Tour reminder…

Just a reminder, the Inside the Dodgers tour is next Saturday, June 27 and we have close to 50 people already on board. You can also purchase group tickets for that night and it’s looking more and more likely that we will be able to bring out OldBrooklynFan after all…

If you’re interested in the group tour at 11:30, please email Dustin at and he’ll take credit card info, etc. to get you set up.

If you want to attend the game that night against the Mariners, please contact Kris at or 323.224.1308.

Update: Tonight’s lineup:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Blake, 3B

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C (He just had a news conference to announce a $600,000 donation and his personal community initiative with and launch

Wolf, P


  1. nellyjune

    Josh – that is fabulous news about Joe Pierre (oldbrooklynfan)!!!!! I hope it works out for him 🙂
    Thanks for the updates, and I think those of us signed up already are getting antsy to go.

    GO DODGER BLUE!!!!!!

  2. trublu4ever

    I am also thrilled that Joe Pierre (oldbrooklynfan) will be able to attend. Thank you to the Dodger Organization for making this happen for him!

  3. kpookiemon

    Josh, on the tour, will we be seeing the mummified ancient relic of the Russell Martin? Not quite sure whatever happened to that talented, disciplined player…


    hey cpompe was right! josh was talking about continuing to work on oldbrooklynfan for THIS trip, not a future one! that is amazing news.. i really hope it works out!

    thanks again josh for organizing all this and keeping us updated! i’ve already taken care of both the tour and the tickets.. yay 🙂


    trublu, a real good beat down would definitely be nice!! let’s hope we bring all our bats tonight! GO BLUE~

  6. crzblue2

    Woohoo!!! I am glad that Joe Pierre is making it! I was asking yesterday who was traveling the furthest! now we know!
    I am stressing out at work. i have not been able to go to BP this week. i got Workers Comp audtitors, R&D auditors wanting us to go back to the beginning of time. OK, back to work. I was working from home AFTEr I got home after the game. Don’t keep me up too late tonight boys! El Lobo on the mound tonight

  7. trublu4ever

    I’m getting my margaritas ready for the game tonight. Just wondering if 2 will be enough? Maybe I should double it, it might take two in order to get through the first two innings!

  8. scott_in_arcadia

    This is one of those cases where “putrified” and “petrified” are equally acceptable in the English language. In fact, “noodlefied” is also allowed.

  9. aeversw

    oops forgot to finish…they benched him “indefinitely” and he has 2 home runs and has a line of .273/.347/.343…Russell Martin should be lucky Jim Leyland isn’t our manager.

  10. nellyjune

    Dodgereric – I think “I’ve Got You Babe” needs to be taken off the shelf. I am so tired of seeing his *** batting lead off.

  11. enchantedbeaver

    Anyone notice Furcal’s having a JP kind of 9 game hitting streak:
    1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (.265 BA)


    Sorry to see Kali be so hard on Russell Martin but understandable. As I recall Martin changed his off season training in order to increase stamina and prevent the big fall off in the second half. Maybe he will reverse this trend and have a great second half offensively. I will say after reading a number of comments about Russell and watching a number of his at bats more closely he does seem to pull everything lately, hitting a lot of ground balls and line drives to third base. He may hit the ball hard but the result is the same. I am sure he is aware of all this and let’s hope he finds a solution soon. I am not ready to give up on him quite yet.

  13. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Everbody
    I just want to say first off that I am very nervous, I can hardly sleep or eat but I am preparing myself for the trip.
    I am giving Josh via e-mail all the information that he’s asking for so that he can arrange the trip.
    I haven’t been on a plane in over 45 years and that was when I flew in from Hawaii after my tour of duty ended in the Army.>>(9/30/63)
    I really had no plans of flying again.
    When Josh contacted me I was in tremendous shock, but after thinking it over, I began to feel, If I turned it down, I know I’d regret it the rest of my life, since I’ve remained a Dodger fan after they left Brooklyn.
    Again I want to thank all of you on ITD for suggesting it and making it all possible.

  14. trublu4ever

    Oldbrooklynfan ~ I’m so glad you are coming. I promise we will all take good care of you. It will be a trip you won’t forget!

  15. enchantedbeaver

    Way to go Joe Pierre!!! I’m happy for you!!

    Heaven forbid we deviate from JP/Furcal/Hudson at the top of the line-up.

  16. nellyjune

    Joe Pierre – It’s going to be fantastic!!!!!!

    enchanted – if you are willing to change the bottom of the order to mix it up, why not change the top too? I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!!!

  17. crzblue2

    Ok, a quick post before I head out the door.
    We are all so proud of you for going thru with it. The co-worker that I worked wtih and go to N.H. is terrified of flying. He does his crossword puzzles to get his mind off and he also goes to the doctor to get …I don’t know what he gets for anxiety. He does better once the plane takes off.
    The reason why I was asking yesterday who was traveling the furthest is I want to give that person a little something. Maybe a giveaway. Also if anyone wants a Hudson poster let me know I have extras.
    Ok, time to go now. I think I’ll have a drink at the stadium tonight.

  18. 32and53fan

    Well Nelly, I imagine Enchanted is waiting for a boatload of money to drop on him. It is not cheap to make a round trip from New Mexico to L.A. and back, not to mention the cost of the tour, parking, tickets and food at the game.
    I am coming to the tour but am torn about spending the $40 for the parking, game ticket, and Dodger Dog with drink that it will take to get me into the game when I have car repair bills coming up. I have only been to one game in the last ten years and that was only because some guy on the ProSportsDaily blog had three extra tickets from his company that he could use.


    Now that we know Joe Pierre/oldbrooklynfan is coming, maybe Josh can arrange for him to throw out one of the ceremonial first pitches. I know we have asked alot of the Dodgers to get Joe Pierre to Los Angeles but this one little thing would not cost a penny and would give him a huge thrill. I know because I have been lucky enough to throw out the “first pitch” some years ago. Josh, what do you think? And Joe Pierre, would you do it if asked?

  20. nellyjune

    32and53fan – I would think enchanted is more worried about security issues, as many of us should be – LOL!!!!

  21. colliethec

    I’ve been laying low lately as work has gotten me a bit down & coupled with not being able to make the ITD Tour I’ve been a little pouty. Reading the posts on here, sort of reminded me when I was younger and my friends would be doing fun summer stuff that cost $$$ and talking about it & I wasn’t able to go. I guess I can’t do it all. I’m still hoping to make it with my Brother, but it would be a grind as his plane leaves San Francisco at 8:00 that night, so it would be tour for us and then hit I5 for the long haul north.
    Buuuutttttt. Seeing as Joe will be going after all has really brought a smile to my face. I’m really happy that he will be there. I was telling my Brother about it as he’s also flying out from the east coast & Joe, he said not to worry! Just get on that plane and enjoy the ride. It’s actually pretty fun flying across the country seeing the view and the scenes change as you make progress from one part of this awesome country to another. Seeing as you served to protect this country you deserve to see it from the sky as well! It’s beautiful from up there! As you said Joe, it’s once in a lifetime opportunity. And you only live once.
    Unless you are one of those that think you can come back as an earth worm. In which case I guess I’d like to put in my request now to roam the OF at Dodger Stadium.
    So unless you are coming back as a worm Joe you have to go!!
    Ok… I go now…
    Go Blue!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!

  22. sparkleplenty_1

    I’m another one who is absolutely ecstatic that you’re coming out, OldBrooklynFan! I just read your post to my room mate and we both agree that you are a gem. We’re looking forward to meeting you – and certainly everyone else. I’ve got a case of the “antsies”, too, Nelly!
    Josh, please pass along my heartfelt “thank you” to both Dustin and Kris. Arranging this occasion with them was wonderful. They’re both friendly, enthusiastic and professional employees.


    Collie, if you do come back as a worm watch out for all those worm killers we have seen recently at Dodger Stadium.

  24. 32and53fan

    NellyJune, I guess if you live way outside of LA you hear about all the bad stuff that happens there. I live about an hour away and while the city not as safe as my boring little town, I do not feel that I am in any danger when I come to downtown LA. It is a little disconcerting to see people living in cardboard boxes next to the Toy District near Little Tokyo though.
    I felt safe going to a Modesto Bees game last year and then when I got home I found out that Modesto is the number one metropolitan area for automobile thefts.
    The only security issue I worry about is a pickpocket… and then only if his name is McCourt. 😉
    I’m sorry to be a Debbie Downer but I am on an extremely limited budget which does not allow much for entertainment other than watching TV at home and the Internet connection.

  25. enchantedbeaver

    Just a quickie before the game. Dion – Abraham, Martin and John.

    Has anybody here seen our old friend Loretta?
    Now you tell me his bat’s gone.
    He PH’d for some people, but it seems no hits come.
    Now he just pokes like he’s Juan.
    Has anybody here seen our old friend Juan?
    Where has his O B P gone?
    He spent a month a battin’, but now’s nuthin’ but a slappin’
    Now he’s just back to being Juan.
    Has anybody here seen our old friend Martin?
    Where has all his talent gone?
    He used to be the captain, but to third he’s just hackin’.
    Now he slugs lower than Juan.
    Didn’t you love the way they played once?
    Weren’t they great then and bring a smile to you and me?
    We’z filled with glee,
    That’s how it was back in better days.
    Has anybody here seen our old friend Torre?
    We all know that his mind’s gone.
    He makes inane decisions, playin’ those that have gone wrong.
    That’s Loretta, Martin and Juan.

    Title: Loretta, Martin & Juan
    CD: Why Not Try Something Different?
    ©NedCo Broken Records 2009

  26. kpookiemon

    My constant annoyance with Martin has a lot to do with Torre, as well. With a productive Ausmus getting a token game here and there, and with Ellis now up form a cup of coffee, why not sit Martin for a week or so???…let him just breathe, let him just observe, let him just stew a bit, get his juices flowing again. Playing day after day obviously hasn’t been the answer. I still see him as the regular catcher, but sometimes sitting can lead to personal insights, if not re-charged batteries. He’s still a kid, for crying out loud.


    That was one really GREAT song, enchanted, and I totally agree with kahli’s take on giving Martin some time off.

    Now, let’s go and win one for Wolf – he’s been pitching pretty good ball, better than I would have expected for him so far this season. He deserves a few more wins, guys.

  28. oldbrooklynfan

    IBIRKEN: I would throw out the first ball if I was asked but it’s been so long since I’ve had anyone to play catch with.
    So don’t expect to much.

  29. kpookiemon

    It’s been a while since the Dodgers had a nice winning streak. So as Canned Heat might say, “I’m so tired of crying but I’m on the blog again, I’m on the blog again.” Like it or not, this very good Dodger team will not elevate to “special” status until the prodigal son returns. His suspension never changed that fact.

  30. oldbrooklynfan

    Yes Messagebear, Wolf truly deserves a win, he’s kept us in a lot of ballgames and all he has earned is , mostly, a lot of no decisions.

  31. enchantedbeaver

    What I believe…

    I believe a leadoff batter should OBP better than the gas milage of a ’55 Chevy.
    I believe a .247 hitter should bat 8th. Unless of course you already have a .236 hitter batting there.
    I believe a pinch hitter should actually be able to do the operative word in the title.
    I believe a catcher with a batting average of .236 should only be named Yeager.
    I believe 24 and 26 year old outfielders don’t need a rest, but 31 year old outfielders do.
    I believe in a chicken in every pot, and a noodle on the bench.
    I believe a team should play all nine inings instead of the last three.
    I believe a veteran player should know not to bunt with two outs and a man at third.

    These are what I believe. What do you?

  32. enchantedbeaver

    Imagine that – our first three guys made out. Wouldn’t want to mess with that – they’re consistant.

  33. trublu4ever

    I believe Joe Torre never watches the games. He must be dreaming of the blue ocean and his green tea.
    I believe Enchanted is AMAZING!
    I believe Juan must be a relative of Joe’s or else he’d be sitting on the bench.
    I believe in miracles too!

  34. 32and53fan

    I believe Vinny is amazing too. He just pulled out a line from a little known 1955 musical play, “Plain and Fancy”, out of thin air.

  35. oldbrooklynfan

    It seems like when Russell hits a ball it’s magnetized to the fielders gloves.
    It just goes to them no matter how it’s it.

  36. boblee4014

    Good evening IDT’ers. Back from my camping trip early. Got injured and had to come back to go to the Doctor on friday. Stupid accident Well Martin never came thru again. He needs to be benched.. Play Ellis.

  37. shad80

    Why is that everytime we look like we want to score we can’t and the other team score the next half inning?

  38. boblee4014

    Well, I was gone 2 games. Doesn’t look like we found our hitting wherever we misplaced it while I was gone. The Gnats swept this team. We having trouble getting hits and the long ball seems to have eluded us.

  39. boblee4014

    Yeah,. I got a bad cut. Took 45 minutes to stop the bleeding. Have to go get stiches tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. A win sure would make that feel so nuch better.

  40. enchantedbeaver

    Hurry hurry hurry. Step right up and see the incredible out-making machine. He bunts for outs, he pops for outs, he slaps for outs. He’ll even get caught stealing for outs…

  41. trublu4ever

    LMAO, Enchanted! ED!!!!!!!!!
    Boblee ~ I cut myself last 4th of July opening a can of chili and it bled for th entire day but I wouldn’t go to the doctor. Just kept changing bandages.

  42. enchantedbeaver

    I have to ask once again. How can a pitcher that probably hasn’t batted all year lay down two sacrafice bunts, and JP can’t?

  43. crzblue2

    Wolf already has 6 weeks with problems with his throat but he said it does bot bother him. He just has a sexy voice now he says

  44. enchantedbeaver

    Wolf’s pitching a pretty decent game tonight. Be nice if they could bust out for 4-5 runs for him.

  45. trublu4ever

    I don’t know, Enchanted! Where else can we bash our beloved Dodgers? We can’t go to the Giants’ site and do it! LOL

  46. trublu4ever

    It is tough love, Enchanted. Along with some constructive criticism. Afterall, we want what is best for our guys!


    Incroixable! Sacre bleu!
    A run manufactured by Martin and JP.
    Of course, Wolf is doing everything you could ask of him so far.

  48. 32and53fan

    Some infield hit. Even Vinny was telling a story about Paul Waner getting a hit that should have been called an error and telling the official scorer to make it an error. Martin’s ball clearly should have been called an error.

  49. 32and53fan



    Russ Martin catches up to Joe Torre.



    I came home early and found your note. I
    guess you meant for me to read it later.
    Joe, I’ve got to talk to you.

    I just don’t want to go over it any more.

    I know things haven’t been right for a
    long time, but it’ll be different. If
    you’ll just be patient, I can work things

    I have been patient and I’ve tried to
    help, but you wouldn’t even let me do

    Don’t you feel anything for me at all any

    It takes so many things to make love last.
    Most of all it takes respect. And I can’t
    play a man I don’t respect!

    He leaves.

    (to CAMERA)
    What a pisser.

  50. 32and53fan

    “The difference between a man and a boy is, a boy wants to grow up to be a fireman, but a man wants to grow up to be a giant monster fireman.”
    – Jack Handey quote

    Jack must have been thinking about Furcal when he made that quote.

  51. enchantedbeaver

    If this is all the better they can muster against the A’s, we’re in for a LONG weekend against the Angels.

  52. kpookiemon

    Furcal may have been brain dead…but Pierre’s got the baseball in his hand and the play in front of him.

  53. 32and53fan

    You got that right Kahli. Pierre should have ignored Furcal.
    It also looked like he might have had a chance to catch that ball if he would have dived. He just stopped and it seemed like it took a while for the ball to drop four feet in front of him.

  54. shad80

    He probably came through but we just owned Zigler in this series. To bad we didn’t scored in last night game when he’s allowed 3 hits

    06/17 @LAD W 5-4 1.2 3 0 0 0 0 1 3 2 6 14 — H(2) 3.77
    06/16 @LAD L 4-5 0.2 2 1 1 0 0 0 3 1 4 12 L(1-2) — 4.00

  55. shad80

    Martin infield hit and now Loretta was next a homerun but Pierre lol. I would doubt it one second but I was shocked he did have one last year against the Pirates.

  56. 32and53fan

    These guys are too busy being cool big leaguers to pay attention to old farts like Maury Wills lecturing about base running in spring training. The guy on the A’s stayed awake in that class though.

  57. Dodger4life

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  58. crzblue2

    Good job Belly! Brox Is not available because of his big toe so who is onfor the 9th? Oh Belly is back

  59. Dodger4life

    :)))))……I LOVVVVE THE DODGERS!!!!!!
    WAY TO GO BOY’S!!!!!!!!
    KEEP ON KEEP’N ON!!!!!!!

  60. bluesplash09

    2 series win in a row against the AL, i’m not sure but I think that hasnt happened in the last 6 years or so, lets keep it up against that team that wishes it was from LA, GO DODGERS!!

  61. 32and53fan


    Outside players’ alcove. Torre fills a cup from
    drinking fountain then pours it on his head. He sits down
    dejectedly on Juan Pierre’s fold-out seat. Mattingly approaches.

    I know what you’re going to say, so save
    your breath.

    Mattingly sits.

    No. I haven’t a thing to say. You’ve done
    the best you could. You really have. The
    best you could. I guess we can’t expect to
    win ’em all. I want to tell you something
    I’ve kept to myself for years. I was in
    the war myself — the Medical Corps. I was
    on duty late one night when a badly
    wounded manager was brought in from a raid.
    He could barely talk, but he looked at me
    and he said, “Don. The odds were against
    us up there but we went in anyway, and I’m
    glad we did. The captain made the right
    decision.” The manager’s name was George

    Torre looks up. Notre Dame Fight Song is heard in b.g.

    George Zipp said that?

    And the last thing he said to me, “Don,”
    he said, “Sometime when the team is up
    against it and the breaks are beating the
    boys, tell them to go out there with all
    they’ve got and win just one for the
    Zipper. I don’t know where I’ll be then,
    Don,” he said, “but I won’t smell too
    good. That’s for sure.”

    Excuse me, Don, I’ve got a team to manage.

    Torre boldly starts toward mound.

  62. perumike

    Good evening everyone! I took my wife to see Up, great movie!! Glad to see another win by our boys, another series taken from the enemy! 🙂

    Joepierre – I am thrilled you will be able to come out to LA, and see the stadium and a game in person. Just sit back and enjoy the flight! I make yearly 13 hour flights, mainly flying over the ocean, and even they are just fine. Enjoy the view from coast to coast!

  63. nellyjune

    It’s great to come home to a Dodger win – yeah!!!! What’s even better is I was at my friend’s house who happens to be an A’s fan………………………….sweet!!!

  64. 32and53fan

    These heart stopping one run games have been going on too long. How about giving us a good old fashioned blowout for a change? I feel like I am back in the days of 32 and 53. 🙂

  65. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Great job by our Boys in Blue tonight!!! I’m sorry that Wolfy got yet again another no decision, but he has been one of our most consistent starters. It’s too bad that his record doesn’t reflect how well he really has been pitching. I’m thrilled that it looks like Joe Pierre will be able to make it to LA next weekend!!! Yeah, I know we have asked a lot from the Dodgers, and it is WONDERFUL that they made this wonderful gesture to bring Joe out to LA!!! But I too would love it if they could arrange to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. I think that would be great!

    Can’t stick around long; I’m getting tired. I’ll catch up with y’all later… Oh, and in case I can’t make it back on here before then…

    GO BILLZ!!!

  66. shad80

    Congrats to Torre for moving up into sole 5th places in wins and even though I hate the Giants sad to see someone fromt he baseball family pass away. RIP Dusty Rhodes just a mins ago I thought it was the wrestling but it wasn’t.

  67. nellyjune

    Well, it’s fun…………………that’s what this blog is all about mostly………………loving our Dodgers and having fun with them and sometimes at them.

  68. nellyjune

    I am not sure if you are talking to me Shad, but does it count if I actually know a player on the Angels team? However, I personally don’t hang out with anyone to my knowledge that is a professed Angels Fan.

  69. shad80

    Actually I think I reword that wrong. I mean you got Giants family and an A’s fan you got some Angels and Padres friends?

  70. nellyjune

    It’s all good Shad as long as the Dodgers stay in first place. There’s not much any of my non-Dodger family members can say.

  71. nellyjune

    Andre Ethier made a nice grab over the railing in foul territory to retire Cabrera
    That must have been fun to see 🙂

  72. nellyjune

    That does look very good and to see the dbacks sitting at 15 back is something I didn’t think I would see this season.

  73. nellyjune

    What’s this with out team and their toes this year. First Andre and now Broxton. I just realized why he wasn’t pitching tonight. As you can see, I am still trying to catch up.

  74. nellyjune

    red pen, red pen, red pen……………………”our” not “out”, along with the question mark at the end. Geez!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. nellyjune

    red pen, red pen, red pen……………………”our” not “out”, along with the question mark at the end. Geez!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 32and53fan

    Nelly, I think they are having trouble with their nephews stomping on their toes.
    Broxton was talking about it earlier.
    “One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Dodger Stadium, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. “Oh, no,” I said. “Dodger Stadium burned down.” He cried and cried then stomped on my toe, but I think that deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Dodger Stadium, but it was getting pretty late.”

  77. Dodger4life

    I’m on my knees, looking up above and saying I LOVVVE THE DODGERS!!!!!!!
    Have a great night all……..:))))))

  78. shad80

    Joe Torre moved into fifth for the most wins by an MLB manager. All of the retired managers on the list are in the Hall of Fame.

    Manager Record Years
    Connie Mack 3731-3948 1894-1950
    John McGraw 2763-1948 1899-1932
    Tony LaRussa 2496-2176 1979-2009
    Bobby Cox 2357-1886 1978-2009
    Joe Torre 2195-1871 1977-2009
    Sparky Anderson 2194-1834 1970-1995

  79. shad80

    This is just sick and no wonder the Red Sox and Phillies at home are always seem to oversell there capacity and the Red Sox have that sellout streak going at 101.5% and Philly 100.4%.

  80. shad80

    Boston Capacity: 37,373 (night); 36,945 (day)

    That’s seem weird they have 2 different capacity at the stadium.

  81. shad80

    Wolf has 10 no-decisions in 15 starts this season. He allowed two hits over five innings in his previous start at Texas, but a power failure led to a 1-hour, 41-minute delay and the hard-luck left-hander did not return to the mound. The Dodgers scored all of their runs after the game resumed, and won 3-1.

  82. koufax1963

    I think Enchanted’s song stimulated our slumping Dodgers, especially those mentioned, Juan giveth and taketh away, Martin, and loretta. I’LL take a win anyway.
    Question: Is there another team that has loaded bases more often and not scored as the Dodgers?
    Go Dodgers!

  83. trublu4ever

    Good Morning ITDland ~ Come on Dodgers……Let’s give Chad a lot of run support tonight! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. nellyjune

    Jones is the classic slugging left fielder who hasn’t convinced an executive that he has enough skills other than the long ball.

    If he can throw the ball from left field to second base without Furcal or Orlando having to be halfway in between, then he deserves a start in left field to give JP a day off IMO.

  85. dodgereric

    Absolutely wonderful news that you can take up McCourt’s generous offer, joepierre! I’ve really been touched by Josh’s effort and your wonderful post of thanks. I’ve been trying to remember just who it was who started the suggestion that the Dodgers fly you out here for the Tour. I know that enchanted and I were in on the initial part, but I thought I remembered someone else having the original thought. I’ve been spending some time looking through the archives and finally found it. The conversation was about us genius posters taking over the front office and then:

    “I think the time to initiate our complete takeover of personnel is during Josh’s ITD Dodger Stadium tour. While we’re at it, why stop at GM? Let’s fly Joe Pierre out here to be the owner and he can add that Ebbetts Field touch to things.
    By scott_in_arcadia on October 22, 2008 2:23 PM”

    “You know what? In all seriousness, if this ITD tour is actually going to happen, I think having the Dodgers foot the bill for a Brooklyn-LA round trip plane ticket would be very impressive.
    By dodgereric on October 22, 2008 2:27 PM”

    “Eric – I think a plane ride out to DS would be an awesome gesture. Don’t think Joe Pierre has ever been there and that would really be a connection from Ebbets to L.A. Great publicity for the Dodgers as well. Nice human interest story… I’m all for it!!
    By enchantedsunset on October 22, 2008 2:49 PM”

    I don’t remember if scott ever replied that he could make the tour, but if he’s there, I’m taking a picture of him and joe! Way to go, scott!

  86. perumike

    Good morning everyone! I am hoping for a big win tonight as I used to work with a guy who hates my Dodgers, Lakers and UCLA Bruins! He is a Giants, Angels, and Trojans fan, so I hope our guys give me some reasons to trash talk this weekend! 🙂 GO BLUE! BEAT COLONEL SAUNDERS!!! 🙂

  87. perumike

    Excellent eric!! It’s great to see that our suggestions do get considered and, in some cases, taken seriously enough to grow legs and happen! First the tour, now joepierre’s trip! It’s awesome!!!

  88. trublu4ever

    It sure is awesome, Dodgereric and Perumike! I guess the fans do have power afterall! I knew Josh read what we have been saying because he often refers to Etheiraholics and Martinistas. But, to actually pass on some of our suggestions is a credit to him for knowing how much we care. THANK-YOU JOSH! THANK-YOU TO ALL OF THE ITDers FOR MAKING THIS A FANTASTIC BLOG!!!!

  89. nellyjune

    Good job in searching the archives Dodgereric. I have been searching them too, but not for that reason, but good find sir!!!!!!!!!! …………………and way to go Scott for suggesting it in the first place.

  90. nellyjune

    ….and Josh ~ I know at times we are probably one of the biggest pains you have, but we truly appreciate all you do for us. This ITD tour and bringing Joe Pierre out is just remarkable, and I don’t think it will ever be forgotten. Plus, if all goes well, I think this well be a start to a yearly thing and will become a highlight for years to come.

  91. perumike

    Nicely said Nelly! Last night on our drive home from the movies, I explained to my wife that I might get referred to as Piano Man, that we may sing the Loney song, and just to expect some kind of craziness!

  92. nellyjune

    LOL!!!! I know what you mean perumike. My husband knew about all the Nelly names from the get go because that’s what they call my son (and it was what my father-in-law was called), but spelled “Nellie”. I had to confess the Cleaver Family names to my husband (Bill) before I met Dodgereric for the first time and all the things that surround why those names happened in the first place. Bill and Chris (Eric’s wife) just look at us and give that “whatever – I don’t get it ” look every time we talk about ITD and it’s characters.

  93. dodgereric

    …….and thank you too, Mr Piano Man for having the idea in the first place!!!!

    Piano Man

    It’s nine o’ clock on a Saturday
    The regular crowd shuffles in
    There’s an old man sitting next to me
    Makin’ love to his tonic and gin.

    He says, “Son can you take out some veterans?
    I don’t really care who they are.
    But I’m sick and I’m tired of these fools Ned acquired.
    Can you do it while I stay in this bar?”

    Da da da da de de daDa da de de da da

    Help out the team, you’re the Piano Man,
    Help out the Dodgers tonight.
    Well, we’re all in the mood for a DFA.
    The team’s getting younger, all right.

    So I tug on my block and tackle rope
    And I haul the piano on up
    And I wait for Estaban Lo-a-i-za
    To spill latte from his Starbucks cup

    He says “Ned, I believe that my back is sore,”
    As a smile ran away from his face.
    “Well I’m sure that you’ll start feeling better
    Once that Kershaw kid can take your place.”

    Da da …

    Help out the team, you’re the Piano Man,
    Help out the Dodgers tonight.
    Well, we’re all in the mood for a roster change.
    The team’s getting younger, all right.

    Now Bennett’s a steroid abuser,
    Who’s not had a decent career.
    Now he can’t throw a lick and he’s making me sick
    So that piano is between his ears.

    And Nomar is stealing his salary
    While he sits and his bones hurt like hell
    I’ve lined him up while he films bits with his wife
    Now he’s also on the 60 DL


    Help out the team, you’re the Piano Man,
    Help out the Dodgers tonight.
    Well we’re all in the mood to cut Andruw Jones.
    The team’s getting younger, all right.

    It’s a pretty good crowd for a Saturday,
    And the manager gives me a smile.
    ‘Cause he knows that it’s me who’s been helping the team
    So the youngsters can play for a while.

    And the piano is rising back up again
    And is really straining the rope.
    It’s waiting for Sweeney, that really big weenie
    Man, it’s time they got rid of that dope!

    Da da ..

    Sing us a song, you’re the Piano Man
    Sing us a song tonight
    That man’s crapping all over the 22
    Have him clean out his locker, all right……

    By dodgereric on May 29, 2008 4:30 PM

  94. perumike

    LOL nelly!!! My wife knew I was crazy, but now she’ll see me congregating with crazy people!! 🙂 I hope we get to see James and sing our song!!! But with it being a night game, it might be tough to see players so early. Either way I’m sure we’ll have a blast!

  95. perumike

    Thank you eric! I am honored! I am still awestruck that something I just threw out there with no idea it could or would actually happen. I guess I was just dreaming out loud, and our fellow ITDers and Josh ran with it! I guess I am one of the founders of the ITD tour hahahaha!

  96. trublu4ever

    If Enchanted, Messagebear and Jhall were coming, you would really have your hands full, Perumike!

  97. perumike

    True tru! If we all get permanent bans from the stadium, I may hang my head in shame for the rest of my days!

  98. nellyjune

    Are you going to write another song Eric?

    Perumike – My husband isn’t coming…………..gnat fans are not allowed!!! – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! ,but he already knows I am crazy when it comes to ITD. The funny thing is I am a very quiet person normally.

    BTW Eric – I think the car will leave the driveway with the gnat clingy on the back but come back with all Dodger Stuff inside and out. Now, that would be fun!!!!!!……………….and worth the reaction of Bill and Michael.

  99. trublu4ever

    Nelly ~ I thik we can remove the clingy at our first rest stop, which can be 5 minutes after leaving! LOL

  100. nellyjune

    LMAO!!! Mr. Piano Man – I think we are safe. Enchanted and Messagebear aren’t on this first one – LOL!!!!! (jk) I least we think they aren’t. One really never knows, do they?

  101. perumike

    tru – the first rest stop should be around the corner from the house. 🙂

    Well Nelly, I guess we get at least one tour in before out lifetime bans!

  102. nellyjune

    red pen – “At least” not “I think” – I guess this time off has made my spelling/grammar brain go off too.

  103. nellyjune


    I was looking at pictures of the ballpark there, and it’s very, very nice!!! You should go enchanted :)))))


    If I decide to infiltrate, I’ll have a new name prepared. I’ve reserved “LoveFrankNedJoe” and “MoreMansionsJamie” so far. Once on the inside, there could be some real havoc.

  105. enchantedbeaver

    LOL Bear!

    Well, I’ve got my Martin song done now. Think I’ll debut it before his first AB tonight.


    Actually a lot of people are trying to help Martin right now. There’s been at least one recent error on the third baseman’s part in a critical situation; then the “hit” to short last night with an assist from the official scorer. Anything to get Russ jump-started, and, of course, there’s never a question about Joe’s consistent support for Russell, no matter how low the average dips. They’ve even brought up Ellis to let the young prospect see how a masterful young veteran plays and bats the catcher position – not that Ellis will have any chance of practicing at the major league level soon; I give it maybe six months to never before he gets a start at catching with the Dodgers.

  107. thinkingblue

    ENCHANTED – I am looking forward to your MARTIN song it will be hilarious. Kinda wondering if it’s a Martin Bashing song or a Motivational song to Martin, or a MARTINISTA influential song or just a plain DEAN MARTIN song. Do we get a tease?
    I am a Martinista so I will show my support….GOOOOO MARTIN….LOVE YA! I just checked out his website…let me just say…AAAAAAAAAWWWW HOW CUTE his childhood pictures.
    Well I was dissapointed that MANNY will NOT be playing next Thursday with the 66rs (had tickets…damn) oh well. And also I was hoping that he would be hanging out at Dodgers’ Stadium the day of the tour….double damn!

  108. thinkingblue

    Oh-oh! MARTIN love ya regardless of what ENCHANTED sings about. Deep down ENCHANTED loves you too. LOL!

  109. nellyjune

    Didn’t you know Rose? All of enchanted’s songs are done out of love. He wouldn’t write them at all if he didn’t care about the Dodgers and their success. Then again, if you are going about it based on that standard, maybe enchanted loves JP and Ned the most :)))

  110. thinkingblue

    ENCHANTED: AAAAh that explains alot, you have contact with the devil…no wonder you will not be touring “Blue Heaven” next Saturday. Scary! LOL! So what happens if Martin has the day off…. do we have to wait for your song PREMIERE?

  111. thinkingblue

    NELLY…yeah he must love JP, NED, TORRE….so now we knows he really means the opposite…I can’t wait for his MARTIN Song…

  112. enchantedbeaver

    Wouldn’t be right to debut it without Martin playing. I guess I can make an exception if he pinch hits.

  113. thinkingblue

    We will wait….it will be a long wait. He is batting last….ssshsh….hopefully Joe drank the wrong tea and puts Martin to bat first…LOL
    Well I gotta go and will be checking in and out….later NELLY and ENCHANTED!

  114. nellyjune

    Shad – he is DHing. Do you really think he will change the top of the order?………. probably not.

  115. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    It’s weird in my household. Last weekend my husband and I were both rooting for the Dodgers to win. Now this weekend, we are polar opposites! Oh well. That happens. Right Nelly? But Nelly, I guess in your case, I don’t ever see your household EVER agreeing on the right team to win, huh? I’m glad that Jones will be getting his first start tonight! I too believe that he’s going to be DH. But the way that our LFer has been playing for a few weeks now, why not have Jones in LF?

  116. shad80

    Last 7 AB’s from Paulino the Marlins backup catcher 6/7, 4 runs, 3 homeruns, 4 rbi’s batting .857 and Martin still haven’t a homerun yet.

  117. cpompe1

    Hey Shad! Stats like those make you wonder about our catchers. I still say have Ausmus catch more often; especially catch for Kersh…

  118. nellyjune

    Hey CP!!!! No, they will never cheer for the Dodgers to win unless it meant them winning the division or something like that, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  119. cpompe1

    No Nelly, I don’t see that happening anytime soon either!!! So how is my Nellygirl today? I took one step forward the other day. No, I’m not working, but I decided to volunteer my time with our local county hospital (Ventura County Medical Center). I’ll be at the front desk; you know, the one where EVERYONE walks by when they come in. Yeah, I’ll be one of three there. The Volunteer Coordinator (her name is Debbie too!) said that I can move elsewhere, like the gift shop. I just had my TB test read yesterday, and now there is a background check that takes about 7 – 10 days. After that, I’ll be good to go. But I have to talk to Debbie; I just may have to start after I come back from MN. We’ll see…

  120. cpompe1

    And Shad, you know, for me, it’s not a knock (at all) on Martin, but I have wanted to have Ausmus catch Kersh ever since that game with the Fish. I was very impressed on how he handed the kid. I think if that happens on a much more frequent basis, I think we’ll see Kersh get better faster.

  121. nellyjune

    CP!! Tru used to do that very thing and loved it!!!!I am sure she will tell you more herself. I am doing great and I have no complaints, even with the Dodgers. Well, the usual stuff, but I have resigned myself to the fact JP isn’t going anywhere in the lineup until Manny comes back.


    cpompe, i bet you’ll see ausmus catch kersh this weekend.. kersh is starting on sunday, day game after night game, so that will probably be the day joe has russell sit..


    oh, oops, nevermind.. we’re playing the sunday night espn game.. so no day game after night game.. but regardless, i’m sure joe will let ausmus catch a game this weekend so maybe it’ll be sunday!

  124. cpompe1

    Yeah Nelly, I have resigned myself to that fact also. I am looking forward to Manny returning so that JP returns to the bench. I’m looking forward to the volunteering! It’ll give me some good experience that hopefully will translate later into a paying job!!! Oh, I know that you’re going to the game that night after our tour. I believe that ITD’s group tickets are the Infield Reserved, Aisle 3. Well, guess where Jim and I are sitting? Infield Reserved, Aisle 1! It’s my mom’s season seats. In the past, Jim was asked to get group tickets for our church for Father’s Day. Those seats were also Infield Reserved, Aisle 3. My mom’s season seats are on the other side of the stairs from those. Close enough for paper airplanes! (j/k)


    i’m doing well.. summer is generally pretty good for me.. school and work are slow.. i’m excited to meet all of you next weekend!

    dnelly, you ordered your tickets through kris too right? i know all the tickets are in RS3.. but what row are you? just curious to see how spread out we might all be..

  126. shad80

    Holy crap seriously? First Odornez and now Arod maybe Torre needs to take notes.

    Slumping A-Rod benched by Yankees for 2 days
    1 hour, 1 minute ago

    Buzz up! PrintMIAMI (AP)—Slumping Alex Rodriguez(notes) has been benched for two days by the New York Yankees.

    The three-time AL MVP had been set to play his first regular-season games in his hometown of Miami against the Marlins. He is batting .145 (8 for 55) in June.

    The third baseman is in an 0-for-15 slump, and is hitting .212 with nine homers and 26 RBIs.

    Rodriguez missed the start of the season following hip surgery. He has played in every game since rejoining the Yankees on May 8 in Baltimore, where he homered on his first pitch.

    In scratching him from Friday’s lineup against the Marlins, Yankees manager Joe Girardi said A-Rod was “fatigued

  127. cpompe1

    It would be nice if Joe was taking notes Shad, but unfortunately, he seems to be stubborn as stubborn can be…

  128. cpompe1

    That’s okay Shad; we all know who you’re talking about. Besides which, you got it right the 2nd time thru…

  129. cpompe1

    You ladies are in row S??? You’re just a few rows above us; we’re in Row M. But again, we’re across the stairs from you…

  130. cpompe1

    Well, I’ve gotta run. You don’t have to answer that question Eric! I’ll catch up with y’all later…

    GO BILLZ!!!


    eric, that is a good article.. i hope we get to see him DH a couple times this weekend.. or start over pierre..


    that’s very true eric..

    last night on dodgertalk someone was complaining about our starting pitching and how our bullpen was getting too beat up.. and ken and josh responded with the league averages on bullpen usage and we’re not even the worst team.. so basically the answer is, EVERYONE’S STARTING PITCHING IS BAD.. haha or at least that everyone’s pitching is unable to go deep into games..


    i definitely didn’t want to re-sign derek lowe, and i wasn’t much of a fan of him while he was here.. but these are the times when you remember the things that made him good.. going deep into ballgames, being able to pitch on short rest in the playoffs, etc.. we’d probably need 4 good starters in the playoffs, as opposed to the teams who can do well with 3 when they have a guy who can go on short rest..

  134. dodgereric

    Gotta go!

    Come on Dodgers! PL – EEEEEEASE sweep this series, or at least 2 of 3! They frown on beating up employees over here and that’s what I might have to do if we don’t do one or the other this weekend!

  135. nellyjune

    I think what he means is………………….His 3-year-old self is going to emerge – LOL!!!!!

    James McDonald has been recalled and Travis Schlichting has been sent down.

  136. dodgereric

    We’ve certainly seen that everyone’s BP is bad, sara. We don’t usually score anymore until we get their starter out. Thank goodness for the 100-pitch count! And make sure you and amy wear hats next week! 🙂


    how come my posts keep showing up before the ones i’m responding to? odd =|


    do we have an agreement to all wear a certain kind of hat? i’m SO confused =(

  139. cpompe1

    Okay, I said I was going, but I’ve gotta say something.

    Nelly – I LOVE those seats. And I’ll tell you why. They’re right behind the plate, and you can see the flight of the ball so much better than if you’re sitting down the lines. I’ve sat, at times, on the Loge or even Field seats. Unless the ball is hit in your direction, it’s hard to tell if it’s fair or foul or if the ball is going to get through the infield for a hit or if the infielder is going to catch it for a ground out. I know what you mean by that high up, but I think you’ll get a much better view of the game. The only thing that I have difficulties with are the fly balls to CF. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how far the ball is going. I just learn to look at the outfielder; he’ll tell me if it’s a routine fly ball, or if it’s a HR. But I still love those seats.

    Okay, now I’m going. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  140. nellyjune

    Okay – that happened to dodgereric and I the other night too. The posting screw-ups………………time warpish stuff happening.

  141. dodgereric

    I don’t know what hairstyles you two have, but it can be tough picking peanuts out sometimes………


    i’m sure we’ll get the lineup posted in a minute.. but mitch jones is definitely the DH tonight


    but eric, we’re sitting in the same row as you.. so the peanuts would hit others, but not us 🙂

  144. shad80

    Damn I can’t believe I lost a win from Lee damn poor guy sent the Indians more bullpen work and hope they gave us back Carlos Santana.


    that’s crazy how he can spin the bat like that.. it’s impressive..

  146. northstateblues

    I hope you Row S-ers are the type who sit down during the games, I’m in Row T, harumph Harumph… j/k 🙂

    L.A. vs. the O.C. tonight… just take care of business, and ignore the childlike grin on Torre’s face, he’s just happy to have the DH again, if only for a few games.

    I’ll probably be working during the game tonight, but will get to see/hear tomorrow’s (though I feel I’ll get stuck with whoever SF/OAK is playing on FOX).


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