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What a great first day of the ThinkCure! radiotelewebethon. $160,000 raised for collaborative cancer research in one day, nearly as much as the entire two-day event last year. However, Josh Suchon is running away in the battle of the Joshs, so I’m hoping everyone is just biding their time until the deadline Monday night to push it over the top.

Here’s today’s lineup for the game on FOX

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Kemp, RF

Hudson 2B

Loretta, 1B

Ausmus, C

Haeger, P


  1. Dodger4life

    Good Afternoon ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…..
    Mr. Wolf you were outstanding…..Mr. Haeger welcome to the show…Lets get you a Win today…..Boy’s Time to Battle….Start to Finish…GO DODGERS GO!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!
    Enjoy the game everyone….

  2. Dodger4life

    Could it be he is facing a lefty, in Lilly who did well against us last time…..when we were on a roll. maybe this shapes up to be a close game in the end with Big Game James and Everyday Dre providing some much needed spark at the end. Just sayin???


    What has Haeger already done to deserve this lineup?
    He’ll really have to pitch a hell of a game, won’t he?

  4. Dodger4life

    On the other hand…Dre is going to see some tough left handed pitching in the post season, so…….why not now???
    He has been consistently hitting the ball.

  5. enchantedbeaver

    Looks like another one of JoJo’s giveaway games.

    Isn’t one of the reasons he rested the regulars earlier in the season was so they could play everyday down the stretch?

  6. boblee4014

    This line-up really sucks. I think Loney and Ethier should play as they are better against left handed pitching than Pierre who bats left or have I lost my mind. Loney and Ethier are better than Loretta who hits right any day. Torre needs to have his head examined. What a lousy line up to put in for a pitcher who is going to need every break he can get.

  7. kpookiemon

    It’s mid August of Joe’s second year at the helm…and there’s STILL dismay at his bizarro line-ups? This is Joe being Joe…always has been, always will be. Hey, at least he got smart and has Manny protecting his most feared hitter. JP sure to get enough fastballs to drive clear over second base.

  8. bluecrewgirl

    Andre always hit left handed pitching well his first 2 seasons and going back to college. It’s only been recently that he’s struggled against lefties and the only way he’s going to figure out what readjustments he needs to make is to get at bats against them, not sitting on the bench.

  9. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everybody.
    Well it’s Saturday before 7:00PM ET and for me it’s audio only, like old times.
    Hoping the Dodgers knuckle under against the Cubs today and the hated Giants beat the Coors Boys tonight, just to keep them away.
    I’ll spend the afternoon with Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday.
    Maybe I’ll be able to e-mail them.

  10. vl4ecc

    Good afternoon all!
    I was hoping to catch the game on Fox, but the local commies have the other game on. I could care less about the Red Sox, or the Evil Empire. 😦

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Two great showings from Haeger. Get him out of the high desert dry air and evidently that knuckleball dances. Just based on his two starts, I could see giving him a shot at 5th starter next year. Could be a rare commodity – a 5th starter that could eat innings.

  12. oldbrooklynfan

    The second time in two games the Cubs called a pitchout and caught a Dodger between first and second.

  13. oldbrooklynfan

    Somebody ought to check for sign stealing.
    Another tremendous performance by Charlie Haeger.
    Two consecutive gems.

  14. truebluewill

    Outstanding job for Haeger!!! Standing O!!!! he deserves it.

    What is Broxton doing coming now? Is he going to pitch 2 innings?

  15. truebluewill

    Alright Broxton!! Big punch out there. It would be terrible if Haeger gets a no decision after the way he pitched today.

  16. enchantedbeaver

    PATHETIC. This team had better start learning how to get in a runner from third with less than 2 outs or its going nowhere if they make the playoffs.

  17. trublu4ever

    Me too, JPD! If we hold on and win this, it has nothing to do with Joe………..we should have had a lot more runs and would have, with the proper lineup in there!

  18. enchantedbeaver

    Just doesn’t make sense not to bat Dre in the bottom of the 8th, then insert him for defense only in the 9th. Also doesn’t make sense that he or Loney didn’t bat for Crappy.

  19. enchantedbeaver

    Nice pitching performance by Haeger and a win, but still only two friggin runs. When is this offense going to get on track?

    Of course, it would help if you PLAYED YOUR BEST LINE-UP.

  20. oldbrooklynfan

    Like you said TBW, I wanted to wait for the result, How will Joe explain this?
    Did he forget what inning it was?

  21. trublu4ever

    There is no way Juan SHOULD EVER PLAY INSTEAD OF ANDRE!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO WAY 3 REGULSRS SHOULD BE OUT OF THE SAME GAME!!!!! WE WERE DAMN LUCKY TO WIN THIS GAME! I think my new name should be Justpissedoff!

  22. enchantedbeaver

    I really think that this offense is only going to get on track if JoJo would quit the BS and leave a set line-up in there. Hell Kemp hits first, Kemp hits 2nd, Kemp hits 4th, 5th 6th, 7th and 8th. The only freakin place Kemp hasn’t hit is the one spot he should be hitting always – 3rd. No one knows from day to day where they’re hitting or if they’re even playing. Different slots in the order call for a different hitting approach. How can one become comfortable and consistant if they’re bounced all over? Its rediculous.

  23. ramslover

    Wow, what a great performance by Haeger, hats off to you young man. 2 great outings, you have earned another chance. It would be nice to see him continue this. The knuckleball is such a novelty…I wonder why more do not try it…It seems the ones that have have hac long careers…Hoyt Wilhelm, Wakefield, Niekro brothers and Candiotti. Maybe Haeger will become our Wakefield..Still early, but never too early to hope..

    I had to follow by computer and it was a good one to follow. Nice move by Joe to bring Broxton in the eighth. I think I would have had Troncoso or Bellasario to start, but it worked with Brox doing what he is suppose to do. I suspect Troncoso will be the closer tomorrow. Sherrill threw alot of pitches.

  24. ramslover

    I second you Oldbrooklynfan, a W is a W..Matt has performed in every position and performed well, so I do not think it is bothering him, so why should I be bothered…I understand alot do not like the juggling but guys have to get rest and the bench guys need to get some regular work so they can stay in rythym.

    Way to go Dodgers!!!

  25. northstateblues

    A win’s a win, regardless of coaching miscues.

    We might be coming out of the only true briar patch of our season, and the team is remembering what it is to fight, regardless of whether or not our best fighters were in today.

    Judging from the AZ series, September will be a gauntlet of NL West teams whose goal is to foul the Dodgers chances. Those talking heads who say we have an easy September schedule (especially those who formerly played almost their entire career for us) quickly forget the September Padres and September Giants.

    The Knuckler is doing great for us… it’s a good thing it’s late in the season and not a lot of teams are going to get second looks. And should we make the playoffs and make the Series, if Boston goes too, they haven’t seen a Knuckler either (since they have the only knuckler in the AL)… But for now, I won’t get ahead of myself, and neither are the Dodgers. Cool as ice cream, whether they’re up or down, they know who they are, even if the manager sometimes forgets. As a lightning rod, though, no one makes a better manager today than Joe Torre.


    We’d better keep this Haeger guy awhile.
    I’ll feel better when we start scoring some runs. 2-3 runs leaves very little wiggle room.
    I posted earlier today and it disappeared altogether.

  27. truebluewill

    Jake ~ I don’t think anything official has happened. I think it could have been a case of Joe expecting Haeger to pitch the 8th inning. When he walked that first batter, Broxton was warming up to pitch the 9th no one else was ready so he decided to use him in the 8th. Or it could be that the Cubs had the top of the lineup batting in the 8th with their big hitters coming up and Torre wanted Broxton to face them. Whatever it was, I’m sure the press asked him about it after the game and we’ll find out tomorrow.


    truebluewill, i hope one of your scenarios is correct….jb has turned it around lately and has had 5 good outings in a row.

  29. trublu4ever

    Jake ~ if you believe what the announcers on Fox were saying, they believed Broxton actually was facing the tougher part of the lineup and Sherrill was going to be used in the 9th because he is the lefty. I really don’t think Brox has lost his closer status at all.

  30. shad80

    I don’t think Torre would take Broxton out of the closer role because of that save last night and that he had 4 great outing and now 5 with this one today.

  31. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!! I didn’t see the game, but between my phone and the highlights, it was good to see Haeger get the win against Lilly.

    BTW – I think I may have found out where enchantedsunset went. I picked up a new Febreeze plug in today, and the scent was called Enchanted Evening. I bought it and had them put it in a brown paper bag for good old times sake. I got it home, plugged it in and it didn’t smell very enchanting. Now, I am just plain disgusted with it.

    jk – it does smell pretty good. I just couldn’t resist getting the scent due to the name. Maybe we will see enchanted again someday.

  32. kpookiemon

    The fun is only just beginning. After the Bubs, Dodgers head to Coors. They have Monday off while the Rockies and Gnats play. I agree, shad. Let ’em play a couple 22-inning games…

  33. shad80

    What happen to Tony Stewart? All year he’s only missed 3 laps and was at 99.9% of his laps completed. The last time he missed a lap was on March 22 when he missed 1 lap and March 1 when he missed 2 laps. Martin was leading 240 laps and had to settle for 2nd places in that race. It’s weird to see Stewart finished 17th and 33rd the past 2 weeks. I wonder why his earning in this race was better than the one last week when he finished 17th?


    I hope that inserting Padilla in the starting rotation in place of what would have been Haeger’s turn is only a one time event to give him a chance against the Rockies, whatever Joe’s reasoning in that respect. As far as I’m concerned, Haeger has performed outstandingly in his two collective starts and needs to be given a continuing chance until he pitches himself out of the #4 or #5 slot – and hopefully he won’t. Where Padilla fits in should be determined by his performance in turn. We’ve been searching for that elusive #5 guy all season, and with Kuroda gone for possibly an extended period, we now really need a #4 and a #5 guy. So I’m hoping that they both do well and bring us a semblance of stability to the starting rotation.

  35. crzblue2

    Happy 36th Birthday Casey Blake!
    Good morning ITD Blogmates!
    Check Leonard, one of our ushers at Dodger Stadium and a True Blue Dodger Fan! Check out his tatoo! Leonard is sure a nice guy just like the rest of the workers at Dodger Stadium from the elevator people, ushers at every level, food workers, vendors, ticket checkers, guards, the cleaning crew that patiently wait for us to leave the stadium, camera crews, the ones by the stairs and of course our ambassadors! Forgive me if I leave some out.
    Let’s go Billz, Let’s continue with the Cub hunting season!


    I see on the site this morning, the team ( as well as everyone else ) would like to see more power from Loney. Great! But I don’t think now is the time to start thinking about those. Like Torre says, just start making solid contact. With a bit of a spurt, he could make it to 90-95 rbi’s. That would be acceptable.
    We know in the future years some of our young players are going to leave us. If James does not up his power numbers, he could well be one of the ones that do go. I just hope he does not have to do that right now. Myself, I’d rather he stayed. I get attached to these guys after awhile. Not Bradley, though.

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