Finale in NY

I’m glad someone asked about the celebrities on our billboards. Rest assured, they haven’t replaced the players as our primary “faces.” Not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, we probably have a wider array of players on our billboards this year than in any year that I can remember. There’s a mix of players, celebrities, other athletes, etc. that is intended to show how wide our fan base is…hopefully you guys will see them as you drive around LA (those of you who live there).

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Hudson, 2B

Kemp, CF

Wolf, P

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The saying goes, be careful what we wish for. Thanks for the update Josh!!!

I’m glad Dre is getting protection from Manny, but why is Matty still at 8th???? So Wolfy can get him some good pitches to hit?


Almost, Joe. Now flip-flop Martin and Kemp and you may be on to something. Hey, Wolf, how about winning your monthly game today?

I guess Torre isn’t getting those “Vote for Kemp” emails that I’m getting…

Why bat him higher in the lineup? He’s only hitting .314. And, by the way, in the last three games, what has he done? Only 7-12 with three walks.

Hopefully the Dodgers win the game against the Mets tonight. I wonder if Joe Pierre is at the game tonight too. Maybe Josh can stop and say hi to him.

Heartruss – he will be there tonight, and Josh does know that. Josh said he would try and go talk to him.

I have seen many of the player’s billboads and the only celebrity I have seen is Oscar de La Holla. I’ve been wanting to catch the one of James Loney in the back of a bus but I have not ben able to yet. I want to take a picture of it.
Joe Pierre will be the good luck charm for “El Lobito” to get his win. No pressure Joe!

Shane Victorino got the votes for the NL and Brandon Inge from the AL. Over 68.6 million votes were cast.

Now that Victorino won, you guys think Kemp will replace Beltran on the all star team?

My post from the last thread, I posted it after this thead
Hello ITD blogmates!
I could not vote for an Angel either. I looked at the AL final list and decided on the one that could do the NL least harm. I voted a lot yesterday but this morning I could not log on from work.
I take consolation that Andruw’s homeruns came against the Angels.
Kemp should still make the ASG since Beltran is injured.
We got to take the game today. Our lucky charm Joe Pierre will be in attendance!

one of the things i tweeted to MLB during the final hours of the final vote was that all the victorino/reynolds/sandoval voters should keep in mind that Matty Kemp’s numbers are really good considering he has to bat 8th every night!

a giants fan/pablo sandoval supporter wrote back to me and said “Sandoval puts up numbers in a CRAPPY lineup. Kemp bats 8th? i doubt it, he’s a good player.”

i wrote him back and assured him that kemp bats 8th nearly every game.. and that his numbers are quite impressive knowing that he’s got the pitcher behind him.. and also despite batting 8th.. he managed to go 3-3 with a walk, a triple, and 2 runs scored yesterday.. imagine his numbers higher in the order =P

A few thoughts since I wasn’t on last night:

I wouldn’t sweat the announcer love parade on Juan. If nothing else, perhaps they’re talking him up for a trade. I wouldn’t like that, I think Juan is an important player to have on the team (if he can accept his current role on the team). And I shudder to think what would happen if he’s not there when we need him.

Andruw Jones? Who is he? I’ve already forgotten tubby and his Baby Huey antics. I only wish he had spent last year with the Braves instead of us, we’d see how much he would’ve loved Atlanta then. I don’t know why he chose to defecate on our team exclusively, but for that, he’s not worth the brain cells it would require for me to remember him.

As for reason to worry with the team leading the league, well, I hadn’t been a big believer in worrying about if the wheels will fall off. And to share insight, I decided to see how the winningest team in the league in the playoffs has fared since the strike year:

2008: ML best: LAA (100-62). Result: Out in 1st round.
———(Note: NL leading CHC [97-64, ½ game ahead of PHI] swept in NLDS. Heheheheh.)
*2007: ML best: Tie: BOS and CLE (96-66, met in the ALCS) Result: BOS wins championship.
———(note: NL leading ARI [90-72, ½ game ahead of COL] loses NLCS)
2006: ML best: Tie: NYY and NYM (97-65). Result: New Yorkless World Series.
+2005: ML best: STL (100-62). Result: lost in NLCS.
———(Note: AL leading CWS [99-63] win series]
2004: ML best: STL (105-57). Result: Lost series.
———(note: Joe’s NYY’s [AL best 101-61] downed in ALDS 3-1)
2003: ML best: Tie: NYY and ATL (101-61). Result: NYY loses World Series, ATL out in first round.
———(note: 100-win SFG out in first round too)
2002: ML best: NYY over OAK by ½ game (103-58). Result: both out in first round.
———(note: 101 winning NL best ATL out in 1st round)
2001: ML best: SEA (116-46). Result: lose ALCS.
———(Note: NL tied leaders, HOU and STL [93-69] both out in 1st round)
2000: ML best: SFG (97-65). Result: out in 1st round.
———(Note: AL best CWS [95-67] out in 1st round as well)
+1999: ML best: ATL (103-59). Result: Lose World Series.
———(Note: AL leaders NYY [98-64] win Series. 100-win ARI out in 1st round)
*1998: ML best: NYY (114-48). Result: Win World Series.
———(Note: NL leading 106 win ATL lose NLCS )
1997: ML best: ATL (101-61). Result: Lose NLCS.
———(Note: AL leading 98 win BAL loses ALCS)
1996: ML best: CLE (99-62). Result: Out in 1st round.
———(Note: NL best 96 win ATL lose World Series)
+1995: ML best: CLE (100-44). Result: Lose World Series.
———(Note: NL best ATL [90-54] Win World Series)

( * = ML leader wins Series. + = AL/NL leader wins series [not ML leader])

So, what do we have? Out of 15 years of the current playoff format, only twice have the team with the Major League’s best record won the World Series. Aside from that, only 3 times have the leader in the other league won the World Series.

Conclusion: In this playoff format, winning in the regular season guarantees nothing but a ticket to October, by which time most ML leaders have played themselves ragged, and unable to beat teams on the upswing in September.

So much for enjoying life on the top, I guess.

Let’s get them tonight boys! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!! DODGER BLUE THRU & THRU!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one who crosses his fingers every time Wolf pitches and hopes his arm doesn’t fall off?

Should had been Brad over Martin. Martin can’t hit Livan in his career and still flip flop Martin with Kemp.

Looking back, I guess there can be some solace in that, 2 of those five times leaders won, the teams were helmed by Joe Torre.

and it IS about time to throw another star atop that list… we’ll see if we hold on to that ML lead, but if we don’t, I DEFINITELY won’t be sweating it.

(and by the way, my stats were taken from . Can’t believe I forgot to cite my sources )

Randy changed his jersey number…….wonder if it will bring him some luck?!

Josh, why not put real fans on the billboards instead of people who are probably paid some sort of appearance fee to be at games. Real fans would make the billboards seem more genuine but no one has ever accused L.A. of being real or genuine. Obviously there aren’t enough billboards with players on them considering the fact that Matt Kemp finished 4th in the Final Vote.

ksdodgers, you are funny!

nsb, great post. While there seems to be great comfort in a big lead, those big leads can disappear in a flash of too many runners left on base and a pitching meltdown. This season has a long way to go but it does seem as if every game is a big game.

I did not read last night’s posts but I assume your comment about the announcers came from those posts. I don’t think the Dodger broadcasters have an agenda in their praise for Pierre. Dodger broadcasters traditionally have never been “homers” but they usually don’t dwell too much on the negatives.

I knew these Giants fan are just stupid and did they really think Pablo was going to win it? I’d rather see Werth there over Victorino and even better Kemp should be going and this is not even a damn debate.

What numbers is he wearing tru?

I think they said #43, shad. I forgot already! lol

Yes, Raffy and Dre!


NellyJune ~ now we have to get Joe to keep him there!

I kind of like wrap, shad. LOL

Oh, no, I’m in the warp too!

Let get that run in Ethier

Alright Andre – much better!!!

Damn time wrap

Nice hit Orlando!

lol warp

Finally, a timely extra base hit. Way to go, O-Dog.

I just realize Manny 6/9 with 6 rbi’s against Livan.

Your turn Randy!! They got 4 for you – Let’s Go Blue!!!

Martin had no reason to bat that high even worst he should’ve even be in the lineup against a guy who he struggling in the past.

Ouch 2 for 19 with 4 k’s against Livan but guess Torre don’t look at career numbers either but that nothing new there.

4-0 in the first……Come on Wolf!!!!!
I hope he has good movement and control with the breaking ball tonight.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

Come on Randy!! We got you runs, now pitch!!!

Way to go Matt!

If he were batting 7th, he would have had 2 rbis

Heres the first time Bison gets sac bunted…I think thats 4 times this series so far. Way to waste outs Joe.

Did Kemp just got picked off?

ANDRE ETHIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m a little out of whack tonight! LOL

I like this stats come on Wolf no more crap like that first innings.

Dodgers starter Randy Wolf has gone 11-5 with a 3.30 ERA in 29 career starts vs. the Mets. (AP)

Livan made $6 a month while playing on the Cuban National Team.

So far, so good tonight. Hopefully, Wolf can go 7 or more to give the BP a break but with 46 pitches so far, it is doubtful. Manny is really tracking the ball well now and just going with it.

Got on base both times!

Damn, I’m in the time warp again! This is getting me a little miffed!

I just turned on the TV and 6-1 Dodgers is GREAT! And my Russell is next.
TRU I see the cheers for ANDRE….what did he do?

move matt up! move matt up!

Who hasn’t joined the hit parade tonight? Martin. (and Loney but no problem there). Who is hitting the snought out of the ball? Matt.

Crash ~ and, that’s why Joe has him batting 8th! IDIOT!!!

It looks as if Wolf might be facing another no decision with a pitch count of 75 after three innings.

Joe is the idiot, Crash, not you! LOL

lbirken ~ and, we get to work our BP to death once again.

Hitting lead off sure seems to suit Raffy.

Thankfully Russell has joined the hit parade.

It’s too bad that Matt didn’t win the spot on the All-Star team, but realistically, what fan other than a Dodger fan is going to vote for an 8th place hitter? If Kemp’s own manager doesn’t consider him good enough to bat higher in the Dodger lineup, why would fans for other team vote for him?

That’s crazy Hannaran win a game for the Nats and he’s over there in Pittsburgh.

Cross your fingers for O-Dog!

Oh god no I hope he’s ok.

That was a terrible half inning for us esp Wolf couldn’t get that bunt down


hahahah even Castro came through.

That ok McDonald I would had love to get that insurance run from 3rd bases with 1 out.

Isn’t it time to get Martin out of there to?

To bad if McDonald came out in the 9th and got a 1 2 3 innings he would be 1 out short of the rare 3 innings save.

That inning look like the top of the 7th.

Shut them down Vargas

Should had let Brad hit for Martin.

Vargas sucks!

Two out of three from the Mets and now on to beat the Brewers!

Come on SD at least break Lincecum streak.


Great game tonight, even though I only saw and listened to a portion of it, I’m glad to see us destroy the Mets! Now on to the Brewers! Let’s dethrone the Prince!

Hiya Everybody
Just got back from the game, which was another dream come through.
There’s nothing better than the Dodgers playing fantastically well in my home town.
I’m sure that more people are aware of them right now because all I hear around here, is how good a team they have.
Tuesday night some guys were comparing them to the ’96 Yankees.
But of course we all know they haven’t won anything yet.

Every morming Joe Torre wakes up and shakes his specially made Dodger Blue Magic 8 Ball
and every morning it say’s bat Matty 8th, except for the mornings it said bat Blake 8th…….Magic 8 Ball your a Genius.

I am glad that the Dodgers won but I can’t get too excited since I am so angry right now. I was busted for talking on my cell phone. Normally, I have my Bluetooth GPS mounted while driving so I can receive calls. This one time, my GPS was in my pocket, I took the call and did not think to just put it on speaker and set it in the cup holder. Now I am freaking out because I am reading that despite the law setting the first time offense at $20, a search of the web indicates that most people have to pay $132 or more for that infraction. Like Manny, I am now going to have to pay for my transgression. For a fine to hurt Manny as much as $132 hurts me, it would have to be $755,000!

I was at the game tonight too and it was good to see those crooked numbers go up on the board. We finally got some hits with the bases loaded. does anyone have any updates on Odog?

I’m still ticked off about last nights. We should have swept the Mets. If Blake catches that grounder and turns a double play the Dodgers win.

Wow what an innings by Florida?

Gload made 2 outs on grounded ball and still got 2 rbi’s.

You have to also like having the same PH come up in the same inning to get 2 ab’s.

Preliminary on Hudson looks good, but with our trainer….???
“Oh, it hurt,” Hudson said of the drilling he took.

But other than adding he would do his daily icing regimen to combat the swelling, Hudson didn’t appear to be too concerned with the injury………
Manager Joe Torre …….echoed that sentiment, saying he’s typically informed by the training staff when an injury could be serious.

“Usually if something’s not going to be OK, I get that news,” Torre said. “And I didn’t get that news.”

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!

I left when the score was 8-2 and felt pretty good about the game, and then to find out we tacked three more runs to our total, that is just awesome!!!

32and53fan – sorry about your ticket.

dodgereric – with our trainer you just never know, do you?

oldbrooklynfan and truebluewill ~glad to see the Dodgers put on another good game for you to watch.

Hi Junie! I seem to be experiencing more connectivity issues tonight. It’s pushing me around the bend….

…….and buried in the back of yet another Kuo comeback story is this:

“Belisario seemed to escape serious injury when his elbow came up tight this week, but he still figures to miss a minimum of a month.”

Well I guess I can just turn off the replay now Nelly – LOL
It is top of 8th with Dodgers up 11-2 so I guess I am not going to see anything else happen.

Was I not supposed to give up the score? I am sorry 32and53 – LOL!!!

Hi Ward Dear!! Sorry about your connection issues. I thought I had them today, but it was just Mariya having one of her moments. She turned the wireless connection off – LOL!!!

That is not good about Bellisario Eric 😦

Oh, and greetings to trubluewill! Nice to see that brooklyn has a friend out there!

Well, let Bellisario rehab. We are going to need him in the later months and into October. However, with our trainer, you just never know. How does a week off turn into a month off?

Hi 32! Tough luck on the road today, huh? Sorry about that. 😦

I think they said we were 8 for 20 w/RISP tonight. A cool .400 in that category will win a lot of games.

It’s okay Eric. It was my own fault for not pressing speaker and setting it down. Expensive lesson to learn. Someone said the Ventura County fee is $89 in addition to the $20 fine so it may only be $109 instead of $132. But with the way the state has raised the auto registration fees, I would not be surprised if they raised the fines for all violations across the board.
I will just have to remember the words of Ogden Nash who once said: “If called by a panther, don’t anther!” 🙂

Actually Eric is was 8/23.

Hudson is expected to played today.

I think I should had say later on today since I wrote it at 1:22 am in the morning lol.

We finished playing the Mets and Philly and now we have to play the Brewers 6 more times. This schedule seem kind of weird to me.

It is FRIDAY and we are still NUMBER ONE!
Our BOYS IN BLUE played a great game yesterday. Everyone was hitting and runs were coming in. WOLF was great and I give him props…GOOD JOB!
Today we player the Brewers and it will be a great game. GOOD LUCK to our BOYS and hope BILLI can strike them out.

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful….
Billz and the Brewers tonight!! Go get em Boy’s!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!

Good morning ITD blogmates!
Brian: So sorry about you getting that ticket :-(. Maybe if you show up to court they will cut the fee in half like Alex (Dodger fan friend we saw at Phillippes) told us they did for him.
Anyone here read in the L.A.Times Sport section the article by Erskine? He writes the “Man of the House” column in Saturday’s Home section. I am going to send him an email to respond to a few things he says and there and also to invite him to spend time with my friends and I at a ballgame. here is the article:,0,4771559.column
I can’t wait to see my boys return to Dodger Stadium! they desrve a nice long standing ovation when they come back.

Good morning to everyone on the west coast. It was a good series against the Mets and a great season series taking 5 out of six. It gives me bragging rights here in NY with my Met fan friends and co-workers. I looking forward to after the all-star break when the pennant race heats up and we can wrap this thing up.

WTF!!! Charlie Manuel just selected Werth to replace Beltran. Matt Kemp is hitting like 50 points higher. What a joke

And why would Charlie Manuel select somebody who prepetually bats #8 in the lineup for the All-Star game?

Are you kidding me? It doesnt matter if you bat 8th. The Dodgers have the best record in baseball. And Matt Kemp is hitting .320 and Werth is hitting .268. Kemp was the obvious choice. He is better than 4 of the 7 all star outfielders. Upton, Werth, Victorino and Pence. What a shame

Good afternoon to you in the East coast and a belated welcome to the ITD crazy family.

OK, 8 for 23 w/RISP is still .348! Guess I heard wrong. Mea culpa.

Kemp .319 .386 OBP
Werth .268 .373 OBP
Advantage Kemp

Kemp 10 HRs
Werth 20 HRs
Advantage Werth

Kemp 9 assists, 2 errors
Werth 6 assists, 2 errors
Advantage Kemp

Kemp bats 8th, what All-Star would bat 8th?
Werth bats 5th, bingo.

Kemp has Torre for a manager
Werth has Manuel
Congratulations Jason

Again, why does it matter if he bats 8th? He’s on the best team in baseball. Its obvious Manuel just wanted his player on the team. Kemp>Werth

And you forgot Kemp 19 SB, Werth 12 SB
Advantage Kemp

hahahaha you’ve gotta love the best player in the league getting ibb in the 1st inning.

Andy ~ I agree with you about wanting his own player. All All-Star managers do it every year and it’s a damn shame. That’s why I could care less about the game. It’s a waste my precious time to watch the Phillies play in the All-Star Game.
I also believe it is the East Coast bias thing rearing its ugly head once again.

Werth>Victorino Reynolds>Wright batting 8th screw Kemp and if Kemp was batting higher he would had like 60+ rbi’s

taking away the batting order and manager, the score is:
Kemp 3
Werth 1.
advantange Kemp.

Werth must have pictures of Manuel.

hahahahaa nice one emma

I bet Kemp had more votes than Werth in the first place heck I bet everyone on that final vote had more vote than Werth.

I hate to wish someone an injuries what happen if Werth get hurt? What’s next Rollins or even Stairs hahaha?

I really think it’s a case of Manuel wanting his own guy. I’d like to see Torre try this lineup: 4 Blake
5 Kemp
6 Loney
7 Hudson
8 Martin

batting order doesnt mean anything. He’s hitting 50 points higher than werth. 50 points is alot. Maybe if werth was hitting at least .290 then i would be ok with it. But he’s under .270. How does everyone not agree that Kemp is better than Werth. Its not his fault he’s batting 8th, but it doesnt matter anyways.

I think we all agree here, Andy, that Matt is better than Werth.

truebluewill ~ I’d love to see that lineup too! I am beginning to think Joe has something against Matt. Why wouldn’t you want one of your best hitters to get more chances with the bat?!

Andy, all that bear and I were doing was slamming the idiot Torre for continuing to waste Kemp’s bat so damned low in the lineup. I agree with you that it’s amazing that he’s hitting so well with the pitcher behind him. Kemp deserves to be there, certainly more than Jason. I like Werth, but his HR stats are inflated due to that minorleague park he plays in.

This is just wrong, and it’s why I think the votes don’t really count for much other than a popularity contest. If this were a matter of real numbers and real baseball, Wright doesn’t deserve to be there either (this year). The only position where the numbers really mattered is in pitching, and that’s because it wasn’t up to the popularity vote.

Matt Kemp had more player votes…Manuel is an A-Hole. Im sure Joe wasn’t trying to convince him to add Bison either you know since Joe HATES Matt. Old Farts!

Joe Torre is the only manager in baseball that would bat Kemp 8th, and it cost Kemp an All-Star appearance. It has also cost the Dodgers some wins, but with the best record in baseball few people care and Torre can continue to show he’s the boss and can do what he wants. It’s sad, but all too true.

Kuo’s and Belisario’s elbows have both been cut on, Tommy John style. And I believe each more than once. Bad elbows out of the bullpen + Joe Torre = Very long stints on Disabled List. Do you think Uncle Joe could possibly leave Ethier in the two-hole for a second straight game? I know it’s a lot to ask….

Kahli ~ I was wondering about that last night too. But, you are right, we do have Joe making the lineup and he doesn’t like to keep things the same, does he?

…..very true redfox, and Kahli……….it is a lot to ask 🙂

If Hudson started hitting you probably would see him back in the 2nd hole.

Tonight’s lineup:

Furcal SS
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Ramirez LF
Loney 1B
Blake 3B
Hudson 2B
Martin C
Billingsley P
……..and then I woke up……..

then you wake up and here is what you got……..this is what Chad ususally gets

Pierre CF
Hudson 2nd
Ramirez LF
Loney 1B
Loretta 3B
Martin C
Castro SS
Kemp RF
Billingsly P

LOL, nelly. Absolutely right. And he wishes he still had Sweeney off the bench.

Kemp is now in the top ten in NL batting average……

Kemp is 5th in steals…………

You forgot about #9 – he is tied for 4th 🙂

Congrats Matt for cracking that top 10 and still batting 8th!!

Kemp is 3rd in OF assists……..

Kemp is tied for 2nd with six triples … tied with Victorino

Matt Kemp is not an All-Star……….yet.

Kemp is tied for 9th in strikeouts … tied with Werth

Matt Kemp has an higher OPS then Ryan Howard.

Hi Everyone. I wouldn’t mind Kemp having the honor, and he’s much more deserving, but I guess the All-Star game is pretty useless. I still watch all 9 innings, but I guess these days, with how badly Bud’s screwed it up, watching the All-Star game these days is like visiting your best friend in a coma… draw your own conclusions there.

I’ll pass a virtual collection plate around to be donated to the charity of Charlie Manuel’s choosing if he wears the jersey Shad posted a few comments back. Making that homer decision to pick his guy over many more qualified players, I think the Name On Back is descriptive of the photo Emma says Werth has of him.

What d’ya know, I guess Giants fans ARE good for something…

Matt Kemp is tied for 6th in hits.

Albert Pujols is 7th in hits.

….and that is why he is called “The Bison”

Matt Kemp is tougher than a robot built of nails.

Jayson Werth plays in a park where Joe Torre can go yard with a fungo bat.

What kind of nails? galvinized? roofing nails? finishing nails? press-on nails? LOL!!!!

I am just playin’ with you northstateblues. It’s good to see you in these parts again. How are things up north?

I saw Dodgereric’s posted lineup and was saying Joe finally got it right. And, then, came back to reality! Thanks, Eric for at least giving me hope!

“Matt Kemp is tougher than a robot built of nails.

By northstateblues on July 10, 2009 2:26 PM”

Manuel and Torre are dumber than a sack full of hammers.

same lineup as yesterday…

Things are good, Nelly. About to hit up the store soon.

As for the type of nails, I’d have to say all of the above. Kemp is a robot-beating machine, Optimus Prime has nothing on Matt Kemp.

Jayson Werth, on the other hand, can probably be felled by a toaster.

Jayson Werth can be felled by a divot in the ground.

when i saw that werth had been named an all-star over matt kemp, i was irate.. and when i came on the board to write about it.. i saw all the stats you guys put up in matt’s favor further reinforcing the point.. and now i’m LIVID.. this whole thing is a joke.. i can’t believe that matt is so deserving and yet he was slighted.. i get that the final vote is the fans and a popularity contest.. so it’s not going to be the most deserving players.. hence ian kinsler being left out.. but the coaches are supposed to be making baseball decisions.. what a bunch of BS

Optimus Prime is pretty cool, and I would have to agree with you on that. Glad things are going well for you.

The Phillies had members of their front office voting all day for Victorino…it was sham.

Sara ~ what makes it eeven worse that Matt was left off the team is the fact that Charlie didn’t pick any of the remaining players who were selected to be the final member of the team.

I’m sorry, I think Werth was one of the players in the running.

i know trublu.. it’s honestly absolutely ridiculous.. who the heck cares that werth has 20 homers while playing half the games in one of the most hitter friendly parks?? i’m more impressed by matt’s triples.. triples = power and speed

Werth wasn’t a final vote candidate trublu.. you were right the first time.. it was victorino, pablo sandoval, mark reynolds, matty kemp, and cristian guzman.. i think..

Well, it looks like I have to eat a little crow. I was ignorant on how the All-Star rosters were filled out. We all know about the starting 8 being elected by the fans, of course. But I didn’t know this:

“In addition to the starters who were elected by the fans, pitchers and reserve players were named to the All-Star Game rosters by the Player Ballot – a vote of the players, managers and coaches – and by the All-Star Game managers in conjunction with Major League Baseball.”

That sets the team, with the exception of the “Final Vote” process. aeversw, I saw that too – the Phils had their front office people voting on-line for Victorino while working. I wonder if we did that?

Then comes the process for replacing injured players.

“According to MLB, any injured starter will be replaced by the top vote-getter on the player ballot who’s not a starter.”


Dodgereric – thanks for the lesson 🙂

“One of the things that the league office was kind of concerned about is Kemp had more player votes and that plays some kind of part in it,” Manuel said. “I have to wait and see.”

I still can’t believe that Jayson was the top vote getter.

I bet if Kemp win a batting title and gold glove I bet Manual would change his mind.

lol Mauer in the homerun derby yeah right but something is weird in his homerun stats this year.

Furcal SS
Ethier RF
Ramirez LF
Blake 3B
Loney 1B
Martin C
Hudson 2B
Kemp CF
Billingsley P

Wow, Kahli! Are you sure it wasn’t a misprint?! lol

The Mets traded Ryan Church for Jeff Francouer from the Braves.

“Mets manager Jerry Manuel never seemed to warm up to him, and seemed particularly peeved after Church missed third base while running home earlier this season in a game New York eventually lost.”
Methinks I remember that game. 🙂

Good points, all, on Kemp vs. Werth. No doubt there was politics involved in this decision. It’s fun to watch but I try not to take the All Star game too seriously. Let’s face it, it’s an exhibition game, for the most part, by and for the fans. Good players, fairly and unfairly, get left out. You can’t pick everybody that’s deserving. The most ridiculous aspect of it is that it decides home field for the WS. That is way too important to be decided by a mere exhibition game….FREE MATT KEMP FROM THE EIGHT HOLE!!!!!!

i wrote a letter to Chris Erskine of the L.A. Times and he sent me a nice funny (as in haha) email. I told him that the reason I did not go to Angel Stadium this year was because from the ticket office to the ushers, to security they were rude, homers and …selective in their treatment. We saw them being nice to their fans. Not sure if It was because we were decked out in Dodger blue or because we are Hispanics but I did not want to go this year. Besides, I can’t get the pictures off my mind of the rat infestation.
part of Chri’s response:
“”One of the things I’m going to do in the future is put on rival team gear and see how I’m treated – first in LA, then down in Anaheim. I think that would be interesting. Wish me luck. If you never see me in the paper again, you’ll know why.””
Hahal I wrote back “come sit with us and we’ll protect you!.”

I had to check that out tru and it was truth.

May 18 when the Mets made 5 errors and 2 in the botton of the order Crash.

hahahaha good point Karros


#17 for Mr. Ethier……………………….Andre Ethier!!

HR #17 gets us started.

Leave Andre in the no. 2 hole!!!!

Thanks-you, Dre, for keeping my winning streak alive!

Damn Hudson why did you cover 2nd base that was a routine grounded.

Bills is got to settle down. I feel we are going to score a lot of runs tonight.

Billz seems to have settled down – good 🙂

Loneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #7

All on the road.

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

That’s what I want to see. Power from James!!! nellyjune can we put those words to a tune.

Geez Hardy was like 1/9 against Bills.

The Dodgers might as well just trade Matt Kemp if they are going to waste him in the 8 spot. I’m so sick of seeing us throw away outs because we always have to sac bunt with the pitcher. What a waste!

Love Dre-Man!


Manny just tied Mickey Mantle

I hate being in this time warp!

WTG MANNY! You’re in good company now that you’ve tied the Mick!

Come on Billz, shut them down!

There goes Martin

Hey everyone. Livin’ by the long ball tonight. Note, to Joe, please leave Andre in the 2 hole in front of Manny. It’s a great combo and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Have to love the sausage race.

5 runs on 5 hits 4 home runs Very unDodger like. We’ll take it. No. 2 for Martin. It’s about time.

Oh man that not a good start.

Shut them down Mota!!!

If Mota give up the lead I won’t blame him one bit

Too bad for Bills. Didn’t have his best stuff today. A double play would be nice right now.

Not bad Mota!!! Bills just didn’t have it

Wussy Billz is pitching like a piece of crap. Couldn’t hold a candle to the likes of Lincecum. Wussy bast***!

Maybe Billz shoud change his number like Randy did! lol

Way to go Blake!! Advance the runner!!

LOL. That’s good Shad!

Got out of that inning cheap enough I guess. It could have been alot worse.

hmmmmm 104? Is that allowed in baseball.

Nice start Kemp.

Nice productive out Dewitt.

I’m, still trying to figure out how a nimrod pineapple headed fool like Victorino got in over Kemp on the final All Star spot.
Go figure.

God damn Furcal should had took a pitch and geez I hate not scoring with 1 out and a runner on 3rd even worst a 2-0 count.


Frustrating.! Notice that torre leaves Bils in, when he is over 90 pitches, walks two and lets it the situation just become out of hand for any relief pitcher. Good job Mota.
And to not score with a lead off Double, just freaking lame.

But the brewers manager changes the pitchers and gets the outs needed, especially vs furcal and Dre. Geez come on Manny light it up! With the gnats playing the madres out vantage will shrink if we don’t get going NOW!

Come on Wade let’s get your ERA down like Mota.

Since Wade came back he went from 5.89 to 5.53.

I can’t believe Manny try to hit that 3-0 pitch when he should had walk.

shad:I agree He swung at ball 4

I think Manny Swung at ball 4 twice!

That’s 3-1 pitch was a ball. I know you want to give him the green light but come on this guy didn’t want no piece if Manny


Yes he did true.

I folks, just got in.
Hope I can bring some luck, here.

Damn go SD


oldbrooklynfan: The Dodgers are going to need your help tonight.

Leach VS. LEFT: .171 / .636 VS. RIGHT: .107 / .444 HOME: .211 / .707 AWAY: .040 / .320

Any and all good luck welcome here, Joe.

The way Bob Uecker’s calling this inning, you’d think it was Game 7 of the Fall Classic.

What do you know, our very good friend Trevor Hoffman is up in the Brewpen… this could be a good thing…

Should had never happen.

Come on Dodgers grab this game back!!!!

Good job to get the double play! Let’s go beat that creep Hoffman.

He just don’t look good in a Brewers uniform.


Even though Hoffman has beaten us more than any other team, we’ve also beaten him.

lol @ Kemp

Way to go Russell and Matt!

Nice Russ, Matty and Loretta!

With the high heeled shoes and the long-necked sweater

We’re back, Loretta

Loretta is such a Brewser killer. Man old you such good lucky.

Yeah Baby!!! Keep on going…..

Well, well, well . . . Loretta came through! All right!!!

well, guess we’re gonna have to hold the tie…

Damn rally killer dp that hurt

Hold em! Hold em! Hold em

That was a beauty bunt by Kemp.

SF 4-0 damn I knew SD would let them try to win again

Where was that pitch?

Joe really took out the guy whos second on the team in RBIs and known for having a sweet glove at first? REALLY?! wow.

Urgh why is it posted that at 8:04 when that was one hour ago?

Great pitching by Troncoso to get Braun.

Extra innings……………….here we come!!! Let’s go Dodger Blue!!!!

Come On Dodgers, Lets Score!!!!!!

Exciting baseball! TMIMITW with a triple!

Another clutch inning for TRONCOSO.

When Hoffman came in I remembered that game in September with the back to back to back to back homeruns

Blakeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with the triple.




Alright Manny and Casey!!!


hahahahah ibb Pierre wow they fear him?


Thanks Manual for not choosing Kemp now he got a grand slam.

Alright JP!!!!! Way to get that intentional walk!!!

and Manny did the right thing this inning by taking the walk!

I was just thinking that it was CASEY’S turn to hit a HR,
He didn’t, but it was close.

Alright Russell!!!!!

Wow, Matt really crushed that one. I bet Brox is happy to know he’ll have a cushion to work with.

Alright Russell!!!!!

Glad he bats 8th. 11 for his last 16.


Give MARTIN credit for putting wood on the ball.

Looks like it’s unanimous here.
Kemp is much more deserving for an All Star appearance.
Shane Who?

That is what is sooo good about this team this year is the game isn’t over until it’s over, and for the most part everyone is contributing to these types of games, win or lose.

C’mon Loretta – one more time . . . .

BYE BYE BABY I didn’t miss much.

OMG – HE HIT IT OUT!!!! MATTY!!!!!!!!!


WOW!!!!! Matt KEmp!!!!!! yeah Manuel is dumb, dumb.

……..and that is why he is called “the Bison” Way to go Matthew Ryan Kemp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Charlie Manuel feels like a horse’s a** right now

Wow – huge time warp! I posted that Loretta comment about half an hour ago – weird!


8 spot = 2nd cleanup

I love it, I love it. what a great team effort. Bills didn’t have it and the team pick him up.

Well, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea he is batting 8th. He is the 2nd clean up hitter.

Man look at Furcal and see how small he is against Fielders? I want to see Broxton and Fielders at 1st or run that sausage race.

Everybody’s very happy
‘Cause the sun is shining all the time
Looks like another perfect day

I love L.A. (We love it)
I love L.A. (We love it)

Since Mannys been back the Dodgers have been scoring like crazy.

lol good bullpen make the manager a genius I don’t know if I like that comment but like this Broxton vs Fielders matchup.

Looks like he needs the work, too.

I know he was warming up, but I would like to save Jonathan for when we really need him.

Come on Broxton.

Since Pierre’s been gone the Dodgers have been scoring like crazy!

Oh no!!

Broxton was scheduled to get in some work today.

aeversw 🙂

Geez christ.

Put this one in the win column….. Brox!!!!

C’mon Brox, quit the Hoffman impression

I find it odd to use broxton with this lead. I know he had a melt down before, but I would want him fresh for a must have save situation, hope this doesn’t burn us tomorrow.
Good Game eventually! another nail biter really.

Uh, oh! Let’s get this over Brox!

Yeah, Matt! Great catch!!!!!

Eat that Charlie Manuel!

Way to go Bison!!


On the broadcast they said Brox needed work, so I guess that’s why he’s in.

lol I knew SD would not give the Giants a game tonight.

Come on Brox, get the DP ball to short and let’s call it a night!

Hero of the Game: Matthew Ryan Kemp!!!

Matt Kemp IS an all-star no matter who says what!!!

I think Torre should take Broxton out of there.

I wonder if Werth would had made that played?

What a catch! Brox has looked a little ragged his last 2 outings, but I think he’ll be fine.

That is one big Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dodger Blue Team – you never gave up and you were ALL awesome tonight!!!

I think Broxton needs to come in when there is a save situation in the 9th inning only, perhaps an out in the 8th. But anything else and he is shaky, I do not want Ned to have to find a new closer. WOW the win and we need it!


And that is why Matt Kemp should be in the All Star game….

I think this was a team effort, capped off by Matt’s Grand Slam.

Hmmm, home runs by Loney, Martin, Kemp and Ethier! I guess our “kids” are growing up!

Unbelievable catch! Bison is our best player…Manny’s the best hitter but as an overall player Matt Kemp is the best. He’s the best player on the best team in baseball and he bats 8th!

That is great to see Mr. Piano Man 🙂

I agree nelly!! Glad to see our boys performing, and pulling it out when things don’t necessarily go as planned!

I have seen that Trevor Hoffmann entrance, and it is pretty impressive. I am listening to the post talk show on KABC, and they are talking to Loretta about our team and Trevor.

lol at the no hitter by Sanchez after Lincecum almost got one. I knew the Padres was going to be tough against us and not do anything against them the first 2 night. I can understand Lincecum but not Sanchez.

Matt Kemp All-Star. How about Matt Kemp MVP. Love that Willie Mays style catch! I don’t know what’s up with Broxton. In the last two games, 5 hits, 5 runs, 4 walks. The good news is the Dodgers won both games. That’s a very good sign.

Matt Kemp All-Star. How about Matt Kemp MVP. Love that Willie Mays style catch! I don’t know what’s up with Broxton. In the last two games, 5 hits, 5 runs, 4 walks. The good news is the Dodgers won both games. That’s a very good sign.

I was told Sanchez, much like Mota, had his mechanics changed …… it is possible for him to do this.

I think this is one of the few times that the Dodgers and Giants actually agree on something. Pablo Sandavol has been killing the ball, much like Matt Kemp has been, and they think they got screwed in the all-star voting as well. The difference is Sandoval plays 1st and 3rd and those positions are well taken care of, where we had a chance with outfielders needing to be replaced.

I’m watching the Sanchez no-hit bid. I just can’t root for anything Giant.

I still think Sandoval should had gone over Wright and hahahahaha tru that post deserved a triple one.

One out in the eight and Uribe makes an error.

Shad – I agree with that for this year, and I think to a point David Wright would agree with us as well.

Sanchez was pitching a perfect game until that error

I really think Wright could miss one all star games in his career and is not like he’s going to get no chance of making some more when he retired. I think this is the first time Arod is going to miss the all stars game and only because he missed a lot of game

The great thing is my son is at the movies missing the whole thing – LOL!!!!!

Here we go!

Who would have thought Jonathan Sanchez with a no-hitter? The gnats # 5 pitcher, who went to the bullpen because he wasn’t getting it done, and now came back because Randy is on the DL. I hate to admit it, but they have one hell of a pitching staff, and we need to be very aware of it because unless one goes down, they are going to be hard to beat for any team.

Damn he got it.

We Will Beat Them Nelly…We Will Beat Them!!!!!

Good pitching is good pitching, and it should to be congratulated, gnats or not. Just think, the NL west is becoming one of the best in the business right now. We have the best record in baseball, the gnats have one hell of a pitching staff,and 3 out of the 5 teams are beating teams outside of our division,and even Arizona beat the Fish tonight. So, it can no longer be said that the NL West is a weak division.

I heard they wanted to get rid of him do they still want to know?

Sanchez is the first gnat since Septemeber of 1976 to have a no-hitter. The last one was John Montefusco on 9/29/76.

Don’t worry nellyjune, let them have the no-hitter, we’ll take the division. When it counts we’ll beat them.

To be honest, they probably would if it meant getting a bat for him.

I am not worried one bit truebluewill and dodger4life – I just sit back and silently watch the standings.

hahaha one SF fans wrote this on there game thread message board.

dtownallstarz81_9_41_32 (7/10/2009 at 9:37 PM) Report Violation if he bunt singled i would go to SF and kill him myself

Wow I wasn’t even born until 1978.

Well, while we are winning another championship, the gnats will be gloating over this one accomplishment for the next 33 years.

Wow he did it in front of his father and the backup catcher.

Wikipedia gave Juan Uribe the business for breaking up the perfect game with his error. It’ll be edited by now, so I saved a pic of the page. Read the last line of the “Personal Life” section:

I just love how they trash talk about not getting no respect and they still waiting to win there 1st WS in SF.

I read some where….. that Raffy, had said that ” Manny has taken over the DJ dutie’s in the locker room.”
Yeah they was dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin

Lay down that boogie and play that funky music till ya die
Till ya die….Oh Ya Ya!!!
What a Game and What a Team!!!!
Keep on Keep’n on Boy’s!!!!
God Bless and Good Night All
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

LMAO!!!!!! North!!!!!!!

Now, if it were one of our pitchers and one of our players did that, don’t you think ITD would go nuts too? I can think of a few choice words that would be said 🙂

I like that worthless bum.

Gosh what did they have to show that no hitter.


McOwen’s streak 8th longest in historyComment Email Print Share Associated Press

MODESTO, Calif. — High Desert’s Jamie McOwen had his hitting streak ended Friday night at 45 games, the eighth-longest run in minor league history.

McOwen went 0 for 3 with a walk in the Mavericks’ 2-0 loss at Modesto. Needing a hit to extend the streak, McOwen struck out in his final at-bat in the ninth inning.

Seven previous times during the streak, McOwen had extended it in his last at-bat. The 2007 sixth-round draft pick had a hit in every game in which he played for Seattle’s Class A California League affiliate since May 10.

It was the minors’ longest streak since Waco’s Roman Mejias hit in 55 straight games in 1954. Wichita’s Joe Wilhoit set the minor league mark with a 69-game streak in 1919.

“It’s something I’m having fun with,” McOwen told The Associated Press in a telephone interview before the game Friday night. “I’m not going to make it a burden or not talk about it. When it ends, it ends. But right now, it’s going good, so I’m having a great time with it.”

McOwen set the California League record a few weeks ago when he hit in his 36th straight game. The left-handed hitting outfielder hit .398 with three homers, five triples, six doubles and 34 RBIs during the streak.

He bunted into a forceout in the first, walked in the fourth and grounded into a double play in the sixth. With a runner on and no outs in the ninth, McOwen struck out swinging.

Wow what an impressive streak that McOwen had.

The funny thing about that story Shad is my family knows the pitching coach for the Modesto team. He is my son’s pitching coach 🙂

Wow how nice.


h ttp://

h ttp://

Urgh forgot that I wasn’t on the main board and you can type http on this blog. Look at Sandoval and Wright numbers and also check out Kemp and Victorino numbers and this is why we all know that Sandoval and Kemp should’ve gone and for fun thrown in Reynolds numbers over Wright also.

Good morning, ITD’ers!
It’s kind of scary that the Giants all of a sudden have the ptiching in the division – something that our Dodgers have been known for over the decades. They say that good pitching overcomes good hitting, especially in the playoffs.
Right now I wouldn’t want to match up Billz and Kershaw against Lincenum and Cain. Kershaw looks like he’s coming around, but can’t go much of a distance. Billz looks like he needs to find himself alltogether. And, we need somebody with better stuff than either Wolf or Kuroda to go into the playoffs.
I’m not recommending this, but would any of you consider giving up either Billz or Kershaw for Halladay? Something to at least think about.

Good points messagebear. But I wouldn’t do it. Bills and Kershaw are our future. As it stands now we have two really good starters (Bills and Kershaw) and two so-so (Wolf and Kuroda). If we gave up either Bills or Kershaw for Halladay I don’t think we would improve our starting pitching that much. The thing to do is to keep Bills and Kershaw and try to upgrade from there. But that means getting someone other then Halladay. Who that someone might be and how much he would help is the tough question.

Interesting. Apparently we went to scout Halliday Thursday and, the Blue Jays would probably want either, Kersh or Billz. Supposedly we balked at that idea. However, when you are dealing with Ned and Frank, anything is a possibilty.

I think the Dodgers would be better served trying to get either Erik Bedard or Jarrod Washburn from Seatle. That way they can keep Bills and Kershaw and upgrade the starting pitching.

The questions to consider –
Will Billz and/or Kersh be as good at their peak as Halladay?
I think possibly, but certainly no guarantee.
Would Halladay make the adjustment to National League without the same kind of problem that Zito experienced?
Who knows – stranger things have happened.
If you made the deal and had to give up either Billz or Kersh, who would you part with?
I’d give up Kersh, because Billz has progressed further along, has pitched more innings in the majors, and Kersh may yet be a bad arm waiting to happen because of age and possible overwork at his age.
Weighing against the deal in my mind is also the fact that Halladay I believe is only tied up for another full year – after that what have you got.
So, on the balance, like trublu4 I probably wouldn’t make the deal. If we have to subtract a good starter or prospect to land an even better starter, you’re really not adding that additional good starter, which is what we seem to need.

I agree with you, Truebluewill. I know Billz and Kersh are having a rough time as of late but, I still think they will become quality pitchers. Some, however feel we should do whatever it takes to get Halliday. They want the “ring” this year.

I like our team. Our hitting, since Manny came back (sorry Bear) has been lights out. We have done pretty well against the Giants pitching, which is probably the best in the bigs and, I think even though our pitching hasn’t been superb, is good enough to get things done. I think we could possibly get a less costly pitcher, if needed, to bolster our staff. This year we want to win and it shows. Whats more important is that we are never out of a game…..for the most part, somebody steps up and gets us a victory.

sigh wrong thread

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