Did you know?

Yesterday marked the 55th anniversary of Tommy Lasorda’s Major League debut as a left-handed pitcher with the Brooklyn Dodgers. On Aug. 5, 1954, Lasorda pitched three innings in relief at Ebbets Field against the St. Louis Cardinals. The first base umpire that afternoon was Lon Warneke, a former pitcher from 1930-45 who became a Major League umpire in 1949.

Another future Dodger Hall of Fame manager, Walter Alston, crossed paths with Warneke in his only Major League plate appearance on Sept. 27, 1936. Alston was a former reserve first baseman for the Cardinals. Warneke was pitching for the Chicago Cubs when Alston stepped to the plate as a pinch-hitter. Alston narrowly missed a home run on a long foul ball and he eventually struck out. When Alston announced his retirement as Dodger manager on Sept. 27, 1976, it was the 40th anniversary of his at-bat against Warneke. 

— Mark Langill

Also, over at Psychollingy, Eric Collins has a really interesting post about George Sherrill.



  1. shad80

    MLB still investigating Fielder-Mota incident
    22 minutes ago

    MILWAUKEE (AP) —Major League Baseball officials say they are still investigating an incident between Milwaukee slugger Prince Fielder(notes) and Dodgers reliever Guillermo Mota(notes) during – and after – Tuesday night’s game in Los Angeles.

    MLB discipline chief Bob Watson said Thursday that a decision on disciplinary action could be reached by Friday morning.

    Mota hit Fielder in the ninth inning of a 17-4 Dodgers victory, presumably as payback for Milwaukee’s Chris Smith(notes) grazing Manny Ramirez(notes) with a pitch two innings earlier.

    Afterward, Fielder charged across a hallway toward the Dodgers’ clubhouse but was restrained by teammates and security.

  2. trublu4ever

    Love Tommy Lasorda!
    NellyJune ~ Great post on the last thread. I swear it wasn’t there when I responded to Messagebear’s item. I was in a mini-time warp.

  3. sparkleplenty_1

    Gotta wonder if MLB will take into consideration that Andre was HBP the night prior to the Mota-Fielder incident.

  4. boblee4014

    How can we score 17 runs and then 24 hours later barely eek out 1 run which was the first batter of the game. I fault Torre for not keeping Manny in there against a pitcher that loves to throw the home run pitch. How stupid can we be. Now we’re starting to lose series and I don’t like that. I hope we’re not starting a 2nd half slide. Time to beat Lowe tonight and take 3 of 4 from the Braves and send them back to the reservation.

  5. crzblue2

    I love reading all your posts about Dodger history!
    Mark, Josh and all the ITD blogmates,
    Congratulations on being #7 in the latest MLB blog ranking!
    Coincidence that from the players, Derek Lowe’s blog made #7.
    Good luck tonight! I hope you howl to the moon victoriously! I put last night’s game behind me and I am ready for the rematch tonight. I hope D.Lowe keeps it high, high high.

  6. northstateblues

    I hold no hope that the MLB will take Pierre or Etheir’s HBP’s into consideration when doling the fine to Mota for daring to throw at Bud’s Babies.

  7. scott_in_arcadia

    Well, Kemp sitting, Pierre playing CF of all places and batting 9th.
    These last two lineups have me looking for an ice pick to jam into my retina.
    It’s not worth the heartache, I tell ya. Good luck tonight, I hope the team prevails, but that’s no excuse for this bull crap. Remember stuff like this when the Dodgers miss the playoffs and the Giants are division champs.

  8. oldbrooklynfan

    Hello Everyone.
    Somewhere in a box, in a closet I have a scorecard from Ebbets Field with Tommy Lasorda on it, listed as a pitcher.
    It gives me great pride to see Matt Kemp listed as a leading batter. When was the last time a homegrown Dodger was on it that long?
    I know I don’t have to tell anyone that the Rockies lost today.
    but we have to start a winning streak as soon as possible, the lead is shrinking.

  9. messagebear@msn.com

    Must agree with you 100%, scott. It may not make any difference tonight, and it may not have been the deciding factor last night, but this idea of playing someone who clearly is not the best outfielder on any given night has to have a cumulative effect whereby you lose a couple of games over the rest of the season. Will that be enough to lose us the division title? You would have to say that Torre is definitely betting NO. We may be able to afford that being 6 or 6 1/2 games ahead, but how many game lead did we have but a week ago. I’m looking ahead when we go on the road next and see Schmidt facing off in SF on Monday. Enough said – I think we have enough challenges in other respects to forego this idea of giving everybody some playing time even if it is not putting the best team on the playing field. We should have the best defense up the middle at least with the normal lineup – with PP in center, what do you have now, and that’s not even considering the loss of a hot power hitter from your lineup. Torre shouldn’t be just fired – he should be institutionalized.

  10. oldbrooklynfan

    I always remember seeing Lowe in person pitching a No-hitter at Fenway Park and a one hitter at Wrigley Field for the Dodgers, also in person.

  11. kpookiemon

    Alright Randy Wold…the Dodgers have lost 7 of 11, are getting crummy starting pitching, and seem to be sleep walking. Tonight is YOUR night to shine…or I’ll keep hammering you. Things I would appreciate from you this evening: If the Dodgers score, please follow that with a zero in the next half inning. If a teammate makes an error, don’t exacerbate the problem by caving in and giving up a key hit. If the ump squeezes you, rise above it. If the game is on the line and you still have the ball, step up and succeed. No more “hard luck” Wolfie, OK?

  12. nellyjune

    Last night Russell overthrew 2nd base on attempted steal and the ball went into centerfield. The runner didn’t advance……………why? Matt Kemp was out there. The same scenario happens tonight, the runner advances……………….why? Juan Pierre is out there. And I don’t care if JP goes 4 for 4. Big F-ing deal! It still doesn’t have the same affect as Matt hitting a solo,2,3 or 4 run bomb.

  13. messagebear@msn.com

    They’ve got the right strategy going, and I mean the Braves – hit it to center field.
    Also, kahli, nice effort, but Wolf is still Schidt.

  14. enchantedbeaver

    The “W” in Wolf stands for WORTHLESS.

    The “P” in Pierre stands for get him the Phuc outta there.

  15. sparkleplenty_1

    Andre’s stand-up triple certainly was a thing of beauty!
    Thank you, Manny!!!
    LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  16. kpookiemon

    Anyone notice teams are running at will against the Dodgers lately? What I mean is, managers are NOT afraid to send runners. It’s getting embarrassing.

  17. kpookiemon

    Randy, Randy, Randy. You failed my first test: “If the Dodgers score, please follow that with a zero in the next half inning.” If a pitcher can’t throw to contact, why is he a pitcher??????

  18. boblee4014

    I don’t believe this. Left handed hitter, Laroche and Wolf throws 4 straight balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. trublu4ever

    It is amazing how a professional pitcher can’t throw the ball over the plate! That is all they do for a living!

  20. truebluewill

    I’ m very disappointed that Kemp isn’t in the lineup tonight. I thought Joe was getting over his Pierre fetish. Matty is having a break out season and needs to play everyday. He’s young, he doesn’t need many days off. Our lead is starting to dwindle we can’t afford to give any games away. You don’t want to go into SF with a 3 or 4 game lead and give the Giants a chance to get within a game or two of first place. They better wake up and now.

  21. trublu4ever

    TBW ~ I agree with you! The Gnats tackle the big bad Reds and, by the time we get to SF Monday we could be in deep poop!

  22. truebluewill

    Congrats Odog (Candy Man) Hit # 1000!!!!

    Wolf is doing better on offense then as a pitcher tonight.

  23. sparkleplenty_1

    It’s the same genius that decided Manny should sit yesterday against a pitcher that’s given up 26 home runs. Do you think that Joe is going to sit Andre tomorrow?

  24. boblee4014

    Hey trublu, 1 of me is enough. Joe has no clue how to manage this team. I thought this was the year we would see some great things by the Dodgers. We are seeing them slipping and the lead is dwindling each day.

  25. trublu4ever

    I agree with you 100% NellyJune. Our pitching is a mystery. You never know what we are going to get when they take the mound. The Giants pitching is pretty solid every outing.

  26. nellyjune

    The gnats are playing the Reds and they gnats have SPs who can go into the 6th, 7th and 8th innings very easily. So, they will have a bullpen who is nice and rested as well. If our SPs can’t rest up our bullpen throughout this series, it is going to be a much different series against the gnats then it was back in April. The gnats are a much differerent team then they were then, and so are we, but not really for the better on our end. I am not saying they are better than us (and I will never admit that even if they are), but they are playing the same teams we are, and they just seem to be having an easier time beating them then we did/are. …..and I strongly believe it’s because they have better SP (which even the league knew). ……….and what wins championships pitching and defense. Our bullpen is our pitching, and in most cases, they should be taking most of the credit for any SP win at this point.

  27. oldbrooklynfan

    Funny, I make a comment and I have trouble finding it in print.
    But as Josh said, we have patience.

  28. trublu4ever

    It seems like they should have fixed this time warp problem by now, Oldbrooklynfan! This has been going on for quite some time.

  29. enchantedbeaver

    Another out and this will go down as another one of Wolf’s “quality” starts. What may I ask though is quality about it?

  30. boblee4014

    We must have a bunch of wimp players. Other teams have players that play 158-160 games a year. Joe takes out a hot hitter like Kemp or Manny last night and gives them time to rest. Crap, they can rest in november. Kemps a young stud. He could play 162 games a year with no problem. Joe, you suck as a manager.

  31. colliethec

    Come on gang.
    Let’s hang in there!!
    Send some positive vibes towards the boys!!!!
    Go Blue!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

  32. kpookiemon

    Joe sits there like a pumpkin as O-Dog hits into double play. PUT ON A PLAY! This club is dead in the water.

  33. koufax1963

    State of the dodgers: Inconsistent hitting and pitching. We knew from April that pitching was an issue, yet did nothing, and I speculate if broxton didnt have the toe injury sherrill would never be wearing blue, but our hitting was to compensate (example Tuesday), but this RISP is happening way too much, yetone of top guns has been MIA the last two games,and just seeing a run walked in sends nightmares of Kid Ks last performance. I don’t want to think about the gnats too much, but at worse we drop only a half game tonight. So resting Manny and Matt must be some JT plan, along with his team meeting, to be prepared to take out gnats, except those gnats are like skeeters now, very hungry for blue blood. So Im full of frustration, but have to prepare for a drama finsih in September I guess. Im use to it, just wish I didnt have to

  34. kpookiemon

    Randy Wolf and Juan Pierre…diminutive, semi gutty, “thoroughly professional ballplayers,” in over their heads a bit on the big stage at this point in their careers. Throw in Mark Loretta, mix well, and you’ve got yourself a Ned sundae.

  35. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ I’ve said it all along and I’m beginning to realize that Joe Torre is the most highly OVER-RATED manager in baseball! He was just lucky to have excellent players who made him look good.

  36. dodgereric

    You know if I was dumb enough, Torre could probably make me believe that a big young hot-hitting athlete stud like Kemp could be tired and needing the rest. But contrary to what some people think, I’m NOT dumb enough. I also know deep in my heart that if Ramirez was lost for the season back in April, Pierre would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER be rested. Explain that to me please.

    Ah, finding fault with Torre is like fishing in a barrel. Way too easy. Let’s try something different like, um, I KNOW! What does he do RIGHT?
    ……….. give me a minute………
    He’s good in the clubhouse, always ac-cent-u-at-ing the positive and e-lim-in-at-ing the negative.

    It’s fun to be positive!

  37. truebluewill

    oldbrooklynfan ~ That’s it for me got to get up for work in 4 hours. Root them home for me maybe when I wake up they would have won.

  38. oldbrooklynfan

    Looks like Andre got some wood on the ball.
    Manny may come through he looked good at the plate tonight, so far.

  39. selltheteam

    Kuo looking good.
    Would sure like to see McDonald or Elbert starting on Monday. Might as well get them some experience at this level. Why waste time with Schmidt?

  40. oldbrooklynfan

    Manny was hitting the ball much better against Lowe, I feel that Cox just pulled the rabbit out of the bag.

  41. kpookiemon

    OK, now I’m no Donny Baseball, but I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks that Manny is crouching at the plate…I remember him being much more erect, pardon the pun……

  42. nellyjune

    Okay – JP is 0-2, with an RBI, and a K. A typical JP night so far, but the problem I am having is you have your best hitter, not only on your team but in the league, on the bench right now who just missed 4 at-bats. For what?………..an average JP night. I know this is all second guessing what Matt would have done, but give me a break!! If I were manager, I would rather take my chances that Matt would do more than a Sac Fly by now.

  43. enchantedbeaver

    Any manager that would take out a hot-hitting, and the NLs TOP CFer in favor of Juan Pierre is just plainly and simply an idiot. You can’t describe it any other way than being without brain. Any other manager in baseball, from ML to LL wouldn’t do it. There’s only ONE.


  44. enchantedbeaver

    Any manager that would take out a hot-hitting, and the NLs TOP CFer in favor of Juan Pierre is just plainly and simply an idiot. You can’t describe it any other way than being without brain. Any other manager in baseball, from ML to LL wouldn’t do it. There’s only ONE.


  45. sammieramirez99

    WTF is martin doing! i mean what a dumb *****. bunting it the firstbase side! what a fing waste of a rally!

  46. sammieramirez99

    WTF is martin doing! i mean what a dumb *****. bunting it the firstbase side! what a fing waste of a rally!

  47. sammieramirez99

    WTF is martin doing! i mean what a dumb *****. bunting it the firstbase side! what a fing waste of a rally!

  48. sammieramirez99

    what a fing waste of a double! i knew this s.h.i.t would happen! leadoff double…hmmmm lets walk loney so we can get choke martin to do something stupid! and then u have groundball hitting hudson! kemp will popout….

  49. sammieramirez99

    fing all year martin fing chokes! i mean your showing bunt the 1stbaemen is gonna come in….bunt that shhittttt to the 3rd base so u automatically force chipper to come in! wow this is common baseball knowledge something choke martin lacks!

  50. sammieramirez99

    once martin bunted out to 3rd the rally was donezo! all i wanted was 1 fing run from the leadoff double! wow fing loney dont take that walk u know whats gonna happen! fing hack away try to advance the runner!

  51. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t even blame Kemp for striking out. You’ve made the guy sit on his *** for 8 innings… he has no rythym, no flow of the game, just walk up cold and take a few swings.

  52. trublu4ever

    You can’t blame Matt for that……he should have been playing the entire game………..and maybe we wouldn’t have needed a 3 run blast.

  53. kpookiemon

    nelly, I’m serious about Manny crouching too much. Watch him if he gets an AB in the 9th. Stand up, man!

  54. selltheteam

    When was the last time Martin caught somebody stealing? He even allowed Princess Fielder to steal a base!!

  55. enchantedbeaver

    Any manager that would take out a hot-hitting, and the NLs TOP CFer in favor of Juan Pierre is just plainly and simply an idiot. You can’t describe it any other way than being without brain. Any other manager in baseball, from ML to LL wouldn’t do it. There’s only ONE.


  56. kpookiemon

    nelly, I don’t think Manny realizes he’s crouching. I could be full of beans. Check it out for yourself.

  57. sammieramirez99

    juan pierres D is garbage as well! yeah he can get to a ball but any kind of chance he has he makes it difficult…juan pierre is literally garbage on D

  58. enchantedbeaver

    Where the hell did that post come from? It already posted several minutes ago. FIX THIS BLOG PLEASE!!!

  59. nellyjune

    Kahli – I know you were being serious. So, do you think he is trying something different for himself, or do you think someone is suggesting it?

  60. nellyjune

    bpb – maybe the blogger who has all of our missing posts, decided that was the best post its seen all night and insists on posting it over and over again. It is a pretty good post.

  61. dodgereric

    “A game like this is very stressful for a negative thinker.

    By oldbrooklynfan on August 6, 2009 9:45 PM”

    Sure is, Joe. I’m not a negative guy. I’ve worked with negative people and I’ve never been one of them. I’ve always been one to speak up when someone does or says something stupid regardless of who says it, but that’s not being negative IMO, it’s being truthful.

    I also don’t mind getting beat occasionally, but I really don’t like beating myself. Mistakes like benching Ramirez and Kemp when they’re not tired or bunting to the wrong base or swinging at multiple pitches out of the strike zone DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!

  62. koufax1963

    Even with the runners on and Dre and MANRAM swinging we can’t get a run in. Pathetic I don’t care about best record, but first place I dont want to concede. Before JT just had the best players in the line up in the wrong order, but now the best are not even in the line up. There is some strange mojo in the clubhouse that has got to change.

  63. nellyjune

    Koufax – the manager needs to get over his love for JP, get some cojones, and tell JP your sitting the bench for the rest of the season unless it’s to pinch hit, pinch run or the game is out of reach either way, and it’s at least the 8th inning.

  64. koufax1963

    Nelly agree with all you stated tonight from SP to JT mangaing! And we Agree on Dre! Especially today, I hope JT doesn’t sit him tomorrow so all e OFs get a “rest”.

  65. sammieramirez99

    dude how huge was that 1 run in the 8th!!!!!! fing leadoff double and u get nothing! and thatll be the difference in the game!

  66. enchantedbeaver

    Well I’ll bid you all fond adieu (or a dond fondu) from the swingin’ hot spot of Arizona – Casa Grande.

  67. oldbrooklynfan

    To pull this game out (and we knew it too), at this particular time, with the Giants moving in on 5 1/2, is priceless.

  68. Dodger4life

    Andre defenetly deserves a bobblehead, and it should be a walk off bobblehead. He delevers once again…..
    I was just wondering about that Nelly….LMAO!!!!

  69. Dodger4life

    Andre defenetly deserves a bobblehead, and it should be a walk off bobblehead. He delevers once again…..
    I was just wondering about that Nelly….LMAO!!!!

  70. selltheteam

    Another poor job by Wolf tonight. At best, he is a #5 starting pitcher. We need to find a #4 for the playoffs, whether it is Elbert, McDonald, or some retread found on waivers.

  71. nellyjune

    Dodger4life – Yes, I did!!! I was listening to the game (not watching), and when I heard Charlie, I knew the ball was gone, so I typed my post and ran to my bedroom to see the him be mobbed and the replay. ….and unlike Collie’s wifey, no injury so far.

  72. bluecrewgirl

    What a great ending. I was so tired tonight and fighting so hard to stay awake in the bottom of the ninth and I perked up for Andre’s at bat. I am glad I did. I would have been upset if I missed it. They really needed this game to get back on track and start the series off on the right note.

  73. dodgereric

    Someone over at Rotoworld has some ‘splainin’ to do…..

    Derek Lowe-S-Braves Aug. 7 – 1:25 am et

    Derek Lowe held the Dodgers to two runs over 6 1/3 innings in a 4-2 Braves victory on Thursday night.

    It was his second straight start against the Dodgers, and he was a little better this time around. Lowe did his thing, inducing 14 ground ball outs and working around eight hits and two walks to put together a quality start and earn his 12th victory. He’s got a favorable match-up against the Giants on the docket.

    Chipper Jones-3B-Braves Aug. 7 – 1:24 am et

    Chipper Jones went 3-for-4 with a homer and a double in Atlanta’s 4-2 win over the Dodgers on Thursday night.

    After three straight seasons posting an OPS over 1000, Jones currently sits at 897. It’s a bit of a step down, obviously, but still great production for a 37-year-old.


  74. selltheteam

    What’s up with Martin? Now he’s got wussyarm to got with his wussybat. The last time he threw somebody out was on July 22nd, when he caught Jerry Hairston trying to steal third. Since then, he’s given up 14 straight stolen bases.

  75. selltheteam

    Eric – Check the time stamp 1:25 ET – Idiots at Rotoworld think they can post the final score before the game is over. They must be on the East Coast and don’t know the Blues record for pulling out victory in the face of defeat.

  76. rudyjr

    Martin is having a tough time right now, we are just getting through the stretch. Don’t count him out yet, he’s a great player, everybody goes through slumps no matter how good they are. Remember last year’s all star game, he’ll be alive when it counts! “George of the Jungle” Sherrill, coming in and shutting the other team down with runners in scoring position, in most cases with no outs. I like it! I must say, Ned has been making some great moves for us!- Rudy Jr.

  77. Dodger4life

    *definitely…….I just wanted to see if you were paying attention shad. Thanks for the heads up. LOL!!!!

  78. nellyjune

    bluecrewgirl – I was hoping for 25, but it looks like 30 is more likely. Even his fly ball outs have mostly been warning track power.

  79. bluecrewgirl

    I read on Dodger Thoughts that Stults is being called back up. That’s good news. They said Abreu is being called up too.

  80. bluecrewgirl

    Nelly, I thought that other long fly ball he hit earlier (not the triple, the one that was caught) was out. Vin had a great line on that. He said Andre looked back like he thought they moved the wall back a few feet. I think he thought it was out too.

  81. crzblue2

    Hello ITD!
    I just got home from the game!! What a game! what a walk-off!! Another ticket I am putting away!! We all went crazy when Andre hit it out! I love watching the interview on Dodger vision!
    For those that leave early, why do you continue to do that? I understand those with small childrens.
    Andre: Awwwwwwwsome!!!!
    I was talking with friends prior to the game and we were all agreeing that Andre is the one that should have a bobblehead. I know all here agree too so I don’t know why if we all see it that way, why is not being done.

  82. nellyjune

    Emma – I am not a bobblehead collector, but when it seems like the reason for the bobblehead is for recognition of a job well done, then yes, Andre deserves one. Between last season and this season, he has done more than enough to earn a bobblehead night. ………….and if it happens, I will be there, not because I am a bobblehead collector, but because he is one of the many reasons this team is where it is today.

    bluecrewgirl – I didn’t see that fly ball originally, but when I saw it later, I thought it should have been out. The Dodger air did something to that ball 🙂

  83. crzblue2

    I don’t collect them either but since they are giveaways. I like them better than the bigger ones that they sell. from the giveaways I have a McGriff that I don’t know what to do with it.
    I am so glad my friend Lore decided to come to the game. She sits to the right of me but she was running late and when she heard Kemp was not playing, she was cursing and texting that she was not going to the game but still she made it and she was glad she did.
    oldbrooklyn fan,
    Wow! You have a scorecard from Ebbets Field! AND you saw D.Lowe’s no hitter at Fenway Park! Sometime ago I read a beautiful post from a Red Sox fan about that no hitter. i suggested she should send it to D.Lowe. It was so nicely written. You made me remember it.
    Prior to the game I was talking with Don Newcombe. I was telling him that I had gone to Hollman’s Stadium in Nashua, NH. He said “Beautiful city….” i told him I wanted to see the ballpark where Campy and he played and take a look a the plaque dedicated to them.

  84. shad80

    Wow at the Yankees must be desparate.

    RHP Chad Gaudin(notes), 26, was traded to the Yankees on Thursday night for a player to be named by Sept. 1 or cash considerations. Gaudin gave up 13 runs (nine earned) on 15 hits and four walks over a total of five innings in his last two starts for the Padres. “I had no idea at all,” said Gaudin, who learned of the trade just before game time. “I was surprised. But everything happens for a reason. I’m looking forward to going to New York and be in first place. I love to win.” Gaudin, who was signed by the Padres in April after being released by the Cubs, was 4-10 with the Padres with a 5.13 ERA in 20 games (19 starts). He was 0-4 in seven starts since shutting out Texas on one hit over eight innings on June 28

  85. shad80

    How about trading Schmidt for cash conseration and called up Stults? I know the Yankees probably would do it.

  86. truebluewill

    I just got up to go to work and my dream came true. A come from behind walk off win. The way this game was going last night I never thought they do it. Either is just fantastic! Either and Kemp are going to be our two horses down the stretch!! With the Giants creeping closer this was a very big win.

  87. shad80

    • LHP Randy Wolf ended up with his 13th no-decision of the season Thursday, five from the Dodgers record set by Odalis Perez(notes) in 2004. But Wolf was able to log the first stolen base of his career when he caught the Braves napping. His swipe in the fourth inning, on the first attempt of his career, came without a throw when neither middle infielder covered second base.

  88. shad80

    Poor Blake no wonder he never gotten 1000 careers hits yet.

    July 26, 2008 Los Angeles Dodgers traded Carlos Santana and Jonathan Meloan to the Cleveland Indians for Casey Blake and cash considerations.
    December 18, 2002 Signed as a minor league free agent by the Cleveland Indians.
    October 15, 2001 Minnesota Twins claimed Casey Blake off waivers from the Baltimore Orioles.
    September 21, 2001 Baltimore Orioles claimed Casey Blake off waivers from the Minnesota Twins.
    May 23, 2000 Minnesota Twins claimed Casey Blake off waivers from the Toronto Blue Jays.
    June 4, 1996 Drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 7th round in 1996.

  89. shad80

    The Dodgers now have 11 walk-off wins this season, tops in the major leagues, and Ethier has five of them:

    Date Opp Batter Result
    April 15 Giants Loney Bases loaded walk
    May 1 Padres Martin Bases loaded walk
    May 2 Padres Ethier RBI single
    May 18 Mets Hudson
    Reached on E3
    May 23 Angels Pierre Bases loaded walk
    June 5 Phillies Ethier 2-run double
    June 6 Phillies Ethier Home run
    June 16 A’s Kemp RBI single
    June 29 Rockies Ethier Home run
    July 25 Marlins Blake RBI single
    Braves Ethier 3-run home run

  90. shad80

    Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times reported a flurry of upcoming potential roster moves for the Dodgers: Tony Abreu called up Friday, Ronald Belisario soon after, and Eric Stults perhaps by Monday to start in place of Jason Schmidt.

  91. thinkingblue

    GOOOOOD MORNING ITD…ETHIER knows how to finish a game. I am sooooo proud of him and the celebrations are always fun too watch. Nothing like going to bed after watching the Dodger Blue Mount. TRU, good morning, is this #24 for ETHIER???
    CHAD thanks for the list of walk-offs….wow impressive!

  92. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ITDland ~ What a fantastic finish to last night’s game. And, the winning homerun couldn’t have come to a better guy. I keep watching the replay over and over…….what a thrill to see the jubiliation at home plate! WAY TO GO ANDRE……WAY TO GO DODGERS FOR NEVER GIVING UP AND I AM DODGER BLUE THRU & THRU!!!!!

  93. messagebear@msn.com

    I’m looking forward to Abreu back on the big club. I think the Dodgers were at fault dismissing his medical problems a couple of years ago. I hope he’s here to stay. What we really need for the drive to the playoffs is someone who can pinch hit and cover the infield, so we can get rid of Loretta and Castro. The latter two have given us a very weak bench. We’ve also had to yo-yo with DeWitt during the season, so that his development has essentially been stymied. Just another example of cheap, over the hill fill-ins by Ned at the beginning of the season that just does not make a championship ballclub.

    Fire Ned, the useless f’ing bast***!

  94. shad80

    That was the Dodgers 29th come-from-behind win of the season. I think the Angels had something like 34th last time I check.

  95. mdavis1892@yahoo.com

    so they’re saying stults,abreu,and belisario are coming to the majors.whos leaving? castro,schmidt,and mcdonald.thatd make the most sense to me.abreu will do exactly what castro usually does,but with more potential to hit well.if stults is to come back in the rotation, no use of having schmidt up there.i love how he worked his way back to the majors,but we gotta do whats best for the team.and then replace mcdonald with belisario in the pen’.we already have a long releiver in weaver and mcdonald is young,we should be trying to help him become a better starter by having him starts games in the minors.and whats the deal with wade?they’re not calling him up.unless his injury is preventing him to be his old self, i dont see why you send down elbert for him.we already have 2 very good lefties in our pen’.for the post season, id like to see this 25 man roster.


    wade(if hes healthy,if not, elbert)




  96. kpookiemon

    Randy Wolf should do a load of Ethier’s laundry in exchange for Andre delivering Wolf his cherished “No Decision.” Anyone out there happy with the little lefty’s performance last night? “Quality start…kept us in the game…no run support…” Excuse me while I vomit.

  97. kpookiemon

    Bobby Cox’s tribute to Pierre and Raffy: “We gave up two cheap hits to lead off the ninth and then got behind on Ethier, who’s a good hitter, and he won the game for them.”

  98. kpookiemon

    Bobby Cox’s tribute to Pierre and Raffy: “We gave up two cheap hits to lead off the ninth and then got behind on Ethier, who’s a good hitter, and he won the game for them.”

  99. kpookiemon

    Hey, Josh, this blog ain’t fixed yet!
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    Hey, Josh, this blog ain’t fixed yet!

  100. selltheteam

    Kahli: I heard talk of “quality start” last night, too. How is 4 runs in seven innuings “quality”? That’s an ERA of 5.14 and a WHIP of 1.71 for the night’s work!! I shudder at the thought of bringing Wolf into the post-season as our #4 starter. We need to get somebody else ready for that job. My post from last night (remembering how I felt before Andre’s heroics):

    Another poor job by Wolf tonight. At best, he is a #5 starting pitcher. We need to find a #4 for the playoffs, whether it is Elbert, McDonald, or some retread found on waivers.

    By crash24now@yahoo.com on August 6, 2009 10:58 PM

  101. trublu4ever

    Kahli ~ and, don’t you think if Matty were in there the entire game, we may not have needed Andre’s heroics to save us? I’m sorry, but, Little PP cannot, nor will he ever, hit one out of the park. I know, some of you will say, JP did have a homer last year………..but, come on!

  102. selltheteam

    And no run support?? Maybe if Joe could see fit to start the sixth best hitter in the NL, Wolfie would have more run support.

  103. thinkingblue

    TRUE – With the Giants breathing on our back…every game counts. But the games coming up agains the Giants (at Giants Home) are more important and we need our guys to be ready for that series. Giants right now have a better At Home record than the Dodgers. So yup Joe needs to realize that EVERY GAME COUNTS!!!

  104. kpookiemon

    Resting Manny, Kemp, or Ethier from time to time is NOT the problem. But at the major league level, if a replacement has neither power nor defense, what’s the point? Again, it’s NOT Pierre’s fault…he is what he is–a slap-hitting lead-off man. Pierre is ill-suited to be a fourth outfielder. But what alternatives do the Dodgers have right now? Repko is porcelain, Paul is star-crossed, and everyone else at AAA is just that, AAA quality. As this season accelerates toward the September crucible, Ned’s handiwork is exposed more and more…and found to be lacking. And just HOW is Tony Abreu supposed to ride to the rescue? He doesn’t even remember what the Major Leagues is like…

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