All-Star Game tonight on FOX

My apologies for disappearing for a couple days…just playing catch up over the break and getting ready for what promises to be a very excited three months of baseball or so coming up.

Hopefully you’ll all tune in tonight to watch Bills and Hudson play. Big Brox won’t pitch tonight, but he’ll be there to take it all in and make sure his toe is ready to go for the second half.


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Hopefully the NL can turn things around and end this horrible drought they are in. I really think this is a good year though. They have a great all around team.

I think the All-Star Game will be as boring as the Home Run Derby, ugh! Can’t wait until Thursday when we get back to playing real baeball.

I’m glad our guys are at the game, even if I’ll be missing part of the game tonight. Either way, I’m with tru, can’t wait for Thursday for our boys to be back in action!

What an awesome picture that is!!

Josh – Thanks for changing threads. As much as I liked that story, seeing the name Giants up there was getting kind of wierd.

I don’t know why but the all-star game meant more to me in the 60’s & 70’s then it does today. I’m with tru and peru can’t wait for the 2nd half to start.

Thanks Josh….Nice picture…..Kemp deserved to be in it as well….Next year, he will be voted in and it will mean more I’m sure. I want home field advantage, so…. COME ON NL!!!
I am eagerly anticipating the return of our Beloved Blue, until Thursday….. Enjoy Boy’s…..Then it’s back to buisness!!!
Enjoy the game tonight if that is possible, and have a wonderful evening everyone.

I still like the All Star Game although due to the start time I seldom see more than the last few innings. Of course the big difference now from the 60’s and 70’s is there are more teams, most of the games are on TV and Interleague play. Back in “the day” it was a novelty to see both leagues other than the World Series and there were fewer players on each squad. Now with so many players making the teams the manager has to scramble to get players in the game while still maintaining some game strategy. Still, compared to other pro sport all star games, baseball is still pretty much the same as a regular game. The players seem to take pride in being there and giving a solid effort unlike football where players seem to look at being selected to the Pro Bowl as either a punishment or a paid vacation and basketball where the game is not as important as putting on a good show for the fans. I do not like the idea of giving the league’s winner home field advantage in the World Series.

Anyway, here’s hoping our Dodger representatives make the most out of whatever opportunities they get tonight and let’s also hope for a National League win to end the losing streak. And finally, wasn’t yesterday the absolute worst sports day of the year?

Thanks Josh for the new thread!
I just LOVE that picture of our boys! I like, ibirken, can only watch the last few innings due to the time I get home. I could have aksed to leave early but I’ll reserve that for Thursday when the boys are back in town.
Anyone know how many come from behind wins we’ve had this year? Please let me know.

22. Big Poison – Paul Waner
23. Little Poison – Loydd Waner
24. Scooter – Phil Rizzuto
25. The Splendid Splinter (gotta give some easy ones)
26. Wahoo Sam – Sam Crawford
27. Double X (Vinny talked about him recently) – Jimmy Foxx
28. E-Yah (this one probably ain’t fair) – Hughie Jennings
29. Poosh ’em Up -Tony Lazzeri
30. Old Aches and Pains – Luke Appling
I had to cheat and google however.

Anyone here been watching some of the old All-Star game son MLBTV? I was watching one from 1996 last night. Did I read right on another forum that they showed 1966? If so, I missed it. that was the time the All-Star game was hosted in St Louis

Not to worry, Torre will do the selection next year.

By the way, there is one rules change I would like to see in the All Star Game. Even though I am a National League guy and don’t like the DH, such a rule is almost demanded for the All Star Game. With so many players on each squad, having the DH provides the opportunity to get more players in the game without sacraficing anything. The managers could still sub at the DH position if they wanted. In fact, this is the only time the DH should ever be used.

Yepper. I’m with the bunch that enjoyed the game more back when. I still look at it as an event to be taken in, but they ought to play the game and leave the circus…in New York?
It will be very interesting to see what these posts will be like in two months time.

Geez Figgins still get to go to the all stars game.

Should’ve been Kinsler.

Now 11-0-1 since its 1996 defeat at Philadelphia—the longest unbeaten streak in All-Star history—the AL has cut the overall gap to 40-37-2 and hasn’t lost in six meetings since the winning league started receiving home-field advantage in the World Series.

I agree they should have the DL since the pitcher won’t hit anyway.

I see the prez is wearing a White Sox jacket.

Makes me wonder if the jacket was hiding a kevlar vest.

Bring in Billz!!!!!

Lincecum is stinking the place up so far. He needs to settle down.

Should have been a dp. Pretty boy Wright botched that play!

Any one else think Halladay would look good in a Dodger uniform?
Dare to Dream!

“I won’t be in the World Series, so let me see if I can mess it up for the Dodgers” –Lincecum thought bubble

The NL has to break out of this All Star funk.

WTG Molina!! Home town boy delivers!!!

All the scoring with two outs. I like it. I like it ALOT!

This game is moving along much faster than I expected.

I mean DH didn’t notice the mistake

I would love to see Kershaw moo down this guy to bad he didn’t make it.

Nice pitching by Billz!!!

Is it just me, or did Braun get caught napping in left?

lmao at the Giants board explode.

I want Edwin Jackson back.

The Giant fans are all over Billz, and kissing Lincecum’s behind. Chad wasn’t at his best, but he did give up less runs than Lincecum! Sorry Giants fans, I guess all those years of horrible teams have got you a little bitter and far from reality!

Damn nice catch Crawford.

Damn if this was Coors those 2 ball would had been gone.

Billz is used to left fielders like that :)))) He is probably thinking there is nothing out of the ordinary about what happened.

I don’t think I ever seen an ibb.

LOL nelly!

We need Andre and Matt in there! These guys are boring!

I can’t believe Wakefield made the all stars game as a 42

I just can’t believe this guy been around and this is his 1st all stars and I still can’t believe Kemp didn’t make it.

Come on let’s destory this ex Giants that the Giants gave up with Liriano and Bonser for AJ.

Come on Odog let take the lead or tied it.

Oh well a hit is better come on Howard do it to your hometown crowd.

lmao well he does have 2 since he was born in Missouri

I guess not

First off, leave it to a pud to let the AL get the lead.
Then Howard strikes out w/risp on a terrible pitch. They deserve to loose this.

hmmmmmm I think Rivera is dued

Kemp is still better than Werth.

Anybody is better than Werth! There is no comparison between Werth and Kemp! Manuel is a jerk and deserves to lose this game.

WTG on losing this game Manuel

That game was as exciting as watching grass grow!

Get rid of that stupid rule that the all stars game determine homefield advantage and all the dominate by the AL there are still down 40-38-1 so much for Figgins being a last min replacement. It must be sad for these guys to make it and not get one AB’s and I think they should had a DH tonight.

So much for the Pirates and Angels players to be in the game.

Deja vu all over again! Another one run loss in an All Star game!
How fitting for the home town boy to be the goat……Thanks Howard!!! Extra special thanks to Charlie Manuel, and his silly Philly Ph*cks for mismanaging, and letting another one slip away. Ever since Selig screwed every thing up by trying to make the game ‘more significant’, and giving home field advantage in the WS to the winning league, the NL just hasn’t done squat.

Well they good thing about this probably mean Manny would DH and Pierre be in LF knowing what Torre might do.

no worries – The Dodgers will win the World Series wherever they play !!!!!!

That is a cool picture. But my favorite from tonight’s game was watching Torre watch Mo pitching the 9th inning for the AL. He knew what was coming. Ash

I can’t believe a team that could be 5 to 6 games over .500 could get homefield advantage. Well the Cards and Philly beat the odd and so can we.

Isn’t this like the 3rd time Fuentes hasn’t pitch in the all stars game? I remember back in Colorado the NL didn’t picked him and Fuentes was going to spend time with his family on a trip but he was a last minute replacement and he still didn’t get to pitch.

OK, so I am doing a little bitching in my blog about the NL losing yet another All-Star game. I am sick of it!
Check out the picture of Dodger Stadium with the Mannywood sign in the left field side

Okay – that bugs me a little. I mean…… can’t it just be inferred that it’s Mannywood? I don’t think it has to be spelled out for us……literally, does it? So, if he gets hurt or (heaven forbid) suspended again, does the sign come down?

Nelly, that is the Dodger marketing machine hard at work figuring out ways to wring out every last nickel out of us fans. These folks have learned to monetize just about every square inch of Dodger Stadium. It would serve them right to create a photo op by holding up a banner above that sign with the words: “Who would take banned drugs to obtain an unfair competitive advantage?” (Mannywood)

LOL!!! very good 32and53fan :)))

What about Bison Country or Everyday Dreland? Shouldn’t they get their own signage?

LOL Nelly! I like those ideas!!!

Hey Collie!!! Thanks ~ How are you doing? Busy I am guessing. How was your visit with your brother? It’s been a while since you have been on ITD.

I Wonder what happen to enchanted?

Enchanted was/is out of town. I am sure he willl be back soon. I am sure he will have plenty to say once Ned pushes his dominoes, if he pushes any at all.

I’m okay Nelly. My visit with my Brother was good. I was pretty sick and working the 1st part of the week so everything was pretty much a blur.
Not to be a downer, but things are actually a little tough right now. My job which I’ve loved for years has been tough lately. Also I don’t know if you heard about the girl who was murdered here in Novato on Sunday but I used to work with her about 9 years ago. I was pretty good friends with her at work. I worked with her for a couple of years. So it’s pretty weird to walk around there right now because I walk by the area she worked and can’t help but think of her & it breaks my heart what happened to her. She was a very bubbly young women at that time & I can’t even imagine how horrific the ending of her life must of been for her. How senseless & … I’m sorry, but I just don’t really have the words to express my feelings right now.

I am so sorry to hear that Collie. That must be just devastating to your community as well.

It is tough on the community. I think many are just feeling so many different emotions right now. This is so close to home. Not just to where I live but in knowing the person.
Sorry to hit & run but I’m going to try to get some sleep. Also sorry to be a downer, & vent but I’ve kept it down. I’m letting a little out here & there. I’m just a little stunned and trying to figure out what I could do to make something bad turn into something good.

Good Night Collie – No problem what so ever, and you (and your wife) are in my prayers, as I am sure most of this board will do the same. Take Care and God Bless 🙂

Collie ~ I am sure you went to bed, but this is the one with the Amber Alert for the 1 year-old daughter? I heard the story on the radio when my friends and I were driving up to Walnut Creek yesterday. I looked it up just to make sure it was the same story I had heard about. That is an absolutely horrible, horrible thing that happened. Once again, my prayers and thoughts are with you Collie.

I am looking forward to beginning the second half of the season. We haven’t had such a good first half in many years. Of course, like Joe Torre says, it is only where you are when the season ends that matters.
I am sorry to hear that Eric Milton needed season ending surgery on his back. It just goes to show you that you can never have too many pitchers on the 40 man roster. I would not mind seeing pull off a trade for Halladay if we could get him without giving up too much in return. If not, our starters will just have to bear down and continue to do the job they have done up to now but with more innings pitched.

Nice pic of Hudson and Broxton!

Let’s hope the Crew keeps everything going in the right direction!

They say this is the slowest day in the sporting industry. Well, they are certainly right about that- just boring I tell you!!!

The All-Star game was one of the best in a while for me. I think it was because of Billz. It made me very proud to be a Dodger fan yesterday seeing 2 homegrown talents make the team. Also, Orlando Hudson is a class act thats really all you can say about him. He looks good in Dodger Blue and you can tell he respects this organization and its history. I’d really like to see the Dodgers extend him for a couple of years before the seasons over.

I’m going to be at the game tomorrow night! These last 3 days have gone by so slowly with no Dodger game to watch. I really didn’t know what to do with myself to be honest. I’m sure today and tomorrow leading up to the game will be even slower.

I’m so glad the AL won.

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