I guess the pennant race is officially on…

What a crazy game last night for the Rockies to set up this showdown over the next three days. It should be an amazing month of baseball and hopefully we can catch fire and ride it though the month of September and October.

Mark Langill provides this piece of history for you all:

The long tenures of Hall of Famers Walter Alston (1954-76) and Tommy Lasorda (1976-96) in the Dodger dugout make it rare for the team to battle a former manager within its division or league. First-year Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy piloted Los Angeles from 2001-05 and later the Pittsburgh Pirates (2006-07). The last former Dodger to face his old team was Leo Durocher, who managed the Brooklyn Dodgers for 8 ½ seasons (1938-46, 1948). Durocher joined the Giants during the 1948 season and guided New York to a historic comeback in 1951, defeating the Dodgers in a three-game playoff for the National League pennant. Durocher’s Giants also captured the 1954 championship, the last time the Giants have won a World Series title. Durocher, a Los Angeles coach from 1961-64, later faced the Dodgers as manager of the Cubs (1966-72) and Houston Astros (1972-73). Charlie Dressen, like Durocher a former Dodger manager (1951-53) and coach (1939-46, 1958-59), managed against the Dodgers with the Milwaukee Braves in 1960 and 1961. And in the World Series, the Dodgers faced Casey Stengel’s Yankees on five occasions between 1949 and 1956. Stengel managed the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1934-36.

For tonight’s game, here’s the lineup:

Furcal 6

Kemp 8

Ethier 9

Manny 7

Loney 3

Blake 5

Martin 2

Hudson 4

Kershaw 1

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  1. messagebear@msn.com

    This should be an interesting series, even though we’ve not played very good ball since the All-Star Game. We won’t be seeing the Rockies’ best two pitchers, so there’s no excuse for being overmatched. As far as their lineup goes, I can’t really think of any of their players that I would trade even up for any of our guys – well, maybe Hawpe for Manny*roid, but I’ve always kind of liked Hawpe, and you all know what I think of Manny*roid. I guess that means that the Rockies have lately played better as a team, and that’s a tribute to them. Don’t forget that we’ll have another crack at them yet in the last three games of the season. So, may the best team win it, and may it be The Dodgers.

  2. lbirken@aol.com

    Emma, (from last thread) we will never know who Bowa was referring to when he said sometimes players of today come to the ballpark not knowing who the opposing pitcher is that night. Maybe he was just trying to make a point that the game is played differently now than when he played. The reality is the coaches can only do so much. Reggie Smith once told me “you cannot make a player do something he does not want to do” so asking players to bunt when it is not part of their game and they don’t do it in games on a regular basis is taking a big risk.

    Interesting that Jim Tracy has been such a positive influence on the Rockies. But from an article I read in the paper, Tracy brought a calming demeaner into the clubhouse when he replaced a much more in your face type manage in Clint Hurdle. Again, this is a writer’s opinion and it is based on the sucess the Rockies have had since Tracy was named manager. Tracy is still the same guy he was with the Dodgers and Pirates. Sometimes things just work out better and no one will ever know why.

    Speaking of the Rockies, they are sure in our heads right now. This is where the manager and coaching staff really earn their money by making sure the Rockies are not in the Dodger player’s heads. I too was following last night’s Giants-Rockies game and as soon as the Rockies got that first man on base and then another, I said to myself, the Rockies are going to find a way to win this game. At least this did not happen against the Dodgers and it figures the Giants could not win one game that would have benefited the Dodgers. And at least it pushed the Giants back another notch as someone has already mentioned.

  3. crzblue2

    Excellent history lesson! and nice tie-in with the battle with Jim Tracy’s team.
    Sorry you did not win the battle of the Joshes. I only bidded at the stadium. I took a nice item!
    Glad that Loney is back in the game ’cause that means he is feeling better and he does well in Colorado.
    Let’s Go Kershaw! Let’s go Dodgers

  4. dodgereric

    I like the lineup. Keep it that way all 3 games, Torre!

    Sending the positive vibes………


    GO DODGERS!!!!

  5. nellyjune


    messagebear – I would trade for Hawpe too. There is something about him I really like. I just wish he didn’t play for the Rockies.

  6. shad80

    Their is absolute no reason why Manny and Loney won’t get any homerun in this series. I would love to see both of them hit 4 homeruns a piece.

  7. lbirken@aol.com

    Shad, it is always fun to root against the Giants but if a Giants win helps the Dodgers I am all for it. For all I know Giants fans were not all that upset with last night’s loss because they knew it hurt the Dodgers. The Dodgers have an opportunity to take back control of this division race. Let’s hope they are up to it.

  8. northstateblues

    Thanks Eric! I had those ones in my head all day at work yesterday, had to write them down. Alice Cooper on his radio show mentioned that 25 or 6 to 4 sounds like Led Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” and The Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” had a baby. I can’t listen to either of the 3 without thinking of the other two now.

    Here’s a repost of the MC5 cover, since it’s still appropriate today, and I’m fired up for this series, with Kershaw on the mound to start it off. One small edit, but the MC5’s lead singer never sang a song the same way twice from the live shows I seen on YouTube, so I guess it’s in the spirit of the original:

    Right now, right now, it’s time for the Dodgers to…



    Well, They feel feel pretty good in Elway’s neighborhood
    Get crazy now, baby!
    ‘Cause it’s time for the Blue to start getting a clue
    Don’t get lazy now, baby

    We know you want it, Dodgers, the prize within sight
    We wanna see you going wild on that Novemeber night
    If you know where you stand… You’ve got to…
    GO ON, KICK ‘EM OUT!!!

    The Young Guns, they don’t sweat, taking cues from the vets
    What a feeling!
    Optimism abounds and resounds and rebounds
    off the ceiling

    But if you want it Dodgers, don’t wanna be without
    If you have that feeling you gotta sock ’em out
    Put the bat in your hands, at Coors you better
    GO ON, KICK ‘EM OUT!!!

    So Bristol’s given up, and T.J. won’t shut up
    As it should be
    Their kind words made you insane, got caught up in your brains
    Now you’re frenzied

    Who needs to be Power Ranked number 1?
    October’s the time to get it done
    Say “Let me be who I am”
    You’ve got to KICK OUT THE JAMS!!!

  9. shad80

    This month the Rockies in 22 games scored 130 runs, LA this month 22 games with 99 runs ouch this suck. I hate when we have trouble scoring runs with this lineup.

  10. lbirken@aol.com

    Ah yes, I remember those slugfests at Coors from years past but the humidified baseballs they use there now seemed to have had the desired effect of counteracting the lighter air at that altitude. I am sure Vinny will refer to that game that lasted 4 hours and ended with the Dodgers losing a 16-15 hearbreaker on that Sunday a long time ago during the Piazza-Karros years. Remember how people wondered how many home runs Piazza would hit if he played all his home games at Coors?

  11. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody
    About the ugliest sight today is that tiny little 3 to the right of Colorado.
    But we get compensated by the big 7 after San Francisco, which could actually be our lead in the wild card race, if things get worse.
    Let’s see if our offense will wake up tonight, it’s due.

  12. shad80

    I want to get into that Rockies bullpen early. There bullpen isn’t that good except for Beimel, Betancourt, and Street. The Rockies have the 2nd least amount of innings from there relievers combined with 350.2 innings but they given up 177 ER’s.

  13. truebluewill

    Hi oldbrooklynfan Well our two main cogs did it again. It looks like we’re going to have to depend on them down the stretch. I hope Torre keeps them 2 & 3 in the order.

  14. lbirken@aol.com

    I am going to remain positive and glad to have one run in the first inning even if the boys had two batters make out with a runner at second base.

  15. lbirken@aol.com

    I am going to remain positive and be happy to get another hit, make the opposing pitcher throw a lot of pitches and say nothing about leaving another runner in scoring position.

  16. truebluewill

    Kershaw looks good so far. That was a great curveball he broke off to strikeout Hawpe. Just once I’d like to see Hawpe go 1 for 12 against us in a series.

  17. oldbrooklynfan

    Yes so far Hammel isn’t too sharp but a lot of these opponent’s pitchers settle down after a while.

  18. oldbrooklynfan

    Kershaw in 3 innings seems a lot better than he’s been recently, he’s not showing any wildness at all yet.


  19. oldbrooklynfan

    Kershaw in 3 innings seems a lot better than he’s been recently, he’s not showing any wildness at all yet.


  20. shad80

    Tracy was going to used Eaton in RF. I love when pitcher goes to the OF. Casey should had did that on his bday.

  21. kpookiemon

    From the early returns, it appears the Rockies are a bit hung over from last night’s 14 innings. It would be in the Dodgers best interest to pile on runs before they awaken…

  22. colliethec

    Good evening everybody! I hope you are all having a great day & doing well.
    I see we have 5 hits & 1 run through 3 innings. Their pitcher has thrown 45 pitches through 3 innings. We need to work the count and get their starter out seeing as their bully was well used yesterday.
    Kersh has done a good job with only allowing 1 walk so far & that was with 2 outs. In Coors Field you can’t walk the opposition & win. He tends to walk people so lets hope he doesn’t loose his control tonight.
    Fear The Beard!!!!!
    Go Blue!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

  23. trublu4ever

    Collie ~ I can’t stand Charlie Steiner! He doesn’t even know when a ball is in or out of the park! He even has a man crush on JP. Monday isn’t too bad, but Charlie never shuts up.

  24. colliethec

    I know Hawpe has owned the Dodgers. But does Steiner have to always bring it up? Maybe if he didn’t point it out, it might not happen.
    I’m sorry but I’m very superstitious & every time he brings it up & goes on & on about it BAM!
    Doesn’t he ever think that maybe he could leave that out just once & see what happens.
    I hope Steiner isn’t in our future…

  25. colliethec

    Every Day Dre… 3-4-3…
    Come on let’s answer!
    Good bye all…

  26. vl4ecc

    this stadium is such a joke.

    By shad15 on August 25, 2009 7:05 PM
    It’s actually a nice stadium the way it’s set up. I saw a game there back in 99, before they started using the humidor.
    I never had seen a baseball travel so far so fast out of a ball park before that day. Braves had the lead going into the bottom of the 9th, Rocker came in throwing over 100 mph, and Castilla lit him up, hitting one out for a walk off win.
    BTW They should call it Budweiser Field. At that time they had @ 60% of the market in the Denver area. 🙂

  27. colliethec

    I know Vin brings it up as well but Steiner goes on & on & on & on & on.
    & when you think he’s finished he goes on & on &…
    I know your paid to talk, but please just shut your yapper for just a 2nd!!
    He just is an announcer that seems to be discouraging for the home team fans to listen to.

  28. carcyn@sbcglobal.net

    I was over at my grandma’s house today during the dodgers game when Brad Hape came to bat for the first time. My grandma is a big Dodger fan, she watches all the games. She made an interesting comment, she said the dodgers should be ok if they manage to put Hape away. Hape is always beating up on the dodgers. My grandma does not speak english but she does remember ball players. Even she is smart enough to know that you don’t pitch to Hape or He will kill the dodgers. Maybe one of these days Dodgers management will realize this.

  29. colliethec

    Oh & 90 pitches for Kersh through 5 innings.
    If anyone gets on in the 6th I would imagine Torre will pull him.
    He sure will be fun to watch when he learns to get through 7-8 innings.

  30. colliethec

    VL4 — I think many here would love to see Dre cloned. Not just for tonight.
    I think many of the LOITD (Ladies Of Inside The Dodgers) would love it!!!

  31. vl4ecc

    Ethier is having one of those nights where you wish you could clone him, and fill in the rest of the lineup……..

  32. vl4ecc

    kahli ~ I hear you! Earlier in the season, before the all star break, they were scoring alot more runs with timely hitting with RISP. Every one on the team seemed to play a big part in the wins, with the exception of Martin, and Furcal. I’d hate to see them limp into the playoffs, and make an early exit.
    I think we’re all wishing for some kind of wake up call for the team as a whole to get back on track, and hit there stride. Something similar to last year when they got hot at the right time. Kind of like what the Cards are doing right now.
    As of right now, they have to be heavily favored to win the pennant…….

  33. kpookiemon

    Well, Vinny put it all in perspective, much to my horror. The Dodgers have basically been playing .500 ball for three months. Can’t really call their recent play a “slump.” When you look at this team, other than Kemp and Ethier, offensively, who is really rising to the pennant race? Exactly. Loney and Martin can no longer be considered “can’t miss” players, Furcal hasn’t clicked all year, Hudson came back to Earth long ago, and Blake is Blake. I’m depressing myself so I’ll stop.

  34. shad80

    Damn the Nats scored more runs in that game against the Cubs today than the Dodgers had in a 4 games series with them so sad.

  35. vl4ecc

    Sure seems like the boys are making good contact, but due to good defensive placement, they’re just line drive outs. 😦

  36. vl4ecc

    I’m about to throw in the towel with thos blog. Between the time warps, and posts not showing up. THIS SUCKS!
    So shad, how did you know? Do you have a crystal ball, or are you looking into a dirty teacup?

  37. northstateblues

    I’m usually a Charley Steiner fan… but JEEZ

    Why don’t you freakin’ marry the Rockies, Charley?

    With each Rockies homer, he sounds like their announcer.

    And now he’s singing Tracy’s praises… I like Tracy well enough too when he’s not threatening the Dodgers, but for crissakes, YOU’RE ANNOUNCING FOR THE DODGERS!!!

  38. vl4ecc

    northstate ~ Charlie must have a crush on the Rox. I think he has a man crush on Hawpe! He’s driving me nuts too!!!

  39. shad80

    Come Kemp get a hit or homerun 2nd worst bullpen in term of ERA but with the 2nd least innings pitch from there relievers

  40. oldbrooklynfan

    My MLB.TV is like listen to the radio with pictures of the game going across the screen.
    It’s a good thing that Scully is coming through O.K.

  41. bluecrewgirl

    I wish Torre had stuck with Kershaw for the rest of the inning. He had settled down after giving up the homer. I hope they can do something in the 9th. It would suck to start off the series with a loss.

  42. truebluewill

    oldbrooklynfan ~ Morales didn’t look to worn out. It doesn’t look so good for our boys tonight. I don’t feel to confident for a ninth inning come back. I juts hope I’m wrong.

  43. truebluewill

    We got lucky with them sending Helton. But still 2 runs down seems like 20. COME ON DODGERS WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. vl4ecc

    I was just thinking it’s a good thing Holiday left the Rox. Just imagine how much better that team would be if he were still there.
    Oh freaking great!! Now they’re down two runs!!!
    This team’s gonna need divine intervention to pull this one out. Seems they are just sleepwalking, and going through the motions. A loss here creates a bigger sense of urgency.

  45. northstateblues

    :: listens to Tracy’s double switch with Manny coming up with 2 out in the 9th ::

    They don’t call him the Micro Manager for nothing.

  46. vl4ecc

    Oh well! Wasn’t meant for Dre I guess..
    C’mon Manny! You’re waaaaay past due!!!
    Cue up Elvis……It’s now, or never………..

  47. vl4ecc

    I should have known better than to get my hopes up with Martin at bat with the bases loaded! As usual, a negative outcome. He’s been such a HUGE disappointment this year with the bat. 😦

  48. shad80

    Whew extra innings after that 14 th innings the Rockies had. I guess they going to bring in Harges since he didn’t pitch last night.

  49. kpookiemon

    McDonald looked very much the young, inexperienced pitcher that whole inning. Too many games left to get excited about a win or a loss. But if Joe coughs up the division in the end, maybe the emperor’s clothes will finally be revealed as non existent; Ned never had any clothes to begin with. I still believe the Dodgers will have a great September, in spite of their shortcomings…of which there appear to be far too many. And as the evening wears on, I fully expect the venom to fly deep into the night, courtesy of this blog!!!!!

  50. vl4ecc

    Loretta started off well on pinch hitting early in the season, but now he’s becoming as useless as testicles on the pope coming off the bench. I wish we could have got another inning from Ramon now. J-Mac seems shaky.

  51. truebluewill

    Very depressing. So many things in this game could have done differently to turn it around. One big thing was, we had Hammel on the ropes early and couldn’t deliver the knock out punch. When we were winning in the first half of the season, we were scoring early, often, and getting the clutch hits. It doesn’t seem to be happening now. I may be depressed, but I’m not giving up just yet. Hopefully we can come back and win the next two.

  52. 32and53fan

    We don’t deserve to win the pennant if we can not make the fundamental plays. Let’s hope that we can get out of this inning alive.

  53. bluecrewgirl

    McDonald wasn’t the pitcher I wanted to see in a crucial situation like that. I was hoping to see Sherrill.

  54. bluecrewgirl

    Agreed, jhall. I like McDonald and he’s made progress since he went to the pen, but this is crunch time in a big game. I wouldn’t have put the ball in his hands.

  55. kpookiemon

    I think overall, Joe gets an F tonight for his handling of the pitching staff. And knowing hindsight is 20/20, I’ll go on record as saying I disagreed at the time with a) removing Kershaw when he did, 2) allowing Kuo to face Tulowitzki in the 8th, and bringing in McDonald to start the 12th. Other than than, what a wonderful job he did??!?!?!?!?!?

  56. jhallwally

    Well, let’s whip’em tomorrow!!!!! Goodnight my friends. At least we showed some fight!!! Just need to get hot in the next week or so, and we can do some damage!!!

  57. 32and53fan

    I wish I was a Rockies fan. They are the only ones playing exciting baseball lately.
    There is still hope for the Dodgers but they better start putting some crooked numbers on the board.

  58. bluecrewgirl

    I just looked over on Dodger Thoughts and they’re complaining about Sherrill not be used in that situation too. One person said they thought those were the situations we got him for and I totally agree.

  59. bluecrewgirl

    Totally agree, kahli, Kershaw should have finished the 7th and Brox or Sherrill should have been pitching the last innning. JMac is not even ready for that type of situation yet. Like you said, hindsight is 20/20, but Torre’s pitching decisions are just completely baffling at times. He should have given them the best chance to have Matt, Andre and Manny come up the next inning.

  60. colliethec

    The players didn’t perform. This is not on Torre.
    If Sherrill was in and he lost the game people would be blaming Torre. Please don’t get into the blame Torre for everything that doesn’t work out.
    If he left in Kersh & he got hit then everybody would be upset that he left him in to long.
    As D4 stated, blame the Rockies. They made the plays to win. They took advantage of our mistakes. They are a more aggressive hungry team and it shows. & right now they are the better team.

  61. shad80

    Broxton in a tied game on the road is game over for the Rockies. Hudson Furcal Loney and Martin blew it big time and the 2/10 with risp did it to.

  62. shad80

    I’m sorry but if Broxton and Sherrill would had blown this we would blame Torre and how in the hell can we blame McDonald? We had there #5 on the rope gripe of time and we only manage a 2/10 with risp. I could understand Torre not used them 2 and see we could’ve gone 2 to 3 more innings.

  63. kpookiemon

    Agree, colliethec, Rockies are hot AND good, but Torre is still not the genius people paint him to be. He may be great in the clubhouse, but in-game, he’s no better than Tracy, which isn’t saying much for either of them. They both micro-manage to the boundaries of insanity.

  64. shad80

    Bench Loney get Ethier to 1st base Pierre need to start hate to say this but Manny mess up are chemistry since he came back.

  65. shad80

    To be honest I think Kershaw could had pitch 1 more inning or maybe 2 depend if we get to his spot in the batting order.

  66. shad80

    Brad Hawpe homered in the fourth inning off Clayton Kershaw. It was the first homer Kershaw has allowed since May 27, a span of 15 starts.

    Wow I didn’t even realize Kershaw last homerun was against these Rockies to.

  67. cpompe1

    Good evneing ITD boys and girls!
    AWWW FUEYYYY…. I swear when Tulo came up and I saw Joe go to the mound, I thought for sure that he was bringing in Broxton, given JB’s dominance against Tulo. Did he? Well, of course not. Yes, hindsight is 20/20, but this game was very frustrating. But as upset as I am about Torre’s mishandling of the BP (again), the Rox did take advantage of our mistakes.

    Way back when, I thought no one was going to catch us and technically, no one has – yet. But I don’t like and haven’t liked the direction that our Boys in Blue have been taking for a long time. I don’t know what happened to our killer instinct that was there early in the year. I mean, when we used to score first in a game, that was as close to a slam dunk to put another notch in the “W” column as it could get. Now, I’m not so sure anymore.

  68. shad80

    Damn I was hoping the Giants would blow another lead. Maybe Torre should’ve had rest Loney and Martin for that Sunday game vs the Cubs since we had an off day yesterday.

  69. colliethec

    Khali — No he isn’t. He doesn’t always make the correct move. But he has to use the players that have been handed him.
    J-Mac was fine being in there. If he had pulled J-Mac and put in Brox or someone else then everyone would be upset that he was blowing through the bully.
    I was fine with him taking out Kersh. I wanted Kersh to go longer but wasn’t hacked about it.
    I get more annoyed with the players not performing then the Manager not making the correct moves.
    I would of been okay with having Sherrill in there as well but having J-Mac at your disposal he needs to be used. He has done ok this season. I just think that it wasn’t a huge decision that was incorrectly made. The player didn’t perform and Loney made matters worse by throwing the ball away.

  70. lbirken@aol.com

    Maybe Torre should have gone to Sherrill but the way I see it the Dodgers are not losing games from pitching but from an inability to score runs. Once again they had little trouble getting runners on base and all the trouble moving them around. Early in the game the Dodgers had plenty of opportunities to break open this game and couldn’t do it. Even in the ninth inning when a hit might score two runs Kemp hit a fly ball that scored a run but also cost an out. They get doubles to lead of an inning or home runs with no one on base. The Rockies had five hits and two runs while the Dodgers had nine hits and two runs. So say what you want about Joe, these losses are on the offense, or lack of it.

  71. nellyjune

    To think as soon as I left home, Andre drove in the first run, and I thought for sure we would win. They always play better when I don’t watch. Well, I guess not. I kept checking the score and everytime I did, Andre was on base but never scored a run. Manny and James…………………where were you tonight boys? I realize Manny batted in the tying run, but all those chances to put some major runs on the board blown. Oh well, two games still to go in this series. It is still possible to do some damage.

  72. colliethec

    Agreed Birk. With both comments on the pitching & hitting. That was a thought I almost posted. Once again we loose a game when we out hit the opposition.
    They aren’t aggressive and don’t generate runs. Dre was 3 for 3 with a walk and then K’s with RISP in the 9th. It just seems as if the timing isn’t there with the team anymore.
    I think Torre needs to start pushing the envelope a little more by getting the running game going and being more aggressive. I think that is one of the reasons he now has Kemp batting in the 2 slot. They rarely hit & run. Once again we need to start playing a little more like the OC Angels and put the pressure on the other team.

  73. kpookiemon

    I loved Furcal’s double…but I’m beginning to wonder if he should stay at lead-off…his OBP really hampers things. Trouble is, there’s no one else………………………………………………. Everyone says it, from strangers to friends to bloggers. Furcal is THE key to the lock.

  74. dodgereric

    I didn’t see the game tonight and it doesn’t sound too good from what I read here. As far as Torre not deserving blame, yes, I certainly agree that the players have to play. The pitching is doing better than the bats right now, and I didn’t think that would be the case going into this season. But the manager’s job is to put the best out there. He doesn’t do enough of that, IMO. I can’t ever remember disagreeing with a Dodger manager more than I do with him. I can’t wait until he’s gone.

    But there’s a loooong way to go and now is no time to panic. Like I just wrote in an email to Junie, it would be like jumping out of the lifeboat when you still have food and water.

    As important as it is to get Furcal started, I think the key is Ramirez. He’s the one the rest of them look to. When (not if) he starts raking again, watch the rest of them follow. I’m not one to monkey with lineups, unless it’s to shake something loose. And it needs shaking right now. Torre’s problem is that he continually shakes it up whether it’s working or not. Anyway, I wonder if it might be time to start protecting Ramirez with Ethier:


    I’d sink or swim with this. No more pulling someone because he’s had trouble with a certain pitcher. No more pulling someone because he wants to get a benchwarmer some at-bats. Leave these 8 guys in there, Torre.

    Good night, True Believers! Tomorrow is another day!

  75. 32and53fan

    Furcal needs to stop swinging for the fence and wasting at bats. He is a singles and maybe doubles hitter and needs to bump up his OBP and set the table. Kemp is well suited to bat second, get on and steal some bases to get in scoring position. I had no problem with him batting lower in the order since he seemed to come up with runners on base a lot of the time. But his speed makes him useful batting in the two spot.

  76. kpookiemon

    Never wanted Manny batting fourth. When he bats third, it guarantees a pitcher has to sweat a bit in the first inning. eric, I think he’ll get hot, too. Just hate to mess with Ethier in front of him. It’s a real tough call between Ethier and Kemp as to who bats 2nd and who bats fourth…but there’s no doubt they need to sandwich Manny…in a baseball sense, you understand……

  77. shad80

    Interesting stats here.

    Tale Of The Tape
    The Rockies earned just their third win over the Dodgers in 13 tries this season, but victories the next two nights would propel Colorado into a tie atop the NL West with Los Angeles Here’s a look at how the two teams have matched up so far this season:
    Dodgers And Rockies
    Head-To-Head In 2009 Dodgers Rockies
    Wins 10 3
    BA .304 .214
    SB 14 5
    ERA 3.96 6.08
    K-BB 110-68 83-53
    Saves 4 0
    Blown Saves 1 2

  78. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Not the result we wanted, but there is nothing to do but keep the faith and keep scrapping until this thing turns around. We were one broken bat hit away from winning last night. Beat ’em tonight.

  79. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    He came from a rich and privileged family and still cared about working people.
    RIP Teddy

  80. kpookiemon

    Very lame, Joe (from L.A. Times):
    The Rockies went ahead shortly after Kershaw was pulled after 6 1/3 innings, as Ronald Belisario served up a go-ahead solo shot to Clint Barmes. Dodgers Manager Joe Torre explained that Kershaw, who threw 104 pitches, had already reached his pitch count.
    “It’s not my call,” Kershaw said. “They don’t pay me to make decisions. They pay me to pitch.”
    Sounds like even the players are tired of the micro-managing.

  81. messagebear@msn.com

    In retrospect what a difference Lee could have made for our team – it would have been the Manny impact of 2009. Obviously Ned can’t get the job done, probably with an assist from Frank who won’t give him any more payroll, no matter what the needs of the team.

    Sell the team, you F’ing, Boston Cheapskate Scumbag!

  82. Dodger4life

    Good Morining ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boys in Blue…….
    Here is some rythym…….It has been a long season, but like this song we need to finish strong………( 5 minutes in the rythym picks up. )…
    Enjoy the game everyone 🙂

  83. selltheteam

    There was only one good thing about last night’s game. Manny showed some life by getting a clutch hit in the ninth.
    Other than that, not many silver linings in a LOSS. Especially when we’re ahead by only two games.
    Let’s turn it around tonight against Fogg!
    The way Wolf has been hitting lately, he should be batting behind Manny (jk).

  84. selltheteam

    Okay, first four batters in the bottom of the tenth are lefties. We’ve got Brox, Sherrill, and McDonald ready and rested in the bullpen. How do you NOT bring in the Brim Reaper?

  85. carcyn@sbcglobal.net

    I have to agree, Joe is an IDIOT!!!
    Furcal stinks… and he is still our lead off hitter.
    I read that he feels more comfortable at the lead off spot, well he is not cutting it. SWAP him in the lineup with O-dog.

    Martin flat out stinks!!! sit his *** down and put in Ausmus.
    He is hitting better then Martin. He atlest bloops singles behind the infield.

    Looney needs to step it up. He look so clueless last night!

    And please pitch around Brad Hawpe, he is a dodger killer!

  86. sammieramirez99

    Hello ITD! Im sure all of us are dissappointed about the standings but we are still in first and if worse comes to worse we will still be first because we lead in the season series! Many of you are concerned about the rockies but please be patient and have faith! Everyone that is gettin on Manny is not being fair! first of all Manny still impacts our Offense even though hes not hitting! Moreover, theres two reasons why Manny is not hitting as he should be! First is that hes taking a lot of pitches and more importantly you have to give credit to the opposing pitchers that adjust and pitch around him!

    Now for yesterdays loss no biggy! Torre was foolish to bring in McDonald! I read some comments on McDonald and many say that he has improved? I think thats absolutely ludicrous! The truth is that McDonald does not belong on this roster! First his fastball has no movement at all and he cant locate it either! secondly, the pitch that compliments his fastabll is his curve! and quite frankly he cant throw it for strikes. As a result he falls behind in counts and automatically gives the advantage to the hitter! Lookin at yesterdays game this is what happened to Bellisario. fell behind 2-0 to barmes and he had to throw a strike. barmes was aggressive and the rest is history! same goes for KUO. gave up a hit and a walk leading to the insurance run!

    Ill say this again and again our bullpen is EXCELLENT and MCDONALD is not part of that excellence! idk what anybody sees in mcdonald but he literally stinks! right when torre put him in the 10th i knew we lost espcially with our heart of the order coming up! PLEASE get off the overlooked mcdonald postseason stats! thats long gone and mcdonald is long ways from being successful!

  87. sammieramirez99

    Ill agree that MARTIN is a garbage can but why didnt joe rbing in MOTA or WEAVER to say the least…

  88. sammieramirez99

    Batting order doesnt mean jack Sh1t! getting ahead in counts and then pitch selection! why would u trhow hawpe a 2-2 fastball out over the plate, barmes a 2-0 fastball, etc! HELLO MARTIN wake the F up!

  89. sammieramirez99

    Either way we will get into the playoffs as the division leader or wildcard! dodgers vs. cards or dodgers vs. phils! pick your poison1

  90. Dodger4life

    McDonald threw that pitch low and on the outside part of the plate…Tulowitzki just went out and hit it!!!!
    What does Manny do better than most hitters in MLB??/
    Hit for average, power and in the clutch. If he doesn’t do this nothing else falls into place.

  91. sammieramirez99

    dodger4life the game was over once he walked stewart! low and on the outside doesnt matter when your just trying to make contact with a man on 3rd and 1 out!

  92. lbirken@aol.com

    Interesting article on the Dodger home page about the players not feeling any pressure and that some players say they don’t follow the standings or scoreboard. In a way I find this hard to believe but then again, playing baseball everyday is their job and they probably would not be in the big leagues if they let the highs and the lows affect them to much. I know as fans we want to see more passion; we want to believe the players care and will rise up to every occasion. And we are certainly disappointed when they don’t.

    Another interesting point in last night’s game is that even Vinny was talking about how both managers could be second guessed for their decisions and he hardly ever talks about such things. Do you think Rockies fans are second quessing Tracy for pitching to Manny in the 9th inning?

  93. messagebear@msn.com

    Yes, I couldn’t believe that Tracy brought in a rookie to pitch to Manny, when Beimel could have walked him and faced another lefty in Loney. I don’t think Tracy is likely to do that again for a while.

  94. kpookiemon

    I’ve got just two words for the Dodgers tonight: Josh Fogg. No excuses allowed. This is a relief pitcher who usually pitches two innings…which means a VERY tired bullpen will be used by Colorado.

    Kershaw: “I see a team playing with a lot of confidence. That’s a good team. Everyone is throwing well. All of their starters are throwing well and they getting timely hitting and the clutch hits. That’s what we were doing the first 90 games of the season.”

    Torre: “We feel them coming. That is a good team. They keep playing. That’s what you want a team to do is keep playing. They are very dangerous because they keep coming at you.
    They hustle all the time and … they play fundamentally sound baseball. If you do that and believe, some good things will happen. That is a key at this time of the year.”

    Challenge to all Dodgers: Step up…or get out of the way.

  95. dodge1612

    this whole pennant race thing is gonna be good for this team… I mean what adversity has the team dealt with this year? they lost manny, who cares slappy stepped in nicely… kuroda has been hurt, heager, and the rest earlier did fine… this team is gonna be ok… we got the reds this weekend… remember we own them… were gonna be JUST FINE

  96. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi ya Everybody
    Well I don’t have to tell anybody that what we need is a win.
    And the very least, if we don’t gets swept we will hold on to the lead beyond this series.

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