A Giant no-no

The timing of the Jonathan Sanchez no-hitter in San Francisco on Friday brings to mind two memorable events invloving the Dodgers and Giants during a 10-day span in 1980. On June 27, Jerry Reuss pitched the only no-hitter of his career against the Giants during an 8-0 victory at Candlestick Park. Like Sanchez, Reuss retired 27 of 28 batters and the only runner to reach safely was because of an infielder’s error. Reuss became the first Dodger left-hander since Sandy Koufax to pitch a no-hitter, and ironically Koufax was in uniform for the game as a visiting minor league instructor and he joined the Dodger team around the pitcher’s mound in the postgame celebration.

The other memory occurred at Dodger Stadium on July 6, the final game in 1980 before the All-Star break. Future Hall of Famer Willie McCovey earlier had announced he was going to retire at midseason, so the Dodgers staged a special pregame ceremony in his honor. It was not unusual for the rival teams to participate in such ceremonies. When Don Drysdale retired in 1969, a day was planned for the Giants’ next visit to Los Angeles. Willie Mays offered a large box and everyone laughed inside when Drysdale pulled out a small bottle of Vaseline. For McCovey’s day, Dodger pitcher Don Sutton spoke on behalf of his teammates and McCovey received gifts from other community organizations. In his final at-bat as a pinch-hitter, McCovey received a standing ovation after he delivered a sacrifice fly in the eighth inning to give the Giants a 5-4 lead. 

— Mark Langill

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Let’s get game two from the Brewers today. GO DODGERS!!!

Great story Josh, a good piece of Dodgers trivia.

Good story. Teams used to do that. When Berra got his 2000th hit in ’61, a fellow from the Angels front office ran onto the field and gave him a cake.
I definitely feel there is a need for a quality starter that can go deep into a game, but I would not trade Billz or Kershaw for anybody. I’m also like some others on here with concern for the BP. We may need to have a pitcher designated to pitch the 9th in a non-save situation, and I’m only being half sarcastic. Broxton’s going to wear himself out extending these games.

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful…..
Mark another wonderful post, I always enjoy reading what you have to say…..Thanks!
Great game last night… I just seen the highlights and man what a catch from Kemp, I was smiling as I watched it over and over.
MLBTrade Rumors, Ned says reliever is #1 priority, although he is still searching for both a starter and reliever…..The Indians are in the trade and lower payroll shuffle as well.
Enjoy the game and your Saturday everyone 🙂

That is a great story Josh!!!

Dodger4life ~ I enjoyed reading the posts to the trade rumors. Very well informed fans.

Sorry Mark – I forgot to read the by-line. So, let me do that over.

That was a great story Mark!!

My time warp is staring early today!

Poor Jonathan Sanchez………pitches a no-hitter and will probably be traded next week for a bat!

Me too. Sorry Mark.

Thanks tru mom, and good morning to all….truewill, welcome and it is a pleasure to have you around. Morning nelly 🙂

Good Morning Dodger4life, tru, truebluewill, knouffbrock and messagebear. Always good morning reading from all.

yea – Other than pitching a no-hitter last night, I am guessing Jonathan Sanchez just wrote his ticket for a trade for a bat in last night’s game. Johnson is scheduled to be back for his next start, and unless the new kid gets destroyed, Sanchez may go back into the pen, which is no place for a pitcher who just pitched a no-hitter.

Thanks Josh,
For bringing up this rather odd rivalry between the Dodgers and the Giants, with those stories involving Don Drysdale and Willie McCovey. Back in the old days in New York, this rivalry was really big and the Yankee- Redsox, rivalry was almost non existing.
I’m having trouble watching entire games at this time and trying to see as much as possible of the final innings, since we have the San Paolino feast in Williamsburg Bklyn, celebrated at this time, which I love to attend and since the Dodgers are not at home during this time, I’ll be missing more of the early part of the games.
I’ll try to catch as much as I can of tonight’s 7:05 PM ET start.

Just wondering with Jeff starting today who would be the long reliever, if necessary?

I have a feeling it would be James McDonald or possibly Claudio Vargas.

You are probably right, truebluewill.

I want to posted this because this should’ve be a debate at all Sandoval and Kemp got screwed just look at Sandoval and Wright numbers and also check out Kemp and Victorino numbers and for fun thrown in Reynolds numbers over Wright also.

OldBrooklynFan, I hope you have a great time at the Feast of San Paulino. I Googled it, and found out there is some wonderful history and tradition associated with it. Sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

Wait Ibanez is back? Does this mean Werth still go to the all stars game?

I don’t understand how can Texiera get booed at Anaheim stadium or maybe is just the uniform?

Shad ~ I think Werth will play for Beltran.

Shad, Teixiera was on the Angels before he signed with the Yankees. The Angels gave up some very good players to “rent” him. Guess the fans don’t like him for not staying with the Angels.

It not like Tex had an awful playoff series against the Red Sox last year.

thanks for the history recolection! Maybe when you post you should start with Mark here….We are used to having Josh post but we know you also come here and post. As soon as the error was made I was remembering watching Jerry Reuss no hitter and Russell’s error to spoil the perfect game.

Wow Haren is averaging 7.2 innings a starts. I didn’t realize a starter can average that many innings a starts. If we had 2 of our starters to average that are than our bullpen would’ve not been #1 in innings.

I shouldn’t had wrote that fast without proofreading it.

Shad – for me, it’s the uniform. I really liked Tex when he was with the Braves, didn’t mind him being an Angel, but really don’t like seeing him in pinstripes.

I did not like Tex as Angel or Yankee. Living close to Angel fans, encountering those fans when they hop from the Orange County train to the Ventura train that I take, ughh. There are some nice one though and one has promised me to help me get a ticket next year for the All-Star game so they are not that bad. They give me a hard time, I give them a hard time.

The Dodgers are my favorite team…..no doubt about it, but I do like players from other teams, rival teams as well. I like watching good baseball, and some players, eventhough they are not Dodgers, play good baseball. Tex was one of those players. I didn’t care that he was with the Angels so much as I care that he is with the Yankees now.

As much as a hate the Phillies and the Gnats, there are still players on those teams that are worth watching from time to time. Who knows, they may be Dodgers some day, just like O-Dog and Casey Blake. Both of them I watched quite regularly on their former teams, and enjoyed watching them then. Nobody thought a year ago either one of them would be a Dodger right now, and look what each of them has done for our team. They have both done a remarkable job.

There was a comment made about Joe Mauer being in the homerun derby – why not? To come off the DL the way he did and hit homeruns like he has has been is incredible, and he deserves a shot at the homerun derby. To see the duo of Mauer and Morneau reminded me so much of Andre and Manny. Duos that run like a smooth running car that may need a tuneup every once in a while, but once it’s tuned up, it’s back to running just a smooth as before.

There are definitely certain teams I have a hard time watching (Phillies, Giants, Red Sox, and the Yankees), but I am a fan of the Dodgers and baseball so I tend to watch certain players as well.

Today’s Lineup from ESPN:

I almost fainted, Shad, when I saw Joe was using the same lineup! Maybe he is finally listening to us! lol

Wow that’s 3 times in a row?

Crap, I’m in a time warp again!

I love seeing the Yankees falling apart against the Angels.

It looks like the Yankees and Angels are playing Home Run Derby!

Come on Weaver geez.

Arggggh!! Raffy we had the out at the plate. Tough way to start. We better get the bats going.

ahhaha the Royals on pace for 27 errors in that game.

Dodgers to test Broxton’s toe after struggles
1 hour, 6 minutes ago

Buzz up! PrintMILWAUKEE (AP)—Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton(notes) likely will have to skip the All-Star game Tuesday because of an ailing big toe on his right foot.

Dodgers manager Joe Torre says they noticed Broxton limping after giving up two runs in Friday night’s 12-8 extra innings win over the Brewers and “interrogated” him afterward.

Broxton will be seen by a doctor in Milwaukee, but Torre said Broxton is feeling pain on the side of the foot when he plants to throw.

Torre said he called NL manager Charlie Manuel of the Phillies to tell him to line up a replacement for Broxton. Torre expects Broxton to travel to St. Louis and participate in everything but the game.

Broxton, a first-time All-Star who is 6-0 with a 3.10 ERA, has given up five runs in his past two outings.

Should had rested Broxton another day and let’s McDonald pitch that inning.

Broxton is out………big toe! Not available today, tomorrow and will go to All-Star Game but not play.

LOL, Shad. Almost the same thing!

Everyone knows Matt Kemp is awesome except his manager.

Come on guys. This pitcher is a nobody. Lets get some runs.


Even these dumb Giants fan can’t say Wilson deserve it when you have Street and Hoffman that deserved it more

First Andre, now Brox. Maybe we need a podiatrist for this team – Conte is pretty much a proctologist.

I see they sent DeWitt back down and brought Elbert up.

Another younger boxer pass away geez.

Can we end this Weaver experiment?

This game is becoming ugly!

Guess we’ll go for two out of three.
DeWitt must feel like the yo-yo man. Not really doing him any favors with this back and forth.

trublu4, Who knew it would be Elbert!

messagebear 🙂

Don’t give just yet. We got the bats to comeback and I can’t believe this guy is going to shut us out.

I’ll bet Elbert didn’t know it until yesterday, truebluewill!

Ah yes, the token out we give to the other team every time Bison gets a hit. Man I hate Joe.

Aeversw ~ Really?!! LOL

I feel your pain, Aeversw! And, yes, way to go Raffy!

Wow………..back to back!!!

Hello, David……welcome to ITD!

Yeah trublu, its hard to believe but its true…Raffy! Finally damn! I thought we were gonna get shutout by this guy.

I hate when I get caught in a time warp!

#18 for #16 – Andre Everett Ethier!!!!!

Awesome job to Raffy as well !!!!

Go Raffy!! that makes up for the error. And Dre too!!

Torre actually smiled a little bit after Ethier’s home run, anyone else catch that??

Good job Elbert!!! Now come on boys take the lead!

davidwuest – No, I didn’t but I will go back and look now – thanks for the tip. Are you new to ITD? If you are……………welcome!!!!

I want to welcome you too, David. Actually, I did but it got posted way up there and I don’t know if you saw it.

Hey!!! There’s the Russell we know. Nice strike em’ out, throw them out play – awesome!!!

The Brewers announcers said that Andre’s homerun would have been an out if it were at Dodger Stadium. It impresses me more that he has 15 of the 18 homeruns at home, in a pitchers ball park.

Good evening all……Nice back to back homers from Raffy and Andre!!!!!

Well guess the padres won’t get no hit tonight lol

Wow I don’t think I ever seen a lineup with alot of below .250 players and one guy over .300.

Giants just lost their starting pitcher…..Cain is out of the game got hit by batted ball.

Great catch by Odog!! I love the way he goes back on those balls.

Ouch even though I hate the Giants I surely hope he’s ok.

Even this kind of break Kemp still won’t go to the all stars game.

Matt Cain is one Giants pitcher that I do like.

lol I know that was a fluke inning for Coffey I remember him from the Reds.

Geez Torre, Leach owned righty more than lefty

God damn should had let Leach in

Maybe we should get him……….Cain would look good in Dodger Blue!

Can we make it two blown saves in a row for Hoffman?

Your right shad. We’ll have to win the series tomorrow.

Shad your right. We’ll have to win the series tomorrow.

I hate to be negative but I don’t think he will blow another one.

Gosh damn Sandoval should be going to the all stars game.

Remember last time Leach don’t give in

Gosh I posted that last comment 25 min ago.

Look like another one that should’ve be in the game in a save situation damn how does that Phillies team get so lucky?

Hiya Everybody just got back from the feast, I was going to leave earlier but bunked into some old friends.
I’ll miss tomorrow’s game, but that should be the last one I’ll miss.
I’m presently watching the Giant-Padre game and hoping to give the Pods some luck.

Well so much for that.

Well so much for that.

It doesn’t seem like the Padres try too hard against the gnats, does it?

oldbrooklynfan – glad you had fun at the feast.

I knew the Padres wasn’t going to try before this series even got going.

From the homepage…………………

“I’m here competing for a job next year any way I can,” Ethier said. “I’m not sure if it’s going to be here or with another team, so I have to go out there and perform well. Minus one guy or not, I still have to go out there and play well and perform well.”

Ned – please, please make sure Andre is part of this lineup for a long time. Matt and Andre are the future. Yes, Manny is great and all, but he is just a major rental, and well, JP is just JP, and you can’t seriously think they are more important than than Matt and Andre. Matt and Andre (and hopefully X.Paul or Hoffmann) are the future. Andre may not feel the pressure, but we, as his fans, sure feel the pressure for him. Andre’s right, all of his power numbers are up, but then, Joe isn’t a numbers guy, is he?

Have I mentioned before that I hate this time of the year in baseball? You just never know what Frank, Ned and Joe are thinking. It’s all speculation, and it’s never what we would expect. We certainly didn’t expect Manny coming through our clubhouse on August 1st of 2008, did we?

We know Joe is not a number guy or other wise Martin should’ve sit against Livan and Leach have better number against RHB. Even Joe known not to take Ethier out of the lineup against a lhp and hate to see Ethier split against lhp this year.

Nelly, I hope Andre is a Dodger for many years as well. I was telling my dad today that I hate this time of year with all the stupid trade rumors that just give the sports writers something to write about. I agree Andre and Matt are the future and it would be stupid to trade either one. I personally don’t think they need to trade any of the young stars to get another starter. Stults is almost ready to come back, I think Kuroda will get stronger in the 2nd half and Kershaw is getting better and better. I kind of like the fact that their pitching success has been a team effort.

I would not mind seeing a 4 man rotation with Weaver, Vargas or even McDonald as our long man if they need to go 2 innings. I surely would love to have Haren seeing that I posted stats of him going an average of 7 2/3 innings of start very impressive indeed.

bluecrewgirl – just the statement “I am here competing…..” tells alot right there. There is nobody on this team, other than Andre, who feels they are competing for their job,and they never have been led to believe otherwise. As much grief as Martin has been given this half, he is NOT competing for his job, and James and Matt are certainly NOT competing for their jobs. Heck, even JP really isn’t competing for a job, he just knows it’s Andre’s position to lose, and he will be ready when and if it happens or somebody gets hurt or suspended again. I am with you, if we can’t get pitching without selling off the players that got us here in the first place, then let’s go get the ring with who we have.

Mark Martin is one heck of a driver for a guy that haven’t won in a long time since this year.

Shad – 3 out of my 4 drivers were in the top 6 today – Kasey Kahne, Denny Hamlin and Ryan Newman. My drivers did well last week and I still lost by 15 points. I do like Mark Martin though. He is one classy guy, and you are right, he is doing well against all these young drivers.

I really think it would mess with the team chemistry if they traded any of the starters to get a starting pitcher. I personally don’t think they need to do something that extreme.

I don’t think it’s needed either, but we are just fans, and Ned, Frank and Joe are in control.

I didn’t think Mark Martin was going to do well this year and boy I was wrong. I actually used my 1st start on him 3 weeks ago and he finished 35th but man it so hard to picked him when the A group is so stacked. I knew I should’ve picked him and he like the lifelock race and won that one June 14 and he surely made up for last week messed.


Well, if we can’t win them all, let’s at least keep winning series by winning tomorrow behind The Kid!

Driving up to central Cali last week, we listened to Michael Jackson’s Thriller for the first time in a long while. A couple of things struck me. 1) The 4th, 5th and 6th tracks of that album might be the nicest and most influential run of songs ever and 2) We haven’t given them the ITD treatment. Therefore……..


It’s the ninth inning and something evil’s lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes
You’re paralyzed

‘Cause this is Dodger, Dodger blue
And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about strike
You know it’s Dodger, Dodger blue
You’re fighting for your life inside a killer comeback tonight

You hear the fans cheer and realize you don’t have e-nough runs
You feel the cold hand and realize you’ve tightened up your buns
You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination
But all the while you see Matt Kemp and they’re just one behind
You’re out of time

‘Cause this is Dodger, Dodger time
There ain’t no second chance against the thing with fifty eyes, boy
Dodger, Dodger time
You’re fighting for your life against a killer offense tonight

Furcal is walking, and Ethier is singling him to third base
There’s no escaping the bat of Ramirez this time
(He’s been on fire)
This is the end of your life

They’re out to get you, they’ve lost track of their walk-off victories
They will possess you, you may as well get up and off your knees
Now is the time for you to blame your lousy, stinking pen, yeah
All through the night I’ll save you from the terror on the scoreboard
I’ll make you see

That this is Dodger’s, Dodger’s year
‘Cause they can thrill you more than any team would ever dare try
Dodger’s, Dodger’s year
So let me hold you tight and share a
Killer, diller, chiller, thriller here tonight

‘Cause this Dodger’s, Dodger’s year
Girl, they can thrill you more than any team would ever hope to
Thriller, thriller night
So let me hold you tight and share a killer, thriller, ow!

(I’m gonna thrill ya tonight)

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Sportscasters on the east coast
Can’t believe the western post
The Dodgers pulled another win
Anger shows, their faces chagrin
Must stand and face the realization
The Dodger Blue Crew is a sensation

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of fifty-five long years
From Marichal to Barry Bonds
You spend Octobers on your lawns

And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The latest Dodger thriller

Beat It

We told you, don’t you ever come around here
Don’t wanna see your tag, you better hit delete
The fire’s in our words and your team has met defeat
So beat it, just beat it

You better run, you’re just a miser’ble troll
Your posts are really stale, just like a week-old roll
You’re just a wretched clown, a poster boy for birth control
So beat it, you don’t wanna be here

Just beat it, beat it
No one wants to be defeated
Jhall will introduce you to pain
Northstate will pick off what’s left of your brain
Just beat it
Just beat it
Just beat it
Just beat it

You can’t upset us, better leave while you can
Enchanted can destroy, you’ll wish that you had ran
You wanna stay alive, better have a backup plan
So beat it, just beat it

You want to show us that you have a lot of flare
You’re playin’ with your life, this ain’t no truth or dare
They’ll kick you, and then they beat you,
Then here comes ol’ messagebear
So beat it, you don’t wanna go there

Just beat it, beat it
No one can be that conceited
Showin’ how funky and strong is your fight
He’ll make you wish you never learned how to write

Just beat it, beat it
Do you like to be mistreated
Comin’ in here alone with your crap
kahli will make you take a dirt nap
Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it

Beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it
Beat it, beat it
Just beat it, beat it
Mistakes shouldn’t be repeated
Why do you need to troll around here
lbirken’ll make you cry in your beer

Just beat it, beat it
Your brain cells must have been depleted
Dodger4Life seems like a nice guy
But disrespect us and you’ll learn how to fly

Just beat it, beat it
We all know that Manny cheated
Like all the rest, excuses were lame
He just might never make Hall of Fame

Just beat it, beat it
But if you’re nice you will be greeted
Just say hello, just show us some class
If you don’t, you’re out on your ***
Just beat it, beat it
Beat it, beat it, beat it

Billie Jean

He was more like a hero from a movie scene
I said look there, do you think that he is the one
Who we all hoped would be there for the first time
He said I am the one, who has come this far for the first time

He told us his name was Joe Pierre, and he caused a scene
Then every head turned with eyes that saw their hopes had come true
Joepierre was indeed here with us

People always told us New Yorkers could be cruel
Walter O had broken all their hearts
They took a dummy of him, he hung in effigy
The Bums had left the burrow, how could this ever be

Joepierre loves the Dodgers
He’s kept the faith from three thousand miles away
But not once in LA
He’s seen them play in Shea, but never in LA

For many days and for many nights
He followed on TV
He wouldn’t know if they won or lost
Until the next day
‘Cause the games lasted till one AM
Or even later sometimes, it was hard to keep the standings right

His friends said he was a fool for this, then he looked at them
Then showed a photo of Pee Wee Reese with Jackie R
“How could I never root for them again?”

Fin’lly Joe discovered how to blog on ITD
Sharing stories with fans ‘round the world
And using his computer
to watch the games unfold
He thought that he struck gold
But there’s a story left untold

Joepierre loves the Dodgers
He’s kept the faith from three thousand miles away
But not once in LA

Joepierre loves the Dodgers
He’s kept the faith from three thousand miles away
But not once in LA
He’s seen them play in Shea, but now include LA

He’s seen them play in Shea, and now include LA

Joepierre loves the Dodgers
He’s kept the faith from three thousand miles away
and now include LA
Frank McCourt paid his way, to see them in LA

Joepierre loves the Dodgers
Joepierre loves the Dodgers
Joepierre loves the Dodgers
Joepierre loves the Dodgers
Joepierre loves the Dodgers

It was the central valley heat, wasn’t it? LOL!!!!! All I have to say is WOW!!! Those are all amazing dodgereric!!!! FANTASTIC!!!! FABULOUS!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!! REMARKABLE!!!!

You know enchanted was on a road trip to Houston. It kind of makes you wonder what he will come up with 🙂

Thanks Junie, how are you doing? Thanks again for your remarkable hospitality!

Joe Pierre is going to be thrilled about that song you did for him. How great is that?!? …….and for the 2nd song, I can think of one in particular non-dodger fan that might apply to. As for the first one, Thriller, just doing that epic song gets you major, major kudos. Another Wow!!!!

You know, I was going to include YouTube links for the audio, but about all I could find for Thriller was the Landis one, and they changed the stanzas around so my stuff didn’t match. I do hope Joe likes his.

You are mighty welcome Ward Dear. Other than getting a little antsy to go back to school, I/We are doing just great, and you?

I am just hoping July 31st comes and goes without too much uproar in the Dodger blue camp. I know we need pitching, but I am not sure at what cost is too costly.

You are mighty welcome Ward Dear. Other than getting a little antsy to go back to school, I/We are doing just great, and you?

I am just hoping July 31st comes and goes without too much uproar in the Dodger blue camp. I know we need pitching, but I am not sure at what cost is too costly.

I knew the songs well enough to know the melody, and they all seemed great!!!

Although I haven’t been posting much lately, I have been reading.

The Halladay trade as discussed wouldn’t be worth it at all. I’d never trade Billz or the Kid for a year+ of anyone.

I guess Cliff Lee is being brought up. What about him?

I haven’t heard of him in rumors lately. He’s a good one, but it’s always “what’s the cost?”. I just don’t trust Ned to make a smart deal. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong someday.

I just saw his name come up on mlbtraderumors in general, not specifically for the Dodgers. It really is a Ned thing, isn’t it? I know he hasn’t done too bad for a while/yet?….but we are reminded daily of JP’s contract, Jason Schmidt’s contract, and Andruw Jones’ contract, just to name a few for now. He has done pretty good in keeping the young core together, so let’s hope that trend continues for a few more rounds at least.

Most of the stuff I’ve read says that teams want top-of-the-line minor leaguers, of which we don’t have much anymore. Our talent is either in the bigs already, traded away or too far away yet.

I’m getting really tired of losing this connection. I’ll say goodnight and God Bless to you and yours, Junie!

You guys are still up?

Roy Halladay rhp
3 years/$40M (2008-10)

3 year/$40M (2008-10)
signed extension with Toronto 3/06
08:$10M, 09:$14.25M, 10:$15.75M
award bonus: $0.125M for All Star selection
no-trade clause

Halladay to donate $100,000/year to Jays Care Foundation
4 years/$42M (2004-07)
signed extension with Toronto 1 /04 (avoided arbitration)

04:$6M, 05:$10.5M, 06:$12.7M, 07:$12.8M
$50,000 All-Star award bonus

1 year/$3.825M (2003)
3 years/$3.7M (2000-02)
$0.25M signing bonus
00:$0.3M, 01:$0.65M, 02:$2.5M
agent: Greg Landry, SFX
ML service: 9.047

Good Night Ward Dear/Dodgereric!!! Have a wonderful Sunday. Take care and God Bless to you and yours as well 🙂

Dang he’s a FA next year.

lol at the recap of the game on espn.com boxscore.

Game notes

For every homer Fielder hits in the home run derby on Monday, the Brewers will knock a $1 off the $28 ticket price for Loge Outfield seats between Aug. 11-13 against San Diego. If Fielder hits 28, the tickets will be free. … The Dodgers will likely use LHP Randy Wolf on Thursday and RHP Chad Billingsley on Friday against Houston after the break. Milwaukee plans to use RHP Braden Looper on Thursday and RHP Jeff Suppan on Friday at Cincinnati. Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton (toe) likely will have to skip his first All-Star game on Tuesday because of his injury.

A free ticket for the Loge Outfield seats for Fielder to hit 28 homeruns in the derby hahahaha.

Well, good morning all. The Giants are 6 games behind. They are going to make a race of this yet. We need today’s game in the win column to keep them there as they go play the lowly Mets after the break. We need to put on a spurt and get them below 10 games behind and I will feel more comfortable. If Martin continues to improve and Hudson gets his stroke back, we may see our run production even better.

Dodgers win today….

Good Morning ITDland ~ Fantastic songs dodgereric!
Let’s take two of three today, Dodgers! Have to go to the All-Star break on a winning note! GO DODGERS!!

Good morning everyone from the east coast. Just found out the Jints won last night and now are 6 back. Looks like the second half might turn out to be a classic Dodgers-Giants pennant race. We need a win today. One thing I’ve noticed about the Dodgers this year is every time they are challenged they respond by winning. That’s the mark of a championship team. Go Blue.

Carlos Pena is replacing Dustin Pedroia on the All-Star roster due to Pedroia having to attend to health matter concerning his family. I hope all is okay Dustin 🙂

Pirates Zach Duke is replacing Matt Cain on the ASG roster for the NL.

…and Trevor Hoffmann is replacing our Jonathan Broxton for the ASG.

Should’ve been Kinsler lol Maddon pulling a Manuel.

Today’s lineup courteous of Dodger Thoughts…


red pen – “courtesy” not “courteous”

That would be a prefect lineup with Martin batting 8th. Look like Kershaw will have a personal catcher.

Lohse been waiting for over a month and getting bomb so much for being ready.

I’m glad to see Ausmus catching Kersh again.
You might be able to tell that I’m no longer a fan of Martin’s.
If we didn’t have to give up either Billz or Kersh, I’d trade Martin plus a few prospects for Halliday, even though Halliday is only signed through 2010. Martin being Canadian may be of some publicity value for Toronto. As far as I’m concerned, Martin is a mediocre catcher and shows no sign of recapturing his All-Star performance years. I would not miss Martin.

….really messagebear? I would have never guessed that 🙂 I am glad to see Ausmus catching for Kersh too, and I am sure everyone will be happy with Matt batting 6th today.

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

Good luck Pedro Baez

He’s in the future all stars game.

Dang Hudson can’t even buy a hit.

I can’t believe Hudson didn’t get Hart after that trip.

Damn Kershaw you had an 0-2 count and walk him gosh I hate those.

Ouch leader in walk allowed or Bills/Kershaw both with 55 another stats I hate.

He’s getting squeeze

Thank God for Cameron, He swung at ball four.

Yep. Got a break from Cameron.
End of two and it looks like another high pitch count early exit for the Kid.. I forget sometimes he is is just 21. Seems like I expect too much from the team lately. I asked the wife and she thinks so.
Funny, but on some level I’m almost relieved Broxton’s toe is still a problem. I mean, there is a reason for his ragged performances lately. I was afraid his attention span was shrinking or something.

hahahhaa Brad has more homerun than Pierre lol

Good point knouffbrock I felt the same way about Broxton. Good inning from Kershaw there. That moves his scoreless inning streak to 14. !!!!!!!!!!!!Ausmus Awesome!!!!!!

Brad has the same number of homerun than Pierre has in 3 years with us in few ab’s lol.

Good fundamentals by Blake and a nice hit by Loney

sob I know you got that run in Blake but that was ball 4.

Is amazing we hit there ace but we couldn’t hardly do anything against Burns until the 5th innings.

These announces surely like to jinxed someone.

Beautiful curveball to Hart right there.

Maybe that HR will get Odog going.

That’s 10 assists boy Kemp is still making Manuel an ***.

That’s the same numbers of assists Kemp had in CF last year and we all know he had 16 assists.

Zito got to love him SD leading 3-0 to Kouzmanoff 3 runs homeruns.

Let’s go Kuroda let stand that runner.

I guess not

Alright Odog!!!! You got it going!!!

Good Afternoon Everyone…..
I’m just tuning in as I have been bouncing in and out of the game. I see the O-Dog has two…. count em, two dingers!!!!

Gosh here we go again

Sucking Kuroda – how do you say that in Japanese.

Maybe Kuroda saki,saki?

Northstateblues might know the answer to that messagebear.

Why can’t we ever win the easy way? Can’t we just get through a game with out sitting at the edge of our seats, biting our nails and throwing things at the television. Kersh pitched a great game, and they better hang on to it for him.

The blame goes to Ned for rushing him back.

….meaning Northstateblues has taken 4 semesters (I think) of Japanese.

I still think Torre could’ve had gotten 1 more innings out of it.

Thank you Hall for swinging at ball four.

Wow there are some $9 ticket.

Ok guys let’s not make this ninth a thrill ride. 123 Please!!!!!

Shut it down Troncoso

Actually I mean Torre could’ve gotten 1 more inning out of Kershaw.

Hard to lose your hitting streak when Blake just had to get caught.


We need a dp now.

Maybe Kershaw should had went to the all stars game over Bills.

Well, it looks like the Padres are actually playing today. 7-0 Padres.

9-0 Padres now 🙂

Thanks for the nailbiter once again Dodgers. However, it all looks the same in the win column,and for now, we will take it.

Thanks for showing up today Padres lol

I don’t know if this has been discussed, but I think the Dodgers’ main issue in the 2nd half is to get some more quality starts out of the starting pitchers. The Dodgers lead or are at the top of ERA, SO, Opponents’ BA, etc., but they’re near the bottom in Quality Starts (along with CG, SHO, Walks). Check this out: Chad Billingsley: 19 starts, 15 QS (Awesome) Randy Wolf: 19 starts, 11 QS (not great, but it’s ok) Now take a look at these: Clayton Kershaw: 17 starts, 7 QS Hiroki Kuroda: 9 starts, 2 QS Eric Stults: 9 starts, 1 QS Jeff Weaver: 5 starts, 0 QS Eric Milton: 5 starts, 0 QS James McDonald: 4 starts, 0 QS Kershaw’s had one the last 4 out of 5, so he’s arriving.

So it was a thrill ride. But they won it anyway. This win gives the Dodgers a 6-3 road trip and four series wins in a row. Nice way to go into the All-star break.

oldbrooklynfan where are you?

ksdodgers – It is a major concern on this board, along with the growing DL list from the bullpen. However, I am not sure those stats have been shared – thanks.

2009 National League Ranks
.275 436 .353 .411 .764 74
1st 2nd 1st 5th 3rd 2nd
3.57 .233 .680 25 1.27 36
2nd 1st 1st 2nd 1st 15th

ERA and QS seem to be out of the group.

The only team that have fewer QS in the NL is no surprise the Nats with 33 I would love to see us end this season with QS being in the top 5.

Excellent first half Boy’s!!!!
Hudson and the two dinger’s today….. outstanding!!!!! Have a great time with Billz and Brox, albeit Brox is down at the All-Star game.
This is a nice way to head into the All-Star break, enjoy the time off you all deserve it. Lets come out firing on all cylinders in the second half, and continue to forge ahead!!!

Philles are tied with the Brewers and the Astros for #14 with 41 QS.

You don’t see teammate get there 100 career wins first Penny and Beckett today. Come on SD keep that lead 9-3 Top 7th.

Nellyjune- thanks for the post about throwing things at the TV. My wife saw that and now figures I might not be so bad. I do heartily agree with everyone, though, do we have to go through this every time?

10-3 going to the top of the ninth. Go Pods.

knouffbrock – I haven’t thrown much at the tv lately. I have resorted to watching most of my games via mlb.com because usually we are playing the same time the gnats are playing and I tend to give the tv up for the other half of the household. However, all the gnat fans were out of the house today so the Dodger fans in the house were allowed to watch the game on TBS, and it was more of a sitting on the edge of your sit kind of game today.

LA Times columnist wrote today of the need to acquire Halladay, claimed the Dodgers are built for the short term, and that it’s been too long since 1988:
Have to agree. He also suggests Russell Martin as the main trading chip. Agree again…though he hardly qualifies as a “main” chipin my mind…Toronto probably doesn’t either. Good article.

Geez I couldn’t believe the Braves lost that at least the Padres should hold that lead.

Giants lost! 7 game lead at the brake. Not bad.

Giants lost! 7 game lead at the brake. Not bad.

Bill Shakin has a good article here for getting us Halladay. I didn’t know earlier that he was offering Martin as the key current player for Halladay when I made that suggestion in my earlier post. I’d do that deal in a minute. I think we’d have to add a couple of prospects closer to being in the majors than what the article suggests – I’d go DeWitt and Lindblom if that would get the deal done. Of course, I’d deal Martin for a lot less than Halladay, because I think he’s a used up wussy, but Halladay is probably our ticket to the Series this season and maybe next. What’s Martin a ticket to?


Well, now that the smoke has cleared, Giants had 50 games in the first half to whittle into the Dodgers’ lead, and ended up losing 1/2 game instead. But I still say the NLCS is between the Dodgers (best record in baseball) and Gnats (6th best record in baseball, Phils passed ’em today). Quite a show it will be!!!!!!

Standing O for Dodgereric for the songs!!! Bravo!!!!
I am proud of our boys in Blue! Let’s give them a standing O on their return!

Messagebear, Who’s going to do the catching if Martin goes?

So in the end the Kid finished better than I had thought he would, but I wish our starters could go seven innings. It’s no secret the pen is at risk, and we need a couple more pitchers. When the TBS announcers mentioned Jason Schmidt today, all I could do is stare at the floor. Get real. We’ve already got Milton and Stultz, we need someone for the front end of the rotation. It’ll be interesting to see who we wind up with.
In the mean time a successful 6-3 nail biting road trip road trip, and a second half that should be more exciting than the first. Lets hope for a Nat’l league win. Maybe we will be able to take advantage of that.

Ellis can probably catch as well every day as Martin does. Ausmus can help and teach him as well. Martin is no help with the bat in any case.

That’s interesting, bear. While I think it’s too early to give up on Martin, Ellis could shoulder most of the load and learn from Ausmus. Once we get to the playoffs, a rested Ausmus could do the majority of the catching.

It’s great to see how the young guns are handling what they learned last season and carrying it into this season.


Good article, NellyJune. I have a feeling that before the end of July, we will be adding a pitcher or two (Joe says pitching is what wins) and, hopefully keep our “Young Guns” intact!

A very intriguing article, which shows the west coast is much more deserving of the respect we deserve in terms of all 5 of our teams, but mostly focusing on the Dodgers, the Angels and the Giants.

Nice article, nelly. Torre laid down the gauntlet: starting pitchers have to go seven innings from now, they need to step up for the second half stretch…I think they will…bullpen is pretty beat up…Broxton’s toe’ll be sore all season…Belisario, DL…Ohman, DL (no great loss there), Kuo, DL (BIG loss there)…………..Ned will somehow morph into Al Campanis and steal Halladay.

It would be great to see that happen Kahli.

Look like Manny Arte got fired and I bet the Giants was hoping Bochy would be fired but they been playing much better lately. Well there goes your left handed bat to go with Pierre and even better a veteran Switch Hitter that won’t even complain about playing time and even Loney need a day off you can used him there and seeing that we seen Grady seem to love putting Saenz in the clean up spot you could make that mistake with Clark but he does have 251 careers homerun and knowing Ned he probably would love to have him on the bench.

oops I guess I spell his name wrong that’s Acta.

Good morning everyone! Glad to see we had another successful series and a great end to the first half! A little worried about our pen, but I think we’ll be alright! Let’s enjoy the break, get our guys some rest, and come out with guns blazing in the second half!

No Dodgers until Thursday…….what am I going to do?

Good Morning ITD Dodger Faithful….
Tru you should put your toes in the water,
your fanny in the sand
not a worry in the world
a margarita in your hand
Life is good today, Life is good today 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

TRU – I was thinking about the same…it will be a long week..no Dodger Game. I’m still in awwww with all the homeruns Dodgers did. It was like a preview of the HomeRun Derby. HOME RUN DERBY A LA DODGER! And Martin hit his 2nd Home run…so proud of him…GO MARTIN. Kemp’s GRAND SLAM was amazing and his catch…GREAT CATCH..GOOOOOO KEMP (He is an ALL-STAR regardless). Hudson is also coming out of his mini-slump (no more Slump Dog Millionaire).

What sport was the first to be filmed—and who filmed it?

I dunno, but I’m guessing…GOLF…and it was filmed by the guy holding the camera….LOL…(OK I will go find it in the net)
For all those that enjoy BABY Videos…ENJOY!

Boxing — the cameraman was Thomas Edison back in the 1890s.

A: The sport was boxing; the man who did the filming, Thomas A. Edison; the year, 1894. Edison filmed a boxing match between Jack Cushing and Mike Leonard in a studio on the grounds of his laboratory complex in West Orange, New Jersey.

That baby video is too cute Rose!

You beat me to the answer, good work! Since you mentioned golf…….

What was golfing great Ben Hogan’s famous reply when he was asked how to improve one’s game?

Question: What was golfing great Ben Hogan’s famous reply when he was asked how to improve one’s game?

Answer: “Before each match my wife kisses my balls for good luck. That really straightens out my putter!”

I cheated…I checked out the net….Golfing was my first choice, but then I remember how boxing was more popular back then…well atleast in the Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s movie, it seemed that way.
Let me guess then I will search…

32and53fan ~ LMAO!!!!! Made my day!!!!

Haahaaha…I’m sure all Golfers use that line with their wife’s…hoping to get a whole in one….

32, 32, 32……. what ARE we gonna do with you??? And you’re not helping, Rose!

The actual response was humorous. Just not as humorous as YOU!

Question: What was golfing great Ben Hogan’s famous reply when he was asked how to improve one’s game?

Answer: “Hit the ball closer to the hole.”

What major league pitcher was ordered to stop wearing hair curlers on the field during practice?

As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.
Ben Hogan

Golf is not a game of good shots. It’s a game of bad shots.
Ben Hogan

I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up the next morning so that I could get out on the course again.
Ben Hogan

I learn something new about the game almost every time I step on the course.
Ben Hogan

I play golf with friends sometimes, but there are never friendly games.
Ben Hogan

I’m glad I brought this course, this monster, to its knees.
Ben Hogan

If we could have just screwed another head on his shoulders, he would have been the greatest golfer who ever lived.
Ben Hogan

Placing the ball in the right position for the next shot is eighty percent of winning golf.
Ben Hogan

Relax? How can anybody relax and play golf? You have to grip the club, don’t you?
Ben Hogan

Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.
Ben Hogan

Shoot a lower score than everybody else.
Ben Hogan

The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight.
Ben Hogan

The ultimate judge of your swing is the flight of the ball.
Ben Hogan

There is no similarity between golf and putting; they are two different games, one played in the air, and the other on the ground.
Ben Hogan

I believe it was Dock Ellis who was ordered to stop wearing curlers on the field. He was his own darn person; and he was a heckuva pitcher.

That wasn’t the answer….LOL I really thought that was the famous reply….LOL
Dock Ellis…but I must of admit I looked it up in the net….I didn’t want to fall for another of 32and53’s anwers….

I don’t know what happened to my answer to the curler question. Maybe it was banned by MLB? 🙂

Actually, I just said my guess was Andy Messersmith. Then I looked it up and saw that Dock Ellis was the one in 1973. That is funny because 1973 was the first year that Messersmith played with the Dodgers.

My golf answer was based on an appearance by Arnold Palmer on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson where Johnny asked Arnold if he had any good luck rituals before playing a match. Arnold mentioned what his wife did, and after a deadpan look and a pause, Johnny shot back with the punch line.

Here’s a quote from the late great Dock Ellis that makes me like him even more:
“Barry Bonds? I’d hit him at least once a game. ‘Cause he’s got all that **** on. Yeah, let’s see that **** stop the ball from hurting him if I hit him on the ************* elbow or something. I’d hit him just to see, does it work?”

Yeah, I knew several would know about Dock! How about this one?

What TV western star was once the highest paid, highest scoring professional lacrosse player in Canadian history?

How about Lorne Greene from Bonanza?

Who would’ve thunk it would be Jay Silverheels–Tonto on “The Lone Ranger.”

haha, never heard that Golf line before.

All Star Game Trivia
In the early 1970’s, who was not selected to pitch in the All-Star game despite having a record 18 wins at the All-Star break?

All Star Game Trivia
Who was the first Yankees player to be named the All-Star game MVP?
a. Babe Ruth
b. Lou Gehrig
c. Joe DiMaggio
d. Billy Martin
e. Yogi Berra
f. Whitey Ford
g. Mickey Mantle
h. Bobby Richardson
i. Moose Skowron
j. Thurmon Munson
k. Derrick Jeter
l. Reggie Jackson
m. Alex Rodriquez
n. Mariano Rivera

Since May 1st Clayton Kershaw is 7-3 with a 2.06 ERA. He’s struck out 72 batters in 78.2 innings. His batting average against is .184, OBP against is .308 and his SLG against is .255. He sure has arrived. Once he gets his walks under control he will be an elite pitcher. Its easy to forget that he’s only 21!

June stats in 26 games we scored 93 runs, 23 homeruns and a stats lines of .241 .308 .369 .677.
Already in July in just 10 games we scored 63 runs with 17 homeruns and a stats lines of .298 .379 .496 .875. Philly played 12 games and scored 69 runs, 15 homeruns .279 .369 .469 .838.

What a big different with Manny in the lineup? I like how are offense is back.

I wonder what his stats are like when Ausmus catch him?

Those were some ugly numbers in June but we finished out that month with a winning record.

1 St. Louis 12 8 4 2.66 3 1 0 105.0 0 31 36 36 81 .247
2 San Francisco 12 7 5 2.94 3 1 0 107.0 0 35 39 28 94 .207
3 LA Dodgers 10 7 3 3.42 3 0 0 92.0 0 35 41 43 68 .216

The pitching needs to improve and it should.

Okay – I just got in and read what little was there to read today, and I see we were having some trivia fun today. Very well done!!!! Boy, 32and53fan!!!! Way to answer dodgereric’s trivia questions – LMAO!!!!!!!

32, you answered my last question correctly! Tonto a lacrosse player!

For yours, I’m pretty sure it was Wilber Wood that didn’t get picked for the All-Star team. He was a knuckleballer and he was starting a lot of games. I know he won and lost more than 20 in one season right around there.

Without looking it up, with all those great choices to make for that Yankee MVP, I’m guessing it’s a trick question and NONE of those guys has ever won one. I don’t think they named an MVP for the years the first 3 were playing. Maybe Rivera – no. None of them. That’s my final answer.

Good Evening Ward Dear/Dodgereric!!!! Great job you and 32and53fan did on the trivia today.

I was on my way home from Walnut Creek (school supply shopping) and we were listening to ESPN radio. They interviewed Roy Halladay and he thinks there is a 50/50 chance of him getting traded. For the some of the way we were listening to KNBR (bay area sports radio), and the gnats really have some idiot fans. One caller called in and said he would give Benji Molina up straight up for a pitcher. Jill and I LOAO because why would anybody want Benji at his size and age, and idiot……………you don’t need pitching!!! We were screaming at the radio. Then the next caller called in and said “How about Lincecum and Cain for Halladay.” Once again …………..you don’t need pitching, and why oh why would you send away your franchise pitchers. You know……gnat fans don’t deserve the team they have……they (family at times excluded) are a bunch of idiots and have been lost since they lost Barry Bonds. Gnat fans have no idea what they are talking about half the time and they drive their radio hosts insane.

…and also, the A’s are in the hunt for an outfielder. Looks like Holliday might be going, but I know a 4th outfielder they can have that the whole media world thinks he was the Dodger savior during Manny’s suspension.

Evening Junie!

As much as I hate to admit it, gnatfans haven’t got the idiot market cornered. They might have most of them, though! 🙂

The more I think about Halladay the more I want him. If for no other reason than to keep him away from the other teams. Even though the Giants need hitting not pitching and the Phils look like they’re getting Pedro, I’m thinking we might be able to get him without decimating our team. The only kicker is that the Jays don’t have to trade him and if our offer isn’t ‘bowel-you-over’ great, they’ll just keep him.

See, in my fantasy world, I see us going into the playoffs with a 3-man rotation of Halladay, Billz (who returns to his earlier greatness) and Kershaw (who continues to improve and is killing people by September). We win every playoff game 27 – 0 and all is right with the world.

Boy, that is some fantasy!!!!…………………..but it’s a good one!!!!

So, who has cornered the market on idiot fans? (jk) LOL!!!!

I think Halladay would be good… but how many midseason pitching trades have ever gone right for us (the season of the trade and beyond)… Penny did good for us in the middle and the end, but in the beginning, he cost us a lot of players (though some were juiced), and sat out just about the whole season with a nerve injury. Kevin Brown… :: sigh :: .

A Dodger fan whose opinion I respect very much thinks that although ’88 was great, the Gibson HR could be looked at in the future’s hindsight as one of the worst things that could’ve happened to the Dodgers, because it set the precedent to Fred Claire that in order to win it, you have to sign FA’s, the bigger, the better.

In that light, it’s a toss up between Campanis’s unfortunate remarks and Claire’s FA adventures as to which was the death knell of the “Dodger Way”, that one day soon will just be the entrance to Dodger Stadium’s centerfield.

Hey northstateblues!!! How are you doing this evening? It would be great to get him, but the question is ….at what cost?

If you could in retrospect sign Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Satchel Page, Phil Niekro, would you???? Knowing we have such an outstanding young core. I believe haladay and the lifestyle he lives the things he says and the peers that show him respect just may fit that mold. I know were talking about a pitcher and we all know what a gamble that is. Not to mention what it would take at the present time to attain him.
Ned and Frank this where you two gentlemen have an important desicion in where this club goes from here. As far as the Boy’s on the field, they are doing everything asked of them and probably more….. no worries here….But imagine Halladay added to the mix for not just this season but the next few???

Hi North!

That Gibson story might have some credence, but I wouldn’t trade that memory for anything. I went on an internet hunt for our free agent history a while ago, and you’re right, we haven’t scored well at all in that field. Getting Halladay wouldn’t be as a FA though.

I also saw our drafting luck with Bobby Welch as the same thing. He dropped in the draft due to his injury history and we got lucky. As I recall, that’s about all we drafted for a few years after that – pitchers with question marks – and crapped out on just about all of them.

Hi D4! One more comment and I gotta hit the rack.

As I said, Halladay would be a tremendous boost to our club. But I’m afraid the cost would be too high from everything I’ve read. Not Billz. Not Kersh. Not Brox. Not Kemp. Not Ethier. Not Kyle Russell.

I heard the Halladay interview and he seems like a pretty decent guy. He would thrive on this Dodgers team. The question is what will it take to get him. Obviously, Billingsley, Kershaw and Kemp are untouchable.
Dodgereric, you are correct about Wilbur Wood. After winning 18 games before the All Star break in 1973, he went on to win 24 games that year.
The Yankee list is not a trick question. I just made up most of the names on it. The correct answer is a player who was on the roster in the last forty years.

Good Night Dodgereric!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂

……and same to you Dodger4life 🙂

Peter Gammons say’s were living on a prayer ( As far as our pitchind staff.)

Peter….. We may be…. but were half way there, and it was’nt long ago Ned stocked the ST roster with all of these Winners, and I mean Winners!!! Belisario, Troncoso, Weaver, Stults, Milton, Mota, Leach, McDonald, Brox. They have answered, and I have Faith that they can answer again in the second half.
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

Good Night and God Bless All…..Good Night Eric I said hello but it dissapeared.

Congratulation Fielders for winning the homerun derby.

What a freaking joke if Kemp would had won that last man vote would he have been starting?

American League National League

1 Ichiro Suzuki Mariners RF 1 Hanley Ramirez Marlins SS
2 Derek Jeter Yankees SS 2 Chase Utley Phillies 2B
3 Joe Mauer Twins C 3 Albert Pujols Cardinals 1B
4 Mark Teixiera Yankees 1B 4 Ryan Braun Brewers RF
5 Jason Bay Red Sox LF 5 Raul Ibanez Phillies LF
6 Josh Hamilton Rangers CF 6 David Wright Mets 3B
7 Evan Longoria Rays 3B 7 Shane Victorino Phillies CF
8 Aaron Hill Blue Jays 2B 8 Yadier Molina Cardinals C
9 Roy Halladay Blue Jays P 9 Tim Lincecum Giants P

If only Martin would had been playing like an all stars he would had caught Lincecum. That’s crazy we have the best record in the league and no one is starting for us and if Kemp would had won that last vote Manuel probably would had him on the bench.

I have faith that Kuo would be back and for Schmidt I dobn’t think he would be back and probably could retired at the end of the season.

He was part of the Carlos Santana trade that gave us Blake and I just see that he been traded again last week to TB. Maybe we could’ve had done a Santana/Blake trade straight up.

oops I mean to say Jon Meloan was part of the Carlos Santana trade that gave us Blake and I just see that he been traded again last week to TB. Maybe we could’ve had done a Santana/Blake trade straight up.

Who is older Jeff Weaver or Randy Wolf?

After being tortured by a dull, dull, dull Homerun Derby last night I guess I’ll be equally bored with a dull, dull, dull All-Star Game tonight. Please, let it be Thursday!

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful…….
Good question, my guess is Randy Wolf by 6 innings.

Rose – they are the same age (32) with the same birthday 8-22-76. They are a year older than my sister (8-22-75).

Listed below are the names of pitcher-catcher combos. The letters are in their proper order, but the names have been combined. See if you can flush out the hurler and backstop.

Rose – I answered what day, but I see Dodger4life is referring to the time on that day they were born to really solve the answer. hmmmmmmm – I am guessing their mom’s and dad’s know 🙂


With what team did these players wind up their careers???
Robin Roberts
Babe Ruth
Warren Spahn
Harmon Killebrew
Eddie Murray
Eddie Mathews
Willie Mays
Roger Maris
Steve Carlton
John Kruk

” Always go to other people’s funerals.
Otherwise they may not come to yours.”
Yogi Berra

Good job….. Tru I will overlook the Loufax,typo 🙂

What do Hall of Famers Al Kaline, Sandy Koufax and Dave Winfield all have in common?

Thanks, dodger4life 🙂 You know my typing is always suspect! lol

I should have figured tru would get those first. I had all of them but the second one, but I had Koufax and Pettite spelled right (jk) – LOL!!!

Yeah it was a trick question, but I do like Eric’s anwers (By 6 innings…LOL!) And yup their moms & pops will know the anwers.
And to answer Nelly’s trivia:
What do Hall of Famers Al Kaline, Sandy Koufax and Dave Winfield all have in common?
I say that they are all Hall of Famers….LOL!

NELLY – they didn’t play with the minors, they went straight to the majors…???

I’m trying to do this by memory without looking anything up. Maybe someone can fill the holes.

Robin Roberts –
Babe Ruth – Boston Braves
Warren Spahn – gnats
Harmon Killebrew – Royals
Eddie Murray – Dodgers
Eddie Mathews – Tigers
Willie Mays – Mets
Roger Maris – Cards
Steve Carlton – geez, I know he bounced around a lot after Philly
John Kruk –

What do Hall of Famers Al Kaline, Sandy Koufax and Dave Winfield all have in common?

No minor leagues

Rose – maybe Josh can find out the answer to your trivia question. Which one is really older – Randy or Jeff?

…..and as for mine – yes, the were all in the HOF, but that, of course, is not the answer.

Very good Dodgereric, but then, I wouldn’t doubt you would know that in a second…………………….you and your photographic memory 🙂

Here it goes again (my previews post went into the Twilight Zone…it disappear)
Nelly – they did not played in a Minor team. They went straight to Majors…??

Intersting article, NellyJune. The fact is that you are in the AS Game to win homefield advantage. So, you should take the best players and not worry about stacking your team with your own, less deserving, players.


I knew Dodgereric would answer those questions! He is a statistical genius!

As for Dodger4life’s question, I know where to find those answers, but do you want me to let you think about it some more?

Dodgereric – btw – the ones you answered so far are correct , but I am sure you knew that too :))


Rose – they went straight to the majors, and didn’t spend any time in the minor leagues.

Who was the first player to play every position in a nine inning game?

YEAH NELLY…I had the answer but the blog is acting up…if you see several posts up you will I had posted the answer twice…right after you told me that “Hall of Famers” is not the answer…LOL

I saw that, but it wasn’t there earlier, and yes, I have had those issues with time warping too………………… posts showing up later unexpectedly or not at all.

I knew Ruth, Spahn, Murray, Mathews, Mays and Maris. Killebrew was an educated guess.

Speaking of guesses:
Who was the first player to play every position in a nine inning game?

It wasn’t Bert Campanaris, was it?

You know…….maybe we should just call this game “The Stump Dodgereric Game” – LOL!!!!! Yes, you are correct. It is Bert Campanaris. This is fun………………we are testing you while learning a whole lot for ourselves.

Roberts – Chicago Cubs
Carlton – Minnesota Twins
Kruk – Chicago White Sox

Did you think you have any of those in your head? I would give you credit even if they were guesses.

What pitcher holds the record for the most Gold Gloves?

Here’s another option. We can do it Jeopardy style. We can give you the answers, and you can come up with the question. Maybe that will make it more challenging for you 🙂

No, if I had guesses I would have written them down, like the Campanaris one. I’m actually surprised no one did it before him.

The Gold Glove pitcher is Maddux, right? I know what’s-his-name with the ChiSox won a bunch…….don’t tell me….. Jim Kaat won a bunch of them too.

Boy, you are good!!!….and yes, he snapped Jim Kaat’s record so you are right on both counts. Jim Kaat had 16 and Greg Maddux is now the leader with 18.

Here is a rule one for you…………………

A two part question. 1) What is the score of a forfeited game? 2 ) Since 1970, the Dodgers have been involved in a forfeited game. What year, what team did they forfeit the game to, and what happened? I know you probably know this, but this was interesting to me.


It was relatively recent, wasn’t it? Fans throwing baseballs?

Here are Kershaw’s numbers when Ausmus catches him…2-0 0.50 ERA 19K’s 19 innings pitched in 3 starts. I think I got all the games they’ve been the battery together. It seems like Ausmus has caught him more then 3 times to me.

Here’s a good one………………………

Identify the Hall of Famer by his nickname.

1. Hammerin’ Hank
2. The Commerce Comet
3. The Flying Dutchman
4. Mr. Sunshine
5. The Rajah
6. Tom Terrific
7. Wee Willie
8. The Wizard of Oz
9. Big Six
10. The Meal Ticket

Yes and yes, St. Louis Cardinals – 1995 🙂

aeversw – Those are pretty impressive numbers.

Not surprised by the Ausmus/ Kershaw battery results. I wonder what Ausmus could do for Billz, and then maybe Wolf, and Kuroda – oh yes, Ausmus would certainly need some help with that. How about Ellis? Wonder what he could do?

So, Dodgereric – I know you know all the answers to these questions, but I need to make sure you know where your glasses and your coffee cup are.

Hey messagebear – Can I ask a question? Now, I don’t want to open a can of worms here, but I know how you feel about Martin, but what about James Loney? Other than the game winning homerun last week, his power numbers are down. Granted he does have RBIs, but are you concerned at all that his power is not there anymore? I know many people on here think it’s all about Andre for me, but James is a favorite of mine too, but he is just in a position right now where there is no competition for him, and he seems to be flying under the radar in terms of his numbers, whether Joe is watching them or not. Just wonderin’ what your thoughts are……

Oh, I know where THOSE things are all the time, it’s that damned remote that gets away from me. That’s usually Lucy’s fault. LOL!

1. Hammerin’ Hank Aaron
2. The Commerce Comet ???????
3. The Flying Dutchman – Honus Wagner
4. Mr. Sunshine – Ernie Banks???
5. The Rajah – Rogers Hornsby
6. Tom Terrific – Tom Seaver
7. Wee Willie Hit ’em Where They Ain’t Keeler
8. The Wizard of Oz(zie Smith)
9. Big Six – Christy Mathewson
10. The Meal Ticket – Carl Hubbell

11. The Georgia Peach
12. The Fordham Flash
13. The Iron Horse
14. The Chief
15. The Grey Eagle
16. The Big Train
17. The Lip
18. Gettysburg Eddie
19. Gorgeous George
20. Iron Man

You mean you don’t know that the The Commerce Comet is Mickey Mantle!?! LOL!!! …….and I have my thoughts on some of those and not a clue on others.

11. The Georgia Peach -Ty Cobb (did know)
12. The Fordham Flash – Frank Frisch (did not know)
13. The Iron Horse – Lou Gehrig (did know)
14. The Chief – Charles Bender (did not know)
15. The Grey Eagle – Tristam Speaker (not a clue)
16. The Big Train – Walter Johnson (did not know)
17. The Lip – Leo Durocher (guessed and got right)
18. Gettysburg Eddie – Edward Plank (did not know)
19. Gorgeous George – George Sisler (did not know)
20. Iron Man – Joe McGinnity (did not know)

Thanks for the lesson :)))

Hi Nelly! Never unwilling to offer an opinion, especially if it’s asked for.
I’m basically all right with Loney, although he has shown a better average in the past. When the season is over, I think he’ll probably pretty much match his power results from last year. Remember that for some reason it took him a long while to get his first home run or two; since then he’s pretty much on pace for what could be expected of him. I wish that he would have or could develop more power as we go along, but that just may not come. What I like about Loney, and this seems in direct contrast with Martin this year, is that Loney never seems to see an RBI opportunity that he doesn’t like and take advantage of. It may not be the solid base hit, but a timely bloop instead, like the last Brewers game, but he is quite reliable in getting the runs across. That to me is often more important than anything else in the offensive category – move runners along and get them scored. I know your question is primed by my outlook on Martin lately. Martin has consistently declined in average, in power, and some would say in his ability to throw out runners. I’m not enough of a statistician to make that point about his defense. I did think all along that he might not be the best available guy to catch young Kershaw, because pacing the game and making the right calls on Kersh’s arsenal seemed to me to make a difference in his success. I may be all wet in that regard, because obviously Torre has a lot of confidence in Martin, and Torre knows something about catching. To me the decline of Martin over three seasons is the reason that I’m ready to offer him up in a decent trade, and yes, I would insist on getting considerable value for him, but to me he is expendable.

I’m back…..here is one Jeapordy style…..
Category……Dodger History…..answer…..April 5, 1913

The Mick? He’s from Oklahoma!?!?!

OK, I’ve checked and see it’s Commerce, OK. No, I’ve never heard him called that. You learn something new every day. Must be my aversion to the Yankees or something.

21. The Little General

Thanks messagebear – James is doing his job in getting runs batted in for sure. He, Andre and Casey (and Matt) are battling at the top for that honor to be #1, which is good to see. I just hope whatever Ned has up his sleeve doesn’t shake up the team too much, if at all.

1903 The first world series between the two modern leagues was a best – of – nine series.
WS: Boston Americans over Pittsburg Pirates (5-3)

Although I’m inclined to give Martin more rope than some of you, it’s no secret he’s been having a hard time.

His rookie year was really good and he improved across the board in ’07. Last year he regressed somewhat to about his rookie year and this year his numbers are in the toilet so far. Here are some clutch stats for him:

Productive Out % (advancing any runner with none out, driving in a runner with the second out of an inning)
’06 – 53%
’07 – 42%
’08 – 23%
’09 – 21%
League average (’09) – 32%

BRS% (Percentage of all baserunners who scored on the batter’s play (not necessarily with an RBI)
’06 – 17%
’07 – 18%
’08 – 15%
’09 – 11%
League average (’09) – 14%

Advances %
PAs with less than two out, runner on third and runner scored
’06 – 74%
’07 – 50%
’08 – 40%
’09 – 19%
League average (’09) – 51%

PAs with none out, runner on second and runner advanced
’06 – 50%
’07 – 56%
’08 – 35%
’09 – 27%
League average (’09) – 43%

It’s easy to see how we fell in love with the guy – he was always coming through.

You ran those same numbers with JP and Andre, and they were very close or above the league average, if I remember correctly. Well, if Andre is slumping and JP is a superstar, then what is Martin?

red pen “league average for this year” is what it should say.

Is a giant no-no not to have a new thread.

Hey D4!

Category……Dodger History…..answer…..April 5, 1913
Answer – haven’t a clue without looking it up. A guess would be the first time we’re called the Dodgers?

21. The Little General – John McGraw

More have occurred to me. The sportswriters in the old days really liked nicknames….

22. Big Poison
23. Little Poison
24. Scooter
25. The Splendid Splinter (gotta give some easy ones)
26. Wahoo Sam
27. Double X (Vinny talked about him recently)
28. E-Yah (this one probably ain’t fair)
29. Poosh ’em Up
30. Old Aches and Pains

Hey Eric, Ebbets field hosted its first game on that date.
Johnny Bench was Little General.
25 = Ted Williams, also the Thumper, The Kid, Teddy Ballgame
as for the others I have no clue???
31. Louisianna Lightning

If you have’nt seen it….. it is an entertaining 9 minutes….courtesy of DT.

you have been new-threaded boys 🙂

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