A full day at the yard…

For those who missed the WIN clinic and luncheon, it was a very cool event and I know a few ITDers were there, so weigh in with your thoughts. But one of the best parts of the day was a great story told by Joe Torre, Orlando Hudson and James Loney that had not been told anywhere publicly, to my knowledge.

At the luncheon, it came out that on July 31, Don Mattingly played a joke on James Loney and told him that Joe Torre wanted to see him in his office. Seeing as how it was the day of the trade deadline, according to Orlando, Loney said, “I told you guys I wouldn’t make it,” and glumly walked back into the clubhouse and into Joe’s office. Only after a few more anxious moments did Joe let Loney know that Mattingly was only playing a joke on him. It sounded much better coming from them, but that’s why you’ve got to show up at these things when we tell you about ’em!!

Speaking of Joe and Donny Baseball, it’s hard to believe we have two former MVPs on our coaching staff. I do believe this is the only time in Dodger history that we’ve had that distinction.

Anyway, still no medical update on Billingsley, but I know Casey Blake is out of the lineup because his wrist is bothering him again (you couldn’t tell from his three-run homer last night). Yet another piece of info divulged by Joe Torre hours ago at the luncheon.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Kemp, CF (check out his podcast/interview with the Lakers’ website…if you like hoops, you’ll enjoy this one)

Loney, 1B

Hudson, 2B

Abreu, 3B (first big league start in two years)

Ausmus, C (day off for Russ after the long game last night)

Kershaw, P



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Baseball people can be so cruel sometimes with the practical jokes! This prank is pulled all the time but it has to be awful for the poor victim. I am glad it was just a joke because there was some talk of a trade involving Loney. Let’s get a win tonight. I will be there, and in fact am leaving now because we are going with a busload of people, all of whom better be prepared to stay for the entire game.

We need this game quite badly and need to reestablish winning series regularly once again. I for one am glad to see Abreu in there. Lest we forget, he was one of our best prospects a few years back, and he did not do badly while he was up with the Dodgers – hitting maybe in the .260’s with some extra base power and good fielding skills. I think the Dodgers were somewhat lackadaisical dealing with his medical problems, and I hope that those are now all behind him. At least he showed some very good numbers this year first with the Lookouts and then at ABQ. So, welcome back, Tony, and I hope you can help us and your own career in the process.

Sorry Casey is unable to play tonight. Get better soon. Now, let’s kick some Braves butt tonight!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

Its good to see Kemp in the cleanup spot where he should have been all year. Hey Torre, you finally waking up and getting into the game.
Lets rock and roll tonight guys and get a long winning streak going.

It took 111 games but we finally get to see dre, manny and matty hit back to back to back!

Poor James, and I am glad he is still with us.

Great Lineup – I can’t wait to see Andre, Manny and Matt going back to back to back.


I’m excited to see what will happen with Ande, Manny and Matt all in a row. I did a double take when I saw the lineup.

Shame on me for misspelling Andre’s name. I may be booted out of the Ethieraholics, lol.

Hiya Everyone.
Here hoping Kersh brought his ‘A’ game tonight and the Dodgers take some BP off of Kenshin Kawakami, then maybe we wont have to worry about the Jints and the Rox.

BCG ~ I didn’t even notice! I just knew it was supposed to be Mr. Ethier! lol

I remember hearing about a Dodger prank pulled years ago. I can’t remember the poor victim’s name, but I think I remember the culprits.

It seems to me that it was Jerry Reuss that, one day in the clubhouse, claimed he could lift 3 guys at once. A bunch of teammates (everyone was in on the joke but the victim, of course) proceeded to wager on whether or not he could do so. One player in particular said that he wanted to choose the 3 guys. He picked Terry Forester, Joe Ferguson and the victim.

The victim was placed on the clubhouse floor on his back. Forester was next to him, Ferguson on the other side. Reuss had Forester lock his right arm with the victim’s left and his right leg with the victim’s left. Ferguson did the same on the other side. The victim was now pinned to the floor, completely helpless. Forester and Ferguson were pretty big fellows.

Reuss straddled the victim’s waist and grabbed his belt, as if he was going to lift all 3 off the floor. He pulled up the victim’s pants and several others unloaded several cans of shaving cream into his pants with him being unable to move.

Go Dodgers!!!

He’s the mailman now, anyway.

LMAO, Dodgereric!!!

But that’s the way to end the inning, Tb4.

That’s right, he is, and let’s hope he delivers on Saturdays.

Not exactly the way to start a game!!!

It has taken ten minutes to get a post on here. “SUBMISSION ERROR”………..NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!! Please get this fixed!!!

Alright Kershaw! Looking good so far!!

Hi, TBW, how’s it going?

Yeah, he sure does, Trblwill

Doing ok Tb4. And yourself? I would be even better if Broxton wouldn’t have blown that save.

Come on guys, this pitcher has lost his last 3 games. what are we waiting for.

The 4th seemed a little harder but Kersh got through it nicely.

Looks like Kenshin also had a rougher 4th but still got out of it.

Good evening ITD blogmates,
AmyN Sara and i were at the WIN event. I had a wonderful time on the field and at the luncheon. The prank story was great. Loney was telling the story and his reaction when he was called into the office. Hudson corrected and got up to give us a more descriptive description. It was hilarious!

Kershaw is mowing them down. Come on guys get him some runs.

Okay, this is going to be our big inning!!!! LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi ITD blogmates!
I had a wonderful time at the WIN baseball clinic on the field and at the luncheon. Ausmus could not make it ’cause he was catching tonight. What a classy guy to stop by and apologize even though it was not his fault. Scot Elbert replaced him. He was excited about starting tomorrow and I heard prior to game that he was sent back. Feel bad for him.Imagine the up and down emotions.
The story about the prank was hilarious. O’Dog started telling it then Loney continued but then O’Dog corrected him, getting up to show us a more descriptive description with Torre adding to it! It was priceless!


Well, that inning sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another piece of strategy that backfires.
Cox or LaRussa would’ve had Ausmus bunt them over to 2nd and 3rd.

Two hits last inning maybe we can get some more.

oldbrooklynfan ~ Are you sure they would do that with the pitcher up next?

U know I thought the first post did not go thru ’cause it gave me an error. I am posting from my blackberry.

They’re both throwing a lot of pitches so their end looks close.

I don’t know, I didn’t think of that TBW.

TBW At least it would’ve been 2nd and 3rd and one out, if the sac worked, not a DP set up with possibly two batters to follow.

They’ve got to get Kershaw a win. He’s pitched so well a no decision would be a crime.

Damn you have to get that run in Loney

Come on Brad!

Ausmus should use his eyes.


come on guys, get these runs in. Oh God, here’s Mark

DOUBLE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that some ineptitude or what!

I don’t like our chances now. That was the game there for us. Crap

I really wanted Torre to squeeze with Hudson. Abreu and Ausmus don’t exactly send chills through pitchers. Ditto for Loretta.

Good to see Belisario back on the mound.

Apparently Kawakami figured he’d throw strikes and apparently he was right.

We will get the runs we need…….top of the order coming up!!!!!!!!!!!GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top of the order coming up. C’mon boys ” don’t stop believing! – had a long day at the ballpark. Let’s go!

Maybe he should squeeze with Loney urgh but hate that

Let’s go Brim Reaper.


That was frightening!

Nice play Raffy!

I really don’t want xtra innings. I got to the stadium at 8:40 am for the clinic

Wow Norton really did he get squeeze?


Nice play Furcal

We might’ve got a break that Church swung.

Wonder how low Manny*roid’s average will get by the time our front office scumbags honor him with the second bobblehead.

Hey Kemp. maybe at least swing at one of the 3 pitches. Damn, unacceptable.

Damn let Sherrill take another inning

What’s the big deal about getting the lead off hitter in an inning on?

oh wait lol 7 pc 1 strike look like he was squeeze

Look out for this guy -Garrett Anderson.

Dang it Broxton you should had pitch like that last night.

Yunel Escobar another scary hitter.


oh wait you probably would if it was for that idiot last night.

Tonight those idiot fans didn’t run on the field and distract big Jon.

Man, that was a quick bottom of the ninth. I just left the room for a minute and when I got back there were already 2 outs with 2 strikes on the 3rd batter.

17 straight scoreless innings for the Big Blue Juggernaut…….and counting………………

Why don’t run on the field to distract the Brave pitching!

Make that 16…hope I didn’t jinx them.

If you going to bring in Mota why not double switch and put Blake at 3rd.

Great catch, Andre!

I guess it’s a matter of who blinks first.
To bad the Giants won.


Come on Mota get LaRoche

Man Larouche is tough

Damn a walk dp now

One more out and let try to get another walk off don’t trust the next pitcher


Don’t like this Kelly Johnson either.

O’brother. And Giants and rockies won.


Rockies lost!

I figured one of those guys would hit one.

Well that was dreadful. Do they have another 3 run rally against Soriano? If not our lead is down to 51/2 games smallest since May 14.

tbw ~ the last two games have ben dreadful!

Why we couldn’t get that run last inning.

Alright DRE!!! Come on Manny!!


Make em pay Matty!!!!!!!

Wow!!!! That was some ending after a well fought game.

Tb4 ~ All I have to say is @@@#@$%$&**$&$#@. I’m sure you can figure it out. I got to get some sleep.

I think these games are great experiences for the Dodgers.
The best thing to do is keep the team together.
These were two tough losses, no matter how they lost.
Give them credit, there wasn’t much more that they could do.
Battles well forth.

They’re supposed to announce tomorrow’s pitcher after the commercial break on Dodgers Live.

Yeah, I am happy it’s Stults that will start tomorrow. I hope he does well.

I thought so too oldbrooklyn fan, and as lbirken said earlier today, the sun will still rise tomorrow as they play another game. lbirken sure did see a good game I would think.

So I just got home from work to see Dre’s double. Sweet!
A couple of notes from the game as I didn’t see it all & I’ve not read any posts.
But once again we failed with RISP & a walk came around to score. If the batter wasn’t walked before the dinger we’d be in the 11th inning right now.
They really have to work on these things. I now walks will happen but it seems we give up a ton of them. Many of them score and also it adds up in the pitch counts and pitches our pitchers have thrown this year.
I hope all is well with everybody!
Have a great night…

Johnson was 0 for 9 in this series can’t believe he hit 2 homeruns in 2 night.

I am looking forward to seeing Eric pitch too, Stults that is :))

It’s good to read that Stults will go tomorrow, I always liked him.
I’d rather him than Weaver.

The Dodgers haven’t had to play a “meaningful” game in quite some time. They got out to such a big lead. But Monday they start playing the West again and I think that will help them focus. They beat up the West pretty good and I think their confidence is high when they play teams they know so well.

The BIG question is….who will fall below .300 first, Manny or Juan?

encore Carnac…….the Magnificent.

A: Crabgrass.
Q: What do crabs get high on?

A: Until he gets caught.
Q: How long does a United States Congressman serve?

A: Shareholder.
Q: What did Sonny Bono used to be?

I say Manny only because JP only takes one at bat per game for the most part. He has been going back and forth between 313 and 314 for quite some time now.

Fielder: ‘I know there are better ways’Comment Email Print Share ESPN.com news services

Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder expressed subtle regret Friday over his actions earlier this week after being hit by a pitch in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Fielder had said he didn’t “remember” his delayed reaction after reliever Guillermo Mota, a former teammate, hit him with two outs in the ninth inning of the 17-4 Dodgers win, presumably as payback for Chris Smith grazing Manny Ramirez with a pitch two innings earlier.

“I don’t feel I overreacted [to being thrown at], but I feel like my actions probably weren’t the best,” Fielder said, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “I know there are better ways of handling it. I’ve learned from it.”

Fielder and Mota were fined undisclosed amounts Thursday by Major League Baseball and won’t face suspensions.

“If I had it to do over again, I would have acted differently,” Fielder said Friday. “But it happened and it’s over with and I’m ready to play baseball.”

After the Tuesday night game, Fielder charged across a hallway toward the Dodgers’ clubhouse but was restrained by teammates and security.

Prince, this year’s All-Star home run derby champion, has been hit by eight pitches this season and 46 during his five-year major league career.

“I think he was just trying to come inside and it got away from him,” Fielder said Wednesday. “He was trying to hit his spot. I wish he hit his spot, but it just missed. All that other stuff is out of my control.”

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report

Mota known exactly what he was doing lol

Good Morning ITD blogmates!
My butt and legs still hurt from the WIN baseball clinic.
Sue Falsone: Thanks!

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