Tonight's lineup…

For those who missed Randy Wolf’s web chat, the transcript from earlier today is here.  Some funny stuff came out of it (who knew he was such a Star Wars fan and a drummer). But as the person who does the typing in this, it was pretty tough to have to write about his El Camino teams beating my Chatsworth team at the City Championship at Dodger Stadium. For those of you who live in the Valley, you know that the rivalry runs deep and Randy never misses a chance to rub in our loss.

But, he’s one of the more thoughtful big leaguers I’ve ever been around and even took time out of his day today to go visit a lot of sick kids at Childrens Hospital, specifically requesting that no media be there. He just wanted to do it out of the goodness of his own heart, which is pretty cool.

We’ve got another visit tomorrow, this time to White Memorial, and Ramon Troncoso and Guillermo Mota are both going to be spending some time with the kids. We have a long-standing relationship that goes back to the mid 90s there and watching these kids faces light up when a big leaguer walks in is something you cannot easily forget.

In any event, here’s the lineup for tonight’s game against the Brewers:

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Kuroda, P

UPDATE: Orlando Hudson was scratched with an upset stomach and Juan Castro has taken his place in the lineup. 



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Repost, since it was new-threaded, then off to work:

There Was No Joy in Dodgertown
By Pill Blaschke

LOS ANGELES – They came. They saw. They squandered.

In a season so improbable, the impossible happened.

With bases loaded, 2 outs, and runners on all bases, Casey was not at the bat.

Instead, it was L.A.’s favorite, Manny Ramirez. And he struck out.


Yes, that Lying, Cheating, Roiding, BLASHEPMOUS, GRINNING EX-BASEBALL CON struck out.

The horror.

Mr. Rally Man tallied no big slam-as. Daylight came, and me want go home.

And all of Dodger Stadium, the sad sheep, were as bad as their Giants fan neighbors to the north, eating up every minute of it. Hoping for some more tainted magic. Hoping for another steroided chance. Hoping for another timeless classic to tell their musclebound vascularized grandchildren about.

Well, that hope went dry.

As the Dodgers hopes ran dry, now only a dwindling 24 games over .500. The messianic Angels at their heels, with their shepherd Mike Scioscia leading his flock through the Valley of the Shadow of Depth. That’s Playoff depth.

When will the Dodgers ever learn?

When will the insanity end?

When will I learn to type in paragraphs?

Like the narrator in the old Tootsie Pop commercial narrated, The world may never know.

When not in his office, Mr. Blaschke can be seen making Woody Paige look like a genius on Around The Horn, M-F at 5 EST on ESPN.

I love seeing Philly getting beat down by another west team but to bad we need help from them.

Go Astros.

Shad, you missed an obit a couple weeks ago with a Dodger connection:,0,1836294.story

Well I don’t check and most of the people I mention are under 60.

I guess that leaves me out.

…..from the previous thread……

CP – Thoughts and Prayers always 🙂

lbirken – fabulous post as always

northstateblues – I am with Crash – you really should be writing for the Times.

Crash – love the lineup!!

Happy Birthday Cat!!!!!!

CP ~ Hope your mom gets well soon.

Dang the Rockies are given out away and they still winning so much for the Phillies. I wonder where Phan is hiding at?

Nelly, thanks for your kind words.

Shad, I admit I scoreboard watch too but the reality is the Dodgers control their own destiny. Every day the Dodgers win is another day the teams behind them lose with regard to time. The problem is both those teams have a playoff spot in sight even if they cannot catch the Dodgers and it shows in the way they are playing. Hopefully the Dodgers can get hot and rattle off a bunch of wins that will keep the Dodgers well ahead in the standings.

northstateblues ~ Love your Pill Blaschke post.

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

lbirken ~ I love that the Rockie are pounding the Phillies. I know they are in our division but, I REALLY HATE the Phillies! I’m hoping eventually the East Coast bias will be put to rest………the Western Divison has handled those big shots pretty well this season.

Yea I can understand why Hudson has an upset stomach, getting caught off the bases lately will do that to a speedster. Just when I thought he was ready to take the 2 hole in the line up also. Yes Move Man Ram to 4th. So with the Gnats and RoX winning, perhaps Ill go see if hollywood has more mannywood than mannywould. We beat this Gallardo guy before. Let Go Dodgers!

Wow didn’t know Petit was pitching a no hitter throught the 7th but Cedeno broke it up


Oh wow they just shown that play by Furcal man I wish Hudson could had score and tied it up.

I just watched the ninth of last night’s game on the archive. Martin didn’t miss a game winning HR by much. We need a win tonight.

Yep even Bowa said he was going to get nail.

Shad ~ No way Hudson could have scored on that bunt. He would have been a dead duck.

Hahahha Krod just blew a save.

Junior Seau batting boy I would never had guess since he’s a SD boy.

Blah Vinny 1 for 14 last week and 4 for 5 last night.

Hiya Everybody
Whoever thought that last night’s game would’ve ended up a tough loss?
I thought Manny Parra would easily pitch a complete game and I was ready to call it a night. Well the way it turned out it might as well ended right there.
We have to keep pace with the Rockies and Giants.

To bad that ball Furcal hit this time was not last night game or else Hudson would had scored no matter what.

hahahaha Junior Seau got a Manny fouled ball

Yeah more first inning runs love this team

82 runs in the 1st innings opposition 40 got to love that stats.

I can’t believe Loney missed that fast ball down the middle was only 90 mph.


Way to go Raffy & Dre!!!!


I see Manny’s trying a new hairdo tonight

I like this early and often stuff a lot more.

Brandon ~ what did he do to it? I’m just listening on radio.


Nice way to start C A S E Y.

tonight the route is on… I can feel this one… I really do think last night had we gotten in earlier, we beat them yesterday….

Way to go Blue!
Didn’t Manny fly out last night & not K?
Way to go Matty!!
They need to start picking up these RISP more often so they don’t have to have walkoffs in the 9th…
Lately they’ve seemed to squander chances.
This look more like earlier in the season. Woo hoo!!!!

Good Evening Everyone….
This is a very nice start for the Boy’s!!!! Kuroda included 🙂

Tru… it looks like he just has it more bundled up somehow

That’s right boys and girls…. tonight….we dine in hell!! and we drink some nice brews!! Free beer all around tonight!

Good to see Blake join the 60+ RBI CLUB.
With Loney back in the club lead.
Good going MARTIN.

The Brewers should had Gallardo batting at 8th because because of his 4th career homerun and he has already have 2 this year over Kendall.

Awesome… now HK needs to come out & throw strikes and not walk people.
Lack of clutch hits with RISP & walks by our pitchers IMO is where we have had some troubles this year.
It would be nice for them to turn that around. Earlier in the year, when they were rolling they were successful in these areas.

The more I look at it… Did Manny cut his hair… or did he just bundle it… It looks more thick… but it’s for sure shorter

cp how is the Mother?

Thanks, Brandon.

CP I’m just catching up on the posts & saw Knouff’s post. Sorry to hear about your Mom. You’ll have some prayers coming out of our house tonight.
I hope she is well. I’m at that age to where parents are getting older. It can be tough. Hang in there!

Another good innings for Kuroda

Another Pujos grand slam in the 10th at New York

Wow 23-4 when Blake driven in a run? I wonder what the record when Kemp driving in a run or even Ethier.

The Angels lost I guess we still going to have the best record in the league

Blake trying to make ala Beltre play.

Just the facts, right NSB.
Don’t try to make it more drama than it should be. But then again we’re talking about the media, right!
I’m not a fan of most of the media. They twist quotes and aren’t accurate as we think they are. Take things out of context, etc… Someone might say something sarcastically but they don’t put that in there. They put the quote in and make the person sound like a jerk.

True that Tru…


We need a bunch more runs.

CRAP!!!! Not now Kuroda!

Thanks for the kind words about Mr. Blaschke, I’m sure it’s better than he deserves. And Collie, Manny did fly out, but Blaschke never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

Blaschke is a blowhard!

He despises Manny even more than Messagebear!

Whewwwwwwwwwww that was close.

BOY The Brewers looked the Dodgers that inning. lol

I’m glad the Dodgers got to Gallardo in the first inning.
Like most opposing pitchers, he’s tough now,

Yeah, Collie, that’s the way it can be. I took Journalism and was an editor on our Community College newspaper for a couple of years. There’s fact-based journalism, and there’s columnists who aren’t held to any real facts, just opinions. Even “fact-based” journalism has those who sift out what facts they want to empower their desired level of truthiness.

Taking a sarcastic comment out of context has been killing reputations for years, look what they did to John Lennon. Turned “some people act like we’re bigger than Jesus” into “Yeah, we’re bigger than Jesus, that’s right, what are you gonna do about it.”

Glad Gallardo missed that potential homer. C’mon Kuroda-san, time to rebound. Ganbarre! Dojyasu wa iku!

You don’t see that often when the pitcher get the pop up over the other infielders.

lol Sandy Braun really.

with that fan running on the field, I have to wonder: Why don’t fans do momentum-killing stuff like running on the field and hitting beach balls on the field while the OPPOSING TEAM is on the field?!!!

Whatever the guy’s name is, tonight it’s Nancy. For what?


btw, I’m typing my posts 9-10 minutes before the timestamp says I am. Where are they routing these posts, through the “LOST” island?!!

broken bat singles!!! are you kidding me!?!?

gosh damn 2 broken bat hits.

Exactly NSB! I hate that they do that. Then people hate the person because of what they are miss quoted as saying. Or there is a bunch of scuttlebutt about nothing.
Agreed about the game distractions. Do it when we’re at bat!

Man… I’d love to see someone plunk Mike Cameron after that!!

Still got the lead. Time to bang!!!!

We are well on our way to lose this game.

Loney always looks like he’s in slowmo….

We are well on our way to lose this game.

Man, we needed that, even if I have to take it from Manny*roid.

Can’t believe Kuroda got through that inning.

Bob — They win more then they loose. Send them some positive vibage!!!
Go Blue!!!!

HK pitching pretty well. A couple of saw jobs for RBI’s isn’t bad pitching. Them’s the breaks!

Where was that last night Manny?


You hang & he bangs em!!!!
So should he not be cheered at this time?


Alright Manny!! We needed that!

LOL, Collie!

#12 for MANNY
It’s about time.

Yes he should!

Oh & I totally agree with the Manny getting 2 bobbleheads & a poster.
Dre should be getting his bobblehead. I believe they had a t-shirt day for him but really now. A bobblehead is the highest compliment you could give him!!!

My MLB.TV keeps cutting out. Can only get the audio.

Manny Blaschke!!!

The t-shirts were for the kids, Collie. Totally unfair! He does need a bobblehead.

Let get a 1 2 3 innings Kuroda

Good come back inning by Kuroda. Now let’s tack on more runs.

LMAO, Dodger4life!

MATTY!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!

Gosh another freaking broking bat single.

Come on Kuroda get this ex dodgers out.


Keep it going, boys!

WAY TO GO ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Loretta is such a Brewers killer.

I’m surprise they didn’t ibb him

Alright Loretta!!!!! Big pinch hit.

Glad to see Manny isn’t washed up yet.


I don’t know if you will see this Dodgereric because I’m in the time warp tonight……….but, it is good to see you.

Nice… This is how it’s done!!


Oh boy, I love those tack on runs!! It’s very good to see the boys break out like this, especially with the Brewers creeping back into the game.

DEJA VU?!!??

and also his 20th career rbi’s in his career against the Brewers.


Where was that hit last night Manny

Well, let’s see what the ol’ timewarp has in store tonight.

“I guess that leaves me out.

By on August 4, 2009 5:44 PM”


North, you’re pretty damned good! But the “Nancy” remark has gone over my head.

MANNY has 40 RBI

Don’t like to see Loney k’s 3 times with runners on base.

OMG thanks alot for the gift

OOPS!!! hahahahahaha

Give me home where the buffallo roam!!!!!

OH OH is Martin back now

KEMP puts us in double figures.

RUSSELL has 2 RBI tonight. lol

Damn wanted to see Loretta kill them again. It must hurt to make 2 outs in the same inning.

Let’s put some 0 Kuo.

9 run game…lets see how many arms Joe burns through tonight.

Wow this when Pierre should be in for Manny lol.

Castro made the last out, Shad

Thanks tru. I don’t know where this will end up, but that’s the main reason I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s just too damned hard to have conversations.

It’s great to see us break through offensively. You could see Ramirez getting better the last couple of games. Maybe no hits, but hitting it harder and going the other way. If he gets it going, goodbye NL West.

Back to the STATUS KUO



That why I said making 2 outs in a inning.

I bet they do, Dodgereric.

Maybe should had said Castro name since I’m watching the same on kcal here in compton.


Damn, time warp again!

You’re pass tru.

Manny is one tough sob.

Whoever goes in to pitch the 8th had better drill somebody.

Ah, the clouds part! Thanks north! I wonder if you can sleep with your butt glued to the wall?

Man Mota has a lot of movement on his pitches

OK, now I’m posting according to my clock instead of 12 minutes ahead.


Eric: Nancy refers to the name the guy who ran out on the field will be known by while he’s enjoying his county-supplied accommodations tonight. I don’t think it would be worth it.

Good game tonight, now that’s the 2009 Dodgers I know!

Hated to see Mota give up that run.
Which we could blame on the defensive indifference.

YAY, MATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow defensive indifference in the 9th inning interesting it wasn’t the 9th.

Think 53, Mota.

The magic number is: 53.

oops that first 9th should be the 8th gosh stop it is only the 8th.


Speaking of great intimidators: Don’t we have Bob Gibson’s son/grandson in our farm system?

If the younger Gibson is still with us, maybe Frank should ask Bob to have a chat with the Pitching Staff about protecting your teammates.

Whether or not he shudders at the thought of helping the Dodgers would be the question, but Schmoozer Ned could tell him he’d really be doing a favor to fellow Redbird alum Torre.

Oh, no, PP got hit by a pitch!


Sorry Shad, now I realize what you meant.
Actually Castro will be charged with one AB.

lol at a 53 mph pitch

15 HRs for KEMP


Yep that true.

Wow nice catch Duncan

Someone tell me again why we don’t have Kemp and Ramirez hitting back-to-back?

We seem to draft everyone else’s kids, why not Gibson’s? I’m looking. In the meantime (no pun intended)…….

Dusty Baker received the following advice from Hank Aaron about facing Gibson:

“‘Don’t dig in against Bob Gibson, he’ll knock you down. He’d knock down his own grandmother if she dared to challenge him. Don’t stare at him, don’t smile at him, don’t talk to him. He doesn’t like it. If you happen to hit a home run, don’t run too slow, don’t run too fast. If you happen to want to celebrate, get in the tunnel first. And if he hits you, don’t charge the mound, because he’s a Gold Glove boxer.’ I’m like, ‘Damn, what about my 17-game hitting streak?’ That was the night it ended.”

Dick Allen stated that, “Bob Gibson was so mean he would knock you down and then meet you at home plate to see if you wanted to make something of it.”

Martin’s looking good tonight.
Maybe the rest helped.

Wow 52 mph curveball

KEMP took over the team RBI Lead on that HR.

Furcal got cheater big time with that swing.

I hope they let Mota hit

ANDRE, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mota is such a great hitter when he get the chance.


even though it was a gift run.

We have a first baseman in Inland Empire named Robert Christopher Gibson. Still looking……..

I believe ETHIER has just tie Kemp for the team RBI lead with 69.
Good ole’ 69,
That’s 1 for MOTA

That was his 1st hit since 2004.

Well, by the score it doesn’t look like I missed much :)) I actually had my phone on vibrate, and it was going off like every two or three minutes it seemed.

He went to school at SW Missouri St……..

Make that SE Missouri St.

Is that so, Eric? Well, then DEFINITELY have Ned be the one to talk to him.

Are you kidding me?



WTG Mota


And not that I like cheering violence, but thanks Mota. It’s about friggin’ time!

And, Dumbasss Charlie, didn’t know why Mota did that!

Oh That’s why he threw him out.

100% agreed, north. All I know is I’m getting tired of watching our big guys going down. Suck it up, Fielder. For God’s sake, he got you on one of your thunder thighs.


I got to say that I hope that this beanball stuff doesn’t carry over until tomorrow.
Wow, a lot of offense tonight. lol


You mean Mota drilled Prince? ALRIGHT MOTA!!!!!!!!!

And I also agree with you, joe. Even though they got Ethier last night and Manny today, I count us even now.

Geez, now I’m 10 minutes ahead again.

Maybe, just maybe they could have saved a few of those runs for Jason tomorrow. I am hoping he has another good outing. He will need all the confidence in the world because the next time we see him after tomorrow will be Monday, August 10th at AT&T Park – Yikes!!!!!

Dodger RBI Leaders
Ethier ..69
Kemp ..69
Loney .69
Blake ..61

If that’s true, Jeanette, and they really can’t figure out why we’d have retribution after they plunked Manny tonight and Ethier yesterday, then Bud’s Anointed Brewers are THIMPLY DIVALICIOUS!!!!


Princess Fielder: OUCH!!! THEY HIT ME!!! I think I broke a nail!!! LET’S GET ‘EM GIRLS!!!!!!

Ryan Braun: Don’t worry, Princess, YOU LOOK MAHVELOUS!

Correction Loney…68.

Beto Duran of ESPN radio posted on his twitter that Fielder along with the whole team tried to go into the Dodgers clubhouse after the game….

That’s alot of 69’s Joe Pierre – LOL!!!:))) Seriously, that is just awesome. Andre is only 8 away from his season high 77 from last year. All three of them, and probably Casey and Manny too, will be at 100 or above by the end of the season.

Alright Joe Torre!!!! Way to speak up for your team. Prince needs to stop being a big baby, literally, and know it’s part of the game.

They just showed on the news that Prince Fielder tried to get into the Dodgers locker room after the game. They filmed him at the door with quite a few of his teammates that kept him back. Joe Torre said “it’s just part of the game.”

LMAO!!!!! Great job Northstateblues!!!!

Now I’m back on normal time, showing up behind everyone else… this might be it for me for the night.

Haven’t stopped laughing at Princess’s actions yet. HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I’m sure somehow Bud’ll find a way to fine Mota and give Fielder a brand new powder puff in his powder room tomorrow.

… and now I’m 10 minutes fast again.

allegedly, word is Martin said “if Fielder wants to come into this locker room, it’s fine. It’s 25-1.”

That’s from the Dodger Thoughts comment thread. Can’t wait to see the copy written on this incident.

Does Princess need some tissues? We have some left over in Drew’s old locker…

LMAO!!!! Doesn’t Princess realize there is no crying in baseball.

I would’ve expected this from a rookie, but wow, Prince, you’re practically a vet now. Man up.

This reminds me of how the Cryin’ Hawaiian freaked out when they threw over his head last year, saying “Hit me in the ribs, not in the head!!” The next season (Last week), the Phillies pitcher drilled new Giant Garko up and in. No honor in Philly, I guess.

Speaking of Philly northstateblues……..It’s kind of nice seeing our west division rivals knocking them off their east coast biased horse for a spell. I figure as long as the Dodgers are taking care of themselves, let the rest of the NL West show the east coast what the west coast can do.

I think he was shocked that his former teammate from last year did it. They probably was best friend also so it was a big shocked. I would had rather have a rookie do it.

That article even makes him appear even more like a cry baby – geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for Broxton vs Fielder pay per view.

Now this is kind of funny what Andre and Matt have to say about the Princess.

“I don’t happened, maybe the ball slipped,” Kemp said, unable to hold back a chuckle.

I can only imagine that Matt Kemp grin, can’t you? LOL!!!!

Andre Ethier is the first Dodger with back-to-back 20 double, 20 home run seasons since Adrian Beltre from 2002-2004.

Wow I didn’t know Felix Hernandez was available. The Mariners turned that offered down.

Wow, what a game. I have a new Dodger HERO and his name is MOTA. A few more Dodger pitchers need to get some balls and be a little more agressive such as Broxton.

Good Morning ITDland ~ my, my, Mota and Prince are all the talk on ESPN. I’m glad one of our pitchers had the guts to hit somebody. It will be interesting though to see what happens tonight.

1. Hanley Ramirez, FLA .340
2. Pablo Sandoval, SFO .330
3. David Wright, NYM .324
4. Miguel Tejada, HOU .323
5. Matt Kemp, LAD .323

THAT WAS A GREAT GAME FULL OF DRAMA. No Happily-Ever-After ending for PRINCE…boooohooohooo! Man running in the field. So we get a GREEN MAN on Monday, Tuesday MAN-IN-THE-OUTFIELD so what’s for Today (GIRL runs after a player?? I promise I will not run after ETHIER or MARTIN)….funny EMMA and I were just talking about running in the field Tuesday Noon.
EMMA we jinx it…LOL
I’m glad MOTA took PRINCE down…..GOOOOO MOTA! Sooooo many heroes in this game, but MOTA takes my win. For taking one for the team! And THE SAD PRINCE STORY also reminded me of the CRYING-HAWAIIN SCENE!

Matt Kemp has two 5 RBI games in the last 3 games! He’s really starting to come into his own right now. He’ll have 20 Home Runs and 100 RBI. That is if Joe keeps him out of the 8th spot.

Good Morning All…..
From Kuroda to Mota and everyone in between…..Outstanding Game!!!!!

What I don’t understand is why Pierre didn’t go pounding on the Brewers’ clubhouse door…………..

Round 3 Tonight!!!!

I was surprised by Vin’s reaction to Fielder’s plunking. It was done right. Hit JP and our big fish, your big fish can stand by. It was below the waste so boo-hoo, Macha. Manny’s been getting nicked a lot lately, so maybe the Brewers pitchers should try harder not to hit anyone. I’ve been waiting for our pitchers to step up in a timely fashion. Looks like we have a couple that will.

He DID, kahli! He even pounded on it with his bat. They just couldn’t hear him.

WTG MOTA! If Billz had retaliated in Game 2 against the Phillies after Moyer threw behind Manny, things may have ended up differently. Who knows? Billz needs to own the inside of the plate, and he hasn’t shown it.
Eric – according to Wikipedia (unfortunately, I have no corroboration that it’s true), Bob Gibson “…is a special instructor coach for the St. Louis Cardinals” I couldn’t find confirmation of that on the Cardinals’ website.
Kahli and Eric: Re: PP – LMAO!

PRINCE has his own blog…someone actually told him to keep his mouth shut that getting hit is part of the game. That cry baby just thinks that he is untouchable…brotha’ pleaaaaaase! He puts his pants (that’s if he wears pants) on the same way as any other player does. I can’t wait for tonights game.

FYI…Thursday we are having a FULL MOON and our probable pitcher is WOOOOOOOLF! I know it is early but a lil’ song for WOLF!

red pen…Moyer=Myers.

During the game last night my computer lost it’s battery power so I couldn’t post.
Great game & victory!
We did well with RISP & the pitchers controled the strikezone and didn’t have a ton of walks.
Everyone was saying Mota hit Prince because of Manny being hit. I think it was the HBP on Juan.
Actually they’ve hit a number of our guys the last couple of nights. I don’t know why Prince was upset. I’m a Prince fan but think he took a step down on my like scale.
Why didn’t he do something about it on the field if he was so upset. Or just take it as part of the game and trot down to 1st. He got hit low. Get over it. He acted like a fool.
Khali & Eric — great calls about PP.

Cat — Also a great point about the full moon & Wolf pitching.

My question for tonight: Will we get Schidt or will we get the Schmidt from Friday? Will the Brewers hit him at will, or will they be scratching their heads over how to hit him?

dodger4life, after looking at the YouTube video I started playing with all the commercials from the 50s and 60s…my youth. Thanks for making my day!!!!!!!!! Gotta love the “Pepsi Generation”

I think there was stuff building up in this game that led to the point where Prince got hit.
Bottom of the 5th Manny goes yard.
Top of 7th Kuo K’s Prince. I noticed that on Kuo’s follow through he walked off the mound. I didn’t think that he was hot dogging but I’m not sure Prince liked it. They showed him standing there (Prince) glaring towards the mound. I was getting the Brewers announcers and they commented that Prince was looking at Kuo in disbelief that he had thrown the pitch past him. I think they got it wrong. I think Prince took exception to the follow through of Kuo. I could be wrong, but when I saw that I thought someone’s getting hit next inning.
Did anyone there notice that incident? You don’t always get ever view while watching on TV.
Bottom of 7th Dodgers up 12-3, Manny get’s hit.
Bottom of the 8th Juan get’s hit.
Top 9th Mota hit’s Prince.
Game over & Prince goes nuts.

Also Macha hacks me off. He says that Mota hit’s him and just walks off the mound into the dugout showing that he fully intended what to do & should be suspended for a lengthy period of time. Not just a couple of days.
Now I’m not saying that it wasn’t intended but, hey Ken watch the video… Mota hits him & stands there. After he get’s tossed then he starts to walk off the mound toward the dugout. Then he stood there along the 3rd baseline waiting to see what Prince was going to do.

Rosie said
“”funny EMMA and I were just talking about running in the field Tuesday Noon.
EMMA we jinx it…LOL “””
that is so funny that we were talking about fans running on the field and about that girl that ran to kiss Fernando Valenzuela back when he played. I was at the game but again, that was not me. We sure did jinx it MLB does show a rematch of D.Lowe and Wolf. I posted on D.Lowe’s blog. Shoot! I forgot to bring Schmidt giveaway shirt for tonight. He won when I wore it. Maybe I have it in the car. I will be using the company’s seats in the field level tonight but like some other times, we might end up back with our “Top Deck family”
don’t know if anyone read this article from the Times back in May

Mota walked off the mount after he was ejected…the replay shows it clearly.

Emma have fun at the game…now don’t go running in the field trying to kiss the pitcher…LOL!

colliethec, I noticed that Fielder/Kuo at-bat, too. I remember thinking at the time that Fielder was miffed, but the replay really just shows Kuo’s unorthodox follow-through. At the end of the day, this new generation of players not only used PEDS, but was raised on ESPN highlights and show-boating is their thing. In all sports. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Remember, the Dodgers play the Gnats next week and wasn’t it just yesterday that Brian Wilson took exception to Casey Blake’s mocking of his “tribute to father” gesture after hitting a home run? But I’ll give Mota credit for making a statement Billingsley should have made ten months ago.

I wonder if they will be alowed to pitch inside tonight….or will the umpires take that part of the plate away from them? I’ll bet the first inside pitch will get a warning. Too bad because that is part of baseball.

Kuo might not have been hot dogging it. I will qualify the Brewers thinking he was, though. The Korean style of baseball is a bit more jubilant than our National Pastime (the Japanese is a touch more like that, but nothing like the Koreans). They tend to celebrate more for the smaller achievements, and that doesn’t translate well when they make it stateside. Remember Kuo’s bat flip?

Just a misunderstanding, but there isn’t much understanding when it comes to the conservative, good ol’ boy mindset of baseball (not implying racially conservative or politically conservative, but socially conservative).

Mota didn’t come off the mound until he was ejected. I imagine Princess and Macha are crying until Bud arrives back home with some wipies, Destin, and a tube of butt paste to alleviate their discomfort.

Knowing Bud’s disdain for being bullied by the big market O’Malleys back in the day when they made him sit at the kid’s table at owner’s meetings, he just might do something about it.

Mann i love these laughers! Bill Hall is total garbage and motas hit shouldve been an error but whatevers! hey kahli i watched the kuo strikeout on fielder and to be honest KUO did give a little extra leg kick after fielder got blown away! this was his follow through with the left leg…
(lllllll…strikeout…LLLLLL…turn his back) haha the capital L is the extra kick

OMG KUO is not Korean! hes Taiwainese if thats how u spell it!

Guillermo Mota hit Prince Fielder with two outs in the ninth inning and was ejected. Fielder tried to go after him after the game. It’s not the first time. Mike Piazza also tried to find Mota after he was hit by the pitcher in a 2003 spring training game.

Where was I when Mota hit Piazza?

Drill the fat Princess again, send them home with another whooping….

When Prince Cries

Dig if you will, the pitcher
Leaving the mound when I whiffed
The tears of my emo rage on my face
Can you, Bud darling, can you picture this?

Dream if you can, a ballyard
An ocean of blue in bloom
Mota strikes curious poses
Throws me the heat, the heat on my thigh meat

How could you just leave me standing
And walk off the mound so cold
Maybe I’m just too demanding
Afraid that you would have knocked me out cold

Why can’t I be like my father
When he was thrown inside
Instead I scream out in a tantrum
“This is what it sounds like when Prince cries”

Look at my giant stomach
See how it trembles inside
Watch as I march to your clubhouse
Don’t hold me back, because I’ve lost my pride

How could you just leave me standing
And walk off the mound so cold
Maybe I’m just too demanding
Afraid that you would have knocked me out cold

Why can’t I be like my father
When he was thrown inside
Instead I scream out in a tantrum
“This is what it sounds like when Prince cries”

When Prince cries, When Prince cries
When Prince cries…

Emma have fun at the game…now don’t go running in the field trying to kiss the pitcher…LOL!

By msrussyethier on August 5, 2009 3:18 PM

lol. Rosie, no worries, is Schmidt on the mound.
You know how the Dodger players knew Fielders was heading to their clubhouse?


NSB ~ WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Maybe tonight’s game will inspire #534, Dodgereric.

Sammie: You’re right… sorry I botched that up. I really should’ve known better, but I was illustrating the point that the Asian style of baseball is different, and can come across as hot-dogging to those of us in the States. But my error was as bad as saying Nomo was Chinese, or Manny’s Mexican. I apologize again.

You could be more mature about it and leave out the AIMspeak, though.

Oh, my, another time warp or me!

Excellent job NSB!
Well, better get some work done!

Thanks Tru.

Emma: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Carole King is so perfect for the image.

Well done, north! #533 on our Hit Parade!!!

I like that one NSB. Schmidt is coming back from an injury, so his control may be off a little.

Whoops look out Branyan, just cause youre from the 818, you’re still wearing the wrong uniform!!!

(Typo, Braun is from SFV)

If the umpires want to diffuse the situation, I “believe” they can call the managers to home plate before the first pitch and issue the warning that there will be NO WARNING. HBP equals ejection…IF umpires feel it’s intentional. That gets rid of the first “free” salvo. But all that said, I could be wrong!! But I don’t think there are “official” rules regarding warnings. It’s an umpire’s gut feel.

Prince Goes Crazy (or: Emo Rain)

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here
To say a few words in memory of Prince Fielder’s self-respect
Electric word: Baseball. It’s a Man’s world on the diamond, playing a kid game.
But I’m here to tell you there’s something else
It’s called dignity. Recognizance of the causes that lead to effects
You can always man up, day or night.

So when you call up that commish in Milwaukee
You know the one, Dr. Everything’ll Be Alright
Instead of asking him how much of a suspension he’ll get
Ask him how much of your mind is left
‘Cause in this life, things are much harder than the Baseball world
This life, you’re on your own.

And if the elevator tries to bring you down,
Go vegan, don’t eat cheese no more

If you don’t like the world you’re living in
Take a look around, don’t bring your friends
Come on, baby, here’s a friendly word:
Don’t go to the clubhouse knocking on the door
“Waaaah! Waaaah!” is all the Dodgers heard

Are you gonna let a little bruise bring you down?
If so, Let’s GO!
Let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts
Get your bench to act bananas
Til they throw you in the truck, LET’S GO!

All excited, who knows why
Maybe it’s ‘cause Princess got a boo-boo on her thigh
If you wanna fight, wanna ask for more
Better laugh now before the Brim Reaper come and knock you to the floor

Are you gonna let a little bruise bring you down?
If so, Let’s GO!
Let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts
Get your bench to act bananas
Til they throw you in the truck, LET’S GO!

Come on, Baby. You wanna get nuts? Yeah? You Crazy?

I admit I was half asleep by the time Mota plunked Prince last night and for a moment I really did not understand what had happened. But then I realized that the umpire threw out Mota before Martin even picked up the ball and Mota just calmly walked off the mound. There did not seem to be any arguments from the Dodgers about Mota getting tossed and Mota looked rather bored about the whole thing when he sat on the bench before leaving the dugout. But Prince looked as if he had just drank spoiled milk. As I recall when Manny got hit he did not even look at the pitcher; he just took first base as if he had just walked. Quite a difference. Hopefully by game time tonight everything will have been forgotten and nothing more will happen.

Fabulous job on those songs northstateblues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved Gnats won again……….

Yes, they did Kahli, and I had the gut wrenching pleasure of hearing Jon Miller say “It’s outta here!!!” when the grand slam was hit :))

NSB – GREAT SONGS…..bring out songs from Prince for Prince…LOL!
(Little Red Corvette)
Little Red-White ball….baby you are much to fast….
Little Red-White Ball….Mota you throw to hard…
OK OK enough
Well let’s see what happens in game 3…THE SERIES FINALLY!

Damn Gnats!

Lineup from Dodger Thoughts
Furcal. SS
Pierre. LF
Ethier. RF
Blake. 3B
Loney. 1B
Kemp. CF
Martin. C
Hudson. 2B
Schmidt. P

Thanks Crash,
O’Dog is back..
I guess they don’t want for Manny to get hit!

Watch out Andre and Matt!!!! Manny was heating up, but you two are the hottest bats right now.

However, JP is the savior, so maybe they will go after him instead.

NSB — You crack me up.
Khali — I think it was just he was a little off balance on the follow through. Because it was different than his normal follow through. But I really think Prince took it as he was hot dogging it. I could be wrong, but it seemed as if things kept building.
I don’t like hot doggers either. I always wanted someone to drill Bonds.
That game here is SF at Candlestick when Bonds hit one out in the 1st inning and did this stupid spin dance at home. After that, He should of been drilled each at bat in that game.
I understand emotion but not in the early innings of a game. Pumping your fist with A K with the bases loaded in a close game after the 6th or so is okay. But some of the other stuff is just annoying.

Yeah, colliethec, I’m STILL waiting for someone to drill Bonds for that little pirouette…….

NELLY…it is war if they get hit
Who knows…maybe the dugouts will be empty!

I would think so Rose, and if we didn’t have so much riding on all of our players being in all of the games, it would definitely be a sight to see what the young guns would do in that situation. Just think of them and how they celebrate after a walk off kind of makes you wonder how they would react to a bench clearing. However, like Kahli said, I am sure the umpires will do their job in difusing it before the game even starts.

Dang no bpb I would had thought he would had been here by now.

I don’t care if Manny sit but watch out Kemp and Ethier. Oh come on I want Pierre batting 9th again.

Hopefully our players are smart and stay relax. Playing smart will win the game agains poor loosers like the Brewers.

what is with torre, manny is slumping and plays every game, has a good game last night and probably breaks out of it and gets sat… I dont understand that man…

Its been a while so I just wanted to pop in and say hello

what is with torre, manny is slumping and plays every game, has a good game last night and probably breaks out of it and gets sat… I dont understand that man…

Its been a while so I just wanted to pop in and say hello

Hopefully tonight will be like earlier in the season when Furcal and Pierre were getting on base when they led off an inning. I might go out on a limb here and predict the Dodgers may need another offensive explosion to win tonight considering it will most likely be another pitching by commitee effort.

I wanted to make my presence known so I posted twice… sorry about that…

Hello there Dodge.
It doesn’t make sense unless he doesn’t want Manny to get hit & possibly injured or charge the mound and get suspended. That might go into his thinking a little.

I too hope it’s over with. Play ball.
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

I hope we don’t have any bench clearing type incidents. I know some people love that sort of stuff and feel it helps the team “pull together” but not at the expense of a starter getting ejected or worse, getting hurt in the melee. Just play baseball the way it is supposed to be played.

ibirken… I say if its gonna happen have schmidt do it… it could be his last pitch anyways, let him go out with a hit(literally)…

*****JOSH****** they have to fix this blog. Took me 10 minutes to post a 17 word post.
Time warps and everything else are making it really difficult to stay on here.

ibirken… I say if its gonna happen have schmidt do it… it could be his last pitch anyways, let him go out with a hit(literally)…

sorry everything is posting twice… this blog is working wierd, is it usually like this.

Hi everyone ~ Just got home. Rockies are losing 7-0. That’s good news. The Dodgers can gain a game back on their lead if they win. Both the Rockies and Giants have been winning consistently lately. I don’t think they are going to go away. The Dodgers are going to have to win 6 or 7 out of every 10 games to keep their lead.

Shad ~ We need the help.

upon further review prince wasnt trying to fight fielder he was just trying to get in line first in the dodgers buffet table…

upon further review prince wasnt trying to fight mota he was just trying to get in line first in the dodgers buffet table…

Dodge ~ LMAO!!!!

I guess Philly is trying to help us tonight after getting a beat down last night.

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
Well, I’m feeling a lot better today. My mom got out of the hospital today and will be spending about a week or so with my sister. My sister only lives about 15 minutes away from me, so that’ll be good. Again, thx to all for the prayers. I really appreciate it!

It was great that our Boys in Blue brought out their bats last night. It was exciting. But to chime in on that Mota/Fielder incident at the end of the game, my first, gut reaction was, “Why?” But that only lasted a couple of seconds and then I say, “Oh, I see.” And like NSB, I don’t like cheering violence, but I do thank Mota. I was out of my seat when Pierre got hit; I just saw him standing on first. And with Manny, I kinda saw it, but I just happened to turn my head at the right (or wrong) time, so I didn’t even see him get hit. But I know he did; I heard the boos. But for the life of me, I don’t know why Fielder was trying to get into the Dodgers’ clubhouse. I mean, it’s part of the game; deal with it!

D4 – Loved that rock em sock em robots video! No, I never had them when I was a kid, but my husband had that game; it was his favorite!

And lbirken. I’m like you. I too hope we don’t have any bench clearing brawls. It isn’t worth it in the grand scheme of things; what with the potential of a starter getting ejected or getting hurt. But tonight’s game will be interesting to watch. But I’m not surprised that Manny isn’t in the lineup. But to our Young Guns: lookout…

Oh, and sorry for the short visit, but dinner’s ready. I probably won’t be back before the game so…


CPO ~ I’m so glad your Mom is out of the hospital.

CP – Glad your Mom is better! Have a nice evening…

The numbers realy are stagerring Since the beginning of 2008…

1) w/o Manny (pre 8/1/08, plus the 50-game suspension this year)
2) w/Manny (post Aug 1 last year, through May 6 this year, and July 3 to present)

Either w/Manny:
102 games, 30 2B, 22 HR, 84 runs, 75 RBI, .340/.430/.604

Either w/o Manny:
144 games, 33 2B, 20 HR, 71 runs, 71 RBI, .256/.323/.440

I don’t know how much Manny is responsible, since as mwhite06 noted, Ethier is a streaky hitter. But, damn, those numbers are crazy!!!

CPO ~ Good to hear your mother is doing well.

Howzit Going everybody?
It’s good to see the Rockies lost, so they can’t gain any ground.
Manny’s got the night off and you Pierre bashers will have a chance to do some bashing.
The big question is, How will Schmiddy do?

oldbrooklynfan ~ How are you? Hopefully Schmiddy will keep us in the game and we can do some Brewer bashing.

Alright Raffy!!!!!

Anyone else having problems with the audio & gameday feed?

WTG Raffy nice way to start the game!

vl4ecc ~ Had some problems with the audio & gameday feed before the game started. Now it’s working fine.

Its not Pierre bashing, its constructive criticism pointing out his [many] flaws.

We need McDonald to hold em at 4 so we can comeback.

Should McDonald become the 5th started instead of Schmidt the next time the spot comes around?

Should McDonald become the 5th started instead of Schmidt the next time the spot comes around?

If our heroes lose tonight they will be a very pedestrian 11-10 since the All-Star break. Not sure what’s really going on with this team but I sometimes get the feeling there’s little urgency in their play. Their opponents HAVE to win–they’re all fighting for their collective lives in pennant races. The Dodgers have not HAD to win a game for a long, long time, maybe since the Colorado series at home. The season is a long grind and it’s hard to maintain an edge for 6 straight months. Perhaps the sight of the Gnats next Monday up north will shake this club. Something better.

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