROR FOR MAKING TOO MANY COMMENTS!!! I have only made three all night. I have had more submission errors in the last 5 minutes than I have had comments in the last two days……………give me a break!!!

Please,please, please, please fix this problem!!!!



Hi TruBlu4, Hi, Nelly, Hi Everybody else!!!
Good to see everybody here tonight. Now we just need a bloop and a blast and our steady bullpen to win this one.

back to back homerun



Ask and you should receive.


Give Nellyjune a break.

Dang that Ojeda come on 2 more Kuo

Hi back at you obfan and D4life.
I was trying to post that two blasts will work as well as a bloop and a blast, but this darn mlb site keeps screwing up my message upload.

WOLF pitched another heck of a game, no Gem, but a nice quality start.


Thank you oldbrooklyn fan!! This issue is really annoying. I keep losing minutes in the time warp – I am up to 13 minutes behind ITD time,and I am guessing that seems to be connected to the Submission Error problem.


Along about this time I begin to I begin to have trouble posting.



Wow I know are bullpen been great all season long even though it been overused but didn’t think we had a 3.22 ERA, Giants 3.60. Wow we really are in front of them and to think it was very close. Dodgers overall ERA 3.50 Giants 3.55 thanks to the good pitching lately.

That would be nice, dodger4life.

WTF? We got Thome

I hope we gave them Pierre lol

Well, that wasn’t good ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

It says we got Garland and Thome.

wow a rare blow save and a run charge to sherill

Welcome to another no decision Wolfy.

Now we’ll see how Sherrill reacts to adversity.

We have Thomain poison.

It does Tru……Thome waived his no trade clause…imagine that!!

Get that run back asap

That’s right, another ND, for Wolf.

When is the deadline for players to be eligible for the postseason? Is it midnight Pacific Time?
I just heard about the Dodgers getting Jim Thome for a PTBNL. I heard nothing about Garland.

Wonder who would DH? I assume Manny would still be in LF while Thome DH. That would be nice if we get to the WS

Oh wait I think so 32.

Okay, Scully just mentioned that the Dodgers also got Garland.
It is pretty funny to have him be told about it in the dugout and then watch him go down the tunnel to cross over to the Dodgers side and get his new Blue uniform.

Garland was just told in the dugout – how funny is that!?!

SUBMISSION ERROR FOR MAKING TOO MANY COMMENTS!!! I have only made three all night.


This is the first time Manny played with Thome, Manny never had the chance playing with him when Thonme was an Indians and Manny moved to Boston.

Imagine that John Garland left the D’Back dugout and they showed it on T.V.

Thome is listed as a first baseman

See Broxton why couldn’t you do that when we have a lead instead of all the drama?

So, now my 5 submission error comments will show up sporadically throughout the night.

Dang more extra inning.

**** sob

Thome will also provide power off the bench……no more sending Loretta or Juan up to bat with runners on base.

This got a lost writing all over it.

Now a double steal just one more out

Now all that left is the win.

Where does Garland fit in? Mientkiewicz and Haeger can’t be too thrilled at this moment…

It may be bitter sweet to find out who the PTBNL are.

“From the Dodgers, the White Sox get 26-year-old single-A infielder Justin Fuller. Obviously, Thome’s value at this point was next to nothing, because Fuller can’t have any kind of value as a prospect.”

What is this Yankee Stadium??

WOW MAC was all over the place.

McDonald wears the goat horns…again.

Maybe the trades effected the team tonight.

Another submission error – In my attempt to find info on our two new Dodgers on the homepage, I came across this article and video on Ethier. Even on his bad days, I am glad he wears Dodger blue, and it’s players like him that make me proud to be a Dodger fan. I hope the Dodgers find a way to keep him for a while.

so who gets taken off the 25 man roster for thome and garland?

That must be the weirdest thing to go from one dugout to the other and become part of the team you just played. Not to mention you just went from a 4th place to a 1st place team in a matter of minutes, literally.

We just going to have to wait for tomorrow.

No one leaves 25-man roster as rosters expand tomorrow, Sept. 1. Not sure who leaves 40-man roster, though.

Will we have to remove anyone from the 25 man roster since call-ups are tomorrow?

i mean for the post season. isn’t this the final day for players to be eligible for post season play? if we plan to have thome and garland for the post season, whos not gonna be there. and kurodas coming back soon, so that means 3 guys who were on the 25 tonight wont be playing in the post season, corect?

mdavis, your guess is as good as mine for post-season. I would imagine Abreu, McDonald, Haeger are out, and can’t believe with Belliard arriving that BOTH Loretta and Castro are needed.

kahliforni – i agree with what your saying. id like to keep loretta just cause hes a smart guy to have on your squad but mcdonald and haegar should go.and i looked, abreu isnt on the 25 man roster as of tonight. i dont see castro to have any value but im afraid torre will keep him strictly cause he can play SS, which of course would be a dumb move.

And lost in the euphoria of transactions…Dodgers finish August one game UNDER .500. nelly, I have to start WORK tomorrow. Yuck and double yuck! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Ned did good tonight.

tonight was definitely a dissapointing loss.but sherill has beeb great since being here.as for mcdonald.kid should be in the minors,but im pretty sure seasons almost over down there,so no point.lets win these next two,and hopefully sf gets beat up by philly and colorado stays cooled off. another bright spot, we got the slugger thome and a former all star in garland with a great post season track record, while the rockies got jose contrares. even with the loss, i still say a better day for dodger fans then rockie fans

Not in triple A. Isotopes clinched there division last night.

Good Luck on your first day back Kahli!!! This is going on my third week back, and I am finally getting my routine down. I wish you the best!!!

n/m by that comment at 9:52 pm they were teammate of the 97 Ws team with the Indians.

Season-saving pick-me-ups?


Bargain bin panic moves?

Tune in next month:


I am sure that will be the question/topic of discussion for many days to come northstateblues.

The Thome trade was a steal for a 26 yrs old minor leagues/cash with no future.

gj on the correction shad…the thome and garland pickups are FANTASTIC! not only do u solve the power bat off the bench we also get a legit starter in garland who can fill in the 5th spot…


And Kalih…The additions of thome and garland doesnt affect anyone on the current 25 man roster because every team can expand to 40 in september! so haeger will be dropped to the pen and doug will still be called up!


Interesting moves by Ned, and what a surprise. Who saw this coming? If we take the Series, I’ll bet we haven’t seen the last of Ned around here. Too bad we couldn’t get Thome for the interleague play earlier in the season, but you have to like what this could do for us in September/October. Sure will be nice to have some power coming off the bench for a change.

I saw this in the Times regarding their contracts:
“Thome is owed $2,415,301 from his $13-million salary, and is eligible to become a free agent after the World Series.

Garland is due $1,161,202 from his $6.25-million salary, and his contract includes a $10-million mutual option, according to the AP.”

Then I went to an old favorite site of mine, and both guys are already listed as Dodgers! Quick work!

“Jim Thome dh
6 years/$85M (2003-08), plus 2009 club option
…… acquired by LA Dodgers in trade from Chicago White Sox 8/31/09 (Chicago paid undisclosed amount of cash to cover portion of Thome’s remaining 2009 salary of about $2.415M)”

“Jon Garland rhp ….. 1 year/$7.25M (2009), plus 2010 mutual option ….. 09:$6.25M, 10:$10M mutual option ($2.5M buyout if club declines, $1M buyout if player declines) ….. acquired by LA Dodgers in trade from Arizona 8/31/09 (Arizona to pay remaining 2009 salary and 2010 buyout)”

I don’t blame Penny but glad he’s gone and I just wish we had picked up Garland when he was a FA last year can’t wait for the ptbnl.

Hey Dodgereric ~ You are up late ~ You mean you didn’t see that coming? I remember you thinking Garland wouldn’t have been such a bad thing a while back. How are you thinking about him now?

kalih?? juan and mark are both solid players! their offense is minimal but we dont have them for their O. Castro is probably the slickest and best fielder we have and loretta can play 1b and 3b to give a break for blake or loney! belliard gives us a better bat from castro who can spell hudson a couple games during the week, and with the postseason getting closer, staying fresh and healthy is our most important key to how far we’ll go!

That’s +PTBNL player was Abreu damn.


Justin Fuller stats won’t be to upset since he’s a 11th rounds pick in 2006 but don’t know many baseball player born in Alaska.

I thought this guy was only a catcher but he’s a pitcher this year lol.


I’m hoping Kenley Jansen is our new Sandoval but he’s not showing much power but does have a 38% stolen bases ratio. Martin with a 31% this year and his career 30% probably should bring back Piazza the heck if Piazza can’t thrown no one out but at least he would have more homerun/rbi than Martin right now. Piazza need to retired in a Dodgers uniform. I knew exactly the reason why I wanted Piazza back to use him as a PH or the occasion days off when Loney need to take a rest.

Welcome to the Dodgers, Jim Thome and Jon Garland. Now, let’s go out and beat those Dbacks tonight!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!

What actually did Garland do? Walk to the other side of the dugout when they trade was announce lol

Garland is another pitcher that would give you an average of 6+ innings a starts.

I just saw the video of Andre on the Dodger site! What a great video! Is that his baby he is holding?

Welcome to the Dodgers, Jim Thome and Jon Garland.
MAY1940 – I saw the video on Andre too, and yes it is a very positive video and I love it! Two thumbs up! I still want my ETHIER BOBBLE HEAD!
I read that it might be Abreu that will be going to the D-backs???? Is that true?

Garland is a former WS champ in 2005 with the White Sox and Beilliard is one to from the 2006 Cardinals team and I was looking for Thome being on that 2005 team but he was a White Sox in 2006 just missed it by that much.

Perhaps I was too harsh with my assessment of the Waiver deals last night. This is a typical Ned move, though. It could either save him or break him, there’s really no grey area.

I’m hopeful that the moves will pay off, but there is that jittery feeling too. My gf’s brother, a White Sox fan, was a little sad to see them wave the white flag, but smirked when I told him we got Thome and Garland. That kinda colored my mood of the deal.

Hopefully Thome going from 4 AB’s a night to 1 won’t affect his game negatively. As for Garland, another arm is good, and he’s one of those guys (like Manny) I felt would end up in a Dodgers uniform one way or another.

We’ll see how this goes…

Also, with Garland switching dugouts, how long do you think it would take for the D’Backs to switch signs? Hopefully not long enough, heheheheh… mwa-hahahahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA [/evil laugh]

With the expansion of rosters there’s little concern about how the additions affect the Dodgers during the regular season. The interesting part will be when the roster needs to be selected for post-season play. You have to assume that Thome and probably Belliard will be positioned for post-season play. The question is who will then be dropped – Loretta and Castro seem the natural choices. I was never thrilled with them being our bench “strength” during the season, but my softer side wonders whether they should be dropped after contributing whatever they did during the season for a couple of latecomers. Does not seem fair, if that turns out to be the case.

I personally don’t like the trades close to a month away from playoffs. I just don’t think it’s fair for the player that has been contributing to the team’s wins to be traded to a loosing team. But hey, if he hasn’t been contributing…then trade him and bring one it that will!

Monday Morning I felt good about being 6 games up, Less “Enchanted” being 5.5 up with a dumb loss to the snakes. Perhaps I can chalk it up to wild fires affecting our starting line up, but behind it is that our Dodgers have been 500 club for months. You may discuss trades and post season rosters (its all good), but I have seen too many seasons where this talk doesn’t manifest itself but in a few games of post season or none at all. Last year the exception for the previous 20 years. I am waiting for the team chemistry to declare “We Want To Win” and then DO IT, otherwse I’m left with hope during the wait or a resignation at the end of the month that April/ May was when the Dodgers were hot. Perhaps we can dismantle the teams we need to and as we have (gnats/ ROX), then jump up a level, but those encounters are less, and each game needs to be treated as a battle. There is no easy team in September, and certainly not in October. So after tonights win, and perhaps a ROX and Gnats loss things will be a brighter blue. Thanks for letting me vent. I like the trades, but the core roster from April/ May must push to higher levels of excellence.

i understand rosters expand today, so no one will need to be taken off the roster for the rest of the seson,im curious as to how joe will set up the post season roster. its only september first, so im definitely not assuming will get there, but im confident we will.neither kuroda nor thome nor garland were on the 25 man roster as of last night. so three guys that were on our 25 man roster will need to be taken off for the post season in order to get those three put on. i would imagine that kuroda and garland come in and haeger and mcdonald come out.thatd make the most sense to me, as i feel mcdonald shouldve stayed in the minors once he blew it as our #5 guy in the beginning. as for thome coming in, i feel the guy with the least amount of value is castro. i like him, hes done well in spot starts and is a great defender, but i feel hes the least dangerous hitter on our team and a back up infielders defense wont be crucial in the post season. if my guesses are correct we’d have a solid bench with thome belliard loretta pierre and asmus and we’d have many options with our pitching. id have to think bills, kershaw, and the hottest pitcher at the time between kuroda garland and wolf would start. and if the nlcs comes up and we need a 4th starter the 2nd best of that group can start. then we’d have a legit bullpen with brox, sherill, troncoso, kuo, belisario,padilla, and weaver.

Let’s Go DODGERS! Let’s continue the road to WORLD SERIES….it’s getting closer. But we are NOT there yet! Let’s play & WIN!

Good afternoon everyone!
Welcome to the Blue Jim Thome and Jon Garland!
I am leaving a little earlier from work as I need to be at the stadium at 4:30. I will be working the table in the Top Deck recruiting people for the Blood Drive on Friday 9/11. The Dodgers will be in San Francisco but the the drive is from 3:p.m. to 9:m.
All presenting donors will receive a commemorative Dodger item and may enter a drawing to win a $1500 gift card and be honored as Blood Donor of the Game at one of the Dodger home games during the season. Yes, I will also signup.

For what little it cost them, Thome’s a good pick-up and potentially a great one if they can make it to the series and need a true DH.

Garland’s a rather curious pick-up. He has more experience, but he’s no better than Haeger or Padilla for that matter. And $10 million’s far more than he’s worth to pick up his option for next season.

I surmize we’ll go with 11 pitchers in the playoffs, so Thome and Belliard aren’t really booting anybody.

Good Afternoon ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue……
I would like to express my condolances to the fallen Hero’s in the aftermath of these wildfires. My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and thier familie’s. I would also like to say thank’s to all the men and women who put thier lives not only on hold but in jeapordy to protect not only us and our families but our property and land as well.
I am so….glad to hear that the Furcal family and thier property are safe…..:-)
Welcome to the newest members of the greatest organization in all of baseball. Mr. Thome…Mr Belliard…and Mr Garland. Fine job Mr Colletti and Crew!!!! Lets make The Best Of Our Oppourtunity Gentlemen….
My ice cream is melting so…….
Enjoy tonights game everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

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