One game, two Hall of Famers

The regular telecast is with Vin Scully on PRIME TICKET and the Spanish-language broadcast today, the first-ever for the Dodgers, is on FSN West with Jaime Jarrin. Now that’s some star power.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Abreu, 2B

Loretta, 1B

Billingsley, P

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GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo glad to see Andre back in the lineup!

I like seeing Abreu get a start, hope he does well. Loney must really be in Torre’s dog house.

Nice JoJo line-up resting two regulars against a decent pitcher… like we’re really scoring runs against greats like Gorzelanny, Wells and Lilly. Loretta’s really got a hammer – he’s like watching a righthanded JP. Guess all that rest earlier in the season wasn’t enough to keep them fresh for the stretch run what we have to keep trotting out crap.

Fortunately the Cubs are just as inept as we are at scoring runners from third with less than two outs.

And from the last thread – definitely agree with you Bear that Haeger deserves a shot a staying #5 for the rest of this season and a shot next season at it as well.

How far did that home run by Matt Kemp travel in feet? It’s my birthday today! I am proud to share my birthday with Casey Blake as well as Kobe Bryant!


Let’s hope good Chad shows up today. Not sure why Loney is sitting out two days in a row, and if it’s because they are working on his swing, why are they working on his swing now, and didn’t in the first 1/3-1/2 if the season when he wasn’t hitting for power than either. Meanwhile, he is sitting on the bench and eventhough he is not hitting for power, he is getting his share of RBIs still. What gives?.

Kudos on the Jaime Jarrin idea Josh…

Happy Birthday Jamestyler!!! Matt’s homerun was 449 feet – a monster homerun!!!

Happy birthday jamestyler! I’ve got less than a month before I turn the big five-oh. Not really looking forward to it much.
WTF is up with Loney out of the lineup two games in a row? He must really be on Torre’s s**tlist.
I’m in agreement with you nelly. The power numbers may come up short, but his RBI production is still good. Loretta proved yesterday he’s only got warning track power. Even in day games.

Well, something happened between last night and today because even the article about James said he would most likely be in the lineup today.

I don’t care how bad Loney’s slumping, he’s a damn site more of a threat in the line-up than Loretta. Only good thing about it is that now JoJo can’t use Loretta in a critical PH situation.

… he can use JP instead. 😦

I can relate vl4. I have until March of next year and I am not looking forward to it either.

I wonder what the deal is with Joe sitting Loney so much lately. He was slumping, but everyone goes through those periods and I agree about the rbi’s #s being good and too much being made about the lack of power. Andre knows better than anyone what it feels like to be treated like that. Not fair.

The way we’re hitting VL, no one’s going to hit Dumpster well. 2 runs against Gorzelanny. 2 unearned runs against Wells. 2 runs aginst Lilly. Fortunately the pitching staff and the Cubs’ ineptness saved their butts.

Happy Birthday jamestyler349.

And if we could put a man on the moon 40 years ago, WHY CAN’T ANYONE FIX THIS FREAKIN BLOG???

Also, just because you hit well or don’t hit well against a particular pitcher, doesn’t mean you are going to have the same result every time. How are they supposed to work on their approach to particular pitchers that are difficult if they don’t try to work on it in real games?

That’s what I was saying yesterday about Andre vs. lefties recently, Nelly. He has struggled against them recently, but always hit them well in the past, so how will he figure it out and adjust without at bats against them? James needs at bats to work his way out of it.

The only excuse I can think of for Loney out of the lineup again is maybe he doesn’t hit Dumpster well.

Loney’s hitting .147 against Dempster, but it’s only a 7 at bat sampling. Loretta is only hitting .235 against him and it’s 17at bat sampling.

I know, I know……….same thing when they say Andre doesn’t hit well against lefties. They may have been 1 for 7 against that lefty, but that one could have been a homerun. JP and Loretta don’t hit homeruns. I understand Loney doesn’t have power numbers, but he is still driving in runs. Who knows maybe James has the flu.

Nelly, you are right. James does have the flu. I just read it on Dodger Thoughts. Apparently, he went home early yesterday not feeling well.

I know, trublu. It’s already hit about 4 of them so far.

BCG ~ I hope the flu bug doesn’t hit the entire team!

I was just guessing when I said that. Get better James!!! We need you back!!!!

Happy Birthday, Jamestyler!


I hate seeing Loney sit against a lhp are any other day. Get well Loney.

Well, gnats just lost Sanchez to the DL because of his shoulder.

I also think Loney should be playing everyday. With that said, I’m disappointed that he hasn’t stepped it up and made the same kind of progress Either and Kemp have. Remember in 2007 Loney had 15 HR in 344 AB and this year so far he’s had 7 HR in 451 AB. I thought he would continue to devolpe more power but it hasn’t happened yet. I know Torre and other people have said power is over rated, but look at the HR numbers some of the other first basemen around baseball. It would be nice if the Dodgers could get that kind of production.

Yeah! I got a signon! Is hard for me to get that at the stadium. Andre was dancing Vic the Brick on the field. It was funny and they were filming it sowe should see it soon. A bunch of workers were honored prior to the game. Yeah for Ethier’s double! Check usher Leonard’s tatoo that he really bleeds Dodger blue

Nelly ~ Where did you hear that and which Sanchez is it?

Alright Bills!! Way to pitch out of that jamb!

OK, if Loney’s sick I’ll let JoJo have a pass on this one, but what’s really sad is, is that we haven’t got anyone better than Loretta to take his place.

The gnats pitcher, Sanchez. My son was watching their game, and the announcers mentioned it.

If Loretta was hitting .300 with 6 to 7 homeruns and 30 rbi’s so people will still complaint.

Another vote to have Loney in the lineup unless he is sick.
BTW, there are now Women size Ethier shirt in the gift shop. They also have Hudson.

WTG Abreu!!

Yeah we do and we could always used Wolf at 1st or Ethier at 1st. I thought he took some ground ball at 1st in S


Close call at 2nd there! I thought he was safe.

To bolster their hitting, the Rockies signed Jason Giambi….lol!

To bad there no DH for the Rockies lol.

Wow Lincecum pitching a no no so far I don’t want to see the 2nd pitchers to pitch one there.

Well since the Rockies scored 14 runs last night against the Giants the Giants and Dodgers are tied in team ERA with a 3.53 so far.

Alright Tony Aaaaaaaaa!!! nice hit. First RBI of the year.

Bullpen ERA LA 3.36 SF 3.52

WTG Abreu and there goes Lincecum no no and shutout

WTG on giving the 123 back to Dumpster

Get well James!
Happy birthday Jamestyler!
Felicidades en la primicia Jaime,Pepe and Fernando! I’llcatch from the 4th inning and I am taping the game both in English and Spanish.

Good Job Matt and Tony!! Let’s go Billz!!!!!

Finally a 1-2-3 inning from Bills!

Two ‘flares’ in a row! Cubs getting some bounces here…..

Damn! If Casey catches that ball he gets that out at third.

C’mon Billz! Good job K’s ex-Dodger Hill and takes care of the pitcher this time

I don’t know what Manny did but glad we got out of that inning.

Nice play Bills & Loretta to save a run!!

Goota agree with Charlie. Bills not having his best stuff, but still getting it done. He’ll be lucky to go six with the pitch count as high as it is.

*Gotta. That’s even misspelled for cheese!! lol

Not good for the bday boy k’s twice.

3 proposals this homestand and for some reason this one today got more applauces. First pitch out for Billz, 73 pitches and while I am typing 2nd out in the second pitch!

Seth Smith hit a 2 run HR off of Pondscum in the 7th 3-2 Rockies.

Hiya Everybody
Just got in, I see we have a tight one here and them guys from Colorado are keeping the heat on.
GO DODGERS***********

oldbrooklynfan ~ I’m glad your here now. Maybe you can get the Bums going.

oldbrooklynfan ~ I’m glad your here now. Maybe you can get the Bums going.

Maybe TBW.

Manny fielding like Manny!
Thar she blows!


Billingsley just can not pitch deep into games.


Not looking good here. Dumpster seems to have their number today so far. The Cubs bullpen is weak. Maybe they can strike late.

Doesn’t look like Dempster is showing any sign of weakening…………..yet.

Alright we finally got Dempster out of the game. This is our shot. LETS GO DODGERS!

Looks like Fox wishes he played the Dodgers every day. They can’t seem to get him out.

It figured a walk would finish him.
Maybe luck will change with the new pitcher.

Good eye Russ! Adios Dempster!

Nice going Grabow! I used to smoke one of your pipes back in the day! lol

Time for more late inning drama!
I hope they light up Marmol.

Blah should had Loney regardless of the flu to PH for Loretta

Loretta really want that walk

Should had Loney or the Odog

Come on Odog I want a homerun

It’s been a long time since we had a walkoff.

Well, the brilliant umpires took us right out of that inning!

Damn DP. Couldn’t even get sac fly.

The umpires aren’t responsible for the pathetic Dodger offense, whose “rally” consisted of two walks.

It was the ump in that inning and back defense from Manny to

There was no out at 2nd and then the umpire decided to call time out on a run that would have scored……could have been a big rally!

Just got back from my softball tourney to see the GIDP bu O-Dog.
Boy we hit into so many and continue to leave RISP with 1 out or less.

Pretty weak. Watching on WGN and their announcers are coo-coo to finally have something positive to report.
On our side of things, the entire lineup is not handling pitches I’ve seen them all ( especially the guy with the hair ) punish. Who are those guys in the Dodgers uniforms?


Tough call on the play @2nd but good teams have to overcome those plays and at least score that run from 3rd. Then we’d only need 1 now to keep it going.
It was a close play and could of gone either way. It did look like he pulled his foot a little early but it was pretty darn close.

Time to destroy Marmol

As the saying goes, you’ve got to hit it to win it…

Take one for the team Ethier lol

urgh did Ethier swing at ball 4?

Bench that pos Manny

It looked very close to me Shad.

Marmol always had that wicked slider.
I wonder if he picks up any foreign stations with those HUGE ears of his?

The good thing we took 3 out of 4 and got screwed this game and are bullpen didn’t give up a run in this series.

I’m thinking Manny needs a day or 2. Some of his swings are missing the ball by a lot…

Agree, knouffbrock…pretty weak.

We can hope for a Rockie lost tomorrow or it will be 3 ahead
and the cards shuffled for Tuesday.

Oh well! Three out of four aint bad…..
They need to have their ‘A’ game on when they hit Coors Field.

Well that was a tough loss. We did win 3 out of 4. The Rockies are breathing down our necks. Big series starting on Tuesday. We’ll see what the Dodgers are made of now.

Including the last two days, the Dodgers offense is still MIA…which isn’t saying anything we don’t already know.

Like I said before I hope the Rockies and the Giants burn that bullpen even worst goes 20th innings.

Sucking Ramirez is really helping the team since his return, especially considering that on any given day he’s making more money than the other eight guys on the field combined. Great call, Frank – hope your promotional ideas sink right in the garbage where you belong, BOSTON SCUMBAG!

I didn’t want Manny back I want the 2 draft picks.

Tough loss today, but like most of you, the hitting is not so good. We will definitely see what this team is made of in this series coming up. They have a chance to really put some distance between them and the Rox if they come out swinging the bats like they should be able to do. Let’s hope they find their bats before walking onto Coors Field on Tuesday, or it will be a very long three days in the Rocky Mountains for the Dodgers and their fans.

Iwould love to see a walk off GS from the Padres

messagebear – they are not even afraid to pitch to Manny right now so he doesn’t even appear to be a threat.

The Cubs avoided being swept in a four-game series in Los Angeles for the first time since 1965 while closing out their West Coast trip with a 2-5 record. They return to Wrigley Field having lost 12 of 18 overall.

That the prefect reason why Kemp should protected Manny now for the rest of the year.

Among players with at least 50 plate appearances, according to STATS LLC, Kemp beats them all with a .465 batting average to start an inning and a .521 on-base percentage.

The first time he led off an inning Friday was in the third and he blooped a single to right field. He led off the fifth and struck out.

As a team, the Dodgers have the highest team batting average (.296) and OBP (.356) leading off innings.

The reason why Kemp should be leading off an innings but it’s stupid to bat him 1st with his power.

Way to go Dodgers!! Disappointing and frustrating loss today. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. Really need the offense to show up soon. With our pitching, we really need the offense to get it going to go deep into the playoffs, and fend off the G’nats and Rockies for that matter.

Look at this, damn yahoo we know Padilla might make that start in Colorado.

Tue, Aug 25 8:40 pm EDT C. Kershaw vs. J. Hammel
Wed, Aug 26 8:40 pm EDT R. Wolf vs. J. Fogg
Thu, Aug 27 3:10 pm EDT R. Wolf vs. J. De La Rosa

Billz needs to learn how to pitch. Not just throw. He is good the first couple of times thru the order, but when batters face him a third time, he’s either out of gas or has shown them everything and they tee off on him. Where’s Maddux when you need him. He could have a profound effect on Billz.

jhall is in the ITD House!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you doing sir? Pitching, for the most part is doing their job. Like you said, it’s the offense that needs to show up in Colorado.

Everybody’s offense shows up in Colorado!

Hell, the Giants even scored 11 runs there yesterday!

jhall…but the Dodgers have Honeycutt!!!!

Maddux is in Cooperstown with his son at their annual champtionship tournament. We’ve been to that tournament with Michael. Vin just talked about that today. Maddux signed a ball for one of the umpires, and the umpire put it into his pocket with the rest of the balls he was using for the game. When he realized he used that ball, he thought no big deal, one batter. That batter hit a homerun, and the tradition is if you hit a homerun, you keep that ball. So, whichever 12 year old hit that ball, got an extra bonus…………a ball signed by Greg Maddux.

Kahli ~ Honeycutt………OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!

Yeah and every pitchers ERA show up to lol

You’re right about that, Shad!!! LMAO!!

Hi’ya Trumom and Nelly!!! I’m not “Just Plain Disgusted” right now, but I am somewhat disgruntled. If Manny and Ferk show up in Sept, we will have a good shot!!

Hi Kahli!! That is the problem(Honeycutt). LOL!!!!!

Right now I’m “Just Plain Bewildered”!!! I’m waiting to see if this team has some balls!!!

Hi, Jhall……… you are now Justplaindisgruntled! lol Yesterday I was Justpissedoff and I think Justplaindisgusted will be around for quite some time!

Well, justplaindisgusted is reserved for brownpaperbag at the moment. I think he is disgusted enough for all of us right now.

I don’t Torre is the crummy manager that some of us think he is, but one of these days he’s going to quit making excuses and call a spade a spade.

I still don’t get the “quality” start: 6 innings, 3 runs, which Billingsley was credited with today. That’s a 4.50 ERA. Not sure I want a staff full of 4.50 ERA starters OR relievers.

I think Honeycutt can do too much for Bills and still Bills have problem and if Honeycutt is the problem would the team ERA be in the bottom 2 and not tied with the Giants thanks to last night game from the Rockies? Maybe we can steal Dave Duncan from the Cardinals..

I’m Happy…I like the potential I see in our team as a whole.
Pitching….some guys have step it up recently…we just need some dependability from here on out…..We can and will get it done!!! Our offense, they aren’t gonna get left behind…They will get some positive energy flowing and start producing at an accelerated rate…I HAVE FAITH!!!
There is the Victory Flask…which we all enjoy……
There is also the shots of Tequila that justplaindisgusted, brings to the table…..It is all good and I have had ice cream everyday so………Smile and Have a Little Faith…. Ya All… and have a great night and great day tomorrow!!!
Good Night and God Bless Everyone 🙂

……..justplaindrinking what?

a couple of beers with dinner….
I am in control……
I’m just trying to be positive……

I believe they can do it too. They have never done anything the easy way, so why should we expect anything different now.

They will get it together…Nelly!!!


kahli- I do not get that quality start stuff either. An era over 4 is pretty blah to me.

Good Morning ITDland ~ A day off is just what the doctor ordered to help rejuvinate our offense. Going into Coors Field tomorrow will make our bats explode with the power I know our guys have.
Good to meet you Justplaindrinking :). You can hang out with Justplaindisgusted and Justplaindisgruntled! LOL

Quiet today…

I didn’t catch much of yesterday’s game, decided to go to the Movie Theater instead, since those trips are rare for me lately (maybe almost as rare as a Dodgers loss to the Cubs since October).

Only an hour and 30 minutes before we get to find out which way Colorado’s half game will swing. I was kinda disappointed when we let Tracy go… everything seemed to be clicking, and since when has a successful LA Dodgers manager had to be previously known to succeed. Can’t be too surprised, knowing the 21st century Dodgers owners’ attention spans are as fleeting as Kato Kaelin’s time in the limelight.

But I helped bring the bad karma that’s resulting in Jim Tracy being within breating distance of our long-held 1st place lead. Did I root against him when he was in Pittsburgh? Yeah, a few times. Did I revel in Pittsburgh’s futility under his reign? Definitely. Did I think he’d make an impact when named to helm Colorado? About the same impact Glenn Hoffmann had on the Dodgers. Did I make a conscious effort to make fun of Jim Tracy’s habit of asking himself questions in interviews? No comment.

Glad to hear from someone. Could it be quiet because pretty much everything that can be said about the current state of the Dodgers has been said? Certainly the writers are not coming up with anything much different than what many here have said. The reality is the Dodgers are not very good right now and no one except the players can do much of anything about it. The good at bats from earlier in the season have been replaced by bad at bats. The lack of power that Joe Torre said earlier was not important has become important. Perhaps the pitching they are seeing is better now but the fact that the Rockies beat Lincecum and the Dodgers couldn’t says a lot about why the Rockies are closing in on the Dodgers.

By the way, I heard something interesting on the Dodger radio pre-game show. Rick Monday was interviewing Larry Bowa and the subject turned to how hitters prepare for pitchers. Bowa said when he played he did keep notes on pitchers but mostly about pitchers who gave him the most trouble. He also said he kept aware of who the opposing pitcher was going to be days in advance and prepared accordingly. Bowa then said today’s players do watch a lot of video but then he said often a player will come in for that day’s game and ask who is going for the opposition.

I also agree with T.J. Simers (does that take some courage to admit!) about Manny being affected by the suspension and current slump even if Manny denies it. Manny is affected by something and yesterday was the first game I can honestly say I don’t think Manny gave it his all in the outfield. I know Manny wants to win and do well but clearly he is struggling and the opposition is taking advantage of it. Hopefully Coors will give a lift to Dodger hitters but Coors is not the same place with the humidified balls. I also am not so sure the Dodgers benefit by the day off today since they played so flat after their last day off.

NSB, I agree Jim Tracy is a decent guy and maybe a decent manager. It is ironic he is now managing a surging team ready to take down the Dodgers. I have high hopes that does not happen.

Keep those extra innings coming in Colorado…

Couldn’t Sweep the Cubs in 4
(based on Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4”)

Everyone’s quiet today
There is nothing left to say
The boos, long vanished to the sky
Grounders lost in Manny’s eyes…

Now it’s Monday and we’re bored
Couldn’t sweep the Cubs in 4

Colorado falls in place
Catching up in the August race
Bums are struggling to stay awake
How much more can these fans take?

Should have pushed a little more
Couldn’t sweep the Cubs in 4

Sounds like “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” sleeps
With “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
Everyone’s quiet today
There is nothing left to say

Couldn’t sweep the Cubs in 4
Couldn’t sweep the Cubs in 4

I can’t believe bochy didn’t let Whiteside to PH for Wilson but I guess he’s wanted Wilson to pitch another inning. Keep it SF/Col I wanted 20 innings.

The more pitchers the Rockies use, the better for us!!!!

I can’t believe both team only scored 2 runs in this whole game and doing it in Coors.

I miss the word up in there somehow.

Ok Giants you own this guy time to steal a run lol.

Something to think about. The Dodgers could have signed Abreu or Dunn for relative peanuts compared to the huge contract they gave Manny, even when no one else was really interested in him. So here’s how the three of them are doing:

Manny: 13 HRs, 45 RBIs, .417 OBP, .303 BA
Abreu: 11 HRs, 81 RBIs, .399 OBP, .307 BA
Dunn: 33 HRs, 89 RBIs, .420 OBP, .286 BA

Which player do you think was the best buy and which GM made the smartest decision??

I hope Nate failed you have to walk him to get to the pitcher don’t think Bochy would let Cain bat would he?

Wow Tracy you could had ibb him on purpose to get to Medders.

I rather have Abreu.

Right now, right now, it’s time for the Dodgers to…

(based on the MC5, of course)


Well, They feel feel pretty good cruisin’ Elway’s neighborhood
Get crazy now, baby!
‘Cause it’s time for the Blue to start getting a clue
Don’t get lazy now, baby

We know you want it, Dodgers, the prize within sight
We wanna see you going wild on that Novemeber night
If you know where you stand… You’ve got to…

The Young Guns, they don’t sweat, taking cues from the vets
What a feeling!
Optimism abounds and resounds and rebounds
off the ceiling

But if you want it Dodgers, don’t wanna be without
If you have that feeling you gotta sock ’em out
Put the bat in your hands, at Coors you better

So Bristol’s given up, and T.J. won’t shut up
As it should be
Their kind words made you insane, got caught up in your brains
Now you’re frenzied

Who needs to be Power Ranked number 1?
October’s the time to get it done
Say “Let me be who I am”
You’ve got to KICK OUT THE JAMS!!!

Now finished them Giants.

Unless there is a massive comeback, looks like the Rox will be 4 back! Hopefully they’ll be 7 back when we get done with them!
Also looks like we aren’t facing Cook, who seems to do pretty well against us. Let’s go Blue!!!

I hate to say this but I hope they tied it and go 6 to 7 more innings lol

Wow Ianetta wasn’t in this game early in Tracy waited until the 14th innings to used him and I wonder who they going to be in LF if they tied it up.

Holy Cow……………….

Dodgers lead is 3 games………

Unbelieveable!!! Jon Miller stole jhall’s word. I think the best line from him after that crack of the bat………..”That is not good folks” because he knew that ball was gone. Well, to expect help from the gnats should never be expected. So, it’s up to the Dodgers to get things done themselves. This series will definitely show if this team has got what it takes to get us into October and beyond.

Maybe the Giants should ‘ve had scored in that top of the inning. Dang Spllborgh sprinting and threw his helmet.

All I ask was the Rockies to tied in the inning now win it.

Wow really that was the Rockies 1st walk off GS in Rockies history don’t seem right

Crap! Stupid Gnats! Makes me hate them even more!!

I was blissfully unaware of the games’ ending until catching sportscenter 15 minutes ago. I then graced my girlfriend’s ears with a string of swears directed at the Rockies and Giants that would make Ralphie’s old man from A Christmas Story proud.

Worthless good-for-nothing *&%*@#&$)@#&*

Geez look at the board name there.

Good morning ITD Blogmates.
Ibirken said “but then he (Bow)said often a player will come in for that day’s game and ask who is going for the opposition. ”
I wonder who these players are. I am upset reading this seeing as how lethargic they have been lately with their hitting. And if I was a pitcher I’d be more upset.

I had thought of this game as a “gut check” and in reality, it is. It’ll give us an idea how things sit with the boys. Then I got to looking ahead at the schedule at all those games with the Pads, D-backs, giants, and the final three with the Rocks. There’s no reason to think this will not go down to the wire, with those final three games at the Stadium. None of these teams are going to lay down for us or anybody else. I think it will be a dog fight right down to the end

oops. Read pen. I missed the “a’ in Bowa.

I guess I learned a lesson today. After 13 innings of a 1-1 game, I saw that the Gnats scored three runs in the top of the 14th and figured the game was as good as over, so I went to bed. Then I didn’t hear about the final outcome until I was in my car this morning – almost drove off the road.

Well the Rockies are going to attack us the way we attacked the D-Backs last year. I just hope that we go in with the same energy Dodger’s had when they attacked the D-backs last year We just need to step on the gas petal and smoke the Rockies. That way when Dodgers look at their rear-view mirror they see a tiny pebble and no ROCKies!

I am glad you didn’t drive off the road and crash Crash. You don’t often get to use that word back to back like that 🙂

knouffbrock – We never have it easy against the Padres, the gnats are just the gnats………they are always a problem, and then the Rockies are just hot right now. The dbacks are a toss up at this point, probably depends on who is pitching for them. So, to say the schedule is easy………..the Dodgers never do anything the easy way. If anything these last few years have taught us anything, it’s that………..don’t assume anything is going to be easy when it comes to the Dodgers.

I am glad the series with the colorado and giants ended the way it did. It just means that one team has sunk really down to the bottom. 7 games out for the giants to be exact.
So all the dodgers have to do is sweep the colorado and sink them down to the bottom. I know is sounds easy, but the dodgers are the better team.
Another comment that i would like to make is that i am getting sick to my stomach everytime i see in the late innings people swinging away with no outs and people on base. Sunday’s game: 1st and second no one out,in the 8th inning. They let Loretta swing away and eventually flied out to short stop. That is a bunt situation, especially down by two runs. Russell martin has to hit the bench is doing nothing to help out the team. And if Rafael Furcal does not pick it up, we are in big trouble offensively. He has been the biggest disapointment this season.

Agree about Furcal and I think he knows it and is the reason why he is trying too hard. If he is not producting I don’t want him leading off until he can prove otherwise.

Well I think the last series was all about the pitchers. Yeah I do think the bench should of helped. But maybe this is what the Pitchers needed to realized that they need to handle some business too.

Like others here, I checked the score of the Rockies game to see that they were down by a few runs in the top of the 14th inning. I left being confident that we would have a four game lead going into the series tonight.
Now that it is only three games and we are playing lousy while the Rocks are on fire, we better do something fast.
Where have our bats gone? I don’t know if a Lasorda type profanity laced tirade will do any good but something has to occur to get the luck back on our side.

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