Plenty of programming for today…

As you’ve probably heard by now, the ThinkCure radiotelewebethon is underway…

It started this morning on KABC 790 at 5 a.m. with Hiroki Kuroda matching the first $25,000 in donations and continues all the way through the postgame show.

PRIME TICKET has eight straight hours of programming starting at 11 a.m. and there is some amazing stuff that you can watch while you’re at the office or home today.

KCAL, which has been running touching stories all week, picks up at 6:30 for the pregame show and then throughout tonight’s game.

And for those who didn’t hear, this is an amazing way to donate and get something back. From 5-6 p.m. tonight at Dodger Stadium, you can pinch hit for Davey Lopes and take your picture with Garvey, Cey and Russell for a donation of $100 or more at the ThinkCure suite (221) on the club level. And, during the seventh and eighth innings, for a similar donation, you can take your picture with Fernando Valenzuela and the 1981 World Series trophy in the same location.

Now those are two photos you’ll save for a lifetime.

And of course, the online auction is going straight through the weekend and in the battle of the Joshs, we’re winning, $510 to $367 as of this minute.

So please, if it’s at all possible, find a way to take part this weekend and help find a cure for cancer. The dollar value isn’t important. It’s contributing something that matters. In fact, for those in the texting generation, if you text JOIN to 90999, you’ll make a $5 donation through your phone bill (standard messaging rates apply). Everyone can afford that, right?

Thanks to all of you for supporting ThinkCure and remember to tune in today and tomorrow to Prime Ticket, KCAL, KABC and KLOS.

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What are the odds that the lineup will stay the same tonight?

Dodgereric ~ I’m hoping and praying he will leave the lineup the same for the rest of the season! But, then again, you know Joe!

The same odds as seeing justplaindisgusted going back to enchanted……………..very slim.

I might do the one with Garv, Cey and Russell. too bad the Phillies are not in town. Can’t wait what else is on the auction table.
Also for those of you that speak Spanish, there is a first this Sunday! Hall of Famer Jaime Jarrin, Pepe Yniguez and Fernando will be on TV for the first telecast game in Spanish. FELICIADES JAIME, PEPE and FERNANDO!! You can read about it here,0,6665173.story?track=rss
I will be at the stadium so I will tape both the English one and the Spanish one.


TB4 ~ I’m with you about the lineup. I especially like Furcal & Kemp batting one – two in the order. (They were a combined 4 for 9 last night).

Good afternoon ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue….
Yes, J. Martin is out of the dog house for an evening. Woof, woof.
By kahliforni on August 20, 2009 11:14 PM
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I want to see more of this spirit tonight
Bark At The Moon!!!!
HOWL!!!! HOWL!!!!

JOSH – Wish the Dodgers luck with the whole ThinkCure radiotelewebethon and blogathon…LOL! I will be making my contribution on Sunday. I don’t know maybe I’ll contribute depending on how Dodgers do from tonight’s game to Sunday’s game. Here are some ideas and I don’t know which one to pick:
$1 for every Run Scored by the Dodgers
$1 for every strike out done by Dodger pitchers
$5 for every HR scored by RUSSELL MARTIN… if he does it again LOL!
$2 for every HR scored by ANDRE ETHIER…hey he can do 2 per game…he can get expensive on me. LOL!

The Spanish telecast of the game sounds very interesting. I will check it out! Have fun at the game tonight!

KURODA is awsome for donating all that money….THANKS KURODA YOU ARE WONDERFUL. Hope to see you soon on the mount!

Hiro is such a class act. I’m very proud he’s a Dodger. I’d donate but I just had to pay for classes and I went to the game on wednesday so I’m broke. I’m having trouble finding 5 dollars to get lunch today!

That is classy of Hiro to do that.
Great ideas and I love the Blogathon term. lol. You know another thing they should have had is lunch with players or coaches, announcers like Jaime or Pepe. I’d bid.
Good luck Lobo!

Would be nice to see Schmidt do the same thing?

Awwwwwww so close the first 5 is the same like last night.

Los Angeles Dodgers
R Furcal SS 0 0 0 0 0 0 .261
M Kemp CF 0 0 0 0 0 0 .310
A Ethier RF 0 0 0 0 0 0 .283
M Ramirez LF 0 0 0 0 0 0 .313
C Blake 3B 0 0 0 0 0 0 .281
J Loney 1B 0 0 0 0 0 0 .277
R Martin C 0 0 0 0 0 0 .262
O Hudson 2B 0 0 0 0 0 0 .295
R Wolf P 0 0 0 0 0 0 .192
Totals 0 0 0 0 0 0
Los Angeles Dodgers
R Wolf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 3.43

I hate to see this but go Giants

I hate to say this but go Giants

Hi Everybody.
I guess we only have 1 game on the scoreboard to keep our eyes on.
I’ll keep rooting for whoever is in third place.
We got that Randy Wolf vs Randy Wells again.
Wolf won the last one, back in May when things were cheerier.
Dem Bums can’t control what happens in Colorado, so they might as well just concentrate on knocking off the Cubs.

3 to 1 Giants in the third. Do I dare say it. Go Gi………. Can’t get it out. You know what I mean.

It’s good to see that all the hitters are over the .260 mark and Wolf’s ERA is under 4, compliments of Shad 15.

We’re not rooting for the Giants to win, we’re just rooting for the Rockies to lose.

Nice inning Wolf

oldbrooklynfan ~ I got a good feeling about tonight’s game. Wolf is hot and I feel we’re going to score.
GO BUMS!!!!!!!!!

I almost always have to restart my MLB.TV at the start of the game.

Rockies just lost their starting pitcher. Bullpen time already!

I hope you’re right TBW.

Hello, Oldbrooklynfan and Truebluewill! GO DODGERS!!!

Hi TB4 ~ 6 up 6 down for Wolf so far. Looking sharp.

Hi ya there TB4ever

6-1 SF so much for the Josh Fogg

I’ll bet the Rockies still outscore the Giants.

I’m hoping the Giants ERA goes up by .50+ so they can dropped around 3rd places and they still #1 in relievers ERA.

Ouch that curve was a little bit to high.

I love to see Penny get lit up again hopefully the Red Sox would released him now.

My hope was that the Rockies would sweep the Giants and their supposed fantastic pitching staff, completely putting them out of the running. I NEVER want the Giants to win!


Ned please resigned Wolf #11 rbi’s.

WOLFY keeps on hitting.

Joe should use Wolf as his new pinch hitter!

Urgh Torre better not sit Loney against a lhp when he’s batting over .300.

Alright Wolfy!!! Doing it with the bat!!!!

Or if Loney have to sit put him at 1st so Loretta won’t get a shot.

That ball was hit weak I can’t believe Furcal miss that one.

Well, Dodgereric was asking how long Joe would keep this lineup………….I guess 2 games is the maximum. He will probably sit Martin (because of Haeger pitching) and maybe Loney. All I can say is, “CRAP”!

Let’s hope that was Wolf’s bad inning.

What a dumb question,
The Dodgers could end up in 2nd by Monday.
Tonight 2 1/2 Sat. 1 1/2 Sun. 1/2 and Mon. -1/2

Nice comeback inning for Wolf.

Wow the Yankees won 20-11 now it look like the Red Sox can’t beat the Yankees no more after going 8-0 and now the series is 8-5.

Bad base running blunder there!

I don’t know why they signed Smoltz and Penny.

I guess Wolf can handle the bat, but,,,,

Good job getting back to 1st Martin

I hope not but I think the Yankees will go all the way this year.

What happened there? Was Wolf doubled off first or out for passing Martin at second?

lol Selig donated 25,000 dang he’s cheap.

Blah at Furcal should’ve taken a pitch since Wells didn’t have much control.

Cranial Rectal Inversion on Opie’s part there.

Wow lol at those throw.

Damn that played remind me of Sweeney.

Yes Martin was out nice catch Fuld and why the 1st bases ump need to make that call when the 2nd bases ump was right there

I think Martin was out at 2nd.
Scully said he paid the price, so I assume the out was made at 2nd.

I love when Scully said “The Dodgers still have some daffiness in them”. Classic..
Now I think Wolf was out because Russell had possession of the base.
I don’t know.
Does anyone?
Doesn’t really matter the inning ended and no runs scored.

Great Gem so far for WOLF.
But Wells ain’t doing bad either.

Wolf has been brilliant so far tonight. It would be great to get him some more runs and put this game away.

Martin was tagged out by Baker in between 2nd and 3rd.

– R. Martin walked
– O. Hudson grounded out to pitcher, R. Martin to second
– R. Wolf walked
– R. Furcal flied into double play left to second, R. Martin out at third

I love Furcal and his slap bunt.


PP sucks!!!!

Nice double by Kemp, but they still have to score him.
To bad they guest right on the Pierre attempted steal.

The way Wolf has been pitching I didn’t like him being pinch hit for. I hope we can bring Kemp in.

Thanks Shad, that’s the way I scored it, originally.

Wolf did his job. With 6 outs to go the Dodgers MUST close the deal and win this game. If they are going to go far in the playoffs this is like a must win playoff game.

To be honest I think Furcal been a bust with Martin.

Should’ve been a dp damn I hate wild pitch when it goes against us.

Glad it didn’t cost us with that lead off walk.

Another nice job by SHERRILL.

An insurance run would be nice here.

Sherrill settled down and did his job. I hope we can get some insurance runs before thrill ride Broxton comes in.

Let’s hope they get there first.

damn Manny got robbed

Manny just missed!

That was highway robbery by Sam Fuld.
Breath easily Rockies lost.

Since I don’t want to cheer on the Gnats, let me say I’m happy the Rockies lost, and hope they get swept, while our boys sweep the Cubs!


Nail biting time. Here comes Big Jon.
Time to cross the fingers & toes………

Fasten the seat belts. Here we go.

Yeah he like 5’10.

I’d like the Giants to win tomorrow to tie the Rockies, then the Rockies to win on Sunday, and then the Giants on Monday

Broxton remember game 3 against these same Cubbies in the playoff.

Hopefully they get to October TBW.
I’m not counting chickens until the eggs hatch.
Sorry this may appear further back on the comments, it happens to me every night, late.

Way to go Dodgers……….pitching tonight was excellent. Even Justplaindisgusted would have to smile tonight!

I just seen Mientkiewicz hope he ready when the roster expands

brownpaperbag and kalih where u at? wolfs not a winner? past 2 starts wolf has literally won the game for us!

Alright GO DODGERS!!!!! That win showed me something. That was a playoff type game. Hopefully they can play that way in October.

randy wolf 2, cubs 1!!

Sammy ~ You said it about Wolf, he’s a winner.

Yeah where is those people that said Wolf is no winner?

That’s was Broxton 1st career save against the Cubs after 4 bs.

Yup…its cool its just that people get discouraged when we struggle which we havnt done all season until after the break! so yesterday i saw this guy at the gym i havnt seen in a while and he would always be positive and excited about the dodgers since we were literally dominating! and because of our recent play he was allll discouraged and said that the dodgers were playing like crap! i told him dont worry every team goes through their downss and for the dodgers we havnt had a down period until mid july and august! and he was like o we only have a 3 1/2 game lead! i said so what we’re still in first! just like manny said we’ll be worried when we’re not! i also said that if we dont win the division then we will probably win the wild card!

Yep, Wolf has really come through for us lately. In fact, I would have certainly left him in to pitch the 8th. 75 pitches through 7 is great and he had the Cubs eating out of his hand. The idiot Torre was probably reliving his last start when he collapsed in the 8th after running the bases when he foolishly didn’t have him bunt and sit back down. Anyway, another great start for Wolf!

What was even better to see was that 0 – 2 pitch that Brox threw high-and-tight to Bradley in the ninth. Man, that was a thing of beauty! I’ve noticed that he’s thrown a couple of inside fastballs in each of his last 3 appearances. I guarantee that if he continues throwing that pitch occasionally, he’ll be even more dominant than before. Way to go, big guy! What a lift for us!

Three in a row tomorrow? We haven’t done that since the middle of July.

Wolf bday is tomorrow with Weaver. Wolf got a nice early bday gift with that win and that 2 runs single.

Dodgereric – When Brox threw that inside pitch, we immediately thought of you and how you would be thrilled to see that. We knew you would be smiling after that pitch.

Torre took him out because he wanted to save him for the Rockies series.

Junie, Chris will verify that I shot both arms in the air and yelled, “YEEEEAH!!!” LMAO!!!

shad, if Torre said that, he’s lying – IMO. He’s totally in love with his method of using relievers and fully intends to use them until they break. Seventy-five pitches? He threw 101 in 7+ innings in his last start and 103 before that. He hasn’t thrown fewer than 87 in two months.

I didn’t say that but some people on the espn conversation board were thinking the same way and didn’t Torre want his starter to go 7th innings.

Well it was 88 pitches and that seem to always be the standard for him to go 7th innings with around 90 pitches thrown and him going 8th innings is just pushing it a little bit. If these relievers can’t manage to pitcher 1 freaking inning than they need to retired.


My concern is Kershaw and Bills to pitch into the 8th innings without all the walks and huge pitch count. We all know if Kershaw is on his game without the walks and low pitch count he could pitch well into the 8th and maybe the 9th.

Sorry, brownpaperbag is dead.

Hey guys, Wolf pitched a great game last night. If he keeps stepping up to the plate and turning in these types of performances the rest of the way I may change my mind about him being a winner. We’ll see on that. But as I sit here this morning typing this right now, do I have any confidence in him being a go-to guy down the stretch and in the playoffs?, no.

They beat Wells last night by virtue of a 2-out hit by the pitcher. I still find it dismaying that the offense can’t jump all over guys like Gorzelanny who’s not a decent pitcher, and can’t muster anything against Wells, who at best you can say is a decent one.

Anyway, let’s see if they can string 3 in a row today and put up some offense against Lilly.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

Dodgereric – I have absolutely no doubts about that!!! Let’s hope you get to do that more often throughout the rest of this season.

It was a good win yesterday, but if we can get them again today with Lilly on the hill, that would be fabulous!!!


I’m concerned about the offense as well, these guys are better than this. They need to hang on and the offensive problems can change for the better. The way they are playing now will probably not be the same as at the end of the season. Let’s just hope the difference is for the better.
Meanwhile… I’ll say it again.
Can we put Wolf out there again today?


Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Went to last night’s game! Too bad that the rest of the team couldn’t do what Wolfy did all by himself, but I’ve come to the realization that my moaning, groaning and bickering won’t help the team much. I’m just going to try to and enjoy the games – as much as I can.

So how are my ITD friends today?

And I didn’t realize until now – Happy birthday to Randy Wolf and Jeff Weaver!!!

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