The Mailman Delivers Again!

As you might recall, when Andre delivered walk-off hits on consecutive days back in June, I tried to start the nickname of the Mailman of Dodgertown, as he does seem to deliver key hits every day. Last night was really something else, going into the last half inning down by two runs and hitting another walk-off job. Even he seems amazed at how well he’s been doing when the game is on the line.

Of course, I asked Tommy Lasorda the other day why players these days don’t have nicknames and he said that he was actually the one who nicknamed most of his guys. We all know about Bulldog Hershiser, but he also came up with Happy Hooton, KT (for Kenny Landreaux) and numerous others. What I didn’t know is that Tommy has a nickame…Mungo. Apparently his favorite Dodger growing up was Van Lingle Mungo and when he goes home to Norristown, there are still lots of guys who call him Mungo. How’s that for a Tommy story you’ve never heard! For more Tommy stories, don’t forget to check his blog, which he updates regularly.

Lineup and a roster move to come shortly…


Lineup is:

Furcal, SS

Mailman, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B (still a few small number of tickets available for tomorrow’s WIN Clinic/Luncheon with Ausmus, Loretta, Loney, Hudson, Torre, Lasorda, and others). See

Bills, P

And Tony Abreu is here in the big leagues. Not sure if the other half of the move is public yet, so I’ll refrain from posting here but I’m sure it’ll be in the news shortly.



  1. selltheteam

    Josh – The key to the proper nickname is the last two words of your first sentence – “every day”. As in “Every Day Dre”. As in play him every day. Credit for this nickname goes to Colliethec, from early last year (around May??)

  2. selltheteam

    While I’m at it, play Kemp every day too. These two guys are only 27 and 24 years old. Pass on the good news to Joe.

  3. selltheteam

    Every Day ‘Dre (sung to I’d like to Teach the World to Sing – you know, the old capitalistic Coke – It’s the Real Thing sing-a-long commercial)

    I’d like to build a great outfield
    And put in Ethier
    With Matty Kemp and Manny Ram
    The bench has Juan Pierre.
    I’d like to teach Torre to play
    Andre “Every Day ‘Dre”
    He’ll be getting hits every day
    And fielding flawlessly
    I’d like to see Juan’s butt on the bench
    While Matt and Dre patrol the field
    And watch them bring us to the promised land
    A seventh world series win
    (That’s what Blue fans want)
    I’d like to kick Ned in the a&&
    (for signing Juan Pierre)
    Andre “Every Day ‘Dre”
    I’d like to teach Torre to play
    Andre “Every Day ‘Dre”
    I’d like to build a great outfield
    And put in Ethier
    With Matty Kemp and Manny Ram
    The bench has Juan Pierre.

  4. thinkingblue

    JOSH – Thanks for the post. Andre the MAIL-MAN always delivers when needed. And boy he makes fast deliveries. I’m so proud of Ethier and all of his accomplishments…I am glad he is a Dodgers. I will be waiting for the upcoming news you got for us!!!!
    CRASH great song…and I also love “EveryDay Dre”…why? Cause I love to see him EVERYDAY…I am glad he is playing just about everyday. And I agree…KEMP is also awsome. We’ve got 2 MVP’s….LOL! And they get along excellent. I will hate to see the break up of KEMP & ETHIER (KempThier or MatDre)

  5. crzblue2

    good afternoon ITD blogmates!
    What wonderful surprises does the Magic Castle has for us tonight?
    I hope the Dodgers fireworks start early! Nothing better than raving at the Ravine on a Friday night, Saturday night….you get the idea. Go get them Billz!
    Can’t wait for the WIN baseball clinic tomorrow. I got to be at the stadium at 8:45 A.M.


    My two cents for what it is worth (and I think I have priced it right): Great win last night in another must win situation, not that the players would think so but I am a fan so I can say it. Obviously the Dodgers have been struggling pretty much since the All Star break and a lot of that struggle has been blamed on the starting pitchers not going deep enough into games. While there may be some merit to that observation it seems to me the Dodgers have suffered more from an inability to score runs, especially when potential runs are in scoring position. The other day the Dodgers lost 4-1 which means a Dodger pitcher (or pitchers) would have had to throw a shutout in order to win. The Dodgers seem to work extremely hard to score runs and it seems they trade a lot of runs for outs. Therefore, the pitchers do not have much margin for error. Again, this does not excuse pitching lapses but it just makes those issues worse.

    I know the Dodgers have faced some good pitchers the past few weeks but in order to win the division and be successful in the playoffs the Dodgers will have to beat some good pitchers along the way. They will have to score runs to compensate for weaknesses within the Dodger pitching staff. This is the challenge ahead for this team.

  7. selltheteam

    The genesis of the nickname “Every Day Dre”:
    Woo hoo…a win for the Blue! Pretty well played game. I also would of liked Kent to not get tossed. Maybe he could of said to the ump, “Bad call. Check the replay and you can apologize tomorrow!”. I like to see someone get fired up, but not there.
    I’m okay with DY playing. I’m actually happy with it. I would like to see him in there and Pierre sit for a few games. It would be interesting to see what the offense could muster with that lineup.
    That game was all about small ball. We were fortunate that Kuroda was really on. That was one of the best pitched games I’ve seen by a Dodger in awhile. 11 so, no walks, 4 singles, 1 runner to 3rd and that runner was the only one to 2nd (Although the Cubs were robbed a run on that double play).
    For me I want Ethier (AKA Every day dre) in there every day.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    By colliethec on June 6, 2008 11:17 PM

  8. nellyjune

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!!!

    I stayed up way too late last night and got up super early this morning. Why? I couldn’t get enough of “Everyday Dre – The Mailman of Dodgertown” He was literally plastered all over ESPN, and that was just truly amazing and enjoyable to watch. I just think back to February when he was just hours away from arbitration and all that it would have entailed. I always have thought it, but Andre was well worth the money spent and should have gotten what he was asking for originally. However, I believe there are stipulations in his contract for bonuses for PA’s and such, and I don’t think he is going to have any issues surpassing those expectations, barring injury, of course.

    As for the nickname, I have grown attached to Collie’s “Everyday Dre”, but then I am an Ethieraholic, and as long as he remains a Dodger, I will go with whatever nickname is decided. Does the team have a nickname for him?

  9. colliethec

    Good assessment Birk.
    Crash thanks for the copyright.
    It was actually Spring Training ’08 when he & Pierre were battling for the starting job in LF. I felt he should be playing every day!
    Then it evolved when he seems to do something every day to help this team win a game.
    I’m thinking having Lee & Martinez for Martin & a few players from the farm might of been nice. I know they wanted Loney, but Cleveland didn’t get that much from Philly & Boston. I really hink we could of given them a better deal and also we were in the NL. Boston isn’t.
    Go Blue!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 20009!!!

  10. nellyjune

    lbirken – your thoughts are at least worth 5 cents 🙂 I actually agree with you on any game where we had a lot of RISP and couldn’t score any runs. In those games, we were obviously getting to the opposing pitcher but couldn’t capitalized on it. Also, I am sure when we come out of the gates scoring runs, it probably relaxes our pitchers as well, making them not press so hard.

    Just wonderin…………… to be considered an “Ace Pitcher”, shouldn’t that pitcher have the mentality that every game has the potential to be a pitcher’s dual?

  11. gagne85

    I’m hoping the corresponding roster move is Jason Schmidt being designated for assignment. I’m thinking that’s what it is since he wasn’t allowed to tell us right away.


    Everyday Dre is my choice, probably because it was inspired here on ITD and carries the meaning and sometime concern that our management doesn’t always see fit to play him every day, or at least didn’t at times when he had proven himself, but Joe had other ideas. The Mailman is OK, but it’s a contrived idea by the promotions department, somewhat akin to the Mannywood scheme. As I recall it was even coined on the day that a separate Zip code was allocated to Dodger Stadium. That’s great for Frank’s designs of an eventual real estate empire surrounding the stadium, but I’m, of course, against that too.

    The one thing I’m looking forward to is seeing how Ned, if he’s still around, will cope with this year’s arbitration situation for Andre. I hope Andre takes them for a bundle, a BIG one – one that even Frank will feel in his pocketbook. Of course, as we get closer to the end of the season and Ned’s contract, I hope it’s the end of Ned.

  13. colliethec

    So I looooveeeee Vin as much as the next Dodger fan.
    Last night after Ferk got the base hit & Dre was coming to bat, Vin said that the fans were now excited because unless Andre hit a HR or somehow hit into a triple play they would be seeing Manny get an AB.
    I was excited to see Dre bat, not Manny. Last week when Dre was up in a similar situation, he was hit in the hand and I was bummed, because I have more faith in Dre at this point than Manny. A single would of tied the game and after he was hit would of probably won it. If memory serves me, Manny flew out and the game was over.
    I don’t know if anyone else noticed it but I’m still surprised by the comment. Dre might be feeding off of hitting in front of Manny but he is still the one swinging the bat.


    When I think of an “ace” pitcher I think of Orel Hershiser in 1988 or Glavine, Lincecum, and others who pretty much know in their head (and in the head of the opposition) that they are going to do well and shut down the opponent. An ace seldom loses concentration on the mound and seldom beats himself. He is consistant even when he loses. (And by the way, I think the won-loss record is the least important stat for any pitcher.) My guess is such a pitcher will say he does not care who the opposing pitcher is but these guys probably do get a bit psyched up in big situations. The good ones just know how to adjust to those situations.

  15. nellyjune

    lbirken – That thought was worth 10 cents 🙂

    messagebear – just think……..Russell got pretty much what he asked for in his contract and Andre was hours away from arbitration. It kind of makes you wonder how Russell’s will go this time around as well.


    Nelly, thanks. At that price I think I will call it a day but I do have final thought about Andre.

    While management, and especially Joe Torre might think differently now, I still believe Andre was pretty much pigeon holed as a decent player who did nothing extremely well when he came up to the big club. When Martin came up he had an immediate impact on the club both on the field and with the fans. Andre took longer to find his place and had to work a lot harder to convince management to play him everyday. So when it came to contract time, I am sure the Dodgers wanted to keep him but just did not want to overpay him in time or money. I think it is safe to say Andre has management’s attention now. I know a lot of you were behind Andre right from the start but honestly, you really did not expect this, did you? Let’s hope he is for real. And with that I say good night everybody.

  17. colliethec

    I’m not a scout but I did see Dre in a couple of games in Sacramento when he was in 3A. He had such a sweet swing and the sound of the crack was so much more solid & loud than the other players. I remember then thinking that he was going to be very good & I was excited about him being with the big league club. He also showed a good glove and arm in those couple of games. He really looked better than the other players and looked like a pro.
    I know I’m enjoying his success.

  18. trublu4ever

    Elbert is the 5th starter in place of Schmidt. Kuroda will pitch on Monday in SF. That’s what Joe just told Charlie.


    If Elbert will be used as the 5th starter, then having Schmidt take up roster space is simply useless. I applaud not messing around with Schmmidt any more – let’s just get his a&& off the team and be done with it.

  20. colliethec

    I’m sorry to hear about that for Schmidt. That would be tough & he worked hard to get back to playing.
    But for the team it needs to happen. I’ll be there Monday so I hope HK can pull through and the bats waken up.

  21. oldbrooklynfan

    Hello Everybody
    The mailman really delivered a whole load of confidence last night, that’s for sure.
    Now let’s see if Billingsley can help keep it going.
    Manny looked good against Lowe last night and he could do the same against Jurrjens.
    Forget the Giants and the Rox, they’re out of our control.

  22. nellyjune

    lbirken – Honestly, no, I did not expect Andre to become a power hitter. However, until the end of last year and this year, I don’t think he was ever given the chance by management to “just see what happens if we leave him in and play him everyday” as so many of us argued and debated endlessly for. ………..and yes, I agree, at the time, Russell had proven he was the Captain, and his position is a much more difficult one so I had no problems at all with what they paid Martin. I was actually, at the time, wondering why he wasn’t signed for more than one year,but that was explained to me in the process. I have said this many times, but I cheer for the underdog, and at the time, Andre was an underdog on this Dodger team. And what do most underdogs try to do? They try to prove that they are just as good or better than the top dogs. And at least for right now, Andre has proven he can be as good, or better, than the top dogs. However, even last night when interviewed, he still mentioned pitching and how well the pitchers did on both sides and that he wished they could have done these things earlier to give Wolf his win. He even alluded to the fact that he knew Soriano only had so many pitches, that he knew he had to pitch to Manny, and that he knew he would eventually get that fast ball, and boy did he ever. So, I wouldn’t have cared whether he became a power hitter, an RBI man or just an everyday player that is out there having fun playing a kids game. I just enjoy watching him play everyday because when he is out there he is going to give 110%, GIDP and all :)))

  23. bluecrewgirl

    Shad, I agree that was a terrible bunt, in fact Bills really needs to work on that skill. He’s really a horrible bunter in general.

  24. oldbrooklynfan

    I mean you can that again about what we have to do since both the Giants and Rockies are winning, truebluewill.

  25. colliethec

    I’m usually not a negative guy during the game, but we get a run back & tie the game. The next inning Bills walks not only the leadoff man but the pitcher to boot.
    These as well as the RISP issues is why we haven’t taken the division yet.
    They seem to waste batters/pitches as well as at bats with RISP & less than 2 outs. So often they don’t move those runners up to 2nd/3rd where a hit, wild pitch/passed bal, etc could score a run. Then we have to rely on late inning heroics as well as the bully.
    Throw a dang strike when pitching and don’t try to K everybody by nibbling.
    Don’t try to pull every pitch. Take some smart AB’s and move the runners over. You’re not in 3A or little league anymore!!!!
    It is so baffling to me that they do this. I understand not getting a hit every time or giving up a hit. But not playing smart baseball is frustrating to watch.

  26. shad80

    About time espn took one of Bills ER’s away. I can’t believe Loney made that error in the first place.

  27. truebluewill

    You are right oldbrooklynfan, as long as we keep winning we don’t have to look back. It’s just every time the Giants are chasing us I think back to 1951 & 1962. I shouldn’t even go there right!

  28. trublu4ever

    Collie ~ we have Everyday Dre (thanks to you); Mannywood; Bison Country; Fear the Beard (thanks to you), now we need something for James.

  29. colliethec

    BCG — The pitch was a ball but appeared to be a strike.
    If it was a strike then it would be 3-2 nd the runner was thrown out.
    But since it was a ball it made it ball 4 and a walk which makes the play at 2nd a mute point.

  30. bluecrewgirl

    dcollins, I just don’t get how the ump could signal strike and then change it with now apparent indication. I knew they had to have called it ball 4 for Andre and Raffy to be safe, but he clearly signaled strike 3. Much as I love the Dodgers, I don’t blame the Braves for being pissed.

  31. colliethec

    Shad your mission before tomorrow nights game is to research Martin and see when his last dinger was. Maybe that is the key…
    So much for a shut down inning. The single I can live with. But now you walk someone to bring up the tying run…

  32. shad80

    It easy to go to to check that one out and espn also but I can’t find out the last time Martin threw out a runner without checking every box scored lol.

  33. colliethec

    Nope not at all…
    2 leadoff walks have scored 2 runs. Don’t walk the leadoff hitter & you will have a better chance at winning.

  34. truebluewill

    I think your right oldbrooklynfan. It’s a good thing they get him out of there before Kemp hurts himself.

  35. shad80

    lol that strange bring in back to back left handed pitchers. should had bring in Sherrill to start the inning.

  36. shad80

    Getting tired of Manny striking out and to think he has more walk than k’s since he came back from suspension.

  37. shad80

    I don’t know why that Boston newest import Japanese pitcher didn’t walk him and just pitch to Jose Molina. Francora made a bad move there,

  38. oldbrooklynfan

    First tough inning for Sherrill, but he made it, I guess it will be up to big bad Jon.
    Let’s get some runs.

  39. colliethec

    Get the putz off the field! I don’t get distracting the home team from their pitching. Throwing them off their focus!!!

  40. colliethec

    That is why you don’t run onto the field when your teams pitching!
    He was ahead 1-2….
    Not that you should ever run onto the field.

  41. nellyjune

    You know this means Jonathan (or whichever pitcher) is batting in Manny’s spot when we come up in the 9th.

  42. 32and53fan

    Why did I know this was likely to happen? Maybe Broxton wants a win instead of a save. Well, this gives us a chance to have another walk-off hit.

  43. colliethec

    Know we can look back at missed opportunities. When we had RISP and couldn’t convert or at least move them from 2nd to 3rd.
    The good news is the Giants have given up 5 in the 9th.

  44. colliethec

    That should be NOW…
    Joe P. I think because they didn’t want to walk the lead run on base. Something in the gap & he scores as well.
    Can we see more heroics from Dre & the boys tonight?
    Let’s go Bluuuueeeeee!!!!!!

  45. dodgereric

    I wonder how much better our pitching would be if we weren’t #2 in the league in walks and #1 in wild pitches?

  46. boblee4014

    Taking manny out was plain stupid Joe. Just so you can get Pierre in to do his pop-up or ground out demonstraton,

    Totally sucks. and did I say stupid.

  47. nellyjune

    This just sucks!!!!! So, what’s the saying for this year? ………… no lead is ever safe and this team is never out of it. We certainly have been through both in the last 24 hours.

  48. shad80

    We do have the #2 whip in the league and baa so we probably be really good eric.

    3.60 .234 .679 30 1.28 49
    2nd 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 13th

  49. dodgereric

    Boblee, if we had a true defensive replacement for Ramirez, I would say that Torre’s move would be a no-brainer. But replacing a poor defender with a worse one …….. well, I guess it’s a different definition of a no-brainer. He has no brain. Love can be stupid as well as blind, you know.

  50. trublu4ever

    I, trublue, will never type my WINNING GAME POST BEFORE THE LAST OUT OF THE 9TH INNING! I totally jinxed Brox!

  51. truebluewill

    Wow! Mac has been really good tonight. What a curveball! Come on let’s win it now, I want to go to sleep.

  52. boblee4014

    Crap, three strikes to Kemp and he swung at the worst of the three and let 2 strikes that were hittable go by without swinging. Crap

  53. dodgereric

    Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

  54. koufax1963

    Torre should think, when was the last time broxton was called in to save, yea there was that danger that he would not be sharp, and to put pierre in for defensive purposes I suppose, and then we lose another possible one swat win threat in the process. Bad bad bad Managing

  55. bluecrewgirl

    Lol, Nelly, I was just going to say – Are they sure they want to start him on Sunday? I was hoping they’d call Stults up.

  56. koufax1963

    and I read bilz has a hamstring pull, which makes him perhaps unavailable for the giants, along with Schmidt out, which I was looking forward to him pitching vs. Giants at ATT
    Pretty well pissed.

  57. 32and53fan

    All Broxton had to do was bear down with 2 outs and a guy on 2nd base. So he grooves a fast ball right down the middle so Anderson can poke it into right field to tie the game. This really steams me!

  58. truebluewill

    oldbrooklynfan This one is going to leave a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like the 15 inning loss to the Cards. Well, like you said at least the Giants lost, but this one still hurts. We had it won, almost. Also, Broxton hasn’t been as good lately as he was earlier in the year. That makes me worry about how he will perform in the playoffs. Oh well. Good night.

  59. shad80

    Moylan didn’t derseved that win and Troncoso didn’t deserved that lost. I can’t believe someone with 17 pitches but threw 5 balls get a win that shouldn’t have happen.

  60. dodgereric

    All Broxton has to do is pitch inside occasionally and maybe knock someone down here and there with that fastball of his. Put some fear into those guys and he’ll be more effective. Why don’t our coaches see that?

  61. bluecrewgirl

    I was really hoping Andre would get a chance to bat, but I knew they would walk him. He made good contact the 2 times he didn’t walk, so who knows what could have happened.

  62. nellyjune

    Dodgereric – Sherrill did a good job pitching inside tonight and backing them off the plate. Maybe George needs to talk to Jonathan about pitching inside.

  63. nellyjune

    blewcrewgirl – I didn’t think he would get much to hit tonight. It’s a good thing, meaning that Andre scares them, but it is a bad thing because you know he wants to hit the ball.

  64. bluecrewgirl

    They were kind of pitching around him. He smoked it his 2nd at bat even though it was caught and missed a hr by a little on the other at bat he didn’t walk, so all his at bats were good at bats tonight. I was looking on ESPN and none of the Dodgers have batted against the Braves pitcher tomorrow previously.

  65. kpookiemon

    For me, the goofiest thing Torre did all night was pinch hit Abreu with the bases loaded. Poor guy hasn’t seen a major league pitch in something like a year and half…maybe more. It’s all an Abreu blurrrrrrrrrr. Torre likes the feel-good story, but I didn’t like the move as soon as he did it. Ausmus would be my first choice, but now Martin’s got a gimp leg. Castro’s hitting .316. Pressure situation. I’ll take Castro over the kid who got called up 12 hours earlier. But we’re all bitter tonight with the loss and we all have our own villains. Sherrill has looked almost unhittable. Don’t look now, Jonathon…………….

  66. shad80

    The goof was bring in Kuo in the 7th when he had pitch the other night and they didn’t want him to pitch in back to back game and the other one taking Manny out to get Pierre an useless ab’s. I hate when Torre let Hudson sacrificed why Martin wasn’t trying to steal the catcher suck at throwing runners out. Leave Abreu alone not his fault he didn’t produce. You know Ausmus would come off the bench last. You gotta to remember Castro is still not much of a hitter to bad he’s having a good season.


    Went to bed night before last, got up half asleep, checked the score and thought the Dodgers had lost. Much to my surprise, I saw Andre,s walk off dinger when I checked the recap in the morning. I must have replayed it a half dozen times during the day.
    Last night I went to bed After Blake’s homer, but before Billz came out, thinking the pen would get the ball soon, and went to sleep feeling confident. So today I woke up to the loss AND to the injury to Billz. So.
    There are a couple of the boys that are going to have to turn it up a notch. The team’s record since the break is not going to get it. Billz’s injury could linger, so someone, bats included, will have to step it up. These things always happen and it’ll be interesting to see who comes to the front.


    Hoping that Billz can overcome his hammy problem and return full strength before the end of the season and go full strength into the playoffs. It does point up once again how fragile our whole starting pitcher situation is and really has been since Ned never addressed the weakness at the right time. I suppose we’ll try Elbert somewhere along the line along with Stultz, but who’s going to be the strong 1 – 2 when we get to the post-season, if in fact we still do. I always thought that bringing Manny*roid back was a mistake and took all of management’s concentration in the off-season to accomplish. I think that Manny*roid is going to SUCK before the whole thing is over, if he already doesn’t. I’m going to LMAO when his second bobblehead day comes along and his performance level is good for a couple of K’s and his usual inept defense. I do hope that the media has a good public laugh at the expense of Frank and Ned when that event takes place.

    Fire Ned for utter incompetence!
    Laugh at Frank and Jamie for impersonation of major league owners!


    You guys crack me up. The Dodgers can’t win every extra innings game. It doesn’t mean your life is over or the Dodgers season… Just calm down and move on.

  70. trublu4ever

    What’s wrong with being an avid fan and wanting to win all the time, RX? I know we can’t win every game but, for me, it matters.

  71. shad80

    I expected every lead to be won when a starters pitch well and the bullpen shut it down but there no excuses to blow game against the White Sox, Angels, Cards and last night game.

  72. shad80

    I also expected when the Giants and Rockies win we win if them 2 lost we still win if we lost them 2 lost to.

  73. shad80

    This year 20 bs out of 50 sv/opp. Last year 20 bs in 55 sv/opp2 and than 2 years ago 17 bs in 60 sv/opp that was in the top 4 in that category 2 yrs ago.


    For the umpteenth time we all know the Dodgers will not win every game, and we know the players understand this as well. We know sometimes the breaks will fall our way and sometimes they won’t. Yes, at times many of us take losses hard and maybe do over react to a loss. Heck, we have been accused of over reacting to a win by a pathetic Phillies fan who likes to mess with us here from time to time. But that is why we are fans and even though we know the Dodgers may not win again tonight, we will still be pulling for that to happen and we will be disappointed if it doesn’t. Life will go on and the sun will rise one way or the other. It is just a game and really does not mean anything in terms of the world’s real problems. I can still enjoy a good, well played entertaining game even if my team loses. Still, I will be much happier if my team wins. That’s just the way it is.

    The great thing about baseball is there usually is a game the next day. The players have to maintain a balance so they don’t get to high or low emotionally (they have drugs for everything else, ha ha). Last night the Dodgers gave back the game they pretty much stole from the night before. They say things usually balance themselves out over a season, so here we are with another game to play. Let’s hope for a Dodger win tonight.

  75. nellyjune

    lbirken – that thought was well over 2 cents 🙂 It’s all about perspective, and in the big scheme of things, the game last night was pretty small.


    Wasn’t trying to discourage all of you avid fans, was trying to say the game last night was small in the big scheme of things…


    rx, thanks for helping us put things in perspective. Some of us handle losses better than others. As the race gets closer the games start looking bigger and bigger. I don’t like to see the Dodgers lose an opportunity to maintain or build on the lead. We will really see what happens when the Dodgers go head to head against the Giants and Rockies.

  78. dodge1612

    I know this has nothing to do with the dodgers but its cool. a freind of mine from merced, who went to Golden Valley high… those from merced, ca will know that… was called up to the majors today, he plays for seattle and is probably making his debut tonight… woo hoo…

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