Patience is a virtue

Thanks to those of you who are dealing with issues with posting on the blog. I’m working with our friends at to try and get it remedied so please hang in there.

In the meantime, it’s been a very busy day, as we visited White Memorial Hospital with Guillermo Mota and Ramon Troncoso, who were awesome with the kids. Came back to the small media crush revolving around last night’s Fielder debacle and heading down to the press box now.

In the meantime, here’s tonight’s lineup for the game starting shortly…Manny gets a night off and we all know what happened last time he had a night off when we gave out his bobblehead and he didn’t play. If he hits a pinch hit homer tonight, we’ll have to make a poster to commemorate the poster that commemorated the bobblehead night!!! Or something like that.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, LF

Ethier, RF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Schmidt, P

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GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure glad they are trying to fix this, Josh. I actually posted after oldbrooklyn fan and it appears ahead of him.

Well I guess it’s time to turn the page here.
How’zit going everybody?
Good to see the Rockies lost.
Hope Schmiddy is on tonight.

Good Start RAFFY.

Great way to start the game, go Dodgers…. Good Swing Furk..

is the game delayed or is it just my internet?

I couldn’t get the video, Dodge and my audio is Milwaukee not LA.

Must be internet, I’m watching on Foxsports and all is going well.

thanks edog…

What the heck even yahoo is dumb.

LA Dodgers Inning Summary

– P. Fielder homered to right
– J. Pierre singled to third
– A. Ethier grounded out to first, J. Pierre to second
– C. Blake grounded out to second, J. Pierre to third
– J. Loney walked

Scoring Summary
Bot 1st: LA Dodgers
– P. Fielder homered to right

Wtg Furcal

Fielder HR to right?

No Joe. It was just Shad saying that Yahoo made a mistake. Ferk homered to right.

Uh, oh……doesn’t look like Jason has his best stuff tonight. We need to score a lot of runs.

can schmidt not hold a runner on first or what?

Geez Schmidt Cameron was only hitting .115 and you giving up a steal to a 36 yrs old. I told you yahoo was dumb.

I follow the game on yahoo and it had that mistake.


Hold a god damn runner on base.

How in the heck did that fat Fielder still a base?

Good start by Raffy, looks like schmidt is doing ok so far… He’s really starting to look decent. Hopefully he can keep up the smoke and mirrors

I don’t think the Dodgers were expecting Fielder to steal, he took them by surprise and Russell thew the ball away.

The Dodgers would probably make a poster to commemorate a poster of Manny. The PR department thinks he’s the only player on the team!

OH OH Looks like Looper has settled down, got to watch Schmidt.

That was *********!! That guy totally was nowhere near the bag!! hands up flailing and it worked… But damnit!! You should so not be able to do that

Now Schmidt is starting to look like Chris Young…. Everyone and their mother is stealing off of him

I am here, but I am having connection issues with my computer. It keeps kicking me off the website altogether.

Where is everyone tonight?

….and I am in a time warp 🙂

Schmidht’s control is not that great right now… could get ugly

We lucked out………………He was safe!!

messagebear!!!!!!!!!!! How are you doing? ……other than the obvious, of course – LOL!!!!

I’m here!

I am stuck in a time warp and can’t get out!!!!!

HELP, Schmidt not looking good!

Hey tru…. This is getting like walking on egg shells here!!

Crap, just what we need. A hit batter with bases loaded! BYE-BYE, JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m really getting tired of the roller coaster!!! Seriously… What have we got to do to find a #5!?!?!?

Get Weaver up geez.

Can we finally get rid of this F’ing bum!!!

Brandon ~ or a #3 or #4 lol

Schidt sucks! It’s a crap shoot on which one shows up. I’d rather see Milton, Weaver, or Stults for the 5th starter.

Why do we keep playing with fire like this!?!?!? I mean, the guy obviously gets lucky if he has any success at all. The ball happens to land in someone’s glove… You’ve heard him say so himself…. So, why I ask you… do we keep doing this!?!?!? Who pitched that last batter? I didnt see it? Was it JMac?

We are going to be in trouble if we can’t become more consistent again…. this team has been looking way too much like the one from the first half of last year. It’s going to allow the Giants and Rox to catch us…. Luckily we’ve been really good against the NL west this year

It was JMac!

Well, what is there to say?

Hey did you guys hear about this shooting in Pittsburgh today? One of the victims last names was Billingsley…. Is’nt that where Chad is from!?!?

I want to clone 10 more Kershaw’s.

This board is really irritating

Way to go Prince!

So far… wishing we’d saved about 6 of those runs from last night for right now

Brandon ~ Next time through the order we will get them!

I wish the Dodger forget about Schmidt, now with the lead down to 6 1/2 games, I don’t think we can afford it.

We’re losing series we should really be winning!! We could be in trouble with Atlanta and St. Louis coming to town… we all know how that went last week…… We HAVE to win the series we are SUPPOSED to win!!

Old Brooklyn… we don’t pull this out… It’ll be down to 6 games

I hate Craig Counsell and his stupid stance!

And, the Giants get to go home a face the big, bad Reds!!!

I can’t understand where Ken Gurnick see this month’s schedule in the Dodger favor.
You can’t be sure you’ll beat the below .500 teams.

I think he meant the the entire remainder of the season but I still say the same thing.

Next month schedule is even better

Next month schedule is even better

sigh double post again

So has anyone heard anything about that District 9 movie? It looks cool…

This is a borrrrrrrrrrrrrring game.

Since the all star break we’re 10W-9L….. 10-10 if we lose tonight…. Not exactly the way to start the 2nd half…. We’ve regressed into the .500 team we were during the 1st half of last season…

I agree Nelly!!

We have to hope that Looper makes some mistakes or tires.

Put Mota in… at least make this interesting!!

I’m trying to get a post on this blog without “Submission Error”. Let’s see if it works.

I don’t blame Fielder for getting mad last night, he probably didn’t notice what was going on and didn’t expect that to happen.
I have to admit I was completely taken by surprised, myself, in the 9th inning.

YAY! ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

I missed the exciting one yesterday.

Oldbrooklynfan ~ his manager should have told him it could happen. These young players aren’t taught the “Baseball Basics” anymore.


The team’s kinda taking the night off it seems.

well folks… that may have been our best shot remaining tonight… We missed chances in the first inning too….

Brandon ~ maybe they are waiting until the bottom of the 9th, just to make it exciting.

This is a snoozer but remember we seem to wake late sometimes. Hopefully they are just hitting the snooze button until now…

Well, this just got more interesting, didn’t it?

Hope Manny delivers here!

It looks like the boredomness has been broken up a little here.


Well at least Looper is gone, now maybe we’ll do better.

Somethings gotta give here. They’re running out of outs to pull this out.

Like brandon said, if our heroes lose tonight they will be a very pedestrian 11-10 since the All-Star break. Not sure what’s really going on with this team but I sometimes get the feeling there’s little urgency in their play. Their opponents HAVE to win–they’re all fighting for their collective lives in pennant races. The Dodgers have not HAD to win a game for a long, long time, maybe since the Colorado series at home. The season is a long grind and it’s hard to maintain an edge for 6 straight months. Perhaps the sight of the Gnats next Monday up north will shake this club. Something better.

Hopefully for the better Kahliforni!! 😉

What happened after Catalanotto K’d , I lost MLB.TV
I got it back now.

Well…. Here’s the top of the order…. Let’s go boys!!! Rally time!! Show these Brewers how we never give up! Made em’ sweat the other night… Let’s show em what we do late in games!! COME ON!!

Just looked at our pitching matchups for the next 5 games, and we face Jonathon Sanchez on Monday against the gnats. Our pitcher’s spot is TBA.

You’d have thought we’d come out pumped after last night…. but nope… FLAT

I always believed if the Dodgers face good pitching, the going is rough.
That is to say if the pitcher they’re facing does everything right, it’s hard for them.
I guess that goes for every team.


situations like this make me really concerned about the post season… If we get there… the way we’re playing… we’re set up for a historical collapse

come on brox!! a 3 run defecit is doable… 4 or 5… not so much

wow!! That the pitch to hit!! Dangit!

2006!! 2006!! 2006!! come on boys!

weak… later everybody… Hope we get out act together soon… this has not been a good couple of weeks of baseball

Evidently Brox had some rust.

Same old story, they should’ve left some runs they scored yesterday for today.
Well we all know you can’t do that.
Just got to forget about it and start all over again tomorrow

Well, let me see…17 runs, 18 hits, great chemistry, offense in sync…let’s take our best freaking player out of the lineup for a freaking rest after he rested for 50 freaking games!!!!!


Amen, scott.

I agree Scott!!!! I am thinking the day off has more to do with the incident yesterday, but what a sad excuse to give him the day off that he needs rest. Give me a break!!!!

What are you doing on here so late Scott? I don’t think I have ever seen you on this late before.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many games left…Dodgers are assured of NOTHING right now. Cream rises to the top, so they’re either good enough or they’re not. Remember, they had to scratch and claw last season to overtake the D-Backs…and they didn’t make that happen until late. It’s human nature to play scoreboard but the Dodgers have to take care of their own business. Their illustrious GM’s contract runs out this season. If anyone is sweating bullets, it will be him. Personally, I have a lot of confidence in this 2009 crew.

Kahli – I would have loved to see us get a SP, but overall, I am glad we stuck with the young guns and didn’t trade any of them away. They, along with Manny and the rest of the starting veterans got us this far, and I want to see them finish it this time. What they are going through now will hopefully make them stronger in the long run, which in turn should help them in the playoffs.

Damn they showing Fielder with Braun and security holding him away. Now it showing Fielder saying he don’t even remember it.

Why he was so mad lol

That’s weird they don’t even mention the incident on Mota wikipedia page but they do with Fielder.

Hi Nelly. I just had to vent, you know?

That was just a blown opportunity last night as a career stiff like Looper would have had a tough time against Manny who was getting his groove back.


Venting happens here all the time, Scott! And, we are proud of it!!!

Does anyone out there know what Bellisario’s status is for this weekend or further?

Our team has played brilliantly at least until the All-Star game, and that was with and without Manny*roid. Our pitching held up better than was expected with Billz having a very good beginning and with Kersh then picking up from him to be the stopper. Even Kuroda being gone and the constant shift of #5 pitchers didn’t upset things very much, because the bullpen, overused or not, really brought their best game to the park practically every night. It has been no secret that we needed another GOOD starter, but it would have cost too much to acquire one. I say that because it always seems to cost Ned too much to acquire anybody, Hudson being the rare exception because there seemed to be no other market for him at the time. I don’t know why all the other GMs seem to think that Ned is the patsy, but that’s how it seems to come out.

The team has now come down to a more normal playing level, which sometimes borders on the mediocre. Our strength is the bullpen and a couple of our maturing and achieving youngsters, namely Andre and Matt. Blake has been a good addition, and Loney and Martin are doing OK, but nothing exceptional. The starting pitching will likely remain highly variable as we close in to the end of the season. Frankly, both the Giants and Rockies have been playing better ball, and there is still enough time for them to catch us. If they do, or if we exit the playoffs quite early, I think it will come down to the fact that Ned never really did his job for our ballclub. Our weaknesses were always apparent (starting pitching), we didn’t suddenly lose our ability as a club because of major injury loss – so, since ballclubs no longer typically build from within for a championship season, Ned simply did not respond to our needs to improve the club in the vital and obvious area – not last year, and not this year.

Ned’s contract is up at the end of the year. Frankly, whether we win the rest of the way, or whether we lose, Ned has accomplished very little in his time as the GM, and even overlooking the huge sums of money lost on people like Schmidt and Andruw, Ned needs to GO. It would almost seem like a foregone conclusion if we get nosed out for the playoffs, but if that’s what it takes to get rid of Ned and install either Logan White or Ng, so be it. I’m always for the Dodgers winning, but losing Ned would be a win for the long run and for a possible Dodger dynasty, as long as those last these days.

Colletti is a cancer for this franchise. He’s had enough time to perform and get us to the top. It will be a good time to see him GO and get another fresh start next year, regardless of how this season finishes out for us.

bear, you are right about CO and SF. I think Joe thinks he can rest whoever he wants because LA is cruising to the title, but if we’re not careful, we’re going to be on the outside looking in with a total disaster on our hands. The Dodgers are what, 10-10 since the break? I’m worried, despite that great 17 run game, because I don’t trust Joe to do the right thing.

Very well said messagebear.

…and Scott, maybe it’s because I am pretty much listening to the gnats play everyday (I am usually not watching the games, but I can hear everything that is happening in the game), but right now, their pitching is great and their bats are getting the job done as well. It was mentioned on the radio yesterday how strong their bullpen has become, and their belief is that is because their SPs are able to go further into games. Plus, they went out and got exactly what they were looking for……..a second baseman that can play the position well (defense has been an issue for the gnats) and a bat (and a first baseman) in Garko. I really didn’t want to give up too many to get a SP, but we had the entire off-season as well were the Dodger management “seemed” to be more concerned in playing cat and mouse with Manny and taking Andre to arbitration rather than looking into a SP, which Torre asked for.

Now, going back to what messagebear said, if anything comes out of this, win or lose, hopefully it ends (in October of course) with the firing of Ned.

Very well stated, Messagebear.

Thanks, Nelly, and you bring up an excellent point about taking Andre to arbitration. Not only was that extremely ill thought out, but it sets us up for similar bad situations with so many of the other young guns coming up. This management seems very badly prepared to deal with our guys long range, so I dread to see what this team will look like a few years down the road, unless our GM and some of his type of thinking change.

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