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Thanks for continuing to point out the issues we’re having with posting. I know patience is a lot to ask, but MLB.com is working on getting this fixed and I’m hopeful that will happen soon. I do realize that it makes it harder to interact with your fellow fans when there is a delay in posting comments.

Today’s day game in Colorado is a big one…the difference between leaving town four games up and two games up is certainly important.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Hudson, 2B

Ausmus, C

Padilla, P (first-ever Nicaraguan to play for the Dodgers)


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Thanks Josh!!


Come on, Andre – you’re our MVP.

Thanks Josh! First Nicaraguan! That is the closest to my native Honduras! Al Ataque Vicente! Let’s Go Dodgers! I wonder if I could manage my radio with headphones and my Pilates class at the same time at noon.

Two run shot by Matt Kemp (#19) !!!!!!!!!

I’m liking this start. Let’s abuse De La Rosa for lots of runs before they try to pull him!

Hard to believe after all the international players that we have played that this is the first Nicaraguan players to played for us.

Look like Helton made a boo boo.

Wonder if Atlanta stills wants Furcal…

Just got home, missed Kemp’s HR. Good to see we jumped out on top. Let’s go Dodgers! This would be a very big game to win.

1st and 2nd with no out and no score

Thanks Josh! I hope I wasn’t to harsh. I don’t think I was (I did say please!). I just wanted to make sure that it was known that this still isn’t working.
So onto the game.
Brad K’s w/0 out and runners on 1st & 2nd. Padilla bunts them over and then Ferk gets retired.
Brad needs to move those runners over some how.
They really need to get some productive ab’s in these situations.
Since they will score more if they take advantage of these opportunities it will help all the pitchers.
They HAVE to stop wasting these opportunities!
As I type Loney doubles to lead off the inning. Let’s see what happens…
Go Blue!!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

Leadoff double by Loney…
Hudson POPS to 2nd… NOT PRODUCTIVE!!! If He got the runner over then the fly ball by Brad would of given them the lead.
Brad pops out as well but not deep enough to move the runner to 3rd… NOT PRODUCTIVE!!!
That brings up the pitcher…
Wasted opportunities… Is that on Torre??? No – the players need to stop wasting opportunities.
Plain & simple.

Also many were all over Torre for not using The Brim Reaper in the loss Monday.
Well he wasn’t available due to a tight ab muscle. He had an MRI and told Torre he wasn’t able to take the ball.
Sometimes the Manager/Coaches have information we don’t have.

Not much of a debut for Padilla in a Dodger uniform……..
If he keeps this up, he may wind up on a slow boat back to Nicaragua.

Hi everybody
Got in a little late and missed Kemp’s HR but I did witness the Rox tie the game up last inning.
Well here’s hoping we can win this rubber game.
One thing, we can’t lose 1st place today.

Gonna need a lot more runs from our offense today. WTG Loney for getting us started again.

Bully better be ready today – they’re going to get a work out.

One good note is it’s good to see Kemp hit the 80 RBI level to join Ethier.

Make ’em pay, Beard!

Time warp is acting up. Sometimes I’m posting in the present, other times I’m posting 12 minutes into the future.

oldbrooklynfan ~ I’m hoping soon they’ll hit the 100 RBI level.

Top of the lineup now, let’s get something going.

I agree Collie – shouldn’t have to teach them fundamental baseball at the major league level.

I don’t play favorites…
1 out double by Matt & then Dre K’s.
I’m just sayin!!!

Ethier need to have batting practice against a lhp this is killing him.

I think we should get weaver warmed up, unless padilla can gain control. De la rosa is getting in the groove, we need to get to there “tired” BP

Let’s go Big Game James!!!!!

Loretta………….OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that explain everything about Torre not bring in Sherrill.

Ouch wonder what Loney was looking for.

Ethier should try not to take striking out 3 times in a row to hard.
He’s bound to have days like this against leftys.

Hard to believe this pathetic bunch are the same guys that led the league in runs scored the first couple months of the season.

Someone’s got to tell Loney that you actually have to swing the bat to drive in runs (though I have to admit that pitch was outside.)

Really one bad inning for PADILLA.
5 innings, not bad overall.

Nice going R A F F Y.

Urgh why couldn’t Loney get that double in this innings.

My postings are out of wack again.

Every Day Dre sure is not making much of a case he can hit lefthanders. The pitchers have made adjustments on him because when he first started playing on a regular basis he did not seem to have problems hitting lefties. Hopefully he can make some adjustments on his own.

Looks like another day at the office with regard to leaving runners in scoring position. Hard to figure why the Dodgers have so much trouble pushing runs across the plate.

You said shad. He’s a career .260 hitter against LHP. i don’t remember him being this bad last year.

Bad AB by Loney. The ump has been calling those pitches strikes. Loney got to protect the plate. Another wasted opportunity.

One more out Padilla

I’m glad that Ethier didn’t strike out that time.
We don’t know what he would’ve done.

The time warp is not only on this blog. I have seen it in my blog where I answer someone and yet my answer gets ahead of the question. Mark is the person to direct questions at

I remember Ethier was hitting over .300 against them as a rookie?

Dang wish Padilla could had done that in the 3rd innings.

Shad, same question I have been asking. Where is the bases clearing double? Where is the key hit with runners on base? The hits come but at the wrong time.

It’s about time Raffy!!!!

Loretta is absolutely worthless as a PH. Tell me there’s not someone better at Albuquerque. Of course Ned in his infinite wisdom released our best pinch hitter months ago and he now plays in Pittsburgh.

Agreed Scott.

Crash – I think my left you-know-what could do a better job than Loretta. Jeez, I’d even rather see JP up there.

That hit by Furcal came at the right time!

It continues…
Runner on 2nd 1 out. Loretta flys out and doesn’t move up the runner.
Do I need to continue this? I know it is easier said than done. I know I’m overweight and only play slowpitch softball & am sitting on my butt, but they are professional. They just really seem to really be lacking when they are in those situations. I get the feeling that they feel they can score whenever so it’s no big deal when they don’t. A little bit like how the Lakers sometimes play. They coast through a good part of the game because they know they are that good.
Maybe we should go back through the games this year and type up each wasted opportunity & the final score & see what could of been.
Then send it to the coaching staff.
However that being said, I’m sure they are all aware of it.

Well at least DRE didn’t strike out this time.

Yep and Loney owned lhp and De La Rosa at .636 in his career and that’s translate to 6/11 coming into this game.

JPD – Blake DeWitt could likely do a better job than Loretta.

Ok, Torre, you genius, who’s going to pitch the next 4 freaking innings when Sherrill and Brox both pitched last night? Padilla was actually doing fine, 5 IP, 80 pitches…Why didn’t Hudson swing away and have Padilla sacrafice? Stupid Torre.

Tracy could had walk Furcal and Kemp to face the Ethier the chance of him getting a hitting is was 1/10 against De La Rosa is not good.

Tracy could had walk Furcal and Kemp to face Ethier the chance of him getting a hitting is was 1/10 against De La Rosa is not good.

Scott – depending on Loretta and Furcal to do anything is like trying to draw to an inside straight… this time they got lucky and got the card.

actually that was 7/11.

I think Torre seen Padilla alot and now he could explode anytime pass the 5th innings and do you really trust him? He probably could go one more inning but you know he want to play for the lead.

Oh Come on dela rosa over 100 pitches, 4th time around for the D-boys, and can they not be patient. The 7th was our time to knock this game, now we shall see if our BP can outperform the rocks

How is giving up outs and counting on Loretta and Furcal playing for the lead? We got lucky to get one and 3-2 isn’t going to cut it at Coors.

Alright it’s great to see Hawpe have a bad series against the Dodgers. 1 for 11 so far.

Tulowitski was safe on the steal, no question about it.
His foot was way ahead of the tag,

You’ve gotta to have faith doh

Yeah status Kuo


To bad Hawpe got that 2 run homerun.

I got a bad feeling about taking Shake n Blake out of the lineup. We may need his bat.

And to shut them down the very next inning after we went ahead, can go a long way.

EL TRONCO holds them.
Then it’s SHERRILL

I like torre’s move there, and the results worked.
The 8th will be their big guns. Now we have to score some runs.

As obvious as it seems TBW, with Torre who know?
But I think you’re right.

Looks like Torre wants Sherrill to get one out here and then pitch the eight. It’s risky, but this is the way we got to win games, when we don’t score a lot of runs.

You had a feeling he was going to make that double switch this was a good move.

Looks like Joe’s looking for a 4 out save from Brox.
I hope this works……..

and blah I want some run.

Didn’t we used to own Morales when he was a starting pitcher at one time?

For sure Morales will be back for the 9th.

Well SHERRILL did his job, now it’s up to Big Bad Jon.

We need to get Troy his 3/3 and had a game winning rbi 2 days ago

Well guess not but the Rockies should put him in the rotation.

Last game vs. LAD 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1.0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.00 1.00 .250
Career vs. LAD 3 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 11.1 10 4 4 1 1 9 3.18 0.97 .233
Home (this year) 13 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 11.2 9 1 1 0 7 11 0.77 1.37 .214
Grass (this year) 23 2 3 0 0 1 5 0 0 26.1 20 7 7 4 11 24 2.39 1.18 .211

Dang Tulo is giving Sherrill a better


Damn Hawpe got a singled let’s get the last out

awwwwww come on I bet Sherrill could had got that last out

Imagine Broxton pulling a Wolf here.

Thanks Adkins help us out there

I was scary when Ethier got on it was obvisiouly they were going to ibb Manny to get Broxton. lol Ethier why you took the bat out of Manny hand.

Big out by Broxton. Boy is Torre managing this game like a playoff game. It does have that feel to it.

Funny, I was a little worried that Broxton would get a hit and spend too much time on the base path. (duh)

I meant to do this before but here it is now in the slight chance that someone has seen her.
Don, who writes the Rockpile Rant, needs our help. His oldest daughter has been missing. Here is the link to his blog with a picture of his daugther and the police flyer


Urgh I have to blame Ethier for this. He took the bat out of Manny hand and when does a double switch back fire on the manager.

It would had been nice if Broxton would got a hit or a 3 runs homerun

Furcal………….OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh no dp now

I can’t watch, Too much. Broxton is too ****************

oh n/m Tracy was ibb Manny on purpose.

lol 1st pitch back to back hit damn

1 more what did Furcal do?

come on ox


lets all hold our collective breath right now… broxton needs three more outs…

It’s nice to be 4 game up again 🙂

Whewwwwwwwwwwwww that was scary

Well, I have to give it up to Brox for getting 4 tough outs. Nice job. Torre still sucks.

Congratulations to Vicente Padilla for his first win as a Dodger!

Who would had guess that a 3-2 scored would hold up.

12-3 vs them

Can you believe this, Tracy is bringing in a right hander to face Broxton. Broxton has 1 hit in his professional life as a minor leaguer.

Here we go. If Broxton is a big time closer he has to close out this win.

2 more outs…

come on brox…

Now I ask you,

Great job from Brox there after the miscue from Furcal!

2 of 3 in their park. Let ’em chew on that awhile.

Woo hoo! Nice job VP, Brox and the rest of the staff. Nice hitting Matty! Glad we came out on top in a one run game! Now up 4 on the Rox going into Cincy!

This 4 is actually better than the 4-up last Sunday.
We cut some games off the magic number.

YahOOOOOOO! Celebrate! Broxtonized! Now the Giants can lose too! I think Torre managed this one good. Furcal comes through. Kemp got it on. I Guess I can work now? Nah

That was interesting and I was thinking the same thing when they walked Manny to get to Broxton’s spot: Did Joe outsmart himself? Still don’t like asking Brox to get a 4 out save but somehow he got the job done. And I agree that although I did not see the game it did seem as if both managers treated it as a playoff game. I suspect the mood on this blog will improve from two days ago. And I know “woulda couldas” don’t mean anything but the Dodgers came pretty darn close to sweeping this series.

Alright that was a great win. Raffy almost blew it there trying to tag out the runner going to second. Should have went for the sure out at first. Great pitching by Broxton to strike out Smith. For all the negative flak the Dodgers get you have to give them a lot credit. They took 2 out 3 from the Giants in SF and 2 out 3 from the Rockies in Colo. with the pressure on. That was very impressive.

He did but still would been nice if Sherrill would had gotten that last out in the 8th as seeing that Broxton got up to bat in the 9th and I really didn’t have a problem with Padilla getting yanked early but he‘s a 6 innings pitcher with Texas this year..

Great win by the Boys in Blue!!! It was a great series. A little recap…

#16 should be in the running for the MVP..He has been very impressive..Check that he is the MVP of the NL!!!!

Randy Wolf with any run support this year and he would have 13-15 wins already. He took alot of heat on ITD and he did not deserve it. He has been our most consistent starter all year. Way to go Wolf…

Padilla, I did not see the game, but he seemed to have pitched well in a big game. I assume Joe did not want to push him. The BP again was impressive. Kuo if he could just stay healthy, he is incredible. Sherrill and Troncoso were good and the Big Man did his job.

Way to go boys, now lets open up this lead!!!

Six inning pitchers seem to be the norm these days.

Nice to see the boys sack up a little this series. They’re still not doing anything with men on base though and its not just a couple guys – it’s the whole team. Credit the pitching for keeping them in the games. Nice job by Padilla today. I really didn’t expect too much from a Ranger reject, but he did OK.

Furcal’s got to be taken out of the leadoff spot. Let Kemp have a go for the rest of the year. The rare times Ferk gets on he can’t steal anymore, so bat him 7th or 8th where he can’t hurt anything. Catching in general is just a black hole. They’ll need to get someone next year that can throw and call a good game. If they can also hit .250 with a few knocks, even better, but they definitely need to upgrade from Martin-Ausmus.

Randy Wolf has been leading by example…..He was talking to himself coming out of thye game the other night…..He did a fine job and was wanting more 🙂
Great Series Boy’s!!!! Congrat’s to Padilla on his first win as a Dodger.
Keep On Keep’n On Boy’s!!!
Lets make the Rockies a mere reflection come Oct….

Out here in Utah we get Fox Rocky Mtn, so I got to watch the last three games. The Rocks announcers do a good job of beating the drums for the home team and their energy was pretty high,especially after the first game. By the end of the game this afternoon, they had pretty much been brought back to earth and gave credit to the Dodgers,and started looking forward to San Francisco.
It was Jim Tracey in an articulate post game interview that spelled it out for the Dodgers, Rocks, and Giants: There are 34 games left with many possibilities left to go. Many things can and probably will happen. All three of these teams are playing for the post season and will keep fighting towards that end. The Dodgers showed up for this series, but the Rocks are not going anywhere, nor the Giants either for that matter. I still think it is going to be a fight to the finish. You’d be foolish to count on otherwise.
I always thought, and still do, think Tracey was a class act and good manager, and got pretty PO’d when he was allowed to leave. Fired off an email to the Dodgers wondering how long we would have to put up with De Podesta. Thankfully he was soon gone but Tracey was in Pittsburgh.

If Torre was going to double switch he should’ve moved Loney putting Blake at 1st base so he could’ve hit instead of Broxton spot coming up behind him lucky that one didn’t backfire on us.

Let’s me try that again. If Torre were going to double switch he should’ve removed Loney and put Blake at 1st bases so he could’ve hit instead of Broxton spot coming up behind him but lucky that one move didn’t backfire on us. He has removed Loney before and put Blake at 1st with Martin only time at 3rd or heck you can even had Martin at 3rd.

lol wow the Dolphins and Bucs game is suspended. They can played in the rain this isn’t baseball.

Wow De La Rosa is like 5-0 against SF thanks god he not facing them with that pathetic offense.

lol 0-5 against us in his career funny thing

Wow you seen weird thing with a position player pitch 1 innings but not 3 Nick Green did that was the Red Sox.

Actually 2 and the dback leading 3-0.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!! I got to watch some of the game during my lunch time. So, I got to see Matt’s bomb. It was great to see the win.

Good Morning ITDland ~ GO DODGERS!!! Let’s continue our winning ways!!!!


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