Weekend in Cincy

What a huge win yesterday was in Denver. First-place ice cream for the front office in just about an hour (sorry to rub it in). But one hour after that, at 4 p.m., we start the three-game set against the Reds and Dusty Baker.

The team can’t afford any let downs just because we’re outside our division. And they can certainly use everyone’s support during the final month of the season, which kicks off with this homestand starting Monday.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Billingsley, P

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Thanks JOSH…. I will go out and have some ice cream myself aswell. It is over 100 degrees out here in Riverside, Ca so ice cream sound sooooo good. There should be no Let downs for the months of September & October and oh yeah for the last days of August! ENJOY YOUR ICE CREAM and we ALL SCREAM….LET’S GOOOOO DODGERS!


Nice lineup. Now let’s quit babying these pitchers and ahve them throw 115-120 pitches for a change and give the poor bullpen a little rest.

ice cream doesnt sound bad it was 104 degrees here in moreno valley yesterday and probably in the 90s again today. Its going to be an interesting series between the rockies and giants and we should beat up on the reds since we always do.

Move everyone up one in the line-up and put Furcal 8th and its a stronger order. Ferk just doesn’t have it this year, and may never have it again as a base stealer. He’s strictly a pedestrian .250 hitter whom JoJo refuses to face reality with.

I’d actually like to see Kemp batting leadoff scott. Worked great during last years September run. .300 hitter with some big pop and definite base stealing ability. Hudson though would be my 2nd choice. Ferk just doesn’t have the tools anymore. This Gordon kid they’ve got in the low minors sounds like a pretty good prospect (69 SB.) Maybe he’ll make it up the ranks and be ready for SS and leadoff by the time Ferk’s contract is up.

Hey JPD, I have no problem with switching Ferk and Hudson…

JPD & Scott ~ all you have to do is let Joe know we want the switch and, it gets done! Afterall, he did move Matt up in the lineup.

I wonder what are record would had been like if Hudson was leading off. Kemp batting 2nd, Martin 7th, Furcal 8th. I think 10 to 15 more wins.

I want Joe to pick something and stay with it for crying out loud and stop resting 25 year old players in the prime of their lives!!!
If a player is not hurt or nursing an injury or totally sucking, then he plays, dang it!
And if a player is pitching a freaking shutout, you leave him in – I don’t care if he’s 5 years old!!!

Good points of course, JPD.

Ouch the Angels are #1 with risp/risp and #4 with the bases loaded and we have a batting average at .224 tied with the Cards and Philly has a .226 with risp/2 outs that a freaking joke and these suppose to be the 3 teams that lead in each division. We must be #1 in lob with risp/2 outs but with the bases loaded .271 weird.

Of course the Angels are the #1 hitting team in the league with a .289 just freaking crazy and everyone of there regular are hitting over .300.

don’t forget shad, that the Angels picked the right Weaver, Aybar, and Izturiz brothers and our beloved Dodgers routinely pick the wrong one.

Actually that 2nd risp should’ve been risp with 2 outs.

hahahahaha yeah they did lol

The Angels are also trying to get Kasmir.

In 1920, Leon Cadore of the Dodgers pitched a game on May 1st that went 26 innings and ended tied 1-1 and Cadore pitched the entire 26 innings, and we baby todays kids.

I just love how are team batting average is .274 and Martin, Furcal and even Loney is having a dissapoint season so far but are obp/slg/ops is a lot better this year than last year.

TB is only 3.5 games out of the wild card? Did they really give up?

oops disappointment

Hi Everybody
I don’t expect any let down because the Dodgers just play the same no matter what the situation is but I just hope we get as many wins as possible from here on in.
I’d say nobody feels the pressure like we do, the fans, especially those who predict the big positive results.
GO DODGERS^^^^^^^^

blah moved Furcal to bat 8th.

Furcal is so bad. Its great the hes getting paid 11 M to do absolutley nothing

What was his Cadore PC back than?

lol Furcal hasn’t stolen a bases in 27 games. The reason why he should bat 8. Furcal always played the first year of his contract not producing much.

n/m Furcal was good the first 3 years contract. I bet he’s playing hurt or haven’t recover from last year.

Manny is so bad right now too

Ned and long term contracts dont generally work out well

This team needs to address some serious holes during the offseason and I sure don’t want Ned to be the one to do it.

First and foremost on the list is a catcher than can play some serious D and hit a little. We need a Yeager that can call a great game, handle a pitching staff young, old, or knuckleballer, and can hit about .250 with 10-15 HR. I’d even take less HR and BA if he could throw like Steve-O.

I’m getting tired of seeing Manny k’s.

Always a good thing to get there best hitter out but don’t like that Bills threw so many pitches to Stubbs when he had him 0-2.

They also need to start dealing some prospects for some pitching. Hard to deal DeWitt when he’s the only viable replacement for Blake when he breaks down next year or the year after, but guys like Hu, McDonald, Abreu, Stults and the like may be able to be packaged with J. Martin for something.

And the next GM HAS GOT to do something so we don’t have a bench of JP, Ausmus, Castro and Loretta. That’s just pathetic.

Now I see we can’t even hit the dreaded Homer Bailey.

It look like Bailey going to behind on player all day.

herher – are you new or is it a name change? If you’re new, welcome to ITD!!

That’s how you hit with risp with 2 outs

Thanks, does anyone think martin can turn it around next year?

They always seem they can do it but something tell me Martin on something to.

I would like to see Martin turn it around this year or trade him for a good pitcher.

lol that was a Chick Hearn expression that I got my hand in the cookle jar and Gomes got a bad jump

Boblee did you see my question I was wonder what was his PC back than?

I hate this guys getting ahead of the count and can’t do anything about it.

Herher ~ I also want to welcome you to ITD and hope you enjoy the gang.

Why would you think that we can get a good pitcher for Martin. It seems like only Torre likes him, but I doubt that any GM would give much for Martin the way he has declined over just the couple of years he’s been around.

Furcal is just so bad. Maybe hell get lost in Cincinnati

We need some help from Martin And Furcal.

And maybe trade Furcal along with Martin. What a dissapointment.

These are the little things that kill me.
1st inning-Furcal 2 pitches and flies out.
Lead off hitter and only looks at two pitches.

3rd inning- Orland Hudson 2-0 count and swings away.
So that he can ground out to second base.
Why doesn’t he work the count. Possibility he walks and Chad can bunt him order.

3rd inning- Rafael Strikes out like a fool!

Didn’t the Dodgers scout this pitcher!!!!!!!!!
He doesn’t not pitch pass the 5th inning, the deeper he goes in the game, the higher his ERA.

When Martin is a FA he’s going to signed with the Mets. It just a moment of time.

Hey shad, just averaging 7 to 10 pitches would have been at least 150 + pitches.

Its not even worth watching when furcal and martin are up, they get out every damn time. Bring up Hu, hes hot

Martin started backsliding last year, but this year he’s just dreadful. Even when he gets a little something going he can’t sustain it. I’d trade him and let him see if he can comeback with some other team rather than see him stink up another year here. Better one year too soon than too late, although that ship may have already sailed.

Can anyone tell me why JoJo insists on Furcal leading off. He’s even worse than JP.

Urgh you had him 1-2 and lost him gosh damn it

I’d take Hector Luna

I was given a book yesterday by my son in Philadelphia for my birthday which was an Illustrated History of the Dodgers. Very nice, 290 pages and will be doing a lot of evening reading.

Billingsley also looks to be on his A game today

Bear – I’m hoping for a #3 or #4 – best you could get for Martin and a couple of older prospects – maybe some small market team trying to dump salary?

I’ve a question – does anybody think Ned lands another GM job if Frank lets him go after this season?

Walks come back to haunt us everytime.

thanks for hustling for that bunt Looney.
Maybe next time you can get down the linge faster, to create a play at second base.
The guy running was heavy and slow.
These dodgers don’t look to hungry…
Bills doesnt not look dominant at all…

I hope they looking at these 2 outs hits damn walk


Urgh let Odog have that catch

JPD ~ The Giants would love to have Ned! They think he is a miracle worker.

Get Weaver up

Billz sucks tonight!!

I’m not far from wanting to trade Billz too. He should be a helluva lot better this year than he is.

Is the Mets tired of Omar?

bills needs some time off… hopefully he can get that when the rosters expand….

Martin looks lazy.
What’s that two pass balls already.
Get that body in front of the ball………

I can’t remember the last time BILZ looked this bad.

I’m thinking many of the young guns are overrated. Only ones I see playing up to their potential and taking the next step are Dre, Kemp and maybe Brox.

Bills-60 pitches 3 innings. If bills went that 22 inning game, he would of had 440 pitches.

No those was wild pitches

Ouch 440.

to be honest… I think bills is trying to be brad penny… great first half crappy second half… we need to trade him and loney this offseason…

Criminy, they can’t even hit Homer Bailey. I gurantee this team gets stomped by either St. Louis or Philly – if they even make it to the playoffs at all.

Has anybody noticed that in this game we have one hit and we totally stink. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Thats par for the course for Bills, every year good 1st half, lousy 2nd half.

Home (2009) 7.13 1 2 0 0 6 6 0 35.1 32 28 28 6 18 23 .250
vs. LAD (2009) 20.25 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 2.2 8 9 6 1 2 0 .533
August (2009) 6.75 1 2 0 0 5 5 0 24.0 30 19 18 4 10 14 .313

good lord its time for casey to sit down… that was a terrible at bat

I just can’t figure this team out. Are they overconfident? Do they think that all they have to do is show up? They’ll play 6-7 innings of crap baseball, then try and get it together in the 8th and 9th.

They play with all the personality of their manager, and the temperment of the GM – the, we’ll get what we need later philosophy.

I really hope that when the rosters expand, we let Ellis play some games and see what he can do at the major league level. I think he ought to be able to match up with Martin. Of course, Torre for some reason thinks that Martin is just fine. The only way to fix that is to trade Martin in the off-season, so Torre doesn’t have that option again next year.
As far as Loney goes, I really wish we would have pulled off that deal for Gonzalez – I think that Loney is still OK and may come around with some power, but Gonzalez has already arrived there.

Sometimes I wonder how many games KEMP has saved for us with his defense.

Urgh don’t walk the pitcher

Bailey did have something like 200+ in 91 innings in HS but I hoping we can’t get him in this innings. The major aren’t nothing like HS.

that’s 200+ k’s. oops that can not can’t

Its like the friggin dance of the living dead.

This is getting rediciously to watch this game.

SHAD: Proof-read your post before you submit them.

2 pitches 2 outs come on another 1 pitch 1 out.

Well tha one was waste and yeah I type to fast and forget to proofread them


When was the last time Bills had a CG?

With Bills 4 walks tonight, he has a total of 71 walks and now moved into 4th places on the walks listed.

Aside from Kershaw, this is one of the worse outings any of our starters have had in a while.

Dang Furcal I would take that hbp

That 2-1 pitch wasn’t a strike good start Furcal.

Obviously Bills doesn’t have his best stuff tonight. Hopefully he can gut out one more inning and we can get back into this thing.

lol at that Furcal getting fisky comment

Come Kemp you do have one homerun against him

I wanted a double there let’s get the 3 runs homeruns to tied it up.

cmon dre big hit here son

Ethier just miss that pitch to be crush.

Urgh that look like ball 4 damn

Ok, cmon casey lets not blow this

Can we clone 9 Kemps?

Nice, guy on 2nd no out, cant even move him to third, thats so excellent!!!

We sure suck when it comes to driving in runners on base.

I wanted those guys in the Angels that can hit with risp.

Blow opp and now down 4-0


Furcal need to be drop if he’s not going to try to steal a base.

Shad ~ That was definitely ball 4, to bad he swung. We might have gotten a run on Manny’s fly ball.

I see where the Angels are trying to get Kazmir from TB. I don’t know what Kazmir is worth, but why do all the other teams go out and get what they think they need, and Ned sucks his thumb. I sure hope he’s gone at the end of this season.

I hope Billingsley was feeling O.K. and this was just a bad outing. You almost have to give him credit for going 5 and only giving up 4 runs, since he definitely wasn’t himself.


I don’t understand why TB is trading Kazmir when they only 3.5 games out of the Wild Card.

Of all the teams potentially going to the playoffs, ours is one of the most talented, and THE most unintimidating.

Were making homer bailey look like Cy Young

oldbrooklynfan ~ I think it was just one of those games for Bills. What’s getting me is that the Dodgers are getting shut out.

I wanted that hit in the last inning.

I heard that about Kazmir too. The Giants are interested in Penny. I think they signed another pitcher today off the waiver wire but can’t remember who it is.

Bailey got potential but not with Baker coaching them. Bailey does have CY potental candiate with another team. He’s is a 1st round pick

It was over 100 degrees here in Chatsworth and this morning at 6:30 when I left home there was so much smoke from Monrovia, Arcadia, Pasadena and La Canada from all those fires. I feel for the firefighters having to battle those fires.
I just came in to check the blog as i am still at work. Anyway, isn’t ironic that in the “You might be interest in”, it shows “Schmidt Returns” from this blog.
What is going on? why are losing?

With a 6.38 ERA, hes only Cy against us!

Hoffman was claimed by the gnats today.


If Bailey even get his potential that make him a good pitcher in high school and college than he would be one soon.

lmao 29% with runs scored via hr ouch

Thanks, dodger4life. At least Hoffman is back with his former manager. I’m in a major time warp again!!!!

I bet the same team say the same ******* **** with Wolf. Wow we have chick hearns calling this game?

It looks like the one thing that Homer Bailey has done so far tonight is make the right pitches at the right time.

Bailey’s a freakin 3rd rate pitcher on a 2nd rate team with an ERA over 6. Getting nothing off of him with 2 on, no outs and your 3-4-5 hitters up is just pathetic. Getting nothing over 7 innings should tell you something – your hitting just plain stinks. Its not like they’ve been ripping the cover off of anybody. Only reason they’ve won a couple lately is because the pitching for the most part has been superior. A bad outing like tonight and the games lost from the get go.

Honestly next year if JoJo and Ned are still at the helm, I can’t see any better than a .500 team. That’s about all they were last year, and that’s all they’ve been since June/July this year.

That was scary watching Manny catch that ball.

Come guys, RALLY TIME!!!

lmao this gotten to be the inning. Nice bunt single.

Nice bunt Raffy!!!

Why the Giants wanted Hoffman when they have no offense? It doesn’t matter Bailey was drafted high for the Reds is was a moment of time he was going to show his potential tonight. If he was pitching for the Cards he would put another Joel Pinero with help with Duncan.

Come on Manny. BIG TIME!!!!!

Bailey so far has done everything the scouts say he has to do to beat the Dodgers.
All we can hope for is a mistake or he tires.

Damn! That pitch to Blake looked outside.

Let’s give credit were credit and I’m surprise he let Bailey work out of that inning and surely there no excuses to make that pitcher tomorrow night a CY.

I don’t blame Baker for leaving Bailey in since he was not tired there was no reason to relive him.

Did the Angels get Kazmir?

The Reds did have a 4 games winning streak going.

At least are relievers are pitching great tonight.

They getting hit with 2 outs like it was easy and we can’t do jack and blah Mota.

Get Janish out Mota

Nice job Mota

Wow that James McDonald cousin playing for the Reds. lmao 47-0 and this Reds team is not good.

Don’t forget the Reds are not playing under any pressure, they’re out of the race, so they’ll be loose and that makes them play better.

L O N E Y needs only one more for double digets.

Alright Loney!! Wake us up!

Urgh wish we had that homerun with runners on base.

lol at the Sweeney useless PH.

This is all we can ask for GO Kemp

We need a 3 runs homerun from Kemp and I heard this is Cordero 4 games in a row.

Urgh another ball 4

Come on clutch Ethier

lol a shallow his toothpick

Very poor AB by Ethier. Manny looks worse.

Just put the ball in play Ramirez.

**** that steriod abuse let Pierre start


Ramirez – highly overpaid and he SUCKS!

Cordero 54 pitches in 3 games tonight and another 29 pitches damn Baker going to blow his arm out.

oldbrooklynfan ~ That strike out WP to Either was pay back for Mickey Owen 1941.


I want his contract revoke to extended Ethier and Kemp contract

It seems lately Manny has been taking a lot of called third strikes. On a positive note: Furcal had three hits, maybe that will get him going, and Loney now has 2 homers in 3 games, maybe it’s the beginning of a power surge.

One thing I don’t like is after the Dodgers beat the Giants 2 out of 3 in SF they lost the next 2 series. Now they win a tough series in Col. and start this series with a loss. I hope they’re not about to lose this series.

No, truebluewill, only if we won the game would I consider that strike out pass ball counting against the ’41 job.

It’s good to see Russell back up to the .260 mark and Furcal is close by.
Loney’s 9th HR is very satisfying, I was worried about that, now he just needs one more for double digits

Your right oldbrooklynfan. It’s just that every time I see that play, I always think of the 1941 WS.


I just hope the Rockies lose.

Dang another walk off homerun for the Yankees.

That’s terrible first pitch from Bergmann coming into the 9th innings and what does he do? He give up a game winning homerun to Pujols wow that suck.

Gosh dback why could you scored that many run in the first 2 game against the SF. You can easy taken 2 out of 3 games and should had in the first place.


J Uribe doubled to catcher.

I always love this one damn Giants screwing up and wow that posted was late.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

We had our chances throughout the game to score runs and didn’t. What happened in the 9th inning would have been great if it would have ended in a win, but we shouldn’t have to get to that point in every game. It’s the opportunities lost in the previous 8 innings that are frustrating at times. However, there are two more games, and our goal needs to be to keep winning the series. If we continue to do that, we should be good to go.

I believe jhall was going to try and go to a game in this series. Hopefully, it wasn’t this one.

Nelly I have seen jhall’s profrile on FB and I watched today’s game. I didn’t see him…LOL!!!!

* profile picture

Dodger4life – that blue and while picture and the hair would be hard to find – LMAO!!!!!

This got to be a salary dump don’t know why TB would do this? I don’t understand why TB would do this consider that they robbed the Mets big time and they trade Jackson to Detriot and Is not like TB was out of the playoff hunt and they were only 3.5 games back from the WC

This was another steal for the team that got Kazmir first TB and now the Angels unbelieveable. I guess Lackey won’t be back with the Angels hopefully we signed him next year.

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP)—Scott Kazmir(notes) was traded from the Tampa Bay Rays to the Los Angeles Angels on Friday night, giving the AL West leaders a major boost to their unsteady rotation.

The Angels acquired Kazmir, a two-time All-Star, for two minor leaguers and a player to be named. The left-hander was 8-7 with a 5.92 ERA this season for the defending AL champion Rays.

Tampa Bay receives left-hander Alex Torres and third baseman Matt Sweeney in the deal.

Kazmir value must’ve been very low. Kazmir for Hu + Stultz? I would not even do that.

That’s the one Nelly the white cut out with the blue background…..I should know him when I see him. He should stick right out…LMAO!!!!

Good Job Giants now we have to win the rest of the game and have to stop worry about these 2 teams.

LMAO!!!!! Dodger4life – I will definitely have to look out for him tomorrow then.

Tomko got rocked tonight. The A’s were winning 6-1, and it’s now 11-6 Angels.


Tomko was pitching very well and hate to say this but the Angels are a great hitting team and like I posted those risp and risp with 2 outs are very impressive stats.

I heard about my boys in blue. Manny struck out leaving the bases loaded, and once again had the appourtunity to be a to make something big happened.
Since Manny got hit by that baseball on his hand, he has been so out of whack! What happend to the old Manny that would work the count. He swings at the very first pitch he sees.
This Dodger team is in big trouble, they do not have that confidince, that they had early in the year. Everyone is pressing to damn much.
Even Andrew is swinging at pitches out of the zone, because he knows Manny is not dependable any more.

I can’t sleep.
I keep visualizing Eitherswinging at ball 4 in the 6th inning with no outs and two men on.
Then Manny being the low ball hitter that he is, cant connect in that same inning. Upper cuts a low fastball.

Then in the 9th inning, Either swings at a pitch that is about to hit his feet. Because he like all other dodgers hitters, do not have any faith in Manny. So they all think that they need to do step it up, since Manny can’t hit.

Move Furcal to the 8th spot.
Sit Marting down.

Give Furcal some rest.

We came up a little short once again…..Shake and Bake Time Boy’s……….
Get Over It…..The Eagles
Nobody is promised tomorrow….. Nobody!!!!!
Sieze the day!!!!! This is the time!!!!
It has been a long time since we Rock and Rolled…….
Oye Como Va…….My Rythym Is Good For Partying!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless Everyone…..

Figured Manny would be skewered here in ITD land, but Manny will hit. There’s a month to go. He’ll hit.

The Dodgers have seemed to enjoy a flair for the dramatic over the course of the team’s career. No great dramatic story holds a person’s interest without a low point.

For this reason, I agree with Kahli that Manny will come back. Now that it isn’t coming easy for him, it’s only going to make him hungrier. Maybe if Joe gets to the point where Manny’s riding pine for Juanpy, that’ll spark his desire to do great (while praising Juan Pierre all the while, of course).

It likely won’t come to that, but Joe might remember the team’s production with Juanpy (mainly the first half of his 50 games in the sun), and look at our horrible, reprehensible, subhuman record of 2 games over .500 since Manny’s vacation ended.

Whatever the case may be, Manny is not going to be content with his current status. When he stops trying to prove that he’s as great without “Potassium Gum” as he was with it, he’ll be back.

Because, of course, nobody ever finds anything worthwhile until they stop looking.

Pretty lackluster last night. I guess it is not a total surprise after the intensity of the series in Denver, but I expected a little more than that.
Plaschke brings up some interesting points this morning.
I also think Manny will hit. Obviously something is not right, but the Rocks are not quite breathing down our neck now, so there is a bit of time to figure it out. I think he is to good a hitter to completely disappear.

I’m sure we will make it to the playoffs with or without Manny*roid contributing, but I don’t expect us to do much against teams like the Cards or the Phils. As the last couple of months record indicates, we’re not a very good team overall, and we don’t have that solid #1 and #2 pitcher to make it interesting. When Wolf is your best pitcher, which he has been this last month or so, don’t expect to go very far in October.

What really irritates me is how other teams in need are able to pick up a Lee and a Kazmir for very or no impact on their current team, but Ned presumably has to sit tight because Frank is tapped out on his money line. How I wish that miserable f’er never owned our team. “Parking Lot Attendant” my foot – he should be buried in the cement of one of his parking lots.

The Dodgers have been a strange team lately. After losing the first game against the Rockies, it looked like they could have been swept and wind up being tied with them. They bounced back and won the last two games to increase their first place lead. Now they’re starting a stretch of games against week teams, with a chance to pad their lead. So what do they do. Lose a game they should have won. Sometimes I don’t know which Dodger team we’re going to get. I hope it’s the one that when their backs are against the wall they come through and win the games they have to.

Here’s hoping today has a better outcome. GO DODGERS!!!!!

Truebluewill also touched on something interesting. I’ve been wondering if this team is similar to the ’81 group in that they might not start to play until they are backed into a corner.

Let’s go Blue! We should be able to beat up on Maloney – 0-2, 6.11 ERA, 18 hits given up, 6 of which are HR’s. Let’s thrash him, especially in that tiny park!

The problem isn’t that a team is going to have a slump during the season, its when they have their slump.

Case in point, look at the Angels. They had theirs at the start of the season. Point 2 – almost to a man the Dodgers are more talented than the Angels. The difference is that Scioscia gets everything he can out of the talent they possess. Torre doesn’t. You might say that JoJo can’t swing the bat or make the pitch for them, but he should be maximizing their potential. They don’t need old grandad leaning against a rail saying its just one game we’ll get ’em tomorrow, they need someone that can motivate them to push past their boundries. Joe can’t even motivate them to play 9 freakin innings. Look at last night’s game – they played 1 inning with intensity. They even play half a game with that intensity they probably win. Its rediculous night after night to see them have one good inning and go into a shell, or wait until the 8th and 9th to realize they’re even playing a game.

I don’t think Loney and maybe even Martin would be regressing if they had a different manager. And Kemp and Dre would be progressing faster. You want someone to manage personalities, hire Joe as your clubhouse man. You want someone that can motivate and manage a team and manage in-game, get someone else because Joe’s an abysmal failure.

JPD ~ I’ll add to your case in point: when is Joe going to realize that Furcal is not our lead-off man? Look at how long it took him to move Russell down in the lineup. Look at how long it took him to move Matt up in the lineup. Taking one of our best hitters (Matt) and batting him 7th or 8th is idiotic. If Matt had been batting higher in the lineup earlier, we may have won far more games and not had the Rockies and the pathetic Giants breathing down our necks!

Granted Tru – Kemp should’ve been getting the extra AB per game that he missed out on batting 7th and 8th, but with the talent this team possesses, they should have a 10-12 game lead even with Joe’s inane batting orders. I guarantee if Sciosia or someone like him managed this team, they have that lead because they’d push them to strive past their limits. One only has to harken back to the “wonderful” motivational speech Joe gave the very beginning of spring training. If I’d have been a player hearing that it would’ve motivated me to jump off the nearest overpass at rush hour.

What this team is in serious lack of is a leader. Joe just needs a retirement home.

I agree with you 100%, JPD. I’ve always had visions of Sciosia being our manager.

Arte Moreno and his assembled management team have balls and money to back up their decisions – Frank and his team have neither.

No balls, no glory!

Hey, Howzitgoin’ Everybody!
Well no harm done, we’re still 4 up on the Rox and 6 on the Giants.
Tough game last night but we just have to turn the page and get ready for Charlie Haeger and his knuckler.
I’ll be following the game through Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday as I usually do on Saturday afternoon.

M A N N Y finally, it’s been a while.

oldbrooklynfan ~ How are you doing? Hopefully we can get the offense going today.

As I’m typing Manny just blasted one! WTG

Yes, it’s good to hear Manny blast one, we need help from everyone, Hi Truebluewill.

Good start by Haeger. He’s throwing the knuckler for strikes.

Nice for AUSMUS to put one in playand getting the run in.

Seems like we got some help from Votto.
Nice going RAFFY.

4 hits in the inning, looks like they are taken some advantage of Matt Maloney.

Alright!! Sacrifice bunt and sacrifice fly, for once the Dodgers showed good fundamentals that inning. I would like to see that more often.

Good to get those runs in now, before maybe Maloney settles down, as they usually do.

oldbrooklynfan ~ This could be our break out game. Hopefully they’ll make a habit of this.

Did you hear Oisk is at the game today.

Yes old Oisk is there, I heard them.
One of my favorites.

Good afternoon everyone!
Hey Oldbrooklynfan! Oisk is at the game!

How’re ya Doin’ Emma.

Nothing unusual, the opposing pitcher finally gets started, I’m glad we got those 4 runs across the board.

Hearing Oisk is at Great American Ballpark brought a smile to my face. We got lots of fires here in Southern Cal. I really need to get ready to go to a party later on today and still need a birthday card.

Looks like that knuckler is hanging up for these guys to slam them out.

I guess it’s still time for Weaver to get warmed up.

Those fires in Southern Cal, seem to happen a lot.

It’s time to take Haeger out of there.

Boy did Haeger lose it in a hurry.

I knew about 2 batters ago, that Haeger was on the ropes.
The knuckler probably wasn’t moving the way it should and that makes it a good BP pitch.
Well it looks like we have to start all over again.

I figured that it would be hard for Haeger to repeat those 7 inning start GEMS a third time in a row.

Let’s hope it is not back to the drawing board for Haeger and just one of those days, especially on a day the Dodger offense seems to have some life. Unfortunately if follows “one of those days” for Billingsley. I still have an issue with knuckleballers.

Speaking of Carl Erskine, I had the pleasure of meeting him at Dodger adult fantasy camp when I attended and was lucky enough to play on his team. I was so impressed with him as a person. He was just great. I have a lot of respect for him.

I hope Weaver can hold them off.

I hope Maloney doesn’t just settle down now as some many starters do against the Dodgers after a rough start.

I met Erskine once in Prospect Park when the Brooklyn Dodger Hall of Fame, was first located there.

No No I’m sorry that was at the Brooklyn Public Library, not Prospect Park.

What do you know, a home run with nobody on base. I will take it.

lbirken ~ I had the same experience with Carl Erskine a couple of years ago at an autograph show. Unlike a lot of players, who just sign with their heads down not acknowledging the fans, he was warm and friendly and chatted with me for a few minutes. He’s really a great person.

Alright Raffy!!!! That’ the way to heat up!!!!

I hope that the Dodgers can get back at Maloney, they do as we all know have trouble doing that when an opposing pitcher settles down after a rough start.

Weaver should hold the fort until at least the 6th, before the short relievers take over.
O.K. RAFFY nice shot.

They better get somebody up, Weaver doesn’t look too good right now.

That’s usually the Dodger pattern. Pitching good-Hitting bad, Hitting good- Pitching bad.

So much for the notion the schedule favors the Dodgers because they face so many teams with losing records. Someone forgot to tell the Reds.

The trouble is we have to accept it, we have no choice.
Hope Weaver can get out of this.

I don’t go for that easy schedule thing, many teams play better when they’re not going anywhere.

Looks good so far, 2 out.

Nice going JEFF.
We know how the Reds ran feel.
Now lets hope Maloney, makes some more mistakes.

Crap, we hate having a lead today! The pitching the past two days has really sucked. We have the hitting, somewhat, today and, the pitching is letting us down.

Weaver and the boys dodged a bullet. Let’s hope they wake up and get this thing under control.

That should read.
We know how the Reds fans feel, the Dodgers are famous for not scoring with the bases loaded and nobody out. Did it many times.


ibirken ~ we sure did dodge a bullet!

Loretta should have bunted the runners over.
What the f… is Torre thinking.
He need all the runs we can get.
Poor play calling by Mr. Torre.

Anyone else want to agree with me????????????

Weaver walks the tight rope and gets to the other side!!! Great job!!!

lbirken ~ Your comment about the schedule favoring the Dodgers because they face so many teams with losing records, reminds me of 1969. On Sept. 4th the Dodgers were in 2nd place 1 game out of first going to San Diego to play the first year expansion Padres, who only won 52 games that year. They swept the Dodgers 4 straight. So much for easy schedule.

Who was the guy, that decided that if a man is on 2nd base he is considered in “scoring position”?

I have an idea. Why not start the inning with runners on first and second with two outs. That way the game would move much faster with a lot less wear and tear on everyone. Nothing much seems to happen anyway.

This is anybody’s game, gang.

I admit most of our comments are out of frustration. None of us could do what these guys do on a day in and day out basis and because they make it look so easy most of the time we expect them to deliver most of the time. But for crying out loud, I would accept some of the time.

I once read somebody said that the best way to stop the Dodgers was to put a man on second before the inning starts.

carcyn ~ I agree. If Loretta sacrifices sucessfully, Kemp doesn’t get picked off and the Reds have to play the infield in. They were already ahead by a run they could of made something happen there.

So much for tight rope walking for Mr. Weaver. I suppose he did the best he could.

I notice according to the comments many people get excited when there are runners on base.
I never do until someone knock them in.

Odoooooooog!!!!! Great Play!!!!!

Joe Pierre, you used to be so optomisitic. I can’t imagine what happened to change that.

I swear, I saw Kemp in the batters box with 2 on, I started whistling the Clash riff that’s sampled in Paper Planes, and he hit the homer.

I had a feeling that he’d just feed off of the positive and knock it out right then. Now let’s hope the BP holds, and perhaps the Dodgers should save some runs for tomorrow.

Remember when we all wanted Dusty Baker as the Dodger manager some years back. His image as a manager sure has been tarnished. Sure loved him as a player.

I met Oisk at Dodger Stadium and he just seems like such a likeable friendly person that I became a fan of his. I have read his book and saw him at Dodger Stadium for an Opening game when he played the harmonica also at the Coliseum in 2008. Oh yeah also at the Rose Bowl when the Dodgers had the Dodgers float. I missed getting his autograph but I bought his autographed baseball at the stadium.

It looks like ODAWG is saving this game.

I may not feel excited when the Dodgers have runners on base, but I get nervous when the other team does.

ATTA WAY TO GO PIERRE. my name sake.

I guess this is what some people expect when we play a sub-.500 team.

MATT’s 20th HR.

Thanks for the gifts Dusty.

I was having trouble getting my last comment through so here it is OOOOOOOOOODAWGG.

Now the most important thing to do is get some red OUTS.

Way to go Dodgers…..now we have some breathing room!

WTG Matty!!!!! Now the Reds are playing like a weak team.

11-4, 8th inning ,looks good.

Odoooooog !!!!! Doing it with the bat and the glove!!!

Well, this is a great inning!!! I was not too happy to see certain players out of the lineup, but I was okay with it after a while. Then to see Andre come up and get the lead off double to get this 5 run rally going and then Matt to top it off with the 3 run home run was just fantastic. I am typing this as O-Dog gets a homerun for himself. I sure hope jhall is there to see this game. That would be great!!!!


6 Red outs to go.

Torre take notes Owings is a great hitting pitcher and Baker isn’t scare to used him in a PH spot.

Pierre is ineligible for the batting crown since he’s not playing everyday and loses official plate appearances, I wonder what he thinks about that.

Steiner is counting the chicks before the eggs hatch, he’s already given Weaver the win.
3 Red OUTS to go.

Joe Pierre, judging by so many past discussions around I am not sure too many people care what JP thinks. Kudos to him for making the most of the playing time he has received and for his last few pinch hitting assignments.

I meant “around here”.

I’m glad Belisario pitch another innings didn’t want to see another pitcher in that inning.

Ah! But it looks good.

Nice let’s Belisario finished it. Praying for a 3 pitches to the 9th innings.

I was thinking of what Pierre was thinking, not what people “around here” think.

Brennamen and Karros were saying the JP is the most valuable player on this ball club. Now, for the time he replaced Manny, yes…………I will give him that, but give me a frickin’ break! He is not the mvp for this ball club now. He isn’t even the mvp for this game. Yes, he batted well and drove in a couple of runs, but my goodness. Can we not talk about him like he is the savior on this team every time he plays.

I think Hanley Ramirez going to win that batting title .366 as long that Sandoval with his .331 doesn’t win it.

Give Nellyjune a “BREAK”.

Well damn I was hoping for the 3rd innings rare save for Belisario since Torre let him hit but guess not.

2 to go.

I heard that too, NellyJune, and, almost lost my lunch! Meanwhile, no frickin’ team out there wants his highly overpaid contract, do they?!!!

1 left.


Thank you oldbrooklynfan!!! How are you doing? With the start of the school year, I haven’t been on much, but things are starting to settle down somewhat so I will begin to be on during games and late night more often. In my new class this year, I have two Joseph’s (one goes by Joey and one Joseph) and a Joel (pronounced as if it rhymes with Noel). I also have an Eric this year, and they are all sweet boys.


What are Charlie & Mo talking about? Of course you want the lead over the 2nd place team to be larger then the lead over the third place team.

I think Wolf would get career win #100 and a couple of more win and it would be nice if both of those players get career win #100 this season. Padilla is only 5 wins away from that milestone.

Great game by the Dodgers. Did anyone realize 6.2 innings scoreless innings by the bullpen. Great job!

Now what will happen next? Will we continue to score runs in bunches or will we go back to 2 or 3 runs a game?

The boys finally turned this one around today. Let the Rockies and Giants stew on this one because one of those teams is going to lose some ground today no matter what!

Great win after a frustrating game last night. On Mannys last at bat at night, I think he is thinking way too much at the plate and not being Manny. It was good to see him get the team going today.

As for Haeger, I would like to see him get another chance, he has been a pleasant surprise…Great job by Weaver and the BP boys…they are awesome…

Lbirken, like you, I had the pleasure of playing with Erskine at Fantasy camp in 04 and spend 3 more camps. He is truly a gentleman and he will always stop and talk to you and tell good stories. One of the nicest people you will ever meet. Branca is the same and Clem Labine was also.

I tell you who is also a riot and great guy, Joe Pignatano, he is a blast…

i cannot wait to win tomorrow!!!

Nelly, my wifes 1st week went great…she loves teaching so far (it is early), I think she has found her passion!!!

Teacher Rock!!!!

Great job by the bullpen! Jeff Weaver gets career win #99

I was just watching extra inning and they was alot of Mets played that was horrible just about their horrible season.

Life of the knuckleballer – two good games and one lousy one… and Weaver’s the damnedest pitcher I can recall getting himeself out of bases loaded no out jams… and its nice to see what the boys can do when they decide to play most of a 9 inning game.

My sincerest wish is for JP to continue hitting .320-.330 this year and hope that somebody will want him with only two years left on his contract, preferably the Giants.

That would warm my cold cold heart.
Yes, I do have one.

LMAO!!!! The Grinch of ITD? jpd – That was pretty impressive how Weaver got out of that 0 out, bases loaded inning, and our bullpen did their job well today too. ……….and yes, JP is doing a fine job in the role he is in on the Dodgers, and I would love to see him playing for another team next year.

I see Lee is finally having an awful game vs Braves today.

SF is leading 2-0

Wow the Yankees are interested in Penny not a surprise at all.

Wow the Dback is spanking the Astros in those last 2 games. Wow the Dback scored 34 runs and given up 7 in the last 3 games.

Thanks for all the memory Gonzo.

The Giants almost blew another game.

Did Jeff Kent really get cheer in SF? I guess it was the uniform that did it lol.

Andrew Bailey pitching for Oakland OAK LAA
A Bailey relieved M Wuertz. 4 3
H Kendrick bunt grounded out to pitcher. 4 3
C Figgins reached on infield single to shortstop. 4 3
B Abreu flied out to left, C Figgins thrown out at second. 4 3

Wow that was a stupid way to end the game

We need a win today and they 7 of the next 10 with Arizona (7 Games) and San Diego (3 games) to put some distance between us and the 2nd place team (either SF or the Rocs) and I’ll breath better.

GO DODGERS!!!! One more game to take from the Reds and then we can beat the Dbacks!

Good morning everyone ~ So far the Rockies and Giants are 3-3 in 6 out of 7 games against each other. Just what we would want, knocking each other off. I hope the Dodgers continue to score a lot of runs today and keep the offense going.

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