Busy days…

So much going on these days, I didn’t have time to post anything yesterday so throwing a new thread out there for everyone.

Might not have time until game time tonight, either, as we’re gearing up for the ThinkCure radiotelethon this weekend (don’t forget the Battle of the Joshs benefiting ThinkCure), an afternoon news conference today with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and lots of other random things that fill our days just like the rest of you in the business world.

Let’s hope we can make this series like last year’s NLDS…we’ve got to get back on the horse! Fortunately, no one downstairs seems to be panicking despite our recent struggles, which is big.

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Hudson, 2B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Weaver, P


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BRING THE RING TO L.A. in 2009!!!!!


Tough one last night. Some Good news: Gnats Lost Today!
No team seems easy to me now. But I believe the Dodgers have the better team if they play to what they are capable of. The Rockies must be smelling blue blood and can’t wait to have us for their Home meal, but thats what the Giants thought also and we won that series. I know at this time there is much questioning of ownership and mangement, but what happens to win is between the chalk lines. I have faith in our team that winning 3 or more in a row will become a regular occurance. Echo the “GO DODGERS!” Say it loud and proud. We are number one!

The Cubs are in a state of urgency….they are 6 games behind the Cards. They say it is crunch time, it is Gut check time for the Blue as well. Our park, Our fans, Our series…Get it Together and Get It Done Boy’s!!!!

“Saturday night changed a lot of things,” Colletti said. “We were looking for pitching before Saturday night and Hiroki got hit and it became more apparent that we were going to have to go to work on it sooner than later.”
Now we know what it takes to get Ned off his lazy *** and get us a pitcher. If he hadn’t waited for one of our best pitchers to get beaned, maybe he would have gotten some better quality. That really ****** me off.

Exactly when was Nerd planning on working on the pitching?

crash, is that why Brox blew a bunch of saves, to get us some bullpen help? 🙂

Here come those bashers, I expected. But the Dodgers win and then they lighten up. Ned probably has his hands tied in his head, if he makes a move that fails, then he is gone. If he leaves the team in tact, like it is, like the team that was the best record in Baseball (May/June/July) then it is on the players to do or die, and Ned comes away clean. So Ned has little motivation to do some major trade. Manny will be gone next year, and that is cash saved, and like a politician Ned just works so he may be relected and keep his job. So it is the players that need to play like it is do or Die, because there is no calvary coming over the hill, of course I did not see Manny coming last year either. We have the pitching, we have the hitting, we have the defense, it just needs to manifest itself again, and Im certain it will. Hear the echo “Go Dodgers!

Well JOSH thanks for a post….worry bout’ you thought you had what KEMP & KERSH had. Busy Busy busy.
Well MARTIN should be BUSY practicing his throws. I really don’t care if he doesn’t do a HR, just as long as he can do the THROW.
BROXTON needs to be BUSY practicing his pitches. He needs to stop trying to over power the batter. Start throwing SMART!
KERSH – needs to be BUSY getting more confidence. He can throw but boy when he goes down, he goes down. YOU CAN DO IT KERSH!
MANNY MANNY MANNY – ay ya yay! Don’t know about Manny. He should be BUSY practicing his batting.

I don’t who to be more mad at MARTIN or BROX. They just love to give runs aways.

Nice post koufax!

Well all, I’ll be out at the movies, then Costco, but should see you towards the end of the game tonight. Let’s go blue, hunt those bears!!!

koufax – Manny has a player option next year for $20 mil. I guarantee he’ll excercise that option. No way he goes FA again and sign at maybe 4-5 million somewhere else.

from the article linked by kahli,
“And maybe he needs his synthetic testosterone, assuming he hasn’t doubled back for a therapeutic use exemption and isn’t already on it again.”
Personally, I think Manny needs to be fed the ashes of BPB. That could turn him back into the man he once was.

Manny say’s……” Dont Worry “……
We Be Jammin….Coming Soon!!!!!

D4 – Manny can “redeem” himself by repeating his performance against the Cubs last October. Same goes for Loney. Big series this weekend.

Liven got released by the Mets don’t do it Ned one fatty is enough.

JOSH – thanks for the line-up.
I hope this line-up it’s a winner!
Let’s Go dodgers!

I shudder at the thought of three of the five starting pitchers being Weaver, Padilla, and Haeger. Arrrghhhhh.

I would like to see Joe keep this lineup the way it is right now. I think if he leaves it alone, we may produce quite a few runs. Who knows, we may even bring a smile to JPD’s face once again.


c’mon dodgers you can do it!

Start to Finish Baby!!!!!

Don’t have much to add to what has been posted the past few days. Kurt Streeter said it all in his L.A. Times column this morning. But since msdodersrule brought it up, I have to ask something that has been bothering me for a long time. I understand why Don’t Stop Believing is played but can anyone tell me what the heck are “streetlight people”? Am I missing something or do the lyrics of this song make no sense at all? Somebody help me, please!

Weaver is a reliable starter same goes with Padilla and he had 2 good season with the Phillies but we only need 2 starters to filled the 4th and 5th spots for now. Haeger was putting up good number in the minor which that doesn’t mean crap.

Birk – The line “Streetlight people” refers to the prostitutes and other seedy characters on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Although if you listen to the lyrics it sounds like streetlights, people.
No I’m not THAT into Journey. I found it on a website, but birk had questions and dammit, I have answers!!!

Gnats lost. Rockies/Nats scoreless through 4. The Blue reallllly needs a win tonight.

D4 – Love that song…
JPG (no Jpeg but JustPlainDisgusted)…so why hasn’t Martin played the way he should be playing? I know, I know I am starting a long argument…LOL!

Another short answer is Martin gave up drinking and has a steady love. See what clean living gets you! Russell needs to party and play the field!!!!!!!!

JPD (and I just got used to BPB), the only way I know the lyrics is because they put them up on the scoreboard at Dodger Stadium when this song is played in the 8th inning. I think the prostitutes are from Detroit. Anyway, the lyrics just drive me crazy and have nothing to do with the song title, which, by the way, does not even come up until the song is almost over.

But one thing is for sure. We may not be able to keep up with your name but we certainly can count on you for answers.

Glad you asked that Rosie – and I have that answer for you:
Martin it seems is his own worst enemy. Basically he’s a head case suffering from RCI for the last two seasons. He’s got it in his head that since he’s the unofficial captain, he somehow has to be superhuman and carry the team. This puts undue self-inflicted pressure on himself to over achieve, which in fact has the opposite effect in reality. All this is of course accentuated by his already heightened superstitious nature, thus for every step he takes forward, he takes one sideways and another backward (which explains how he’s waltzing through this season as Torre’s catcherbitch.)
That is the long answer. The short answer is that Martin sucks.


Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
And with that nice greeting, I say, “AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!” Okay, I got that out of my system – for now. After last night’s game, I was ready to jump into the TV and put a stranglehold on Martin. No, JB shouldn’t have walked the first batter he faced. But honestly, that isn’t the biggest problem for me. My problem is Martin and the fact that he ALWAYS bounces his throws. Even if Pujols is walked, and EVEN if he is safe at second after the steal, there is NO WAY that he should be standing on 3B at all and NO WAY that he scores!!!

Okay, I was just going to ask if JustPlainDisgusted is BrownPaperBag AKA Enchanted. Now I have another question. Msdodgersrule AKA Msrussyethier AKA Dodgersrule AKA Rose??? Do I have that right?

Oh, and JPD – I’ve long since resigned myself that we’ve got Manny for 2010. I don’t think ANY TEAM wants him anymore.

And Kahli, what an article. Now that we have Padilla, I think he and Manny are going to be two peas in one pod. And I’m not sure if I’m going to like the outcome…

And JPD – I wonder if we could send Martin down to AAA and bring up Ellis. Perhaps Martin can get his head straightened out…

But in the spirit of trying to keep things as positive as I can, I like tonight’s lineup!!!

And I see that I’m posting on the blog about 12 minutes after the actual time…

Is amazing the Nats had that winning streak and can’t even beat the Rockies 1 time.

blah at the Philly bandbox I hate losing to a team that took 2 out of 3 n Arizona and about to get sweep by the Philly where the Philly pitching is not that good other than Lee and Happ and they can’t even win at home. lol the dback scored 5 runs in that bandbox stadium.

Hi Everybody
Well I bet these two teams are glad to see each other.
The Dodgers should be happy to meet anybody after those Nasty Red Birds and the Cubs are 3-7 in their last 10 and almost got swept by the Padres (next year’s menus?) and that sound good.
I was a little doubtful about this series but now I know the Dodgers will play the Cubs up to their potential, just like they played the Cardinals and I feel they have a good chance to beat the Cubs.
Tom Gorzelanny?

Yeah we back with 1st inning runs again let’s get more

Who else but A N D R E.

It’s now 3 games.

I like the way Kemp lifted his leg to take out the SS.
We need to get the momentum back. 3 1/2 games is too close for comfort.

I just tuned in….I see I am smiling early…..

Damn Hudson I think you should’ve take that 3-1 pitch. At least make him thrown one more pitch

Let’s get another 7 pitches inning.


Hi everyone, Looks like we should hit this pitcher hard. Let’s get some more runs.

Good Evening TBW…..

come on furcal… get us the lead this failing bs is over…

Atta way..RAFFY.

there you go… come on kemp…

oh oh Furcal is warming up.

the Mandre us up now… time to hit number 26… woo hoo

Damn Kemp I surely hope you didnt let Ramirez advanced to 2nd.


Wow 2 ibb hopefully we get one more nice k’s on Soriano

Weaver got out of that unbelievably.

Alright Weaver!!!!! Two clutch Ks!!! WTG

Hi oldbrooklynfan. How are you doing?

So Far so good,

Surely don’t like that 1 2 3 innings.

Go figure we didn’t score last inning and the Cubs don’t.

Either is a career .260 hitter against LH pitching. This year only .203.

We had this guy on the ropes in the 1st & 2nd innings, now we’re letting him settle down. Not good.

That why I don’t like Ethier bat against a lhp. I was sure Reyes was going to get Ethier but he’s hit him.

Isn’t that usually the case TBW?

That bring back memory Reagis hosting who wanted to be a millionaire.

I hope Belisario is on his game he hasn’t pitch more in week.


That’s one and one more to go.

AAAAAHHHHH! That’s my boy….RUSSSSSSEEELLLLL! GrandSlam and I called it!.

blah at walking Hill.

That’s a boy Belisario.

Wouldn’t it be great for Martin to get hot now and hit with power.

Hi ItD,
Martin’s GSis just awesome, the shot he and we needed!
Then pinch hitter for beli who only pitched one inning, our depleted BP and now Troncoso. Joe works in mysterious, say hilarious ways? Another word? Splain to me lucy!

He waited a long time to hit an HR, but he picked the right time.

Why do you want Belis to pitch 2 innings? His been overworked all year but he hasn’t pitch much the past week and half.


To be honest I would had not waste Abreu to PH but I would love to see Troncoso pitch another inning or 1/3 of it.

About time Martin you hit a GS that mean something lol

Yeah tru the same goes with Loney and Furcal to get there average over .280 but Loney need to be over .290.

Alright!! Casey at the bat!! WTG!!

We can use all the runs we get BLAKE

Hopefully Torre put in McDonald to go 2 innings.

You better double switch and put Mac in Torre.

Here come Mota.

Shad ~ I rather he save Mac and use Mota for two.

Blah that Fukudome is one tough cookie

You think Mota can handle it? I want that to.

Home (2009) 2.43 3 2 0 0 28 0 0 33.1 23 9 9 2 12 21 .193
vs. ChC (2009) 0.00 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1.0 1 0 0 0 0 1 .333
August (2009) 7.04 0 2 0 0 9 0 0 7.2 8 6 6 2 4 4 .258

Ouch I missed the good Mota for the past 2 1/2 to 3 months ago.

Let’s go Mota, you need to get your ERA back under 3 since it took a big bump this month.

I hope Torre let’s Mota hit.

Mota appeared to labor early in that 8th inning especially to Fukudome and Soriano but nonetheless an overall good inning.

You guys are asking for high BAs and low ERAs forgetting winning is the bottom line.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh great move hope Mota goes deep lol.

Apparently Mota will start the 9th.

I know but I like to see everyone under 3 in ERA in over .280.

I’ve seen 3 in ERA and .260 on a lot of winning teams.
The Dodgers are doing just fine.

Ok Mota 2 more outs left to go.

Sigh get that head case to grounded into a dp Mota.

It think any ERA under 4 is good and of .260 is good enough.

Oh here we go with the famous fielder’s indifference

Theriot should take 3rd why stop at 2nd?

YAY………….DODGERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was nice. Let’s see if we can manage two straight now.

Good job Mota

Needed that win, as we need them all with the Rox pressing on.
The Boys don’t look like they’re pressing in anyway.

Great win by the boys tonight! Now it’s important they build on this win and score 7 or 8 runs tomorrow and win again. Good night all.

Isn’t the Giants playing the Rockies tomorrow?

Wow I didn’t notice it was this close. The same goes with the Cardinals we up by 1 win after all the dominant the Cards done the past 5 years.

Dodgers 1015 wins
Cubs 1014 wins
14 ties

Cubs have a slight lead in runs scored, 8794-8764.

I hope Torre used the same lineup again 2 in a rows.

Yes Shad they are and they are playing them 7 times in the next 10 games. Hopefully they’ll knock each other off.

2 runs allowed from a guy Ned seen in a resteraunt…or something like that. Good Job Weaver and crew!!!
Dont Stop Now!!!! Get Em Tomorrow Again!!!

Good Night All and God Bless


One game a recovery does not make. Like a good day in the stock market, this team needs to show consistency. That said, the Rockies will be playing the Gnats this weekend after playing the Pirates and Nationals amongst others. Every win against the Cubs means a game up on someone chasing the Dodgers.

I would love to see a Giants sweep and we sweep the Cubs and Rockies and the Dback sweep the Giants lol.

Oh please don’t wake me up from this dream.

It was a Good Day though Khali….a Good Day indeed, Good night again 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

This month it’s been horrible for him.

Home (2009) 2.43 3 2 0 0 28 0 0 33.1 23 9 9 2 12 21 .193
vs. ChC (2009) 0.00 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1.0 1 0 0 0 0 1 .333
August (2009) 7.04 0 2 0 0 9 0 0 7.2 8 6 6 2 4 4 .258

Good Job tonight Dodger Blue. I didn’t watch the game, and I am beginning to think maybe I shouldn’t. They seem to do better when I can’t watch or listen to them.

That’s right kahli. This team didn’t get to the best record in baseball by going on winning streaks. It got there by consistently winning series.

gosh I posted that 45 min ago.

Well, I guess Martin had a good night, a really good night for a change.

Yes, J. Martin is out of the dog house for an evening. Woof, woof.

However, let’s hope he can remain out of the doghouse. That would be a very nice change for him.

Keep him batting 8th

Andre and Matt are all over the league leader stats……………just awesome, with the lowest rank being 15th for Andre in the NL in SLG%. Most of the categories they are in the top ten.

Interesting next 10 games for the Rockies: 7 vs. Gnats, 3 vs. Dodgers. We’ll see how the West looks by then…

NOTES: Kuroda is eligible to return on Aug. 31, the start of a four-game series against Arizona. … The Dodgers improved to 1,015-1,014 all-time against the Cubs. … Martin’s first grand slam came on April 27, 2007, against Pittsburgh at home. … Penny Marshall was a pregame dugout visitor with Dodgers manager Joe Torre. Chicago native Jim Belushi got booed when he was spotted wearing a Cubs cap.

Ouch poor Belushi.

Oh I see there a huge power bat on waiver to bad we don’t need Tejada and his huge contract.

Wow I didn’t even realize Manny only has 2 sac bunt in over 7,850 ab’s. I would had never had guess that one. The last time he done that was with the Indians in 1995 but the crazy part was Manny had 31 homeruns 107 rbi’s while putting up a stat lines of .308 .402 .558 .960.

Let’s see if they can build on something from here. I’m with Kahli – one game doesn’t mean they’re recovered from anything. It wasn’t like they even beat the dreaded Tom Gorzelanny. They had him on the ropes early and didn’t do anything. This is what they haven’t been doing at all since the all-star break – carrying any momemtum from the previous day’s win, so let’s see what they do tonight.

Martin now gets a day or two reprieve from sucking. Let’s see if he can build something off of his slam and not go back to K’s and DPs with men on.

It seems that yesterday’s game that people that were in a slump were actually doing great (MARTIN, MANNY, & BLAKE). So I hope they keep up the great work. MARTIN GS was wonderful and hopefully this means that he is back. But I am still keeping my name as MsDodgersRule instead of MsRussyEthier!

JustPlainDisgusted: I was surprise to hear yesterday that ANDRE is leading in DP. I thought for sure it was MARTIN. And this is coming from VIN! And yeah hopefully they can carry the momemtum from the previous day’s win. We need to get in a long winning streak!

JPD ~ Any words of wisdom for today? 🙂

I don’t necessarily care about a long winning streak, but would like to see a sweep, or at least 3 of 4 from the Cubbies. Hopefully we keep winning and the Rox and Gnats beat up on each other, knocking at least one of them out of contention.

New thread….

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